Title: Once Upon a Time: Against All Odds
Author: Meaghan McScully
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Spoilers: Up to and including Requiem. MAJOR Requiem. Also for Once Upon A Time: Welcome Home. If you have not read that yet, you might not understand this.
Rating: PG:13
Category: D, R, A, S
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance, RoseTorture (I guess), Scully Angst, Doggett? He only appears for about 30 seconds, though..

Summary: Scully is left to deal with Mulder's disappearance and his daughter's illness.

Disclaimer 1- I don't own 'em or get money from 'em.

Disclaimer 2- Rose Marie is my own creation. If, for some reason, you want to use her, please ask me first. I'm not very hard to reach. E-mail me at ILoveFox yMulder@onebox.com .

Thanks: I would like to thank the Academy for giving me the oper- wait, I think that's the wrong speech.. ah, here it is. Meg, my twin, without you, this story would not be what it is today.. This one's for you.

There was a tentative knock on the door of the unfeeling hospital room. Dana Scully quickly wiped her eyes and collected herself. "Come in," she said, wondering who it was, but not caring at all.

Rose stepped uncertainly into the room, trying to smile, but not quite succeeding. "Hi, Dana.. Uncle Melvin said that, uh, you want to talk to me?" She knew that Scully had collapsed at work, though she did not know why.

"Yeah honey, I do." She smiled. "Come on over here, I won't bite. Promise." Rose smiled a little and walked over to the side of Scully's bed and sat on the corner.

"Dana, what's going on? Are you all right? Because, I mean, Uncle Melvin and the guys were acting really funny around me, like something really bad happened, and it's really starting to freak me out." She looked down at her hands and then focused on Scully's face. She scooted closer, looking down as Scully started to rub her arm.

"Well, Sweetheart, uh, there is something good to tell you, and there's, uh, something bad to-" She stopped, took a deep breath, and continued. "-to tell you, Honey." She stopped again, looking at Rose's worried face. Tears freely ran down Scully's face. "It seems, Rosie, that you're going to have a half-brother or half-sister." Rose's troubled face turned into a wide smile as she reached over to hug Scully.

"Oh, Dana, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!" Rose exclaimed, genuinely happy.

Scully smiled through her tears as she returned the hug. "Rosie, darling, there's, uh, something else."

Rose looked at Scully, wondering what else she needed to be told.

"Honey, your dad, he um.." Scully closed her eyes against the sobs threatening to overcome her.

Rose's face fell. "Dana?" she asked cautiously, "What is it?"

"He's.. he's m..missing, honey." She managed to choke out before starting to silently sob.

"W..what? Dana? What do you mean missing?" she asked, her voice shaky and unsteady and she reached out to hug Scully.

"He just.. he just disappeared." Scully's already hoarse voice cracked and she had to close her eyes and take a few deep breaths to keep the sobs at bay. Scully wrapped her arms around and cradled the smaller girl with whom she had become so close with over the last year and a half. Hot angry tears spilled from her tightly closed eyes as she thought of the injustice of it all. How unfair it was for Mulder to be taken from her at such an important time in her life - a time she considered and a time she knew Mulder would consider extraordinary - her pregnancy. How unfair it was that his oldest child, whom had grown to love him unconditionally, had to go through the loss of another parent barely two years after losing her mother.

And how unfair it was to let her deal with the future alone.

Dana Scully Residence
Five months later
7:19 AM

Looking at the thermometer, Scully said "It's at about 100." She smiled gently. "Just high enough to make you feel terrible and keep you home from school." She brushed the hair off Rose's forehead. "Is there anything going around?"

"No, Dana," she answered, trying to curl into a smaller ball.

"Poor thing. You really look like you're not feeling well.. you're so pale. Does your throat hurt, Sweetie?" At Rose's affirming nod, Scully frowned. "Are you wearing one of your dad's shirts?" Rose nodded again, hugging her knees closer to her chest. "Do you think you could sit up for a few minutes, let me take a look at you?" Rose sat up slowly, quickly shutting her eyes and dropping her head to her lap. "Dizzy too, huh? I'll have to take you to the doctor on Saturday to see what she says. Do you want anything before I have to leave, Sweetheart?" Scully asked Rose, rubbing her back in a soothing circular motion. Rose shook her head, and looked up at Scully through partially closed eyes. "You sure? All right." Smiling gently at her, Scully reached for the cordless phone and put it on the nighttable, within Rose's reach. "If you start to feel really bad, call my cell phone, all right? It should be on, I'm not going anywhere. If it's not, call Frohike. Okay?"

Rose shifted again, still trying to get comfortable. "'Kay," she answered, finding a position that was semi-comfortable.

Scully smiled and kissed her forehead. "Bye, Sweetheart. Feel better." She rose and walked out of the room. Remembering something, she turned back. "Oh, I almost forgot, I have a doctor's appointment at 4, so I might be a little late, okay?" Rose nodded and smiled weakly at Scully. "All right, I'm off. Goodbye, Sweetie." The door closed with a soft 'snick'.

Drumming her fingers impatiently on the steering wheel, Scully stared sightlessly at D.C. gridlock, her mind going a hundred different directions at once. She thought about Mulder, about where he could be and what had happened to him. She thought about Rose, about her seemingly mysterious illness, and about how she was still being affected by her father's disappearance. Scully had expected her to re-act badly to the news about her father, and she did. Scully thoughts kept returning to Rose, however. She would have to call the doctor and make Rose and appointment when she got to work.

12:20 PM

Rose opened her eyes with a groan. She felt decidedly worse, like a jackhammer was attached to her head. "Dana?" she called quietly, rolling over to stare at the blurry numbers on the clock. Seven ten PM, it's glowing digits informed her. Hearing sounds from the kitchen, Rose figured that Scully had just gotten home and hand not heard her call. She rose slowly from her curled position, having to steady herself several times before moving from the room.

Moving slowly from the hall to the living room, Rose stopped, suddenly realizing that she was no longer in Scully's Apartment, but standing in front of headstones in St. Mary's cemetery. She bent down to read the moss-covered stones, slick with early-morning dew. She started at the inscriptions on the two headstones, not believing what she saw.

"Dana Katherine Scully, 1964-2000. Loving daughter and mother." The first one read, it's cold gray exterior was slightly slimy as Rose ran her fingers over the name. Tears ran down her face as she realized what this meant. "Fox William Mulder, 1961-2000. Loving son and father." At this, Rose collapsed to her knees, silently sobbing, her soul ripping to pieces. The two most important people in her life, dead. Suddenly the ground under her started to shake, the earth above the caskets moving up, revealing the living *No! They can't be living! They're dead!* corpses of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

"Rose," they said in unison, decaying skin barely on the bones of their bodies. "Why did you not help us? Why did you lea-"

Sitting straight up in bed, Rose screamed. Tears coursed down her face as she frantically reached for the cordless phone that Scully left on the nightstand earlier. Shaking fingers pressed the familiar numbers, as a trembling hand held the handset to her head.

"The DC cellular customer you are trying to reach is out of range or has their phone turned off. Please try again later."

X-Files Office

Scully walked down to the X-Files office fuming. Skinner had taken her off field duty until after the baby was born. She sighed and took her phone out to call the deli down the street to order her lunch. Glancing down at the phone, she saw the LED display blinking. 'You have received One call. Press 1 to access the number. Press END to cancel.' it informed her.

Pressing one, Scully saw the caller's number was very familiar- it was her home phone. Quickly dialing the number back, she waited impatiently as the phone rung- and rung- and rung. Scully got her things together and was headed out the door, when John Doggett rounded the corner.

"Woah, where are you going? It's only 12:40," he said coldly, not actually caring where or why she was leaving.

"I have a daughter that needs me, Doggett. And because she needs me, I am going home." Scully answered, just as coldly. She walked past him as fast as she could. Pressing the elevator button, Scully looked back to see him observing her. "You can take this up with A.D. Skinner if you like, 'Dog'ett." The elevator arrived with a ding and Scully stepped inside smiling.

Outside Scully's apartment Building
12:41 PM

Noticing a young girl huddling near the doorway, Charlie hurried over. Crouching down next to her, he saw that the girl was only wearing a thin tanktop and pajama pants. "Honey? Where do you live?" he asked, gently touching her arm.

The shivering girl only shook her head and burrowed further into herself.

"What's your name, honey?" Charlie took off his heavy overcoat and draped it over the silent girl.

Again, there was no answer.

Charlie turned, glancing over his shoulder as he saw his older sister walking toward him."Dana?"

"Charlie?" Her face broke out in a wide smile as she neared her brother. "What are you doing here? I thought you were in Baltimore visiting mom?" she asked, looking into his face. 'He looks so much like Dad.' she thought.

"No, I was sent out here for a conference. I came by to see if you were home." Charlie glanced back to the child. "Dana, do you know her? She looks like she's a tad... underdressed for this kind of weather."

"Rosie? Honey what were you doing out here? Are you all right?" she asked, eyebrows dipping in concern as she hurried over to Rose. Rose didn't answer. "Sweetie, look at you! You're shaking. Come on, let's get you warmed up." Hugging Rose tightly, she stood.

The three of them walked inside and to the elevator. Once inside, Rose detangled herself from Charlie's coat and clutched at Scully. "Rosie? Baby what is it? What happened?" Rose gave a small cry and gripped Scully tighter. All Scully could do was stroke her hair and murmur reassurances.

Arlington Pediatric Services
November 4, 2000
1:37 PM

"Dr. Scully, may I speak to you in my office, please?" Scully nodded and stood, gently squeezing Rose's shoulder.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, honey," she said as she followed Doctor McMullen to her office. Scully sat down in the chair opposite the large mahogany desk, suddenly fearful of what this woman had to tell her. "What is it?"

"Her bloodwork came back. We'd like to run a few more tests before diagnosing anything." Doctor McMullen looked down, remembering the last child she had seen with the disease. The last child she had seen die. "Her white count is at almost 50,000, while her red and platelet counts are extremely below normal." Taking her glasses off, Nancy McMullen rubbed the bridge of her nose. "I've seen these symptoms before, Doctor Scully."

"You think it's cancer." There was no question in Scully's voice.

"Yes, I do. Leukemia to be exact. I'm not sure what kind or even how far along it is. I'm sorry."

Scully quickly blinked back tears. "You've, uh, treated this before?"

Nancy considered this for a moment. She sighed. "Yes, I have." Her words were careful and measured.

Scully caught this. "The child didn't survive," she stated.

"No, she, uh, didn't."

2 Months Later
Dana Mulder Residence

"Dana?" Scully looked up, surprised, from her seat on the floor where she was playing with her son, Michael Fox Mulder.

"Rosie? Sweetie, what are you doing walking around without any help?" Putting the baby in his playpen, Scully stood and quickly walked to Rose's side.

Scully helped her over to the couch. "You look better Sweetheart. How are you feeling?"

"A lot better than earlier.. the chemo's never affected me so badly before, Dana."

Draping a light blanket over Rose, Scully shook her head. "It does that honey. One time you'll only be a little queasy, the next, you're puking like there's no tomorrow." Scully looked up as the front door opened and Mrs. Scully stepped in, arms laden with shopping bags full of food.

"Whatever happened to common courtesy at the grocery store?" Mrs. Scully walked past them into the kitchen, where she dropped the bags.

Walking back into the family room, Margaret sat down next to Rose. "How are you feeling, Rose?"

"Better than earlier, Mrs. Scully." Rose smiled softly, "Thanks."

Mrs. Scully's answer was interrupted by the shrill ring of the phone.

Scully turned and picked up the receiver, pressing the 'talk' button as she did so. "Hello?"

"Scully? It's Skinner." Scully caught the tremor in his voice.

"What is it?" Nervousness edged out the concern in her voice.

"I've found him."


Authors Notes: OH MY GOSH, I FINISHED! I ACTUALLY FINISHED! IT's A MIRACLE! I'M DONE!!! Now, if you knew that I've been working on this fic since August something, you would understand my thinking here. Meg, without you this would have never been finished.. I love you girl! There WILL be a sequel, don't worry.. I'm not leaving it off there.

Feedback, good, bad, flames, chocolate, cookies, cakes, bon-bons, and praise accepted, so tell me what you thought about it! Was it good? Bad? Horrid? Did it make you puke? Laugh? Cry? All of the above? Tell me!

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