Title: Finally Home

Author: Natalie Scully


Category: MSR/ Baby-fic

Rating: PG

Spoilers: No, no spoilers at all so anyone and everyone can read it.

Summary: When Mulder and Scully are happy awaiting the birth of their first baby, the baby decides to change the rules.

Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and Maggie Scully do not belong to me, I wish!! They belong to Chris Carter, 1013 and the FOX network and no copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me, I have no money, I spent it all on the merchandise!!

Authors Notes: Hi, I really hope you like this story. The is the first one I have decided to post so please be gently with me. I would love some feedback on this so I know if I should write more or never again. Also I should warn that I'm from England so that's why there maybe some variety on the spelling front, hope nothing too different. Anyway like I said Please, please, please, (OK have I done enough begging now?) send me some feedback, thanx!!

Dedication: First of all I would like to dedicate this to all the friends I have made thanx to the X-files around the world, so Hannah, Rachael, Rebecca, Wendy, you now who you are! But most of all to the brilliant and wonderful David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson who have brought Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to life so well and inspired me to write this in the first place. You guys rock!! Ok speech over, enjoy the story!!


Finally Home

Natalie Scully


November 21st 2000 4:30 PM

County General Hospital

Mulder smiled at the image he saw. Scully holding his <their> baby son. Scully looked up then and returned the smile. Mulder opened the door and walked into the plain hospital room. She was sitting on the bed, looking down at the new little being that they had created.

"You ready to go Mrs. Mulder?" Scully smiled up at Mulder. He was picking up the bags that contained all the baby's bits and pieces that they had obtained and received since having the baby.

"Sure, just let me just wrap another blanket around him." Scully the ever protective mother, Mulder grinned.

Scully cast him a sly look, "What are you grinning about?"

"Oh nothing, just how lovely my wife and son look and that we can finally go home together, as a family." Scully smiled and picked her their new son and they all set off for home.

Both new parents were quiet on the journey home. One reason was that their son had finally fallen asleep and they didn't want to chance waking him, but there was another reason. They both couldn't believe that they were finally able to take him home.


October 13th 2000 6:30 PM

The Mulder residence

"Scully, come on, hurry up." Mulder sighed and turned away from the stairs and went to sit down on the couch in their living room. He looked around the living-room and smiled. He still couldn't quite believe this was all his, his and hers. Dana Scully. He'd finally got his courage up enough to ask her out on a proper date. Although stunned at first she soon gave in and said yes. One little word and everything between them changed. They had got married in the September of 1999. September 25th 1999, Dana Scully, independent "I'm fine" Dana Scully became Mrs. Dana Mulder. Mulder still smiled at the thoughts. Now he was going to be a father. This was scary. Nothing, no liver eating mutants or alien conspiracy's could beat the fear he had in him at this moment. He was going to be a father in two months. Two months, WOW!!

Scully was getting fed up, she felt big and ugly, although Mulder didn't see her that way at all. She was carrying their child. Nothing could be further from his mind. Today was his birthday, although he was taking Scully out. She had been depressed all week and he felt like she needed cheering up so he suggested a meal at a new little Italian restaurant called ASK which had just opened the previous week.


Scully heard Mulder calling her from downstairs. She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror again. This was the fifth outfit she'd tried on and she hated them all. She looked fat and ugly in all of them and she hated herself. No-one ever tells you, you're going to feel this bad when you are pregnant. For the first three months, you spend your head down a toilet and for the last three you're so big, you wish you could get into the bathroom. OK slight exaggeration, but Scully didn't care. She didn't want to go out tonight, she would much rather have curled up in front of the television in Mulder's arms but Mulder had insisted. She was tired. Her doctor kept insisting that she get plenty of rest and sleep but it was impossible. She couldn't sleep, she was hot and uncomfortable and she just wanted to have this baby now. She sighed and turned back to look at the various pieces of clothing strung across their bed. She finally decided on some black trousers and a blue top. Even though this outfit had already been worn once this evening, only to be chucked back on the bed, she tried it on again and decided it was the best she could do. She quickly brushed her hair again and looked at herself in the mirror.

She walked out of their bedroom and headed for the stairs. She couldn't be bothered to tidy away all the clothes that she had left, she could do it later or tomorrow, or whenever she got round to it, she didn't really care. Just as she put her foot on the first step, she stopped. She breathed in deeply and held her breath. A second later the pain had gone. Another twinge. That was the fifth she'd had in only the past two days. She didn't mind, her doctor said that she probably would have them towards the end of the pregnancy but she didn't know they were going to be this painful. Never mind she thought and made her way down the stairs. She stopped at the entrance to the living-room seeing her husband sitting their smiling. She stood there and watched him for a moment before he saw her.

"Hi!" he said.

"Hi, yourself!" Mulder grinned and beckoned her over to him. He looked down at what she was finally wearing and immediately liked it. He loved that color blue on her, brought out her eyes, so he told her. Her hair lightly rested on her shoulders. She had let it grow, but the curl in it kept it shorter and the light wispy curls framed her face. Scully went to sit down next to Mulder, but he pulled her onto his lap.

"Mulder!" she cried as he wrapped his arms around her.

"What?" He said pulling his innocent puppy-dog face. God if their child inherited that face, she was doomed.

"I'm too heavy!" she said smiling at him.

"No you're not, you're beautiful." Scully didn't have a comeback line. She just sat there and looked at her husband. Tears began to well up in her eyes, goddamn these hormones, she thought.

"Hey," Mulder said lifting her chin up with his hand and giving her a soft, sweet kiss on her lips. Scully smiled into the kiss. "Shall we get going?" he asked, trying to move from underneath Scully. She didn't let him move however, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"How about we just stay here?" Mulder grinned as he lifted Scully of his lap and stood up. He turned around and put his arm out to her. She reluctantly placed her hand in his and they set off for the restaurant.


October 13th 2000 8:15 PM

ASK Restaurant

Scully looked up from her plate and smiled at her husband. She knew he had been watching her and enjoyed it, until now.

"What?" she finally asked putting down her spoon in her plate.

"Oh nothing." her husband replied smiling at her. 'I wish I knew what he was thinking about she though.' Mulder just smiled. He knew he was winding Scully up but she needed to think about something else and just be out of the house for a while. Recently she had spent a lot of time inside the house and wouldn't go out anywhere. She had stopped working two months ago, even though Scully had resisted, Mulder had won again and she had given in to him.

"You finished there?" the waitress asked. Mulder glanced over at Scully who nodded at him.

"Sure, can you bring the check?"

"Can't get you anything else?" the waitress asked as she began to pick up the desert plates on either side of the table.

"No, we're fine thanks, just the check." Mulder replied. Scully sighed as she watched this 5"10, size 6 take their plates away. 'God, what I would give for a figure like that,' she thought. Just then the baby kicked her. She smiled down at her bump and rubbed her tummy, 'I know, I know, I wouldn't swap you for the world.'

Mulder glanced over at Scully and wondered what she was smiling about. It was then that he noticed she was rubbing her, now rather larger, stomach. She glanced up at him and they exchanged warm, knowing smiles.


October 13th 2000 8:45 PM

The Mulder residence

Mulder and Scully returned from the restaurant. Mulder took Scully's coat off and sat her down on the couch. He then went into the kitchen to make some coffee.

"Mulder?" she called out.

"Decaffeinated, yes I know Scully. You are SEVEN months pregnant, I am aware of that." Scully frowned.

He came back in a couple of minutes later and placed the two mugs of coffee down on the table next to the couch. He then sat down next to Scully and pulled her down so that her head was resting on his thighs. She smiled up at him and he grinned back. He reached over to get his mug off coffee and Scully sat back up to have hers. Soon the coffee was drunk and Scully was lying back down on Mulder's lap. She had her eyes closed and was smiling. Mulder continued to run his hand through her hair while the other hand caressed her bump.

"Mmm, Mulder?" she murmured.

"Yes Scully?" he replied.

"We're going to be parents."

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Scully opened her eyes and gave him "THE LOOK" He grinned back at her. "Mulder, it's scary." She said trying to sit up without much success. Mulder put his arm around her back and eased her up.

"I know it is Scully, but you'll make a great mother and together we'll get by just fine." Scully just smiled at him. "Thank you Mulder." She leaned into him and gave him a kiss on his lips. She then rested her forehead on his. "Your welcome Dana." He then returned the kiss. The kisses hastened and deepened and soon Mulder was lying down alongside Scully on the couch. Their kisses had subsided and Mulder stood up. Scully moaned at the loss of contact and warmth. Mulder turned and held out his hand and Scully stood and followed him into the bedroom.


October 13th 2000 10:30 PM

The Mulder residence

"Are you happy Mulder?" Mulder looked up at Scully. He had his head on her bare swollen belly. He was placing soft kisses on her stomach and whispering to their baby. He moved up off his elbows and slid up so he was facing Scully.

"What makes you say that?" Mulder placed his hand on her check, gently caressing it.

"I don't know, being SEVEN months pregnant, fat, ugly, tired......."

"Dana," Mulder cut her off. "Dana you are the most wonderfully, beautiful person I know. You are my wife and the mother of my child." Her eyes filled with tears as he spoke. "I love you Dana, more than anything in this world and together we will make this baby the most loved child in the world." He leaned in and kissed her.

"I love you Fox."

"I love you too." And together they fell asleep into peaceful slumber.


October 22nd 2000 12.20 PM

FBI HQ Special Agent Mulder's Office

"Thanks Holly." Mulder walked into his office and looked up to see his wife sitting at his desk.

"Hi," she said. "Thought I'd come in early and say hi!"

"Hi!" Mulder replied. "I won't be ready for another few minutes. I've got to just get some reports together before I can drop them back off with Skinner upstairs." he said starting to gather various bits of paper thrown across the desk.

"That's fine." Scully said and sat back into Mulder's chair. She looked down at his desk and smiled when she saw a picture of herself with Mulder on her old swing in her mother's back garden. That picture had been taken shortly after they had first got involved. She carried on looking at the desk, "Mulder you should really try and organize all of this stuff." She heard a tutt and looked up at him. He had his hands on his hips and was staring at her, the sparkle showing in his eyes.

"Two minutes you are back Agent MULDER, and you are already telling me what to do." Scully merely shrugged her shoulders and grinned at him. Mulder shook his head and collected the rest of his belongings.

The two agents, one working, one not, made their way up to Skinner's receptionist to give her the files over. Skinner was standing there when they entered the outer office and turned to observe the two people.

"Sir, these are the files you wanted." Mulder said placing them down on the desk.

"Ahh, thank you Agent Mulder. How are you doing Agent Scully?" Skinner asked.

"OK sir, tired, be glad when this is over and I can finally hold the baby." Scully said and Mulder returned and placed his arm around his wife.

"We'd better be going sir." Mulder said pulling Scully towards the door.

"Sure, take care of yourself Scully."

"Thanks sir, I wi......oh god!" Scully bent over and clutched her stomach.

"Dana? Dana? Oh god, call an ambulance. Dana, oh please, Dana?" Scully continued to groan in agony as Mulder lay her down on the couch. She continued to whimper as the group of agents surrounding Skinner's outer office grew. Skinner went out to get rid of them and to show the paramedics were to come. Mulder continued to wipe her forehead and reassure his wife.

October 22nd 2000 2:30 PM

County General Hospital

Scully lay on a bed dressed in a hospital gown with countless wires and monitors hooked up to herself and the baby to monitor them both. Mulder held her hand and kissed her forehead. She was crying, "What's happening Mulder? What's going on?" she said between the sobs.

"Try not to worry, the doctor will be here in a second. Mulder replied, not sure who it was he was trying to convince, Scully or himself. Eventually the doctor came in and saw them both. "What's happening?" Mulder asked.

"Dana has gone into labor." The doctor said very matter-of-factly.

"WHAT?" cried Mulder. Scully just cried even more. "But she can't be, she's not due for another two months."

"Mr. Mulder, babies rarely do anything they are supposed to, in this case, yours has decided to come early."

"But, I'm still only seven months gone." Scully struggled to say.

"Don't worry Dana, babies born at this stage are usually fine, we've got all the monitors possible on, so please don't worry. Now are we comfortable?"

"Hah!" was all the response he got out of Scully.

"I'll be back shortly to check how you are? The contractions are nice and wide apart now so there's no rush, the baby won't be arriving for quite a while yet." Mulder watched the doctor walk out of the room. He was worried, the doctor seemed very relaxed about the whole situation while Dana was going out of her mind. He looked back down at his wife. She was no longing sobbing, but the tears were still falling down her cheeks. He leaned down and put his head on the pillow next to hers.

"Hey sweetheart, try not to worry eh? Everything's going to be fine." He planted a kiss on her forehead and then one on her lips.

She didn't respond, "But Mulder. The baby's not due for another two months. We don't have anything ready, or anything here." Mulder didn't like his wife like this, she was obviously distressed and he didn't want anymore worries to be put on her.

"Sssh, Dana, listen I'll call your mom and get her to bring a few things down for us OK, don't worry sweetheart. I'm just going to go and call her OK. I'll be back in a second." He kissed her lips again and walked towards the door. Just as he pulled on the handle, she called out to him, "Fox?"


"I love you."

"I love you too Dana."

October 22nd 2000 5:55 PM

County General Hospital

"That's good Dana, only a little bit more now," the doctor called. Scully grasped Mulder's hand tighter as another contraction hit. "That's good Dana, now breathe through it."

"I AM!" she cried through clenched teeth.

"Brilliant Dana, I can see the head. Wanna see Dad?" Mulder looked down at Scully. She looked so tired and worn out. She smiled at him as best she could and nodded. He walked around and was amazed at the sight he saw.

"Oh god Dana."

"Mulder?" she called waving out her hand, to get him to come back to her side. He grabbed her hand as another contraction struck. He put his other arm around her shoulders and held her too him. She buried her head in his chest and she held him tightly.

"One more push Dana." the doctor called. Dana cried out with the pain as the contraction came again. Suddenly she fell limp on Mulder's shoulder while Mulder looked up to see a little red, wet, screaming baby. "Congratulations, you've got a boy!" the doctor cried.

Mulder was over come by the sight and tears started to stream down his cheeks. He pulled Scully's face up to face his, and looked deep into her eyes. "You did it Dana, we've got a baby son." He pulled her forward into an embrace and she wrapped her arms around him, obtaining the smallest amount of energy from somewhere. He pulled back from her and looked at her. He cupped her face with his hands and she mirrored the gesture, "I love you so much."

"I love you too." she said and leaned into a long sweet kiss.

The doctors around them quickly worked at cutting the umbilical cord and cleaning the baby up before the whisked him away down to the babycare unit.

October 22nd 2000 7:15 PM

County General Hospital

"Dana?" Mulder and Scully looked up to see her mother there, standing at the door.

Mulder was sitting in the bed behind Scully. His legs were out hanging over the side and Scully was leaning back on his chest. "Hi, are you both?" Mulder went to move away from Scully but she put her arm up to make him stay.

"We're fine. Tired but fine." Mrs. Scully smiled.

"So where is my grandchild?" Scully looked up at Mulder. He climbed out of bed then and led Mrs. Scully off to the babycare unit to see her grandson.


October 22nd 2000 7:30 PM

County General Hospital-Babycare Unit

"Is he all right Fox?" Mrs. Scully said leaning down to see her grandson, hooked up to various amounts of wires and monitors in an incubator.

"We're not exactly sure yet, they are just monitoring his progress for the next 24 hours to see how it goes, but he's not on any danger lists so that's good."

"Are you all right Fox?" He looked down at Mrs. Scully and attempted a smile.

"I just thought all of this would be perfect, you know. Dana would be grumpy and hell to live with for the next two months but at the end of it we'd have the baby and then be able to take him home with us, instead of having to stare at him through this thing." Mrs. Scully leaned forward and embraced him.

"You will soon Fox, you will soon." she said rubbing his back.

"I hope so, I really do."


October 22nd 2000 10:45 PM

County General Hospital-Babycare Unit

The nurse wheeled Dana Scully up to the babycare unit and stopped her in front of one of the incubators. Next she opened the door and lifted the tiny human being into Dana Scully's arms.

"Ohh God." Scully exclaimed when she held him, "He's so small." she said to the nurse but she never took her eyes of her son for a minute.

"I'll leave you two alone for a minute." With that the nurse left Scully and the baby alone.

"Hi you." she said caressing his cheek. "So you're the one who's made me look like a beached whale for the past few months." She smiled and tears started to form in her eyes when an arm circled her shoulders and a body lent down next to her.

"He looks like his mom." a familiar voice said.

"He's got his dad's nose that's for sure." she replied and turned to face her husband. "I really love you."

"I know, I love you too." He leaned forward and gave her a kiss just as Mulder Jr. starting to cry. "Jealous already are you buddy?" Scully soothed her new son but before long the nurse came back to put their baby to bed for the night.


October 29th 2000 11:05 PM

County General Hospital-Babycare Unit

Mulder walked in to see his wife holding his son. He came in behind her and rested his head on her shoulder so he was facing his son. "Hi." he whispered in her ear and then kissed her on the check.

"Hey." she whispered back. "He's just gone out, been awake all night.

They were a little worried about his breathing."

Mulder leaned forward and caressed his son's face. "He's OK isn't he?" Scully just nodded before the nurse came back in to say they had to hand their son back to the hospital. Scully looked longingly at the tiny being laying inside the incubator. "Come on, let's go home."

They returned up to Scully's room where Mulder picked up her bag. She had already packed before going down to the babycare unit and was now finally going home herself. She walked over to the window and looked down to see a man and his partner walk out holding a new baby.

"Scully, you ready to go?..........Scully?......Dana?.........Hey?" Scully jumped as he put his hand on her shoulder. He turned her around to face him and saw her face was awash with silent tears. "Oh Dana." he sighed as he pulled her into a tight embrace.

"I just want to take him home Mulder, with us, now." she cried. Mulder rubbed his hand in small circles on her lower back and kissed the top of her head.

"I know sweetheart, we will soon, I promise. Come on, let's get home."


November 21st 2000 2:00 PM

The Mulder residence

Mulder opened his front door and walked into his house, his quiet house. A house that should have been filled with a screaming baby and tired parents. The house, unfortunately only had the latter. "Scully? Scully, you here?"

"Hi," she replied walking out from the kitchen with a large grin on her face. She had her hair roughly tied up into a high pony-tail and was wearing an old T-shirt and joggers. She was wearing yellow rubber gloves and had a cloth in her hand. "Where've you been?"

"I just went to get a few bits from the shops. What are you doing?" Scully walked over to Mulder, pulling the gloves off as she went. She threw the gloves down on the hallside table and took on of his hands and led him up the stairs. "Scully? What's going on?" She said nothing, but continued to lead him up the stairs and along the corridor until they came to a stop outside the nursery. "Scully?" Still no reply, but she leant forward and opened the door. Mulder pushed the door open to see the nursery bright and colorful and full of cards and toys. Dana had refused to touch any of the items they had received for their new baby since he had been born and the nursery had been almost off limits. "Wha.....?" he said turning round to face her. She just stood at the entrance of the room, leaning on the door frame. Mulder continued to look around the room and admire all the new gifts. He then walked over to Scully and grabbing her round the waist, eventually leant down so their faces were almost touching. "Will you please tell me what's going on?" he pleaded. Scully finally gave in and told him.

"I got a call, it woke me up in fact. It was the hospital." She stopped with a huge grin on her face.

"Yes?" Mulder prompted, "Yes Dana?"

"Mulder, they said we can take him home this afternoon." She said, tears starting to wet her cheeks.

Mulder's eyes flew open wide, "Are you sure Dana?" She just nodded, "Oh god Dana." he cried as he pulled her to him, embracing her in a powerful hug. They pulled back from each other and looked into each other's eyes. Together they leaned in for a kiss. Mulder pulled back first and grabbed Scully and swung her round the room, "WOOOHOOO!" he screamed.


November 21st 2000 4:30 PM

County General Hospital

Mulder smiled at the image he saw. Scully holding his <their> baby son. Scully looked up then and returned the smile. Mulder opened the door and walked into the plain hospital room. She was sitting on the bed, looking down at the new little being that they had created.

"You ready to go Mrs. Mulder?" Scully smiled up at Mulder. He was picking up the bags that contained all the baby's bit and pieces that they had obtained and received since having the baby.

"Sure, just let me just wrap another blanket around him." Scully the ever protective mother, Mulder grinned.

Scully cast him a sly look, "What are you grinning about?"

"Oh nothing, just how lovely my wife and son look and that we can finally go home together, as a family." Scully smiled and picked her their new son and they all set off for home.

Both new parents were quiet on the journey home. One reason was that their son had finally fallen asleep and they didn't want to chance waking him, but there was another reason. They both couldn't believe that they were finally able to take him home.

They pulled up outside their house and took their son into his new house. Finally Adam William Mulder was home.


Hope you enjoyed it!! Silly and gooey, but hey I enjoyed writing it. Please write to me and tell me what you thought, I live for e-mails!!


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