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Yclept by RocketMan
yclept(i-klept') v. (Archaic) named. BF NCC

Yellow Dress by Em Hashimoto
Maybe this time, I'll get what I need. PS BF

Yes, Dana, There is a Santa Claus by Kate L.
This is my story of Mulder and Scully's not-so-happy holidays, and how it gets better. KF

Yes, Erin, There is a Santa Claus by D. K. Scully
Mulder is spending the holiday with the Scully clan. Erin, being her meddling self, happens to walk into Scully's room and finds the partners in a compromising situation. Is it what she thinks? TF

Yes, Fox, There Really Is a Santa by Vickie Moseley
Mulder's disbelief is challenged. M KF

Yes Mulder, There is a Santa Claus by Cheri
William helps Mulder discover the existence of Santa. KF W

Yes, Mulder, There Is a Santa Claus by Shinkai
Scully is leaving for Christmas vacation. Mulder would like time for one last gift. KF

Yesterdays by Starbuck_Jayne
In the days before the birth of her child Scully has little to do except reflect upon the past. PS

You Are Always Here by Gillian
The scene after Mulder arrives in "Bethlehem" and goes to get Scully and bring her home. BF W

You Are My Angel by A. Baylis
Mulder and Scully spend Christmas eve together in the hospital, but it's not what you think...KF

You Are My Miracle by Whiskey Queen
What is in store for Scully's unborn child? PS

You Are Not Alone by Keleka
Scully and Skinner share a pre-natal moment. PS

You Are Not Alone by Rotem Shahar
"Another day has gone..." BF W

You Better Sit Down Now by Cheryl Cohen
Mulder plans to ask Scully to marry him on Valentine's Day, but her surprise tops his by a long shot. PS

You Can't Go Home Again by Leigh Alexander
Mulder's the father, they've kissed and supposedly walked off happily into the sunset. Or have they? What happens next, and will Mulder really stick around to be the perfect dad? Can you really go home again after being abducted, tortured and buried alive? PS BF W

You Come and Go Again by ML
Scully is thinking about someone. PS

You Don't Understand by Rebel
Scully explains human nature to a clone. OE NCC

You Only Live Twice by Traveler
Continuation of The Truth. Waa

You Should Be Proud by Faith N.
A look into the life of William through the eyes of one of his proud parents KF W

You Were Such A Beautiful Baby by Kobler
It's the first day of school in an alternate dimension and Scully and Mulder are best friends. PXF KF

You're My Home by Annie Wright
"We're gonna make it, Mon. You an' me. As long as I got you, I got everythin' I need." TF G

You're My Star by XFoxMuldersGirlX
Mulder bonds with the baby... BF W

Your Father Came Home by Lorri
A father comes home. Sequel to Wait Until Your Father Gets Home PS

Your Father's Child by Lorri
Baby makes three. Sequel to Your Father Came Home PS BF NNC

Y2K by Thinkey
Mulder convinces Scully to take a trip to Colorado with him. Stranded at the cabin because of Y2K, things begin to change... G KF


Zephyrs by Becka F.
sequel to Xavier. I'll see you in the wind. W WaF W+S

Zoe series by Smurf
A young girl with extraordinary powers brings Mulder and Scully together.

Zombies in a Newer Age by David Stoddard-Hunt
What kinds of things come back from the dead? PS

Zone of No Signal by Branwell
Scully prepares herself for her double mission. PS


2:00 A.M. by OkayVal
It's the middle of the night, but no one is asleep. W BF

3 a.m. with My Daughter by Keva
Mulder comforts his baby daughter, and reflects. BF NCC

3BR3BA by Sagan
The perfect house for a growing family. BF W

4 weeks, 3 days, 7 hours by Gillian
Mulder contemplates what his decision to leave has meant in his relationship with Scully and their son. BF W

11:21 by eponine119
Mulder leaps from life to life and Scully follows him, while they discover some very interesting facets of their personalities. PS

12 Scenes of Christmas Past and One of Christmas Future by ML
The title says it all. BF W

16 Years by Jade
Mulder wonders about his son's future. BF W

18 years and 1 day by Starbuckmsr
After 18 years he has finally found them, but it doesn't go as planned. W TF NCC W+S

25 Years by XxaerogirliexX
Mulder and Scully's children throw them a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary party. W

40 Weeks by Malibu Sunset
What if the IVF attempt in Per Manum had been successful? This is that story. PS

48 Hours by ML
I was a father for forty-eight hours. BF W

87 Shades of Black series by Slippin' Mickeys
87 Shades of Black When, once again, the most important choices of Mulder and Scully's lives are made for them, they learn that sometimes the best way to take back control is to simply fade to black. PS

87 Shades of Black II - The Shade of Truth The plot thickens. PS

87 Shades of Black III - Night Sky Just when you think you're out, they suck you back in. PS

155 Words, or A Nobody Now by Triton
Mulder comes home. W KF

211 Confession by Samantha
Scully's on her way to meet Mulder at D.C.'s airport to fly out to see Bill and Tara, she is none too thrilled. BF W

360 Maple Grove by Riva
A present-day case causes Scully to remember a childhood experience with an apparition of evil. PXF

1000 Lies by Awesomo Fox
A Pre-XF story with a song in it. PXF S

1000 Rainy Days by R.L. Montoya
When Scully begins experiencing a strange form of empathy, it affects her work on an abduction case. Mulder reacts oddly, becoming more and more attracted to her because of it, but the consequences of and reasons for her new ability are more farreaching than either of them realize. KF

1984 by Kathmak
A chance meeting in 1984 makes an impression on a teenage Monica Reyes. Pre-XF, TF

A 1997 Thanksgiving Tale by Laura Capozzola
he extended Mulder family celebrates a typical American Thanksgiving...well, as typical as you can expect for Fox Mulder. KF

2012 by angelofjoy
With the year 2012 nearly over, and Mulder and Scully living in relative seclusion waiting for the judgment day, a young woman lands in Scully's hospital exhibiting strange symptoms and throwing Mulder and Scully's son back into their lives. W GK

2012 - The Return by lsgrimm91
A story of the events predicted for 2012. KF W gWb! E

2790 Vine Street by Dryad
December 27, 1973 PXF

3500 Miles Away byxLadyXAugreyx
But what would you change if you could? One birthday wish changes things. W gWb!

2,000,000 Seconds by Lindsay B
Scully's musings on her situation now that Mulder's gone. PS