Title: Jessica
Author: Mystic This one was completed on 11/7/94.
Disclaimer: The characters and show are the property of 20th century FOX, Ten Thirteen, Gillian, David and Chris. The story though is my own fabrication. Is there anything I forgot to say? Hope you like the story. :)

Summary: Conspiracy story. Mulder and Scully are given information by Mr. X which leads them to an orphanage in Boston and a mysterious teenager with no last name.

"Matt, why we robbin' a kids orphanage?" Rick asked. They sat in a car in front of the Maryland Orphanage. They had been planning this for a week but Rick still didn't understand why. He didn't want to do it. But he knew he would have to.

"Because this is a government place and it's got money. We need money and this place is about the last place they'd expect to get robbed." Matt answered. He went through the plan one more time in his mind, he knew it would be perfect.

"Oh." Rick said. He and his partner, Matt, stepped out of their vehicle which was parked at the back exit of the orphanage.

"Besides, it's a robbery, what's the diff'?" Matt said as they cut the alarm system. They opened the back door and walked down the corridor to the main guard station. They pulled on their masks.

"Ok. ya'll, freeze or we'll blow your brains out, what'll it be?" Matt shouted in his hoarse voice. The three men and two women in the station were forced to get on the floor and give up the keys to the treasury box. One hundred thousand dollars, it was supposed to be for all the supplies for the next month. Rick grabbed a tray of needles marked, "SEDATIVES", and took them to Matt.

"Hey look, why don't we see what these'll do?" he asked to him. They grabbed needles and stabbed the guards with them. Within minutes the guards were unconscious.

"Fun things." Matt yelled, "Let's get out of here!" They walked back down the corridor when something caught their eye. A girl, fourteen or fifteen standing in the hall. She looked at them, confused, and asked,

"What are you doing here?"

"Nothing, go back to your room!" Rick yelled at her. Her face suddenly went blank . She closed her eyes and put her hands on her head.

"What's she doing?" Rick asked. Without a response he and Matt flew up in the air. The money bags dropped to the floor from Matt's hand. The last thing they heard was a loud crack from each of their necks. Then they fell dead on the floor.

Mulder was sleeping when his phone rang. He awoke groggily and answered it,

"Mulder," he said.

"Look under your door." Said the voice of Mr.X. Then Mr.X hung up and the dial tone came on. Mulder put the phone back on the hook and got up. He went over to his front door and saw a folder there. He took the folder and opened it. One sheet of paper fell out. Mulder picked it up and read it: Jessica:5312105. Mulder jumped up and got dressed quickly. He got to the X-File basement in record time. He looked into his X-Files and soon found file 5312105. As soon as he found it Scully walked in the door.

"What are you doing Mulder?" she asked sipping a cup of coffee. He walked over to her with the file.

"Look at this!" Mulder said. She took the file and skimmed through it.

"The kid's a telepath!" Scully exclaimed sarcastically. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"I don't know, but we have to look into it, there's something there."


"I don't know, but we have to look into this. He gave me the name, there's something to it."


"Our friend in the FBI." Scully grabbed the file from him and stuffed it in her briefcase. She didn't argue because she knew he would look into it with or without her.

"We go to the orphanage, but if there's nothing there we drop it o.k.?" She told him.


As they pulled up to the orphanage they saw cop cars and an ambulance. They showed their badges to a cop nearby and Mulder asked,

"What's going on here?"

"Two men tried to burglarize the orphanage but fell dead in their tracks."

"Where are the bodies?" Scully asked eyeing Mulder. The man pointed to the ambulance and Scully went over and unzipped the bags. She looked at the men and told the police to ship the bodies to the FBI morgue.

"I think there's definitely something here Mulder, but not necessarily with the girl." She told him.

"Why not?"

"Well the two men were robbing the orphanage, Mulder what could that possible have to do with a fourteen year old girl?"

"I guess we'll just have to find out."

Back at the FBI morgue Scully changed to do the autopsies on the men. Mulder went to get them diner because he didn't really like to watch her doing autopsies, he only watched if he had to. When he got back with Chinese food she was sitting next to an x-ray of the two men's necks. Her face looked perplexed.

"What are you looking at?" he asked her.

"Their necks. They were broken. There were no bruises on the skin to indicate how. The only way I see it is their necks were broken from the inside. If this girl has some kind of mind powers then she may have something to do with this after all."

"Is there something else?"

"Yeah, something very important!"

"What." Mulder asked. He wasn't expecting anything else. Her face became very serious. She looked him straight in the eye and said,

"I'm starving." They both smiled and left the room to eat. The next day they would talk to the girl.

Early the following morning they went to the orphanage and they were surprised at how easy it was to get in to see someone. Before they showed their badges the man asked,

"Who do you want to see?"

"Jessica." Mulder answered. He wasn't sure if they had one or twenty Jessicas, but the file said she didn't have a last name. She didn't have a last name because she was found wandering on the road when she was eight. She has been at this facility since then.

"Sam, show these two where Jessica is." The man yelled. Another man, fairly old, came out. He was wearing a plain grey janitor suit.

"You wanna see Jessy?" Sam asked them in a southern accent.

"Yes." Scully answered. She then asked, confused, "Why would they tell you to take us to see her, shouldn't a doctor or a guard be doing this?"

"Follow me," he said turning a corner. "See Jessy won't just open up to anyone. She'll probably kick you out of the room."

"Is she temperamental?" Mulder asked.

"No, not that. She's just learned, somehow not to trust any people. She won't let anyone in the room unless I approve of them and she won't talk to many people , she usually talks through me, she's a telepath you know." Sam answered. Scully laughed inside when she heard telepath, but kept a straight face. She knew the men's necks were broken from the inside, but being a skeptic she didn't believe in telepathic abilities.

"Trust no one." Mulder whispered to her.

"I'm the only one that can feed her or talk to her. No one cares anyway, as long as she doesn't hurt anyone, especially the other children. She wouldn't do that though, she takes care of them."

"What do you mean?" Scully asked.

"Well a year ago we had a boy here that was seventeen, a year away from being let out. He started to bully the kids, the younger ones. She threw him across the room without touching him. All the little kids like her and they said the boy fell. Then..." Sam paused.

"What?" Mulder asked.

"The boy grabbed her, he was going to hurt her, she broke his arm."

"She must be a big girl," Scully said as they came to the room.

"No, she broke his arm with her mind." Sam said opening the door. Scully stared at the girl who was sleeping in her bed in amazement. She seemed too fragile to hurt anyone. Sam closed the door behind the three of them but did not lock it.

"She won't run away, but you might." Sam told them. He went over to Jessy and shook her gently. "Jessy wake up, there's someone here to see you." The girl opened her dark brown eyes and looked at Scully. Scully immediately felt the strangest sensation, she felt as if she knew the girl. Jessy looked at Mulder and then looked back to Scully. She rubbed her eyes and laid her head back down on the pillow.

"Jessy we're from the FBI, I'm Dana Scully and this is Fox Mulder. Can we ask you a few questions?"

"Are you ok. with this Jessy?" Sam asked. Without an answer Sam said, "O.k. then I'll leave you with them, but you remember, be good.... They'll only be here for a few minutes.... O.k. I'll come back in a while.... An orange juice, ok.... bye now." He took short pauses between phrases as if having a conversation. Sam nodded at them and gave Mulder a key. "When you're done lock the door behind you and leave the key at the front desk." Sam walked out the door and closed it again.

"Jessy can we ask you a couple of questions?" Scully repeated. Mulder sat down in a chair at the desk across from the bed.

'Yes' A child's voice said in her mind. She backed up, shocked, into the wall.

"What's wrong?" Mulder asked her.

"She talked without talking!" Scully stammered.

"Scully you're not making sense."

'I'm sorry' The voice said. Jessy patted the bed in front of her. 'Please sit down' The voice said. Scully looked at her, confused, and asked,

"You're doing that?"

"What's she doing?" Mulder asked aggrivated. He was standing up now watching the two of them.

'Talking with my mind' Jessy said to Mulder in his mind.

"How did you do that?" They asked simultaneously.

'I know you know who I am. I can read you minds, that's how I know and why I come to trust only certain people. I know you don't want to hurt me. Scully I'm sorry if I scared you.'

"It's ok., but would you mind moving your mouth?" Scully asked.

"Ok." Jessy said. Her voice sounded better now. She motioned for Scully to sit on the bed. Jessy sat up in bed and motioned for Mulder to sit back down in the chair. They both sat down and Mulder asked her,

"Did you kill those two men that were here last night?"

"Yes, but I didn't mean to. I just didn't want them to take the money."

"What were you going to do to them?" Mulder asked.

"Honestly, I was trying to crack their necks in a way that they would be paralyzed from the neck down."

"Why?" Scully asked.

"Because then they would not be able to rob any place and no one else would get hurt."

"How did you know that they were there?" Mulder asked

"I just knew." Jessy got out of the covers and sat up next to Scully, Jessy smiled at her. Something about Jessy's warm smile made Scully want to take her out of there, away from the orphanage.

"How did you know?" Scully asked.

"How did you know to come here, just a little hint." Scully and Mulder looked at her with an annoyed smirk. "Ok., ok. I was sleeping and when I sleep my mind is usually open to everyone's mind. I was unconsciously going through the minds of the people at the facility when I came across something bad, something that wasn't supposed to be there. ." She paused and took a deep breath. "I could see those two men. One of them, Rick, didn't want to rob the place. He, the other one, Matt, went over it in his mind and I woke up. I walked out and I saw them coming down the hall and Boom! I just reacted, a little too harshly."

"To keep them from taking the money you killed them." Mulder said. "With your mind?"

"That money was going to be used to buy food, clothes, maybe a new game for the play room." She paused. "Or maybe a new surveillance camera for the play room." Jessy muttered this last sentence under her breath but she was sitting so close to Scully that she heard it.

"Why would they put a surveillance camera in the play room?"

"Because the government, they need proof of my power before they can take me back to experiment again."

"They want to do what?!" Mulder exclaimed.

"Not here. You two can take me out of here, for a day, then I'll tell you." Jessy said.

"We'll come back tomorrow," Mulder said to Jessy. "Come on, we have to go," he said to Scully. They got up and walked out the door. Before Mulder took the key out of his pocket the door locked itself.

'Do you know how easy it would be for me to get out of here.' Jessy's voice said to them in their minds.

Mulder and Scully sat in the car outside her house after eating dinner at a cafe.

"So what do you think?" Scully asked.

"I think their coffee stank," Mulder said making a sour face.


"I think we have to get her out of there and talk to her."

"Wouldn't she be safer talking to us in there. If we took her out of there she'd be an easy target for the government to take."

"But in there it would be easier. I want to get permission to take her out for the weekend."

"Mulder, where would we put her?" Scully said laughing.

"You have a king sized bed, she can sleep on the other side of it."

"Mulder that would make me an easy target for the government to take again."

"Why would they want to?"

"Well she trusts me, a lot, they might wonder why. Then if they knew what she was telling me about what they want to do to her they would want to take me to wash out what she said, or worse."

"Don't worry about that. I'll sleep on your couch. Beside I think you'd be safer with her than you've ever been in your life."

"That's true." She paused. "Mulder why would the government want to take her, she's only a fourteen year old girl?"

"Scully, she can read minds, she can move objects. If a war were to break out she can go into secret meetings with her mind and tell the enemy's strategies. She can help catch criminals by reading their thoughts and telling where they would strike next. She can help locate missing children. There's a lot she can do that the government would want her for. You don't know, maybe they want to cut open her head and see how she does all this stuff."

"How could they want to do that to her?"

"Scully, this in the government, they'll do anything to benefit themselves. Look at all the stuff they've gone through to cover up the things we've investigated."

"We have to get her out of there."

"They know sir." A man said entering a dark room. He has just found out about Scully and Mulder's investigation into the murders of the two burglars who tried to rob the orphanage where Jessica was being kept. Another man, a heavy cigarette smoker, stood at the other end of the room. He lit up another cigarette.

"They know what?" he asked.

"About how the burglars died sir."


"They know about her. Sir, they've talked to her."

"Put them on her release list."

"Sir, why would we want to jeopardize our chances with Jessica by letting agents Scully and Mulder take her out."

"She's talked to them, she trusts them, she'll show them, and when she does we'll make our move." He took a deep drag of the cigar and puffed it out. "Keep a twenty four hour surveillance on Scully and Mulder, they're usually together so it'll be easy, but be discreet, they catch on quickly." He took another deep drag as the man walked out of the room and let it out slowly.

The next morning Scully and Mulder departed from the FBI building to the orphanage. They met Sam at the door.

"Hey you two, what 'cha been up to?" Sam said.

"Nothing, Sam, can we take Jessy out for the weekend?" Mulder asked.

"I don't think you two are on her list."

"There's a list?" Scully asked.

"Yep. Only the people on the list are allowed to take her out for any period of time."

"Who's on this list?" Mulder asked.

"Oh, just some government people. Last time I saw the list there were only three names. I don't remember your names on there. But then again I don't have a good memory 'cause if I did I wouldn't be working here." Sam said laughing.

"Can we see the list?" Mulder asked chuckling. Sam nodded and led them to the main station.

"Marcia, can we see the list of take outs for Jessica?" Sam asked Marcia, a nurse on duty at the station. She smiled and went to the back room. She came out seconds later with a folder.

"What's in that folder?" Mulder asked.

"Just some information on Jessy." Marcia answered.

"Can we see it?" Scully asked.

"Can't give it out to people."

"What can you tell us about it?" Mulder asked.

"School stuff. She had lessons with a private tutor because she wouldn't pay attention in the classes we provide here. She had a high IQ and has a high school diploma. She has a bachelors degree in science and she wants to be FBI. She's a genius, she had all this knowledge when she got here all she had to do was take a couple of tests to get all this stuff. I can tell you that she has to wait until she's eighteen until she get's to even attempt to go to the FBI academy. We really can't tell too much but that's because all the good stuff is in the government file. I can tell you that she didn't know her birthday when she got here, we told her to pick a date and she picked February twenty third."

"That's your birthday Scully." Mulder whispered. Scully smirked and Mulder asked about the list, "Who's on it?"

"Well you two are on it!" Marcia said.

"Dana Scully and Fox Mulder?" Scully asked, surprised.

"Yes," she replied.

"Well we want to take her for the weekend," Mulder said amazed. Sam grabbed a small, grey suitcase and led them to Jessy's room.

"Jessy. Scully and Mulder are back." Sam said entering the room. Jessy was sitting at her desk reading a book and she looked up at them and smiled. She saw the suitcase and jumped out of her chair.

"I'm leaving?" she asked a bit alarmed.

"Yes, we're taking you for the weekend," Scully said. Jessy jumped up and rushed to hug Scully. Shocked, she hugged Jessy back and then they let go. They packed her suitcase and left. Half-way to Scully's house Jessy jumped around. The sudden movement made Scully jump in the passenger seat.

'How long does it take to get home? Smits I thought you said her house was about ten minutes away.'

'What, you tired already?'

'Yes. Twenty four hour surveillance is not exactly exiting with these two.' The two voices went on is Jessica's mind.

"We're being followed, to your house, by two agents." Jessy said. Mulder turned away from Scully's house and started to speed up.

"Jessy put on your seatbelt!" He screamed. "Scully turn around, Jessy you too!" Both girls jumped around and sank into their seats. Mulder looked in the rear-view mirror as he made a sharp right turn and put the brakes in the middle of an alley. He came to a complete stop and Scully came within inches of a concussion. They all turned to see another car, a grey Oldsmobile, take a sharp turn behind them and come to a screeching halt. Mulder pressed the gas again and the grey Oldsmobile behind them started after them. Mulder turned right, then left and straight, then right. Until Jessy told them they lost the surveillance team he kept going. They stopped at a park and all sat silent for a moment.

"Scully you ok.?" Mulder and Jessy asked. Their sudden inquisition startled her.

"I'm ok," she said. They got out of the car and Mulder asked Jessy,

"Are you sure we lost them?" Jessy giggled,

"Yeah, they've decided to go to your house, Scully, and wait."

"Good we can talk here." They all went to a bench and sat down. It was forty degrees and cloudy so they all huddled on the bench quickly. Scully and Jessy on one side, Mulder on the other.

"How would they, the government, prove you have powers by placing a camera in the play room?" Scully asked.

"I like to make the dolls move, dance. The kids love it. They laugh and make up plays for the dolls to do, they provide voices, I provide movement." Jessy rubbed her hands together. "The government, if they see what I can do they'll do all the things you mentioned to Scully in the car yesterday, and more. Sorry, fell asleep thinking of you guys and I read your minds. Do you know that everything you are going to say goes through your mind first, nothing you say is spontaneous."

"Well what grounds do they have to investigate you in the first place?" Scully asked.

"When I was first placed in the orphanage, I used to read the minds of the social workers. I would disagree before they would ask. I threw things with my mind, at people who angered."

"That's kind of a dumb thing to do, I mean you're a genius." Mulder said.

"Yeah, well," she said shrugging her shoulders. "Oh you know what's a funny thing to do. If a person had an object and they held it I would make it fall out of their hands. Another funny thing is how I drove Mrs. Hagrt crazy."

"Mrs. Hagrt? What did you do to her?" Mulder asked.

"She was a big , fat nurse that was mean to us. I talked to her in her mind and she went nuts." Jessy said, she laughed. So did Mulder and Scully. "You know they're never going to let me permanently leave the orphanage." Jessy said sad faced.

"Why?" Mulder asked.

"Because..." 'We have to leave here, and my suitcase' Scully heard in her mind. Jessy's sad faced suddenly looked frightened.

"Why?" Scully asked. Mulder heard the same thing and looked at Jessy for an answer.

"My suitcase is bugged and the two guys will be here any minute."

"I have an idea," Mulder said. They all went to the car and dropped the suitcase at Mulder's house after taking all of Jessy's belongings out of it. Then they went to Scullys house. Jessy took a quick shower and jumped into bed. She quickly fell asleep.

"I wonder what she meant?" Scully said standing outside the door to her room looking at Jessy sleeping. Mulder came up behind her.

"Meant about what?"

"Never leaving."

"We can ask her tomorrow."

"She took my side," Scully said.

"What?" Mulder asked.

"I sleep on the left side of the bed."

"Well you'll sleep on the right side tonight. Just be glad that you don't have to sleep on the couch." She laughed at him and then they went to sleep.

The two men, the surveillance team, traded off with another pair. The second pair sat in the car in front of Mulders house all night. The next morning the first two came back to take the second pairs place.

"Nothing?" Smits asked the two men.

"Nothing. You know they could just be sleeping." One of the two men said.

"All of them in his apartment. I've been in there, he hardly has room to sleep." Barner, Smits partner, said.

"Something's not right here." Smits said. With that the four of them went into the apartment building. They busted the door after there was no answer. The case stood in the center of the room with a smiley face taped to it. They all ran down the stairs and jumped into their cars.

"They're coming!" Jessy screamed. Scully jumped up in bed and Mulder fell off the couch. "Get up, get dressed, they're coming." Jessy screamed getting out of bed. She jumped into her jeans, shoes, shirt and sweater faster than she had ever before in her entire life. She pulled on and buttoned her jacket before Scully had taken out a pair of pants.

Soon they were all dressed and out the door. They went to the orphanage. The building was three stories tall and large. They were being followed the whole way by the men. Scully and Mulder got out of the car and Sam let them in. Mulder took Jessy's hand and led her up the stairs.

Jessy saw images in her head that she was receiving from Mulders touch. A girl, Samantha, being abducted by aliens. A strange man with green eyes. A woman in a forest, a computer, a wolf, his college graduation, Scully, two girls: Eves. Jessy felt groggy and Scully took her other hand as they walked into a storage room on the second floor. They crouched behind a big box and heard footsteps in front of them. As Scully and Mulder held her hands she saw more and more images. Scully's parents, her family, her graduation, troubles at the academy. She saw an old flame, Jack Willis, and what happened to him. She saw an ugly man kissing Scully, forcing her into bed, Mulder saving her.

She saw a frozen alien baby, Deep Throat, Mulder, a worm in a man's neck, The man with the green eyes again attacking Scully, Mulder saving her, the man attacking Mulder, how the man died. Jessy saw a man with a strange hand shooting Scully, Mulder shooting the man. A weird forest with fluid sucking green bugs, a boy, Kevin, searching for his sister Ruby. Then the face of a blood sucking worm, Mulder, ice tea, love, no, rootbeer, Scully. An alien ship hovering above Mulder, an alien ship under a plastic sheet, a man with a gun at a blood drive, a bright light, a black man: sleeplessness, Mulder, Duane Barry, Scully. Scully looked at Jessy and shook her.

"You two have been through so much together." Jessy said.

"I remember." Mulder whispered.

"Remember what?" Scully asked.

"Remember when I on that base and they caught me. I remember what I saw there. Jessy you moved the block." He hugged her.

Mulder got up off his knees and went over to the door. As he was going to open the door a stampede of footsteps went by the door making Mulder jump back behind a wall of boxes. The men were stopping at each door. As one man was going to open the door of the room they were in Jessy moved something downstairs with her mind making a noise that sent all the men running down to see if it was the three of them. When all the men were downstairs Scully, Mulder and Jessy ran out of the room and went to the third floor. On the way Jessy tripped and fell on her arm. She let out a scream of pain. Mulder picked her up and took her the rest of the way. The three of them were surprised when they found that the third floor was under construction.

All that was there were half finished walls and plastic sheets in the broken spaces or where doors where supposed to be. Mulder put Jessy down and she took their hands again. They went to the end of the room where there was a big box. They jumped behind the box just as the men entered the room.

"I just got word. Agents Mulder and Scully, you're to be taken dead or alive if you don't hand over the girl." They heard a man say. Behind the box Scully was scrunched against Mulder and Jessy against her.

"Scully I'm scared," Jessy whimpered.

"It's ok. Jessy." Scully hugged Jessy and Scully hugged her back looking at Mulder as if asking, 'What are we going to do?', Mulder looked at the two of them and stepped out from behind the box and put his hands up in the air.

"Scully and Jessy are long gone. They climbed down the fire escape right before you came in here," he said.

"I'm supposed to believe you Mr. Mulder?" The man asked.

"I have no reason to lie. I want to know though, if you get the girl, what are you going to do to with her?"

"She is nothing but a threat to us if she has powers."

"You'll kill her!?" Mulder yelled. The man nodded. "You'll kill an innocent child for being different?"

"She's more than different, she's not human, she's an experiment that was never meant to be fulfilled."

"An experiment?" Mulder asked.

"Yes, where is the girl, Mr. Mulder?"

"What experiment?" Suddenly a large flash of light filled the room. Another flashed from behind the box, Scully was blown across the room. She slammed into the wall on her side and fell to the floor.

'I'm sorry Scully. I have to go home now. Good-bye.' Said a loud voice, Jessy's voice. When the flash was over everyone lay on the floor sheilding their eyes. Mulder stood up and rushed over to Scully who was laying on the floor.

"Scully!" Mulder said shaking her. She looked at him and rubbed her shoulder.

"What happened?" Scully asked as Mulder pulled her off the floor.

"She's gone. We've lost her for good." The man told them. "Ok. guys. Move out. Let's go home." All the men stepped out of the room. Mulder and Scully stood there for a while before they left.

Later that night while they were sleeping a voice interrupted their dreams. They saw Jessy dressed in white surrounded by a bright light. She smiled, a big warm smile.

'I guess you guys want an explanation." She started." In 1979 there were a lot of girls getting operations of all kinds. They thought it was normal procedure but what they didn't know is that the government was doing an experiment. They wanted to create a human-alien hybrid. While the girls were having their operations the government came in and took one egg out of each of the girls that had eggs that could have been fertilized. Only one of these eggs accepted the sperm from the alien. The egg was implanted in the stomach of another woman because the girls who were being operated were all twelve to sixteen and were all virgins. The government thought it would be hard to explain the pregnancy if the girl was a virgin.

'The fertilized egg was born and it lived, the government didn't expect the baby to live, but she did. By the time I was eight I had developed mind powers. I was also really smart. When I was that age I found out that they were only keeping me in hopes that I die, so they can start more experiments. It was at that time that I started to send out mind messages to my "Father". The government made up this story of me being found by a government worker and they wanted to put me in an orphanage. I was never going to be let out. They were just waiting until I died. They named me Jessica then. When I was asked about my birthday, I didn't know. I thought of my "Mother", my real mother that is, not the one that gave birth to me. and her birthday was February twenty third so I used hers. I guess today they got tired of waiting for me to die.' Jessy laughed and then continued, 'I just wanted to tell you two this because I thought you should know. I'll see you again someday, somehow. Good bye, for now though, Mulder. Good bye, for now, Mom.'

Scully and Mulder jumped up from this dream wondering....

The End

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