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Family Man
Set in the future; a companion piece to "Monotone." Mulder's still clueless, but he's a family man now, and all that that entails. KF NCC MS/TWC

Scully struggles with her choice; Mulder gives her another one. Waa

Sequel to "Sugarland." A year and a half later finds Mulder and Scully making a new life for themselves. W gWb

Up All Night
William is fussy, Scully's exhausted, and Mulder sees the future with a bedtime story. BF W

Paige Caldwell

Post "The End." What promises to be an idyllic weekend between new lovers, changes into a desperate pursuit for the truth. PO

Regrets and Resolutions
"What good are New Year's resolutions if you don't understand the truth behind your regrets?" PS

Souvenirs of a Day Gone By
"In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion...." KF W DP

Silent Lucidity
What it is was all a dream- What if you wake to find that the man you loved was never abducted and the child you gave birth to never existed- Or did he- L

With Arms Wide Open
Mulder and Scully have created life. But, is it, as the Bounty Hunter suggests, made of human clay? BF AON

Paige T.

Mulder, Scully and a one-year-old. YR


Seeds of Doubt
How will the return of Phoebe Greene affect the seemingly perfect family-life that Mulder and Scully have finally made for themselves- BF W

Pam Gamble

Mulder and Scully are assigned to a kidnapping case. CFK

Pam and Bisky

"Gramma, tell me a story..." the girl pleaded. NCC dp


A Different Path
Mulder and Scully, plus fifteen years, down a different path. TF NCC

My Name Is William
Events of the past thru Mulder and Scully's grown son. W

Pamela O

Jordon series updated 6/2018 to include two additional stories
Circumstances bring Mulder into contact with a former girlfriend who is convinced that Samantha was involved in the birth of her six-year-old daughter. NCC

Pandoras Kiss

Dear Emily
A letter never to be read.


In Nothingness
A shipper story set after Emily.

My Dream, a Soul Unbound
During Emily, as Emily dies, Dana loses control temporarily, and Mulder is there for her. E


The Love of My Life
Mulder's found Samantha, it's all solved. He and Samantha are talking one night about the loss of family members, and Samantha realizes how much Dana Scully misses her daughter, Emily. Samantha has connections. Will she do it for Fox- Rodc E KF


Joy Begets Sorrow
In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children. NCC T+ PS

Trust series
A new friend becomes a rare bright spot in Scully's decidedly dark and disturbing life as she and Mulder take on a case involving children who die by fire.PO MoD NCC KF-TF


After Mandy: Bobby
Now that Mandy is a part of the Mulder-Scully clan, everything seems whole. What about the discovery of a lone hybrid- Special guest appearance by another human relative. OE W W+S MS/MWC

After The Run series
This series takes place after "Journey to the Distant Shore". Mulder and Scully, having retrieved William and married, are settled into Mulder's father's home in West Tisbury. Although all the evidence needed to thwart the impending Colonization and war has been submitted, Mulder is asked to step in to attend to some further "business". BF W gWb! PS W+S MS/TWC

All I Want For Christmas
Mulder takes note of his wishes for the holiday. KF W W+S

And For All Of You To Share It With
It's 2005, the second time Mulder and Scully enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Doggett and Reyes. So, with William and Meg in tow, they venture out to Washington and find more than friendship. BF KF DR/TWC MS/TWC W W+S

Barbara, Jack and Kyle
Fancy meeting a nice remarried lady with a youngster, and finding out you never really knew a new colleague until he was partnered with another new one. All you knew was his son was murdered and he had been married. Hmm. KF W W+S

Beyond After...
No family deserves a better life after preventing Colonization than this one! BF KF W gWb! W+S MS/TWC

Can't He Help Me Unpack?
A pregnant Monica Reyes is quite upset that her husband, John Doggett isn't helping her unpack in their new apartment. PR

Can't Sleep
William gets a dog. Sure isn't like Queequeg. That's why somebody can't sleep. Oh, what a sucker granting the guy's wish for a puppy! W W+S NCC OE

Cloned Injustice
Another piece of evidence for storage in the deep freeze. (sequel to Erlenmeyer Injustice)

Daniel Skinner
Scully meets Skinner's teenage son while going for printer paper at the Hoover. TF NCC

Erlenmeyer Injustice
There's another chunk of guilt upon Mulder's shoulders. Telling Scully of this would break her heart.

Eugenic Injustice
Mulder finally reveals the last secret he's been keeping from Scully.

Everything They Ever Needed to Know
This is the moment before Mulder leaves to find The Truth. BF W

FBI Deliveryman
What if it had been Mulder driving Scully to Democrat Hot Springs, and he ended up delivering the baby- He might have spotted the Game Warden's metallic vertebra earlier on, for one thing... PS BF W

Hey, Mr. Delmar, It's Me!
A little boy discovers something strange about the teacher who failed him last year, and Mulder and Scully investigate. KF ScC

I Ain't Afraid Of No Zombies
A Hallowe'en Challenge story written for the 2009 Hallowe'en Challenge at The Nursery Files. KF

I Love My Mighty Machine
William will never part with his favorite Christmas ornament, as he says, at age seven. W KF W+S

A baby left on Scully's doorstep raises more questions than answers. BF NCC

Journey to the Distant Shore series
Do you think Mulder and Scully would stop after hearing "The Truth"- W Waf gWb!

The Last Pose of Summer
Mulder goes through the family album, and recalls his last summer with Samantha. He does this too often. PXF

Lost Spirits
Mulder and Scully suffer pre-Christmas stress. They need special help to remember the spirit of Christmas. KF

Story set in this universe Stolen ova, possibilities, and facing the truth her abduction helped create: Can Scully handle it after all she went through to bear William- OE W W+S MS/MWC

Meg, I Believe
Several days before Christmas, Mulder and a very pregnant Scully treat themselves to a three- day visit to a spa. What could possibly go wrong on the drive home- PS KF W

Memories in the Twilight
Mulder recalls one summer night a year after Samantha was taken. PXF

My Cousin Needs Another Dog
Since William misses Sailor, his cousin fills in the gap. Guess how- W W+S NCC OE YR

Our Miracle Boy is Ten
I figure he was born March 15, 2001. Everyone has their opinion about that. Mr. Carter should have told us something but tried to pretend it didn't happen, I suppose. Or maybe he was teasing the MSR fandom. W W+S KF

Poor Little Fox
Poor Little Fox Mulder. Sitting by the roadside hanging his head.PXF

Santa Left Me Under the Tree. Really!
The family finds James sleeping under the tree this year because he stayed up all night waiting for Santa, unbeknownst to the family. KF W W+S

She's Missy's Girl
Susan visits and makes a special request.YR

Snow Globes and Seaships
Who would have thought Mulder and Scully would be celebrating William's fifth birthday with him- W KF

Tell 'em William Called
A father hears from an estranged son. KF W W+S

Their Journey Embryonic 4th fic in the Injustice series. Because he needs to deal with his feelings on these startling developments, Mulder enters his discovery and grief into his private Journal.

sequel to It Whatever happened to Elizabeth and her baby- BF NCC

We Gotta Get Outta This Place
Written for The Nursery Files 2009 Moving Day Challenge. KF W W+S

We Have a Niece
You never know who you'll find in the world who looks related to you and the rest of your biological family. YR

Why is My Middle Name Ellen-
Most Christian children have middle names and Meg Mulder is as curious as any other child. W W+S MS/MWC

Why Was I Adopted Out, Mom?
William wants a real-life history lesson. W W+S NCC OE

Patty Hayes

The One
A group of possible abductees are looking for 'the one'. Is it Samantha, they are looking for- KF

Patty S

Saying Goodbye
No parent should have to bury their child. E

Paula Mackey

In The Family
Skinner's daughter brings home more than ordinary trouble. NCC TF


Cutting to the Chase
"You know, Scully, you don't have to qualify our relationship to anyone. Not even to your brother." W BF

Hole in the Black
"I wasn't in the group, Mr. Mulder. I was a tangential part of the project – in league with those few who were adamant on the subject of developing an antidote and a vaccine. He was our man on the inside, but we were not on the side of complicity with the colonists and that meant we were on the outside. Fringe element. We were not highly regarded. We weren't even invited to the group barbecues." He caught himself and smiled. "Ah. No pun intended." KF W

Doggett, nodding through his own process of evaluation, was immediately struck by and envious of Mulder's relaxed and casual attitude. In jeans, bare feet and a t-shirt, he belonged here. (Lullaby Voice sequel)PS

Lullaby Voice
It's about food, kindness, murderous intentions and the stages of waiting. PS


What right did that rat bastard have to children- m/m slash KF Skinner/Krycek

Chosen One
The future is in the children. PO BF


Entrusted with the Care of an Angel
Existence missing scene. BF W

A Happy Family
An old friend resurfaces to help out an ailing family. W

Scully's Anticipation
What she's been waiting for.


An arrest turns into something quite extraordinary. PO


Someone dear to Scully is murdered. The murder effects fairly drastic change in the agents' lives. This is all entwined with a case file involving the assassination of the leader of the Japanese socialist party, a baby called Imogen, a biker called Gabe and an FBI agent called Dom. But the story belongs to Scully and Mulder, and it's all about the love. (I should have found someone else to write this summary...) BF

Penny Daza

Friends Even in Childhood
Mulder and Scully meet as teens. PXF TF
two sequels can be found here that deal with Mulder and Scully all grown up.

I Have Known a Boy Named Fox, and a Man Named Mulder
Mulder becomes Fox. It's a journey that he and Scully could not have ever prepared for. KF-TF


Alone in the Dark
Scully thinks about the events of 'The End.' G

Peter Copeman

Hold The Lantern
Scully delivers triplets. PO


Visions of Significance
In just one day, Mulder and Scully get more than one piece of life-altering news. PS


And All Through The House
Another story in the Reclamation universe. William's first Christmas at the Unremarkable House. W KF

Hush Child
"Hush, child. Let your mommy sleep into the night until we rise." BF W

Just my take on what it might have been like for the Mulder family just after Samantha was taken, up through when we first meet him. PXF

In the fall of 2012, William Van de Kamp shows up on Mulder and Scully's doorstep. As they learn about the circumstances that brought him to them, they must learn to be a family together while also protecting William from the conspiracy that still seeks to use him for their own purposes. W KF gWb!

Three Times Fox Mulder Bought a Christmas Tree, and One Time He Didn't
A story in the Reclamation universe. I think the title says it all... W KF


Set years in the future, Scully comes to the aid of Mulder and his daughter, who are grieving over the recent loss of his wife. MoD NCC KF

The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie

Great Men Universe: The Beginning
Set in the same universe as the story Great Men, this explains how Samantha and Scott Scully were born the children of Mulder and Scully in 1995 and how they came to be Scully's in 2000. T+ KF NCC

Great Men Universe: part one
a very, very old Krycek in 2065 wants to kill the new President Mulder in order to make the Mulders suffer. To do so he goes back in time to kill the man's father, eighteen-year-old Scott Scully, Mulder and Scully's son who was born without their knowledge via test-tube in '95. But unexpectedly, Scott gets sent back to 1998 where he must deal with our Mulder and Scully, teen angst, two Kryceks bent on killing him, and the arrival of the Fox Mulder and Samantha Scully (Scott's twin) from the future, to save him.

In the future everyone is living underground as a side effect of the alien invasion. Mulder has been missing for years, and when a stranger whom nobody knows shows up suddenly, things get really complicated. TF


Like Minds
While Scully and Doggett are out seeking answers, Reyes and little William amuse themselves by playing in the nursery... W BF

Confused by Mulder, confused by Scully and confused as hell by their "birth notice," Reyes's contemplations of her first months in the basement give rise to nothing but one big question mark. BF W


Mulder and Scully travel to California to investigate a hacker, but find a strange things happenning to the local children, and an interesting person to relate to... KF


Chasing Santa Claus
A brief Christmas Eve fic. KF


Bedtime Story
Bedtime at the Mulder house. NCC PS

Family Ties
Scully sends her son to camp, and gets a surprise at the door. W KF

Period of Adjustment
At the beginning, it's always a little rocky. BF W

The Return
Something happens while Scully is writing a letter to her unborn child. PS

Third Time
Bedtime Story part II, later that night. PS BF


After more than ten years, Skinner seeks absolution for his past. TF NCC

Letting Go
Scully and Mulder try to let each other go... OE

The Witch And The Muggle
Mulder and Scully magically find themselves in Hogwarts and meet all the lovely characters that have held the world spellbound. But why and how did they get there- And how do they get back to their own world- Harry Potter crossover KF


After William
Scully, Skinner, a cabin. SoM PS

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2. SoM


A New Life
John, Mon, and Gibson, the night after The Truth ended. G

What Matters
Post-series through 2015. John and Mon get married and have some kids. DRR NCC

Pinkholyone and Louise

When Love Gets Lonely
John and Monica are having a tough patch in their marriage, causing some unexpected things to happen. PR BF NCC DR/TWC

Piper Maru and Maddy Too

A young girl goes undercover with Mulder and Scully to catch a kidnapper. Rodc E

piper maru duchovny

A Baby Changes Everything
Not a ring on her hand, All her dreams, All her plans, a baby changes everything. NCC PS BF KF W W+S

Paper Angels
What if Scully had been a paper angel when she was younger, and now she's set out on a crusade. gWb!


It's a post-Requiem Christmas story, and that's all. Further summary would ruin the story. Pre-XF PS

Plausible Deniability

Somebody's Fool
CSM, young and in love, learns that April is the cruelest month. PO

When I Fall in Love
A one night stand has life-altering repercussions for young CSM. PO


She nodded gravely at him. "Mulder, I think you're pregnant." T+ Mpreg


Time to rest, just for a moment. BF W


Believing in Miracles
Do you believe in miracles- W KF

A Woman Scorned
I'd said the same words earlier today. Different man, different reaction. Both times I felt nothing but shame. PO

Polly and SLS

Something in Common
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common."
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common." Waa


All There Is To Know
A sleepless Mulder wonders about the truth. BF W

Poor Mulder

Back Where he Belongs
Strangers' fatal car accident gives a haunted Mulder the chance to make ammends. BF W gWb!

Princess Liz

F.M.M. (Fox Madison Mulder)
Is Mulder finding his sister- No, I'm not talking about Samantha... TF

Priyan Jayasuriya

The X-Files: Blue Eyes
Mulder and Scully find a unharmed baby in a murder-scene and he's taken to an infant care center. That's when Mulder finds out the appearance a mysterious figure who happens to be his mother. But isn't she supposed to be dead- BF


One Thought
Halloween, post-invasion. KF

Project Truthseekers (several authors)

The New Truth
What if Mulder hadn't left- BF W

Psi Fi

Bound Together
Some family ties are revealed; Scully and Krycek fall for each other after an exchange of favors (not that kind! Yet.::g::) BF W

Return of the Rat
Krycek returns, enlists Mulder in the Rebellion, and romances Reyes. BF W


All I Want for Christmas Is You
Title borrowed from Mariah Carey's song. Scully muses during winter of Mulder's disappearance, 2001. BF W



Beating Faster
A man's daughters are going missing

Daddy's Little Girl NCC
see title

Queen of Swords

Sam and Dana Lose Their Marbles
Mulder-and-Scully as kids story... sort of. Sam insisted upon stealing the show. PXF


The Devil's Due
Mulder and Scully uncover the connection between a series of children abductions and a satanic cult. M&S investigate the murder of a teenage girl, in connection with the disappearance of babies. TF BF

Quinn Hegal

"We could've been... Stardust."
"No, Mulder. That's all we are. Dust." PS BF AON


R.L. Montoya

1000 Rainy Days
When Scully begins experiencing a strange form of empathy, it affects her work on an abduction case. Mulder reacts oddly, becoming more and more attracted to her because of it, but the consequences of and reasons for her new ability are more farreaching than either of them realize. KF


Bedtime Story
Darling William gets a bedtime story from his mystery parents. W KF


A Perfect Christmas by rac
It's post-Requiem, and Mulder is back. Everyone is attempting to get on with their lives...but all may not be as it seems. NCC KF

Rachel Anton

Eleventh Hour
Some feeling defy the confines of time. TF PXF

Pinned Butterflies
Who remembers you when you've become a shadow of yourself- PXF

Temporal Functions
The temporal lobe of the brain controls auditory and visual memories as well as fear and some aspects of the personality. Synonyms for temporal include transitory, ephemeral, brief and fleeting. KF

Rachel Freeman

Wrapped in Memories
Ever wonder how Scully survived? BF NCC

Rachel Rudd

Kevin Kryder needs Scully's help, again. And, Scully begins to realize her importance in the matter of spiritually saving the world. TF

Rachel West

The baby is Mulder's, but things aren't all happy. Mulder has to deal with a little crisis with his young daughter all by himself. KF NCC

Rachel Wilder

After Death
Mulder attempts to deal with life after death. PS

Before the Marvel of this Night
Filled with traditions and memories of Christmas' past, Scully decorates baby Will's first tree..BF W

Bird in the Hand
Mulder struggles to decide if dealing with the devil is worth the price. Sequel to Pieced Together. NCC OE BF

When Scully finds Mulder she's not sure what their future holds. PS

Daylight is a Long Way Off
The night before Mulder leaves. BF W

Dead Fish
Another death makes it hard for Scully to move on. PS

Delivery at the Corner of Dupont and Connecticut
Scully's life has turned into a soap opera and it's not getting better now that the baby is on the way. PS

Everything's the Key
Hey, somebody had to be the "key to everything." BF W

First Night
Mulder and Scully spend their first night at home with the baby. BF W

Home Improvement
There are reasons why Mulder should not be left at home alone. BF W

Losing Faith
After Mulder's return, Scully confronts another challenge to her faith.

Missing Time
Mulder returns to find out that life has moved on while he was gone. PS

A Mother Always Knows
Maggie Scully is called to Montana. PS

Pieced Together
After their marriage Mulder and Scully face new challenges as they try to start a family. NCC OE BF

Planting My Feet
After his return, Mulder finds himself unsure of his place in Scully's life...and everywhere else. PS BF W

Quero Veritas
Who is the father of Dana Scully's baby? PS

With Me Always
Scully finds Mulder, but discovers that he was never really gone. PS


The Genesis series
Genesis is a parallel universe based upon the temporal events of The X-Files beginning with The Red and the Black. In my view of events, Scully is a lesbian (surprise!) and her private life is quite a bit more interesting than CC would have us believe. PS BF W


All of Life's Etceteras
A husband, children, and a warm and happy home much like the one he'd grown up in had always been a distant concept to her. PS

Cafe Confessions
Can you correct your past to build your future- GK

Lost and Found
Christmas isn't always merry/Christmas is a time for miracles. KF W

Mist Over Water
Scully helps Mulder cope with a loss. DP W W+S

Something Tangible
Seven months. PS

Rae Lynn

The Deep Untangling
"Thus far, Mulder and his son have at least one thing in common: For several months this past year, they both slept like the dead." BF W

In the Clearing
Two years after "Requiem," Mulder is returned. W DP

A Smaller World
It's 2012 and Mulder and Scully have already saved the world. What else is left to do but go to Disney World -- in a desperate bid to save Mulder's life? KF W W+S

This Life is Not Yet Rated
So far, my improbable resurrection from the dead bears an uncomfortable resemblance to a movie trailer: All the critical action is there, but no one is sure how it's going to end. BF W

Ways of Leaving the World
"If one day you should behold a miracle, as I have in you, you will learn the truth is not found in science, or on some unseen plane, but by looking into your own heart. And in that moment you will be blessed -- and stricken..." --Dana Scully, "Trustno1." BF W


Another Lullaby
It's Mulder's turn to sing a lullaby. (sequel to Juliettt's Marriage Series: Lullaby") KF ScC

The Children's Circle
Fox and Samantha sneak out November 24, 1973. PXF

The Erin Series
These stories feature Mulder's teenage cousin, Erin. TF YR

How To Catch An Alien
A teenage Fox Mulder is determined to communicate with whoever took his sister. He and a friend build a radio and manage to get in touch with... someone. PXF

How To Catch An Alien II: Reticulans and The Lady Brigade
Sequel to How To Catch An Alien. PXF

The Mouths of Babes
A foray into the future and some deep suspense. NCC TF


Southbound Train
Set during Trust No 1, Mulder fills in a few blanks regarding 'one lonely night' with Scully, and fatherhood. W BF


How it Begins
The baby stirs and wakes and lets out a thin, hitching cry... BF W

One Fish Two Fish
Scully on maternity leave. PS

rah and beduini

Hurricane Season
"Old habits die hard." BF W

Raine and Marsha Taylor-Bare

Truth and Consequences
After Gethsemane, Scully and Mulder decide to pay a visit to their friend Dr. Scanlon. PS


Which Deeds Will I Forgive
Do they realize what they took from me- From countless others- E

Raven (singlecrow)

Big Sky Country
William van de Kamp is special. KF W


What Dreams May Come
10- year-old William is seeing things. Things he shouldn't be seeing. And he can't figure out why he is so different.KF WaF W

Rebecca Rusnak

Closer Than the Stars
Having nothing better to do, Mulder and Scully open up to each other about their childhoods. PXF

Here's Where the Story Ends
A random peek at Mulder and Scully's childhoods reveals how it is often the little events that shape us. PXF

The House Across the Street
How neighbors could have viewed the Mulder family in Chilmark during Mulder's childhood. PXF

The Sound of Laughter
When Samantha returns, Mulder finally has something to laugh about. S


Just Fine
Mulder tries to get Scully to a hospital. PS

You Don't Understand
Scully explains human nature to a clone. OE NCC


A Second Chance
The moment Mulder finds out that Scully is carrying his child. PS

Red Badger 83

One in a Million
Mulder has a surprise for Scully on her birthday. This is not the whole story. This is AU of course. BF W

Renee Delrigo

Come Back To Me
Scully has her child, but all she can think of is Mulder. W


Friend Of The Family
Fox and Dana are in high school. Fox has dinner at the Scully house. PXF TF

A Midsummer Night's Dream Come True
Dana and Fox's high school graduation night, and events as such. PXF TF

Rev. Anna

Dream Of Me
Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that pique CSM's interest. KF YR

I Sing a Song of the Saints of God
This is my response to the X-OK Halloween Challenge to use electronic voice transmission/instrumental transcommunication, cold spots, goldfish, a war such as the Civil War, WWI, etc., a metal detector, onions, Jack the Ripper, an injury to Mulder, a quote by Walt Whitman, "orbs" and a Scully family mystery in a story taking place on Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. YR PO

Think On These Things
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest... BF NCC


The Dreaming Sea
The third time Andy saw the savage was the week before Halloween. KF

The Unfinished Universe
They have a private evening ritual - nose to nose on the bed they practice telepathic communication. BF W

Wing and Prayer
News of the miracles would have spread through the camp by morning. KF


Sight Unseen
Still Out There sequel. Agent Arthur Roe has been assigned to investigate a case that involves unexplained deaths on the Navajo reservation. Agent Roe has a special connection to the Navajo reservation and the people. Not only that, but he has a connection to former Agents Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett and Monica Reyes. Now, it's been eight months since Will Van De Kamp has been reunited with his parents Mulder and Scully and his life still may be in danger. Agent Roe discovers that the family of Will's ex-girlfriend, Madeline Hosteen, are at the heart of the investigation and could be the next victims. TF W

Still Out There
Post-Truth. After the death of his father, 18-year-old William Van De Kamp receives a message from a mysterious man saying that his real father, Fox Mulder, has died. William sets out in a search for his biological parents and discovers the truth they worked so hard to uncover. W TF

Revilo Witts

Eines Tages
Just an average day in the post colonization future. KF NCC

The Revolver Wielding Chimpanzee

Exoterike Harmonia: I Alone
Following an unexpected abduction, Marita Covarrubia makes a visit to Scully shedding some light on the current situation and offering an unlikely alliance. PS


Reyes is in her early thirties, still young but after a recently solved case she is thinking about her own biological clock and whether the find of her life will eventually admit his interest in furthering their relationship or continue to leading her on. PR

Rhiannon R

Cleaning My Room
Scully's daughter reflects on what her mother as been through. KF NCC

Rhondda Lake

Dogged Determination
The Dog Scully takes in is much more than it seems. Some people are willing to kill fot it, prompting Mulder, Scully and a very special Dog to go on the run. MoD TF

The Greatest Gift
Mulder ponders the meaning of Christmas. BF NCC

Someone is seeing things that aren't there... KF


Labor Relations
It's time. PS


Anger of Angels
The women have been disappearing from a small Texas town and Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. BF


The Hunted
Searching for Gibson Praise, Skinner and Doggett run into a big roadblock. When a group of beings save them from the bounty hunter, they become involved in a war that leads to genocide.

The Hunter
Three years after their incredible flight from the so-called Supersoldiers, former agents Mulder and Scully, along with agents Doggett, Reyes, Harrison and Assistant Director Skinner, attempt to find their long lost son, William. W gWb!


The Hairdresser
More than just a haircut... BF W


360 Maple Grove
A present-day case causes Scully to remember a childhood experience with an apparition of evil. PXF


Up the Ladder
Marita comes through for Mulder, giving him what he wants most. But twenty-five years haven't brought as many changes as he might have thought, and her gift might be more dangerous than anything he's faced to date. And what's up with those bees- S

Rivka T and Mustangsally

the Iolokus series
Mulder and Scully learn that their involvement in genetics experiments are much more all-encompassing than they ever dreamed. BF NCC OE PS T+


Blue Eyes Behind Gray Bars
The last person you would expect to need to be bailed out of jail... PS

I Just Wanna Run
The only way Mulder knows how to cope with all the changes in his life. PS

Nothing Says Love Like Something From the Oven
Sometimes, the only way to get your message across is to be direct and literal. PS


Battling Hearts, Crumbling Allegiances
Two Agents, the Doggett family, and Thanksgiving. Warning: DSR. PS BF


The Emilys
When the Emily project turns into the Eves, things happen. KF E OE

It's a Wonderful Life
Mulder wishes that he was never born. KF NCC

It's a Wonderful Life 2 - a Christmas Carol
Scully is visited by three ghosts. KF NCC

Scully's daughter learns about her mother through her father. NCC

My Seven Dreams of Emily
Mulder dreams of his own personal hell. E

Sometimes love's not enough. KF MS/TWC NCC

Rising Again
Alternate reality, somewhat strange. W KF W+S T+

Second Coming
"For unto us a child is born." Isaiah 9:6. BF-KF NCC

Some Gift
Post-Emily. E

Wrapped in Wind
Mulder and Scully and a little baby girl. BF NCC

yclept(i-klept') v. (Archaic) named. BF NCC


Ashes Ashes
Emily has a late night visitor E KF


The camera rolls after the ending scene of Existence. BF W

The Contact series
Mulder leaves William and Scully. BF W

The Enemy Within
Mulder becomes involved in a Senate anthrax scare. Agents Doggett and Reyes and Mrs. Scully are on board for this story. BF W

A follow up to Completion. BF W

Rory D. Cottrell

Opposite Poles
Scully investigates a murder. BF W

Rose Campion

Happy Endings
Because sometimes the happy ending isn't the one you think it is. m/m slash BF NCC

Places That Scare You
"They abducted me...Next thing, bang, I wake up. It turns out it it's six months later. Mulder is rescuing me out of the hold of some alien space craft and not only do I have a newly installed set of female plumbing, I'm in my second trimester." - Doggett. m/m slash Mpreg T+

Too Blunt An Instrument
A wish hurls John Doggett into a world that he could have never imagined possible, but that just might give him everything he needs. Mpreg ncc bf

The Twenty-one Day Plan
Life has settled down into a boring domesticity for Doggett and Mulder. Doggett has a plan to spice up their sex life. Complications ensue. They get far more excitement than they bargained for. m/m slash PR BF NCC


Dr. Fox Mulder
A short story taking place a year and a half after "Existence," showing Mulder in a new line of work - and making quite an impression. BF W


My Flowers, Mommy
Realization sinks in for Scully. E

Rotem Shahar

An Act Of Kindness
A little girl is left on the playground all alone. OE

Fast Food
Just a little meeting in a fast food restaurant. PXF

Shalom Haver Series
A dozen short stories about lost and reunion. E

Up In Flames
What happens to a little kid who loses everything in a fire- AD

You Are Not Alone
"Another day has gone..." BF W


Could've Been
Scully has something interesting to tell to Mulder.PS T+

Nine Hours
Mulder and Scully meet a teenage girl at a park and it appears that she has something of theirs that they want. NCC


Cats and Dogs
What if Doggett and Reyes had never met Audrey Pauley, what if Reyes was never in hospital, what if there was never a car accident- Maybe this is how it all could have played out. PR

Lyrical Illusions
Scully and Doggett become instant family as they follow a case inside the music industry. BF W

Is it too late to mend the rift- Will John ever forgive her- Maybe it's better to be out of his life for good than to endure daily reminders of what it used to be like. PR

Regrets II: Reunion
Doggett accepts the consequences of his actions when returning to DC after the search for his partner had been fruitful. The time away from work gives him a chance to reflect on the change of direction his life has laid out for him. Which course will he choose as his number one- Will it be his career or his duty to his partner and lover Monica Reyes and their unborn child- PR

Regrets III: Rebirth BF DR/TWC
Doggett and Reyes are now parents while John still works on The X-Files. As well as going through the rigors of parenting there are plenty of surprises in store both in John's job and in his family life. Something more ominous and unexpected clouds the horizon putting in doubt the authenticity of Mulder's alien colonization date.

Rpcrazy and Desertrats

Desperate Measures
Doggett and Reyes were on the run, fearing for their lives. PR DR/TWC

Rpcrazy and Muskrat

Candy Man
It's the night of October 31, a night when children are trick o' treating but the trick is turned the other way when the parents start disappearing. The case literally landing in their laps through an unexpected turn of fate Special Agents Doggett and Reyes must investigate the disappearances, including finding some of their own. KF W


Dreams Come True
When Scully is taken ill at a family party it has serious repercussions on the rest of their lives. PS

Dreams Come True 02
Telling the family. PS

Dreams Come True 03
Scully is taken ill again which leads to some serious Mulder angst. Oh and Skinner finds out! PS

Dreams Come True 04
Scully gets the shock of her life when she goes to tell her mother the good news, but it all works out in the end. PS


p>Tearin Up My Heart
Mulder, with the help of a fab 5 and a pop star give Scully's teenage daughter a birthday to remember. TF NCC