Season 2

Not Bliss (2x01) 33kb
Mulder finds out that being a big brother isn't exactly what he imagined it would be.

Moose Mayhem (2x02) 47kb
Something is driving the wild animals in Capeside mad. Mulder and Doggett vow to get to the bottom of it, and a reluctant Scully tags along to keep them out of trouble.

Many Unhappy Returns (2x03) 46kb
Fowley returns from Europe and Scully's dad escapes from jail; each girl is on one side of seperate betrayals.

When We Are Seven (2x04) 34kb
Has Grams' friend bought a fountain of youth? Fowley and Mulder try to find out.

Rocket's Red Glare (2x05) 34kb
A fireworks display leads to a shock for Mulder.

Grave Secrets (2x06) 38kb
Reyes and Fowley make a grim discovery that defies logic.

Wail (2x07) 42kb
A nice old man might be being stalked by a banshee; Mulder learns some things about Sam's past.

New Mexico (2x08) 108kb
Reed and Krycek's band, Beer Is Not A Sex Crime, has its first gig, but Mulder misses it when he takes his sister back to New Mexico.

Roswell (2x09) 121kb
Mulder plans to break into the Candling school to get information about his siblings, but it takes some help from Roswell residents Max, Isabelle, Michael, Maria and Liz to carry out his plans.

Roswell, Revelations (2x10) 65kb
Before Mulder and Sam return to Capeside, they go back to Candling long enough to get some horrific information about their father's workplace...and its plans for baby Price and others like him.

Pressing Issues (2x11) 38kb
A collegue of Mrs. Leary's thinks that Sam's reunion with her family would make a great news story - and is reluctant to take no for an answer.

How We All Got Here (2x12) 42kb
A series of flashbacks explain what causes Sam to run away from home...and for Mulder and Scully to break up.

Life's a Stage (2x13) 38kb
Everyone, except Mulder, thinks that the school play Scully and Krycek are co-staring in is plagued by a ghost.

Mister Sandman (2x14) 37kb
Desperation forces Scully to work with Mulder to discover the reason why no kids, including her nephew and Price, are sleeping.

Starkweather's Creek written with Scully3776 459kb
Mulder closes his eyes in his room, and opens them in Washington DC, in the office of FBI agents, some of whom look like his friends, just much older, and the other (Agent Starkweather) one doesn't seem to like him much. Will he ever get back home?

Possession I (2x15) 37kb
Mulder and Scully reconcile just in time for the prom...and to be cajoled into being part of the prom committee.

Possession II (2x16 season 2 finale) 61kb
The location Reyes picks out for the prom is great...except for one little thing.

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