Title: In Other Context - In the Before Time
Author: mgreten
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Spoilers: Musing of a Cigarette Smoking Man

SUMMARY: A grandmother tells a "story" to her grandchildren

The grandchildren liked to visit their grandmother. Granted she was frail and not always well enough for them to stay for very long, but that did not deter her from telling her grandchildren fairy tales and Mother Goose rhymes and stories of her girlhood.

One day, when the grandchildren begged her to tell them a story, the grandmother remained silent as if she were looking at an internal clock. Were they ready? Should she relate to them, now, the events that took place.....

".....In the Before Time, there was a young woman, who because of her beauty and mental acuity, was sought after by two stalwart young soldiers who happened to be best friends. "Not wishing to become the source of discord between her two young suitors, the young lady requested a promise from both of them that her betrothed and she would consider the other friend as "brother" to them and part of their family.

Both men agreed and so she chose one of them to be her husband. "In timely fashion, the young woman brought forth her firstborn. Their friend and "brother" became godfather to him.

The men, comrade-at-arms, were assigned or volunteered for assignments together. Soon however, the young woman's husband distinguished himself to his superiors and was given solitary assignments that took far and long from home. "Always, when not on assignment himself, the young woman's friend and "brother" visited his adopted family.

One day, the young woman's husband was called on another mission. He confided to his friend that this mission was dangerous to the extreme and extracted a solemn oath that his friend would care for his family should the not unexpected occur.

"The young mother's husband's best man, stood well in her husband's stead playing with his godchild, and pacing the hospital floor when the woman, with great difficulty, delivered his friend's daughter, his "niece".

"Then came a day, the young mother, by now quite acquainted with her friend's visage, did not need him to say the words. She knew her husband would not be returning home from this mission.

"A year passed, her husband declared dead, the young mother allowed herself to be wooed by her husband's best man and "uncle" to her children. She did love him. He, in the largess of his heart not only loved her, but adopted her children and loved them as his own. The discovery of his wife's barrenness was devastating; but the two youngsters now bearing his name and love took the pain away with their increasing devotion to him as their father.

"....His daughter was four years old when he returned to a home not his and found himself "uncle" to his own children.....".

After the grandmother did not continue for some time, the grandchildren noticed the stillness of her eyes, and tiptoed out of the room. When they were informed that their grandmother had "gone to a better place" the grandchildren wondered if she had went to the world...

In The Before Time.

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