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The X-Files is coming back to TV!!! Celebrate by writing a fic for the Reinstated Challenge!

For the past several years The Nursery Files has strove to bring to you all sorts of X-Files baby and kid fics. Each fic archived here has one thing in common: a character within it is a baby, child or teenager. Many of these fics feature Mulder and Scully with children, but Doggett, Reyes, Skinner and other characters have children here too. A few fics include slash pairings as well(any fic listed in blue is a slash one). Some fics include child relatives, or children not related to a character at all. William and Emily have a healthy representation here, but original child characters abound too. Samantha Mulder, Luke Doggett and Matthew Scully make appearances too.

There are fics for all tastes, and the genre lists, as well as the Acronyms Key - both linked on the left- should help you find just the sort of fic you crave.
- Your achivist, NeoX

update progress

Stories Wanted
If you look at the master list of genres, there are several lists that haven't been updated in a while or only had a fic or two added in the past couple of years. Why? I haven't found additional fics that fit these lists =(

At the moment I'd like to find more fics for these lists
Pregnant Reyes Pregnant Others That Darn Fetus
Post-IWTB "Emily" Not Dead Emily/Luke/Samantha
Had Kids with Others Other Emilys Crossover fics
Bedtime stories Teens Agents Adopt
AU After Existence Mulder, Single Dad Life After Mulder

Help me! Please check out the master list of genres to see what we already have archived and either:
a. submit your own fic(s) that fit a list to
b. e-mail me and suggest someone else's fic(s) that fit a list using this new form
c. write a fic that fits a list - the Challenges page should help if you need some inspiration

News and Challenges
Let's see your name added to the listings here! Anyone, not just authors already archived here, is allowed to submit fic for challenges. And once you do, you'll be a TNF author too! All you need to do is write a fic. Short, long, whatever makes your muse happy. First time writers more than welcome to participate. E-mail your completed fic, or a link to your fic on your site (either completed or a wip in that case,) to

New Challenges
William's 13th Birthday Challenge
The invasion began December of 2012. Write a fic set on William's 13th birthday, and show us what life is like now that They have come

Mother's Day/Father's Day Challenge
Write a story set at Mother's Day, or Father's Day, that involves an X-Files character being the mother or father in question

Outnumbered Challenge
Your challenge is to have a X-Files character(s) be outnumbered by their offspring, and at least two (twins or more) of their children shared a womb

A Day at Grandma and Grandpa's Challenge
A child spends the day with their X-File grandparent(s)


This site is in desperate need of Halloween fics! Submit your own Halloween fics, alert me of ones not on this (far too short) list or choose a Halloween Challenge below to write a fic - don't forget past year's challenges always accept new entries
the color stays until Halloween or we get 10 additional Halloween fics, whichever comes first

Update in progress. Look for this symbol to mark our new arrivals

Halloween challenge is up, you have until December 15. Picture It Challenge, Halloween Edition

I will update if someone writes a fic for This Challenge. Really.

Actually, if you'd really like to see an update and can't/won't write a fic for that challenge, you can still help ensure that there's an update! The biggest reason there hasn't been an update in a while is that I haven't had time to look find fics, but if you have you can recommend fics (either your own OR other authors') by using this new form. The more people who pitch in by doing the finding, the sooner I'll update the site.

To celebrate William's 10th birthday, there are a few dozen new William fics. We're still waiting on entries for the birthday challenge...send 'em in late rather than not at all, okay?

212 new fics. Read 'em, then write us some more =)

Changes are afoot! And not just the newly added fics (fall's update has kind of rolled over into winter) as I complete an update. Perhaps you've noticed the changes along the way, but if not:

- all HTML pages (except some by your archivist) now have boxes at the bottom that list two things: a. which theme lists you should visit if you'd like to read similar fics b. which challenges are somewhat similar if you're inspired to pen a fic like the one you've just read.

- the genres page (the link to on this front page is now the handy icon in the upper left hand corner) has gotten a radical makeover! General consensus from beta testers indicate that the new layout is much easier to navigate. go see, go see!. There are also several brand new lists on it too, ranging from Inhuman Parents to Lamaze Class fics.

- there's now a link to the new writer's FAQ at the bottom of each challenge page, so if you have questions, it should help clear up many of them

- as you might have noticed on the A authors, I've begun listing the size of the stories. This is going to take a long time to finish...unless someone(s) wants to volunteer to save the stories (the size in kb that they save to your hard drive is the size) and send me a list of lengths? If you'd like to volunteer to help this project along, send me an e-mail and ask for a letter to work on.

- all frequent visitors are now required to pen a fic for one of the challenges here. Okay, just kidding. I'd like you to consider it, though.


There are lots of new Christmas fics, and a new Christmas Challenge

Check out our sister site, the new Haloween/scary-fic archive, Bump In The Night .

It's my birthday, so let me be self-indulgent and make an announcement: The Family G-Man by Felinefemme and me is now 100% posted. If you've been waiting on this massive story to be finished before reading, your wait is over!

The good news is that this update is complete, and there are 209 new fics! But the bad news is that I'm probably not going to do another big update until the fall-winter. I'll add fics that people submit (you writers all know you don't need to wait for me to contact you, right?) and any challenge fics that appear in my in box between now and September, but that's about it beyond new challenges and new genre lists.

Long Gone Challenge - explain that Doggett and Reyes weren't in the second movie, due to their involvement with a child (DRR, Doggett/other and Reyes/other fics are all acceptable). My birthday is the second week of April, if anyone wants to write a fic for one of the unanswered challenges to suprise me. j/k :)

The fine print for the inclusion policy:
Before a fic is included on this page, I make an effort to contact authors to ask permission. I've only gotten two "no" since beginning this archive, but I know I'd like to be asked, so I extend that courtsey to the writers here as well. If the e-mail address for a writer's fic does not work, I look for newer works from the author, hoping to find a more recent, working address (unless it's marked "archive anywhere," after the first failed e-mail I take the instuction at face value). If I still can't contact them I assume they've moved on from this fandom and wouldn't mind if their work was included; likewise, if the e-mail to them is not returned but its been months without a reply I may also include the work for the same reason. If I'm ever wrong about your work and you'd like it removed, please let me know.

Update summer 2014:
If a fic is 10 or years more old, was written by a long-since inactive author, and doesn't say "no archive" it will be included here.

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