Title: Stolen Promises
Author: Mulderslady
Written: January 2000
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, wish they did. Only Kalen Joseph belongs to me.
Rating: PG
Classification: S, Alternative Universe
Keywords: MSR, AU, and one weird story
Spoilers: Slight one from The End
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Summary: What if Mulder had a child by Scully, but had never met her?

Yeah you're working building a mystery
and doing so carefully

Building a Mystery
by Sarah M.

The thrill is gone. The thrill was gone weeks after I married her. She had lied to me. She never was pregnant. My daughter, Kalen Joseph was a blessing, a miracle I realized since Fowley had a hysterectomy when she was a teenager. The thrill was gone when she came out with brilliant red hair and porcelain features.

I stayed for my daughter.

I tried to keep up the act for Kalen, but when she held a gun to her head and threatened to take away my only source of joy in this world, I had to kill her. I drew my Sig Sauer P250 and emptied it into her before she could completely destroy my world.

Who is Kalen's mother? Diana never was. As I holster my gun and gather my scared daughter into my arms, I realize that with Samantha found, this is my new quest.

"So will the DNA Test results give you more information on her real mother? You know, what she looks like?"

"No, but by taking your features and seeing which ones were incorporated in Kalen, it may give you an idea?" Byers said scanning pictures of Kalen and Mulder into their computer.

"There, you're looking for a red head with fine skin, small features, a fine nose and normal ears." Frohike said matter of factly.

Mulder smiled. " Great, that could be any body. Page me if you figure out anything more." then turning to Kalen, "Ready to go?" The sleepy four-year-old nodded yes and reached for her father. "Want some food honey?" She shook her head no. Poor thing, I hope she isn't too traumatized by what happened.

"Daddy? Why was mommy bad?"

"I don't know, honey."

"Daddy, is it wrong if I told you that I'm glad she's dead?"

"Well no, I guess not, honey."

"Good, cause I am. She wasn't really my mommy, was she?"

"No, she wasn't."

"Who is, daddy?"

"I don't know, Kalen, but I'm trying to find out."

One Year Later

"Bye Daddy, be good."

"I'll try sweetie. Have a good day."

Kalen waved bye and adjusted her Darth Maul Backpack. Mulder was meeting with the Head Pathologist at Quantico. He heard she was a hard woman, the enigmatic Dr. Scully, the Ice Queen. Man, Spooky was sounding good compared to those names. He stepped into the morgue and was greeted with a sweet smell, like cotton candy.

"Hello, you must be Agent Mulder, I'm Dr. Scully. Be with you in 20 minutes, have some coffee." A petite red head said as she slipped a face shield down, and fired up a high powered drill. Mulder ran to get some coffee, he hadn't expected her. He had expected a six -foot, 300-pound gorilla ready to do 80 one handed push-ups at the drop of a hat. She was small, had fine porcelain skin, fiery red hair . . . just like Kalen. Could she be? But I've never met her before. How? I have to get a DNA sample some how.

"So what do you have for me, Scully?"

"Well Mulder, I have a man with a burn across his mid section. He's been carbonized, either by fire, explosion, lightening, or something that can change carbon atoms."

Mulder blinked, her voice, her manner was so much like Kalen's, I have to see her again. I have to know. "Here let me give you my card Scully so if you have anything else you can call me."

Kalen's picture caught her eye. "Pretty little girl, yours?"

"Yeah she's five now, old picture."

"I heard about the incident with your wife, how'd she handle it?"

"Fine. You heard about that?"

"Well yeah, I did the autopsy that officially cleared you." They looked deep into each other's eyes, measuring the other up.

Do it Mulder, do it now. "Would you like to meet me for dinner tonight? We could talk more about the case."

"Ok call me with the place and time, nice meeting you, Mulder."

1 p.m.

"Hey guys could you run this I need to know if it's a match for Kalen."

"Whoa! Who's the red head?" Frohike asked as he took the lock of hair from Mulder's hand.

"Yeah, how'd you get this chunk of hair?" Langley said with a leer in his voice.

"My business. Call me with the results."

4 p.m.

Kids ran out of the building as Mulder waited for Kalen to appear. She didn't, and he began to worry. He walked into the building, and looked around frantically. A teacher walked out of her office and Mulder ran to her quickly "Excuse me, have you seen a little girl, bright red hair with a Darth Maul Backpack and lunchbox?"

"Yeah on the swings at the playground. Cutest, your daughter?"

"Yeah, thanks." Mulder walked out to find her sitting on the swing. Mulder walked behind her and gave her a gentle push. "Hey baby doll."

"Hey Daddy, I was waiting for you."

"You should have let me know, I was worried."

"I was sending you a mental message."

"Oh I didn't get it, sorry." Kalen looked up at him and smiled. "I wish we had a swing-set in the apartment."

"When I close on townhouse, I'll get you one."

"You like her, don't you, dad?"


"The woman you met today."

"I tell you, Kalen, you're spooky."

"Like father like daughter."

"She's just some one from work."

"Where are you going for your dinner date?"

"I don't know, you're coming too, it's not a dinner date."

"Sure whatever, Daddy. Wear the gray suit dad, I like that one."

7 p.m.

"It's not a date, Kalen."

"Then why are you so nervous Dad?" Kalen asked Mulder as they walked to the entrance of House of Hunan where Scully waited. "Now I know why you're so nervous." Kalen said softly.

"Hey Mulder, this must be Kalen. Hi, I'm Dr. Dana Scully, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too Dr. Scully. Do you like to cut up dead people?"

Mulder's eyes widened and he blushed slightly. Scully smiled and replied

"Yes I do. They're great listeners and never give you any lip."

Kalen giggled and let go of Mulder's hand and reached for Scully's, engaging her in more conversation as they were seated.


Mulder sat back and listened as Kalen conversed with Scully. That kid is a natural, she'll probably have her social security and credit card number by the time we leave.

His cellphone rang and he answered it quickly. "Mulder."

"Mulder! This is Byers, I hope you have that girl's address 'cause you found her."

Mulder looked up quickly, a shocked expression on his face that effectively stopped Kalen and Scully's conversation. "What daddy?"

"Nothing, nothing honey. Thank you, I owe you one." Mulder said hanging up the phone.

"Something wrong?" Scully asked concerned

"No, no something's right, very right."

After Dinner

"It's her, isn't it Daddy?" Kalen asked as she was buckled into the back seat.

Mulder locked eyes with her and nodded. "I don't know how to explain it, but she is your biological mother."

"Good, I like her, and-" She leaned into Mulder a little and whispered, "I think she likes you too."

3 months later

I can't stop thinking about her. I just wait for one more minute with her. I schedule my day around her, lunch with Scully, dinner with Scully, it's like I've loved her forever. We are soulmates. I need to tell her about Kalen though, she needs to know. I need to know how they were able to combine my sperm and her ova with out either of us knowing it, Mulder thought as the elevator stopped at the lobby.

"Fox Mulder's office please?"

"Basement, Agent Scully."

"Thank you." She said walking through the metal detectors when she saw him coming out of the elevator. "Hey Mulder, ready?"

"Yeah," he said reaching for her hand, linking his fingers with hers.

Kalen was thrilled we had hit it off so quickly. I think she really misses having a mom.

Outside, Mulder pulled her to him and captured her lips with his hungrily.

"Jeez give her some Air, Spooky!"

"I think he's going to swallow her, man!"

Scully pushed away from him and blushed slightly. "Do you usually get attention like that or only when you're kissing the Ice Queen?"

"Anytime, it was a rarity for Diana to even hold my hand in public." Mulder placed his hand along the small of her back and kissed her temple tenderly as they walked down to their usual diner. I am truly happy he thought as he looked down at Scully.

"Really? So am I."

"Jeez, you're worse than Kalen with that mind reading stuff." Then his tone turned serious, "Scully what if I told you I've been looking for you for over a year, because I believed you were the mother of my child."

Scully stopped and looked at him confused. "You're kidding right?"

"No." he said opening the door for her and heading in the diner.

They sat in their usual booth and Scully asked "What do you mean I'm her mother? Diana was her mother."

"No she wasn't. She had a hysterectomy in her teens. I um . . . took a lock of your hair and had some friends of mine run it against Kalen's DNA profile. It matched perfectly, I confirmed it with PCR."

"But I just met you how in the . . ."

"I know, it was hard for me to believe. That's why I did the PCR. I want us to be a family."

"Mulder, who did this, how did they get my ova and combine it with you sperm? How-"

He spoke over her. "We just moved into that nice stand alone townhouse in Arlington and Kalen and me think you should move in with us. Arlington isn't that far from Quantico, you could commute . . ."

"Mulder? What are you talking about?"

"I want you to move in with me."


"I want you to marry me Scully. I want you to be my wife. I want us to be a family, like we should have been." Mulder said pulling out a small velvet box from his pocket and sliding it across the table.

She opened the box and gazed at the emerald engagement ring. Mulder touched her hand and she looked into his pleading hazel eyes. "Mulder I . . ."

"Please say yes, we don't have to get married right away. I just want to know that you will marry me one day."

"Yes. Yes I'll marry you."

The waitress came back with the food as Mulder reached across the table and put the ring on Scully's finger. "OH WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!! HOLD ON! GUYS COME HERE, THEY JUST GOT IN ENGAGED!!"

Oh no! Mulder and Scully thought as a huge group of waiters and waitresses crowded around and started clapping. "What are your first names?"

"Fox and Dana." Scully said, as Mulder tried to crawl under the table from embarrassment.

"Happy engagement to you, Happy engagement to you, Happy engagement Fox and Dana, Happy engagement to you!!" They 'sang' and went back to work. Mulder reappeared blushing furiously and Scully giggled.

"Can we get picture of you two? You're our first engagement," the manager said coming out with a Polaroid.

Scully smiled and kicked Mulder under the table and gave him the look, he smiled reluctantly. "Great thanks, your lunch is on the house today oh and here, we do catering too. We'd love to cater your wedding, free of charge. Oh that came out nice, could we have one more picture?"

As they left Mulder pulled Scully into a passionate kiss, which was greeted by more applause and Squeals. "I could get used to this kind of fanfare Mulder." Mulder smiled and asked "When do you want to move your stuff in?"

"Oh whenever . . ." she was interrupted by Mulder's phone ringing. "Mulder."

"Did she say yes, Daddy?"


"I saw the ring in your jacket pocket, so did she?"

"Yes she did, but we haven't set a date."

"Ok, tell Dana I got her message and tell her thanks I want one in blue. Bye Daddy."

"Bye sweetie."

"What she say?" Scully asked, curious.

"She said thanks and she wants one in blue."


"Um what message did you send her, email??"

"No, mind mail, you should try it some time."

Six weeks later

Mulder came up behind Scully and gave her a quick kiss on the neck as he grabbed his keys off the counter.

"Hey babe don't forget about Kalen's Spelling Bee this afternoon."

"I won't, I'll meet you there."

As Mulder got in his car and started it up, he felt the cold steel of a gun at the base of his neck. "Hello Agent Mulder, back up and turn left at the light."

He turned to see CSM staring coolly at him. "What do you want, you bastard?"

"To give you some answers, answers you've been looking for, for a long time. Now drive." Mulder threw the car into reverse and did what he said. "Your late wife never fully understood why I wanted to combine you and Dr Scully, but of course she wasn't very bright."

"Well at least we agree on something."

The two men chuckled at that and CSM holstered his weapon. "Turn here and pull into that space, then follow me."

Mulder got out of the car quickly following CSM. "So where are we going?"

CSM smiled and continued walking. Mulder followed complacently and CSM chuckled to himself "You know Mr. Mulder, I never thought I'd see the day that you'd settle down. It seemed like yesterday that you would have run after me, put me in a headlock and demanded to know where we were going or you'd blow my head off."

"I've matured, plus you still wouldn't have told me."

CSM scoffed softly and unlocked a metal door, holding it open for Mulder. Mulder walked in and was greeted by two little girls that looked just like Kalen. Mulder looked at CSM confused.

"Girls, show your Father your sisters and brothers." One of the girls took Mulder's hand and led him into an elaborate playroom where six other children played. The oldest looked about eight and the youngest was still in her walker. The children turned to look as they entered.

The oldest boy recognized him immediately "Do you remember me, Mr. Mulder?"


The boy nodded. "I have one younger brother and six sisters...well seven if you consider your daughter at home Kalen."

Understanding started to dawn on Mulder. "You mean by combining me and Scully you were able to . . ."

"That's right, a superior race of humans with pure clairvoyant abilities. We had to distract you so you wouldn't investigate Gibson further and find out what he was and expose some 'truth'."

"So why harvest Scully's ova?"

"Well, she wouldn't have understood, she would have . . ."

"Well heck, I don't even understand."

"You wouldn't have met and propagated. She would have met someone else and used her womb for less than extraordinary children. We couldn't allow that. These are tomorrow's great leaders. With them we will be able to cure disease, end war, all the world's problems."

"So . . . were you going to tell Scully?"

CSM looked surprised. "Eventually when these leaders of tomorrow show up in the media she would have known who they are, your going to have to tell her."


"She's your fiancee, Mr. Mulder."

"Yes, but without her you wouldn't have your leaders of tomorrow," he said sarcastically.

CSM conceded defeat and nodded. "But word of advice, don't do what you did to me, or she may not be as nice."


Mulder woke up with a start.

His wife rubbed her eyes and turned to look at him, uh oh post nightmare Mulder. "Scully, I had the worst dream. I dreamt that I had never met you, and I actually married Fowley and she pretended to be Kalen's mother while all the time you were her mother and I killed Diana. . ."

"Mulder that doesn't sound scary." That sounded pretty good actually, she thought.

"No let me finish, then we meet, fall in love, and I find out from CSM that Gibson Praise and like seven other kids are yours and mine, that he created them to be world leaders, and then me and him were chumming around like old friends."

"Now that's scary! Eight kids! That's it no more guacamole Velveeta cheese dip before bed for you. Now please let me sleep, Kalen's going to end up an insomniac like her daddy if I don't teach her early."

Mulder kissed Scully on the check, placing a warm hand on her pregnant belly and settling in for the night.

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