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J'ai Suivi Le Vol D'un Ange by Kimogen
Maybe things took a nasty turn after The Truth... Waa

Jacob's Father by Scinut
This story takes place shortly after The X-Files' first season episode "Darkness Falls." (The glowing green bug episode.) And significantly after the demise of the series to which is the subject of the crossover. KF

Jane by shippyphile

Jeffrey and Samantha by Megan Reilly
Spender remembers his sister. PXF S

Jeremy by Teall 1
Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths of some young women after receiving anonymous tapes describing the crimes in a nursery-rhyme fashion. KF

Jessica by Allison Potty
Scully finds yet another part of her that she never knew existed.

Conspiracy story. Mulder and Scully are given information by Mr. X which leads them to an orphanage in Boston and a mysterious teenager with no last name. TF NCC

Jessica's Secret by Louise Phillips
Scully collapses at a pre-Christmas dinner and meets an enchanting child as she waits to see if test results indicate that her cancer has returned. KF

Jordon series by Pamela O updated 6/2018 to include two additional stories
Circumstances bring Mulder into contact with a former girlfriend who is convinced that Samantha was involved in the birth of her six-year-old daughter. NCC

Jordan, Just for the Summer by Estreyastar
Who is this girl, why have I never seen her before, and why is she calling my partner of six years by his first name?

Journal 1999 by MD1016
The first three months of post-colonization Earth from Scully's point of view.

Journal 2000 by MD1016
Journal 1999 sequel. The Struggle continues. PS NCC

The Journalist by Kayla Ariev
A few years after Mulder and Scully humbly save the world and disappear to live private lives, a creative and clever journalist tracks them down, trying to get the interview no other reporter has ever gotten. GWb! G KF W+S

The Journey series by eponine119
Mulder thinks he's found a possible cure for Scully's cancer, but will she be willing to try it? PS BF

Journey by Susan
After Mulder returns from his abduction, he and Scully end up going on a journey they never planned on... PS NNC

The Journey by Scully extremis
Sometimes the life you live isn't real, until it walks out the door. E

Journey to the Distant Shore series by Pattie
Do you think Mulder and Scully would stop after hearing "The Truth"? W Waf gWb!

Joy Begets Sorrow by Parrotfish
In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children. NCC T+ PS

Joyful are the Waterdrops by kim1013
Follows "The Present Implies Presence." After 10 years apart, our heroes struggle with knowing each other again. Rebuilding is hard to do. W KF W+S T+

Joyous by Dri
He lives. PS

The Joys of Fatherhood by Jen(Jenr13)
companion to Meant To Be Mulder tackles a new task that comes with fatherhood.

The Joys of Parenting by Mulders_Chic
Nice little piece about how Mulder and Scully can even find happiness and experience the wonderful joys of parental care. NCC KF BF

Jumanji by Morley
Scully's niece Judy and nephew Peter find a mysterious boardgame in the park. KF YR CX

Junior by Poet
She nodded gravely at him. "Mulder, I think you're pregnant." T+ Mpreg

Jurassic Files by Bruce C and Angelia D
It is 6 years later, and something strange has happened: John Hammond has sent letters to all of his surviving "guests," inviting them back to his island. A concerned Lex - a work-study student at the FBI, invites her new friends Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to accompany her and her teenage brother, Tim, to Jurassic Park, where they encounter the real story behind the dinosaur cloning experiments! TF MoD

Just Another Day in Paradise by Angela W.
Mulder, Scully and William spend a Sunday afternoon at home. BF W

Just Before by Kyselyea
Mulder becomes desperate when Scully marries another man. NCC BF

Just Doing My Job by beduini
The call came at ten thirteen. How appropriate, and how perfectly timed. Ten thirteen, Mulder's birthday. PS

Just Fine by Rebel
Mulder tries to get Scully to a hospital. PS

Just Like Normal People by Bird
Some time spent living... just like normal people. BF W

Just a Little Monday Night Football by Mygirlreyes
John and Monica need a night off. Dana does, too. Monday Night Football is on and the three best friends make the most of it. BW W (f/f slash)

Just Mommy and Me And Mr Potato Head by Belinhazpears
Emily's first Christmas after becoming a Scully. Rodc E

Just a Normal Kid by Becka F.
That's all I am. BF W

Just Yet by Jenna
Mulder's thoughts on his time spent with Scully on The X-Files. BF W


Kaleidoscope by Becka F.
This is what you see when you look through. KF W

Karass by Ashlea Ensro
How come Mulder's the only one who gets cool shadowy informants?

Karmic by Bobbi
She didn't know if she could break his heart when she knew all too well how it felt to have a broken heart. BF W

Karmic II by Bobbi
Follow-up to "Karmic." A time for everything and everything in its time. BF W

Katelyn I. Family by Toma
The Past comes back to find Mulder. TF NCC MoD

Katelyn II. The Return of Trouble by Toma and Kelley E. Kelly
Can Kate take any more? While trying to define each others roles in their lives trouble once again finds the agents and their new charge. TF NCC MoD

Kathy by Nichole D
"Mulder, Scully, this is a little girl named Kathy. We found her at the crime scene of an apparent stabbing. I thought it would be best to put her in your care."

Katie by Danielle D
Sequel to Paula Graves' "Small Hostage." Mulder and Scully engage in a cross-country search for Katie. NCC OE

Kelly by Lolabeegood
Holding onto control and keeping everyone safe requires some sacrifices. PO

The Kid by Xscout
Fox Mulder is confronted by the school Bully. PXF

Kids Will Be Kids by Flexis
After 17 years Mulder and Scully reunite with their son. TF W

Killing Season by Sharon Harkins-Murphy
Conclusion to Embroynic Samantha returns with help from a surprising source. MoD?

Kiss the Darkness by Suzanna
Mulder and Scully are tipped, but what is the purpose? Major speculation on the myth arc, with lots of ensemble cast appearances. OE

Kiss the Darkness 2 by Suzanna
Scully and Mulder must find a way to stop colonization. OE

Kiss the Darkness 3 by Suzanna
Story picks up exactly where part two ended, with Mulder, Scully, and DS84 leaving Wyoming and heading west with the vaccine. OE PS

Kiss the Darkness 4 by Suzanna
The bad guys are back, as well as part of the ensemble cast. Sometimes the line between evil and good isn't as distinct as Scully would like it to be. (Final installment) OE PS

Kisses by Teliko. x3
Mulder, Scully, and William ring in the new year at the Scully house. BFF W

Kissing Santa by lilgreyfox
A light Christmas piece with you-know-who and you-know-who. YR

Kitten by Amazon X
Alex is a mother, all right. mpreg, m/m slash Sk/K

Kitten II by Amazon X
Walter receives a gift. And then another. And that's just the beginning. KF, m/m slash Sk/K

Kodomo Tame Ni by White Star 2
Months after his abduction, Mulder is finally returned, only to find how much both he and Scully were changed by the ordeal. Will this be the end of their partnership? PS

Krycek Bites the Bullet by Nadia S
Scully tests Krycek's manhood...PS

Krycek in Grouchland by Malefescent
Krycek and Elmo and a Kid. KF

Krycek's Headache by Nadia S
Krycek begs the world's oldest excuse...PS

Kurt Meets His Grandma by malexandria
Maggie Scully gets the shock of her life


Labor Day by Billie R
Doggett/Reyes romance. PR BF T+

Labor Day by kyouryokusenshi
Post My Struggle IV. An unconventional labor for a very unconventional couple. PS

Labor Day by Justine L.
Can Scully ever go home? PS BF

Labor Relations by Rihannsu
It's time. PS

Laborious Exertions by Triton
Is labour an act of love or just plain painful.PS

A Lack of Focus by Kashmir
What if they were already here, in the last place anyone would look? W KF

Ladies who Lunch by mlb
Tara Scully has lunch with a friend. M

Lady Midnight by Ashlea Ensro
They shoot informants, don't they? Sequel to Karass and Only Darkness. OE

Lamb by Lostinoblivion
Alternate ending to Existence. What of the truth about Scully's baby wasn't what they'd believed it to be? What if some of those fears were realized. Friendly warning, this one isn't happy.

Lament by Kyouryoku Senshi
How far will Scully go to have Mulder back? PS

Landfall by Ambress
Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. She and Mulder have spent the night together(having S-E-X) in an attempt to get her pregnant. (sequel to The Leap) PS

The Ladies of the Lake by Myriss
"Why would anyone give up their own kid?" W KF gWb!

Lament by Kyouryoku Senshi
How far will Scully go to have Mulder back? PS

The Last Deception by Susannah

The Last Few Hours by j edie
A look at what happens between the end of existence and Mulder leaving at the beginning of season 8. How does he say goodbye to Scully and William? BF W

The Last and Final Chance by Starbuckmsr
Scully is at the mall shopping with her mother and sisters-in-laws when she gets a bloody nose, then again at home and at work. Someone gets an e-mail. KF W

The Last Generation by Elizabeth L. Iacono
A mother would do anything to protect her son.The XF/The Dark Is Rising crossover

Last Night by Spookyteacher
Mulder and Scully's last night together before she left with Reyes. PS

Last One Standing by mabtng
Worldwide plague erupts and devastates the earth. Will Mulder and Scully survive it and the ensuing battle between good and evil? YR K CX PO

The Last Pose of Summer by Pattie
Mulder goes through the family album, and recalls his last summer with Samantha. He does this too often PFX

Late Night Conversation by skypilot-dlm
This is from a series of 500 word challenge prompts. This challenge: "Lullaby" BF NCC

Later by Diadem
Seven months later...Skinner POV. BF NCC

Later by Toniann
He doesn't really know where he's going right now, but he feels like it's the wrong direction. BF W

The Laws of Coming and Going by Buckingham
Life after death. PS

Lazarus And the Boogeyman by Kelly Keil
"Being with him was like trying to date a shark. Bloody and painful and exhilarating." BF W

Leaders of the Colonies by Mystic
When M & S go UFO hunting they find Scully's daughter and then they want to figure out her "history." TF NCC PO

The Leap by Ambress
Scully gets something she's not sure she wants.

A Leap of Faith by Larissap
Scully briefly reflects on the path that led her to her son and Mulder. Followed by a story of William's first birthday!!! BF W

Learning To Fly by jrw
Mulder and Scully face up to the long-term implications of life--with child--in the Resistance. Both find unexpected sources of help they didn't expect. The Resistance begins to develop new forms. BF NCC

Leaving by Admarem
A different kind of Emilyfic (pre-"Emily") E

Led by the Light by Maddict
Mulder connects with his family before he is torn away again. BF W

Lee by Ceilidh Paul
"Some moments are harder than others - and this moment is hardest of all." Mulder has an encounter with one long thought lost. KF W WaF

A Legacy by dlynn
Through a series of diaries, Mulder and Scully's granddaughter discovers a legacy rich with love and sacrifice. BTW, Mulder and Scully do play a prominent role in this story. PS NCC GK

Legacy of Flight 02 - Secret Wishes Revealed by Emcee Phile
A young boy who has been told a story decides to put the information to use. G

Legitimate by beduini
Mulder and Scully take care a very important legal matter. PS

Less Than My Best by Crysta Novelli
Agent Doggett attempts to come to terms with the results of "Invocation".

Lessons Learned by Trthisoutthere
Collection of one shots, no particular order, just as the come to me. This is my solution for continuing the saga of Exley Mulder from my fic Bedtime Stories. KF NCC W

Let's Face the Music and Dance by Virtuesandvices
Even if you enjoyed 'Nothing Important Happened Today' (which I did), forget it happened. This is MY Season 9 premiere, finished two weeks before Niht aired. BF W

Letonia by Cherry Ice
Dana Scully's about to get a rather large shock about the world she lives in. BF NCC

Letonia II. The Ties That Bind by Cherry Ice
After the event of Letonia, Scully deals with the fallout. Not always so well. BF NCC

A Letter to Grandmother by Jacquie Lava
It's a difficult world, sometimes. GK

Letting Go by Emily Newton
Scully learns the shocking facts about Emily's presumed death, and finds herself forced to make a tough decision. KF G

Letting Go by Jessica
The last hours Scully spent with Emily. E

Letting Go by Phileyx
Scully and Mulder try to let each other go... OE

The Ley of the Land by Eve11
When two boys have a strange encounter in a rural New Mexico cave, Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a possible alien abduction. But the truth may be far older and more powerful than anyone suspects. KF

Liberation by Jayjay
A seventeen-year-old William Mulder muses over his absent father, and talks it over with his favorite Uncle in a chat room late one night. Where he accidentally stumbles upon someone he never thought he'd meet. TF W

Lied by Jessica Hildbold
What if Emily didn't die in the hospital and Scully knew all about it? E Rotdc

Lied II by Jessica Hildbold
Scully contemplates what she has just been through and what that means for Emily. E Rotdc

Lies Within Truth by Gothic Spook
Mulder's back, but he's not alone. Who's with him and where did she come from? BF RoM W

A Life Unfinished by Circe
A return story. PS

Life After Fifteen by Susan
When he turned fifteen, he found out his life was a lie. Now that he's a year older, how does he feel? TF W

Life Changes by Katilina
Mulder gets information on Samantha and they finally meet but with tragic results. KF Adopt YR

Life Cycles series by Susan Proto

Life From the Ashes by Jo B
The consortium has been exposed and shortly after the aliens unleash a lethal virus on the Earth that has devastating effects. m/m slash M/SK Mpreg

The Life I Could Have Had by Estrellita
Post-Requiem, Scully sees her life if she had never joined the FBI. PS

A Life Less Mundane by TJ
"Up Mama, up!" the small, but urgent voice demands. BF W PS

Life Happens by Billie Reid
A pre-XF event leads to something interesting. KF PO Skinner/Kim

Life on Edge series by Kate Rickman

  • Choices With Sharp Edges
    What would it take for Mulder -and Scully- to voluntarily walk away from their work on The X-Files? PS
  • Double-Edged Sword
    How Scully came to make a deal with the devil. PS
  • Knifed Through The Heart
    Scully plots with the Gunmen and struggles through labor. PS
  • Cuts Both Ways
    Scully Strikes Back--She, Mulder, The Gunmen and AD Skinner collaborate to turn the tables on Old Smoky. BF

The Life They Now Lead by Lilxgirl (Abigail)
sequel to Perfect Happiness Mulder and Scully's life, four years later. With two kids who can read minds and another on the way, and a happy life, what could go wrong? Only everything... KF W PS W+S MS/TWC

A Life Well Lived by Muldersangel
Mulder is presented with different alternatives to the life he is leading. BF KF

Life With Baby by andreakayy
What Mulder and Scully go through with their new baby, William, in their world. BF W

Life's Little Quirks... by Nikita
Poor Mulder.he's in 'trouble'.(again) m/m slash Mpreg Mulder/Skinner

Lifelines in Plastic by Eral C
"She could no sooner give this up than she could stop breathing and if she had to choose, she fears she would choose the latter. That terrifies her." BF W

A Lifetime Task by X_fairy
Fall 1973 pre-xf

Light Series - The Collector's Edition by Nicole Mason
Strange lights in the sky lead to something unexpected. PS

Light Moves by Jaime Lyn
Time was theirs now, dripping slowly like honey, slinking past at a crawl, waiting for them to fill the offered minutes with something, anything. W Waa

The Light Within by Thetenthmuse1
Mulder thinks he's got the flu, but it's a lot more than that. PO

lightning Shadows by Elizabeth L. Iacono
Mulder has a recurring dream-or is it a forgotten memory resurfacing? It also makes him question his own past. PXF

Like Lightning by Becka F.
It's just like lightning. KF W

Like Me by Jeri K
A different take on the Charlie Scully story. W

Like Minds by phileandforget
While Scully and Doggett are out seeking answers, Reyes and little William amuse themselves by playing in the nursery... W BF

Lilac's Last Bloom by Kate Mulder
Doing a "favor" for a friend will change Scully's life forever. BF Ad NCC

Limited Edition by Fiona
(Companion piece to Supermarket Sweep ) Scully learns to adjust and accept. BF W

The Line by Neoxphile
Sam and Dean Winchester meet Mulder, Scully and William while waiting in line for the last Harry Potter book (no Deathly Hallows spoilers). KF W

Liquid Memory by Sandra Stringer
Mulder and Scully's son, Will, discovers that his parents aren't as boring as he originally thought. OE NCC TF

Liquid Memory II: Benefit of the Doubt by Sandra Stringer
Will and Mulder discover a murder victim in the woods. Is Will next? OE NCC TF

Little Boo by Christine Leigh
Halloween - Mulder takes Will trick-or-treating. W

Little Boy Blue by Msam
"Son, you look like you're going through some hard times. And every once in a while you gotta accept a little help." W

Little Fox by Empress Vader
Scully's son is an alien? KF NCC

Little Foxes by Laurel
Krycek follows Mulder to the ends of the earth and beyond. m/m slash Mpreg BF Mulder/Krycek

Little Foxes: Five Year Itch by Laurel
Alex and Fox find that domesticity is far from bliss. m/m slash Mpreg Mulder/Krycek

A Little Frohike fics by Magsrose
Frohike gets some shocking news from an old friend. SCC

Little House In The Desert by Christine Leigh
A different teaser for "William." BF

Little One by Mizander
They look so strong, so secure, so safe. They seem to be happy, and they don't seem exactly poor. Little one, I have found them. PO

A Little Twist of Three by Erin Blair
See how a little twisting of events would change things. Scully isn't abducted as she's married to Mulder, and have twin girls. NNC

Little White Lies by Candyqueen10
"A lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths." BF W

Little White Lies by Christine B.
"A lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths." -- Deep Throat/"E.B.E" Three years after Scully left the FBI she and Mulder are drawn back into the FBI after Agents Doggett and Reyes find some new evidence that suggests that William may not Mulder's son...

Little White Lies by Girlie_girl7
Mulder doesn't quite tell the truth. W BF

The Littlest Hostage by Susan Proto
The question which needed answering was whether Elliot Buttersfield an innocent victim too. The second question in Mulder's mind was whether Jenny Buttersfield really was an alien.

Lives Reclaimed by Donna and Vickie Moseley
They have to keep the boy safe. W

Living Again by M.H. Greathouse
"But I want to move forward. I want to live in the present." KF NCC

Living Ever After by Awesomo Fox (a. Lalad)
What if Emily by hadn't died? KF E

Living History by ML
William gives a speech. W TF

Living on Love by Jacquie Lava
'They've been bound to each other, all of their lives, it has seemed...' a prequel to "Familial Survivors." W

Living With and Without Her trilogy by Mezzosoprano
Trying to live - without Emily, but with her memory. E

Locusts by syn
An unexpected death begins a terrible journey for Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, one that threatens to tear their faith, their beliefs and their partnership apart. YR

Lonely This Christmas by Lizzi W.
Post-Requiem fic. A pregnant Scully is forced to spend her first Christmas alone after Mulder's disappearance. Will her Christmas wish finally come true? PS

Long Day's Journey Into Night by Ellethom
There is no greater love... NCC MoD

The Long Goodbye by Xsketch
The day he had to leave had arrived, but - despite all the arrangements and preparations - she was far from ready to let him go. BF W

Long Lay the World by Bella Maria
A lonely Christmas Eve at a diner on 16th Street. PS

Long Lost Relatives by Miranda
A very special episode of Oprah. Don't miss it! TF W

Long Trail Home by Nantglyn
A new life lay ahead for many who traveled the Oregon Trail. This is just one story. NCC KF Married PS T+

The Long and Winding Road by Abbey R
Mulder discovers that Scully's involvement in The X-Files, goes just as deep as his. It sounds like a case-file, but it's really not. It's more of a character study/relationship piece. SoM TF NCC

The Long and Winding Road by Kassandra
Okay, this is the dreaded babyfic. Remember, it was born from a desire to avenge everyone who read the MSR version. (m/m slash)

The Longer I Run by Teliko. x3
William misses his mommy. KF W

Loose Ends by Katchat
A conversation on the road. Waa

Losing Faith by Rachel Wilder
After Mulder's return, Scully confronts another challenge to her faith.

Loss by Melissa C
Scully's recent illness gives a clue of what happened to her while she was missing, and Mulder decides that things would be best if they were to escape the scrutiny of whoever might be watching. PS

The Lost and Forgotten by Shadow's Echo
8 unsolvable murders were committed at a private school. The children all blame it on a ghost, and when a new girl comes to the school she intends to prove them wrong. CFK

Lost and Found by Rae
Christmas isn't always merry/Christmas is a time for miracles. KF W

Lost and Found by Sheryl D.
Mulder is found and learns of Scully's pregnancy. PS

Lost and Found in Wyoming by Dasha K
A day at the park. KF W WaF

Lost and Gone Forever by Colette Godkin
Set in goldmining country, we unearth a new X-File and an old murder, a little romance (although not between Scully and Mulder), and some nuggets of information about Walter Skinner's past. TF

The Lost Boy by Hbradley
Scully plans a solitary weekend. She uncovers a ghost and learns that some mysteries can't be resolved alone.

Lost Boys and Golden Girls by Martha
In the years that follow Mulder's return, the events of the meeting and raising of the children of Dana Scully and Marita Covarrubias are retold by their protector. Sequel to The Wrong Kind of Paradise KF NCC

Lost Child by Amperage
Mulder finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant... then she isn't. MoD

Lost Childhood by Shorts
A child with ties to his past shows up at Mulder's door. NCC KF MoD

Lost Spirits by Pattie
Mulder and Scully suffer pre-Christmas stress. They need special help to remember the spirit of Christmas. KF

Lost Time by Angx
Mulder and Scully try to get it on with a new baby around the house. BF W

Loup Garou by Shael
The ongoing adventures of Alex Krycek and his werewolf lover. PO

Love Child by adorable_moni
A one night stand changes Mulder and Scully for the rest of their lives. PS BF E NCC

Love for All Seasons by Kate Rickman
What should have happened after FTF. PS

Love and Lovers by Donna
Skinner loves her too, now what? SoM NCC BF

A Love Song by adhokk7
Scully is called out of seclusion to assist Skinner. BF W

Love is the Thread of Life by L. M. Shard
The world as they had known it ended that fateful autumn day in the year 2001. W SD/TWC

Love the Next Time Around by B R Cary
Dana isn't the only Scully interested in an X-Files agent. BF W

The Love of My Life by Paradise
Mulder's found Samantha, it's all solved. He and Samantha are talking one night about the loss of family members, and Samantha realizes how much Dana Scully misses her daughter, Emily. Samantha has connections. Will she do it for Fox? Rodc E KF

Love on the Run by L. M. Shard
When threats begin to pile up against Scully's son, Doggett does all he can to protect him and Scully. BF W

Lucky by Agentkate
Is this the little baby I gave up almost 8 years ago? gWb! W

A Lullaby by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Mulder and Scully spend sometime with their new son and realize how much they love him. BF W

The Lullaby series by Donnilee
Mulder comes back with some startling revelations about alien plans. He's back, but he made a deal with the devil to do it. BF NNC T+ MS/TWC PS DR/TWC PR

Lullaby Voice by PD
It's about food, kindness, murderous intentions and the stages of waiting. PS

Lyrical Illusions by Rpcrazy
Scully and Doggett become instant family as they follow a case inside the music industry. BF W