TITLE: In Your Head
AUTHOR: Mary Lou
CATEGORY: X, C, little H
KEYWORDS: Kind of Crossover X-Files/American Gothic
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them. Mr. Carter, 1013 and Fox do. I played with them, but no money were made. Just fun ;).
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THANKS: to Michelle, my proofreader.

SUMMARY: Mulder & Scully investigate on a strange case in Trinity.


Trinity Woods
Trinity - South Carolina
June 19 1997 h. 11:29pm

Two boy were out in the woods when three girls came. It was night, without a moon. And it was so dark...

"Nicky, Ary, Geena, come on! We were waiting for you!"

"Hi Alex, hi Lucas! What are we doing tonight?"

"I've got a good idea... if you've got the guts..."

"Tell us, Ary, tell us!"

"Oh, I don't think... you've got enough guts for..."


"We should take the motorbike for a ride in the woods!"


"Really, Geena? So why don't you try?"

At that moment a boy began to speak. "No... I don't think... it's not a good idea..."

"Oh Lucas! Poor little baby, are you frightened?!"

"No, no, I'm not!"

"I don't believe you... but you can still try..."

"No, it's silly!"


"Hey! Turn on the music! The song 'Zombie'... it'll scare him!"

"Ok, ok! It's silly, but I'll try!"

A rumble in the darkness


X-Files Office - FBI Headquarters.
June 19 1998 h. 8.15 am

When she went into the office, she was immediately aware that something was up. Maybe a case. Fox Mulder was sitting on the chair, reading a file.

"Hi, Scully!" He motioned to the folder on his desk, "More work for us!"

"Let me guess: a ghost killed an alien in the middle of Antartica!"

"Why not? Great idea!"

"Mulder, I was joking!" she whispered.

"Me too, Scully! Me too!"

"Well, tell me 'bout this X-File."

"In a little county in South Carolina a 23 years old girl, Ary Cole, killed herself. Her mother was there and saw it all happen. She said Ary suddenly began to sing and then, without any reason, she threw herself in the Trinity River and drowned."

"And why exactly do you think this is an X-File? There's nothing strange here, Mulder..."

"Oh, lovely girl!...Yes, you're right! Nothing really strange. It's just my instincts... there's a smell of paranormal activity!"

"You are totally crazy, you know?"

"Do you wanna know my secret?" he whispered into her ear.

"I'd give anything to know!"

"Nothing strange about this case, but I watched a serial set in Trinity (2) once, so... the sheriff sent me an e-mail!" he smiled.

"Oh, In that case, I think he's crazy too!"


Trinity Woods
Trinity - South Carolina
June 19 1998 h. 10.13 am

"Mulder and Scully, I presume. I called you 'cause... there's a scent of paranormal activity!"

Fox glanced at a resigned Dana, who looked back at him sighing.

"Another girl killed herself, just a few hours ago, in the same way. Well...not exactly the same way. She had a knife... through the heart! She is... was 20 years old. Her name was Nicky Morgan. She was here with her boyfriend, but he told me he wasn't watching when the incident happened. He had only heard Nicky singin "Zombie," the same song the first one was singing!"

"What an amazing coincidence!" Mulder exclaimed, looking at his partner.

Scully was thinking. As Mulder was also.

"I know that these deaths weren't suicides. And this boy - he's at the police station for you - Alex Willis... oh, he stinks of... paranormal activity!"

"What a wonderful 'paranormal aroma', don't you think?" Mulder joked when the man was gone.

"Well, at the very least it's a bit strange that those two girls killed themselves in the same place, singing the same song... I'll do an autopsy to if there were any drugs involved. You go pay this 'boy' a visit, ok?"

"Ok, boss!"


Police station
Trinity - South Caroline.
June 19 1998 h 11.21 am

"Mulder, Fox Mulder with the FBI. Hi Alex."

"I told you... I don't know what's happening!"

"Please, just tell me what you saw."

"Nothing! I didn't kill Nicky! I loved her... leave me alone, please, let me live!"

"Nobody thinks that you killed you girlfriend, Alex. But we know that another girl died in the same place, singing..."


"As Nicky..."

"As Geena... but it will be too late to stop him... as me... yes, as me!"

"Who is..." In that moment Mulder's phone rang. "Mulder."


Trinity Woods
Trinity - South Carolina
June 19 1998 h. 11.14 am

Geean Neill was with her sister.

"Hey, Geena, look at this flower... Geena? Geena? What's wrong?"

She was watching something in the woods.... she seemed so frightened! Then she began to sing: "IN YOUR HEAD - IN YOUR HEAD - ZOOOMBIE - ZOOOMBIE - ZOOOMBIE-IE-IE - WHAT'S..."

Suddenly she took a little knife from her bag and... slit her wrists!

"GEEEENAAA!!! What are you dooooing??? Help!! Stopp! HELP!!!!"

Behind a tree sat a boy in a wheelchair smiling, satisfied.


Police station
Trinity - South Carolina
June 19 1998 h 11.38 am

"Mulder, there's been another girl! The sheriff called me. I'll meet you at..."

"Let me guess now: the woods?!"

"Yes, of course... Mulder, now it sounds odd to me. The girl was singing the same song and I found no drugs in the bodies.... nothing strange. But they were terrified! Nothing paranormal... but..."

"Scully, Alex Willis knows more than he told us. Was that girl's name Geena?"

"Yes, how do you know?"

"...Scully, wait for me at the woods. We'll arrive..."


"This boy knows!" After turning off the phone, Fox looked back at Alex, but the boy was gone. He called a policeman and asked him where the hell he was.

"I let him go, he was a suspect but the sheriff told me that another girl..."

"...Idiot!, he was important! At least tell me you know where he's going now!"

"I don't know."

Mulder didn't listen to him and ran away from the station. But the policeman reached him.

"Wills left this for you, Mr. Mulder!" he said, giving him a letter.


A few hundred meters from the police station
Trinity - South Carolina
June 19 1998 h 11.42 am

He had run as fast as he could. He was more than frightened. Now it was his turn. He was running so fast that he didn't see the wheelchair approaching him. Faster and faster. Soon it arrived in front of him. Stopping him. He was becoming more and more terrified... he was almost dead. The boy in the wheelchair looked at him with an angry, bad look. "IN YOUR HEAD - IN YOUR HEAD - ZOOOMBIE - ZOOOMBIE - ZOOOMBIE-IE-IE - WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAD - IN YOUR HEAD - ZOOOMBIE - ZOOOMBIE - ZOOOOMBIE-..."


Trinity Woods
Trinity - South Carolina.
June 19 1998 h 12.00 am

"Mulder! I called you more then 20 minutes ago! And where is Alex Willis?"

"Sorry Scully, but Alex is dead..."

"What? When? How do you know?"

"I don't know... but I know."

"Mulder, maybe you're paranormal yourself!"


"You think you're normal?! What the hell are you saying? Is he dead? If he is, how do you know?"

"It's too late to do anything. He left me a letter to explain it all. The case is closed. Let's go home..."


Mulder's car
Carter Street (from Trinity to Washington)
June 19 1998, h 7:08 pm

"I can't believe it, Mulder... Those boys really hurt him in that savage way, with blow-stick?"

"Scully, he couldn't tell the police that they made him crash against the tree. They were frightened, they didn't know what they were doing. They wanted to kill him."

"Another thing's strange, Mulder. Admitting that they couldn't help killing theirself when they saw him... admitting that it was a sense of fault, why now, one year after the fact?"

"I know what you're going to think, my skeptical partner, but it really smells of paranormal activity!"


"Let me explain, please. You told me that they saw Lucas, before killing themselves. That's true, 'cause we know that when the boys died he wasn't at the clinic. But nobody told you one thing: we know for sure that he was alone at those times, but after the incident, he couldn't move... he's a vegetable! So, how could Lucas get out the hospital by himself?"

"I... I don't know, Mulder.... some people have had sudden improvements..."

"I think, Scully, that only rage moved him, but you can't believe that, and I think that's good. I couldn't live without your science... but you couldn't live without my strange ideas either!"

"You think?..."

Suddenly Mulder turned on the radio.


"Oh, Mulder, not this song! Please, change the station!"

"Ok... but isn't it strange that..."

"Mulder, you'll never change!"



1. "Zombie" by Cranberries.
2. The serial is "American Gothic". One character and one actor (who played a little part in "Fight the Future") are called Lucas. In Italy we saw "American Gothic"'s Pilot on June 19 1997.
3. "Mulder & Scully" by Catatonia.

At last, sorry Chris for this tale..- I know it's horrible!!!! Sorry Fox, sorry Dana!!!!!

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