The Nursery Files Acronym Key

Most of these acronyms correspond to genre lists, though some are doubled up: NNC fics are on the non-canon kids page, MoD and SOM fics will be found on the Children With Others list etc.

A few of the genres have been renamed to make them less confusing.

Oh, and while not by any means exclusively a babyfic term, "AU" means Alternate Universe - fics that differ significantly from canon. These stories often break from canon after episode ___, or aren't intended to follow canon at all.

Look for this symbol to mark our new fics added to the archive

W– William fics NCC – often AU fics about a non-canon child E Emily alive in (at least part of ) a story gWb! Get William Back!
BF– Baby fic KF – Kid fic TF – Teen fic T+ – twins, triplets or more
PS Pregnant Scully PR pregnant Reyes PO – pregnant other ladies Mpreg pregnant fellows
OE "Other Emilys" Emily-like child/ren W+S William & one or more siblings L Luke Doggett alive in story S Samantha alive in story
Waa – M and/or S adoption angst RODC "Return of dead child" canon kid not dead after all Adopt character Adopts child(ren) WaF William with adopted parents
MoD Mulder/Other kid SoM – Scully/Other kid RoM – Reyes/Other kid DoD – Doggett/Other kid
MS/TWC – Mulder & Scully together with children DR/TWC Doggett & Reyes together with children FC Foundling child (is not blood related) S!C Surprise! ___ has a kid and didn't know it!
PXF Pre-series childhood fics Slash – gay characters raising kids G – Gibson as a kid-teen ScC Secondary character's (or OC's) child
YR – young relative GK – XF character's grandchild SK – step child/ren CFK – case file kid
PSC – post-series canon (includes IWTB and/or season 10 refs) Married    

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