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Nursery Files Home

G to I




Checking the Milk
Everybody Hurts. W


ill tries to ruin the Scully family Christmas for Mulder... KF

Gaia Less

At Christmas
Mulder and Scully's daughter grows up without a mother, and not close to her father. When she runs away from home, she finds something amazing. KF NCC

Gail Celio

Beyond the Sea-Monster
With a little non-existent extra time on my hands, I've finally fleshed out a twisted idea that falls under the heading "Crossovers from Hell". I give you the rough draft of a short story that answers that age-old question: "What would happen if Agents Mulder and Scully met up with Scooby Doo and his friends? "


Christmas Story or Family Reunion
Discover cosmic significance of pot roast as Mulder and Scully learn to cohabitate with their clones or not. S


Post-colonization: What a view. What a drop. William Mulder, at the age of nineteen, must come to terms with his place in the world after the colonization. TF DR/TWC


A World to Save
"Mulder told me that the Torah says if you kill one person, you kill a whole world because you have also killed that person's children and his children's children and so on. And, if you save one person, you save a whole world. I have only been trying to keep my child alive. I have only been trying to save a world." NCC TF

Gemma Kingsley

All I Want for Christmas
A Magical Christmas Mystery.

Georgina M

Holding the Pieces
Scully breaks the news of her pregnancy and Mulder's disappearance to her mother. PS

Geri H.

A Day In The Life Of Dana
A day in the life of a married, pregnant Dana Mulder. PS NCC

Gerry Hill

The Child of Fate
A mysterious child has an effect on Mulder's and Scully's lives.

Davidpart onepart two
Mulder finds that his relationship to a victim of a serial killer iscloser than normal. MoD


An Explanation
One of many possible explanations to how Scully gets pregnant. PS


Treat No Trick
Mulder and Scully take William out for his first Halloween and what they thought was a 'Trick', turns out to be the best 'Treat' they could have ever hoped for! BF W


Scully discovers a secret about her partner, when he is arrested. Can she forgive him? NCC MoD KF

Megan II: I Don't Know
Megan raised her head to the sky, her mouth opening. She kept whispering things none of them understood. Saliva started to roll down her chin and Mulder cleaned it...Megan convulsed two more times then collapsed, her eyes still opened and unfocused closed and she swallowed.. NCC MoD KF PS


4 weeks, 3 days, 7 hours
Mulder contemplates what his decision to leave has meant in his relationship with Scully and their son. BF W

Drive, Mulder
Mulder and Scully head for New Mexico after learning more about what would trigger the events of December 22, 2012. Waa

Scully muses Christmas and being away from Mulder at the end of this extraordinary year. BF W

Thank You For Coming Back to Us
Mulder awakens from the dead to find a very pregnant Scully. PS

This Place, This Bed, This Woman, This Child
The morning before Mulder leaves, and why. BF W

You Are Always Here
The scene after Mulder arrives in "Bethlehem" and goes to get Scully and bring her home. BF W

gillian dana

And Baby Makes Four
Mulder and Scully prepare for the birth of their second child. (script format) PS W W+S KF BF T+

And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween!
And Baby Makes Four sequel. The Mulder's first Halloween with Samantha, Sean, and Sara. Also along for the ride is William, Melissa, and John and Monica with their little one. W W+S BF KF T+

Happy Birthday Mulder Triplets!
sequel to And Baby Makes Four andAnd Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween!. It's Samantha, Sean, and Sara's first birthday! W W+S BF KF T+

Gillian Leigh

A newly divorced Mulder finds himself falling in love with the unlikeliest of people: his children's baseball coach. But there's one thing that can keep them from happiness; the fact that she might live to see another year. KF MoD

Coach II
sequel to Coach. KF MoD PS BF

Curry Confessions
Somebody's cranky. BF W PS

Glad to Oblige
What if Emily hadn't died, and Mulder and Scully cured her? What might life have been like? E

It's got Emily, and other Mulder children I invented. Mulder and Scully are married, but it's not all fluff. CD

Shopping trips. W BF KF W+S PS

Visitor in the Desert
A man in living in the desert receives an important visitor. W BF W+S PS

Will Wonders Never Cease
In the swarm of congratulatory cards and gifts, a particular one postmarked "Hollywood" sticks out. BF W


Only Just Begun
Mulder is back. Need I say more?


The Bet
"Was that another contraction? " He took a seat next to her, placing one hand on her protruding stomach. PS BF

Picking Up The Pieces
It was true, both Mulder and Scully could both pass genetic muster. It was just a shame they couldn't make a marriage work. W W+S KF BF PS NCC

Second Chances
When Scully is taken ill at work, memories of the past come flooding to the surface. PS Waa


Baby's Breath
Mulder, Scully and baby William. BF W

Gina Rain

An Anonymous Family
Scully and Mulder meet with their son. W WaF

Circular File
Scully makes a decision; takes a stand; and kicks some butt. BF W

Strawberries in Winter
Christmas, 2001. Mulder and Scully try to deal with a holiday that has not been historically pleasant for either of them. PS

The Third Sacrifice
Mulder and Scully run into a little girl who claims to have been his daughter--in another lifetime. KF

Uncle Walt's Monologue
Skinner has a heart-to-heart with William. BF W


Bad Boy
Scully and Tara have a chat. BF W

Banter After Dark
Mulder and Scully have a little talk. BF W

A Cold Night
Maggie babysits a sick William while Mom and Dad run erands. BF W

A Conversation with Dana
What if Dana Scully had a friend who could get her to really open up. BF W

A Day in The Life - the complete series
Days in the life of Mulder, Scully and their children. BF KF MS/TWC W W+S

The Haircut
Mulder returns to his favorite barbershop. BF W

The Haircut II
A sequel to The Haircut. BF W

The Haircut III
Mulder and Will visit the barber again. BF W

Little White Lies
Mulder doesn't quite tell the truth. W BF

Man To Man Talk series
Mulder chats with his infant son. BF W

Mulder takes Scully to the doctor. PS BF W

The Real Version of the Truth
How it should have happened. W gWb!

Second Time Around
The family grows... W BF W+S

Skinner baby-sits for William or is it the other way around? BF W

Two of a Kind
Mulder and Scully have a little chat. BF NCC W+S

Girlie_girl7 and Brit Mulder

Of Mothmen and Moonshine
One would think Mulder and Scully had learned their lesson about going into the forest but noooo, only this time Mulder took along some help. TF

Three Lil' Fishies
Mulder and William go to the Aquarium. BF W

Girlie Girl7 and FoxfireX

On the Road Again
It's a long long drive to California. BF W


Not Just A Little Boy
A young Mulder deals with the reality of Samantha's arrival. BF KF S

Glymax and Anne Cologna

Partnership II: Reconstruction
sequel to The Partnership I: DissolutionThe search for Samantha continues and has serious implications for the future of Mulder and Scully's partnership. YR

Goddess Michele

A Day In The Life
Mulder gets more than one surprise at Christmas. NCC BF OE m/m slash

Gothic Spook

Between Two Worlds
Reyes, Doggett, Mulder, Scully and Skinner are forced to separate after the events of The Truth. SG-1 comes and finds them all and asks for their help in stopping colonization. KF

Do Or Don't
X Files Goes Big Brother! sequel. Will everything go smoothly at John and Monica's wedding after what happened in the Big Brother Law Enforcement Special?

High School Terrors
A case of disappearing teachers and student send Doggett, Reyes, Scully and Mulder back to high school. TF

Lies Within Truth
Mulder's back, but he's not alone. Who's with him and where did she come from? BF RoM W

X Files Goes Big Brother!
Imagine what it would be like if Doggett, Reyes, Scully, Mulder and Follmer were all put into a Big Brother Law Enforcement Special. Can we say BIG TROUBLE? PR

Green Eyed Soul

A Friend In Need
An old friend of Monica dies and she has to cope with three orphaned children. Dana has to help Monica, as well.


Arizona Starlight
Six years after their escape and still on the run, Mulder and Scully find hope and a reason to believe. gWb! W KF

Grey Woman

Scully's life with her child and husband. KF SDR/TWC SoM

Mulder's thoughts about a little girl that stole his heart long ago and how he can feel the pain Doggett is going through. KF MoD

The Return
Mulder returns only to find Scully married to Doggett and seemingly happy. Mulder decides it is better to let her live her life than ruin it with him, two years later they meet. ncc


Comfort and Joy
Scully and Reyes draw closer as Monica tries to chase away Dana's holiday blues... BF W


A Mulder family Christmas. PXF

Gwen Purcell

A Bedtime Story for William
Do you remember "Goodnight Moon"? W


Baby Steps
Scully's pregnancy and her thoughts on Mulder's disappearance. PS

"Just remember to breathe." PS

Domestic Inclinations
IVF fic. PS

First Response
I bought it on a whim. PS

Missing Time
Maybe I place his hand on my belly. Maybe I whisper in his ear... PS

Not-Quite Daughter
"She's not surprised to see Emily bouncing at the foot of her bed, asking if she can have pancakes for breakfast." PS E

For the first time since Lizzy Gill set this nightmare in motion, Mulder felt his jaw unclench and stay released. BF W

Halrloprillalar and Kel

Adopted Son
follow-up to my Unmarried Mother. BF

Unmarried Mother
Scully wonders what the hell is going on. PS


Mulder and Scully go to Canada to investigate several mysterious deaths which Mulder believes were caused by the focus of an ancient Indian legend. Scully runs into an old friend as well as making a new one and adding another member to her family.


Me, Sam
Slight continuation ofNo Room For Tears. This time Sam, age 14, is narrating more of the story as she observes her father and the changes in her life. NCC TF

Me, Sam II
FollowsMe, Sam. Mulder's daughter is growing up, wondering about the mother she's never known, and....changing...quite a bit. NCC TF

No Room For Tears
I have a daughter. We have a daughter. We had a daughter. I have a daughter...NCC KF


The Lost Boy
Scully plans a solitary weekend. She uncovers a ghost and learns that some mysteries can't be resolved alone.

Heather B

A woman from Mulder's past, who happens to also be a friend of Melissa Scully's, comes back into his life years after their last encounter, with a surprise for Mulder. MoD TF NCC

Heather Riggall

About Daddy
It's Samantha's favorite bedtime story once again... KF NCC


The Child is Gone
Teena Mulder's reaction to the loss of Samantha. PXF

Heidi P.

The Night We Never Met
Fourteen years into the future, Dana Scully thinks about her baby's father. TF NCC


Sunnydale CA
Mulder and Scully Arrive in Sunnydale to checkout some unusual weather patterns and stumble upon more than they bargain for.

Helen B

Mulder's return years later has a terrible impact on Will. TF W SoM


Don't Give Up
Scully gets a phone call from the woman who adopted William. KF W gWb!


Christmas Time is Here Again
Takes place afterWhere the Heart Lies. Mulder and Scully celebrate Christmas but of course, the holiday can't go exactly as planned. BF KF NCC T+ Ad

Nothing's Ever Normal
This chronicles the birth of Scully's babies. With Scully and Mulder, nothing, not even childbirth, can ever be normal. BF NCC T+

Where the Heart Lies
FollowsNothing's Ever Normal. Case fic with MSR and family. The case itself will stand alone. BF NCC T+

Henle Girl

Scully hears voices in the night. Waa

Crazy Things
They say that love makes you do crazy things. How far in the name of love will Mulder go for someone from his past? How far will Scully go to help him? NCC

The Girl With My Sister's Face
Mulder is found and Scully has a couple of surprises for him. Starting with a girl named Kailey. TF MoD PS

I Know What You Did...
Mulder and Scully help her brother Charlie and end up with more trouble than they bargained for. NCC PS BF

Secrets From the Past
As memories from Scully's past begin to manifest themselves to her, Mrs. Scully learns the hard way how buried secrets can come back to haunt you. OE NCC KF


Darkness Ascending
It's a post colonization story!~Lots of new and original characters with reoccurring favorites! All the goodies you'd expect out of a tale of the worlds demise, complete with thrills, chills, and death - defying plot twists. OE

Response to Church of X Challenge #1: what if Emily Sim hadn't died....RODC E

Holden Caulfield

Every Beginning Has Its End
A look at the events from "The End" to "The Beginning" from Gibson Praise's point of view. G


Burn in Flames
A kidnapped boy becomes an unwilling participant in the reenactment of a gruesome death by the ghost of a mother who killer herself over thirty years ago and tried to take her children with her. KF

Entering Her Heart
Scully has some thinking to do. But will she allow Mulder to finally enter her heart? BF W



Agent Fox Mulder didn't know where he was. It was more likely that he didn't care. BF NCC

the idiosyncratic stanwyck

Modern Miracles: Or, Uncle Frohike Saves the Day
Take leftover curry; add Scully, Byers, Langly, a rainstorm, and a crying baby. Stir well. BF

A woman meets a man who opens her eyes to a vast, unexpected spectrum of beautiful, terrifying possibilities. KF

Ingrid Kane

Gaelic Wind
In ancient Ireland, Dana Scully sings a celtic lullaby to her child. KF NCC


Come Get Me
The sequel to Samuel.It's a year later and Scully is finally coming to terms with Samuel's disappearance and able to let life go on, until she receives a mysterious phone call. KF S!C OE

Mulder and Scully discover that Emily was not the only child created from Scully's DNA after her abduction. KF S!C OE


Surreal Thing
Mulder returns. BF W

Isabelle A

The End is Where We Start From
The battle is over, but the fight continues. TF W NCC gWb!


Diamonds are Forever
What if Fellig (Tithonus) was right? What if Scully could never die, unless she took someone else's place? GK Adopt