Title: Once Upon A Time: Reunited
Author: Meaghan McScully
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Spoilers: Requiem, Within
Rating: PG
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Keywords: Angst, MSR

Summary- Mulder must deal with his abduction and return, his daughter's illness, his son's life, and his wife's stresses.

The other stories in this series are: Once Upon a Time 1: Welcome Home Once Upon a Time 3: Against All Odds

Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Care Center
Portland Oregon
January 21, 2001
2:39 AM

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm afraid I cannot allow you access to Mr. Mulder." The nurse picked up the phone to call security. Scully quickly disconnected the line.

"Maybe you didn't hear me the first two times. I am a federal agent involved in a manhunt for my partner. I do not care if he is asleep, I do not care if you allow me to, hell, I don't care if you throw me out because somehow I will see him, and-"

Scully was stopped by a gentle hand on her arm. She spun, prepared to take out who ever was going to deny her access to Mulder. Her posture slackened, however, when she saw Skinner. "He's this way Scully. I left orders for them not to allow access to him without my consent. It's not her fault." Scully bent to pick up the baby carrier, and, after a brief hopeful smile at Rose, started down the hall after Skinner. Stepping into the private room, Scully immediately noticed the lack medical equipment and silently thanked God that he was, at least for the moment, fairly stable. She also noticed the amount of weight that he had lost and how bruised and pale his face was.

She slowly edged over to the chair sitting to his right. Sitting in it carefully, she put her hands on his arm, silently resting her head on his chest.

6:09 AM

There was something stroking her hair, but she was too tired to lift her head to investigate. She sat up quickly, realizing who was touching her.



Tears sprung to her eyes. "It's really you."

He nodded and gently pulled her into his arms. "It's really me," he murmured into her hair, gently stroking her back as she cried into his chest. He waited for her to stop, and then gently pulled her far enough away to see her face while talking to her. "I missed you," he said, pushing a soft tendril of hair back from her tear stained face. Scully nodded, unable to speak for long moments.

"Mulder, I have someone who would like to meet you." Climbing out of the bed, Scully softly walked over to where Rose lay, curled around the baby carrier. Gently lifting Michael into her arms, she walked back over to Mulder's bed.

"Mulder, I'd like you to meet your son, Michael Fox Mulder."

"My.. my son? But, Scully, how? I thought.," he trailed off as Scully placed the child on in his arms."A miracle."

9:01 AM

She awoke to the sound of two soft, familiar voices conversing. Stretching the sleep from her body, Rose got out of the too-familiar hospital bed and quickly walked over to where her father sit. Scully smiled gently at Mulder, picked up Michael, and left the room.

"Daddy." Her face crumpled as she finally allowed her tears to fall. Mulder quickly recieved his eldest child into his embrace. He rocked her back and forth, murmuring reassurecnes into her thinning hair. The stress of the last few months finally caught up with her, and sobs shook her body long after sleep claimed her.

He sat in the bed, quietly observing her. She was much thinner than before he had dissappeared. Her hair was much thinner as well. He also noticed, with shock tinged with horror, matching track marks on both arms. Scully chose that moment to silently slip back into the room. She set the now sleeping Michael in his carrier and walked over to sit on Mulder's left side.

Mulder lovingly kissed to top of Rose's head before speaking. "What's wrong with her?"

"No, Mulder. Not now, not yet. I don't-"

Mulder cut her off."Tell me, Scully. Now." His eyes grabbed ahold of hers.

"Mulder.," she trailed off, silently damning him.

She took a deep breath, dipping her head and closing to eyes to collect her thoughts. "About seven months ago, Rosie started developing flue-like symptoms- lethargy, achiness, headache, low-grade fever- so I took her to the doctor." Tears started shining in Scully's eyes. "The doctor found that, uh, she had developed.." A long pause punctuated the graveness of the situation. "The doctor found that she had developed leukemia."

Mulder's face collapsed with grief at her words and he grasped Rose closer to himself.

"She's, um, being treated?" He looked up at Scully with infinately worried eyes.

Mulder relaxed ever so slightly as Scully nodded and started speaking. "She has the best pediatric oncologists in the country, Mulder. I made sure of that."

A sharp gasp suddenly burst from the pale lips of the girl. Tears burned in her soft blue eyes as her back arched with pain. Scully quickly got up and rounded the bed, sitting next to Rose. She rubbed her back in small circles, talking gently to Rose to distract her from the pain that coursed through her lithe body. As the pain slowly receded to the far edges of her conciousness, Rose moved closer to her father, nuzzling her face into his neck. She sighed softly and fell into a contented sleep.


Thanks: Infinite thanks to Meg, who deserves an author credit on this one, I swear.. :) I don't believe this would have been finished without her. Love ya babe. ;) :) A huuuuuuuuuuge thanks to Ro, who has the best English skills of anyone I know. :)

"If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats."

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