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The Nursery Files Genres Master List

Canon Character Based Lists

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Baby William
less than a year old
Last updated August 2019
Toddler William
1 to 3 years old
Last updated May 2019
Kid William
3 to 19 years old, broken down by ages
Last updated December 2018
Adult William (and Other Adult Children)
Last updated April 2019

stories set during "Christmas Carol" and/or "Emily"
Last updated May 2016
Not!Dead Kids
Emily, (child)Samantha and/or Luke Doggett are alive in these fics set after their canon deaths
Last updated March 2018

Matthew Scully
Scully's nephew.
Last updated May 2019
Gibson Praise
stories set while he's a child or teen.
Last updated July 2019

Pregnancy Based Lists

Pregnant Scully
Pregnancy stories (she's pregnant with Mulder's child unless otherwise noted), broken down by when during the series Scully was pregnant
Last updated April 2020
Pregnant Reyes
Reyes expecting her own bundle of joy, usually with Doggett
Last updated March 2018
Pregnant Others
Someone other than Scully or Reyes is expecting a baby
Last updated June 2018
That Darn Fetus
What happened to the fetus shown in "Emily"?
Last updated June 2014
Telling Mulder
Mulder finds out something important...
Lamaze Class
Grab a pillow and a partner
It's time!
Last updated May 2019

Family Life Lists

Married With Children
Mulder and Scully have officially tied the knot and have kids. (+ engagement subcategory)
Last updated April 2019
Playing House
Mulder and Scully, unmarried with children

Last updated March 2014
Non-Canon Kids
Any offspring of characters who are not Emily, William, Luke Doggett, or Matthew Scully
Last updated May 2020
Lil' Brother William
William has biological or adopted older siblings
Last updated June 2017
Big Brother William
William has younger siblings
Last updated December 2018
Doggett/Reyes Kids
Usually set after "The Truth," Doggett and Reyes start a family
Last updated December 2018
Any Other Name
After Requiem Scully has a baby not named William
Last updated February 2019
Twins or more!
Twins, triplets, quads etc
Last updated March 2020
Big Families
The average family has 2.4 children. These families have 4 or more
Last updated February 2018
Agents Adopt
Someone adopts a child or children
Last updated February 2019
When marriage means taking on parenthood too
Last updated September 2018
Slash & families
Gay characters experience parenthood
Last updated April 2018
Halloween & Kids
Family and casefile stories set at Halloween
Last updated October 2018
Christmas & Kids
Family and casefile stories set at Christmas
Last updated December 2019
Other Holidays
Not Christmas or Halloween
Last updated February 2020
Young Relatives
Nieces, nephews, and much younger siblings
Last updated November 2018
Babysitter reporting for duty
Last updated April 2018
Family Vacations
Kids, sunscreen, mittens, everything you'd expect on a family vacation
Last updated December 2017
Put on your party hats
Bedtime Stories
Someone tells a child a bedtime story
Last updated May 2017
School Days
pre-K to first year of college
Post-IWTB fics
These fics are set after the second movie's credits have rolled
Last updated December 2018
Reboot/Season 10-11 Fics
Last updated March 2020

Looking Ahead (or Backwards) Lists

Get Will Back!
William reunited with Mulder and Scully, broken down by how old he was (1-6 or 7+)
Last updated December 2018
Grandpa Mulder and Grandma Scully
Usually set in the future, Mulder and Scully have grandchildren
Last updated November 2018
Teenage characters of all sorts
Last updated January 2018
Pre-XF Childhoods
Stories from when the characters were young
Last updated May 2020

AU Themes Lists

Keeping William
Fics set late into or after season nine that don't result in William being put up for adoption
Last updated December 2018
Alternate Returns
Mulder returns in a non-canon fashion (and Scully still has his child)
Last updated March 2018
AU After Requiem
fics that break from canon after "Requiem"
Last updated February 2019
AU After Existence
fics that break from canon after "Existence"
Last updated August 2019
Aunt Melissa
Scully's children know their aunt
Last updated March 2018
Aunt Samantha
Mulder's children know their aunt
Last updated March 2018

Less Light-Hearted Lists

Mulder, Single Dad
Mulder raises children on his own
Last updated March 2018
Life After Mulder
Scully and her child(ren) move on after Mulder's death or disappearance
Last updated January 2018
Had Kids With Others
Kids that aren't from M/S or D/R pairings
Last updated May 2020
Should Have Told You
Characters belatedly discover that they're parents (babies made the old-fashioned way only)
Last updated March 2018
Adoption Angst
Mulder and/or Scully dealing with William's adoption
Last updated January 2019
The Empty Cradle
Miscarriages and otherwise lost children
Last updated December 2017
48 Hours
Fics set between "Existence" and Mulder's departure in "Nothing Important Happened Today I"
Last updated May 2019
Fics with ransom notes
William Van De Kamp
William, living with his adopted family
Last updated December 2018

Scifi Based Lists

Other Emilys
Mulder and Scully discover that there are other lab created children
Last updated January 2018
Post-Col Childhoods
Child characters experiencing invasion and colonization
Last updated April 2020
Casefile Kids
Unrelated children who are involved in cases
Last updated April 2019
Little Ghosts
Ghosts of children and teenagers
Last updated September 2016
Back To The Future
Someone's offspring time travels to met them.
Last updated July 2017
Inhuman Parent(s)
Remember the rumor that the baby was only half human? The rumor was right.
Last updated May 2020
Abnormal Aging
Rapid aging, second childhoods, and suspended animation
Cloned Children
Children who were cloned from someone else

Everything Else

fics produced by The Nursery Files challenges
Last updated June 2016
crossovers between The X-Files and assorted tv shows, movies and books
Last updated June 2016
Fic Pairs
A list of fics at The Nursery Files and their one each sequels
Last updated June 2017
A list of all the series housed at The Nursery Files
Last updated July 2017

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