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Submit your Season 10/11 stories - maybe via our new Tumblr? - and email your challenge ideas!

For the past several years The Nursery Files has strove to bring to you all sorts of X-Files baby and kid fics. Each fic archived here has one thing in common: a character within it is a baby, child or teenager. Many of these fics feature Mulder and Scully with children, but Doggett, Reyes, Skinner and other characters have children here too. A few fics include slash pairings as well(any fic listed in blue is a slash one). Some fics include child relatives, or children not related to a character at all. William and Emily have a healthy representation here, but original child characters abound too. Samantha Mulder, Luke Doggett and Matthew Scully make appearances too.

There are fics for all tastes, and the genre lists, as well as the Acronyms Key - both linked on the left- should help you find just the sort of fic you crave.
- Your achivist, NeoX

update progress. Look for this symbol to mark our new arrivals

Most recently updated genre lists:

News and Challenges
Let's see your name added to the listings here! Anyone, not just authors already archived here, is allowed to submit fic for challenges. And once you do, you'll be a TNF author too! All you need to do is write a fic. Short, long, whatever makes your muse happy. First time writers more than welcome to participate. E-mail your completed fic, or a link to your fic on your site (either completed or a wip in that case,) to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

New Challenges
Last Christmas, This Christmas, Next Christmas Challenge
Write a story that encompasses the Christmases of 2019-2021

William's Twin II Challenge
Write a fic about how when Mulder returns he knows about a baby, but not the baby Scully was pregnant with during his absence..

Take Me Out Halloween Challenge
Send a pair of siblings out for some fun on Halloween night

From Out of the Water Challenge
Write a fic about what happens to Jackson in the first 24 hours following the series finale

Site News


Introducing a new way to submit your fics for challenges and for inclusion in genre lists:
The Nursery Files' Submission Tumblr

Go check it out! We've posted all of our Christmas challenges, and you're welcome to write a fic for the 2018 challenge (see above) or any of the past challenges - with the exception of 2011 when I'd only begun a new job in November, there's been a Christmas challenge yearly since 2004. Maybe you will be the first person to submit this way for a Christmas challenge, or because you're written a revival fic? Hmm, we'll see


Pssst! Hey. Hey you. Submit your Halloween and/or seasons 10-11 fics now. nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com


Before you go, drop by
Bump In The Night
A halloween/scaryfic archive
A halloween/scaryfic archive to read some seasonally appropriate fics


Write a fic for this year's Halloween challenge! The Nursery Files and Bump in the Night's Halloween Night Challenge


New season 10 challenge The Day Before/The Day After Challenge


Participate in two guest challenges offered by fic writer Kyouryoku Senshi

And read our very first Reboot/Season 10 Fics here
If you've written some too, don't forget to submit 'em! nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com


Several new challenges here

But perhaps you've found yourself wondering why there aren't any season 10 challenges here at The Nursery Files yet, just the pre-S10 Reinstated Challenge so far.

It's because I'm sad. Really, devastatingly sad. You see, I decided to wait to view all the episodes once they aired, and only got to see the first before my mother died quite suddenly (and young, she was only 59) after a very brief illness in March. That first episode of season 10 was one of the last things we watched together... I haven't been able to watch the rest yet. Perhaps I will over the summer or fall.

In the meantime, I'm accepting guest challenges for season 10. Please send your fleshed out challenge idea to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com and I'll post it for you.

I'm happy to accept your season 10-themed stories too, by the way. I've updated a lot over the past three months as I've learned keeping busy is important. Go ahead and keep me busy with your submissions!



The Nursery Files Needs You!

You probably don't realize it, but The Nursery Files outgrew free sites several years ago, so I pay to keep the site up. I don't mind the cost and can afford it so I'm *not* asking you for financial support, but there is something I'd like to ask of you in exchange for continuing to offer you the archive: your increased active participation.

Both fic writers and fic readers can do things to improve everyone's experience :

Writers, we need you a lot.

If you're a writer you can submit stories you've already written to the site - any fic with a significant character ages 0-19 or a pregnant character is eligible for inclusion - and I can assure you that they'll find new readers. Please don't be shy, if I haven't asked to archive you for the first time or asked to add more stories you've written after archiving the first one(s), it's probably because I haven't read it yet.

Or, if you don't have a current baby-kid-teen fic to send our way now and need some inspiration, you can write a fic for one of our challenges. There are dozens of challenges that have been added over the past decade, but participation in them for non-holiday challenges has dropped off sharply as time has worn on, which is a shame because people are still hungry for new content that I just haven't found - which brings us back to submissions because this doesn't mean relevant stories are not out there.

The non-holiday challenge fics have no due dates (holiday fics are ideally submitted prior to the holiday but late entries are okay) and can always be of any length, be it 150 words or even 1.5 million words. Okay, not many people are going to write a million words, but the sky's the limit. Any challenge can have a fic submitted for it now, even ancient ones - who knows maybe with the show reviving you're got an idea for an excellent take on one of the oldies. Has anyone penned a pre/reboot fic with William in it yet? Want to write on? Several of the challenges could easily be about the reboot. And one challenge *is* about the reboot specifically.

Challenges live here: Challenges page

If anyone wondered, according to the now installed google analytics the currently most popular types of fics we house are: pregnant Scully fics, baby/kid/toddler William fics, stories with non-canon offspring of any character, stories where Mulder and Scully are married with kid(s), stories about getting William back, stories with William being an older brother, stories with Emily not dying, stories AU after existence or Requiem, stories about other Emilys, stories with twins or more, post-IWTB stories, and somewhat surprisingly, stories where characters had kids with other people. These all dovetail nicely with several challenges.

Either way, I'd very much like to offer more new(er) content, especially things not currently on Gossamer. And it's easier to maintain the enthusiasm to spend time updating when people make my job less time-consuming by self-submitting rather than me tracking them down. I'd love to have a whole bunch of fics written between 2011 and 2016 on the site by the time we rejoin Mulder and Scully on the small screen...can you help with that?

Please send stories as a word doc (Microsoft Word or Open Office formats are both fine) or as a txt file to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

By the way, if the Nursery Files is the fic's only home it should be submitted when completely written, but if you are submitting a link to your site, AO3 or FFnet instead, you can send links to your Works-In-Progress too since you're the one updating the stories. People who blog their stories are also welcome to submit a link too as long as the blog entry for the story has a permanent url that doesn't change as you add new entries.

Readers, we need your help too! Collectively you've read more fics than I ever will, so you can do reconnaissance to help find new stories and offer encouragement to writers.

Please send feedback to writers whenever you're impressed by a story that has current contact information like to people who have recent or active stories and/or who'll soon be sitting down to write challenge fics. Send feedback to that writer whose WIP stalled out or whose sequel never materialized: maybe they'll be reinvigorated by knowing the X-Files is coming back and your reminder that there's still interest in their story. Feedback is vital because they're entertaining us for free and happy writers who feel like they're reaching us are generally more prolific writers - we all benefit from that. And who doesn't want to brighten the day of someone who wrote a story they like?

And just as importantly, if you read an appropriate fic that's not in the archive, especially if you've come across it on A03 or LJ or Wordpress or Tumbler etc give them feedback and maybe either send me a link or tell the writer that The Nursery Files is accepting submissions (if your feedback can't include a url or e-mail address, please mention googling "The Nursery Files" will let them find the site). As I've said, there are a lot of fics that aren't here simply because I have no idea they exist or they're in my to-read pile still. You can also send the information to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

Thank you for your help and willingness to make the site a place people like to return to =)


The fine print for the inclusion policy:
Before a fic is included on this page, I make an effort to contact authors to ask permission. I've only gotten two "no" since beginning this archive, but I know I'd like to be asked, so I extend that courtsey to the writers here as well. If the e-mail address for a writer's fic does not work, I look for newer works from the author, hoping to find a more recent, working address (unless it's marked "archive anywhere," after the first failed e-mail I take the instuction at face value). If I still can't contact them I assume they've moved on from this fandom and wouldn't mind if their work was included; likewise, if the e-mail to them is not returned but its been months without a reply I may also include the work for the same reason. If I'm ever wrong about your work and you'd like it removed, please let me know.

Update summer 2014:
If a fic is 10 or years more old, was written by a long-since inactive author, and doesn't say "no archive" it will be included here.

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