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M. Edison

Child of My Heart
companion to Miracle Of MineJohn's POV

"It's all bullshit. There're no assurances, Agent Mulder, you can't even be sure of your next breath." PS PO

The Hour Of The Wolf
After the events of Existence (possibly a week or so later) Scully does a little reflecting on her thoughts. BF W

Miracle Of Mine
companion to Child of My Heart Scully's POV

Safety and Security
Dana Scully's got a bad flu, Mom Scully's going out of town, Mulder's MIA - guess who gets the call. BF W

Sentinel of the Potomac 1. Imago Dei
Still haunted by his experiences in the investigation of Tipet, John has to face telling his wife about what happened...and how he dreamed of her death...and her near his hands.

Sentinel Of the Potomac 2. Anastasis
Doggett and his wife go to Squamish in search of Fox Mulder.

Sentinel of the Potomac 3. Illae Lacrime many had he had about Luke? And how many regrets?

Sentinel of The Potomac 4. Prima Facie
Jo Barnes was lost. Completely and utterly lost.

Sentinel of the Potomac 5. In Natura
After finding out about Agent Scully's pregnancy, John Doggett comes home to deal with the news and promptly gets hit by another announcement at home. PO

M. H. Greathouse

Living Again
"But I want to move forward. I want to live in the present." KF NCC

A journey through Scully's thoughts during her pregnancy and the search for Mulder. PS

Saturday In September
Mulder spends a day out with his family. BF W

M.I. Renard

The Boys of Summer
Mulder gets a call from Tara, during a summer after The Truth. KF YA


Sparkle and Fade
I'd prefer not to summarize this particular story. BF W(? )

M. Sebasky

All Through the Night
Sort of a post ep for "Jump the Shark" and a prequel for whatever is to come this week. I've remained unspoiled for the last four eps, so reading this shouldn't mean anything. BF W

Ashes to Dust
It's a Consortium love story. PO

A Dream of Thaw

M S Shipper

Stay at Home Dad
One of them has to stay at home and take care of the baby, and after writing this, I- m not so sure it should be Mulder. BF W


Last One Standing
Worldwide plague erupts and devastates the earth. Will Mulder and Scully survive it and the ensuing battle between good and evil? YR K CX PO

Mack the Spoon

Who You Were
Scully wanted and needed to reconnect with her family. YR


A tragedy overshadows a joyous occasion. Character dies PS BF T+


Thursday's Child
Mulder discovers a girl sleeping on his doorstep. While she appears to be a fully developed young woman, her mental acuity is that of a small child. Investigation uncovers the girl's origins, along with a mysterious doctor and his unholy alliance with the government.


The Generations series
Mulder joins in at a Scully family event and it leads to so much more. PS PO BF NCC T+

Stranded for Christmas
Mulder and Scully aren't getting along when they get stranded in an abandoned cabin over the holidays. PS NCC BF

Macspooky and Ten

Daniel/The Couch series
How can a simple couch be the catalyst for a family? Easily =) BF NCC MS/TWC

Mad Martha

Prelude To An X series
Mulder's a freelance journalist and Scully's just been assigned an "X" file to work on, when they meet. BF-KF MoD NCC

Madam F

When Fate Takes a Hand
Two single parents. One running from a dangerous past, the other running from pain. What happens when fate steps in? MoD SoM PS NCC

The X-Files Chronicles
Two souls, one destiny. Through the next generation, the legacy will continue.


To Breathe Again
Reunion. PS BF NCC

Led by the Light
Mulder connects with his family before he is torn away again. BF W


Pitter-pat, pitter-pat. PS


Mrs. Margaret Scully learns the abandonment of her daughter's child...


All That Once Was Good
Mulder and William. Play ball. KF W gWb!

Bitter Pills
Scully deals with Mulder's abduction and her pregnancy. Set in the hospital following her fainting at the FBI Building. PS

Bleeding Kansas
William is by no means a normal kid, and someone still has to protect him. Will she succeed? W KF

A Darker Fairy Tale
In which the alternative dances before John Byers' eyes. BF W

Eat Me, Drink Me
The waterglass said, "Drink Me" and the mushroom said, "Eat Me". PS

One Heartbeat
Searching for the truth is only the first step. PS

Six Months of the Year
Maggie has some advice for her daughter-in-law. M

Some Sunny Day
Against all odds, really. KF W

Something Worthwhile Out of This Chase
In the aftermath, and beyond.(post-movie 2) W KF gWb!

When All The Stars Were Falling
Stargazing and the bittersweet taste of nostalgia take Scully to a sacred place the night after she discovers she is pregnant. PS

A Willing Partner
Bridge clubs were one thing, luncheons another, and then there was visiting this woman who spoke softly and knitted socks for her husband. PO


A Little Frohike fics
Frohike gets some shocking news from an old friend. SCC


Happy Girl
After Scully is abducted and her baby taken from her, she becomes closer to John Doggett. NCC BF PS PO


Krycek in Grouchland
Krycek and Elmo and a Kid. KF


Kurt Meets His Grandma
Maggie Scully gets the shock of her life

Malibu Sunset

40 Weeks
What if the IVF attempt in Per Manum had been successful? This is that story. PS

All That is Dark and Bright
In this story, Emily is not as sick as she is portrayed in canon, and she does not die. E PS

Terra Firma
This story chronicles the first six months of William's life. BF W

Terra Firma II: Spondeo
Mulder and Scully further their relationship while continuing to navigate parenthood. BF W

Terra Firma III: Per Ardua
Picks up four months after Spondeo left off. Mulder and Scully navigate trials together while continuing to raise William.

Terra Firma IV: Vita Nova
story picks up four months after Per Ardua left off. Scully is pregnant with their second child. PS KF BF W W+S

Terra Firma V: Semper Fidelis
This story picks up more than a year after Vita Nova ended. Two kids now, and all the chaos that brings. KF W W+S

Terra Firma VI: Persona non Grata
Somebody really, really likes Mulder. He experiences the darker side of being in the public eye and must navigate the effects on himself, his family, and his marriage.

Terra Firma VII: Riptide
This story is a sequel to the Terra Firma series. It takes place years after part 6 of Terra Firma ended, and it assumes a basic familiarity with the series. TF W W+S

Mandi K

Mulder and Scully's daughter growing up. KF NCC

I'm Your Angel
Mulder and Scully ignore their moody 7-year-old daughter and she finds a heavenly friend. NCC S KF


Entropy I: If Only To Prevail
Mulder and Scully are drawn back into the Consortium's fingers when the events of Tunguska/Terma and One Breath/Momento Mori come back to haunt them. KF

Maraschino and Anna Otto

Shield and Sword
Upon his mother's death, Mulder and Scully discover a curious document that eventually leads them to make a desperate choice. With Mulder in the Consortium, will the truth finally be revealed? Or will the webs of deception destroy both partners? A nightmare version of season 5, not leading up to the movie. KF YR


Because despite the sordidness of the situation, this child is a miracle. PS SoM


Amor Caritas series
The death of Mulder's mother sends Scully undercover to unravel a mystery...and determine her own destiny. G BF/KF

The Measure of My Days
A beginning, a middle, and another beginning. BF NCC

When the Bough Broke
Continuation of Emily

Maria Nicole

Lies, threats, drugs, implants, warehouses, nanotechnology, and spackling: just a usual day in the mytharc neighborhood. PO

Subcutaneous II: Splinter
Recovery. YR BF KF


The Tape
Two years after their escape, the image of William still haunts Mulder and Scully. Waa


The youngest Spender child is born into the center of the conspiracy. PXF S BF-KF

Diablita II
The summer of 1979 marks the destruction of the Spender family. PXF S KF-TF

Marie Endres

Unexpected Blessings
see title. KF

Marie Raymonde

Homeward Bound
Ten days ago fireworks lit up the sky. Post-col. W gWb!

Marisol Fuller

The Ties that Bind
William (Scully) Van de Kamp wants answers. KF W

Mark Overton

A telepathic distress call concerns the Tomorrow People, but first they must deal with one of their number who is drugged, held in a hospital, and questioned by Mulder and Scully. TF CX


The Bigfoot Conundrum
Fluffy Emily fluff based off a headcanon. KF E


Coming Back To You
Mulder mysteriously appears in a Seattle hospital 10 months after being abducted. Scully's not there and Skinner tells him that the child Scully has had in his absence, was just kidnapped. BF W

Dreams of Flight
It wasn't supposed to be like this. W KF

False Visions
Is he real? PS

Going Thru The Motions
Shortly after Mulder's abduction, Scully's coping the best way she can. PS

I Dream Of Her
A mother's intuition. PS

Now and Forever
The ending of "Existence" was beautiful, but I wanted to add a verbal affirmation of love from both parties. BF W

Marsha Bare-Taylor

Shadows of the Past
What if Scully couldn't find Mulder? What if Bill decided to step in? That's all I'm going to say.KF NCC

Marsha Taylor-Bare and Raine

Truth and Consequences
After Gethsemane, Scully and Mulder decide to pay a visit to their friend Dr. Scanlon. PS

Marta Christjansen

Happily Ever After
Mulder and Scully have reclaimed William, no longer work for the FBI, and are about to embark upon a normal life. Alien colonization has been permanently averted. BF W


Lost Boys and Golden Girls
In the years that follow Mulder's return, the events of the meeting and raising of the children of Dana Scully and Marita Covarrubias are retold by their protector. Sequel to The Wrong Kind of Paradise KF NCC

Take Me Home
Missing scene from Redux II. What happened after Samantha left her brother in the diner?

Tear a Petal From the Rose
The offspring of Marita Covarrubias begins to bloom. Sequel to Lost Boys and Golden Girls KF NCC

The Wrong Kind of Paradise
In the days after Mulder's apparent abduction, Scully, Skinner, and the Lone Gunmen learn of a new threat and rediscover some old acquaintances. PS


Mystery at St Mary Magdalene
Mulder and Scully go undercover to an all girls school. TF PS

Family Ties
Badfic. Mulder finds his family is more extended than he ever imagined possible. BF

Sir William, Lady Mommy and King Daddy
Mystery at St Mary Magdalene sequel. This is the wonderful expectancy of Baby Miracle. BF W

Summer weekend at Maggie's
Imagine the Mulder family, Will included, spending a summer weekend at Maggie Scully's house. Add Charlie Scully as a bonus. W BF MS/TWC

Mary Greten

Adversarial Dreams
Scully settles a score for her father et al. "Why, Scully?" PS

Mary H.

Bill and Maggie Mull Things Over
Dana Scully's brother and mother talk in early January 2004. Waa

Mary Kate

It's a Wonderful Life
My version of Dickens'a Christmas Carol, via The X-Files. Mulder gets over his holiday blues with some very familiar ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. PXF KF YR

Mary Kleinsmith

Betrayal and Absolution
Scully's fate after her decision regarding her son is something she never expected. W

Amanda's Glory
Mulder and Scully are getting used to being the parents of a very special baby. BF NCC

Amanda's Heart
More experiences with Mulder, Scully and a very special baby. BF NCC

Amanda's Identity
Doting parents learn more about their little girl than they ever dreamed. BF NCC

A misunderstanding over the naming of Baby William sparks conflict in the Scully household. BF W

Mary Lou

In Your Head
Mulder and Scully investigate on a strange case in Trinity. TF CX

Mary Ruth Keller

Mulder and Scully investigate a potentially deadly microscopic life-form recovered from volcanic rocks in Washington State. But when their seemingly straightforward case comes to the attention of the Consortium and an unexpected group of outsiders, they must use all the resources at their disposal to safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands. YR

Passages in Memory
As the Shadow government reconsolidates in the wake of its recent coup, Mulder and Scully take possession of a document that may lead them to her whereabouts during the three months she was missing. Along the way, they find unexpected allies and enemies, as well as some clues that may lead them to Samantha. YR


And Then They Were Four
"One last test and we are through, ok Alex?" PO

Maureen S. O'Brien

Sisters Two
On Halloween, many worlds meet. E

Maureen B. Ocks

A New and Glorious Morn
Christmastime. PO


The Ender Series I: Halting Ground
The Lone Gunmen are reunited with a young hacker they cared for 8 years before. KF

The Ender Series II: Branch to Fishkill
A five-year-old hiding from the government because of her father's work is placed into the care of the Lone Gunmen. KF


The Answer
Instead of an answer, Mulder gave her a kiss. BF W

Scully and Mulder do Christmas with their infant son, and try to figure out where they stand with one another. BF NCC

Under Construction

Maybeamanda and Lisby

Scully tries to keep in touch with Mulder while he's out on a case with Doggett. It's not always easy to find out what she needs to know. W W+S KF

Maybeamanda and Spookey247

Running Lessons
Mulder raises William. W W+S S!C T+

"What if it was about what you want, Scully?" W


The Journal series
Journal 1999
The first three months of post-colonization Earth from Scully's point of view.
Journal 2000
The Struggle continues. PS NCC

Meaghan Mcscully

Once Upon a Time: Welcome Home
A man loses his daughter, and gets her back under horrible circumstances. MoD KF/TF NCC

Once Upon a Time: Against All Odds
Scully is left to deal with Mulder's disappearance and his daughter's illness. MoD TF PS NCC

Once Upon a Time: Reunited
Mulder must deal with his abduction and return, his daughter's illness, his son's life, and his wife's stresses. MoD BF TF NCC


Rock the Cradle
Mulder and Skinner have been intimately involved for some time. Scully knows about it and she accepts the situation. Mulder was abducted by aliens. When he is eventually returned, nothing is the same and there are quite a few surprises that he and Walter have to deal with. PO


Moms Only Chat
You never know who you connect with online...KF MoD SoM

Megan C

The Musings of a Lonely Pregnant Woman/. PS

One little girl holds the key to all that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been searching for, for seven years. PS BF-KF NCC

Megan Reilly

The Baby
Someone leaves a baby in the basement. BF FC

Jeffrey and Samantha
Spender remembers his sister. PXF S

Megan Reilly and Jessica Zyvarek Taylor

Mulder drags Scully on a case that involves an adventurous honeymoon cruise. But they're not married, and Scully's not sure there even is a case! Can the Bermuda Triangle and all its weirdness get these two together?


Hopelessly Romantic
A little bit of everything, a lot a bit of shippyness. BF W MS/mwc


Blood From a Stone
Mulder and Scully investigate strange goings on in a small town...KF

Melanie T.

Beautiful Life
This story is just a Mulder-Scully relationship, set in an alternative reality where Melissa and Bill Scully Sr. are still alive. PS BF NCC


The Ground Floor
What's left that could surprise Skinner, and even make him a little envious? BF NCC


Mulder's Sperm
Scully finds out about that vial, and comes up with an interesting way for Mulder to atone for his - well, read it and find out. PS

Mulder's Sperm + Ubereggs = Little Pink Babies
Mulder and Scully react to becoming parents to a litter.PS MP BF NCC

Melissa B

Midnight Rain
Melissa B
A summer day begins to reveal the Scully family's place in the conspiracy. PXF

Melissa C

Scully's recent illness gives a clue of what happened to her while she was missing, and Mulder decides that things would be best if they were to escape the scrutiny of whoever might be watching. PS

Melissa Danielle

An Act of Love
An exploration of what Mulder might have done if Emily hadn't gotten sick and died.

Melissa G.

The Other Road
Scully does thinking. BF NCC Adopt

Melody C

Real Life
Post-Existence, Mulderless by choice. BF W SDR/TWC


The Only Truth That Remains
This was written for the episode Demons. PXF

The Supplication Of a Dead Man's Hand
Colonization has come and Mulder and Scully are powerless to stop it. KF W

Three times Mulder went trick or treating and one time he didn't
This was written for the 2011 spookyhalloween KF PXF


There but for the grace of God... BF W

A Merry Little Christmas
Not So Silent Night sequel. Maggie Scully takes matters, and Christmas, into her own hands. W BF

Not So Silent Night
It's Will's first Christmas and Scully gets a Christmas surprise! BF W

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Mulder and Will have rhythm! BF W

A Thousand Words
A picture paints a thousand words, will Scully get the message? BF W

Tine Rua
Phoebe Green is back and Scully isn't having it. Phoebe tries to enlist Mulder's help with a case and gets the agents engtangled in an international crime. PO


Suspicion of Murder
Mulder finally makes all of Scully's Christmas wishes true, but will he survive to be there when she receives them? W gWb!


Brave New World
From June to December. PS

Meridym & David Stoddard-Hunt

Daddy's Gone a'Hunting
He is gone once again, and once again she is left to keep secrets, to keep going alone, unable to fully trust anyone. BF W


The Island
Peter and Daniel are back, this time on their own turf. Another Mulder and Scully with her twin 'tornadic' nephews story. KF YR T+

Missing the Gaze
Scully struggles against the reality she's facing, with hope that things really aren't as they seem. PS

Playing House
Mulder and Scully get snowed in with her twin 'tornadic' nephews over Thanksgiving weekend. KF YR T+

With This Tear
Scully gets a call during the night. PS

Merri-Todd Webster

I Never Should Have Answered the Door
Mulder, Scully, Skinner, offspring..other, non-kidfic stories in this universe can be found here.m/m slash Mulder/Scully/Skinner


Living With and Without Her trilogy
Trying to live - without Emily, but with her memory. E

Our Happy Beginning
'His mind said: Damn Right! F@$#*in' a! I'm actually marrying Dana Scully! Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.. His mouth said: "I Do."' BF W

When You Wish Upon a Star
Scully wishes upon a certain star... BF W gWb!


We'll Be Okay
The war's over and Mulder gains a new perspective finding out he can forgive an enemy. m/m slash Mulder/Krycek BF T+


In the Before Time
A grandmother tells a "story" to her grandchildren. KF


Without Fear
Mulder was back almost a month ago. BF NCC

Michelle Hiley and Vickie Moseley

Inherently Given
Imagine Mulder pregnant, Scully the doting father-to-be, the Lone Gunmen, maids of honor. Now imagine it's all plausible...Mpreg


Creation of Love
A one night stand in "Queen of Hearts" leads Mulder and Scully finding comfort in each other more often. The miracle happens and this story works through their life for roughly more than ten months! PS

Michelle Kiefer

Christmas in California
"Get her to come to San Diego, Mom. Christmas in California is just what Dana needs to cheer her up."BF W

The Fringe series

  • Fringe
    I wonder if Mulder has found someplace warm to sleep, and if he's had a hot supper. I pray that no one hurts him, and that he has a good coat. BF NCC
  • Hearth
    He'd lived his life in the cold for such a long time. What allowed him to draw near the hearth, to warm himself, even if for just a little while.
  • Haven
    I wonder if the damage is too great, if Mulder and I are just too broken by the past to ever find a haven in each other.
  • My Life as a Puzzle
    It's eleven years after the events of the Fringe Series and 13-year-old Kate has a lot of questions about her parents, her life and the secrets that surround her. NCC TF

Further to Fly
There may come a time/When you are tired/As tired as a dream that wants to die/And further to fly. BF W

Hearts and Bones f
In 2006, a child abduction/murder case hits very close to home for Mulder and Scully. KF NCC

Her Father's Eyes
Bill Scully, Jr, finds a reason to open himself to new family members. KF AD

We Never Touch But At Points
They never talked about it, not after the first few days. Neither of them was inclined to open the barely healed wounds. Waa

Michelle Kiefer and Kel

Bermuda, 1965. Two women, two men. Two sons, one father. PO


Post-Modern Miracles
A look into the future of Mulder and Scully. W W+S NCC

When You Died
Scully contemplates life after Mulder's return. PS


Fairy Story
A Medieval Romance and a Roman-a-Clef. KF


Chip Off The Old Block
Charlie Scully visits his sister, meeting his new nephew and catching up on what he's been missing. But there are some things about her baby brother even Dana Scully doesn't know. BF W

Chip Off The Old Block 2: Serendipity
Mulder and Charlie are bonding over a basketball game. What can go wrong, you ask? They're about to find out.

Chip Off The Old Block 3: Veracity
Scully learns something she didn't know about her younger brother. But is she ready to believe?

Chip Off The Old Block 4: Duplicity
Mulder and Scully are finally coming to terms with the truth about William and Charlie. Now they just have to keep Bill Jr. from finding out! W

Chip Off The Old Block 5: Felicity by mimic117
There's a perfect someone for everyone, they say. W

Still Bravely Singing
When the battles are won and the casualties counted, it's important to remember the price of victory. While Daring Greatly sequel. KF

mimic117 and Dan Walker

While Daring Greatly
In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means. KF

Mindy J

Bad Enough
I should feel anxious... I should feel anything. But I'm still and quiet and I know before they even put me on the stretcher, the baby has died. PS

Maria de los Dolores
A common Catholic name in Spanish-speaking cultures, it means "Mary of Sorrows." NCC KF

Maria de los Dolores II
A continuation of Maria de los Dolores. NCC KF


Case X-1743: Unresolved
In 1996, Mulder and Scully investigated a case wherein a teenager reputedly pulverized the wall of his high school bathroom while at his senior prom, 'with red beams that came out of his eyes.' There were multiple eye-witnesses. The boy subsequently went missing before he could be questioned. Case, unresolved. TF CX

Mira C

The Baby
Mulder finds a surprise at his front door and needs Scully's assistance. BF FC


All Around My Table
Mulder looks around his table one evening in the future, and is amazed by what he sees. MS/TWC NCC

Mulder and Scully's experience with Lamaze class. PS

The First Day of the Rest of our Lives
Mulder and Scully go in search of William, and the truth. W GWb!

My Dear William
Scully's letter to her son. Waa

Long Lost Relatives
A very special episode of Oprah. Don't miss it! TF W

Three Wishes
Mulder and Scully face some seemingly tragic circumstances meant for their demise, but a very unexpected event turns their lives on a completely different course. PS BF NCC

When You Get Home
The events of Christmas Carol/Emily from Emily's perspective. E


Eve Of The Half Moon
Each candle represented a life, evaporating into time. BF W

When William falls ill, Scully comes to a shocking conclusion. S!C T+


Buddy series
My Favorite Word
A connection is made, an awakening realized. PS
My Favorite Day
What's a Buddy to do when his Dad won't listen to him? PS W

Seeker of answers, bringer of truth...he alone can reveal the hidden memories of her heart. PS

Minya Minuet
Mulder and Scully do Fred and Ginger while Godzilla DJs. PS


At the Shores of Normal
She had to see her son one more time. W BF

Everything Sacred
Mulder, Scully, and William on the run after the alien invasion has taken place. BF W

So Like His Father
Will might have my eyes, but he has his father's soul. W KF


Arr Matey!
Trick-or-Treaters end up staying longer than their welcome at Scully's apartment. TF

Missy J

Outward appearances can be deceiving - sometimes, only small changes happen in reaction to a crisis. PS BF NCC


Little One
They look so strong, so secure, so safe. They seem to be happy, and they don't seem exactly poor. Little one, I have found them. PO


Suffer The Children
Hostages. Kids, a schoolbus load, at the National Aquarium. KF

Without You
William, six year later. W


Down on Bended Knees
Post-ep Existence. BF W


12 Scenes of Christmas Past and One of Christmas Future
The title says it all. BF W

48 Hours
I was a father for forty-eight hours. BF W

It's time to go. W BF

Age Cannot Wither
Once upon a time, Scully returned to Bellefleur. TF

Another Gray Morning series
Don't be put off by the Title. Try it, I think you'll like it. BF NCC

Any Other Day
Aren't you tired of it? To be shown something, a little piece of something, only to have it snatched away again? To know that it will never truly be yours? Waa

This story is set in the same universe as Abandoned, told from Mulder's POV. BF W

Bearing Gifts
The Gunmen help Scully celebrate Christmas. BF W

Come Ghoulies, Come Ghosties
Trick or Treat! W

Found Faith and Lost Time
A lot of talk about abductions and pregnancy. Skinner says something he shouldn't, and Mulder says something he should. PS

Living History
William gives a speech. W TF

Nor Custom Stale
After Mulder's return in "Age Cannot Wither
Life goes on. GK W(sort of)

The Secret Language of Babies
Mulder's turn to get up with the baby. BF

A Special Gift
A little boy gets a special gift. KF W W+S

To Build a Dream On
Have we earned our rest? Have we suffered enough? BF W

You Come and Go Again
Scully is thinking about someone. PS


Ladies who Lunch
Tara Scully has lunch with a friend. M

Too Good to be True
Tara Scully contemplates her life. M

Mo Mon

Reflections In Slumber I-II
Dana Scully has a very peculiar dream... E


Hard to Kick Old Habits
a Roswell/X-Files crossover: future fic where Mulder is once again on a quest and this time it involves the Roswell gang. KF CX


Intimacy Deux
The one in five billion happens. PS NCC


One Spooky All Hallows' Eve
An October 30th glimpse into the life of Mr. and Mrs. Spooky. Mulder carves pumpkins on his and Scully's first Halloween as parents. KF-Bfgwb! W W+S


...And So It Begins
What happens if normal starts the whole thing over again? PS T+ NCC


Beneath the Devil Moon
Scully makes a huge decision concerning her future while working on a case with Doggett. NCC

Morgan Stuart

It's eleven years in the future, eight since "the cataclysm," and only three of the characters we know have survived.


This tale is an angst-o-rama. Following the return and recovery of Dana Scully, unseen forces have caused traumatic consequences for her and her partner. I would not classify it as a romance, nor a true X-File (though the pair become an X-File unto themselves!) PS


Scully's niece Judy and nephew Peter find a mysterious boardgame in the park. KF YR CX

A Spooky Halloween
Matthew Scully vists his aunt for Halloween. KF


Dancing In The Shadows
How do you tell the truth from the lies, when the truth is the biggest lie of all? KF W YR


A Midnight Clear
The phrase "Peace on earth, good will toward men" is nothing more than outdated drivel, considering what he knows of the future. However, this Christmas Eve stranger realities shanghai Mulder's thoughts from doomsday concerns. W WaF

Sunset Visitation
Her pregnant body beckons to him...PS

Seeds Of Synchronicity
Six years after the events of "Aubrey," Scully and Mulder revisit the Missouri town to confront old demons and lay new ones to rest. KF ScC

What Child Is This?
These days, after what Scully's seen and now knows of the future, she's not sure what constitutes a bona fide act of God... but isn't this the season for miracles? W WaF

A Worthy Task
Sacrifices made in the name of love... are often worthy of the greater reward. BF W

Trespassin' and Breathin' Room
A story with a dash of M and S and very different flavor for Haven's October "Our House" challenge.PO

Mrs. Pepperpot

Find The Future
The date is set, but what does that mean for Mulder and Scully? Will they find their son, and can alien colonization be avoided? KF W

Ms. AM

Beyond Limbo
After a choice is made and the consequences of that decision fulfilled, is there anything left? OE NCC DP

Little Boy Blue
"Son, you look like you're going through some hard times. And every once in a while you gotta accept a little help." W

Some secrets may be better left hidden. S!C

Silent Running
Future world...Apocalypse....destruction and death. NCC KF G

Ms. X

Wrestling With Inconvenience
Mulder's thoughts in "The Beginning" as he travels with Diana to the power plant. G KF


Candy Apples
Just a plotless little one-shot about a happy Halloween with the happy little Mulder Family : )

msk and Kel

The Freedom Squad Birthday
Mulder and Scully as happy, average people? It's not only that we can't picture it, but we don't really see the point. Why take all that history and turn it into "Leave It To Mulder?" Here's how msk and Kel picture William's fifth birthday. KF W


If Emily lived and how things would be. KF E


Aren't Babies Fun? !
Mulder and his baby son Jonathan spend a late night together. BF NCC

Mulder, It's Time!
Well, it's time to have a baby. Will things go. Well...we'll see. NCC BF

The Perfect Gift
a Christmas story. PS


Womb of the Morning
My own version of Existence. Christmas story. PS BF W


Home to Stay
Scully waits, Mulder returns. NCC BF E Rodc

A Life Well Lived
Mulder is presented with different alternatives to the life he is leading. BF KF


The Joys of Parenting
Nice little piece about how Mulder and Scully can even find happiness and experience the wonderful joys of parental care. NCC KF BF


Stolen Promises
What if Mulder had a child by Scully, but had never met her? NCC KF OE

Taking Chances Series
This series contains three stories in which the normally stoic Scully takes a chance on love with Mulder. NCC

Unexpected Chances
What if when Scully was returned in One Breath, she was returned with a little surprise? PS BF NCC

Mully Sculder

Super Soakers and Seventh Birthdays
Charlotte Van De Kamp listened to her son's laughter and the laughter of his friends from the yard. She could hardly believe that seven years had passed since William came into hers and her husband's lives. KF W

There Are Giants In The Sky
An updated version of "Jack and the Beanstalk" set in an alternative "X-Files" 2002 with Scully and Mulder investigating a family with a very unusual history. KF

Mustangsally and Rivka T

the Iolokus series
Mulder and Scully learn that their involvement in genetics experiments are much more all-encompassing than they ever dreamed. BF NCC OE PS T+


In Sickness and In Need of a Little Help
Dana is feeling quite sick and puny. Her little son is not doing so well himself. So this leaves Monica to sort everything out and take care of her two ailing loved ones. Things become quite interesting indeed for the inexperienced Monica, a sick and puny Dana, and a colicky little infant named William as time goes on. f/f slash Scully/Reyes BF W

Just a Little Monday Night Football
John and Monica need a night off. Dana does, too. Monday Night Football is on and the three best friends make the most of it. BW W (f/f slash)


Boy Invisible
When people can't see you, they can't hurt you. KF

The Christmas Wish
Sometimes Christmas wishes do come true. BF W

Daisy Mae
Friendship transcends any boundaries. W KF

The Divine Mr. Jerry Whetmore
A man appears from Scully's past. BF W

Ghosts KF

If I Could Fly
Eyes of a child. KF W+S

The Ladies of the Lake
"Why would anyone give up their own kid?" W KF gWb!

Now Playing
One night at the movies...KF W

The Park Bench
A man sits on a bark bench, watching and thinking. GK

Stitches in Time
Sharing memories over a quilt. GK

Thin Slices
Thin slices from the life of a daughter who grows up and begins to understand her history. NCC PS GK

William Long-Ears
It was the rabbit who sacrified himself by jumping into the pot to feed the starving Buddha. W TF


Five Twinkies, an Alien Baby, and Chris Carter
The name pretty much says it all, but its basically an X-Files episode gone bad. BF NCC


Sequel to "Jessica" and "Leaders of the Colonies." TF NCC PO BF

Mulder and Scully travel to Wisconsin to investigate what appears to be an alien abduction. Once they arrive, however, they begin to realize that things are not what they seem... KF

It Just Happened
The adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Mulder and their brood. KF NCC

Conspiracy story. Mulder and Scully are given information by Mr. X which leads them to an orphanage in Boston and a mysterious teenager with no last name. TF NCC

Leaders of the Colonies
When M & S go UFO hunting they find Scully's daughter and then they want to figure out her "history." TF NCC PO

Mystic and eponine119

Aliens and the government are both problems to a small town in Nevada. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully marry and have a child, but did everything happen as they remember it? PS

Mystic Kat

The life of William Mulder, and the birth of a young woman a year and a half later that would have a profound impact on the rest of his life. W TF DoD


An Expansion, Like Gold
We all know that eventually Mulder will return. After four months of his absence, poor Scully is not nearly so sure. PS

Scully's Choices
In early December, a very pregnant Scully must choose between finding Mulder and guarding the baby's welfare. PS

Nadia S

Baby Girl
A continuation of a series begun with "Dana's Desires." PS

Doggett disapproves of Scully's behavior...PS

The Cocktail Party
Doggett encounters his pregnant partner at an FBI cocktail party...PS

Dana's Desires 1 - Krycek
Scully discovers the truth about her pregnancy... PS

Dana's Desires 2 - Doggett
Doggett demands the truth...PS

Dana's Desires 3 - Skinner
Walter Skinner makes his move...PS

Dinner With Doggett
Doggett dines with Scully. PS

Doggett's Investigation
Doggett doesn't believe Scully's "in-vitro" story. PS

Deduction Seduction
Doggett reads Krycek's file...PS

Doggett's Report
Doggett writes his report. PS

Krycek's Headache
Krycek begs the world's oldest excuse...PS

Krycek Bites the Bullet
Scully tests Krycek's manhood...PS

Turning the Tables
Doggett threatens to bust Krycek. PS

Three Men
Dana Scully struggles to control her men... PS


I Knew I Loved You
Scully watches Mulder late at night as he holds their newborn daughter. NCC BF


Distance Covered
The year after Mulder's death, Scully and Krycek discover that there are other children of hers out in the world...and not all of them are like Emily. OE SoM


A href="" target="_blank">All I Will Remember
After Scully returns to Bellefleur to prevent Mulder from being abducted, unexpected events lead the two on a new journey. PS

Nancy Kelly

My Little Off-Key Angel
During the holidays, Mulder looks back to a precious time he spent with Emily. Wasn't in the episode, but I added my little tidbit. :-) E


Long Trail Home
A new life lay ahead for many who traveled the Oregon Trail. This is just one story. NCC KF Married PS T+


Four ways William Scully got Picked up From Daycare
A woman at William's daycare tells a story. W BF

Natalie Farr

Waiting for a second chance
Two months after Emily's death, Scully receives a visitation. KF ScC

Natalie Scully

Finally Home
When Mulder and Scully are happy awaiting the birth of their first baby, the baby decides to change the rules. PS BF

Natasha Luepke

Little Girl series: 01 Little Girl Lost
A woman named Sam is brought into the mix. PO

Little Girl series: 02 Little Girl Found
Sam copes with new family and old betrayal. Sequel to "Little Girl series: 01 Little Girl Lost." PXF PO

Little Girl series: 03 Little Girl Grows Up

N.C. Writer

But Wait -- There's More!
Mulder's back but all is not as it seems! PS

Ned 'TG' Life

The Blue Ridge Haunting Blues
A Halloween Story


Ashes Bitter On Her Tongue
"I'm pregnant" were words bitter on her tongue. Prequel to The Hard Edges of Things. BF KF OE

The Barest Bones
Halloween night finds Scully on a mission. KF

Beyond The Truth series
After the events in "The Truth" The X-Files gang tries to put the pieces of their shattered lives and families back together again, and seek some sort of happily ever after. But it's not easy. BF KF W gWb! MS/TWC DR/TWC MP PR PS Rodc W+S

Christmas Spirit
After Mulder's abduction a pregnant Scully finds herself desperately missing him just before Christmas, and then she is sucked into a mystery of her own. PS KF BF

A look into William's life as he turns five. KF W

Two and a half years after Alex's death, Marita has an unexpected Christmas Eve visitor. Misbegotten Sons prequel. BF G NCC

Cotton Wool WIP
Ghost Lights prequel/sequel. After the invasion began in 2012 disease and destruction led to a massive die off amongst humans. For the people who survived both life was upended, but for the young most of all. W KF GK PO

Ghost Lights
Halloween's just not the same any more. GK W

Goodwill Towards Men
Christmas day, one year post-invasion. W BF/KF W+S Ad MS/TWC

Hard Edges of Things
Follows Ashes Bitter On Her Tongue. When Mulder returns from his abduction three years later, he's burdened with a horrific secret. KF NCC

The couple who'd asked Will to stay for Christmas was nice, and he wanted to trust them, but he knew instinctively that he couldn't replace the child in their hearts. W KF gWb!

Home For the Holidays
Christmastime in 2009 collides with news that a seventeen-year-old girl has allegedly murdered a couple and kidnapped two small children...and has ominous news about a little boy named William Van De Kamp. W KF BF gWb! OE NCC MoD

It's Hard To Be Thankful
Thanksgiving is supposed to be one word, but what if you've given and are having a hard time being thankful? KF Waa

Late December Stories : All is Calm, All is Bright
A Christmas Eve discovery is a harbinger of Doggett's memories about Luke. BF FC ScC

Late December Stories : Snow and Mistletoe
All is Calm, All is Bright sequel. Seven years later, another child needs John Doggett's help at Christmas.

The Line
Sam and Dean Winchester meet Mulder, Scully and William while waiting in line for the last Harry Potter book (no Deathly Hallows spoilers). KF W

Makeshift Grandson
Both Scully and Doggett promised to protect him, but Gibson had other ideas. TF G

Misbegotten Sons WIP
They contacted us not long after the colonization began. And when they did, I realized that though they were my flesh and blood, they were not my sons. They were no one's sons." - Scully. W gWb! W+S Ad KF-TF OE

Mysterious Ways
Scully didn't want to run any more. BF W W+S

Mulder's Creek: Season one PFX (alternate universe)
Sixteen-year-old Mulder Leary is haunted by the kidnapping of his infant sister, twelve years before. With a little help from his friends, he searches for missing Sam. TF KF S PO

Mulder's Creek: Season two PFX (alternate universe)
A year later life is turned upside down by a silent return and new sibling who is more than he seems. TF KF BF S

Mulder's Other Baby
Mulder finally tells Scully about his other child. Mpreg BBH MoD

Only Broken Universe: Only Because He Needed Us
Mulder and Scully have not spoken for close to ten years, but as the invasion date approaches they learn that their son needs them. KF WaF Wands MoD

Only Broken Universe: Broken Mosaic
In December of 2012 Mulder and Scully put aside ten years of differences to help their son when he needed them most. In 2014 one threat destroys the new lives they- ve built for themselves. What happens when worlds fall apart a second time? (sequel to "Only Because He Needed Us)TF/KF/BF W Wands MoD MS/TWC

Only Broken Universe: The Dare
A Halloween story from The Only Broken Universe. William's younger brothers run into the unexpected Halloween night, 2016. W KF-TF NCC W+S

the Resurrection series
Everything dies...but not everything stays dead. KF W MS/TWC PR DR/TWC Rodc E M L

Safe as Houses
Halloween 1979. How much trouble can Dana and Charlie get into running an errand? KF TF PXF

This Fragile Universe WIP
In 1972 a frightened boy splits reality, creating a world with an alternate destiny. Twenty-eight years later, this trouble in paradise. Special Agent Fox Mulder may be their only hope...but who will save him? BF KF DP AD PS MP MS/TWC

Small Increments series: Miracle Season
A Christmas tale about merry little multiples for Mulder and Scully, Doggett and Reyes...and Fowley torture. KF W W+S MP T+

Small Increments series: Birthday Week
As usual, the quads cause trouble. But this time it leads to an interesting seventh birthday for William (Miracle Season sequel) KF W W+S T+

Shannon Phile Stories: God! Stop Following Me Around!
Mulder and Scully are convinced that there's something, anything, paranormal about my life. They pester me (and baby Markie) about it. Frequently. BF ScC

Shannon Phile Stories: The Case of The Jolly Fat Men
Set two years after God! Stop Following Me Around! two new agents come to ask for me and little Markie for help. This time they think they've found Santa? ! KF W ScC

A Sleepy Little Town series: Staged Duplicity
An unexpected child is a gift and a burden. BF W

A Sleepy Little Town series: Recovering Gemini
Five years later, the child Scully gave up for adoption is alone in the world. Staged Duplicity sequel. W T+ KF W+S NCC

A Sleepy Little Town series: Christmas in (Haven) Maine written with Faerax
Recovering Gemini sequel. Mulder and Scully's family takes a pre-Christmas vacation to Haven, Maine just in time to be stranded at in island hotel after a massive ice storm. It soon becomes clear something else is also trapped on the island... something picking guests off, one by one. W W+S KF T+ NCC

A Sleepy Little Town series: Memory House
Christmas in (Haven) Maine sequel. Mulder and Scully moved their family to Ballyguest, a small community in New England. To their dismay it soon becomes clear that Ballyguest isn't the sleepy little town they were hoping for. Their first clue? A local inn with a strange reputation. W T+ BF-KF W+S PS NCC

A Sleepy Little Town series: Free Fall
Shortly after the events of "Memory House" an amazing and devastating secret bubbles to the surface of Mulder and Scully's lives.. W T+ BF-KF W+S NCC E

Stories For Dead Children
Story-telling in the afterlife. KF S E L

The couple who'd asked Will to stay for Christmas was nice, and he wanted to trust them, but he knew instinctively that he couldn't replace the child in their hearts. W KF gWb!

Another Christmas morning, 15 years after Him. W GK NCC

While speaking to his children, an adult William reflects upon his favorite Christmas memories. Follows Him and Them. W GK NCC

We Who Remain Carry On WIP
After Scully dies giving birth to William, Mulder and Reyes are thrown together for all the wrong reasons. BF W DP MR/TWC PR

Winterlong Series
On December 22nd, 2006 the invasion starts, resulting in many dead and an endless winter. These are the stories of those who survive to raise the generation left behind.(Set in the same universe as Goodwill Towards Men but eariler) KF/BF W W+S NCC T+ Ad MS/TWC

Womb For Revenge
When Mulder sees CSM again, he finds that the man has changed. A whole lot. Mpreg W MP W+S BF

The Woods, Dark and Deep
An already unpleasant Halloween night takes a nightmarish turn when a small child runs out in front of Monica Reyes- car. KF

Neoxphile and Felinefemme

The Family G-Man
What if Mulder could go back and change things, save the son one lost and give the other the family she wanted? Could it keep them safe? MS/TWC BF KF NCC L DoD E

The Family G-Man: One Fine Summer
Three weeks in the lives of Mulder, Scully, and their extended families during the summer of 2004. MS/TWC BF KF NCC L DoD E T+

The Family G-Man: Confessions and Connections
During the final month of winter in 2006 the past catches up to people in unexpected ways - an old friend brings a case to The X-Files, William's new playmate may be more than she seems, and Emily learns family secrets that leave her shaken. MS/TWC KF NCC L DoD E T+

The Family G-Man: I Want To Believe
In 2008, six years after leaving The X-Files for the hit show Jose Chung's The Truth Is Out There, Mulder is asked to help investigate the disappearance of two women, including FBI agent Monica Bannan. Scully has more pressing concerns at home, at least until Mulder's safety becomes paramount... KF BF W PS T+

The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity
During the summer and fall of 2008 in Mulder and Scully's family a new baby brings joy, but for Luke and Adrianna a new baby means stress, anxiety, and the sense that everything is falling apart. Meanwhile, Gibson's suspicions about young Alice finally come to a head. KF BF W PS T+WIP


Sacrificed Futures
Mulder has returned a year after his abduction in 'Requiem' to find that Scully has given birth to a child. The decision that she makes changes both of their lives. BF NCC


Paternal Instincts
Mulder and Scully have to deal with the aftermath of their daughter's sexual assault and their son's arrest. TF NCC T+

When the Pawn Series
Fox and Dana spend their Christmas vacation time at Maggie's with the rest of the Scully brood including, one irate older brother. PS

Nichole B

Christmas has Scully re-evaluating her life. E

This story is my theory concerning the reason for the conversation between CM and Mrs. Mulder at the beginning of Talitha Cumi. PO

Nicole Berman

The Precious Hope Series
If I cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you hope, for nothing is more precious than the time we haven't sold. We all must learn from small misfortune, count the blessings that are real. BF W gWb!

Nichole D

"Mulder, Scully, this is a little girl named Kathy. We found her at the crime scene of an apparent stabbing. I thought it would be best to put her in your care."

Nicole M, Melissa W, Nantana J, and Larry D

Mommy's Little Girl
Aliens ask Mulder for something...unusual in exchange for proof of alien life. Mpreg BF NCC

Nicole Mason

Light Series - The Collector's Edition
Strange lights in the sky lead to something unexpected. PS


Life's Little Quirks...
Poor Mulder.he's in 'trouble'.(again) m/m slash Mpreg Mulder/Skinner

Trust, Love, and Happiness, Too
What We Need Now is Trust sequel. Almost 5 years after we last saw our happy little family.. m/m slash Mpreg T+ BF NCC Mulder/Krycek

What We Need Now is Trust
AU set Post-Season 7. Mulder undergoes great challenges, but finds great rewards. m/m slash Mpreg Mulder/Krycek


Family Ties
Unexpected news about Samantha threatens to change Mulder and Scully's lives. KF DP Ad

Family Ties II
More surprises in store for Mulder and Scully as they attempt to cope with the events of Family Ties. KF DP Ad

One Glimpse of His Eyes
Death, birth, angst, the Lone Gunmen and a tacky giant bear. After a second abduction, Scully is left pregnant and alone. Or is she? PS

Nikki the Alien

Same ol' same ol' know, Scully gets switched with a 7-year-old who's grandpa is biggie!


In this American Gothic/X-Files crossover, the death of an FBI agent in Trinity brings Special Agents Mulder and Scully to town. While their investigation focuses on the Sheriff, the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man pays a visit to various Trinity residents. KF CX

Nique B

The Porcelain God
Scully tells Mulder she's pregnant. PS

Nita D

The Non-Believer
Dana Scully confronts the idea of Santa Claus as a child. PXF KF


You could be whoever you wanted to be, slip on one identity, and if it didn't fit, toss it aside and try on another one.

Noelle L

The Gump Files
My Moma always use to say, "Alien autopsies are like a box chocolates...sometimes you can't find the nuts." KF NCC

Non Fat Tofutti Rice Dreamicle

The Card To My Heart
With Mulder gone, Scully is left with confused emotions, a new partner and the miracle of life. How does this affect her? PS


Annual Growth
How do you resume an old relationship when so much has changed? A psuedo-sequel to Resuming. BF W

How do you resume an old relationship when so much has changed? BF W


Halloween Surprise
seven-year-olds are notoriously unreliable witnesses to the paranormal... KF W gWb

The year after bullies play a mean Halloween prank on the Mulder children, he pays them back.(set in the same story universe as The Family G-Man)


Mulder's First Father's Day
Mulder enjoys his first Father's Day. BF W

N. Y. Smith

Between Lies
If truth is in the mind of the beholder, what if the mind of the beholder is flawed?

Doppler Effect
The agents search for an arsonist as well as the strength to deal with life's challenges. BF NCC

Scully and Mulder return from exile to help Skinner track an old nemesis.

Graduation Day
Alex Krycek's past intrudes on one of the most important days of his life. PXF

The Mettle of Honor
Sent to investigate the birth of "alien" babies at a Marine Corps base, Mulder and Scully race to uncover the mystery behind the suicide of career officer.


Obfusc8er and Xtreme Unction

Mandates from Heaven
"There are countless stories of twins separated at birth who end up in the same occupation, marrying the same kind of people, each naming their child Waldo." KF


2:00 A.M.
It's the middle of the night, but no one is asleep. W BF

People are disappearing in Lake Champlain, Mulder thinks a legendary lake monster is to blame. TF

Olivia Severini

Nursery Magic Fairies
"Mulder, Scully, William and their last night together." BF W


Pater Familias

Retam Sullet
Small changes in timing can make a huge difference in the course of events. TF BF MP GK T+

A holiday adventure for Mulder during Scully's Christmas in San Diego.

Tellus Mater
Sequel to Pater Familias. TF GK


Die Anworten
Mulder has a limited chance to explain himself. BF NCC


As Circumstances Allow
It's some time in the new millennium, and Mulder and Scully have settled down to live "Happily ever after, as circumstances allow." Unfortunately, circumstances can turn cruel. Terrorists at the Quantico Academy threaten the life of Mulder and his infant son. MS/MWC NCC

Come Away, Human Child
An article on Irish folklore prompts Mulder to investigate an apparent Sids death as a child abduction. NAC

Fantasty in X Major
A possible ending to the series, where everyone lives happily ever after as circumstances allow.

Ophelia K.

the Help Me series
Scully's discovery of a little girl named Elizabeth unravels a well-hidden conspiracy. Ad NCC KF OE

The Oral Fixations

The Mall
"I take another sip from the Starbucks cup, trying to lean over the rail of the upper level, simultaneously trying to melt into the background. It's nearly time." BF W


The disappearances of several children send Mulder and Scully into a case where fairy tales are more than just tales... CFK