Title: Mulder's First Father's Day
Author: NST
Category: M/S married, babyfic
Dedication: To the Haven After Hours board gutter girls

Summary: Mulder enjoys his first Father's Day

Mulder woke up gradually. He was lying in bed--he reached over and tried to grope for Scully, his hands finding only air and rumpled covers. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that her pillow and side of the bed were empty. He rolled over to her side and smelled her scent on the pillow, inhaling deeply.

He glanced at the nightstand, where a picture of the three of them sat. Maggie had taken it a few days ago: they were on the porch smiling at the camera, William's bright red wisps of hair gleaming as Mulder and Scully smiled radiant smiles, grinning at each other.

Mulder glanced at the clock, which read 7:45 am. He heard the song "The Way You Look Tonight" playing from the living room; he started to hum along. He flopped over in bed and scanned the room--he noticed the blinds drawn up and sun streaming in. The clothes that had been scattered around last night were hung up and the chest of drawers had toys atop it, along with their wedding photo. The two of them were smiling at the camera. Another photo, of them kissing, with Walter and Maggie grinning as Langly held Will, sat next to it.

Finally ready to start the day, Mulder leapt out of bed in his black boxers. He scratched at the stubble on his chin, which Scully loved to put her hands on first thing, before he shaved--he could almost feel her fingers tracing his jaw.... He did a yoga pose, centering his thoughts. He breathed in and out and crept towards the kitchen, rubbing his itchy thighs where Scully had left several love bites the night before....

The song was still playing on the CD player, and he was humming as he approached the kitchen. He stood in the doorway, and heard Scully talking to their son, who was 3 months old. Scully said to William, "Will, it's Father's Day--you do know that, right?" Mulder listened as Will gurgled. Scully giggled, and went on speaking to her son, "We have the card, we have the cake--now all we need is your father."

Mulder wandered in and approached Scully, who was wearing her bathrobe, and little Will, who was wearing his green pjs--a gift from the Gunmen. He leaned around and kissed Scully's cheek and she leaned into him and hugged him, saying, "Mulder, we're so glad you are up."

Mulder replied with a leer, "I'm always up for you."

Scully grinned at that, and let her hands wander down his chest, tweaking his nipples and tickling his sides. Mulder grinned back and took Will from her; Will looked at his father and smiled.

Scully said, "Mulder, Will and I have a present for you, because it's Father's Day."

Mulder looked the way he had that Christmas two years before, when they'd exchanged presents on his couch well after midnight. He smiled a brilliant smile and said, "Well, where's my stuff?"

Scully laughed. She took Will from Mulder and handed him a card. On the table in front of them was a cake, which was chocolate and had "Happy Father's Day" written in chocolate icing.

Mulder's grin grew evil at the thought of what they could do with that icing. Scully looked at him and smiled, knowing what he was thinking. She whispered in his ear, "I saved some for later."

Mulder laughed out loud and opened the card, which read, "Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Love, Will and Mommy." Inside were handprints from Scully and Will, in bright red ink.

Mulder looked up from the card to see Will gurgling his enthusiasm. He grabbed Will and twirled him in the air and gave Scully a hot, blowing kiss on her lips, laughing and saying, "Thank you, Will, thank you."

As he was dancing with Will, Will all of a sudden threw up his breakfast, all over Mulder's chest. Mulder looked to Scully, who burst into laughter; and Mulder said, "I wouldn't have it any other way; its the way I look tonight. Thank you for the best Father's Day anywhere."

Mulder was a happy man.


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