Title: Leaders of the Colonies (sequel to Jessica)
Author: Mystic
Rating: PG-13
Keywords: Alien hybrids, Colonization I don't know how to do the categories thing. It's not a romance, it's a mystery, I guess it has angst/emotions, and it's actiony, but not too much, only M&S getting chased around a bit. :) Go on, Read, and HAVE FUN! ;)

Summary: When M&S go UFO hunting they find Scully's daughter and then they want to figure out her "history."

Author's Note: I tried this sequel once and didn't do to well I deleted the first version after 40K. This makes reference to characters and "theories" posed in one of my previous stories (one of my first stories) Jessica. Go visit Gossamer for it, or ask, I'll be more than happy to send it to you. The X-Files and its characters belong to FOX, 1013, CC, GA and DD, Jessica belongs to me. Please comment, because I don't do too many sequels and I always like to know what you think.

Location #262
1/21 8:25PM

They heard the cars approaching.

They could see the lights over the hills.

There were many and they were coming for them.

They didn't know why it would be this time. Maybe for a check up, maybe for tests, but they could never have imagined the real reason. As they jumped down from the small green and muddy hill, each helping one another, they walked back to their `home.' Their jeans were damp, their hands and faces soiled after a hard days work. They didn't smile, nor did they worry, they just went home.

The walk took minutes.

They never went far.

Though they'd never admit it was due to fear.

Eight little houses and one small school house. Four houses on one side, four on the other, on a thin dirt road that led out of the compound and into the hills and mountains that rolled for miles. They stepped calmly into the school house and waited, sitting in their `assigned' chairs, looking to her for guidance. She looked at the fifteen children. Eight blonde haired boys and seven red headed girls who looked like herself. Their eyes glued to hers and she thought hard. She usually `knew' when they were coming, but she looked odd to them now.

They studied her face.

Her pale, breathless expression.

Was she afraid?

The cars rumbled to a halt and she bolted from her chair. She knew they could hear, but she also knew they could not understand language. She made her signal to run, putting her two first fingers down and swinging them. She saw panic in their eyes. They knew she'd made that signal up for emergencies. She'd taught them fear, she'd taught them that the smoking man was to be hated, she'd taught them a lot.

They entered with their guns.

The children ran.

But they were too late.

Gun fire erupted and she could hear screams as some were hit in the back. In the back. During the time she'd been with people, she'd learned that to be hit in the back was a strategy of cowards. These men were cowards. She heard a boys grunt next to her and felt the splattering of blood on her side. She cringed and kept running. Arms engulfed her and she felt her head hitting the dirty floor. She was immediately turned over.

The Smoking man stood over her.

He gave an order and walked away.

Her world went dark as their cries subsided with more gunfire.

Somewhere along I-64
1/22 8:25AM

Scully turned the map upside down. She looked to Mulder, scrunched her face and then looked back at the map. "Don't you think we should stop and ask for directions?"

He sighed loudly and slowed the car to 50 miles per hour and glanced sideways at her, enjoying the aggravation in her face. "We stopped and asked for directions two hours ago."

"I don't see why we couldn't just take a plane." She crumpled the map and threw it in the back seat, giving up on it for the moment.

"Skinner doesn't know about this and I know you don't have the money to throw away on these little side trips of mine."

"You never asked Skinner to come and investigate this?!" She unbuckled her seat belt to turn and glare at him.

He looked to her, "You shouldn't take that off." He then looked back to the road, "This is a UFO sighting, Skinner only accepts a couple of those a year, you know. I asked, he said that if I wanted to come up on my own I could, but he wasn't going to authorize the trip. But don't worry, I'll pay for everything."

She grunted and sat back, holding her head.

"Headache?" he asked, trying not to laugh.

She closed her eyes and sighed softly.

Mulder concentrated on the road and saw a small town up ahead, off the Interstate. He decided that it would be best to stop, get Scully something to eat, and some aspirin, and then ask for some new directions to Blacksburg. It looked like a friendly enough place to stop.

He pulled into the parking lot of Calhan's Coffee & More. Scully opened her eyes as Mulder turned off the car and stepped out. She followed suit and went with him into the dinner. They took a seat at the counter and a chunky woman with pink cheeks and curly brown hair bounded up to them.

"How can I help you folks?" She asked, her southern accent strong.

Mulder smiled, "Menu please."

"Sure thing." She grabbed two from under the counter and handed them to Mulder and Scully. "Just call me, m'names Abel Calhan, when you're ready to order." And she bounded back to the other end of the counter to an older couple who were very into a conversation. Mulder watched them a moment, wondering what could be so interesting, then he looked at the menu.

"Perky little thing," Scully said, giving Mulder her best southern accent, which, Mulder thought, wasn't too bad. She smiled at him and looked to the menu.

"So, Scully, Grits?" She made a face. "Not a grits fan?" He asked, faking shock.

"No, my mom used to make these horrible grits, I think it was the worst thing she ever made and she'd make us eat it. We had to promise her that we would eat oatmeal just to force her to stop making it. Ever since I just can't look at grits."

Mulder shook his head, "Who says you don't learn something new every day?"

He looked at the menu a moment and then looked to Scully. She sighed and put the menu down, "Coffee."

Mulder raised an arm, "Ms. Calhan!" He called. She turned her head, smiled, said something to the elderly couple and walked to them.

"Ready to go?" She asked, pulling a pencil and a pad.

Mulder smiled, "Two coffees." He looked to Scully. "And one grits."

"Alright, should be ready in `bout ten minutes."

"Uh, Ms. Calhan?" She turned to him. "I know it's none of my business but, what are you three talking about over there."

"You with the police?" Abel asked, dropping her head playfully.

He smirked and pulled his badge, "No, FBI."

Abel stood straight and nodded her head to the elderly couple, "Arlen, tell this fell'er what you heard last night out by Mill Point."

The older man turned to look at Abel, a gentle look with soft brown eyes. "Heard shots fired."

"Gun shots?" Mulder asked as Abel gave him his coffee. Scully took a giant gulp, knowing already that this was where they were staying, forget about the UFO sighting, Mulder was getting one of his `feelings.'

The old man stood and took his wife's arm, helping her off the stool. "I was driving down the 219. A line o' black Sedans an' vans past me real fast. About half hour later I got to Mill Point. We pulled over at an ol' gas station, heard shots coming from the mountains. Now, I don't know f'ur sure, but I s'ppose those black Sedan's an' vans got something'a do with it, since they came speeding back past us again `bout half an hour later when we were eating diner with the owner of the gas station, `cause he'd invited us in."

"Around what time was this, sir?"

The old man thought a moment, then raised a finger in the air, "Eight thirty last night, couple minutes before or after."

"Thank you." Mulder nodded.

The old man nodded back and then walked out of the diner with his wife. Abel placed the grits in front of him and Scully gave him a face. "Not only are you going to make me go out to this Mill Point, but you're going to make me watch you eat grits. Ugh." She shook her head and stood, walking to the bathroom.

Abel watched her go and then turned back to Mulder, "What's your interest in some gun shots, mister?"

Mulder stuffed his face with a spoon full of grits, and swallowed. "Usually, when I hear about gun shots and black Sedan's, it isn't just what it is." He took another spoonful, "You know, these are pretty good."

Mill Point
1/22 9:45AM

Mulder drove up to Mill Point, with drawn instructions given my Abel. He stopped at the gas station that the old man had stopped at and looked around, it didn't look like there was anyone there. Scully gestured that they get out of the car. They did, standing, stretching as they walked to the small store. A tall man stepped out, wearing an old pair of overalls and a dirty blue cap. He wore a clean white shirt underneath and he smiled to Scully. His teeth were clean, as were his hands. She gave him a small smile back, just to make sure he didn't think she despised him.

The man looked at Mulder, "Need the tank filled Mister?"

Mulder looked to Scully a moment, she shrugged. "Sure, why not." He gave the man a twenty and followed him to their car where he began to pump gasoline.

"What's a good looking pair like you doin' out here in the middle of nowhere?"

Scully smiled, "We could ask the same of you sir."

The man looked to her, "Name's Bob. I like being out here. There's no one out here but tourists and the kids."

"Kids?" Mulder asked, looking around, not spotting any evidence of children.

The man shook his head, "I ain't got no kids of my own, can't afford `em. `Sides, I can't get no woman to like me, they's all think I'm dirty and I keep too much to myself anyway."

Scully leaned on the car, "So what kids are these?"

The man pointed to the mountains, "See that road that turns to the left, down that road you were going? They come from back there every once in a while. They come, two, three at a time, and watch me workin', sometimes help me out and I give them magazines, candy, little things that don't mean much to me."

"Is that what they ask for?" Mulder questioned, curious.

"They never ask for nothing, don't talk." He pulled his fingers to his lips and made a zipping motion. "Like they's mute `er somethin'."

"You say there's three of four at a time, what do they look like?"

The man looked around him, "They all look the same. All the boys I seen look the same and all the girls I seen look the same. Like they're all twins or somethin'. Weirdest thing I ever seen, but I ain't gonna question them, might bring their leader back here."

Scully looked at Mulder when asking, "Their leader?" She almost laughed.

The man pulled the pump out, putting it back in it's place, closing their tank, then looked at her, "Their leader. She's the only one who can talk, `least she's the only one I heard talkin'. She came early on. Once, with two of the boys. She asked if it was alright for them to come and watch me every little while. I told her I didn't mind, as long as they didn't touch nothin'. She nodded and left. I only seen her one time since then, on top of that hill over there." He nodded his head to the hill fifty feet from them.

Mulder looked from the mountain to him, "How do you know it's her?"

"Because she spoke to God, or somethin'. I saw her movin' her mouth, the others never moved their mouth, unless they smiled."

Mulder walked towards the store and went in, looking around at the man's merchandise. "What did they usually want?"

Bob walked up beside him, "Usually the Time, Newsweek, occasionally some of the teen magazines. I don't think they cared. They'd take any candy, liked chocolate."

Scully read Mulder's eyes and pulled a copy of Time and Newsweek off the shelves and a couple of candy bars. She pulled out another twenty and paid the man. He thanked them as they walked out the door. Scully sat down and put the magazines and candy on her lap, waiting for Mulder to start the car. He looked at her,

"You ok?"

It took her a moment to react, turning her head and whispering, "Yeah."

He took his hand off the key, "What's wrong?"

She looked beyond the car window, to the hill, "Why would a young girl stand on a hill, by herself and talk to God?"

"Maybe she's not calling God."


They'd driven another ten minutes, to the left turn and ten minutes down that road until they came to a road block, or rather, just a lack of road. The car hit something sharp and got a flat. Mulder slammed the door to the car and looked at the tire, cursing under his breath. He looked back down the road and then down the one they were supposed to take and he looked at Scully, who'd stepped out of the car. She came around and stood at his side, looking at the tire. Then went back to her seat, shoved the magazines and the chocolate in her purse and began to walk.

"Scully?" She stopped and turned to him.

"A flat tire is going to stop you?" She looked at him a moment and then continued walking. She was right, he decided.

"Wait up!" He turned the car on, drove it closer to the side of the road and jumped out to run to her side.

They walked a couple of minutes in silence before she asked, "What did you mean back there about her not calling God?"

He paused a moment himself and shrugged, "This sounds, to me, like clones. I had the vague impression that clones were made with alien technology, so I thought maybe she was trying to call her `parents' down to get her and her `colony'."

"Why does that sound like something I've heard before." She thought hard and couldn't recall before Mulder shot out,


Scully stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him, "Wow." She took a deep breath and stepped closer to the middle of the road, farther from him.


"It's, it's just been so long since I've thought about her."

Mulder took a step to her, "It has been about three years."

"Yeah." Scully breathed. She turned to the road and kept walking.

"Where do you think she is, Scully?"

Scully licked her lips, "I don't know. I mean, I'd hope that she's safe. But I couldn't dare guess. That light, it could have been anything. It could have been a ploy by Cancerman to take her back, it could even have never happened."

Mulder tilted his head to the side, "Or maybe it was what she said it was, her alien father finally coming to get her."

Scully shook her head vehemently, "I don't think so, Mulder."

"Why not?"

"If she were half alien, I doubt she'd look human."

"So, you didn't believe what she told you after she left."

Again Scully stopped and turned to him, "How did you know about that?"

Mulder kept walking, "Maybe you weren't paying attention, but she was talking to me too in that dream."

Scully wavered in her speech, "I thought it was just that though."

Mulder stopped, "Just what, a dream?"

She nodded.


She walked quickly past him, "Drop it ok."


She placed her arms at her sides and opened her palms to the floor, "That's enough, we need to find this place with these kids. They could be in danger, they could be hurt and they need to be taken out of there."

Mulder nodded and then walked to her side again, just quietly not to upset her and soon they did come upon a row of small houses. They stopped at the first two and looked around. Mulder could see tire tracks in the dirt floor, but he could only see one size of shoe, adult. He turned to Scully,

"This is what it looked like when I saw my sister, when she was with all those clones of her and those little boys."

Her eyes widened and she walked up to the first house on her right. She opened the door, expecting a creek when it moved, but found none. Looking in, there was one large bed. She went into the closet. There weren't many clothes, but there were boys clothes and girls clothes separated by a small hanger with a towel draped down between the two clothing's.

Mulder looked around the room, looking for anything that would tell him what these children looked like, but found no pictures. He found an ash tray, with nothing in it. He sat in one of the small chairs in the kitchen. Which, in itself, amazed him. These children cooked for themselves? They stayed in pairs, in little houses. He wondered if they lived as children, or as adults.

Scully walked to the door and went into the house across from it. It was the same thing. She noted that the sheets on the bed, and the curtains in the window were neutral colors. Greys, whites, purples, greens, nothing pink or blue. Nothing too bright. All pale colors, she wondered how pale their lives were in comparison.

She thought she could hear a child whispering. Not in the cabin, but near, almost in her head. She stepped out of the cabin and stood in the middle of the road. She listened, closing her eyes half way and listening to the wind. She could hear the whispering of a child, she could hear it as if it were right next to her.

"Mother please help me. I'm alone and I'm afraid and I need your help."

No prayers to God, no death wishes, no anger, just a frightened child.

Mulder stood at the door and looked at her, "Scully?"

She shushed him and walked towards the larger building at the end of the road. As she stood there, she could see the windows had been broken, she stepped on something hard and looked down at her foot. It was a bullet casing.

"Mother please help me. I'm alone and I'm afraid and I need your help."

Scully cursed under her breath, where was that child. She ran to the small building and tried to decide whether it was a school or a church. Considering there were bullets, and if this was about clones, it was probably neither. It was probably a specimen collecting house, where the Men would come and run tests.

"Mother please help me. I'm alone and I'm afraid and I need your help."

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!!!" Scully screamed at the top of her lungs. Mulder jumped and ran to her, grabbing one shoulder. He looked at her with wild eyes, confused.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"You don't hear it?" She asked, slightly worried.

"Hear what?"

"There's a child whispering, but I don't know where she is."

"Then be quiet."

They stood there for a couple of minutes, waiting, hoping that they would hear and they would know where the kid was. Scully felt her ears burning as she tried to listen harder and harder.


Scully's head whipped to the small building and she ran to it, up the steps and directly into the building. She stopped sharply when she smelled it. The stench of blood in the air. She looked around and didn't see the bodies of those massacred here, but she saw the blood. It was a dark brown in the wooden floor. She looked around the room, it was everywhere. She could see hand prints of blood on the sides of walls and on the chairs. She placed her hand lightly on one of those hand prints. They were as large as hers.

Teenagers. They had to be, she told herself. The man said he saw children. But the man was an old man. They were looking at teen magazines and Time magazines, something teenagers do, when they can't decide whether they want to be young, or grow up. She wanted to cry. Somewhere in this building a child was crying out to her and she couldn't find her.

"Mother please help me. I'm alone and I'm afraid and I need your help."

Scully snapped her head up sharply. Mulder stepped into the room and his eyes grew wide at the site of so much blood. If this place housed children, then someone had come in and killed all of those children, all of them for there to be this much blood. He wondered why it hadn't been cleaned. Maybe it was too early for a clean up. Maybe they were on their way now. He watched Scully stand from the floor and look to a back door with a little stick figure drawn on it, a figure with a skirt.

The ladies room. Mulder knew that there had to be a way to communicate among the clones with no speech. He now knew part of it, they had to communicate though symbols and they probably had signs. But why did that man say that he heard the girl talk? Had she done it with her mind? Or had one of them actually talked. And if the girl had talked, was she designed that way, or was it a mistake?

Scully walked to the room and he followed. She opened the door and a body lunged at her, knocking her down and crawling past her. The young girl had her mouth open to scream, but nothing came out. Scully turned and immediately jumped on her, pulling the girl into an embrace. The girl began to mumble,

"Mother... help. I'm alone... afraid... help."

"She's in shock," Scully said and pulled her up off the floor and sat her on one of the tables. She looked at the girls unruly head of hair and into her wild brown eyes. The child suddenly stopped trembling. She looked at Scully and her eyes calmed, her body calmed. Scully stood straight up and grabbed a rag from the floor. She ordered Mulder into the bathroom to wet it.

He brought it back and gave it to her and she began to wipe at the girl's face.

"What's the big deal?" Mulder asked.

"I don't believe it." Scully whispered.

"What?" Mulder asked again, more annoyed.

Scully stepped back to let Mulder look at the child.

His eyes grew confused as she blinked up at him. "But it can't be."

The girl looked to Scully and said hurriedly, "We have to get out of here now."

Scully nodded, "We're leaving right now Jessi."

Scully's Apartment
1/22 8:25PM

She slept soundly. Quietly, her mouth open slightly, her hands balled under her neck, her short hair falling softly on her chin. Scully stood in the middle of the kitchen, exhausted. Mulder had called the airlines and booked three tickets back to DC the minute it clicked in his head who the girl was. Or might be.

She'd almost cried when the girl hugged her back in the small school house. She'd been relieved that the person that was looking for her was the woman she thought to be her mother. Jessi had cried, and had eventually gone back into shock, falling asleep in the back seat of the car on the way to the airport after fixing the flat at Bob's gas station. He'd identified her as the girls he saw, they'd all looked like her.

When she asked to use a restroom, he knew it was the leader, the only one who could speak and he looked to Mulder and Scully, a little confused. They hadn't answered any of his questions, only paid for his services and left again, to the airport. Jessi had stared silently out the window the entire trip, eventually nodding off on the glass panel that divided her from certain death.

Scully marveled at how much she'd changed. She'd grown some, still not taller than herself. Her hair had gotten lighter, her eyes, she noticed changed to a dark hazel when she wasn't afraid. She was pale, though she'd gained some weight. No longer looking too fragile, though her face shown a girl ready to give in.

She'd fallen asleep in the car on the way to Scully's apartment and Mulder had carried her into her house where he placed her gently onto the couch before driving back to his apartment. She moaned and rubbed her eyes. Scully knew she probably hadn't slept much the last night, she also knew that she'd been stressed for too long and she needed all the rest she could get.

A knock at her door made her stop staring at the child. She walked over to look through the peephole, not really knowing why, she'd known Mulder was coming back over. Jessi stirred on the couch and sat up, leaning back and taking long breaths with her eyes closed. Scully knew she was alright, she was just adjusting herself to being awake again.

She opened the door and Mulder smiled down to her, "How are you doing?"

Scully shrugged slightly, "I'm fine."

Mulder looked past her, "How's Jessi?"

"She'd been sleeping until you knocked."

He cringed, not happy with the fact that he'd been the one to wake her up. He wanted her to get as much sleep as she could in a place she felt safe. He knew she felt safe with them. Her whole body had slowed when she recognized who'd come to the compound. She'd hugged him tightly as he'd carried her from the car to Scully's apartment and he suddenly felt he had to protect her, just because she trusted him.

They both walked to the couch where she sat, still dirty, still in the clothing she'd been found in. She was staring out the window, at the street light across the street. She shivered and rubbed her blood stained neck. Scully sighed and took her hand, pulling her off the couch,

"We'll be back in a couple of minutes, make yourself comfortable, watch TV, get something to eat, drink, alright?" Scully turned back once to watch Mulder nod.

She pulled the girl into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Jessi stood there, not to clear on what was supposed to happen next. Scully smiled, "You need to take a bath." She stated.

The girl nodded slowly and then pulled off her shirt as Scully started the water. Scully felt the water until she knew it was warm and comfortable and then heard Jessi sniffle. She turned and saw her looking into a mirror, placing a hand delicately on her neck, on the blood of one of the other children, her mouth fell into a frown and she took a deep ragged breath.

"They're all dead," she said, her voice sounding ten years older than when Scully'd first met her, a lot like her own. "I let them die."

Scully stood between her and the mirror. "You didn't let them die."

"I couldn't stop them." She sobbed, breaking down onto the floor. Scully fell with her, holding her tightly, so she KNEW that she would be there for her. "They shot them all and I ran, like a frightened baby."

Scully ran a hand through Jessi's knotty hair and smiled through her own tears, "But you were scared, there was nothing you could have done. It's not your fault."

She only cried harder.

Mulder knocked on the door and opened it a crack. He stuck his head in a moment and saw Jessi in a bra and pulled his head back out quickly, "Are you ok?"

"Give us a couple of minutes, Mulder." Scully called.

He closed the door again and headed back out to the living room where he would just have to sit patiently until they came out on their own. He had to respect their privacy. If that was Jessi, if that was Scully's daughter, then this was an important mother-daughter moment, he decided. He turned back to the television and tried to concentrate on the news.

Jessi finally calmed herself and stood again, pulling at her dirty pants and underwear. She let Scully guide her into the tub or warm water and let the older woman bathe her as she sat in the bathtub staring off into space. Scully held something in front of her face and she blinked a moment.

"What?" She asked.

Scully laughed, "You have to return to the real world now. Wash your hair."

Jessi tried to smile as she took the shampoo and lathered her head, but it hurt her face and her heart. She'd grown close to those other children who looked like her. She'd been happy to be with other children who were like her, those who were different, yet the same. But she didn't like that they could not communicate. She'd learned that they could learn quickly and she taught them signs, so they could `talk'. They even learned names for each other, they learned how to vocalize them. They would only do it when Jessi was around, not when any strangers were there, they knew they could get in trouble.

Scully poured a glass of water on her head and snapped her out of it. She looked at Scully and then smiled. "Now THAT'S what I wanted to see," Scully said, standing to reach for the conditioner.

Mulder jumped when the bathroom door opened a couple of minutes later, but it was Scully, rushing Jessi into her room with a towel wrapped around her body, while Scully ran behind laughing. Mulder creased his eyebrows and took a deep breath. He really wished he'd been in that bathroom because rarely did he get to see Scully laugh like that and when she did, he liked to know what did it.

Jessi sat on Scully's bed as the woman went into her drawers pulling things out. A bra, underwear, a pair of white socks and a long dark green silk pajama pant suit that her mother had given her last Christmas. She loved those silk pajamas, she knew Jessi would be comfortable in them. She dressed quickly and Scully helped her dry her hair.

It was chin length, all around and flopped in her face. She pulled it behind her ears with her first fingers and smiled. Scully blinked. She did look an awful lot like herself at that age, but her eyes were dark and her nose was a tad larger, more like her sister, Melissa. She had small, barely noticeable, freckles that ran across her nose and small pouty lips that made her think of sleepy babies. Her eyes, although dark, were large, like her own and her hair was exactly like hers in texture, but again slightly darker.

Though her sly smirk reminded her more of Mulder. Jessi stood up as Scully put the blow dryer back in her drawer. "I'm going to take a bath, why don't you go watch television with Mulder."

Jessi nodded and walked out of the room, planting herself next to Mulder on the couch, making him take in a deep breath. "Did I scare you?" She asked, half standing again.

Mulder smiled, "Yes, you did."

She sat back and he had the urge to put his arm around her, to make her feel wanted, not afraid. She thought a moment, "I'm kind of hungry."

"I'll order a pizza then." He stood, looking down to her for approval.

She nodded slowly, smiling shyly, grabbing the remote control.

1/22 9:02PM

Scully walked out of her room, dressed in her own pajamas, and all dried up, almost as the pizza arrived. Mulder paid quickly and gave the giant box to Jessi, who laid it on the table and opened it, grabbing the biggest slice and began to eat. Scully ran into her kitchen, grabbing paper plates, cups and a pitcher of lemonade.

Jessi laughed at her attempts to keep her clean, like a mother. They ate with the television running quietly in the background, none of them realizing how hungry they really were.

"It's been three years since I've eaten pizza." Jessi declared after her third slice.

Scully smiled, "How long's it been since you've eaten?"

She thought a moment, "Probably a little over thirty hours."

Mulder choked, "How could you have gone that long without eating, without telling us that you hadn't eaten?!?"

Jessi shrugged, "I don't know, I didn't even realize it."

"She's had other things on her mind, Mulder." Scully took a drink of her lemonade and then looked to him as he smirked at her.

He snapped his head to Jessi, "What did you do at that compound?" he asked.

Scully stood quickly, taking his empty plate and cup, "There is a time and a place for interrogation, but this isn't the time nor the place. Right now I think we should all get ready to go to sleep."

Jessi whined, "It's only nine thirty."

Scully nodded, "I know, but we've got a lot to do tomorrow."

Mulder looked at her, questioningly, "What are we going to do tomorrow?"

"We have to visit a hospital, get some blood tests done."

Jessi looked at her, a little frightened, "Why?"

"First, I want to know if they've done anything to you. Then, I want to run a maternity test, to know if you're really my... daughter. Then I want another sample of your blood for any future test for paternity."

Jessi realized her hesitantly in using the word daughter, but heard promise in paternity, "You think you can find my father? You think I have a father?"

"What, you think you don't?"

"I got the impression that I was a clone." She tilted her head to the right, sadly.

Mulder shook his head, "Why would you think that?"

"Because they put me in a place with seven girls who looked exactly like me."

Scully sighed, "You're not a clone and tomorrow we're going to prove that."

Arlington Family Medical Center
1/23 9:29AM

"I can't believe you woke me up at six thirty so we could be here at nine thirty." Mulder whined as the elevator doors opened to the family center. Scully looked around herself, she'd never been in the "family" part of this place. She'd been just about everywhere else though.

"I know you, Mulder. You tend to be late to things especially on Saturday mornings... no, Jess, not there." She took the girls hand and pulled her away from the nurses station. She walked into a laboratory and smiled to the man that stood there, "Hello, Dr. Harris?"

The young man nodded, "You must be Special Agent Dana Scully."

She pulled out her badge, "Yeah, is everything ready?"

Dr. Harris smiled, his grey eyes disappearing momentarily, "Yes, this must be Jessica." He reached out a hand and she took it, shaking it lightly, trying to hide behind Mulder. She Did Not like doctors. "You'll just have to sit in this chair here." He directed her to the one next to him.

He turned to Scully, "Now, you want specific maternal testing, to be sure, beyond any shadow of a doubt?"

"Yes," she replied lowering her head a bit.

"May I ask why? Is this for a case or something?"

Scully lied, "Yes."

"Do you have the mother's blood sample?" He reached out a pale hand taking the small cooler she handed him. "Let's get started then."

Mulder pulled Scully aside and Dr. Harris asked Jessi to roll her sleeve up. "Why didn't you want that man to know it was your blood he was testing?"

Scully shrugged, "I don't want anyone to know until I'm sure, Mulder."

Mulder sighed and looked back to Jessi who was staring at the needle firmly inserted into her arm. She made a face when the blood seeped into the small vial connected to the needle. "I hate these stupid tests." She whined.

Scully squeezed her shoulder, "I know you do, but we have to go through a couple, to be safe."

The man moved to grab a second vial as Scully capped the first for him. "What comes after this."

Scully glanced at Mulder a moment before looking back at Jessi, "MRI."

The girls eyes darted from the needle to Scully, "Is that an x-ray? Why do I need that, I haven't broken anything." She looked from one adult to the other for an explanation.

"I need to be sure you're alright." Scully whispered, her eyes watering slightly. She needed to know that this girl didn't have cancer, or any other odd objects lodged anywhere in her head. She capped the second vial as Dr. Harris inserted the third and then she walked from the room. Mulder watched her go, but knew he had to stay with Jessi.

Scully walked into the restroom and into a stall. She lay her head softly against the cool surface of the wall. She thought about Emily. It was the only thing she could think about. She didn't know if she could stand having to loose another daughter, not like she lost Emily... and she'd already lost Jessi once. She felt something hot and warm run down her cheek and it took her a moment to realize it was a tear. She was crying.

She wiped at it angrily, knowing she couldn't let Mulder, or Jessica see her crying over this. It would frighten Jessi and Mulder would kidnap her to the arctic to make sure they were both safe forever. He always needed to know she was protected. She loved and hated Mulder for that.

Jessi's eyes followed Scully out of the room and then she looked back down at her arm, her head swimming as she tried not to think about how much blood they were taking for these tests. "Who's Emily?" She asked, her eyes half closing. Her head fell backwards as Dr. Harris removed the needle. Mulder caught her and smiled, even a Scully can be weak sometimes. Dr. Harris smiled at the sleeping child,

"Should I wake her?" he asked holding a small bottle.

Mulder shook his head, "Nah, she needs the sleep."

Harris smiled, putting labels on the vials, "This is Scully's daughter, isn't it."

"We think so," Mulder started, "Please make sure only your personnel touches those blood samples."

The man nodded, "Sure thing. The results should be in by tomorrow, this time."

Scully put a hand on Mulder's arm, "Is she alright?"

He turned, a bit startled, not having heard her come back into the room, "Passed out." Mulder responded. "Does she really need the MRI?" He let Jessi's head lay softly on the papered surface of the examination table.

"Yes." Weak, she thought.

"She doesn't really need this test." He asserted.

Scully looked only to her, "I need this test, Mulder." Looking up at him she saw the worry in his eyes. He knew what she was afraid of, he feared it too. But this was a seventeen year old girl, a fragile one, who'd been through enough already.

It took moments to move her from the table she was on to the room next to the MRI room. There Dr. Harris woke her and had her change into the hospital gown. She nervously followed Scully to the table and jumped up on it.

"Why do I need this?" She asked, looking at the window between her and Mulder.

Scully pushed her into a laying position on the table and pulled a blanket up to her chest, under her arms, "We just need to make sure you're ok."

"But there's nothing wrong with me."

"What if there is?"

Jessi's lip trembled momentarily, "Why would there be? What there something wrong with Emily?"

"Where?" Scully let the words trail. "Did Mulder tell you about her?" She glanced up at him.

"No, you were thinking about her. Who was she?"

Ice ran through her hands, what could she say? Swallowing she tucked the blanket one more time, "She was my daughter too. She had some kind of disease and she died."

"Do you think I have the same disease?"

Scully smiled at the floor, "No." She looked back up to the girl who was staring at her with large eyes.

I just need to be sure.

Jessi nodded slowly and Scully ran a hand through her hair, "This will take about thirty minutes. You're going to go under that hood right there and it's going to take a picture of the inside of your head. It's not going to hurt, but it might be a little scary. It's only thirty minutes..." Her last words fell into a whisper.

She turned and made her way out of that room and into the room Mulder was in, with Dr. Harris. She turned on the microphone and told her again, "Only thirty minutes, Jess."

The machine pulled her into the tunnel behind her and Scully saw one of her legs jerk, afraid. "Ok," she said, her voice coming out high pitched, child-like.

Gentle humming started slowly, then a series of thumps. Her hands gripped the sheet and Scully could hear her breath coming out in short gasps. Mulder put a hand on her arm and she turned to him quickly, feeling the tears that stung her eyes again. She decided she never wanted to see another person have to undergo this test, or anything similar.

She heard a ragged sob and wiped her head back to Jessi. "It's not too much longer Jess."

"Mmm..." And a few short breaths, "Mom." Quick. More short breaths. "Mom." She almost screamed.

Scully clicked on the microphone, "Jess, calm down."


"Jessi, you have to take deep breaths and calm down."


"Please, just close your eyes."

"I... I can't." She took more short breaths.

"Close your eyes and relax."

"Can't... can't breath." Her knee bent upward and she kicked the bed.


"Mom!" She hollered painfully, her voice cracking.

Scully turned to Harris, "Stop this right now."

"I need to get outta here!"

The man began pressing buttons in front of him and the humming slowed.

"Make it stop!"

It came to a stop and Scully slammed through the door, grabbing Jessi and pulling her out of the tunnel. The girl's wide eyes searched for her, met her's. Scully hugged her tightly as Jessi began to cry. Loud, uncontrollable crying that pierced her heart. She should never have thought about this test! She scolded herself as she ran her hands over the girl's back, trying to quiet her.

Unknown Location
1/23 5:47PM

The bounty hunter walked into the building and could already smell the smoke coming from the dark corners. It was like a snake, the way it curled in the air, taunting anyone to come near it. He did. He was not afraid of this smoking man, he had the weapon they desired and he knew that made him more powerful.

"Good to see you again." Came a voice from the darkness.

The man turned to the voice, "Why have you called me here?"

"I need you to get something done for me."

He snarled, "And who are you to tell me what to do?"

"A `dilution' of your species lives in the world."

"You are the one who created it."

"Not true." He took a long breath of smoke and blew it out, "There were those before me who planned it all out, before I'd even entered college."

Stepping forward he asked, "Who is it that I've missed?"


"The child you told me had been killed?"

He scoffed, "I never said that. She'd merely been taken for more testing by your kind, and then she was returned to us."

"You were supposed to hide her from the world, until the set date."

"Things don't always go as planned, you know that."

"Where is she?"

He stepped right up to the man, "She's with Mulder and Scully."

"She was never to be reunited with them."

"They found her."

"I thought she'd been ridden of her `powers'?"

"We thought she had, but apparently they've come back."

"Do they know?"

The smoking man puffed again, this time a bit nervous. What could be known to them frightened him. "Scully knows she's The mother. Mulder doesn't know his part in this yet."

"But does she know she's one of the select Mothers?"

"Of course not!" He almost laughed, "How would she know that?"

"If you keep letting her find her children, it will become obvious."

"We don't `let' her find these children, they seem to find her." He took a deep breath of cold air and threw his cigarette to the side, "Her children are predisposed to being intellectually advanced, at least now we know it's working."

"But should she find the others."

"The ones that came after Jessica? They're all drones, unable to think for themselves, but all strong, what is needed for building the colonies."

The bounty hunter took out his pick, "Why is that? They're more us than you, yet you make them passive, weak."

"That is how it is."

"That is not how it is. Jessica is more you than us, barely noticeable as us, only having certain genes disguised as your own. She is strong, she is telepathic, telekinetic. Speak to your people, we want what she has in our division of labor."

The smoking man though, he knew the colonies needed to be controlled. The colonies would be made of drones, but controlled by those like Jessica. "The plan is already set, there's no changing it now."

"If The Mothers are destroyed, the ones able to make your `special' children, like Jessica, then the plan WILL be changed."

"You wouldn't dare." Anger and fear flashed in his words.

The bounty hunter smiled evilly, "No, but accidents happen."

Scully's Apartment
1/23 5:50PM

Mulder stared at the child sleeping, Scully tucking her in, "It's going to the FBI databases." He told her.

Scully turned to him, "What is?"

Mulder pulled a folder in the air, "Jessi's blood. Everyone in the government has a DNA `rap sheet' if you will, a sample of their blood is on file in the databases. They're going to run Jessi's DNA through the database to find those who match best, and then they'll be tested further for paternity."

"Do you think that will work?"

Mulder shrugged, "The maternal testing works, why shouldn't this?"

Scully pulled the folder from his hand, it was a copy of the order, co-signed by Skinner, in referendum to Jessi's X-File. "No, do you really think it's someone in the government, her father."

"I think that it's a good possibility. If the mother came from the government."

She looked at him, "Skinner agrees with this."

Mulder looked back at Jessi, "Skinner knows enough to let me follow some hunches occasionally. And it's a good way to test the system."

"What if it comes back with a match? Did they tell you when they'd come back with the first list?"

"They say it runs through 100 men a minute, so it should take a couple of days."

Scully almost laughed, "A couple of days? Mulder, do you know how many people are employed by the government?"

"Well, I don't think we're looking for Joe Shmoe here. They're checking FBI, CIA, and DOD. We'll see how many matches are there. And if, through further testing the father isn't determine with one hundred percent certainty, then we'll keep testing."

"You're really determined to find him, aren't you." It was more a statement than a question and Mulder knew he was. He looked to the folder which held the list for the first sections they were testing. It was a lot of men, but they assured him they'd narrow down the list by the 30th.

He nodded slowly, looking back to Jessi who made a noise. She was awake, looking at them slightly alarmed, "Something's wrong."

"What?" They both asked.

"Change of plans. They're changing their plans."

"Who?" Scully asked.

Jessi thought hard, but could not come up with an answer. She shook her head slowly, "It's harder to do it now. With other people."

Mulder took a step towards her, "What do you mean it's harder with other people?"

Jessi sat up, "I can read your mind, I can read mom's, it's easy, but I can't get range or something, I can't do it to other people as easy. I can't tell who it is. They're thinking about changing the colonization plans."

Mulder looked to Scully, they'd dealt with the idea of colonization, but what was being changed. It bothered Mulder to hear Jessi talk about it, that meant she would be involved and he didn't want her involved with that. But what if she already was?

Red Blood.

Jessi looked to him, "What do you mean, Red Blood?"

He paced a moment, "The so-called drones you were with, they had red blood. Drones and clones had green blood up until now, something changed. You, you're not a clone, but you've got something extraterrestrial, you have to have something extraterrestrial, because if you were only human they wouldn't have been *so* interested in you. The plans to colonize the human world with hybrids has changed. But what's changed?"

Scully sat quickly, this was going to turn into one of `those' discussions, "Maybe they're making different kinds of clones? Ones that aren't recognizable as such."

"But how would they do that?"

"Maybe Jessi was the first step."

"First step towards making clones more human than alien?"


"But wouldn't that piss off the aliens?"

She nodded.

Jessi stood and went between them, "It doesn't matter. They're coming here."

Scully felt a sense of de-ja-vu as she stared at Jessi, who began to put shoes on. If they were coming here it was either to kill Jessi or to take her again or both and she didn't want to deal with any of the three options. She got up out of the chair she'd been in and went to her closet to get a sweater to pull on over her blouse, it was near 25 degrees outside. Mulder watched the two and immediately went to the living room to get his jacket, knowing Jessi wouldn't be lying.

They all got into Scully's car and left, not really knowing where they'd go, just knowing that they had to travel out of there. Mulder began to drive in the direction of West Virginia. He knew that while they were driving away from these men who were now after them, he might as well go back to the place where this started and try to find some answers there.

Somewhere in West Virginia
1/24 2:36AM

Jessi was wide awake watching the trees pass her, imaging shadows in the forests, men with guns. She kept waiting for the red beam to land on her chest and shoot her dead in that car, on her way `home'. But it didn't happen. She looked to the front seat where Mulder had his entire self concentrated on the road. He was thinking, and hard. It was tempting to jump into his mind, but she didn't, she had to stop doing it.

Scully was staring out the window too, her eyes frozen open, her mind somewhere else entirely. Jessi leaned more towards the window to better see her face. She'd seen that face so many times in the last couple of years I frightened her sometimes, but mostly made her angry. After twelve years of being told she was an orphan, that she belonged to no one, she'd found her mother, and they'd taken that away from her. Now they wanted to take it again.

She surprised herself by crying. Softly. So softly that neither of the adults in the front heard her. She stopped herself and rubbed her nose. Looking back to Mulder she knew exactly where they were going. He wanted to see the place again. He wanted to smell it, touch it, take it in and try to know what happened there.

They'd all been killed there is what happened. Jessi knew it. The smoking man had come in with His drones, called soldiers, and they had killed fifteen children and left her for dead. She suddenly wondered at this. Why had the left her? Were they going back to kill her later? Or were they going to let her find her way to civilization and live a semi-normal life? And if they did that, why would they allow her to?

Her thoughts raced faster than she could think them out and Scully cringed. She made a noise of disgust and Jessi stopped, looking up at the woman, "What's wrong?"

Scully only shook her head, "You're thinking so hard, it in my head."

Taking his eyes off the road for the first time in hours Mulder looked to Scully, "You read her mind?"

"No, she's thinking so hard she's projecting it out of herself, it's in my head."

Jessi apologized in a whisper and Scully smiled,

"You don't need to say you're sorry, you can't help it."

"But it bothered you."


"I don't want to bother you."

Scully laughed. Loud. The thought that a child wouldn't want to be bothersome was too much for her, it was extremely funny. But soon she stopped laughing and she just settled into another session of staring out at trees. Jessi understood and chuckled softly to herself.

Location #262

They pulled up to the rows of houses and Scully turned to see Jessica had fallen asleep again. She smiled at the child, she was beginning to see more and more of herself in Jessi, probably because she was thinking about the possibilities more and more. Ever since she'd been small she'd wanted children, she'd wanted a little girl. She'd never told anyone, because she'd always been a tomboy, always played with little boys and always hated getting dressed up, but she wanted a girl. And Jessi was exactly what she wanted, just like her.

"Scully, you should wake her," Mulder said quickly, knowing he was breaking whatever thought she was having.

She looked at him and pressed the auto-unlock. Stepping out of the car she looked to the houses and got an eerie feeling. It was something she'd felt many times doing investigations with Mulder. It was the feeling that they were in great danger, but she knew she couldn't tell Mulder, he'd just smile and tell her she was paranoid and laugh. He always got a laugh out of her when she acted paranoid as opposed to him being paranoid.

She opened the back door and gave Jessi a gently nudge. She moved a bit and murmured something about not wanting to wake up yet, that she was in the middle of a good dream. Scully paused, what if she only had good dreams when she was with her? What if this was her first good dream in years? Mulder pushed past her and grabbed the girl by her shoulders and brought her out of the car. Her eyes flashed open and she grabbed the arms that held her.

"Geez!" Was all she got before she pushed him away.

"Someone had to be the authority figure in this family!" He half joked.

Her mouth opened to yell at him when she looked around and noticed where they were. She glanced at every house for a minute at a time and then turned from them all to look at Scully.

Scully saw the confusion in her eyes, "We need to see if there's any evidence we missed when we were here before."

"There is no evidence. I'm the only evidence of this place. I'm actually shocked they haven't burned down the place." Jessi shrugged and her eyes want back to those houses and settled on one.

Mulder followed her gaze, "That one was yours?"


He took her hand, "Show us around then." He smiled sideways at her and she sighed, looking to Scully, gesturing `whatever, let's go.'

Walking into that one room Jessi looked around it, trying to find anything that had been misplaced since the last time. She noticed that the pictures she'd taken with the old man's Polaroid were gone, so were some of the drawing she and the others had made of each other. Opening her closet she was surprised to find all her clothes gone, as well as the clothes of the boy who slept with her. She turned, thinking.

"What is it?" Mulder asked.

"They've taken the pictures and clothes."


Jessi walked absently around the room, "Yeah. We asked the old man for his Polaroid. He said he didn't need it and told us if we wanted it we had to paint his house. We did. We brought it back here, with a bunch of film that he gave us, and took pictures of ourselves to have in the houses, because all good houses have that, pictures. And sometimes we got bored, so we drew. Good drawings, of the things we did. Bobbi, one of the boys, was an excellent artist, drew all of us without even asking us to pose."

"Well you all looked the same." Scully mumbled.

Jessi turned to her, "We may have looked the same, but were NOT the same person! Alex loved to watch the sun set while Mary hated the night. Bobbi was the artist, Max was the hardest worker. Susan loved flowers and had her own garden behind her house. Kelly loved to cook. Simon learned to talk first, Joey learned last. Peter was half blind, Angela was completely deaf. Billy loved football and Sandy liked football too, even though she was a girl. Alan wrote poetry, Jill and Megan loved to read it. We were sixteen different people, sixteen very different personalities."

Scully's mouth opened slightly to respond, knowing she'd hurt her. Jessi then jumped and ran out of the house. Mulder immediately ran after her while Scully stalled a moment. Jessi ran towards the giant school house and went o a back room that led to stairs that went to the attic. She began to look around frantically, and found what she was looking for, a hammer. Mulder and Scully joined her in the attic and stared at her, waiting for her to do what it was she wanted to do.

She knelt in the small attic, turned the hammer backwards and began pulling at the nails in the floor until she got four out. Then she almost threw the hammer in front of her and pulled at the piece of floor board she'd gotten loose. It was jammed into the space. Mulder moved forward, pushing her hands off the board and peeling it out of place himself.

Inside was a small showbox. Jessi pulled it out, keeping it close to her, protecting it, "This is stuff we put away, special stuff that we didn't want to get dirty or lose."

She opened the box and gave it to Mulder. He hesitated only slightly when he took it out of her hand. Looking inside he found the drawing of the group, photographs, dried out flowers and more drawings. Some looked as if they were drawn by a child and others looked as if they were drawn by a mature artist, all giving them information about the group of children that had lived there.

Scully pulled out one of the drawings and looked at it and then looked to Jessi, showing her the picture, wanting to know who drew it and who it was.

Jessi smiled, "Bobbi drew that. It's us when we were smaller. Well, the US he knew when he was a child." She took the picture and through the picture, through Scully, she read one word, "This is Emily."

"Emily... is you," she said enigmatically.

Jessi smiled again, "This might not have been us though, this could have been another group of girls he was with when he was smaller. Some of us remember being with other groups of children, children with slight differences in hair color, eye color, or a slight difference in features."

Mulder took the picture, "There are lots of groups of children?"

"Well, most are not children now. There are groups that are children now, groups that are teenagers and groups that are adults. But the adults were not what they wanted, they weren't what was approved. The teenagers and the smaller children are the future of their plan."

"Hold on, what plan?"

"I don't know what they want to do, it's years away! The adults, are the beginnings, the teachers, the ones like me are to be the leaders and the children are the future generation of this world. Unless things have changed, that's all I know."

Scully stopped her, "Leaders? You mean the ones with your ability to talk, to read minds." Jessi nodded slowly, "But what are you to be leaders of?"

Jessi thought a moment, trying to break the barriers that had been put in front of her memories long ago. It hurt to try, but she had to, she wanted to remember, "We are to be the leaders of the colonies. Like generals, or presidents of small countries. Then they will bring us together to form something. But I don't know what. I just know it's the future they've planned for us so far."

"But you were teaching others to talk, weren't you, to think for themselves." Mulder interjected.

Jessi's head fell reading the man that had tried to take her abilities away from her, "Yes, they've changed their plans. I can't see what they're going to do, but I know that they're changing their plans because they know the leaders are more humane than the rest... and we can teach this humanity to the clones and drones that are out there."

Mulder gave Scully a look, knowing that whatever they had in mind, she would be part of it because she was an abductee. It was the first time in his life he'd wanted to be an abductee, just to be able to be with her when they did enact their plans. Scully glanced at Mulder and let her eyebrows frown, wondering what he was thinking.

Jessi looked at the two of them. They are what she'd always wanted her parents to be, "Listen we have to get out of here. The person who'd following us is still behind us. He knows where we are and he's coming here to kill us."

"Wouldn't he just want to kill you?"

She shook her head, her eyes growing wider, "Like I said before, they're changing their plans."

Location #262

As they walked towards the car Jessi held the shoebox close to her knowing this was the last she had of the other children, this was all she had of herself. She saw his thoughts before they saw the headlights turning into the place. Death. He was death, the bounty hunter, a "cleaner" for the government or the aliens. All clones knew to fear him, for if your number was up, he would not stop until you were down.

Jessi began to take rapid breathes, the fear building in her chest. She felt a hand grab her shoulder, pulling her backwards, into the giant school house. Turning, she saw Scully's face, set in determination. She was going to protect her.

Scully KNEW the man who was in the car, she reacted quicker than Mulder, grabbing Jessi and dragging her frightened form into the school house and she threw the girl into the bathroom. "Jessi."

Jessi didn't hear, she was looking over her mother's shoulder, watching Mulder run towards them, the car's headlights behind him still on though the car had stopped.

"Jessi!" Scully jerked her shoulder and she stared at the woman. "Jessi, I'm going to close this door and don't you DARE open it until you hear both Mulder and I asking you to, you got that?"

She nodded hurriedly.

"Jessi, BOTH Mulder and I." Scully repeated, knowing the man who was there could easily shift shapes and deceive the child. "Jessi?"

The girl looked to her, "Both you and Mulder at the door, got it."

Scully closed the door and Jessi looked around herself. She clicked on the light, afraid when she found it did not turn on. But she found the toilet quickly and began pulling at her zipper.

Mulder watched Scully put Jessi in the bathroom and he heard what she told her, he knew it was the only way Jessi could safely come out, if both of them were there to tell her to. He turned back at the man who was there. What where they going to do? They couldn't run and leave Jessi, unless they were sure that he didn't know she was there. They couldn't fight him, he'd easily overpower them. Scully threw a rock at the man, hitting him square in the jaw and then she ran past him, past the car and behind one of the houses, saying, "Hurry Jessi, run," as she passed the man.

He knew what she was doing. She was going to trick that ogar into chasing her, thinking she'd have Jessi. It was not what the man did. He rubbed his chin and walked towards Mulder, pulling a small object. Then Mulder heard the swift sound of metal sliding on metal and he saw the glint of the pick he held. Mulder pulled his gun as the man approached him. But he couldn't shoot him, it would kill him in the process.

The man charged and Mulder quickly moved, kicking the pick out of his hand. He almost cheered for himself. He quickly picked it up and ran to where Scully was hiding behind one of the houses. They took a couple deep breaths and then turned to find the man, but he was gone.

Jessi pulled her pants up, still breathing hard. She'd always thought that "scare the shit out of someone" didn't have a literal meaning, now she knew. She stood five feet from the door, pressed against the opposite wall and listened. Nothing but the quiet sound of wind blowing through the fields. Then she heard a knock on the door.

"Jessi, open the door." She heard Scully, her mother.

She made a leap for the door, then stopped, "Where's Mulder?"

A whimper, "He got him. He stabbed him in the back of the neck with that damned pick he always carries." Silence. "But I lost him. If we hurry, we can make it back to the car and we can get out of here."

Jessi tried to read thoughts, but it didn't work, she was too frightened to.

"Jessi, we have to hurry." She heard the necessity in her voice and she slowly approached the door, her shaking fingers touching the lock, undoing it. She opened the door slowly and saw Scully standing there. She reached out a hand to her, Jessi took it. They walked to the entrance of the building, Jessi slightly ahead, looking around for the man.

Her grip on the hand she had loosened when she saw Mulder and Scully coming out from behind a house not thirty feet in front of her. Her breath caught in her throat and she tried to run, but a hand came around her beck quickly, pulling her to the giant body behind her.

Scully saw herself walking with Jessi, then she saw herself change into that man and she could have screamed right then, but Mulder did it for her. He ran a couple steps forward to tackle the man, but he saw the man reach for something in his coat. Something unexpected, a gun.

They weren't fifteen feet from each other when they stopped, a showdown of sorts. Jessi stared at them, her eyes watered and she looked to Scully mouthing, "I'm so sorry."

Scully couldn't say anything, she saw Jessi's mouth trembling, she saw her eyes squint and she knew the girl was going to cry. She didn't blame her, she'd wanted to cry when she'd been in that situation.

"This time you have nothing to trade." The man told Mulder.

Mulder only stared at the gun, somehow thinking it was far more dangerous than that damned pick. "Your choice of weapons changed." He tried to humor himself more than anyone else. He saw the look in Jessi's eye from the moment he turned the corner of that house, she was terrified.

"This would have been quick and easy with my own weapon, rather than this human's firecracker."

"Seldom are things quick and easy, and trust me, that's no firecracker."

The man tried to smile, but it frightened them all.

Jessi tried to look at him, but he kept her head in place with his wrist. She felt a cold circle touch her temple and she knew it was a gun, she'd had many placed at her head before, though mostly for show, this time it might mean the end of the world as she knew it.

The man then moved the gun away from Jessi's head, "Everything that you know, or knew, has changed. We don't need these leaders anymore, they were far too diluted anyway."

"What the hell does that mean?" Scully yelled, not caring about any plan, about any changes or any freakin' leaders. She only wanted that man to let her daughter go. She saw Jessi's eyes turn to her. Yes, she'd accepted it, that was her daughter, her daughter in the hands of a mad man's assassin.

"It means, Ms. Scully, that none of you are of much importance anymore ."

Jessi felt his grip on her loosen and she saw the gun change positions and move to point at her mother. She saw her mother's eyes widen immediately and she screamed, throwing herself in front of the man's gun as it shot.

The man shot at Scully, not expecting this child to sacrifice herself. He closed his eyes a moment, if this child died, it meant nothing to anyone really, but to his race, they'd still lost a bit. She wasn't all theirs, but some part of her was, and no matter how many of these they had to kill, no matter how nonchalant they did it, it still hurt a little. He ran towards his car, knowing it didn't matter whether he killed Scully or not, whether he killed any of the three or not. He realized then he'd done something human. He'd been mad at their plan, he'd acted on rage and he was going to be punished.

Location #262

The world revolved in her eyes, her short life flashed in an instant inside her mind, she was almost certain it was all over. The floor hit her hard, first her rump, then her shoulder and last her head, she breathed and smelled the dirt. Coughing she felt the first real pang of pain shoot from her chest out into her limbs, making her cringe in pain. She felt tears engulf her wide open eyes and hands grabbed her shoulder, turning her over.

Opening her mouth to scream, she found she couldn't. Her body was numbing with shock and she knew it, but could do nothing about it. One deep ragged breath interrupted the night's silence as a hand surveyed the hole in her chest. Another breath and she felt her lungs push her heart towards the bullet.

"...Oh God Oh God Oh God..." were the only words she heard. Her mother's voice. Over her. Like an frightened angel, she thought, a frightened angel, what a disturbing thought, she almost smiled through her pain.

Mulder's mouth had dropped open and he'd done nothing when the man drove off, watching Scully hit the floor and grab her child. This was NOT happening, not after all they'd done, Jessi had NOT just thrown herself at death. Scully turned to him, her eyes already red, her cheeks covered with salty tears.

"Mulder." She pleaded.

He pulled out his phone and directed a 911 operator to their location. Within minutes they saw the chopper close in, landing in the open area behind them. They put Jessi on a stretcher and immediately began administering anesthetics, on Scully's command. She jumped into the chopper with her daughter and they left Mulder standing alone in the middle of the compound.

His thoughts didn't seem to be with him, he blinked in amazement. It was the stupidest act he'd ever seen, it was also the bravest, most courageous and astonishing thing he'd ever witnessed. That one child could love her mother so much, a mother she was only just getting to know, that she would gladly give her life so her mother could live, it was beyond any X-File he'd ever read.

He looked at the floor, annoyed that everything was still moving in slow motion for him, that his heart thudded with every move he made, and saw the box still there. He picked it up, admiring it another moment and then he was in his car. They'd told him where the hospital was, the closest one, and he knew it was at least a thirty minute drive.

But to him time had stopped and he seemed to arrive there only minutes, but hours later. He didn't know. All he knew was when he got there the hospital was quiet, discreet. The nurse directed him to a floor where he was kept from entering, but he saw Scully. She was standing next to a room marked OR3. She was standing, a quiet solitary figure in the midst of a tornado of action. She didn't move, he could tell she was breathing slowly. He could see her profile, her mouth was open, her arms at her side, tears still flooding down her face.

She turned to him momentarily and he could see the glaze over her eyes, she was in shock. He barged into the area and was held for only a moment, a hold he easily broke to get to her, to hold her. She broke in his arms and he looked over her shoulder, into the OR. Jessi was laying there, exposed to the elements, being operated on. He could see one doctor's whole body calm and then he pulled the bullet from the girls chest.

A doctor asked them to go to the waiting room and the followed him. Scully was given a blanket and soon fell asleep on his shoulder. They stayed that way for a while, then the door opened and a doctor entered. He looked at the two of them,

"Are you Jessica's parents?" Mulder shook her gently and Scully blinked and looked to him, then to the doctor. The man repeated his question.

Scully ran a hand through her hair and touched her eyes, "I'm her mother. Is she alright?"

The man smiled, good sign they both thought, "Miraculously, she's going to be fine. The bullet stopped about half an inch from her heart, didn't break through any of her ribs, didn't puncture anything, it's amazing."

"She's an amazing girl." Mulder almost laughed. Scully stood slowly, "Can I see her?"

The man stood and put a hand up, "She's still sleeping, you can see her, but it has to be quick and you can't disturb her."

Scully smiled, "I know."

Summersville Memorial Hospital
1/25 8:15AM

Scully sat in the waiting room with Mulder, both of them trying to get sleep, neither accomplishing it. Scully had tried to get through to her daughter, but it didn't work, she could not telepathically communicate with Jessi the way Jessi could with her. It bothered her, usually the girl could read her thoughts if she forced them to her. At midnight Jessi had put herself into a coma, the doctors say it was her body's way of reacting to everything. Scully didn't accept that. Jessi was a strong girl.

Talking with Mulder, they decided to put all their efforts into finding Jessi's father, something that the labs needed help on. Mulder had called as soon as he knew it was open and they'd come up with five "above 50%" matches, which was what Mulder had asked for, but to complete the more thorough test they needed to do it by hand, so Scully agreed to do it while Mulder went to the Lone Gunmen to find out all he could about these children. Now that they had their pictures it would help. But they needed a "baby-sitter," someone to watch Jessi while they were gone.

Assistant Director Skinner made his way to where they were and stood over them. He saw Scully's eyes first and he knew she'd been crying and immediately he felt for her. He'd always admired her tenacity, her ability to continue when normal women, or men, would have been stopped. And now he saw her vulnerable and he didn't like it. They explained the situation to him, and they put a chair in Jessi's room for him. And they left him.

Skinner stared at the girl for a long time after they left. She looked like Scully, with her long auburn hair and red pouty lips. He took out the newspaper he'd brought with him and opened it, knowing this was going to be a long day.

Office of The Lone Gunmen 1/25 12:16PM

They'd shown Mulder the latest software, read him all the conspiracy theories they were so happy they'd thought up themselves and they'd all frowned when Mulder told them about Jessica. They'd heard the story before, they hear about all the X-File cases Mulder really took an interest in. So they'd heard about Jessica and after her they'd heard about Emily and they were beginning to feel very sorry for "the lovely" agent Scully.

Frohike scratched his head, not wanting to ask him if she was coming, knowing it would be inappropriate, "So, you want us to dig up everything on her?"

Langly removed his glasses to rub his eyes, "I know we're expert hackers, but you do realize this kid doesn't even have her finger prints on file, like she never existed."

Byers looked at the two other men and adjusted his tie, "We'll try Mulder, but we won't guarantee any results on this one."

Mulder looked at his "ghostly trio" and tried to smile, but he felt bad for Scully too, and knowing she'd forced him to leave her alone to do those paternal tests in the FBI labs made him feel worse. Like he should never have left her.

The computer turned on and soon they had the scanner up and scanning the pictures, searching for anything on the children. They searched high and low, eventually deciding that they needed to hack into the higher up places to get something.

FBI Genetics Lab 1:51PM

Scully put drops of blood into a vial and put it into the mixer. She sat, tired and angry on the stool in front of her. She'd received many odd looks from the men in the room and she was glad that they had no real idea what this testing was for. Scully looked to the vial turning the blood, if that was her father, and that father was involved with this conspiracy... whoever her father was, she'd kill him.

Summersville Memorial Hospital 2:41PM

Her eyes opened slowly and she made a choking sound on the tube that had been inserted in her throat. Skinner jumped and called a nurse and turned to her. Besides the fact that her eyes were a dark hazel, they were Scully's eyes, he noted.

"Don't try to breath, you're going to hurt yourself, let the machine do it."

She nodded looking past him to the nurse who came in accompanied by a doctor. They quickly removed the tube and gave her something to drink. She tried to sit up, but they pushed her back down. The doctor scolded her,

"You've been shot in the chest, don't even think about moving!" But she caught the smirk in his voice and smiled at him.

It was Scully's smile.

"Ok." She whispered.

Scully's voice.

Skinner stood for a moment at the side of the bed when they'd left. Jessi looked at him, her eyes suspicious. Skinner held out a hand, apprehensively, he was never good with kids, especially teenagers, "I'm Assistant Director Skinner."

"Where's my mom and Mulder?" she whispered ignoring the hand for a minute before he let it drop. Her throat hurt, she drank more water and put the cup down on the tray in front of her, filling it again.

Skinner shrugged and sat down, "Scully is at the FBI Genetics Lab running DNA tests and Mulder is out finding answers."

"You're their boss."


"Give me your hand."

He looked at his hand a moment, "Excuse me?"

She shook her head, "For a second, let me hold your hand."

He complied, watching her take his large hand in her smaller one, Scully's hands, and she closed her eyes. She smiled and then let go of him. "What was that for?" he asked, trying to remember all the details of this case the first time it came around.

"I used to have pretty strong telepathic abilities, but now it's easiest when I have actual physical contact. I had to know you weren't lying, you aren't."

He smirked, "And how can you be so sure."

She laughed, Scully's laugh, "Because I can see all the times you yelled at them in your office."

He opened his mouth to respond, but she laughed again, a smaller laugh, it hurt her chest to laugh loud. He chuckled softly with her.

Summersville Memorial Hospital 10:16PM

Mulder and Scully had reunited, neither with new news to tell. Mulder and the Lone Gunmen had found nothing, not even an odd birth record from that year, no odd births, no nothing. Scully had proven all of the men she tested to NOT be Jessi's father and the general testing resumes. She was a little glad that they'd gotten through two thirds of the testing and hadn't found her father, but she was also a little upset. She kind of wanted to be able to tell Jessi that her father was just a normal guy, or a bastard, she just wanted to tell the girl something.

She also wanted to know who's genes they'd mixed with hers to produce such a lovely child... and if she would let herself believe it was the same man they'd mixed her genes with to make Emily. Scully shrugged the thought off and Mulder turned to her as they walked down the hallway to Jessi's room,

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm just upset about all of this. I mean, I'm happy that she's going to be ok, but I hate being left in the dark."

He sighed, "Don't we all."

She paused and looked up at him, a dazed look in her eyes, "I just wish, for once, that we would be able to find one answer. One. I don't want the whole puzzle solved, I don't even really care anymore, it's getting so tiring. But one answer. Just something to know a little bit, something to make some of the things they've done clear, not justifiable, but clear."

He took her hand and turned back to the direction of Jessi's room. "I know how you feel, trust me."

She squeezed his hand, whispering, "You're the only one I trust."

Mulder smiled, opening the door to Jessi's room for her. At first she sighed relief to see the tube removed from her mouth, then she laughed softly at the sight of Skinner. His head was fallen on the bed, and in his hand was Jessica's. Mulder tried to hold back laughter himself as he shook the other man awake.

Skinner jumped up, pulling his gun. The absence of his hand so quickly startled Jessi and her eyes flew open. "Hi." She was all she said.

Scully went to her, moving the plain hospital gown she was wearing to see the bandage on her upper breast. "Are you alright?"

Jessi looked down herself and scrunched her face, knowing that wasn't the best of places to have a scar, not that she wanted one at all. "Yeah, but the bandage is kind of stuck to my chest, can they change it?"

Scully nodded and left the room with a smile that went from ear to ear. Skinner followed her with his eyes, he'd never seen her so happy. "Did you find anything?" He directed his question at Mulder as Scully entered again with a nurse.

Mulder shook his head, "We couldn't come up with anything more than the men Scully tested were not her father."

The nurse began to peel away the bandage and the men turned away out of respect, "You're still testing people?" Jessi asked, staring at her mother.

Scully licked her lips, "We're going to test as many as we can. But Jessi, I can't guarantee that we'll find your father."

"It's alright," she smiled, "I've got you." It was barely audible, but it touched Scully so deep that she thought she might just hug that child and never let go.

The nurse took a deep, shocked breath and turned to Scully, "This is amazing, it's almost completely healed!"

Mulder pushed past the nurse, as did Scully and they looked at the spot where the bullet had ripped her pale skin, and it was indeed, almost sealed over with scar tissue. They looked to Jessi and her eyebrows were creased in confusion.

The nurse stood at the door, "I don't see any reason to even apply another bandage, but I'll call the doctor to look at it." She left the room and they all looked at Jessi questioningly. She looked up at the three of them, her eyes going wide,

"Don't even think about asking me how that happened!"

Mulder took a step closer, looking at the bullet would, "I've got X-Files on psychics with the ability to heal themselves and others by projecting their energy." He held both hands out in a motion that tried to explain the word `projecting'.

Jessi nodded.

Skinner shrugged, "It would explain the fever you had all day."

"And the temporary coma." Scully interjected, not sure if she believed it yet or not.

The doctor stepped into the room and was obviously bothered with the amount of people in his way. Scully noted the annoyed look in his eyes and led the two men outside, to the hall, all the while keeping an eye on Jessi through the glass window in the door.

Skinner was the first to speak, "What are you going to do now?"

"I think there's one more place we can go to get the answers." Mulder started, pausing only to see that Scully had heard. When she looked up to him, asking him to continue he answered, "The orphanage where we first met her."

Scully's face contorted in confusion, "How would we get information there, they've probably burned their records, or the records have been `misplaced'."

"That's not what I'm thinking."

Her eyes remained locked on him.

"Do you remember that janitor we talked to, the one Jessi would talk to?" She nodded, "Maybe she told him things about her past."

Skinner looked in the direction of the hall that led to the exit, "It's something, check on that lead..." He paused, the whipped his head to Scully, "And as much as she's a darling, I'm not playing baby-sitter anymore." He smiled, "I have work to attend to too."

He said his good-bye's and was gone. Scully looked to Mulder, "I think she'd be ready to get out of here in a little bit."

"Ask the doctor, I know where we can leave her."

"Mulder?" She didn't like the comical tone of his voice.

Office of the Lone Gunmen 7:34AM 1/26

They were given "permission" to take Jessica home at six in the morning when the doctor had come in and given her a clean bill of health. Her wound was completely healed and she was up and ready to go as soon as she was awake. Mulder had gone home for a shower, a change of clothing and some rest. At five in the morning he'd arrived at the hospital to wake Scully up to send her home to do the same. Now they were parked outside of a building that Jessi examined cautiously from the back seat.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this." Was all Scully said.

They emerged from the car and Mulder smirked a bit, knowing Jessi would be fine with these three, and they would take care of her. Scully was always the skeptic and she believed the Lone Gunmen would get her daughter killed.

"Who are these guys again?" Jessi asked as they walked in the door. She looked at the equipment on the shelves and at the screens in the office and wondered why it was so dark.

Mulder put a hand on her shoulder to lead her in the right direction, "They're friends, you'll be find here."

"But Mulder, we're going to be gone a while, can't we leave her with someone more, um, capable?"

He turned to her, "She'll be fine, you'll see."

Jessi almost jumped when the tall blonde haired man with the fadedVandals T-shirt came rushing at them, holding out his hand to shake hers. She gripped Mulder's side and hid like a little kid behind her father when strangers approached.

"Yeesh, you'd figure Scully's daughter would have gone Jackie Chan on my ass... Mulder, you sure she ain't yours." He laughed at his own jokes, pushing his large green glasses up on his nose.

Jessi emerged as Mulder began to protest, "You're Langly." She stated.

He smiled, "You're good." He looked behind him and a smaller man emerged.

"She's hot. Not Hot hot, because she's a kid, but when she gets older..." Mulder waved a hand in the air shutting Frohike up. He took Jessi's hand and placed a kiss on it gently. The girl didn't yank her hand away, didn't blush, she only watched him and said,

"Frohike." She looked to her mother and laughed when she saw the gagging face she was making.

Frohike stood back and let Byers come through to see Jessi. He held out a hand and Jessi shook it, then looked to the three of them, wondering if this was one of those games where you had to pick which one just didn't quit fit. She smiled, "Byers."

They all looked at her and Byers smiled, "Scully, you don't have to worry, she's in good hands, and if she's a Scully, then she can basically take care of herself, right?"

Scully smiled, "I'll take that as a compliment, thanks."

Mulder turned to leave, but Scully pulled on his jacket.

"Ok, you guys are going to FEED her?"

They all nodded, Langly patted his pocket, "Just got this months royalties off some video game I helped create."

"You're not going to get her into any trouble."

Frohike made a noise of disgust, "Agent Scully, do you have that little faith in us?"

She nodded, looking from one man to another.

Byers stepped to her again, "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to her."

Scully looked to Jessi, then back to Byers, "Thanks. All of you." She gave Jessi a small hug and then let her go to follow Mulder out the door. "And if ANYTHING happens to her, I swear, I'll KILL you!" She screamed on her way out.

Baltimore, Maryland Maryland Orphanage 1/26 8:24AM

As they pulled up to the building Scully felt a sense of de-ja-vu. She remembered walking into this building so long ago and looking at Jessica for the first time, her sleepy eyes questioning their presence as she talked to the janitor, Sam. They went into the orphanage and went to the front desk, not recognizing the woman there, and they showed their badges. Mulder spoke for them, introducing them as FBI agents,

"We need to speak with Sam Arnold. He was a janitor here about three years ago, does he still work here?"

The old woman smiled, her eyes disappearing in a bed of wrinkles, "Sam? Sam's still here, he's out cleaning the third flood."

Scully could hear some of the kids in the playroom, shouting and singing, and causing general mischief. She smiled, remembering her own childhood, singing some of the same songs, playing some of the same games. Then she grew sad that she'd never been able to experience that with her own children. She'd colored with Emily, but that child spoke very little, it wasn't the same.

Mulder touched her shoulder and she turned to him, "You alright?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

She nodded, "I'm ok. Sam still here?"

"Yes, Mrs. Jylcen says he's up on the third floor."

When they'd been there, the third floor was just being built. She could still remember running through it as if she'd done it yesterday, holding Jessica's hand, crouching behind the boxes to keep the girl hidden from the men who'd wanted to kill her.

They went up the stairs, children running past them all the way up and they got to the third floor. It was mostly quiet, Scully could see kids writing away at their desks in some rooms, and other rooms they were playing, some were still sleeping. It was Saturday, she remembered, now a little ticked that she was still "at work" on the weekend, but this was for Jessica. They asked one child and he pointed them in the general direction they were going.

They found a bathroom with a janitor's sign and they walked in, cautious of the "Slippery When Wet" sign that stood at the entrance.

"Sam?" Scully called.

She could see two legs inside one stall. They were jiggling with the motion from his cleaning the toilet, but they stopped. "Hello?" He called.

"Sam, we're with the FBI, we were here before, to talk to Jessi?"

He popped his head out, not having changed at all. "Oh! I remember you, Scully and Mulder. Jessi with you?" he asked, his eyes growing bright.

"No, she's with some friends of ours."

"Oh." He was disappointed.

Mulder looked at Scully, "Sam? Can we ask you a question?"

Sam smiled, taking the bright yellow gloves off his hands and placing them in the pocket of his blue overalls, "I think you just did." He laughed and then nodded, "Yeah, sure, go on ahead."

"We need to know if Jessi ever told you about her past."

"Is she alright?" Her asked, rubbing his hands together.

"She's fine, but did she ever tell you about her past."

He looked at the floor, "No, never told me much of anything, said she couldn't remember much."

Scully remembered the box, "Did she ever give you anything?"

"Jessi gave me lots of things." He smiled, proud of himself.

She smiled, "Can we see what she gave you?"

He shrugged, "Sure, but I have to get permission to go home for a little bit first, if not, I'll get in trouble."

Mulder smiled, "Wouldn't want that."

Office of the Lone Gunmen 8:33AM

Jessi twirled herself in the chair and took deep breaths while looking around herself. They were quizzing her. On everything. She felt like a lab rat. She looked from one face, to the other, to the other, to the rest of the room and back again as she kicked the chair round and round. But that made her dizzy and she had to stop. She put her elbows on the table in front of her and then slapped her head into her hands.

"You guys done yet?" She asked.

They looked at one another, "How `bout the Kennedy Assassination, what's your take on that." Langly asked, "Byers, you recording all of this?!"

Byers lifted his legal pad in the air, then pointed to the tape recorder on the table.

Jessi sighed loudly and closed her eyes, "It doesn't have to be as complicate as they make it out to be in these conspiracy theories..." she started.

Apartment of Sam Arnold 9:01AM

The man kept a clean apartment. Scully always thought that a janitor would have a dirty house because he'd be so sick of cleaning all day, but she was wrong, or at least wrong about Sam Arnold. He led them into the living room and offered them a drink, both declined. He shrugged, just being hospitable, he thought to himself.

He began walking into his room, "Jessi was quiet when she first got to the orphanage, like she didn't like anything, but we thought it was normal because they told us she had amnesia and she'd probably make up stories to make up her past. So no one listened to her when she talked, and the ones that did listen made fun. Maybe that's why she stayed quiet."

Sam came back into the living room and looked at the two of them, "Come on," he waved a hand in the air, "I didn't care what they said, she was interesting, and smart. She would draw me little pictures, because I didn't make fun of her and stuff. But she never told me her stories. I think she was afraid I wouldn't like her."

He began rummaging through things under his bed.

"These pictures, what where they of?" Scully asked.

His voice came out muffled, "Everything. She didn't draw great or anything, but she drew me pictures of kids playin', and birds flyin', and sunsets and trees and simple things. She also drew lots of triangles, in the pictures, said they were UFO's."

Mulder scratches his head, "These kids, were they kids from the orphanage?"

"No, they were kids. She never told me who they were, she said they were her memory, that's all."

Scully licked her lips and made a face, "Um, Sam, what are you looking for?"

He banged his head on the bottom of the bed, "I found it!" He began to crawl out with a small notebook. It looked old, like it'd been under his bed for some time, and it had a long ribbon tied tightly around it. He handed it to Scully, "Jessi made me promise that if I ever found out who her parents where, I'd give them this. And well, found the mother."

"Sam, why didn't you give this to me when we last came to investigate."

"Well, I didn't know you were's her mother."

"And how do you know now?"

He smiled, "Jess came to me in a dream, like a little angel, about three years ago, a little after she left here that night, she told me you were her mother."

"Did she tell you anything else?"

"Nope, that's about it, she told me to give you the book the next time you came here and then she was gone."

Mulder stuck out his hand, "Sam, thank you for your time."

The man graciously accepted, "No problem. Just got one favor to ask of ya."

His eyebrows went up, "Shoot."

Sam put a hand in his pocket, "Could you give me a ride back to the orphanage, these bus fares are getting ridiculous."

Blazers Ice Arena 9:21AM

Jessi stood next to the two men, scratching at the old Cranberries T-shirt Langly had given her. She tugged on the too big leather jacket Frohike had given her and she looked at the men again, "Why am I doing this again?" She questioned, looking at other kids skating on the ice.

Langly shrugged, "We got this key in the mail, said to be discreet when opening the box, so no one thinks anything suspicious. We figured the best way to not look weird is to send a teen in, because this is a teenagers hang out, but we don't exactly have access to teens."

"And why do I have to wear this dumb outfit?" She looked down at herself, everything above her waist fit too big, except her bra.

Frohike made a noise, "That's genuine leather, nothing `dumb' about it."

Jessi laughed, "I'm sorry. I just didn't see anything wrong with what I was wearing."

Langly pulled the jacket up so her hands stuck out, "Well, no offense kid, but that stuff you were wearing was `Scully', Scully is not a teenager. This is a cool teenagers hang out, we had to make you look like all the cool kids."

Jessi looked at the kinds in the rink again. This was cool? She thought looking at all the pants hanging down and all the dreads, funny lipstick and T-shirts. Thank God they didn't make me put on make-up, Jessi sighed.

"Ok, so which locker?" She asked, apprehensively.

"121B, just look for it." Frohike said matter-of-factly.

Langly put a hand on Frohike's shoulder and looked at Jessi, "Fro, we have to hurry, Byers thinks we took her out for a pizza."

Jessi rolled her eyes and threw herself onto the ice, skating around with the other kids for a couple of minutes. She took a deep breath of cold air and let it sting her lungs. This was living like a normal teenager, this wasn't so bad, she thought. She'd always wondered what life would have been like if she'd been adopted by someone, if she'd been able to live a normal life. This is kind of what it'd be like, without the Lone Gunmen sending me off to get THEIR stuff, she scoffed.

She turned to the lockers and began looking up and down until she found the locker she wanted. She took out the small box that was in it and skated back across the rink to where they were waiting.

Langly and Frohike slapped high five's, "Mission Accomplished." They almost screamed looking at the disk inside the box.

Jessi tapped Langly on the shoulder, "Um, guys, mission accomplished, but there's a cop coming this way."

Frohike looked up, to the cop walking across the ice waving his badge at them, then he looked at Langly and screamed, "RUN FOR IT!"

Gina's HomeStyle Cafe 11:01AM

Scully couldn't ever remember eating lunch so early, brunch, she decided it was signing and flipping through another page of the journal. She looked to the waitress who brought their sandwiches and drinks, coffee, then back to the pages. She suddenly felt Mulder at her side and she gave him a look to which he replied,

"I want to read it too."

She moved closer to the window so he could sit next to her. She opened the book and read slowly, trying not to loose Mulder. Jessi wrote out her dreams, and she always explained them as such. The things she remembered in her dreams, she cautioned, as if she were writing to someone, that she only saw these things when she was asleep and that they could just be fake memories. It took Scully a good fifteen pages to realize that Jessi had been writing to her, her mother. Just in case anything happened, she wanted her mother to know that's she'd been alive, that she'd been thinking about her, and that something had to be done to save the other children.

Mulder breathed hard through his nose and Scully looked at him. She could see him fighting tears and she touched his cheek, making him turn to her. "It's just hard to think that these men could run these tests on these poor kids."

"Mulder." She started, and he pushed her hand away, "Even Jessi says these could be fake, that the events she'd witnessed might not have been real."

"But what if they were."

Scully looked to the journal, "Mulder, I don't want to believe that they do these things. That they take a woman out of her bed at night, up into a UFO, take her eggs." She took a breath, "That they set her back down later that night with a fetus growing inside of her, only to take it away two months later." She looked away from him, "And I don't want to believe that they incubate these babies up in space somewhere and isolate them, giving them minimal human contact until their three. Then put them somewhere on earth, away from their mothers, so they can learn to fend for themselves to be these great colonial leaders."

Mulder's eyebrows grew closer as he looked at the red blush staining her face, she was fighting anger and every emotion that could be connoted with anger while she spoke. Had this been done to her? They'd taken all of her eggs, or had they? Does she know she's pregnant occasionally only to have that taken away? Was she abducted to give her children that little emotional contact only to have the memory stolen later? Mulder knew she was thinking hard questions, and he knew she couldn't have most of the answers, because to accept the answers given in this journal, she had to be willing to let herself totally believe that there was extraterrestrial life among us and that she was being abducted regularly.

She could not let herself believe that, it was enough to want to put a gun to her own head just to not have it happen anymore. She brought a hand to her own eyes and wiped at them, not wanting Mulder to see her cry, not wanting him to know anything about anything.

"Scully?" he asked.

She turned to him, swallowing hard, "I'm fine, Mulder."

He continued to stare at her.

"It bothers, Mulder. I don't want this to happen to Jessica ten years down the line, if she lives through all of this."

He nodded and turned back to he journal, knowing that wasn't what was really bothering her, though he knew it was a concern, "She's drawn this logo a bunch of times."

Scully shook her head looking to where he was, "What logo, all I see are triangles and circles, UFO's, Mulder."

Mulder shook his head, "No, this isn't a typical UFO design."

She smiled rubbing her now-red nose, "You mean there's a typical one."

"Scully," He started, looking at her, slightly annoyed, "This is a logo. A triangle that has three interlocking circles on it. It has to be a logo of something, a company or a cult."

"How can you be so sure..." Her cell phone rang.

He looked to it and she answered the small nuisance, "Scully." A pause. "Yeah. Good. No, we'll go get it now." She hung up and look at Mulder, "We have to hurry up here, all of Jessi's blood results are back."

He looked at her questioningly, "All?"

On Route to The Lone Gunmen 1:15PM 1/26

They'd passed by the Arlington Family Medical Center to get Jessi's results and then they were on their way to the Lone Gunmen headquarters. Mulder wanted to search out that logo, to see if they came up with any matches; Scully just wanted to make sure those idiots didn't kill her daughter. She flipped open the file that she had to sign for and read the results to all the tests to herself, mumbling through it as Mulder looked at her and then the road. He wanted her to read out loud, but he just had to wait until she finished.

"What does it say?" he asked, not wanting to wait any longer.

Scully didn't look up at him, "She doesn't have any signs of cancerous cells, but I want further testing on that. She isn't sick, no diseases, nothing wrong with her blood, she seems to be completely human..." Her eyebrows rose sarcastically.

"Scully." Mulder stopped her.

She looked up at him, "She is my daughter, Mulder." He looked back to the road until she gasped, "What?!" He cried, wishing she'd stop reading interesting medical files without him.

"Mulder, Oh God, she's..." Scully didn't finish her sentence, only flipped through the papers again and again, looking at one thing, then another and then back. Then she mumbled to herself and cursed under her breath.

"Scully?!" He called again, pulling onto to the hidden driveway to the Lone Gunmen `headquarters' and bringing the car to a complete stop, turning it off quickly to turn to her.

"Mulder, she's pregnant."

"WHAT?!" He shook his head in disbelief.

"She's pregnant." Was all she said.

"But... I mean... Why the hell did you run THAT test?!"

She struggled with her words, "In the compound there was one bed. There were boys, I, she's, I mean, if anything happened. Um. Oh God." She stepped out of the car and almost ran into the room.

The three men were huddled around a computer screen while Jessi had her head strapped into night vision goggles and was staring out a small window. Scully immediately went to her and ripped the goggles off, turning her around in her chair, "Jessi, um, did the men ever have a talk with you kids about sex?"

Jessi's eyebrows shot up, "Oh. Uh. Not really. I mean, they told us things about our bodies and they gave us a video and a book."

"A video and a book?"

"Yeah, both of them told us about sex and babies."

"And all the kids understood?"

Jessi nodded.

"So you had sex anyway?" Scully suddenly remembered the talk Melissa had with her when she was seventeen and her sister had found out about her having sex for the first time. She gave her the speech of a lifetime, but never told her parents.

Jessi shook her head, "No."

Scully began to reply, but stopped, "What do you mean no."

She sank a little into her chair, "I mean we knew it was wrong, we weren't married. The old man talked to us once about it, he said that only married people should have sex."

Mulder ignored the fact that the Lone Gunmen were so engrossed in their little computer find that they weren't listening and walked over to the two women, "Jessi, what things did the men tell you about your bodies?"

She looked to the floor, embarrassed, "They told us that we were genetically made and had a couple defects."


"They told us we were sterile, that we wouldn't have children."

Scully looked to Mulder, she didn't know why they would tell them that if it wasn't true, "What else?"

"I don't know what they told the boys, they took them to another room and the boys never signed to the girls anything about what they'd been told. They told us that we would miss periods and that was caused by a genetic defect."

"Miss periods?"

"Yeah, they said we'd miss it on occasion for a month or two, but it would be from a genetic defect and we shouldn't worry about it, even if we get sick." She paused, recalling when the girls had been given this information, "Why are you asking me about this?"

She looked to the two adults who looked to each other, neither really knowing how to tell a seventeen year old that she'd been lied to, "Jessi, how many times would you say you and the other girls missed your periods this last year?"

Jessi thought, "Um, Mary maybe two times. Susan and Kelly once. Angela, Sandy, Jill, and Megan I think only once or twice."

Scully looked directly at Jessi's belly a moment, then at her, "You?"

Jessi shook her head, "Only now."

"You didn't think this was important to tell us?!" Mulder almost screamed.

"I thought it was normal and I wasn't asked!" Jessi screamed back. "What's wrong?!" She asked Scully, her mouth falling into a frown, her breaths coming out in half puffs like she was ready to cry. She wasn't used to people screaming at her, especially not Mulder.

Scully looked around herself annoyed, and aware of the fact that the Lone Gunmen were now watching them like hawks, "Jessi, I need to talk to you alone." She took the girl by the hand and led her outside.

Langly looked to Mulder, "Hey, Mulder, what's wrong?"

Mulder only shook his head, trying not to be angry at the fact that `they' would do this to unsuspecting girls. He only looked up when he heard Jessi's exasperated `WHAT?!' and then he heard screaming. The four men looked to the door that led outside as the screaming continued, one voice trying to stay calm, the other breaking into sobs.

Scully stuck her head in, "Mulder, we'll be in the car."

Mulder nodded and remembered the book in his hand. He lifted it up and pointed it at the Lone Gunmen, "I need you to run a picture through your systems."

Byers adjusted his tie, "What kind of picture?"

"We were given this journal, that Jessi wrote when she was a little younger. There's a drawing on several pages and I think maybe it's a logo she saw when she was with the men who did all of this to her."

Frohike held out a hand, "We can't make any promises, this kid seems to have appeared in a puff of air last week."

Langly laughed, "Hey, Mulder, you think Scully will let us initiate Jessi as the first Gun Woman?"

Mulder tried not to laugh, "The first? I thought you already had a net following of women?"

The three men looked at each other, Byers looking a little flushed, "We'll see what we can do here, why don't you go outside and see if you can't comfort Your women."

Office of the Lone Gunmen 3:27PM

Jessi had calmed and was now sitting in a half-trance in the corner of the room with Scully's arm draped around her. She'd known that she wanted to have a child, but she didn't want one now, especially not knowing if it was her own, and if it was, she had no idea who the father was. She didn't lie to her mother when she said she hadn't done anything with Bobbie, only slept in the same bed, and not even that sometimes. She'd spent a good deal of time in a tent on one of the adjacent hills, because she felt more comfortable alone.

She sighed softly, grabbing everyone's attention. Looking up she mumbled, "Sorry." and pulled her legs into her shirt.

Langly's head shot up, "Hey! Don't forget that's my shirt!"

Jessi sniffled, trying not to cry, "Sorry!" She squeaked.

His head drooped, blonde hair covering his face, "It's ok, you can keep it."

"GOT IT!" Frohike yelled. Everyone looked to him, Mulder jumping out of his sitting position next to Scully's leg to get at the computer screen.

A spinning logo appeared on the screen with the information on a company. The symbol matched almost completely, except it had the company's name on it. Mulder examined it for a moment and looked to Scully who was looking at him expectantly, he didn't keep her waiting, "NeoOmniGenesis."

Her eyebrows fell, "New All Knowing Origin?"

Langly thought quick, "It could be a fancy name for the new generation, the new colonization they're creating."

Frohike nodded, "Then again, this could just be a cool name they thought up.

Shaking his head, Mulder looked back to the screen, "Either way, it's what Jessi drew and we have to check it out."

Location Unknown 7:00PM

He stood in front of the room of men. Some stood, seemingly unaware of his presence, others smoked, staring darts into him, and yet others were talking among themselves, wary of the man, knowing he could be dangerous. One man stood from his chair. He was a large man, and when he spoke, everyone listened. He was the leader of this consortium. He looked to the blonde man and asked,

"Why did you take shots at agent Scully and the child?"

The man's head dropped, he feared these humans, "I assumed they were no longer part of your plans."

"Does that give you the right to annihilate them?"

He looked up, "That *child* was devised with our races technology and is part ours, I believe we have some say in what happens to her."

"Your *race* had their say. We were given full responsibility over these children and their upbringing. And now that plans have changed we have been given the choice whether or not to destroy them."

The man waited a moment, "And I wasn't told of a choice to be made, I was told they weren't needed anymore, I assumed they were to be killed."

"You assumed wrong."

His brows creased in confusion, "You're allowing them to live?"

"Not all of them. Jessi's survival is imperative. She will not be harmed again."

"I wasn't aiming at Jessica!" He pleaded.

The man chewed his lip, but before he could respond with a penalty, the phone rang. He answered it and nodded several times, "Take care of the adults, make sure they see nothing." He hung up the phone and looked back to the other man.

Bethesda, Maryland NeoOmniGenesis 7:13PM 1/26

It was a large building, with at least ten floors. It's walls were giant reflecting mirrors all lit up by the spotlights on the ground. Tonight it was red, white and blue, one color for each of it's three walls. There were no security gates surrounding the place, but Mulder could already see the security guards inside the front doors. He looked over to the two entrance passes the Lone Gunmen had given him and Scully. It wasn't a tight place and they were able to get level seven, out of eight, clearance.

Jessi's jaw dropped, she remembered the building, but she didn't remember anything about it. She stepped out of the car after they pulled it behind the large building and began to follow them to the front. Scully turned around quickly, placing a hand on her shoulder,

"Jess, you can't come in with us."

She put her into the front driver seat of the car and moved to close the door when Jessi put her hand on it, "Why Not?" She asked, "They did something to me in that building, I want to know what."

Scully knew how that felt, but she also knew they'd be in danger just being there and she didn't want another bullet fired at her daughter, "It's safer in the car, you're staying."

She pouted, but let go of the door.

Scully turned back to Mulder and they walked to the front, showing their passes to the guards. Scully looked around at the light marble tiles that covered every surface of the lobby. One guard examined them as the other punched in the ID numbers on the cards. The two men smiled and moved out of their way as they entered the elevator at the end of the giant lobby.

"That was easy." Scully mumbled under her breath.

Mulder smiled, "The Gunmen are good at what they do."

She tried not to laugh.

The elevator stopped at the seventh floor, even though Mulder pushed eight. They exited and began walking down the long hall of rooms. Mulder tried the handle on one, open. He pushed the door and looked in, surprised to see nothing but computers. The room must have been about twenty feet square and there was nothing in it but computers. He looked around again and closed the door.

As they walked through the hall opening doors it surprised them that there were many rooms made up like actual rooms. Kitchens, living rooms, closets, patios, bedrooms, bathrooms. Mulder looked to Scully,

"Maybe they were using these rooms to test the children, or to teach them how to live on their own so that they could be released into compounds like where we found Jessi."

Scully only nodded, grabbing the handle to another door. She turned it and it didn't budge. Mulder looked at the door and saw the number pad on the door. He took his card and swiped it, but it came up red. He then took Scully's and swiped it, it cleared. She opened the door hesitantly, suddenly feeling slightly dizzy with new adrenaline. There were giant tubes filled with green liquid.

Rows and rows of them. The room was as large as the others, but the lights were dimmed. Mulder looked to the tubes and instantly knew what they were. He'd seen these a while ago. The last time Scully was in the hospital he'd seen these in the old folks home.

Scully took a step into the room, her mouth falling open as she looked further to the back of the room. They were embryos, fetuses. There were someone's babies. Someone's children, stolen in the middle of the night without warning, from warm uteruses to cold tanks. Her lip trembled and she walked into the middle of the room.

"Scully?" Mulder called.

She didn't respond, only looked at the paperwork, her face serious. She walked to another tank and did the same, then another, and another. Soon she had canvassed half the room. She looked up at the child in front of her. She knew it was only about six months developed, and she knew, from the paperwork, that this one wasn't hers. She blinked at tears she didn't know where there and clicked the machine off. The small body didn't flinch, didn't make a move. The lights in the tube went off and it was over. She went to another, looked at the papers and did the same, her breath held in her throat on the name of the mother, Penny Northern.

"Scully, what the hell are you doing!" Mulder screamed, making his way to her when he saw her switch off a third.

She looked up at him, flicking off a fourth, "This is not right Mulder. None of this is, and you know they're going to kill them all too. Hell, this is probably one of a thousand rooms like this in America!"

She turned off a fourth, reading, `Cassandra' then a fifth unknown. Mulder blinked several times, knowing it wasn't right to kill these children, but at the same time knowing it wasn't right that they were being taken from their mother. He turned on the matching in front of him,

`April Guzman' `Angela Delgado'

`Kayla Burns'

`Kelly Onasis'

`Nori Silverman' `Jessica Esquivel'

`Marsha Killian' `Vanessa Kotter'

`Megan Reilly' `Julie Guy'

`Eve Lister'

`Yolanda Moore'

`Robin Heiran' `Marcy Miller'

`Lisa Sumrall'

`Shoshana Jackson'

`Wilma Otterson' `Melany Cruz'

`Melissa Rabey' `Michelle Alvarez'

And the names burned themselves into their brains. Scully hadn't prayed in a long time, but today she prayed for each child and for each of their parents as she switched more and more off. She stopped quickly when she came across her own name. Dana Scully. In plain black ink stood out on the white paper. She felt nauseous suddenly. How many of her children did they have? She looked to Mulder and he was at her side instantly,

"You alright?"

She looked at him, right into his eyes and she told the truth, "I'm not ok, Mulder."

He looked at the tube she stood in front of, her hand on her belly and he felt for her as he switched off the tank, what she could not bring herself to do. She let her walls crumble around her and she cried hard into his shoulder. He just held her, rubbing her back and whispering into her hair. She began to speak to him in ragged sentences,

"They've taken away my ability to have children, Mulder, only so they can grow my children, MY children, in tubes in labs. Away from any kind of parental security, they raise them to be silent, to follow orders and be tested on. Jessi's sitting in that car pregnant with God knows who's child, and she's just a child herself."

She cursed into his shoulder for another two minutes and then she pulled away, rubbing her eyes, trying to hide the evidence of her tears. She looked to the now-dark tubes and was about to speak when a red light in the corner of the room came alive and began to spin.

Bethesda, Maryland NeoOmniGenesis 8:25PM 1/26

Mulder took Scully's arm and pulled her out of the room and they ran back into one of the rooms that was a Kitchen. Mulder looked around, knowing what he was looking for and he could only HOPE that they had made this as real as it could get. He found the laundry shoot and moved the covering. Looking down he was pretty sure it fell straight down the seven floors. He took a large pot and dropped it, listening for any signs of a hard floor at the end, but he heard nothing.

"Go, jump." He ordered.

Scully looked at him, her eyes growing wide with panic, "Mulder, what the hell's wrong with you!"

He shook his head, "Scully, remember when you were little?" He waited for her to nod, "When you threw your clothing down the shoot back at home, where did it end up?"

"In the basement where the washer and dryer were...." she jumped into the hole and tried not to scream as she took a seven story free fall into a giant tub of smelly clothing. She moved quickly, knowing Mulder would be on her in seconds. As she hopped out, Mulder fell with a loud,


She helped him out of the cart and they ran out the back door, hoping it led to where Jessica was. They emerged in the back and they saw Jessica playing with her fingers in the car. She looked up, sensing them and smiled, but not before she felt the Bounty Hunter. It wasn't the same one, she knew instantly. She saw him approach Scully and Mulder, but knew he didn't know she was there.

"You've disturbed a delicate balance." The man told Mulder and Scully, pulling out his Pick.

Mulder smiled, "And what delicate balance might that be."

Scully looked to Jessi. She hoped to God that child was reading her mind. Then she looked back to Mulder and wondered why he chose to ask questions when they were being threatened. She tried not to look back at the car, because that man would find out. She heard Jessi speak, `No, I can't leave you!'

Why did she have to be so difficult?! Scully thought to herself, all she had to do was take the keys and drive off and she'd be ok. `But what if they come after me later? You won't be there to protect me!' Scully saw the man's eyes move away from the both of them and look to the car. Could he read minds too? Scully looked to Jessi and saw the girl wasn't looking at them, but at the car keys in the ignition in front of her.

Jessi didn't want to leave them there, but she had to. Maybe if she drove off, that man would follow her and then they'd be safe, she bit her lip as she stared at the keys. She put her hand on them and felt, rather than heard, the man jump on the hood of the car. He looked at her through the window and her mouth fell open. He would use her as a hostage, not kill her. She turned the car on and put the car in reverse and slammed her foot on the brakes sending the man flying. She then put it in drive and drove off, screeching the tires as she went.

The man pulled himself off the floor, dusting himself off and he turned back to Mulder and Scully, "She means nothing now. But what you've done is inadmissible."

Scully could read Jessi's thoughts and it scared her more than anything in the world. She shook her head, trying to plea with the child, but she didn't listen. Scully heard the car peel around into the back of the building and she saw Jessi crash the car into the man's back. He bounced off the hood and onto the roof of the car and then flew off, rolling several times before he came to a stop.

Jessi jumped into the passenger seat and opened the door yelling, "Quick! Before the blood effects you!" Mulder and Scully had no objects to getting into the car and driving as fast and as far as they could go.

Three Days Later

All my life I wondered what it would be like to have a daughter, to have any child, and I could never comprehend it, never imagine the intensity of it all. And never did I imagine I'd end up with a child with as much depth as Jessica. She held her wits through this last week, after seeing all of her friends die, after being shot at point blank range in the chest, and being in complex situation after complex situation. It's what I'd always wanted for myself, the strength she has.

The smoking man walked into the consortium. He took out a cigarette and lit it, feeling comfortable in his old spot next to their leader. The two men stood in silence for a moment waiting for the rest of the men to clear out so they could talk in private. Their eyes met for the first time in months, and the large man seated took a deep breath,

"Have the other sites been secured?"

"You know they have."

"And Jessica."

He blew out a puff of smoke, "As I know it, she's spending some time with her newly aquatinted grandmother." A long pause and they averted eyes again.

"Is everyone in agreement over our new plans?"

The man nodded.

"And has it been made clear that Jessica is not to be harmed by anyone?"

Another nod, "And the child?"

A small laugh, "In time they will discover the truth about the child Jessica carries, it will lead them no further than they are."

No other attempts were made on her life after we drove off from the NeoOmniGenesis building. No attempts were made on any of us while we were in Virginia. We returned, with an assurance from Assistant Director Skinner that we'd be protected for a time, designated by when I feel safe again. The paternal testing on all the men in the FBI were complete, very few were above a 50 percent match, but all those who did, underwent a more thorough test and in the end a match was found. Not a 75 percent match, but a 100 percent match. The technicians say there's no point in continuing to test because only one man could be a 100 percent match and that's the father.

Though we were not prepared to find out who the father was.

Mulder signed on the dotted line and looked to the short balding man who handed him the results. The paper that would tell them, once and for all, who Jessica's father was. Mulder looked at the package, knowing he'd been instructed by Scully to open it and read it as soon as he got it, just in case it got `lost'. But he paused in the hall of the FBI labs holding the paper as if it were a Holy Grail. Should he read it? Did he even have a right to know?

He could still hear Scully, "Mulder, you have to open it, because if it somehow gets out of your hands, at least we'll know."

He zipped open the package and took a deep breath and looked through the papers to find the name.

The name.

The name.

The name.

His brain seemed stuck on it. His stomach felt as if it fell into his feet and he fell into a chair with his mouth open. It couldn't be, he told himself. Not...

Mulder showed up a little distraught at my mother's house.

I had just put Jessi to sleep, knowing that she wanted to know, but also knowing that it was late. As I began to worry about Mulder's whereabouts, there was a knock at the front door. He stood there, his mouth hanging slightly open. In his right hand he held a small bag, in his left the zipped up results.

Mulder stood at the door and looked from Scully to her mother. They both looked at him with wanting eyes. This meant so much to them and he was going to ruin everything, but what else was new, he thought.

"Mulder, those are the results?"

He nodded and she made a swipe for them, but he moved it away from her, saying slowly, "Don't be so excited."

"Mulder, what's wrong?" She asked, looking to her mother near the foot of the stairs and spotting Jessi at the top.

He looked up to her and she came down the stairs, sluggishly. She yawned and then rubbed her eyes. He took a step towards her and he handed her the bag. Jessi looked at the bag and then back at Mulder with confusion written in her eyes.

"Open it."

"What is it?" Jessi questioned, sliding one finger into the bag.

Mulder raised a hand to her neck and played with the golden cross Scully had given her the night before. A mother-daughter tradition that should be passed down, she'd explained to him when he asked. "It's something from *me* to you.."

She opened the bag, her eyes widening at the shock, two presents in two days, it was like what Christmas was to her. She pulled out a necklace and saw the small grey alien head smiling from the silver chain. Laughing she let him put it on, "What's this one mean?" She laughed again.

Mulder smiled, glad that she liked it, "I thought that if you had a necklace from your mother, signifying her belief in greater things, you should have something from your father signifying his belief in greater things."

Mulder was her father. MULDER was her father.

*MULDER* was her father. My mother had to shove me to get me to move, to speak, to do anything, and the only thing I could do was gasp. Of all the people in the world, he was the last person I'd have expected. And, I admit here, I zipped open the plastic bag the results were in to make sure he wasn't lying.

But he wasn't. He was her father. It took me time to get used to the idea, that my best friend fathered my child. But it was no more ridiculous than the fact that I'd never given birth and HAD a daughter. Which is no more ridiculous than the results we got back on Jessica's unborn child.

Pulling at the light blue hospital gown Jessi rubbed her temples. The day before they'd taken Amnio fluid from her and today they were running a sonogram. She'd only seen a small blob, but the assured her it was a baby. Scully had almost cried again when she saw it on the small screen. Jessi was barely seventeen and she was going to be giving birth in seven months.

The doctor stepped in with a frown on his face. He held papers in his hands and he looked to Jessica, "How was this child conceived?" he asked her.

Jessi shook her shoulders, she had no better idea than the doctor had.

Mulder stepped forward, "Is there something wrong?"

The doctor snapped out of his daze and looked to the other man, "No, no, there's nothing wrong, the baby's healthy."

Scully put a hand on Jessi's, "Then what's the problem."

"I ran the DNA test you asked, the child isn't Jessica's. There *are* enough matches to confirm she's related, probably a sibling..."

On a hunch, because he'd known enough of this to know to hunch on the wild side, he'd already run maternal and paternal tests on two persons. And to his disbelief and ours, they matched completely, as Mulder and my DNA matched with Jessica's as parents. There's no real easy way to write this, not in this journal, not in my report to Skinner, and it was difficult to explain to my mother. Jessica is carrying her own brother.

Her own brother. I'd been the one to ask about sex testing, Jessi said she didn't care and I don't know if she understands this all exactly. When we told her she looked at the doctor and shook her head and cried. Then she laughed. She pondered, through tears, how this was going to affect the family tree. I admit, it made me laugh too.

The end, Finit.

Oh My God, I Killed Kenny! Wait, wrong show... I finished the freakin' story!! Woo Hoo! I'm going to do the happy dance now!!! I'm just happy that it's done, being that I've been writing it FOREVER! :) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what you think, tell me if I screwed up (and remember, changes in the story Jessica gave are because the story she gave was "placed" in her brain, the crap she dealt in part one was a lie they made her believe.) Tell me if you liked it, hated it, loved it, I just want to know you read it! :)

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