Title: Coming Back To You
Author: Marlen
Feedback: Oh pretty please, with sugar on top? This is first story fic I have written so far and would LOVE to hear from you. CRMV@aol.com
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Romance, Angst, Story, X-File, Mythology
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance. Mulder POV. Mulder Angst. Post-Episode.
Spoilers: There are little ones for S.R. 819, Amor Fati, FPS, all-things and Closure; but it's mainly a Requiem post-ep.
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Summary: Mulder mysteriously appears in a Seattle hospital 10 months after being abducted. Scully's not there and Skinner tells him that the child Scully has had in his absence, was just kidnapped. It becomes a race against time for Mulder to reach Scully and find their child.

Story Notes: I've had this in my head for a little while and decided it was time to put my thoughts out there to anyone who was willing to read it. This started as a simple vignette, but begged to be bigger than that. Will their relationship begin where they had left off? Is it too late to find their baby? Read to find out. It takes a while till Mulder reaches Scully, so hang in there. This could be considered an accompaniment to Going Thru The Motions (which is from Scully's POV), but it's not necessary to read that first.

Feedback: Oh pretty please, with sugar on top? This is first story fic I have written so far and would LOVE to hear from you. CRMV@aol.com

Engulfed in complete darkness, I became aware of a distant humming sound.

It reminded me of the many motel rooms I had stayed in over the years. The air conditioner kicked in as I adjusted it. The rooms were always too warm for my liking. Maybe it was my constant adrenaline from whatever case I was on. Maybe it was the warm body lying next to me. It allowed me an excuse to cuddle up next to her warm body. She just radiated heat and it comforted me.

I concentrated on the hum. Remembering nights that were no longer cold and uninviting, but warm and loving.

The echo of beeps added to the hum.

And one by one, the sounds converged.

Shuffling footsteps joined the hum and beeps.

Clicking joined the hum, beeps and shuffle.





A light began to emerge invading the darkness that enveloped me like a warm blanket.

Voices joined the mix.

Voices he didn't recognize.

'How's our patient doing?'

'Still unresponsive.'

'Let me know if anything changes.'

'Did you find out who he is yet?'

'Yes, he's an FBI agent.'




Panic and confusion overtook me.

*What in the hell is going on?*

I fluttered my blurry eyes open. A flood of light entered my dark world. It stung my eyes. I shut them quickly.

"Sir? Can you hear me?"

I opened them again and in a groggy haze, I was greeted with an extremely excited nurse. She was asking me a question, but I couldn't quite find my voice yet. It was as if I hadn't used my voice in quite some time.

When clarity did occur, I could tell that she was attractive and tall with long flowing brunette hair. The type of person I was always attracted to. However, that was no longer the case. Like a fine wine, age and life experience had changed me. I longed for one certain intelligent, mature, not to mention beautiful little redhead to contradict my wild theories.

And in my moment of reverie, it hit me.


*Where's Scully?*

I was now awake and responsive. The nurse noticed me looking around the room as if someone was behind her.

She turned around; no one else was the room.

With a bright smile that reminded me of beauty contestants telling the host that they want solve world hunger. "Hi there, it's about time you wake up."

Yup, she was too cheery.

The feeling of panic emerged again welling up within me. I tried to push myself up to get out of the bed, but realized that I was too weak to do so and my pounding headache didn't help things any.

I decided to give speaking another try.

"Where's my partner." I crooked out and wondered just how long it has been since I used my voice.

The nurse didn't understand what I said, but told me to relax while she went to get the doctor.

*Relax? Easy for you to say.* I felt an achiness throughout my entire body and a pounding in my head.

I looked around the room I was in and was able to asses that I indeed was in a hospital.

Big surprise there.

However, I didn't recognize it as one the many hospitals DC had to offer. The more puzzling question was how did I get here? A million questions raced through my mind. Was I in a car accident? No broken bones or gashes anywhere. Did I get shot? It didn't look as if I had a wound anywhere. Was I injured in the line of duty? Possibly. I tried to remember what had occurred to me, but came up with nothing. And then my thoughts turned to Scully. She was always by my side whenever I ended up in yet another hospital from yet another irresponsible action I took. I knew that she would constantly remind me of that fact as well.

*Where was she? Why wasn't Scully here?*

Oh my God!

Was she hurt as well? Is that why she wasn't here beside me, questioning every move the doctors made?

I tried again to remember what happened but came up with nothing. A lot of good that photographic memory was doing me now.

I was getting frustrated. I hated hospitals. They're nothing but a waste of precious time. I had to find out what happened to Scully. If she was hurt, I had to be there for her like she usually is for me. However, I knew that he was in no condition to do anything about it.

The door to his room swung open and a man walked through. He looked more like a professor than a doctor. He was a short man. He had short white hair and beard complete with small round glasses perched on his nose.

"I see our mysterious patient has awoken. How are you feeling today?"

"Been better." *Wait a minute. What did he mean mysterious.*

"I'm Dr. Williams. I have been overseeing your care."

I didn't get a chance to ask about the mysterious comment before the doctor began to speak again.

"Do you know your name?"

Now we're getting somewhere. Maybe I suffered a head injury, because that's what they ask when you hit your head as many times as I have.

"My name is Fox William Mulder. Agent Fox Mulder. I work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington DC."

The doctor gave a nod "Good, I just wanted to make sure you knew who you were and didn't suffer any cognitive damage."

"What do you mean?" *What the hell is going on?*

"You came in as a John Doe. We didn't know who you were, so we fingerprinted you and your name came up everywhere. I'm guessing someone desperately wanted to find you, being an agent and all."

That confused me. John Doe? If someone was looking for me then maybe Scully and I are in danger. Time to get to the question at hand.

"Where's Scully?"

Excuse me sir?

"My partner, Scully?"

"I sorry Mr. Mulder, but there's no one listed here by that name . . . uh . . . hold on a second" he was looking at his charts searching for something when he spotted it and said "I thought that name sounded familiar. It appears on your missing persons report, it states that if you we're found to contact Agent Dana Scully or Assistant Director Walter Skinner of the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately."

Scully was looking for me?

"The emergency doctor that took care of you when you first arrived contacted the FBI. I assume one of those two people will come here for you.

"Was there anyone else with me?"

"No, you appeared here alone."

"Are you sure?"


I have to get to the bottom of this.

"Where am I and what happened to me?"

*That was simple enough, right?*

"You're at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Seattle Washington and as far as what happened to you, well . . . we don't really know, you were brought here a couple of days ago and was unresponsive. It caused quite a commotion because no one knows how you got here. We just assumed someone dropped you off, but no one remembers seeing anyone with you."

I sat there patiently as the doctor told me how I came to be at the hospital. But how did I end up in Seattle was a complete mystery. I was especially shocked to hear that I had been a "missing person" for ten months.

I couldn't hear the doctor anymore. My head was spinning 'ten months'. How could I be gone for that long? What happened in my absence? How has Scully been handling it?

I cleared my head and tuned back into what Dr. Williams was telling him. From what he was able to ascertain, I was extremely dehydrated. I was also very weak. The doctor said that the lethargy of my limbs was very similar to what patients experience when in a coma for long period of time. My Tox screen came up with a few anomalies, but it wasn't enough to concern him. However, the doctor was concerned about my pounding headache. So, they had to perform more tests to make sure I was okay. Otherwise, I seemed to be in good health.

*I wonder what else he would do if he saw my extensive hospital records?*

After Dr. Williams had left, a nurse came in and took some blood for the additional tests. When the nurse left, I was alone. This was the worst part. The waiting. An unsettling sense of deja'vu washed over me. I had been at this point too many times to count. I was tired of it. I didn't know how much longer I could keep up this 'one man fighting to save the world' routine. I was already 40 and for once in my life, I thought about taking a breather and disappearing from the responsibility of it all. Maybe I could sail around the world. Seasickness be damned. I wondered if Scully would want to come with me? I enjoyed the thought of just spending time with her and no one else. I longed to know more of the woman behind the Scully fa=87ade. I had only gotten a glimpse of that and wanted more. No cell phones chirping, hospital stays or Bureau regulations to get in the way.

The bubbly nurse I had encountered when I first awoke came into the room taking me out of my musings. She brought in my lunch *they call this food?* Yah, I definitely hate it here. She introduced herself as Becky; her name was as perky as her attitude. She tried to make idle chit chat, even though I was clearly in no mood to talk. If she noticed my reluctance, she didn't show it. She continued her one sided conversation about the weather of all things as she checked my vitals and wrote in the chart.

I was getting nauseated and was extremely glad that she was finishing up and leaving.

As she was heading out, the hospital room door swung open and Assistant Director Walter Skinner walked through.

He looked at me and smiled.

I have been gone for ten months and Skinner didn't look any different, maybe a few more worry lines than the last time I saw him. He was actually happy to see me. It was kind of odd to see him like this; I'm usually getting my ass chewed out for one thing or another.

I never saw a happy Skinner.

Surprised it wasn't Scully, nevertheless glad to see a familiar face, I gestured with a nod, "Sir."

With a smirk Skinner said "You seem a little disappointed to see me Mulder."

"Well, I was hopping to see a five foot three red-head with a knack for keeping me out of trouble, but I guess you'll do for now."

I notice Skinners face fall a little at the mention of Scully. There was something he wanted to tell me. Had something happened to Scully? Is that why he was here instead of her?

"Is Scully okay sir?"

"Yes Mulder, she's fine," he said sternly.

That really didn't comfort me all that much. Fine wasn't what I wanted to hear.

"Sir, what happened?"

"Mulder, what is the last thing you remember?"

I could feel Skinner looking at my face to gage what my reaction would be.

I scrunched my forehead in confusion, "It's all a haze really. I remember we went back to Bellefleur to look for the space craft in the forest and then I woke up here."

"You don't remember anything more?"

Frustrated I said curtly, "No I don't"

Skinner decided to fill in the blanks, "You walked a head of me looking at the equipment to determine where the craft might be. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back, you disappeared and then I saw a bright light and heard a strange sound I had never heard before. The light emerged from the ground and then moved up slowly towards the sky. I shed my eyes from the bright light, but was able to see what the light was attached to. It was a spacecraft Mulder."

My head was spinning. I was abducted? I was taken by them? I was right. My thoughts were interrupted by Skinners next words.

"Mulder do you know how long you've been gone?"

I nodded and let my thoughts drift back to what my doctor had told me. Ten months, I had been missing TEN MONTHS. Scully was only missing for three months and I nearly went insane. How was she able to handle it? What gave her the strength to carry on? Then I remembered Skinner's words 'she's fine.' She most certainly was not 'fine'. Something must have happened. Did her cancer come back? Is that why she was having those dizzy spells? Or is it something else entirely. Maybe she met someone. NO! It took us seven years to finally admit our feelings for one another and advance our ever-growing relationship.

"Ten months."

Skinner looked down inspecting his hands, "I'm sorry Mulder."

*What? What was he sorry for? And since when does Assistant Director Skinner say he was sorry?*

"For what?"

"For letting you get away."

"Sir, it wasn't your fault."

He then looked up to face me with an ever so slight smile, if you can call it that "That's what Scully said."

"Well, she was right. How could you know that I was susceptible to it? I knew there might be a chance I could've be taken, but I had to go."

Curiosity took over, "How did you know? I thought they were taking abductee's? That's why you wouldn't let Scully go?"

I looked away towards a window to gather my thoughts. I had to tell him now.

"Before Samantha was taken, I think I was about three at the time," he paused to gather up more courage, "I disappeared for a short amount of time. My parents told me that I was stolen by some crazed woman who couldn't have children, I have always suspected otherwise. For a reason I could never figure out, they returned me."

Skinner's eyes went wide with a look of surprise as Mulder was deep in thought about that time in his life.

"Did Scully know about this?"

Still looking away, "No. I never told her. I never told anyone."

"Mulder you have been gone a while, and I think it's my duty to tell you of the things that have occurred in your absence."

That got my attention, I whipped my head towards Skinner with eyes wide open, "What kind of things?"

"Well, I talked to Scully when we discovered that you were indeed the real deal and not just another lookalike . . . "

"You mean The Alien Bounty Hunter . . ." I couldn't finish my sentence.

"Once, but Scully figured out that it wasn't you pretty quickly."


"I don't know, she never told me exactly how she knew except that they didn't have much of a personality." Skinner smiled for a moment, then continued. "But I wasn't surprised Mulder, she knows you better than anyone."

I closed my eyes remembering the last time Scully encountered The Alien Bounty Hunter posing as me, Oh, Scully. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Skinner continued "I told her that I shouldn't be the one to tell you, but since she couldn't be here right now she thought it best that you should know from a friend rather than from someone else . . ."

"Find what out?" I blurted out. Now I'm confused.

My impatience grew with each second Skinner wasn't telling him, "Spill it Skinner, what happened?"

He looked pensive. "Okay. Okay. The night you disappeared, Scully had another spell . . . and fainted."

I couldn't say anything. I nodded for Skinner to continue.

"When I got back from Oregon, I found out that she was admitted to the hospital."

*Wait a minute, hospital?*

I silently panicked, and immediately thought the cancer came back, but wouldn't show it until I had all the information at hand, something Scully had taught me.

"Did her cancer go out of remission?"


I released a breath of air I didn't realize I was holding. That was a relief, at least it wasn't cancer. But what?

"Was she okay?"

"Yes, she was."

"Did they find out why she was getting the dizzy spells?"

"Yes." A slow smile crept up Skinners face "Yes, they did."

Was I missing something? Why was I so happy? "and . . ." I say with a questioning look.

"And she discovered that she was pregnant."

My mouth dropped, I never would've suspected this. I couldn't form any words to make a complete sentence "what? . . . but . . . she can't . . . she was . . . she was barren."

"I'm sure that's what she told the doctor." Skinner paused for a moment and then continued, "She had a multitude of tests run on her to make sure it wasn't just some misreading. The tests confirmed that yes she was indeed pregnant."

I blushed a little. Well, if Skinner didn't know about his relationship with Scully before, he certainly knew now. "I know this may be paranoid of me, but I have to ask . . ."

Skinner put his hand up to save me from further embarrassment "Yes Mulder, you are the father. Scully had a paternity test done to confirm it."

I probably would've asked her to do the same thing considering the circumstances, but a look of disbelief filled my features.

"She doubted that I could be the father?"

"She was just as suspicious of that question as you are now. As much as I'm sure she hated to do it, she knew it was necessary. It was too much of a coincidence. And having you as her partner made her paranoid."

I had to smile at that. She indeed had grown over the years and was far from the wide-eyed skeptic she once was when she first stepped in the basement office eight years ago.

Something bothered me though. The natural investigator in me took control.

"How was she able to get pregnant . . . aside from the obvious?"

"We don't know. All tests showed that her ovaries were functioning normally and that the baby was developing well."

With clenched fists I said, "That Cigarette Smoking Bastard was behind this."

"You don't know that for sure Mulder." Mulder had to look at Skinner and make sure that comment came from him because it sounded a lot like something Scully would say.

"Well, when I find him" he was cut off by Skinners next comment.

"That will be difficult considering he's already dead."

"What? When? How?"

"A 911 call came through that same night you disappeared. The call came from a woman who claimed to be his nurse. Apparently he was in bad shape and needed constant care. She said that two people showed up, a man and a woman. They argued and then the man took CGB Spender by his wheel chair and pushed him down the stairs."

I knew the two people the woman was speaking about, Krycek and Marita.

"What happened to Krycek and Marita?"

"They disappeared," he said matter-of-factly.

*Figures.* I thought. I couldn't figure Krycek out. He wanted me to find the ship and then killed the Cigarette Smoking Man, however he was the one who was responsible for the death of my father as well as Scully's sister.

I couldn't think of that now. Even though it bothered me that there was no explanation for Scully's sudden fertility, I laid there in my bed with a bright smile on my face.


*Scully's a mother and I'm a father.*

*We're parents.*

Realizing that I was now thinking of my child, Skinner said, "Amazing, isn't it"

"Yah, our relationship was still kind of new when I was taken."

I notice a surprised look on Skinner's face.


"I thought you guys were together for much longer than that."

"Really?" The corners of his mouth turned up a bit, "Well, we were too stubborn to give into our feelings. But, then one day we both realized that it just made sense to be together like that. It was just extension of the love we had been feeling for years."

My thoughts drifted back the night before he left for Oregon. She had given me her cross to wear; it touched me in a way I have never felt before. She loved me unconditionally. I never felt as in love with her as in that moment. I wanted to prove to her how much that meant to me. We made soft, passionate love that night. I didn't want to at first because of her vertigo, but she insisted that she was okay. I wished I had known then what I knew now.

I looked around the room as if someone was behind Skinner. She should be here. *Did she loose the baby? Did something equally horrible happen? Did her and the baby not make it through the delivery? What's the point of being on this Earth if she wasn't here with him?*

With a look of anticipation and anxiety, "Wait, you said she had a paternity test done, they do that after the baby is born."

Skinner smiled and said "Yes Mulder, they do. She delivered the baby two weeks early. Thank God her mother was there by her side throughout the 18 hours of labor she had to endure. The Gunmen wanted to tape it for posterity, but she closed the door on that idea immediately."

"I bet she did."

"She was going to do it natural too. But then according to her mom, she came to her senses and agreed on an epidural. I'm proud to say that she had a beautiful 7lb. 5oz. Baby boy.

My smile was once again and it broadened with thought of Scully holding a baby in her arms.

Her baby.

Our baby.

I thought about the dreams I had a while back, of a little boy playing with me on a beach. I thought it was just a dream, a fantasy. I didn't think that children would be a part of my life. I long accepted the fact that being with Scully was going to have to be enough for me.

Was the dream of that little boy just a coincidence or a prediction?

I wanted to know more about the child. "What's his name? What does he look like?"

"Scully named him William Fox Mulder, but she calls him Will. He was born with a full head of dark brunette hair and the bluest blue eyes I ever did see."

My forehead scrunched up in thought. I had to ask. "And his nose?"

"You're lucky Mulder, he didn't get your nose."

With a look of relief and then of complete seriousness I ask, "Sir, I have to know and don't sugarcoat it for my benefit, how did she handle my absence?"

"I'm not going to lie to you Mulder, I owe you that much. I know she was devastated. To anyone who didn't know her she seemed fine. I think the only thing that was keeping her going was her search for you and making sure the baby was healthy. I know it must have been difficult for her to keep control of her emotions, especially with added hormones pregnancy brings along."

I could only nod. Not only did she lose her partner, best friend and lover, but the father of her baby as well. Scully's a strong person, but no one is that strong. I knew she must have had so many conflicting feelings about it. Happy about the miracle of life within her, but sad because I wasn't there to enjoy it with her. My head filled with of visions of her crying in her apartment, alone. It should've been a wonderful time in her life. I should've been with her to help her through it. The guilt of how I abandoned her yet again was filling up my heart.

'It's not your fault', she would've said.

'But I should've been there for you' I said back in my mind.

But why wasn't she here now? I had to know why she wasn't here.

"Sir, where is she? Why isn't she here?"

I noticed Skinner's face pale. "Mulder, she didn't want me to tell you just yet."

"Why not?" he asked incredulously.

"She knew you wouldn't be in any condition to do anything."

I couldn't believe I was going to ask this, but here it goes "Is there someone else?"

Skinner shook his head "No Mulder, I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone else in the picture. She's been obsessed with finding you right from the start. When she got the call that you were here, she wanted it to be her on that plane, not me."

"Then you have to tell me what happened? What is it that she doesn't want you to tell me Skinner."

"Mulder, your son was kidnapped and she's been working around the clock to find him."

"Nooo." The sense of happiness I felt earlier diminished. Instead a sense of emptiness engulfed me. He had a son, but now he would never meet him. Touch his tiny hand. Caress his chubby cheeks. Teach him how to throw a baseball. All of the things fathers are supposed to do with their child.

No. I would not let history repeat itself. I have to find my son. But not for my sake, for Scully's. I have seen what my family had to go through when Samantha was taken. Scully had suffered enough with being abducted, having cancer, losing her sister and Emily. She could not lose another child. The list of pain she had endured was too long and I vowed right then and there that I would do right by her and find our son.


"She normally leaves the baby at her mom's when she works, but Ms. Scully had a doctor's appointment and couldn't take care of him that day. Scully was going to just take the day off, but an important lead on . . ." he hesitated for a moment. "where *you* might be came up and she had no choice but to leave the baby at the FBI daycare. Of all the places that would protect an infant, she figured the FBI's daycare would be safest."

*Nowhere is safe.* I thought bitterly.

I pushed my intense guilt aside for now to concentrate on the case at hand. "Do you know who took him?" Visions of faceless rebels, the Alien Bounty Hunter, or worse yet, some psycho who just happened to pick his son in a room filled with children and whisking him away with a smirk on his face kept popped up in my head.

"No. We took a look at the security cameras inside of the daycare and we noticed the picture fizzled out for a short period of time. We determined that is when he was taken, because after the picture came back he was nowhere to be found."

Before I could ask, Skinner put his hand up "I know what you're going to say Mulder and we interviewed everyone in the surrounding area repeatedly and put out notices via the Internet and all police scanners." If he shows up at anywhere it will come up."

"What about all other security cameras in the building and out? Shops in the area? Automated Teller Machines?"

"We're still looking Mulder, so far nothing. It'll take a while to search every single camera."

Mulder looked right into Skinners eyes. "Time, is not a luxury we have at the moment Skinner."

Obviously upset, "When did this happen?"

"It occurred about the same time you arrived here, two days ago."


Mulder understood

With a determination and a purpose I pulled the sheets off and attempted to get out of bed, but Skinner stops me.

Mulder glared at him with a 'Don't fuck with me' look.

"Sir, this was set up."

"What do you mean?"

"It just can't be a coincidence that I'm brought back at the same time that Will was taken. We need to go back to DC now."

I attempted to get out of bed a second time and Skinner stopped me again.

"Who knows what you have been put through these last 10 months. You need to recover. I want Will back too Mulder. That baby was the only part of you she had left and despite all of the crap that has happened to Scully, I have never seen her so happy than when she is with that child. I have all my men looking for your son."

"What about the Gunmen?"

"That was the first call she made."

"I need to help her find our son. How fast can I get out of here?"

Skinner knew I meant it when I told him that I wanted out of here. I don't care what he or the doctor says about my 'condition'. I'm pretty sure the nurses would all agree too. I'm an awful patient. I've been poked and prodded enough in my life. Hell, I was probably poked and prodded when I was taken by *them*. I've had enough.

I actually feel pretty good, just really tired. Like I've been running for miles and miles.

The doctor wanted me to stay here a couple of days longer and I vehemently refused to stay. Seeing my reaction, Skinner walked out of the room with the doctor. I don't know what he said, but shortly afterwards Dr. Williams agreed to let me go under strict conditions that I follow up with my doctor in DC.

I told him to send the tests results and x-rays to 'Dr. Dana Scully'.

After listening to his little speech about taking care of myself. The doctor walked out of the room to get the sign-out papers. Skinner also left my room and came back shortly after with a duffel bag, my duffel bag to be precise.

"Well, we certainty can't have you going back to DC in that now can we?" He points to the lovely hospital gown I have on.

"Scully had a bag already packed for you."

We each agreed long ago to keep an extra set of clothes in each other's apartments for emergencies. It came in handy quite a few times. Especially when I slept over at her place.

However, for some reason, the boy-scout motto 'always be prepared' pops into my mind.

Skinner hands me the bag so I can change into some decent clothing. I remember putting only one pair of jeans and a couple of shirts in the bag the last time I filled it. When I look in my bag I notice another pair of jeans, a couple of turtlenecks, a jacket, socks, a pair of boxers and a smaller bag of toiletries. I'm surprised by the amount of stuff she put in here and wonder when she did this.

I reach down to the bottom of the bag when I feel a familiar package, I pick it up and see 'David's Sunflower Seeds' scrawled on the front. *Ah, Scully you know what I like*. I have been craving these all morning. I proceed to open the package, take a seed between my teeth and crack it open to suck on the seed inside.

Scully was prepared for when I came back, not *if* I came back. She never gave up on me. I knew she never would. Just like I could never give up on her. And in the midst of having to deal with a pregnancy she could not have possibly predicted, she was thinking of me. I start moving faster, I have to get to her. NOW.

I had a noticeable amount of stubble on my face when I woke up and decided to take advantage of the shaving cream and razor Scully put in my toiletry bag. While I was shaving, Skinner was able to get us a late evening flight back to Washington DC. I had hoped that we could get earlier flight, considering it was still noon, but since we were last minute that's the best they could do.

The nurse comes in and hands me the necessary paperwork so I may get the hell out of here. We head out of the hospital towards a diner across the street. I hadn't really been hungry since Skinner told me about Will's kidnapping.

The diner looks as if it's straight from one of those movies from the 50's. The only thing I suspect that has changed over time is the prices. I see an old- fashioned vinyl record-playing jukebox and I resist the urge to play an Elvis song. A waitress wearing a hair net comes up to us and takes our order. I got the usual diner fare of greasy hamburger with fries. Skinner opts for a club sandwich. Skinner was glad I was eating. I had lost a lot of weight in my catharsis.

We didn't really talk that much throughout our meal. I suspect Skinner didn't want to push it. With everything that had happened, I had a lot to process and sort out in my mind. I had to come up with a plan. I'm not the type to sit idly by.

The profiler in me knows that if a child is not discovered within the first 48 hours, it's most likely deceased. It's been 54 hours since Will was taken. Scully knows this. And I think that she must be going out of her mind by now. She's only had three months to be with this infant. To love, bond with and protect. She must think that she's a horrible mother to let this happen. I know the immense feelings of guilt she must be feeling. I feel the same guilt as well. I want to comfort her, to tell her that she is a good mother and that everything will be okay.

We are finally on a plane flying to DC and to Scully.

I try to think about what I will say to her when we meet for the first time since she saw me last. We were on the verge of something great between us.

We were partners first; we respected and trusted one another. We then became friends, our friendship grew and we became more than each other's best friend, we became each other's lifeline. Without Scully I am nothing. I'm sure she would try to convince me otherwise.

We were finally able to break down the barriers that was holding us apart for so long. I think the walls started to crumble when my mother died and I found the fate of my sister. Scully was there throughout that whole ordeal and didn't ask me to explain what happened on that hill. I did tell her later though.

I thought that the closeness we shared suffered a major blow when Scully refused to go with me to England. I think she knew it wasn't really about crop circles. It was another chance at being alone with her in a country where no one knew we weren't just another couple from America on vacation.

It was a chance to make my intentions clear.

She beat me to it.

What if I hadn't left for England? What if the hospital didn't mix up the charts? Would she have come to me that night? I don't think so. The decisions we make now lead us to the next step. I believe that. Like me, she had to confront her past and make peace with it.

I think that peace lead us to one another. We couldn't have been together otherwise.

Skinner and I haven't really spoken much since we got on the plane. Given that we were last minute passengers, we had to sit separately. And wouldn't you know it, I'm sitting next to a mother and her three year old little boy. He's very friendly and proceeds to tell me that his name is Josh.

I start thinking about the name Scully picked for our son. I have to get used to saying that 'our son'. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I wonder if we would've still called him William if I hadn't been abducted. I was never too crazy about the name William and always thought it as a curse. I know that Scully's father and brother are also named William, but considering what has happened now, maybe when we get him back we can change it? However, I think I'm getting used to the name Will.

Josh interrupts my thoughts and proceeds to tell me that he and his mom were visiting his Aunt Betty in the hospital, but she is better now and he missed his dad and wanted to get back home. Tears sting my eyes and I tell him 'it's nice to go home', he just nods and turns his attention back to his mother.

Believe it or not I did sleep on the plane, probably more due to mental exhaustion than my weakened state. I guess I should've stayed at the hospital, but there is no way I was going to stay in there while Scully is suffering back in DC.

We are walking out of the terminal and when I notice Frohike. I didn't think anyone would be waiting for us. He stands there looking dumbfounded.

I have to keep reminding myself that it's been 10 months since anyone has seen me, even though it seems like just yesterday.

He starts walking towards me and gives me a fierce hug.

He pulls away and with a smile he says, "You don't know how glad I am to see you my friend?"

I chuckle "Same here."

"You look like shit Mulder."

"Don't sugarcoat it for my benefit."

"Do you remember anything?"

I somberly shake my head "No, nothing."

"How do you feel?"

"Actually, I feel pretty good."

We're in the airport parking lot walking towards Frohike's van when I hear a ringing sound. I instinctively reach in my jacket pocket only to grab for nothing and hear "Skinner".

"What? When? Where? We're on our way."

I pick up on a slight panic in Skinner's voice. "Where are we going? What's happened?"

Skinner closed his cell phone and placed it back in his pocket. "We're going to Georgetown." Skinner paused trying to figure out what to say next. "They found a baby matching Will's description."

Mulder's throat tightened "Where was he? Is he okay?"

He let out a breath and said in a low calm voice, which only made Mulder panic more, "An infant" he paused, placed a hand on my shoulder and said in a softer voice "was found in a trash can. He was DOA Mulder."

My face fell, *it can't end this way*. We've come too far and gone through too much.

And before Mulder could even think about what this must be doing to Scully, Skinner delivered another blow, "Mulder, Scully's already there."

As Frohike was driving towards the apartment complex where the baby was found, Skinner made a call to find out more about this case. When his call ended he let us in on what he knew.

Apparently, the call came from a Ms. Rebecca Stevens, who was walking her dog early this morning. As they approached her apartment, her dog Clyde saw a stray cat and proceeded to chase it. The cat ran behind a crawlspace in between the garbage cans and the apartment wall. In Clyde's attempt to get at the cat, he knocked the cans over. Ms. Stevens didn't want to leave the garbage laying everywhere and tried to clean up. She stopped cold when she picked up a sweater and saw an infant hastily wrapped inside. Being a nurse at Georgetown Medical Center she check for signs of life, but she knew he was already dead due to the bluish color and stiffness throughout the body. She immediately called the police and noticing the FBI bulletin on baby Will, the police called the FBI.

When they arrived, they had trouble getting to the crime scene due to the flood of police and FBI agents about the place. The police were here because it was a homicide and in their jurisdiction. The FBI was here because the description of said infant matched baby Will, a priority case.

Skinner walked over to an FBI agent standing nearby who informed him that the ASAC in charge was in the building interrogating all of the apartment tenants as well as the landlord. Skinner then proceeded to walk inside of the complex to get involved in the interrogation.

Feeling helpless about what was going on, Frohike did the only thing he could at that moment. He got on his cell phone and called Byers and Langly to see if they had any other leads, just in case the baby wasn't Will.

The investigator in me should've been in that house with Skinner interviewing the tenants. I should be coming up with a profile of the killer. But I couldn't be that detached. The fact was that my son, whom I have only known about for 12 hours, was missing and possibly dead.

I walked around the front of the apartment building and noticed the shocked looks on my fellow FBI agents faces. I heard gasps and words of dismay about my appearance here. What did they think happen to me? Did they think I would leave Scully pregnant and alone? They didn't know me from shit. I just ignored the snide remarks and comments and continued walking.

I saw a flash of red from the corner of his eye. He stopped, turned, and ran towards it. She was faced away from me, but I could tell just by that hair . . . it was her. I approached carefully. She was wearing an FBI issued jacket. It just made her hair seem brighter than I remembered.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and she turned around.

It wasn't her.

It was Agent Phelps

"Oh my God, Agent Mulder, is that you?"

Disappointed it wasn't Scully "Yes it is. I'm sorry I thought you were someone else."

With a smirk she said, "You mean you thought I was Agent Scully." It was a statement not a question.

"Where have you been? You would think you were the Pope or something the way Agent Scully has been searching for you?"

I let out a sigh, "It's a long story. Have you seen Agent Scully?"

"I'm sorry Mulder, you just missed her."


"Do you know where she went?"

"I don't really know, I would guess that she went back to FBI Headquarters." She's always trying to flirt with me, I have never responded to her advances. Despite the red hair, she's not that bright. She places her hand on my shoulder trying to look compassionate but failing miserably "It's just horrible what happened to her son, isn't it?"

A look of sadness and anger engulfed me. I lean in "Our son, Agent Phelps" and walked away. Leaving her speechless.

I found Skinner talking to the ASAC in charge. "She's not here."

"I know, I just got a call from her partner . . ."

Skinner stopped in his tracks. That's one piece of information he failed to mention to me. Scully was assigned a new partner in my absence. I knew that I shouldn't been shocked about that. How could they have not assigned her a new partner in all of the time I've been away? But it didn't feel right.

"Where is she?" I demand.

"She's at the county morgue."

With a feeling of anguish, I say in a low but clearly angry voice, "She didn't autopsy that baby, did she?"

"No. Agent Parker, her partner, just called me. She's on her way back to FBI Headquarters."

"Take me there!"

The anxiety in me has been building ever since Skinner broke news of Scully's pregnancy, my fatherhood and the kidnapping. Both Frohike and Skinner have been walking on pins and needles around me, since we left the airport.

They don't understand.

I need to see Scully like I need my next breath. I need to feel and touch her. I need to talk to her and tell her that everything will be all right. I need to cry with her. I need for the both of us to put our heads together and find our son.

We reach the Federal building. I didn't have my badge on me when I turned up at the hospital, so I have to enter through the lobby and pass through the metal detector like a regular visitor. I breathe a sigh of relief when it didn't go off. I didn't know whether I had any implants in me, since I left the hospital in such a hurry.

Much like back at the crime scene, heads are turning and people muttering their shock of my presence. I continue walking, ignoring them once again.

Byers and Langly are standing in front of the elevators with genuine smiles on their faces. Langly steps up to me, shakes my hand and gives me a hug. "Is that really you dude?"

"I sure as hell hope so or someone's going bitch when they find sunflower shells in my pocket."

"You don't know how glad we are to see you."

"Same here guys. Same here."

Byers walks up to me and takes his turn at the hugging. Gee you're gone for a while and they turn into mush. I've never known these guys to be so affectionate. It just adds to the reality of the situation. Before letting go, Byers whispers into my ear "We kept an eye on her for you." He lets go of me and I nod in a silent thank you.

There is an awkward silence as we ride up the elevator. They must know that I'm a little anxious to see her.

The five of us are walking down a hall. The very same hall where I stood before Scully ten months ago and told her that she couldn't come with me because I couldn't lose her. How ironic indeed.

As we approach the conference room and I'm suddenly nervous. I wonder how my being here will affect her. Will she be elated? Will she want to kick my ass for letting this happen to her? Losing another child? Not being here to protect them both?

I can hear the activity of people rushing, voices of agents on phones searching for any kind of lead to Will's whereabouts. I hear someone barking an order to an agent. It was Scully. My heart leaps at the sound of her voice. I could never get tired of hearing that sweet like honey voice of hers, even in anger.

As we walk in to the boardroom all voices cease and heads turned in my direction, all but one.

Scully was on the phone yelling at someone who obviously didn't do what she had asked him to do. "I don't care what you have to do . . ." She looks up, noticing the agent next her looking in towards the door and then she saw the others doing the same. She followed their line of vision until it rested upon me. Our eyes locked.

She stood there as if frozen in time. I couldn't read her expression.

She had dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and stress. Her hair is a little longer than I remember and even though she gave birth three months ago, she's thinner than I remember her last. I doubt she's eaten anything in the last 63 hours.

Her eyes move down and back up again as if maybe I'm an illusion. *No Scully, I'm really here.* She turns her head slightly and looks at Skinner, a look that seems to ask 'is it really him?', Skinner nods. She looks back at me. Then she saw it, the necklace she gave me the night I left for Oregon. She looks back up at me.

She looks over at Skinner again and he barks out "Everyone take five". Everybody leaves the room quietly, no questions asked. Even Skinner and the guys decide to wait out in the hall. It's just the two of us now.

Looking straight at me, she begins to walk slowly towards me and I to her. She abruptly stops right before we touch. We're so close. I can't help but notice that it's quiet in here, too quiet. I swear I can hear the rapid beating of her heart. Once again, she looks at the cross and then reaches up to touch it. I notice tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She blinks and a tear escape down her cheek. I can't stand this. I bring my hand up to wipe the tear off her face. She jumps slightly at the contact and breaks her stare from the cross. She looks back up at me. Our eyes transfix upon one another.

More tears trail down her cheek over my hand, which has not left her face. She leans into my hand and smiles a little through the tears. And for the first time since I woke up in a hospital in Seattle, gone for 10 months of her life, her lips quivering, she whispers. "Welcome back Mulder."

She collapses into me and cries. My hold on her tightens. I don't know how long we stay like that, it feels like an eternity. We were still holding on to one another when she says in a voice full of emotion "Mulder, its not him. It's not him."

A flood of relief comes over me. I shouldn't feel relief over the death of a child, but it wasn't our son and I couldn't help but be happy about that.

We may be Agents Mulder and Scully of the FBI, but right now we are parents desperately looking for our child. I kiss her head and whisper words of love. She pulls her head away and as I look into her eyes, I tell her with a voice full of certainty, "We will find him".

We release our embrace and I sigh heavily at the lack of contact, she smiles slightly at my reaction and then takes a good look at me. Her smile fades away and a look of concern emerges, she comments on how thin I am, I shrug and say something about it 'being the best diet ever'.

She ignores my attempt at a joke and goes into 'Doctor Scully' mode. Touching me, looking for bruises, needle marks, or places where an implant might have been placed, asking me how I feel, anything to indicate I was tested on. Other than needle marks left by the IV and for withdrawing blood for tests, there was none.

I focus my attention on her, "Scully when was the last time you ate something?" Exasperated, she looks away and says, "I'm concentrating on more important things, like finding my . . . our son."

I tried not to flinch at that. Even though she corrected herself, she was right. He was her son. I wasn't there when the doctor told her about her pregnancy. I wasn't there to accompany her to her doctor appointments. I wasn't there to run out to the store to satisfy her cravings. I didn't rub her back when it became sore from carrying a baby with her small frame. I didn't assemble a crib or buy toys for him. I wasn't there when she went into labor and had to go to the hospital. I wasn't there to coach her when she gave her last push and he came out. Hell, I didn't help with the name. It was all Scully's doing. I wasn't there.

Interrupting my thoughts she turns back towards me and places her hand on my arm. With a sympathetic voice she says, "I wish I could've told you about him in person."

"I know, I . . ."

I didn't hear Skinner walk back into the room. As he spoke we turned our heads in his direction, "Scully, I spoke with Agent Parker. He says that you haven't had so much as a bite to eat and coffee doesn't count. You can't possibly function appropriately for this investigation if you don't eat or sleep."

Obviously angry, she looks back up to Skinner and says in a calm but deadly voice, "So you want me to give up? I can't. I won't give up until he is back in my arms."

In a tone that gave her no room to argue, "We are not going to give up Agent Scully, but you're tired and you need eat something."

"Is that an order sir?"

"I'm afraid so agent."

Skinner walks towards her and touches her elbow. "I promise I'll call you the minute I find something."

I finally persuade Scully into getting some rest. She agreed only with the condition that I rest as well. She hasn't been to her apartment since the morning Will was taken. She didn't want to go back there. She couldn't bear to walk in and see Will's crib and toys lying around. She would probably fall apart. She needed to keep herself together. She said it wouldn't help Will if she went ballistic and lost her control. I agreed, but a part of me thinks she needs to lose control.

Without thinking I ask her if she wants to stay at my place. She looks at me apologetically and said "Mulder you don't have an apartment. Your lease was up a few months ago and your landlord didn't want it renewed and didn't want to lease it out to me. I'm sorry."

*I think it was the waterbed incident, I don't think he ever got over that.*

I listen as she tells me that the rest of my stuff is in storage. She didn't trust the Gunmen to keep my fish alive so she kept them at her place.

Mrs. Scully tried to get her daughter to come stay with her. She wanted Scully to have the support of her family around her. That would include Bill Jr. Scully refused the offer and said she wanted to stay nearby in there were any sudden developments, I think she didn't want to deal with Bill Jr. He would be there and they hadn't been on good terms ever since my disappearance. Bill insisted that I had run off with another woman or something equally ridiculous. Won't he ever understand? I would never do that to her. Scully is it for me.

Skinner set us up in the closest hotel to the Hoover building so if anything develops we can be back at headquarters in an instant. I told him we only needed one room. I wasn't about to let Scully out of my sight and she wasn't going to let me out of hers after ten months of searching for me. Scully's mother had gone back to her apartment yesterday and put an overnight bag together for her, knowing she wouldn't want to go back there just yet.

The room Skinner put us in was a suite with a king- size bed, Roman tub, bar and an achingly beautiful view of the city from a private balcony. Under normal circumstances I know we would've taken advantage of all of the amenities. However, all we need right now is a shower and a bed.

Scully walks into the room and immediately heads towards the bathroom for a shower. Keeping our word to Skinner about eating, I call room service and order us something to eat. A moment of uncertainty overcomes me. I haven't a clue as to what Scully is eating nowadays. A woman's body changes after having a baby. Didn't it? Did she go back to her salads and yogurt? I think I'll take the safe route and order a salad, some sandwiches, fruit and some ice tea to for us to drink.

A short time after I placed the order, Scully walks out of the bathroom wearing one of those fluffy cotton robs that seem to engulf her. Her hair was still damp and she begins towel dry it. I can see curls begin to form and wonder what it would look like if she just let it stay wild like that. But she wouldn't, it's a sign of losing the control she has carefully packaged herself in.

As I walk into the bathroom to take my turn at the shower, I tell her that room service will be coming up with some food for us; she just nods as and continues drying her hair.

I finish my shower and walk into the bedroom. Scully was now wearing sweatpants and a large T-shirt. I look at myself and chuckled. I'm wearing pretty much the same thing. It looks cuter on her though.

The food I had ordered was on the table. Scully was actually eating bits of her salad and some of the fruit. I want to tell her that she should be eating more, but fear that might set her off and cease her eating altogether. I sat down across from her and consumed my club sandwich.

No words pass between us as we ate.

It was too quiet.

I didn't like the silence.

"Talk to me Scully."

She looked perplexed as she said, "About what?"

"Everything. Tell me about your pregnancy. Tell me about him. Tell me about all that I have missed."

She smiled. It was a small smile but a smile nonetheless. "Trust me Mulder, pregnancy isn't all that glamorous."

"I don't care. Tell me anyway." I missed it and I don't want to miss any more, I say to myself.

It was a surprise to say the least when she didn't fight me on this. "All right." And preceded to tell me about when the doctor first told her she was expecting and how she made them redo the test a few times before she accepted it. She told me of how supportive Skinner was in letting her pick out her 'temporary' partner. She told me about giving up her Donna Karen outfits in lieu of the dreadful maternity attire she was forced to wear. And how helpful the Gunmen were. They were so irritatingly helpful; she made them put the crib together. It took them two days to put it together and then another three after it collapsed. Thank God it was only a stuffed animal she put in there and not actual baby. That must have been a sight. They could construct a virtual computer game that kills, but couldn't put a simple baby crib together.

She told me about the gifts she received at the baby shower her mom and Tara threw for her. The strangest gift came from the Gunmen; it was a toy robot that mimics a baby's movements, kind of like a virtual friend. It sounded kind of cool. Obviously, they have never been around an infant before. They don't move all that much.

I really wanted to know about her eating habits while she was pregnant. I just knew she couldn't eat just non-fat tofutti rice Dreamsicles, yogurt with bee pollen and salads all nine months. So, when I asked her, she blushed, gave a shy smile and said "I didn't need a paternity test to tell me he's your son Mulder, I had the biggest cravings for David's Sunflower Seeds, Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, greasy hamburgers, corn dogs and you know me Mulder I hate that stuff! Will couldn't get enough of it. Thank you very much Mulder, I was as big as a goddamn house!" I had the biggest shit-eating grin on my face. I loved that.

She told me about how she went into labor two weeks early and couldn't reach her mother. She had to rely on the three stooges to help her. Frohike took her to the hospital while Byers and Langly tracked her mother down. Turns out, the one time her mother step out and forgets her pager is the only time it goes off. Scully was going to have the baby naturally and thanks to her mother's influence over her, quickly realized how wonderful an epidural can be.

And then she told me how beautiful our son was. So small and sweet. When the doctor handed him over to her after the delivery, she thought that he was the most beautiful baby in the world. She never thought she could fall in love that fast with someone she just met.

She was smiling as she recalled all of the good moments that she would one day tell her son. I got a good visual of what it must have been like for her and smiled as well.

She was deep in thought when all of a sudden she said "Oh I forgot something." She jumped off the chair and went to her bag. After scrounging around for a bit she came back with her wallet. She opened it up and pulled a picture out of one of the sleeves. It was a picture of Will at two months of age. He was wearing jean coveralls and a bright yellow shirt. He was on Scully's bed with a rattle in his hand, smiling and was looking right into the camera with those clear blue eyes. Scully wasn't lying, he is a beautiful child. I'm already in love with him. It just makes my need to find him that much greater.

Afterwards they decided to take a nap before heading back towards FBI headquarters. They were both in bed, with Mulder spooned up behind Scully. Holding on to each other so tight you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began.

A piece of paper was slipped under the door.

I was entwined with Scully when I awoke. It felt wonderful to wake up with her in my arms. I could still smell the shampoo she used from her shower earlier. I breathe in her scent; I recognize it as lavender. Even though we've only been asleep for a few hours. I felt revitalized. I look back at a still sleeping Scully and tenderly brush a strand of hair from her face. She already looks a hundred percent better than she did back at the conference room. In fact, she looks intoxicating lying there with her hair fanned out over my chest.

I was on my back; her head nestled against my chest and her hand resting on my abdomen. It was still daylight when we decided to take a nap. I had to close the hotel curtains before we slipped into bed, but it didn't close all the way. A stream of light filtered in through the crack and glistened off her hair. She was glowing. I felt a twinge in my groin, but knew that this was not the time to acknowledge it. I tightened my grip and just lay there for a while looking at her. After a little while, I slowly roll her off me, careful as to not wake her and get up off the bed. I'm a bit stiff from lying in one position, so I stretch and rolled my head to loosen up when I spot something near the door. I go to pick it up.

It was a note.


If you want information regarding your son's whereabouts, come to 364 Hegal Street, Apt. B-7 8:00 tonight. Alone.


I immediately rush over to Scully and wake her. "Scully wake up."

Still consumed by sleep, she whispers in a rough voice, "Mulder?"

I kneel down and try to sound calm but failing miserably "Scully, you have to get up."

She recognized the panic in my voice and sat up immediately. "What's the matter Mulder? Did Skinner call? Did they find him?"

"No. Skinner didn't call." I didn't give her a chance to comment. "Look." I showed her the note.

She stared at the piece of paper in front of her "Oh my God Mulder. Where did you find this?"

"Someone slipped it under the door while we were sleeping."

Scully turns her attention from the note to me "But know one knows we're even here?" "Except Skinner."

"Mulder you can't possibly think . . ."

I finish her sentence ". . .that he would be involved? No I don't think so, but we both know who influences his actions."

"Krycek? Why would he go through the trouble? He's been out of sight for as long as you've been gone."

"That's what we're going to find out." I stand up and pace around the room.

"Are you sure we should do this? I mean, we don't know what his intentions are or if he even knows anything about Will? Mulder, what if it's a trap?"

"It's the only way. We're going to have to back each other up. Are you up for it?"

With a sad smile she says "I've been up for it for ten months partner."

She glances over at the clock. It reads 6:00PM. "We better get dressed." She hurries off the bed to and grabs her clothes out of her overnight bag and goes to the bathroom to change. But before she enters, she turns her head and says, "It's nice to have you back Agent Mulder."

I smirk back, "Me too Agent Scully." And start to change when she closes the door. Scully walks out of the bathroom wearing her Donna Karen black suit and white button up top. As I'm tying my shoes, she goes back into her bag and takes out her gun.

"You might need this." She hands me the gun.

Thinking it's her gun I say "Scully, what about you?"

"Mulder, it's your gun." She takes another gun out of the bag.

I take a good look at the one in my hand. It is my gun.

"I thought I had this on me in the forest."

"You did." With a questioning look, she continues.

"I went back to Bellefleur" she pauses for just a moment "to search for any clues and found your gun. Oh, and this." She turns back towards the bag and takes out my badge. As she's handing it to me, I see that she's not looking at me; she's looking at the badge, remembering when she found it.

She must have been so horrified to find those things and no other trace of me. "Scully . . . " I don't know what to say, but I pull her into an embrace, hold her against my chest and kiss her head. "I'm so sorry for all of the pain you've had to go through because of me."

She pulls away abruptly and says in a sarcastic tone, "Just like you to blame yourself Fox Mulder. Like you had a choice in the matter. Did they open the door to the spacecraft and ask you if you wanted to go and play with them instead of staying here with me?"

"I did have a choice Scully."

"Like hell you did! Mulder, you didn't know they were going to abduct you."

I had to turn away from her.

She walks up behind me. "Mulder, what is it? Is there something you're not telling me?

How can she read me so easy? I gather up my courage, turn around and tell her what I told Skinner about being kidnapped as a child.

In an all too calm voice she says, "So you're telling me that you think 'they' abducted you and brought you back?"

I nod and let her continue.

"Why would they return you and why didn't you ever tell me about it?"

Frustrated because I don't really have an adequate answer, I stare at the floor. "I don't know why they returned me and I didn't tell you because . . ." I threw my hands up in the air. "I don't know why."

In a sarcastic tone, which gains my attention, she says, "Yes you do." I look up to see the expression on her face change to disdain. "It's because you didn't think I would believe you, isn't it. Because with everything we have gone through you didn't trust me enough to tell me something this important." She was seething.

My frustration turns into anger. *How could she think I don't trust her when she is the only one I trust? How can I make her see that?*

"I wasn't sure it was true, not until I woke up in the hospital." She turns away from me and I grab her by her arms and turn back around so she's facing me. I look straight into her eyes and see unshed tears in place of anger. I am taken aback by her swift change in emotions. "I do trust you Scully. You know that." I cup her face with my hands. "I trust you with my life. Don't ever doubt that." Her tears flow freely down her face as I wipe them away with my thumb and lean down to kiss her.

We arrive at the address indicated on the note. It's an old dilapidated apartment building with large cracks on the exterior walls and broken windows all around. It looks as if it's going to collapse at any moment. I would hesitate going in any further if it not for the possibility that our son might be in there.

We walk up the steps of the building and quickly glance at each other for reassurance. I walk through the entrance with Scully behind me. Even though it's dark, I can tell that the walls are heavily stained and the adhesive on the wallpaper is curling off. A whiff of an indescribable odor assaults my senses; I assume it's coming from the vagrant sleeping under the stairs. I envy Scully's ability to take no notice of the smell.

We walk up the stairs to the second floor and I knock on apartment B-7. With a creak, the door opens. We glance at each other once again, speaking volumes with just one look, *something's not right*. We drew our guns. I went in first and then Scully.

The only light in the room came from the moonlight filtering in through the windows casting a bluish haze. I feel a chill go through me giving me goose bumps. I have a feeling it doesn't have anything to do with the lack of glass on the windows.


No one answers and I curse under my breath. We're being jerked around. It's nothing new, but there's a lot at stake here. I try again only a little bit louder. "Is anyone here?"

"I see you made it right on time."

We point our weapons towards a voice coming from a dark corner in the room. "Show yourself." Scully calls out.

I recognize that sultry voice as Marita Covarrubias. "Marita?"

I hear the click of her heals, as she walks in front of the window allowing us to see her, "Long time no see, Agent Mulder."

Sounding puzzled Scully says, "*You* sent us the note?"

"No, I didn't."

"Then who did."

"I did."

The voice came from behind us. I slowly turn around. With a voice dripping with disgust, "Krycek."

I turn my gun on Krycek while Scully keeps her gun on Marita. I would love to just pull the trigger, but I refrain, he has something I want. And by the smirk on his face, the rat-bastard knows it.

"Welcome back Mulder, I see your memory is intact." He slithers, like the snake he is, around us, and steps next to Marita. "Sorry we couldn't give you a nicer reception." He points to our guns. "Would you mind putting those away? It's kind of distracting."

We lower our weapons and Scully takes a step forward "What do you want?"

"I think it's more what you want Agent Scully."

"Where's my son?"

The look Marita gives Krycek is one of annoyance. I can't help but wonder what her part in all this is. She steps in front of him. "That's why we're here. We want to help you."

Disbelieving, Scully says, "You want to help us." It wasn't a question.

"We're on the same side here."

"Since when?"

"Since they used me like a lab rat and left me for dead when their tests on me weren't working to their advantage. As I recall, that happened to you too Agent Scully." She didn't allow room for comment, "I wasn't happy with what they did to me. It took me a while to recover, but I'm back now and I want retribution."

Dripping with cynicism, Scully says, "So, you're switching sides. Is that it?"

I turn with look full of contempt and say, "What's your reasoning Krycek? You do nothing without getting something in return."

"Let's just say, I'm no one's errand boy."

"So you're taking CGB Spender's place. Is that it? Replacing the old with the new?"

"I'm doing what's in my best interest, and at the moment, it's to make sure you get your child back."

"You disappeared, plain out of sight for the entire time Mulder was missing. Why are you so helpful all of a sudden?"

"I want all of the plans that *Smoking Bastard* made," the corners of his lips turns upward slightly "to go up in smoke?"

Startled, Scully asks, "Are you telling me all of this was planned right from the start? The pregnancy? Mulder's abduction? Taking the baby? All by CGB Spender? From the grave?"

A puff of air escapes his lips; "You can't possibly be surprised by this revelation."

She ignored his comment "Why take Mulder?"

"The Rebels aliens oppose Colonization, because they themselves are a race colonized."

"The Colonists are a threat to the Rebels, Mulder was a threat to the Colonists, therefore . . ." Awareness passes through Scully features as she interrupts Marita words, "If the Colonists have Mulder then the Rebels would be at a great disadvantage."

Trying to sound forthright, Krycek says "Had I known that, I never would've leaded you to the aliencraft Mulder."

"If I was such a threat, why take me ten months ago?"

Marita takes a step forward, "I believe they wanted to test your abilities for themselves, they didn't trust CGB Spender."

"Well, then they must have been disappointed. I don't have that ability anymore."

Scully turns to me with a questioning look "Mulder, if you had nothing to offer why would they keep you for that long a time?"

"I believe they did test me to see if I had the ability read minds like I once did. But then they found out about your impending birth and decided to keep me until they we're able to take the baby from you. Maybe they thought with me out of the picture, there would be no one to protect Will. And when the perfect opportunity presented itself . . ."

Scully interrupts me. "Then why wait three months?"

"They didn't."

Scully and I both look at Krycek in shock. With her eyes wide open she whispers, "When?"

"When you were at the hospital shortly after giving birth. The Bounty Hunter posing as a nurse was going to take him." I see the shock on Scully's face and I know she must want to cry. I take her hand and give it a squeeze to let her know that I'm here.

"Why didn't he succeed?" I had to know.

"I was watching out for the baby."

"You killed him?"

With what I can only describe a sinister smile; Krycek says, "It's what I do best."

"Then what happened at the day care?"

Marita says, "There was a leak that the Colonists were going to strike again. The Rebels didn't want him to fall into their hands and they were able to get to Will before the Colonists were."

Scully closes her eyes for a moment, opens them, shakes her head and with a huff says, "The lesser of two evils."

A thought comes to my mind "Wait, the abductees weren't supposed to comeback. Why did I?" I turn my head from Marita to Krycek.

"The rules changed. They figured if they released you, then you would lead them straight to the Rebels and the child."

Frustrated with our incessant questioning, Krycek starts to pace around, "Don't you get it? He's the one." He stops and turns to me, "He has the potential to save mankind from colonization."

Marita takes over, "At first the Rebels needed a hybrid because they were immune to the *Black Oil*. The Colonists wanted the hybrid to use as a slave race. Cassandra Spender was the first hybrid. However, Will is different, he is the first human being protected against the virus."

"The birth of a child by two people immune to the alien virus becomes immune to it as well. Your child is the first of its kind, being a male child makes him even more valuable to them."

Upset and disgusted that their child is being used, Scully spits out "He is an infant, not a pawn."

I feel the heat of anger build up inside me at the thought of our child being used like this. "Why in the hell should I believe a damn thing you're saying?"

"Because we both want the same thing . . ."

"And that would be?" I interrupt.

"Preventing colonization."

"That was the Consortium's mission and they failed miserably. What makes you think you can do any better?"

"They failed because they underestimated the Rebels hatred for the Colonists. The Rebels were anxious to have the Consortium on their side and they were double crossed."

"How do you know all this?"

"I'm a man with many talents Mulder, surely you know that by now."

Scully says in a matter-of-fact tone, "You've been working with the Rebels haven't you?"

"I've been around long enough to know whose sides I need to be on when this comes to fruition."

"How do we get our son back?"

"We eliminate the reason for them to have your son in the first place. If you can duplicate the chemicals in his blood, you'll have the most powerful tool in your hands."

"The vaccine."

"Yes the vaccine. The boy would not be in danger, because he wouldn't be a threat and if you use the vaccine to start inoculating the population, colonization cannot occur."

"How do we find him?"

"The Rebels don't usually stay in one location for too long, to prevent the Colonists from getting a lock on their location. They're getting ready to move soon. We'll have to act fast."

"How fast?"

"They move out in 72 hours."

"Then lets go?" We start moving towards the door, when Krycek puts his right hand up to stop me.

"Wait just a minute. They're not just going to let you waltz in there and take your son back. We have to set up a deal."

"What kind of deal." I'm getting more aggravated by the moment.

"You get your son back on the condition that you come up with a vaccine. Once you have the vaccine, you'll give us all your samples and the formula to make more. Then all three of you can run off into the sunset for all I care."

"And if we refuse?"

"I don't think you want to ask that question."

"No deal Krycek." I'm not playing by his rules. "Once we are able to put the vaccine together. *WE* will spread it to the public ourselves."

"They won't go for that."

I can't believe the audacity "How do we know it will stay in the right hands?"

"I'm kind of attached to my freedom at the moment."

I open my mouth to say something when Scully steps up to me, looking at Krycek. "Give us a moment." Scully places her hand on my elbow and escorts me out into the hallway where we can talk to me more privately.

I'm immediately concerned "What is it Scully?"

In almost a whisper she says, "I don't want to trust *them* with our son's life anymore than you do Mulder, but at the moment we don't have much of a choice."

"Scully, do you know what you're saying?"

"Mulder, I want my son back . . . don't you?"

"It's a deal with the devil Scully. What if he double crosses us?"

Still looking into my eyes, her eyes cloud up with emotion and I notice the desperation there, "And what if he's telling the truth and they leave their location? We may lose him for good."

I know that she just wants to have her son back with her, where she can care and nurture him. I can't deny her that. I can't deny myself that.

"Okay Scully." *You win.*

We walk back into the room. "When do we go?"

Krycek glances over at Scully and then me. "I don't think Scully should come with us."

"Like hell I'm not."

"Scully you have a microchip implanted in your neck. What if the Colonists track us because of it?"

Realization came to her; looking defeated she turned around and walked a few steps not saying a word for a moment, then turned back around. She looks at me with such sympathy and says, "He's right Mulder, I'm a threat to the baby."

I don't want to leave her. Look at where that got me last time. I turn away from her and pace.

I need to think ahead of the game.

Scully tries to stop me. "Mulder . . ."

I stop pacing and look at her, "No way Scully. That would put you in more danger." I'm not leaving room for them to take her now that we're together.


"What if they go after you?"

"Why would they do that? They're after the baby not me."

"Because you *could* have another child who would be immune as well." I know I'm entering dangerous territory here. I don't even know where *we* stand or if she would want another child, but I have to make my point.

She looks down at the floor thinking for a moment before speaking, "So killing me could eliminate any chances for developing a cure."

I place my hand on her shoulder and she looks up. "Besides, when we get him back, he's going to need his mother. I don't even know how to take care of an infant."

She nods her acceptance. I look over at Krycek and Marita, with a voice that doesn't leave room for argument I say, "When do we go?"

"First thing in the morning. We need to be there by nightfall." He goes into his pocket for something. "Meet us there." Krycek hands me a piece of paper with the directions and time on it. Much like the one from the hotel.

I nod my understanding. Scully walks out and I guide her out of the apartment with my hand on the small of her back.

We go back to the hotel, but Scully wants to go home, to her apartment.

And she wants me to go with her.

"Scully, I don't think this is the best time to do that." I don't want her to breakdown. I thought she needed it, but she's my strength. If she breaks down, what am I?

She walks up to me and places her hand in mine. "Mulder, I know what you're thinking and you're probably right. We don't know what to expect tomorrow. I need to do this." She squeezed her hand "*WE* need to do this."

'Okay Scully, for you, always for you.' I nod and we pack up our things to head home.

Scully's been away from her apartment a few days. I doubt she has any eatable food left in the fridge. I suggest we stop off at an all-night diner. "Mulder, I'm really not that hungry." Neither am I, but I won't voice it. We both need to get something now because I don't think we are going to be able to eat once we go through her front door. Trying to sound sympathetic, "Lets just try to eat something." She's too tired to argue.

We stop off at a diner and eat in silence. We both have a lot on our minds to process.

I'm worried about Scully. It's been over 72 hours since the Rebels took Will. I can tell she's scared. I don't think she can think straight right now. First and foremost she's a mother. She can't be thinking on what a great impact our son is having on the survival of the human race. Especially when he's not here.

Secondly, Scully is a scientist. She's the one who's going to have to come up with the formula using our son's blood. Even though she realizes this, I don't think the impact of what just went on back in that apartment with Krycek and Marita has hit her yet.

Hell, it hasn't hit me yet.

Our son, a little baby, barely 3 months old has the potential within him to save the world. It's mind- boggling; it's also a lot of pressure to put on someone.

As Scully drives us to her apartment; too many questions travel through my mind. Is this a course Scully and I were destined to be on? To be the parents of a child who is the only hope for the future of all mankind? Could this have been predicted? If so, could we have prevented it? Would we want to? Can we control what happens next? Are we helpless to change it?

I get our bags and we walk towards her door. I'm glad she still wants me with her. We belong together. There's no one else I can imagine being with.

I know she doesn't want to discuss what will happen with us till we get our son back. 'Our son'. I haven't met him yet, but the words naturally roll off my tongue. I have the picture of Will Scully gave me in my jacket pocket. I don't want to cause Scully anymore pain, so I look at it when I'm alone which isn't often. I've pretty much ingrained his image in my memory.

Unfortunately, he's got my thick, unruly, dark brown hair. It annoys the hell out of me. It's a little longer now, than I remember last; a piece of it keeps falling in front of my eyes. The first chance I get; I'm running to the Barber.

I think the jury is still out on the nose. It's a small generic stub of a baby nose and can change with age.

He's got Scully's smile though.

I can count on my hand the number of times I have encountered an honest to god Scully smile, but when I do, it brightens up my dark and gloomy world and fills my heart with joy.

He also has Scully's eyes.

Those crystal clear, blue orbs that make my legs turn into Jell-O. I can get completely lost in the depths of those eyes.

As we enter her apartment, my thoughts turn to Scully and her massive ability to hold it together while I was gone. "How did you do it?"

She stops and with a questioning look and says, "Do what?"

"How were you able to handle the pregnancy alone?"

She smiles briefly, "I wasn't alone . . . not really." She takes my hand and leads me to the couch and we sit. "I had my family's support." I start to speak, but refrain by her glare, "Even though Bill's a jerk, he does have his moments." I look at her skeptically. "Now who's the skeptic?" She smiles again, but it fades quickly as she surveys the room.

I suspect Ms. Scully cleaned the place up a little when she got Scully's overnight bag. She did a good job. If I didn't know any better, I wouldn't think a baby lived here with Scully.

But Scully knows.

As soon as we walked through the door, she sees all of the evidence that a baby was here. There's a brand new playpen, folded up and leaning against the wall. Next to it is a box. It has a picture of a baby in a high chair eating proudly. I hope we'll get a chance to use it.

There's also a smell in the air; the scent is a mixture between baby powder and ivory soap, it permeates everything.

Scully gets up and walks to towards the fireplace. It seems as if she's going to start a fire, but she doesn't, she looks at the mantel. There are picture frames all across it. Funny, I never paid attention to them before. There's one of Scully and her parents at her graduation. She seemed happy to be graduating. I had an opposite reaction; I didn't want to leave, that meant I had to face the real world and Samantha's disappearance.

There's another one of her whole family before her father died. Before I entered her life and changed it. The part of her life that resides in that 8 by 11 frame is gone forever. She has a chance to be part of a family again.

We both do.

She runs her index finger down one side of a silver frame. It's a picture of Will, similar to the one I have. Her eyes linger there for a bit as if it might come to life at any moment. She leaves the mantel and walks towards the front door to pick up her bag and proceeds to leave the room. As she passes by me and solemnly says, "Make yourself at home Mulder. There's a box with some of your clothes in the hall closet. I kept it here, just in case." That's my Scully, always prepared. "I'm going to go take a shower." and heads to the bedroom.

I go into the box in the closet and find a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt to change into. Shortly afterwards I hear the shower and reluctantly drift off to sleep on her couch.

I awake in a jolt from a nightmare. Scully, Will and I were in the yard of our house. He was a toddler and we're playing with him in the yard. The three of us are smiling and laughing until I hear a roar and darkness passes over us. I look up and see a spaceship. All of a sudden I see Scully hold Will's hand and walk towards the ship. I try to yell at them. They can't hear me. I try to move, but I'm paralyzed. I have to watch in horror while they are engulfed in light and slowly disappear from my view.

I shake my head. *It's only a dream.*

That's when I hear something. At first I think it's the TV, but it isn't on. Then I realize it's coming from the bedroom. A thousand scenarios rush through my mind as I get up off the couch and make a dash for her bedroom. I see that she's not in her bed. It hasn't been slept in. Panic rises up my spine and before I can call her name, I hear a sniff.

I turn my head and see Scully. She's sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. A white laced bassinet is next her. She's staring at a little brown bear in her hands.


She sniffs and wipes her eyes, "Did I wake you?"

I stare at her and say quietly, "No. You didn't."

She's doesn't look up "I bought this shortly after I found out I found out we were having a boy. I passed by a store front window, saw it and knew it would be perfect for him."

Tightening her grip on the bear, "I miss him Mulder. I don't know if I can go through this again."

It tears me up inside to see her in any kind of pain. But this is unbearable, I have to comfort her in anyway I can. I sit down next to her, put my arms around her and hold her while she cries. Her head is against my chest and I rock back and forth slowly, whispering, "I know, I know" and kiss her head.

I can't understand how so much sadness can happen to such a wonderful and caring person. She doesn't deserve this. She never deserved this. If she hadn't come through that basement door eight years ago, she would probably be happily married with a couple of kids and a medicine practice to boot. Instead, she's on the floor with me crying her heart out, because I had to follow a fucking spaceship in Oregon.

Through her tears she says, "Mulder?"


"Would you promise me something?"

I haven't a clue as to what she's going to say and I don't want make a promise I can't keep. "What?"

She wipes her tear-streaked cheeks with her hands, "Promise me no matter what happens, you won't wallow in self-guilt."

I shake my head. How can she read me so well? I don't know what to say "Scully . . ." my voice fills with emotion.

In a calm steady voice, "I know you Mulder. You can carry this guilt to the grave if need be. I don't want you to blame yourself for any of this." She moves out of my hold, cocks her eyebrow and stares into my eyes as if she can sum up a powerful spell just by her stare, "Do you hear me?" I look down and I don't answer her question. How can I promise her that? It *is* my fault.

Suddenly, I realize that this isn't the same person I just held until she stopped crying, this is my partner Agent Scully, queen of denial speaking. "This is something that was out of our hands. You're not responsible for what happened to Will."

She takes my hand. "Look, you are *not* responsible for my abduction, my sister's death, the cancer, and Emily. You *are* responsible however, for being there for me when I needed you. "When it counted." She cups her hands on my face and with glistening eyes, looks at me with such certainty. "And you *are* responsible for loving me and we created a life from that love. You're responsible for the good in my life, not the bad."

I am blinded by my love for this amazing woman. How I can be so lucky, I'll never know. *You do keep me guessing Scully.* Before I can get any other thought in my brain she says, "I love you Mulder and I've missed you so much." A single tear streaks down her face, I take my hand to wipe it off and tell her "I'll love you for as long as I live."

Showing me her vulnerability she whispers, "I need you Mulder." She doesn't need to say any more. I slowly ease my mouth down and give her a sweet gentle kiss. I pull back up and our eyes lock on one another, I hold onto her hand to help her up, she places the bear in the crib and we walk towards the bed.

Our eyes are still locked when Scully takes her pajamas off. Her top followed by her drawstring bottoms. I imitate her actions and shortly after we're in bed.

I repeat the words of adoration she just spoke to me in my head 'I love you Mulder' and the desperation in her voice as she says 'I need you Mulder.' I need you to fill in the hole in my heart.

I see that her needs are met by making soft passionate love to her. It's not intense or filled with ferocity. It's filled with hope. A hope that no more tragedy is bestowed upon us and tomorrow we find our son to start a life we have only dreamt about.

After we are sated, she snuggles up to me and rests her cheek against my chest. She has one arm wrapped around my midsection and I have mine wrapped around her holding her tight. It's as if we're both afraid to let go for even a second.

She is almost asleep when I take my hand and brush a strand of hair off her face and place it behind her ear. Before sleep also takes me in, I whisper to her "We will find him and bring him home. I promise you Scully."

The light coming from the window assaults my eyes. I shut them tight and pull my pillow over my face. I place my hand to touch the warmth of her body, but touch the sheets instead. Panic arises my senses as I think of all of the nightmares I have ever had where Scully disappears from me never to return. After a moment passes I hear her voice as clear as day "You never were a morning person Mulder." I hear the humor in her voice and know without looking that she must be suppressing a smile.

I breathe a sigh of relief of my irrationality and mumble through my pillow, "If I remember correctly, neither were you."

She says in a sad quiet voice "Yah, well ... things change." Realizing what she meant by that, I pull the pillow down from my face and with an apologetic look, she changes the subject, "Do you want some coffee?"

I nod and she hands me a mug and I take a sip. I notice she's already dressed in black slacks and a fitted white shirt. "How long have you been up?" "Not too long, I thought I would let you sleep while I showered, made some coffee and re-packed my bag."

I place my coffee on the nightstand, get up and wrap my arms around her, pulling her close. "I was worried for a second when you weren't there by my side."

"I'm always by your side Mulder." She says with a slight smile. She escapes my hold and walks over to her bag and continues packing.

"What did you think? That I would run off without you?" She tries to make it sound like a joke. She sees the seriousness in my look "Sorry, bad joke."

"Scully ..." I go to take hold of her arm, but she moves away and I miss only to grab air. "I'm sorry, I ..."

"Mulder, you don't have to apologize."

"Yes, I do."

"Mulder, we've been over this. Let it go!"

She gives me a pleading look and with that, I let it go and head to the bathroom for a shower.

Shortly after, I walk out of the bathroom, clad only my jeans and go to my bag to get my shaving kit. "Have you seen my bag Scully?"

"Oh ya, it's right over there." Without even looking up she points towards the bed. "I hope you don't mind, but I needed the space in my bag for Will's things and you had more room in yours. I put my medical supplies in it."

"I don't mind at all."

Scully finishes packing and I stand there thinking how nice it is to see her unguarded like this. It seems strangely domestic. *I wonder what she would say if ...* I walk towards her determined to finish the sentence in my mind. "Scully I ..." and at that same moment she says "Mulder, I ..." as she turns around and smacks right into my bare chest, she lifts her head and we chuckle for a bit.

"Go ahead." She says.

"No, you first ..." I say to her. Her mouth opens to protest, but then she closes it and then she starts to talk. "Mulder ... I was thinking that maybe you wouldn't ... I mean you don't have to rush ... you know ... um ..." She looks away because she's nervous and I fight the urge to grin. "getting another apartment ... you could stay here ... until you're settled."

"You sure I wouldn't be a burden?"

She moves back to pick up her bag and sets it on the floor. "Well, I know you can be a pain-in-the-ass sometimes, but as long as you don't throw pencils up at the ceiling, carelessly toss clothes about the place and get in my way; you would be a burden." She's teasing, I know she is. She is, right?

She turns around to face me and I see her resist a smirk on her face. Okay, she was kidding. "Actually I have a few empty drawers that need filling."

I take a step closer. "Oh really?" I say with almost a whisper, "And what if I said no?"

"Actually you didn't say yes." She reminds me taking a step closer.

I beam at her, take her hand and kiss her palm. She melts at that simple gesture. "Yes, I would love to stay here with you. In fact, I was going to ask you the same thing."

Her eyes brightened up at that "Really?"

"Well, not exactly the same thing. I was hoping it could be more permanent."

With a smile she says, "Let's just take one step at a time okay?"

Her features turn solemn. "Mulder, I know you didn't want anyone to know what we're about to do, but maybe we should call the Gunmen, let them know what's going on."

I look at her sternly and she places her hand upon my chest. "In case something happens. We need someone we trust to know."

"I don't want to endanger them."

"How are we going to put them in danger?" She doesn't give me a chance to answer. "Mulder, if anything, we are in more danger by not letting anyone know where we are going."

She's right.

"Okay, but we'll stop by and tell them in person. I don't want to risk using any other means of communication."

She nods and we finish getting ready and leave.

After telling the guys what we were going to do. They look at the both of us as if we just told them the moon is made out of cheese.

Langly strike first "Are you crazy man? How can you fall for that?"

Byers takes his turn "They're just looking for a way to get to you."

Followed by Frohike "This could be nothing but one big trap."

"That is why we're telling you."

"And you expect us to just sit around waiting for us to be right? We need to cover your back."

"We cannot compromise your safety in any way. If it weren't for Scully, we wouldn't have even told you. Besides, it's not like you can follow us."

There is an uncomfortable silence for what seems like a few minutes, but is only a few seconds before Byers speaks up "Give us a minute." They huddle up together like football players after a play.

Scully and I glimpse at each other curiously. Scully looks back at the Gunmen and says dubiously, "What are they doing? Are they having a huddle?"

I squint my eyes and smirk at them, "No, I think it's more like a menage a trois."

Byers pop's his head up "I heard that!"

They break up their little huddle and then Frohike speaks up "Why don't we monitor you from here."

Scully looks over at Byers questioningly, "I know this may be a stupid question, but how do you plan on doing that?"

Frohike, Langly, and Byers look at each other with smug faces and then look over at us smiling mischievously.

"Great we finally get a chance to use it."

"Will it work?"

"Of course it will."

"How do you know? We've never used it before."

"I just know, okay?"

We sit down and Scully whispers to me "What in the hell are they talking about?" I shrug. That's what I want to know "Use what guys?"

Langly finally tells us what they're so enthusiastic over. "It's our latest creation or shall we say an improved version of GPD tracking."

Scully clarifies "Global Positioning Device?"

"Yup, kind of like a smaller, but stronger version of Lo-Jack."

Frohike holds up something that looks like a grain of rice. "This is a transmitter which can be placed on a piece of clothing, jewelry, glasses etc. You name it, we can put it there."

"Reminds me of Mission Impossible." Scully mumbles. I smirk at that and add, "Maybe they have a pen that explodes if clicked too many times."

Frohike hands me the chip and I examine it "Get out much guys?"

Frohike spits out, "Bite me Mulder!"

"You really need to improve on your pick up lines Frohike." He ignores my comments.

"We can follow you anywhere in the world with a stroke of a key on our computer."

"We can also hear you." Langly brings out another tiny device.

"And that is?"

He shows us something that looks like earplugs. "So we can hear you and know if anything goes wrong. Your hair is long enough and the device is so small, that no one will be able to detect."

"The only catch is, we can hear you but you can't hear us."

"How are you able to hear us from such a long distance?"

They go into a long and detailed explanation of how they hacked into NASA and are bouncing the radio waves or something from their satellite. I stop paying attention to them and observe Scully's expression, I think Scully is sorry she asked because her look is somewhere between boredom and annoyance.

I don't know if they notice her expression or not because they finally finish and get to work. They place the nearly invisible devices on both of us lest we separate.

"Will you still be able to continue tracking us once we get inside the facility?" Scully asks.

Byers looks towards her and answers, "Not knowing what the walls are made out of, we can't say for sure."

I get up from my chair "There's only one way to find out."

We leave the Gunmen and drive to the address on the note Krycek gave us. It leads us to a large abandoned warehouse. It looks just as rundown as the apartment we met in last night. Krycek must like being his own element. I scoff.

I also notice that Marita is alone and I'm immediately suspicious. As Scully and I approach Marita I ask in a not-so-polite tone "Where's Krycek?"

With all seriousness, "Don't worry Agent Mulder, he's on his way." Don't worry? Right. "We'll be taking a helicopter as far as it'll take us, then we'll be transferring to SUV and drive rest of the way."

I hate having to trust them on this. I can't believe that they would do this out of the kindness of their heart. They're opportunists. I'll just have to watch them carefully.

"Lets go." She walks inside of the building and we cautiously follow.

We're on the roof when I catch sight of a helicopter approaching our direction. It settles on the roof and Krycek gets out of the cockpit. *I'd like to know how he got that and when in the hell did he learn to fly?*

He walks up to us dressed in all black. "Ready?"

*Watch the Matrix one too many times, huh Krycek?*



We are somewhere in the West Virginia Mountains. As we are approaching our destination, I catch sight of the mountains. The vision is breathtaking; Lush green trees, vast clear blue lakes and streams. It's a sad realization that in the middle of such a picturesque and serene scene you have ominous danger bubbling underground.

Krycek and Marita explain that the Rebels have an underground facility in one of these mountains. It's actually partly in the mountain and underground. This is just one of uncountable locations they have throughout the world, used to escape the wrath of the Colonists who want what they have, a chance at defeating them once and for all.

I'm all for conquering a race of aliens that want to turn us all into digestives; I just don't want it to be at the expense of our child.

We land and as I get out of the helicopter I help Scully get down. I feel a chill go through me. Scully has her black leather jacket on and I have my brown one. I'm glad Scully made me grab it before we left. As I grab our bags I take another glance at the peaceful surroundings of the mountains. It's quiet, too quiet. I don't even hear any of the natural nature sounds like birds chirping. I just hear the wind whipping around us.

I see a black SUV nearby and we get in. When we come to an edge of a forest, Krycek brings the car to a stop and Scully looks at him questioningly as he switched off the ignition, "From here, we walk."

As we get out and start the trek through the forest towards the mountains, I get a feeling of d=82j... vu. By the fleeting look Scully gives me, she feels it too. I shake the sensation off, this time it's different. Changing my frame of thought I ask, "How far do we have to travel?"

"It's just about two miles till we reach their location."

Passing through the end of the forest we come across a cave, unsuspecting to the naked eye. It's camouflaged with foliage, if I hadn't known it was there, I would've missed it.

We enter the dark and dreary cave which leads to a plain steal door incased in rock. We walk up to the door; there's a security lock on it. Krycek takes a card out and slides it along the slot; the red light turns green and the door slides open. Scully glances at me with surprise and I nod letting her know I'm just as stunned. What game is Krycek playing? Our senses are on full alert.

We walk through the doorway and notice several corridors leading in different directions.

"Which way?"

"This way." Evidently, Krycek has been here before and like sheep ready to be slaughtered, we follow.

We are walking down the hall and as we pass several rooms, I notice we haven't come across one living thing. That strikes me as odd, but before I can vocalize my observance, Krycek approaches another steel type sliding door. He takes his card and slides it down the lock, once again unlocking the door causing it to slide open.

We walk into the room and I hear Krycek curse under his breath.

"What's going on?"

"They're not here." Krycek says with a surprised expression.

Scully's eyes widen with a sudden realization "They're gone!"

I grab Krycek by his jacket and throw him up against the wall. "You son-of-a-bitch! You lied to us!" He slides down and puts his good hand up to block the blow I'm about to inflict upon him. Marita runs up to me and grabs my arm "Mulder, no! Wait. We didn't." I ignore her protest and grab him again to pull him up to hold him alongside the wall.

Anger radiates throughout my body, "Where is he Krycek? Where is my son?"

"I don't know where exactly, I just know he's here."

I tightened my grip on him, it would be so easy to ... no, I need answers. "How come no one's here?

"I don't know. They should've been here, unless..."

I do not lessen my hold on him "Unless what?"

"Unless something happened..." he didn't get a chance to finish. I let go of him when I felt a tremendous shaking, like we're in the middle of an earthquake. *In Western Virginia?*

It calms down "What the hell was that?" Scully says regaining her balance.

"I don't know."

There is another monstrous tremble, bigger than the first. I lose my balance and fall to the ground. It stops then starts again with more intensity than the last two combined.

I notice large cracks forming along the walls and ceiling. Then pieces of cement start falling down on top of us.

The four of us run out of the room and down the hall to escape the debris. I stop running after the quake stops to catch my breath. Krycek does the same. I notice it's just the two of us. *Scully!* "Where's Scully and Marita?"

"I don't know, they were right behind us. They could've gone down one of the other corridors?"

We hear the starling noise of gunshots.


We dart down the many corridors to until we spot Marita running towards us. "What happened? Where's Scully"

"I don't know. She must have gone down a different hallway." She looks at Krycek. "What happened? I heard gunshots."

"I didn't come from us."

"It must have been Scully's gun that went off."

I look down the hall at either side of me. *Scully, where are you?*

The tremors ceased and we continue looking for Will and now Scully. Call it fatherly intuition; I still think Will's here and I hope to whatever deity is out there, that Scully is okay and has found him.

I suddenly have a strange feeling. Something's not right. I don't know what it is. I hope it's not Scully. Oh please don't let it be Scully.

We walk about ten feet before we are struck by surprise. Marita grabs Krycek and throws him against me with a force unfathomable. I'm still trying to figure out what's happening when she grips my jack pulls me up by my jacket and tosses me like a rag doll.

We both look back at Marita as she morphs into the Bounty Hunter.


He heads towards us. That fucking coward Krycek starts to take off and then I figure that's a good plan, so I follow suite. The Bounty Hunter is too fast though. He grabs Krycek and flings him on the ground and then I get the fortune of being hurled against the wall.

My side hurts and I try to regain my breathing. I see Krycek take something out of his pocket. I can't tell what the object is; he attempts to use it, but is overpowered since he only has one arm. He loses his balance and it gets knocked out of his hand as the Bounty Hunter tosses him across the ground. It lands on the floor with a clang and I grab for it. It's a stiletto-like weapon, I remember finding one just like it in our family's summer home in Quonochontaug some time ago. It's the only thing that seems to kill them.

The Bounty Hunter strikes a blow to my back, knocking me down. I hold on to the weapon and pull his feet under him, knocking him down to my level. Opportunity arrives quickly and I pierce the base of his scull killing him instantly.

Breathless, Krycek looks towards me "I told you they would track us."

"They must have gotten here *before* we arrived. That's why the Rebels weren't waiting for us."

I search the Bounty Hunter's body for anything that might help me find Will or Scully. I reach into one of his pockets and pull out a key-card, just like the one Krycek has.

"Where do you think they might be?"

"I don't know. Let's keep looking."

We hurry down through the corridors until we spot Marita. She's lying on the floor, unconscious.

She finally comes to "What happened?"

I help her sit up "I was hoping you could tell us. What do you remember?"

"I remember running out of the room, going down this hall and then it all went blank."

"Do you remember seeing Scully with you?"

"She wasn't with me, maybe she went down one the other corridors?"

We explain to her our experience with the Bounty Hunter as we help her up. "He must have knocked you out, then morphed into you to stop us from finding Will."

"That means the baby must still be here."

We continue down the corridors until we approach one different from the rest. There are numerous doors on both sides of the hall. All of them have security locks on them, similar to the one at the entrance. I'm too preoccupied to worry about Krycek and Marita. "Since you have a key as well, why don't you two go down one side looking in each room and I'll go down the other."

I have looked into six rooms already and nothing. All of the rooms are empty. I walk up to the seventh door and notice that it's unlocked. It slides open effortlessly. I can't believe my eyes "Scully?" Her back is turned away from me and at the sound of my voice she turns around holding a baby. Our baby. I remember him from the pictures. She has him wrapped in a blue blanket.

I'm overjoyed. I look from the baby to Scully. She's seems so happy. She's standing next to what looks like an incubator, similar to the ones they use at a hospital NICU for infants. "I found him Mulder." I am relieved that she and the baby are okay. I walk slowly towards her and hug her with her still holding the crying baby.

I hear a gasp and she falls down almost taking the baby with her, but not before I am able to grab a hold of him. I retracted the stiletto and just stand there. I watch the body morph back into another Bounty Hunter and the green toxic substance oozing out of his neck.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

It wasn't her.

That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I just knew it wasn't her. If I were wrong I would never forgive myself.

But the baby knew.

He was crying. Not just regular baby crying. He was wailing and she was just standing there smiling. She should've been happy, but it just didn't feel right. Thank God my instincts were right.

He has stopped crying and as I look down, I see the bluest, most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Scully was right he's perfect. To think that a life, this life, came out of Scully is unbelievable. I touch his soft skin to make sure he's real and he smiles. Yup, he's real all right. My finger brushes against his little baby hand and he grabs it with a force. I wiggle it and say in a quiet voice "Hey there. Do you know me? Of course not, not yet anyway. I'm your dad." The words seem foreign to me. I have to say it again "Dad, I'm a ..."

My elation is short-lived.

I notice a body lying limp on the ground behind the baby's incubator. I rush over to it.

It's Scully.


She's dead.


The room is spinning as my world is once again turned upside down. I can feel the blood drain away from my face, I'm trembling and can barley hold onto Will. My eyes water up and tears fall freely down my face. A tear strikes the baby on his cheek; it looks as if he's crying too. "Sc ... Scully? Scu ... SCULLY! NOOOOOO!"

I don't know how, but I carefully place the baby down and I stare at her body covered in blood. *HER BLOOD!* She was shot in the chest at close range, probably from struggling with the Bounty Hunter. He shot her with her own gun. *Damit.* I should've been with her. She wouldn't be lying here dead. She wouldn't be missing her baby boy grow up.

She can't be dead. I do what I've seen her do a million times and place my fingers on her neck looking for a pulse. Hoping for a pulse and if there's a God, praying for a pulse. And I feel one. It is faint, but she isn't dead!

My Scully isn't dead.

My relief was but a moment, because I now realize she not going to be alive for long. She's fading fast. We're in the mountains and there isn't a hospital for miles. She won't make it. Her blood is still flowing into a puddle on the floor. I pull up her blood soaked shirt and I place my hand on her wound to stop the bleeding.

It won't stop.

It bypasses my hands and continues to drain the life out of her. "I don't know what to do. Scully tell me what to do."

I shake her and repeat her name over and over again like a chant. "Scully, Scully, Scully ... wake up Scully!" I give her reasons to not die on me. "You can't leave me now! We have a son to raise! I can't do it alone. We're a team remember? Do you hear me Scully?" My voice is quivering and it's a struggle to get the words out. "Will's here and he wants his mommy! Come on partner you can do it! I didn't come back to you for you to leave me now. You told me once to fight the fight. Fight Scully! Wake up!"

She isn't responding. I hold her close to me. She is limp in my arms. I stroke her beautiful red hair and ghostly pale face with my blood stained hand. I close my eyes, refusing to accept her imminent death. I rock her and whisper for her to come back to me. Come back to us. Come back to her family.

I will never get another chance to tell her how much I love her, how vital she is to my existence. I will never be able to taste her succulent lips against mine, to touch her silky smooth skin, to smell the sweet scent of rose petals in her hair, to see her gorgeous smile and hear her sexy laugh. I will never again see those incredible blue eyes that convey all of her hopes, dreams and fears with just one look.

I think I'm in shock, because everything else around me is a blur and I can't hear the voices that surround me. It barely registers in my brain when Krycek and Marita come through the door. They have someone with them, but I don't care. If they are double-crossing me, so be it. *I am nothing without you Scully. Nothing.*

Someone tries to push me aside, but I resist. I can't leave her. I won't. Marita tries to move me out of the way and I continue to resist. That is until she tells me who they had found. I turn my head and see Jeremiah Smith or one of his clones; a renegade alien who works for the Rebels. I move over a little and he kneels down by Scully's side. He places his hands over her wound and closes his eyes in concentration.

I witness a miracle before me. Scully once asked me if I believed in miracles. I didn't then, but I do now. I swear I see a glow surrounding her body. I also see the puncture from the bullet, close up. Quickly, the color on her face turns from ghostly white back to the pale peach I remember it being earlier. I catch sight of her eyes moving under her lid. I place my hand on her cheek. "Come on baby, wake up for me."

Her eyes flutter open and I am once again greeted with those gorgeous sky blue eyes. The ones I thought I would never see again. With a voice thick with emotion, I smile through the tears running down my face "Welcome back."

Jeremiah moves out of the way and I move back next to her. She tries to sit up and talk "Mul ..." but I stop her, "Shhh. Try to relax." She takes a deep breath and tries again. "Mulder ... what happened?"

"You were shot by the Bounty Hunter and then he shape- shifted into you."

"Yes, I remember now he was taking the ba ..." Here eyes widen in distress "Mulder he took our baby!"

"No, no Scully." I gently pick up Will and bring him to her.

"See, he's here and safe with us."

She sits up with a jolt and looks over at the baby in my arms. With her eye's glistening, she smiles and reaches out to touch him. "Oh my god Mulder, he's really here."

"All ten finger and ten toes accounted for."

She tears her eyes away from Will and looks up at me. "Well, I guess I don't have to introduce you two."

"He was shy at first but once he starts talking, there's no way to shut him up." I quip and hand Will over to Scully.

She looks down at the baby and the features on her face express such love for him. It's amazing to see her like this.

She sees the blood all over her chest and her face turns serious. "Mulder? You said I was shot by the Bounty Hunter?"

I put my hand on top of hers "You're okay Scully. You're not hurt. Jeremiah healed you." She looks over at Jeremiah, Krycek and Marita. She hadn't realized they were there.

Confused, she looks back towards me "Mulder? You said the Bounty Hunter turned shape-shifted into me?"

I tell her what had occurred in the room when I encountered the shape-shifter.

"How did you know it wasn't me?"

"It was a multitude of things that added up; the room was unlocked, the baby was crying, I saw your eyes and I don't know. I just knew."

"You saw my eyes?"

"They just didn't look like you."

I look at her intently. I can't believe I almost lost her. All other thoughts are lost when she brings her free hand up and wipes my tear-streaked face. I lean into her hand, close my eyes and place my hand on top of hers. "I thought we lost you."

With a soft smile she says, "I told you I'd always be by your side, didn't I?"

I open my eyes and embrace her with both of my arms, careful of the baby she's cradling. I kiss her head "Yes, you did. How could I've ever doubted you."

The room starts shaking with such ferocity.

I look at Jeremiah. "What's happening? Is this an earthquake?"

"No, they're explosions."

Krycek asks, "By the Colonists?"

"Yes and we need to get out of here, NOW!"


Another quake occurs as Jeremiah explains "We have a self-destructing mechanism in the facility that activates when the Colonists infiltrate the area. We don't have much time before it detonates and this whole place collapses from within."

"What about the others?"

"Most of them have already escaped."

A massive explosion occurs and I shield Scully and Will from the falling debris.

"Follow me."

We follow Jeremiah down the corridors through a doorway similar to the one we had entered from. It also exits through a cave into the forest. It's evening, so it's dark and hard to see, but we keep running until we hear muffled underground rumbling. The ground shakes and Scully loses her balance. I grab hold of her to prevent her from falling with the baby. The trees rustle violently from the vibrations of the explosion and then a loud roar emerges. It sounds as if all of the thunder I ever heard condensed into one crash.

Then it stops and all that is evident is a cloud of dust, which fills the air.

I notice that Krycek and Marita are nowhere to be found. I don't worry. I know they'll turn up again. Of course it will be at the most opportune moment.

Jeremiah is still with us and I turn to thank him. I promise to work on the vaccine. Not because of the deal that was made, but as gratitude for giving Scully her life and me a second chance. Jeremiah tells us he needs to go and runs off back into the woods.

We walk through the woods until we pass through a clearing and then we see it. I have an instant flashback of running through a corn crop field. Scully notices the panic on my face. "Mulder, I think that's the National Guard approaching us." It is only now I remember the surveillance equipment the Gunmen put on us. How much did they hear?

The choppers land and Frohike, Langly, Byers and Skinner come out. They start walking towards us with the Paramedics in tow.

One of the Paramedics sees the blood all over Scully's shirt and immediately runs over to her. She tells him she's okay, but they want to check her and the baby out anyway. She agrees and follows them to the helicopter. I go to talk to the guys and Skinner.

Langly is the first to speak "Sorry Mulder, but we didn't know what else to do so we called Skinner and let him in what we knew and heard."

"That's okay, guys."

With an apologetic look Skinner steps past the guys "Mulder, I'm sorry for letting Krycek get to you, but ..."

"That's okay, I understand."

"How did you find us and when did you call Skinner?"

Byers responds, "When we heard the Bounty Hunter attacking you, we lost contact after that and got worried."

Frohike places his hand on my shoulder, "How are you doing?" I look over at the two most important people in world to me being tended to. The Gunmen and Skinner follow my line of vision, as I say, "Never been better guys."


(One year later ...)

We kept our promise to Jeremiah and made a vaccine. It took quite some time to develop it, but Scully is an incredible scientist and can make anything happen. As agreed we gave the formula and samples over to Krycek. Did he do as promised and give it to the Rebels? Or did he auction it off to the highest bidder? I think it's probably the later. Like I said, he's an opportunist.

It doesn't matter though, with my photographic memory, I memorized the formula for the vaccine and we devised a plan to inoculate the public ourselves with help from the Gunmen.

I adore my son. He's our little miracle. I still cannot believe that this is my reality. The reality we thought we would never have and almost didn't. I don't know what we would've done if we had lost him. I was hesitant to believe Scully at first when she said that she fell instantly in love with Will.

I'd like to think it was faster for me. We're still extremely protective over him and take every precaution. I fear that one day he will suffer the same predestined fate as I have. I want him to have a normal life, but we won't hide the truth from him. I want him to know what his parents fought for and he needs to be prepared for the day when destiny steps in and takes over. Until then we will enjoy each day as it comes.

And what about Scully and I?

Well, let's just say things are progressing nicely. We still work on the X-Files together, Scully continues to rebuff my off the wall theories, and we still drive Skinner crazy with our bizarre expense reports. At lease we don't have to stay in separate rooms anymore.

We also bought a house complete with a white picket fence, large yard and a German Shepherd to boot. Frohike, Langly and Byers, who are doting Uncles, installed the latest in security systems. That place is tighter than Fort Knox. They also convinced us to go on a long awaited vacation. Scully wanted to stay home and relax, but I had a better idea.



"That's not the way you do that!"

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't."

"Just let me do it my way."

"But Mulder ... "

"Scully, I know what I'm doing. Okay?"

All of a sudden, she bursts out laughing and I'm suddenly puzzled. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." She's still grinning.

"That didn't sound like nothing." I turn to Will, who's on the bed entertaining himself with a toy, and pick him up. "What do you think Will, does that sound like a nothing laugh?" He smiles. "Okay, lets vote on who would like to hear what's so funny." I hold his little hand up and mine as well. "It's unanimous, we both want to know."

Smiling and shaking her head she says, "That's not fair Mulder, you helped him."

"Aw, come on Scully. Look at his face, he's drooling in anticipation." Will giggles at that.

"Okay." She gives me one of her *looks*. "It was just . . . we were fighting like an old married couple and it cracked me up."

Holding Will with one arm, I grab her left hand and caress the wedding band with my thumb. "But we are, Mrs. Mulder." I have a huge grin on my face and she smiles back.

We got married shortly after the three of us were reunited. Scully wanted to elope, but her mother wouldn't hear of that and we settled for a small wedding with a few family and friends at her home.

I can't believe I managed to get Scully to spend our vacation sailing. She was pissed at first when I bought the Catamaran. Apparently, it's a big husband no no to go and purchase such an expensive item without her knowledge. However, Scully loves the sea and we never had an actual honeymoon due to the vaccine we were working on, so it didn't take long for her to warm up to the idea. And since it had all the comforts of home, high fencing all around for safety and Will was already potty trained, she had no room for argument. It was also inaccessible; the only people who could reach us were the Gunmen.

For one month there are no government conspiracies, mutants, zombies, vampires or otherwise to chase after. Scully thinks I'm going to go insane not being able to follow up on any of these cases. She doesn't think I know how to relax. She's never been more wrong.

Will falls asleep in my arms and I go to put him into his playpen in the other cabin turning on the baby monitor on the way out. I slowly walk up to Scully and as our eyes lock upon one another, I see the love she has for me and I swell up with emotion. I can't believe my luck. I have a beautiful wife, my partner in life, who's willing to put up with me, faults and all.

I put my arms around her waist, she wraps hers around my neck and our foreheads touch for a moment before I descend upon her. I give her long languid kisses. Before I can think about it, our clothes are discarded and we tumble onto the bed making slow, tender love to each other.

I try to convey all of my love, passion and devotion to her, in our lovemaking. Afterwards, we are lying in bed basking in the afterglow. I slowly rub my hand in circles on her belly in anticipation. She isn't showing yet, but we both know this one's going to be a girl.

I hear our son stir on the monitor and Scully says, "Well Mulder, can you handle putting up the sail while I feed our son?"

I take one hand and pat the scopolamine patch behind my ear Scully got for me before going on this extensive voyage. I hate wearing it, but it's better than having my head over the side railing for a month.


*Seasickness be damned.*

(In an unknown location.)


She strolls into the luxury suite hotel with her hips swaying side to side and stops at the foot of the bed.

"Well, well, well aren't we feeling jovial."

He's lying on a plush white bed, drinking absurdly expensive Champagne "I didn't think you would come."

She brings her hands up in the air and turns in a circle "And miss all this?"

With a wide smile he says, "Nice, isn't it?"

"Are you sure you know what you're doing? Flaunting your new found wealth."

"And what? Stash it away for a rainy day like you?" "No way. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm sure they'll be other opportunities."

"You knew Mulder and Scully would find away to inoculate the population."

"But don't you see my dear Marita, that's part of the game."

"What are you going to do when the Colonists find out you double-crossed them?"

Looking smug "Not just me, my dear. *WE* are in this."

A voice comes from the front door. "Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that."

Panic stretches across Krycek's features and he quickly darts his eyes at the figure in the doorway and back towards Marita as she morphs into the Bounty Hunter.

Still standing at the doorway with a sinister smile she says, "You always did underestimate me Krycek."

His screams echoed throughout the vacant floor.

The End

My past work includes: I Have To, Going Thru The Motions, Time Stops For No One and I Dream Of Her. They're all Post-Requiems' and I'm on a roll. I don't have a site, but you can find them all at Ephemeral.

Author notes: Okay people, can we not start with the throwing of objects again! *thump* Ow! Who did that! Was that you Elyse?

First of all let me clarify some things:

I wrote in my story that there are three Bounty Hunter's. My theory is that there are several of them; they just all look the same.

I wanted to give Marita the upper hand. I think she is always being underestimated and is capable of a lot more. Oh, and don't worry about Krycek guys. He's very resourceful and I think he can manage to get himself out of this mess. Maybe?

I know it sounded weird but I researched the net and the scopolamine patch used to cure seasickness, needs to be placed behind the ear. I didn't know that. See how educational fanfic can be!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I am sorry to see this it go, but it's been a blast to write and even better reading all of the excellent feed back, especially since this my first storyfic.

I think you guys created a monster!

I would like to take this time to thank my betas Georgia and Brandi for your wonderful comments, encouragement and suggestions when I needed some insight. You guys are the best!

It's amazing on the amount of support I got for this story. I want to thank Lenore, Navemer, Lady Disdain, Sherri, Elyse and all you readers out there for giving me the most amazing feedback; you guys gave me the confidence to keep going until I was done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is it guys! It's been fun!

Started: July 1st, 2000 Completed: July 23rd, 2000

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