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S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca

A Thimble For Peter
Set in the un-named future. In the wake of an unexpected event, Mulder and Scully must overcome pride and uncertainty before too much time has passed. PS BF NCC

A Thimble For Peter II: Tiny Arrow
Set after A Thimble for Peter, M & S find that even the small things can rekindle big doubts. BF NCC

A Thimble For Peter III - Back Through the Window
Catherine Mulder makes a difficult trip. NCC


Neither Moon Nor Earth
Light years from Earth, Mulder is forced to make a terrible choice. PS


Christmas and Ice Cream
A woman with a baby causes a minor stir at an ice cream shop. W BF

Samantha L. Caldwell

Reasons For Living
This is the absence of hope. Waa

A connection is made... (sequel to "Routine"). BF W


Once Again
People from the past visit the baby. BF NCC

Sandra Stringer

Liquid Memory
Mulder and Scully's son, Will, discovers that his parents aren't as boring as he originally thought. OE TF

Liquid Memory II: Benefit of the Doubt
Will and Mulder discover a murder victim in the woods. Is Will next- OE TF


The perfect house for a growing family. BF W

Clash Of The Titans

Mulder House Rules
Words to the wise. W W+S


211 Confession
Scully's on her way to meet Mulder at D.C.'s airport to fly out to see Bill and Tara, she is none too thrilled. BF W

I Want To Believe
Scully's missing again, and in the process of looking for her, the search gets very... interesting... PS BF NCC OE

I Want To Believe II: Trying
The life of a child hangs in balance. BF KF NCC OE

I Want To Believe III
Last in the I Want To Believe series.KF NCC OE


On Angels from Heaven
A short piece of fluff... Babyfic. Mulder's back, and his child is about to be born. BF NCC

Sandra W.

The Family
Scully contemplates the consequences of losing Emily. OE


A New Soldier
A crossover between X-Files and Dark Angel - What has become of William...

Sandy E.

Crafting a Life
A non-mytharc story; a bottle episode. BF W

Sara and FredaX

Mulder is welcomed into a Scully family Christmas, with the expected results. M

Sarah, Sophia, Quetzel, and Lady X

The Devotion Series
When Scully's boyfriend abandons her when they find out she's pregnant, Mulder steps up. SoM PS BF NCC

Sara B

Bathrooms and Other Benefits
Fox W. Mulder: Psychologist, considered radical but well respected. Divorced father of six-year-old Samantha Jane Mulder. Mulder's ex-wife, Diana, left him soon after Samantha's birth. Dana K. Scully: Pediatrician extremely well respected and well liked. Widowed mother of six-year-old William James Dorsett. Samantha Mulder and William Dorsett meet at school and become the best of friends. SoM MoD NCC KF

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 2: More Benefits
Mulder and Dana's relationship has moved on. They are getting ready to be married and they want to adopt each other's child. Enter the dragon, sorry, Diana. SoM MoD NCC KF

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 3: Beneficial Dividends
Continuation of the story. SoM MoD NCC KF PS BF

Can You Ever Go Home Again?
Mulder cannot deal with his life with William and Scully and leaves. Does he find what he's looking for- Can he go home again- W KF

Darkness Returns
Diana Fowley returns to putrefy Mulder and Scully's lives. Scully's pregnant and sees Mulder with Diana in a cozy setting. PS

Mulder's returned but he's so cold and removed that Scully doubts her place in his life. Is it over for them- PS BF W

The Empty Chair
Mulder and Scully are married but is Mulder cheating on her- What is Scully going to do- KF W

Happy Pappy
Scully is pregnant and William is having his fifth birthday and Mulder and Scully are celebrating with a party. KF W PS

Inconvenient Pregnancy
Diana's pregnant and there is no question that Mulder is the Father. The real question is who is the mother? PO KF

Making of a Family - X-Files Style
Mulder meets a woman in a bar and things go down hill from there till Scully leaves. Three years later he finds her and she has a couple of surprises for him. NCC KF T+

Married Life
Its moving day for Mr. and Dr. Fox Mulder and Scully has a special housewarming gift for her husband. PS

Time of Her Life
Just a little (and I do mean little) Christmas ditty. BF W

William wonders who his birth parents are. KF W

Working On A Miracle
Mulder and Scully are in an established romantic relationship. Scully's niece, Meggie, and two nephews, Mike and Tim, stay with her for the weekend, changing Mulder's plans.

Sara H

Father and Son
Mulder and Scully are trying to create a life together as well as continuing their own X-Files shortly after the birth of their child... BF W

Sarah Ellen Parsons

The Crouching Thing
Sometimes we see things we don't want to see. GK


X Christmas Carol
On a lonely Christmas Eve, Mulder recieves some strange visitors. PS

Sara QueeQueg

Baby Girl
Just when Scully thought her life was empty Mulder stumbles on something that will change their lives forever. Can Mulder tell Scully the truth- Even if it hurts her- The truth is so vital to him but will he keep it from her to protect her- (sequel to Cassidy) OE NCC

Just when Scully thought her life was empty Mulder stumbles on something that will change their lives forever. OE NCC

Sarah Kerrison

Insolitus Filia I
This is set in an alternative timeline which diverged during the episode Emily. It is based on the idea that Emily recovered and Scully got custody and is set three years afterwards when she is seven. KF E

Sarah Kiley

All the Little Pieces She Left
Scully's death left questions unanswered, and Mulder must come to terms with her demise as he tries to understand why. NCC KF

Sara Laipis

Dark Walks
An answer to the Halloween ghost

Sarah Segretti

Belmont, Ohio, 3:36 P.M.
A minivan, some classic rock and a trunk full of baby gear. All is not as it appears. BF W

Sarah Stegall

The Sound Of Wind Chimes
Something unusual happens to Scully and Mulder during a stakeout. PS BF

Sarah Stella

"Everything was base to her. Everywhere she looked. That was her main problem with tag." --Fox Mulder on Samantha PXF S

Sasha Elisabeth Wolfe

Illegal Aliens
The Bounty Hunter is paid an unexpected visit...YR


Mulder's return, and a new arrival. PS BF W

Scarlet Baldy

Doctor, Copper, Sailor, Corpse
This little piggy rots in his coffin, this little piggy is showing, this little piggy is a good partner, this little piggy is hovering, and all the little Hoover piggies are snickering all the way home. PS

My Mother's Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun
A teenager muses on his mother's unspoken feelings. TF

Scarlet Scully

A Favor for Scully
Scully needs Mulder to help her save face with her friends. Fortunately, their plans get a little carried away. PS NCC T+

Scetti and Kel

Maggie's Tips for an Unforgettable Baby Shower
For a perfect baby shower, you need some interesting guests and plenty of fruit punch. And don't fret over gatecrashers-the more, the merrier! BF NCC


Ear2hevn and Puppygrrl Sav the World
In 2012 a doomed earth gets help from the most unlikeliest of places... KF W WaF DR/TWC

Driving to Montauk
Doggett remembers an unusual conversation with his son, Luke. KF L

Some Things Never Change
After accidentally activating a mysterious device, Doggett and Reyes find themselves in a world where neither has broken off their previous relationship. Even if they can figure out how to restore their reality, will they want to- KF

Via Sub Rosa
After "The Truth" Doggett, Reyes, and Gibson Praise seek shelter with an unusual group of people. TF

Via Sub Rosa II: Children of the Via
Doggett and Reyes, now married, care for their foster sons Gibson Praise and William under the protection of the Via Sub Rosa, an underground network of psychics determined to thwart the alien invasion. KF TF W


Jacob's Father
This story takes place shortly after The X-Files first season episode "Darkness Falls." (The glowing green bug episode.) And significantly after the demise of the series to which is the subject of the crossover. KF


Courage and Sandcastles
Post-IWTB, Scully makes an important decision: If I quit now, they win. KF

Truth and Unbroken Records
What if DD hadn't left for season 9? BF W


Deep Breathing
Scully goes to The Lone Gunmen for help in discovering the nature of her pregnancy, now that Mulder is missing. PS

Deep Breathing: 02. The Prodigal
Scully begins her search for Mulder with assistance from Krycek. PS


Ever wonder about what went through *her* mind when their world fell apart at the seams?

Scully3776 and Spookykat

In an AU season 8 (and beyond) Agent Jerilyn Starkweather finds herself questioning her connection to Agents Mulder and Scully, and their son William. BF W WaF gWb!

Scully eXtremis

The Journey
Sometimes the life you live isn't real, until it walks out the door. E


Someone Else's Child
Scully gets disquieting news about the baby she is carrying. PS


Anybody else wondering what life would be like for Mulder and Scully if Emily had lived- Well I am. So maybe this could be it. E

The Second Miracle
Finding out that they're going to have a baby is just one of the surprises that Mulder and Scully face after marrying and adding Emily to their lives. PS BF KF E NCC

The Third Miracle
Feeling as though they've been blessed with Emily and Eve, Mulder and Scully decide to complete their family by adopting a baby boy. PS BF KF E NCC AD

Scully's Baby Blues

Stay With Me Always
Mulder and Scully escape. BF NCC


Choosing to Confess
Doggett decides to confront his feelings for Scully by telling her exactly how he feels, even when he knows Reyes has the same feelings for HIM.

Summer Weekend Getaway
Mulder invites Scully and her adopted daughter to his aunt's summer home for a long weekend sensing Scully needs some time to get away from work and spend time with her daughter. Romance soon follows for the two agents much to the delight of Scully's daughter and Mulder's aunt. KF NCC

Seulement Moi

El Hijo
They've come for me. KF W

El Hijo II
Some say I must be destroyed, that I hold the key to humans' survival. But others want to keep me, and I don't understand why. KF W

They're on the most important mission of all. W BF

Remember Me
Title says it all. Waa


Ramifications: Unanswered Questions
The ponderings of an unemployed, paranoid insomniac who suddenly has everything he ever wanted. BF W

Shadow's Echo

The Lost and Forgotten
8 unsolvable murders were committed at a private school. The children all blame it on a ghost, and when a new girl comes to the school she intends to prove them wrong. CFK


In the Here and Now
Can Father's Day be as different as he hoped? BF T+ S10/11


Loup Garou
The ongoing adventures of Alex Krycek and his werewolf lover. PO


And The Music Touched Her
Mulder died two years ago in a car crash. Scully no longer works on the X Files, she is a doctor. She's lonely, and wants to fill the void in her heart. See the way she chooses to... KF NCC


Five Years and One Night OE BF


The Mess series
Mulder turned to see Alex, he was sure that the confident, arrogant bastard, his brave fallen angel Alex was back. PR BF W NCC

Shannon Kizzia

Crying at the Locks
Mulder must deal with the absence of his new lover in the dark night of the soul. (Not a death fic.) GK


First Day Back
The last place Mulder ever expected to find himself was slumped against the wall of a Hoover Building stairwell...PS

Sharon Harkins-Murphy

Samantha returns with help from a surprising source.

Killing Season
Conclusion toEmbroynic Samantha returns with help from a surprising source. MoD-

Shaun R

William and Joy
The return of Mulder and Scully's son, William. W TF GK


The Circle's End


Mulder's back from the dead. This changes not only the big things in life, but some of the small, mundane details as well... PS

While You've Been Gone...
"Mulder should be the one who knows all of William's little to get him to to make him smile..." she was babbling and weeping, barely coherent. BF W

Shelby Parker

Mad Season
Some choices are made for you. PS waa

Sheryl Clay

Sea of Desire
At the request of a friend, and former professor of Mulder's, Scully and Mulder travel to an island community off the coast of Maine to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several infant boys.

Sheryl D.

Lost and Found
Mulder is found and learns of Scully's pregnancy. PS

Sheryl Dean

Vulcan Dreams
Scully dreams Mr. Spock asks her to bear his child.

Vulcan Dreams Revisited
Alternate ending to "Vulcan Dreams". BF

Sheryl N

A Mother's Thoughts
A Scully thinks about Emily...


Yes, Mulder, There Is a Santa Claus
Scully is leaving for Christmas vacation. Mulder would like time for one last gift. KF

Shipper M.D.

Mulder/Scully experience the birth of their first a secret/romantic hide-a-way. PS BF NCC




All of The Children
There are other children out there. OE BF KF NCC


Albany Aliens
Students from a New York college claim to be abducted by aliens.

Lost Childhood
A child with ties to his past shows up at Mulder's door. NCC KF MoD


Almost Home
Post ep for Requiem. Mulder comes back... but he's missing something. PS

Another Child
Another child is found. OE

Baby William
New Year's Eve 2002 (William POV) BF W gWb!

Best-Costume Award
Mulder and Scully receive a letter at Halloween. W Waa

Dead Letter
Scully discovers an unread treasure. TF W

Skin Deep
Post ep for DeadAlive. PS

Time for the semester break at Quantico. BF W

Silver Fox

Fox Mulder, May 6, 1977
A 16 year old Fox ponders his existence by pouring out his soul into a journal. PXF TF

Siobhan Gormley

Birth Day
Scully returns to D. C. pregnant after an absence of a few months, much to everyone's surprise... PS SoM BF NCC

SisShippy BF W

Say It Isn't So
Set sometime during The Truth: Part 1, this is a 'road not taken' story to undo the episode William. W BF BF W

Sister Moon

Four Days

Watching Him
A vignette inspired by a painting--Hesiod Listening to the Inspiration of the Muse by Edmond Aman-Jean, and by the *heinous* Episode 15 spoilers I read a few days ago (there is NO Muldertorture in this story, though) PS


Cerril: El salvaje y peligroso gato
Reyes has a new man in her life. PR BF

The Dragon's Tail
Monica tells her daughter, Reina, a bedtime story that just happens to have a witch, a dragon, a dark forest, and occurs on Halloween. (sequel to Cerril and Holiday Party) KF DR/MwC PR

Holiday Party or "Isn't we supposed to be having a fiesta?!"
Reyes and Doggett throw a party for their extended family and a few old friends. (sequel to Cerril) PR KF DR/TWC


At Rest
Scully reflects on the miracle she has been given. BF W

Death's Door is Standing Wide Open
As the birth of Scully's baby approaches, new horrors grow near. Scully's cancer returns, and with the threat against Scully's baby, there's only so much time...PS W BF

Devine Intervention
sequel to Death's Door is Standing Wide Open. The plot line thickens for Scully and Mulder as they search for the truth and fight for their child. BF W

Something is terrorizing the people of a small town. Scully and Mulder are called in to investigate strange occurrences, and soon find out that the source lies within in a cave in the woods. KF

Skinner's Vieja

...and Baby makes Six!
Sequel to PS PR NCC

A Wedding Story


CGB Spender (AKA the Cigarette Smoking Man) finds a baby in a basket upon his doorstep. A note is attached to the basket reading "Alex Krycek". PXF


Late Night Conversation
This is from a series of 500 word challenge prompts. This challenge: "Lullaby" BF NCC

Slippin' Mickeys

87 Shades of Black
When, once again, the most important choices of Mulder and Scully's lives are made for them, they learn that sometimes the best way to take back control is to simply fade to black. PS

87 Shades of Black II - The Shade of Truth
The plot thickens. PS

87 Shades of Black III - Night Sky
Just when you think you're out, they suck you back in. PS


Halloween Memories
"Enjoy the little things like Halloween costumes, Agent Scully..." L

SLS and Polly

Something in Common
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common."
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common." Waa


Zoe series
A young girl with extraordinary powers brings Mulder and Scully together.


Sunday Softball isn't the only game being played when John Doggett, Monica Reyes, Dana Scully, little William and Brad Follmer are all around. BF W


A Suitcase for the Moon
The stars are not wanted now; put out every one/Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun/Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods/For nothing now can ever come to any good. --W.H. Auden G


The Skeptic of Bracken Lake
A night of ghost stories at camp gets decidedly weirder. PXF


In The End
Reyes and Scully are at a remote cabin where Scully is about to give birth. Mulder arrives just in time-----to say goodbye- PS BF W


"Everyone has pressure points. You find them and then you squeeze." OE NCC


Beach Boy
Mulder spends a night with his son. BF W

Sonja Blue

Mulder is thrust into a new world and finds himself very much changed. Let the epic begin... PO

Soleil Compeau

Mulder Gets a Tattoo
His reaction to the adoption W

What was the gift she was opening when the pizza came? PS

Sophia Jirafe

Sweet Season
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, mostly you choose between the two. Waa


Non Sequitur
Can Krycek save the life of his remaining family in time? Or will his signifigant other stop him dead in his tracks? PO BF


A mid-ep for William. G

Another Fond Memory
William tells his daughter Katie about her grandparents. TF GK(this fic follows Their Fondest Memory andA Fond Memory)

A Fond Memory
Mulder and Scully tell their teenage grandchild about the beginning of their relationship. TF GK (this fic follows Their Fondest Memory)

One Small Technicality
Scully is led to believe Mulder never loved her. Ugliness ensues. Waa

Power of Suggestion

Their Fondest Memory
It's the year 2024. Mulder and Scully meet the need to reminisce the time when William was brought home. BF W gWb! GK


Al Dente
A tale of hormones and pasta. BF W

Four Corners Cycle
Somewhere near Tuba City, Arizona, 2036. "The pain is buried, but he feels it waking." MoD NCC

Sometimes inefficient strategies are the only ones available. Waa


My Family
Liam Mulder begins to write in his diary in his 14th birthday. TF NCC


Mulder reflects on his childhood. PXF


The X Files: The Truth Is Out There
William Van De Kamp is your average college student, he owns a moped and lives in a stable family. But when strange things start to occur he turns to his new found friends only to discover there is a lot more to his so called simple life... W TF


My Grown-Up Christmas Wish
Scully contemplates losing Mulder, while the Gunmen prepare a very special holiday surprise. PS

Spooky Jr.

Acima Das Estrelas
Mulder and Scully follow a case, which leads them to Colorado. When there plane crashes, they are left stranded and hurt on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. A young girl who supposedly survived the crash is found seemingly unharmed. Toughing it out with the agents, it's now a fight for their lives. But there's something about this young girl the agents are unaware of...

Spooky Spice

Am I only dreaming- KF

Spooky's Girl

Way of the Cradle
It's been six years I think. Six years since they took the daughter I never knew.


All the Pretty Horses
Introspection on scenes in "Invocation". Prequel to "A Father's Confession". L

At What Price
Scully's search is finally rewarded as she finds Mulder, months after his "abduction". But at what price?

A Father's Confession
Post-ep for "Invocation." L

High Praise
Mulder and Scully discover the whereabouts of a child missing for almost two years, but they're not the only ones looking for him. G

Short of Breath
Doggett goes along with Scully, Reyes and William on a little "cruise". This fic is my answer to a DTA fic challenge about Doggett suffering a near drowning. BF W

Without Him
Fill-in-the-blank for "Without." G KF


More Than This
My attempt to sort out the muddled canon, addressing as many of the show's major myth-arc plotlines as possible, through DeadAlive. Quite a challenge to make sense of it, stick to the canon, and keep it firmly pro-Mulder. PS


I heard Agent Reyes call my name and say that Agent Scully needed to go to the hospital. Panic raced through my mind...where was the baby? Why didn't she mention the baby? BF W


The Babysitter
little vignette from other POV (not Mulder or Scully) BF W

A Christmas Appeal
Mulder spends Christmas alone until Scully calls from an Diego with a request. My version of what took place between Christmas Carol and Emily.

Eric 1. Am I Not To Be Trusted?
Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious oil spill on the Gulf Coast. Then, a mysterious child enters the picture...KF OE

Eric 2. Best Laid Plans
While investigating unexplained deaths of several women in Ohio, Mulder and Scully are lured away to investigate the reappearance of a certain red-haired toddler. This investigation takes it toll on the agents as the situation becomes personal. KF OE

Eric 3. Symbiosis
Completion of the trilogy that started with "Am I Not to be Trusted- " and continued with "Best Laid Plans." KF OE

Going Away
Someone's going away, and nobody's happy about it. BF W

It's a Wonderful Abnormal Life
Scully receives some disturbing news from her doctor then is led on an amazing, and perhaps more disturbing, journey by Cancer Man. PS

Last Night
Mulder and Scully's last night together before she left with Reyes. PS

Solidaire Encore
In the midst of a strange X-file, Scully is dreaming and praying. Is her prayer answered? KF

the Together Apart series
While Mulder is gone, he and Scully keep in touch through e-mail. BF W

Mulder and Scully fret over their newborn son. BF W


Peace of Mind
William makes a Discovery. KF W W+S


Happy Birthday, Baby Boy
It's his eighteenth birthday... W TF KF W+S

Never Far Away
Their first conversation... W TF

Whose son is he- W TF


Do You Believe in Angels, Mom?
A young William poses a question to his mother. KF W

My Valentine
It's Valentine's day and some one will get a very good surprise. BF W

Not For Too Long
Come on... *somebody* had to fill in that missing scene at the beginning...BF W

>Never Meant to Be
Scully's final moments with Emily. The heartbreaking scene I'm glad they didn't include in the episode. E

Pardonner et Oublier
Angry Scully, male bonding, and make-up sex. Woohoo! BF W

Someone to Watch Over Me
An old picture arouses a question from Mulder's son about the whereabouts of his mother. W KF


The Climb PS
A first date leads to so much more. T+ NCC


Biting the Bullet
Could Mulder and Scully ever settle into a normal family life style- KF NCC PS

One For the Road
Does anyone else really miss those "Mulder and Scully on a case file" moments- KF W W+S NCC

She Wishes I & II
Four years on and still no Mulder...KF AON

In the days before the birth of her child Scully has little to do except reflect upon the past. PS

Starbuck_Jayne and Chessity

Oxford Reunion
A university reunion takes an unexpected twist. BF W


18 years and 1 day
After 18 years he has finally found them, but it doesn't go as planned. W TF NCC W+S

The Last and Final Chance
Scully is at the mall shopping with her mother and sisters-in-laws when she gets a bloody nose, then again at home and at work. Someone gets an e-mail. KF W

Who Am I?
Mulder and Scully adopted a baby girl Seanta, after 15 years Seanta finds out that she's adopted. Scully finds out who her real parents are. KF


Ascio Maximus
Mulder and Scully discover an unusual child, only to discover he has a special connection to Mulder no one would have ever guessed. KF

Compos Mentis
The agents investigate a crime spree where children are the apparent culprits.

Mulder and Scully end up trapped in an intriguing and absurd 'dream world' while investigating the origins of the books Jumanji and Zathura.

Permaceo Noctus
On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully are trapped in a desperate situation of survival in a local shopping mall. KF M

Spero Novus
On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation that will change their outlook on Christmas forever. KF M


All I Had to Give
Scully gets a letter. Waa

Daddy's Girl
Oh you just need to read :) It's a story about life, and about what it means to be a daddy. PR T+ DR/TWC

What Could I Have Done?
Tragedy strikes when Mulder and Scully's little girl is barely a year old. Wishing she could have known her mother, that everyone else in the world seems to know well, Scarlett goes through her young life angry and alone. NCC GK

Wishing and Wanting
Mulder is dead, Scully is pregnant and pissed as hell, and Doggett well, just gets caught in the crossfire. PS


The City and Stars
The aliens have landed. Mulder, Scully, Skinner and the rest think they've found a way to defeat them, once and for all. But Monica's gone missing... W KF

Evil, My Way
Spike meets a frightened little girl during his flight from Sunnydale.

Eight years later, her son is born. BF W

Home for Christmas
Mulder!Christmas through the years. S W


this is my family, he thinks. E


Dear Mom and Dad...
12-year-old William writes a letter to his mom and dad. KF W


Merry Christmas, Baby
Scully gives Mulder an unusual gift for Christmas. PS


Comrades Under The Gun
Missing scene. BF W

Maggie Scully becomes privy to her newest grandchild's irrepressible proclivity. BF W

Sue (susieqla)

Long-standing fellow travelers regroup. W BF gWb!


Bearing Crosses
There is a thin line between joy and pain. Sometimes, both are felt at the same time. PS E

Sukie Tawdry

The Way Things Are
One night and their whole lives were changed forever. PS NCC


This is a response to scifinerdgrl's challenge for a DRR fic in conjunction with New Years. DRR NCC KF PR


Second Chance
Scully find that caring for Mulder's long lost teenage daughter (and her 5-year-old half-sister) helps her deal with her grief over Mulder's disappearance. KF/TF NCC MoD


The Marionette Rebellion
Danger for Mulder, Scully and William in a post "the truth" landscape. MS/TWC W WaF gWb! PS

My Battalions
If I did the right thing, then I wouldn't be telling myself I did the right thing, now would I-

The Marionette Rebellion sequel. His sanity is slipping away by the handfuls.MS/TWC W W+S


Interlude for Family
Langly gets his daughter for the weekend. NCC kf

Interruption of Family
Interlude for Family sequel. The two women in Langly's life return, and he must deal with ensuring their safety at any cost. NCC kf


After William I-IV
How would Mulder feel about suddenly having to be a father to a son he barely knew- Maybe not the way you'd expect him to... BF W gWb!

All That Matters
He only remembers what matters. BF W

He could see her trying to make sense of what he'd just told her, and he had to look away, had to keep his fears hidden from her.

It's funny how my mind works.

Father to Son series
A series of conversations Mulder has with his eleven-year-old son William.KF W W+S

Gentle Christmas
Outside the snow has finally stopped, the ground now covered in a quilt of white. Inside he watched his wife sleep.. W gWb! GK

After Mulder returns from his abduction, he and Scully end up going on a journey they never planned on...PS NCC

Life After Fifteen
When he turned fifteen, he found out his life was a lie. Now that he's a year older, how does he feel? TF W

Quiet Christmas
Outside the snow was slowing down for the night. Inside two people sat in front of the fire. W gWb! GK

Rescue Mission
He would do it for his son. BF W

You know you want to. You know you need to.

White Christmas
Outside it's snowing. Inside people are watching. W gWb! GK


During a drug raid, Mulder and Scully discover a thirteen-year-old girl who may be proof of reincarnation. TF

Susan Hamm

Chance Encounters I: The Summer of 1980
16-year-old Dana Scully, and Fox Mulder, taking a break from Oxford, have... well, they have a chance encounter... TF

Susan Proto

Abah series
Mulder becomes seriously ill and his family and friends must pull together to offer comfort and support.

Beauty's Beast
Mulder suffers love and loss. TF

Life Cycles series

The Littlest Hostage
The question which needed answering was whether Elliot Buttersfield an innocent victim too. The second question in Mulder's mind was whether Jenny Buttersfield really was an alien. ScC

Suzanne Schramm

A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth. G

Susanna Starz

The Great Baseball Prodigy of Caribou Cove
William moved through a nightmarish landscape of a world on the brink of madness, feeling like a stranger to his own history. W KF

Susanne Barringer and Suzanne Schramm

Ersatz Promises
Ersatz - an artificial and usually inferior substitute or imitation. PS SoM


The Last Deception

suspect affiliations

Chorus (Standing)
She would not treat this child like an experiment any longer. G Waa


Vehicle and Tenor
How Gibson and Mulder spent Season Nine or, A love song for Jeff Gulka. The poor kid's going through such a protracted awkward phase. TF G


Kiss the Darkness
Mulder and Scully are tipped, but what is the purpose- Major speculation on the myth arc, with lots of ensemble cast appearances. OE

Kiss the Darkness 2
Scully and Mulder must find a way to stop colonization. OE

Kiss the Darkness 3
Story picks up exactly where part two ended, with Mulder, Scully, and DS84 leaving Wyoming and heading west with the vaccine. OE PS

Kiss the Darkness 4
The bad guys are back, as well as part of the ensemble cast. Sometimes the line between evil and good isn't as distinct as Scully would like it to be. (Final installment) OE PS

Suzanne Schramm

A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth. G


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
By the time her mother's Christmas party rolls around, Scully is tired. PS


Breathe For Two
Another life intersects with Scully's. KF

An unexpected death begins a terrible journey for Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, one that threatens to tear their faith, their beliefs and their partnership apart. YR

A mother's last moments with her daughter. E


T Bishop

Footprints in The Sand
sequel to Progenesis. When Adam disappears, Mulder is the number one suspect, and the only evidence to the contrary washes away. KF MS/TWC NCC

The eighth season baby mytharc explained. BF

T Bishop and Jacquie LaVa

Mulder and Scully discover a secret that someone has gone to great lengths to hide. NCC

T. Collins

Be It True
Another daughter turns up and she is not what you think. NCC TF

T. Garrison

Angel's Light
The power of love. BF W

T. Griffen

Scully thinking about life. PS BF


When Mulder and Scully go away, the Lone Gunmen step in to baby-sit. Madness ensues. BF W+S T+

Christmas Eve
Will's first Christmas Eve. BF W

Good Mornings
Mulder and William pay an early morning visit to the coffee shop. BF W

Next Year
Watching the World Series in the Mulder household. BF W

Tabula Rasa

Things Outside
Mulder and Scully and their house. PS

Tamara Kauffman

A View From the Nursery
Tara watches her sister-in-law from Mattie's Nursery. BF


The little child shall lead them. W WaF gWb!

The Injustice of It All
Mulder ponders his life, family and fate. Waa

Shout to the Heavens
Skinner tells Mulder about his son. Waa

Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips

The Island of X
Scully has a dream, or is it- KF BF PS W W+S SoM


Sins of the Fathers
History repeats itself, but then we're all slaves to fate. William Mulder discovers his real family. W TF


Back to Where It Started
sequel to Finding My Way Back Home. Just a few happy moments in the life of Mulder and Scully, who are awaiting the birth of their fourth child, Maggie and Skinner seem to like each other as more than friends.

Finding My Way Back Home
6 years after the X-Files have been closed, the Scully family is celebrating Christmas again, with a few surprises for a few people.

Mirror of Love
Two girls, spend their holiday in the same summer camp in the USA. The one comes from England, where she lives with her father, the other lives in San Francisco, together with her mother. How is it possible that two girls, who have never met each other before that day, look so much alike- T+ NCC

A Step in the Right Direction
The introduction of baby William to his uncle. BF W MS/TWC

Tanja and Joey

Through The Years
When Scully is in the hospital after an accident, Mulder comes to visit her and finds out the result of a certain holiday romance. NCC BF KF


A Bargain With The Devil
Krycek is coerced into taking part in a Consortium experiment with unforeseen consequences for both himself and Fox Mulder. This story diverges from the series after Amor Fati. mpreg MoD BF NCC (m/m slash)

Tanya Chang

First Born
Scully and Mulder investigate a string of murders and baby snatchings.

Tanya LC

After the End
Mulder and Scully try to cope with their emotions after the destruction of the X-Files. G

Tara Avery

The Children We Were
pre-series memories. PXF

Never Meant to Be
Seen through the eyes of a child... E OE

We All Fall Down
This is how the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.

Tara Leigh Thorne

The Ratling Series
Scully is pregnant with Krycek's baby, and Mulder is pissed. PS SoM

Tara W.

Ghostly Lullabies
A strange X-File brings a special child into Scully and Mulder's lives sending them on a life-changing journey through joy and sorrow, love and faith. KF OE

Tarin Z.

Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come
The thing that you must remember is that Mulder was missing, to begin with. This one thing you must remember, or none of the events you are about to read will seem wondrous. PS

Taryn Crow

The Other Two
When Mulder returns, he's not empty-handed. OE


Howling Wolves
"There's this guy in my neighborhood, and some people call him strange..." KF W


The Dead Months
What did Scully do for those three months? PS

Her Brother, Fox
Scully, I have a family again. Meet my sister. I'm her brother, Fox. S

Teall 1

Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths of some young women after receiving anonymous tapes describing the crimes in a nursery-rhyme fashion. KF


Winter of Discontent
You could call it her winter of discontent. PS

Teanna E

In the Bleak
In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan/ Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone. KF


title says it all. PS

Hallway reunion PS T+

Teliko. x3

I Saw Mommy
William saw his mommy. KF W

It's Not My Time
She said she would always be with me. She promised me. KF-TF W

Mulder, Scully, and William ring in the new year at the Scully house. BFF W

The Longer I Run
William misses his mommy. KF W

The Miracle Before Christmas
There's a new addition to the Mulder family and she's just in time for Christmas. NCC W W+F KF TF

Baby William turns one. BF W

Relax the Back, Breathe In, Breathe Out
"You already know that I love you." Missing scene from the episode Alone, in season eight, when Mulder goes to pick Scully up from that baby class. PS

The Super Bowl
Mulder, Scully, and William go down to Florida for the Super Bowl. W KF NCC DRR


Having a Happy X-mas
Let's continue Christmas morning 1998... YR

Run Towards Me, Not Away
After a fight where Scully accuses Mulder of being overprotective, he finds a woman who does need him. PO

A Christmas concert in the future. KF NCC T+


He's back.

Teresa and Ashley

The X-Factor
A bored vampire ropes in a hapless FBI agent to stir up his town. Because Mulder is the agent in question, things don't turn out like they should.

Teresa6 and attackofthejello

And Chaos Ensued
No one could have expected the madness that befell Hogwarts when four FBI agents arrived to investigate baby William's potential status as a wizard. Harry and Company spend an action-packed afternoon with Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes-- chasing Wormtail down, dueling the Malfoys, and discussing the woes of their fanfictional existences. Also, the Agents can't believe who turns up to ruin their day-- in the form of Hogwarts's newest ghost. HP/X-Files crossover. BF W


Future -- MSR. PS SoM


The Glimmering Girl
Mulder works a child abduction with Frank Black, while Scully is away for the weekend, but very much on Mulder's mind. This is a follow-up to "After the Ship," But it's not necessary to read it first. PS

Having a Happy X- mas
Let's continue Christmas morning 1998... YR

"You're called Oom Fatima or Oom Faisel; a woman is known by her children. It's a terrible disgrace not to have children; it's a terrible grief."

Miracle sequel. The veracity of the miracle water is tested. PS(implied)

Such A Good Boy
Mulder thinks about his son. Waa


All Hallowtide
"Promise me, we'll never go to another haunted house. It never turns out well for us."

Alone in a Crowded Heart
Mulder's return is not exactly the way Scully imagined. PS

Cockeyed Optimist
Lately, the good days seemed to come with more frequency. BF W

Coping. BF

The First Christmas
Mulder and Scully take some time out to enjoy the holiday. PS

Home for the Holidays
Christmas Eve, 1999

In The Light of a New Day
In the light of a new day, he wrapped his arms around them both and watched his family sleep. BF W

Their determination to see each other again is unrelenting. BF W

Tess and Jacquie LaVa

Deliverance From Evil
Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their commitment to each other. ScC NCC T+ BF KF

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book I
She felt the familiar, haunting ache of her loss and the renewed stirring of a love stolen from her too soon. BF W

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book II
Home from their ill-fated vacation, Mulder and Scully must find a way to deal with the emotional fallout of their encounters with Molly Sullivan or lose each other forever.Bf W

Programmable Children
A rash of crimes, from shoplifting and robbery escalating into murder, committed in seemingly random fashion, by young children of affluent families all over the East Coast - Mulder and Scully are called in when one of the childish crimes turns murderous. KF

Still, Still, Still
It's Christmas, and they can't bear the separation one more day (sequel to What Are You Doing New Years' Eve? ) BF W

What Are You Doing New Years' Eve?
No one should be alone on New Year's Eve W BF

Texas Rose

Ahead of Twilight
Mulder's life has changed irrevocably and now he must depend on Skinner to help him recover from a horrible injustice. KF NCC SoM

Fade To Midnight
It's been ten years. The Mulder family is happy. You just knew it couldn't last...sequel to Ahead of Twilight. KF NCC

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Scully receives more than one special present on Christmas morning. BF NCC E


The Sky is Broken
The Bureau wants to know how and why Scully is carrying Mulder's baby. PS


Silent Night
In the silent night on Christmas Eve William lies awake and thinks of his birthparents. Meanwhile Scully thinks about the past and confronts Mulder of her fears. W


The Light Within
Mulder thinks he's got the flu, but it's a lot more than that. PO


Mulder convinces Scully to take a trip to Colorado with him. Stranded at the cabin because of Y2K, things begin to change... G KF


As Long as They're Together
The events of Emily bring Mulder and Scully closer together. PS NCC

Breath of Life
Dana has a difficult time on Mother's Day, 2002. Monica tries to help her feel better. Waa (f/f slash)


At Arm's Length
A childhood friend of Luke Doggett's becomes the center of a case for Monica and John. L

Tisha Cox

Because Of You
Skinner before he went to Vietnam. TF


In The Next Moment
Before the next moment, Scully sits and thinks. PS

Tiziana S.

The Second Sam
Mulder and Scully's young daughter Samantha seems to hold the key to her aunt's abduction. NCC KF


A Life Less Mundane
"Up Mama, up!" the small, but urgent voice demands. BF W PS


"How long has it been- " W Waa PS

In This World
Another chance is lost, but a hope is renewed. PS


Katelyn I. Family
The Past comes back to find Mulder. TF NCC MoD

Katelyn II. The Return of Trouble
Can Kate take any more- While trying to define each others roles in their lives trouble once again finds the agents and their new charge. TF NCC MoD


He doesn't really know where he's going right now, but he feels like it's the wrong direction. BF W

Topaz Twilights

How I Met Your Mother
Mulder comforts his daughter with a fairytale after a nightmare. KF NCC W+S


Fast Food
Mulder and Scully spend a quiet morning in bed with William. BF W


We cling to those truths which keep us sane. NCC KF PS


In The Flesh
What would have happened if Emily Sim survived- E

Tracey H.

Gwen series
Gwen Gardiner an unconventional FBI hostage negotiator becomes entangled with the work of Mulder and Scully. PO


Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles
In a frenzy to finish shopping before leaving for Mexico,Monica befriends a young girl and she and John learn to appreciate what they have a lot more...

Entertaining Angels Unaware
Monica and John find something a bit more magical about Halloween thanks to her young neighbor. KF


All the Time in The World
This is the conclusion of a trilogy I started withYou Only Live Twice andFor Your Eyes Only. I strongly suggest you read those stories first. Mulder and Scully return to Washington only to find the revolution has started without them and soon learn there are many others like themselves who realize there's hope. KF W gWb!

For Your Eyes Only
This is a continuation of a story started inYou Only Live Twice. A spiritual journey of sorts as M&S begin to put their lives back together after the events of Season Nine. G KF

You Only Live Twice
Continuation of The Truth. Waa


How I Told Him
Now that Mulder's back, Scully has to tell him. PS

How She Told Me
Mulder reacts to Scully's big news. PS


155 Words, or A Nobody Now
Mulder comes home. W KF

Laborious Exertions
Is labour an act of love or just plain painful.PS


A New Life
Ruminations from a next generation's voice. NCC

Quis Si
"She showed me a world where the sky was purple, up was down, black was white, and you and I spent the last seven years without each other." NCC KF


Bedtime Stories
Pretty AU, yet somehow sticking to the myth arc. Scully and Mulder have a daughter. TF NCC W gWb!

Mulder's reaction to Scully's pregnancy is the best way to describe it. PS

Lessons Learned
Collection of one shots, no particular order, just as the come to me. This is my solution for continuing the saga of Exley Mulder from my fic "Bedtime Stories." KF NCC W

Raising Reyes
Special Agent Monica Reyes is a pretty cool character and I wish the writers had been able to develop her more. They couldn't, so I'm doing it for them. Since Monica is so quirky, expect a little bit of humor to come out of this. BF Pre-XF


Nick of Time
An Agua Mala fill-in-the-blanks as to what happens to Mulder after they shut the door on him. PO


Mulder and Scully are together, have a child and the perfect life after the X Files. But it all falls apart. NCC KF


Chy an Dor
Uh well, a reunion, a gift, and a cozy weekend of planned romance in Cornwall, rustic charm. Best laid plans etc etc... PS


All These Years
Mulder and Scully are getting married and must go to marital counseling before getting married. They must deal with their past and the encroaching future and the expectations of family and friends. Waa

Christmas 2010
Mulder and Scully host her family at their home in Virginia. YR M

Christmas 2013: The Family Meets William
It's Christmas 2013 and 14-year-old William has never met his uncles Bill or Charles or any of his much older cousins who are all fathers themselves and who aren't open minded. Can he fit in with his own family- A family he was not raise in- And will they accept him-

Choices at Christmas Time
Mulder has a broken foot and Scully is stuck at her mother's home trying to help her family with Christmas instead of spending their first Christmas together in each other's arms. How will they make this work- Written for the Nursery Files' "First Christmas With You" Challenge.

Curing the Incurable
Can Scully save Christian's life two years after his stem cell surgery or is it time for her to let him go- Post IWTB. KF

The Dead Will Follow You
Mulder and Scully investigate a ghost of a little girl that kills but Scully runs into Ethan. KF

Emily and William
"Scully, you had to do what you did. They would've killed him. They kept trying to kill him. They hurt you and your mom. What else could you have done? " Waa

A Mother's Care
William is six months old. This is Scully's feelings during this period while she cares for him alone. She turns to two people for comfort. This will be a short story with a few chapters. BF W

The Teenage Years
The normally recluse Mulder and Scully are being forced to be social by their defiant teenage son William who is entering the dating scene and joined the basketball team of his high school. Parent meetings, awkward get-togethers are all in their immediate future and they're not too happy about it. W KF

Has William Found his parents- Sequel to Transmission. KF W gWb!

Mulder and Scully have their son, while Reyes and Doggett search for an adult Gibson Praise. Is he now reluctant to help Mulder and Scully- Will William choose the right side- Sequel to Transmission and Transcendence. KF W

William, his parents, Mulder and Scully and Doggett and Reyes along with Skinner must fight against the super soldiers as the Aliens try to reach William's mind and make him one of them. He must decide once and for all If he will fight for humanity or for the Aliens. This is the Final Is the final installment of the series that includes Transmission, Transcendence, and Transference. KF W

Twilight Walters

A little hospital fic about learning to cope with the unexpected. BF KF W W+S


The Star's Child
A short piece about M&S as kids, a retrospective from Mulder. PXF

The Star's Child II: Brownie
I *did* see my Star-Child again, three years later on that same shore. PXF

The Star's Child III: Samhain and the Landslide
Final part of the Star's Child tales; we're back at the beach! PXF


Ulie Ashio

Suburbs Make The Best Place To Settle
Scully chats with Scully. KF


The Toddler Files
story takes place three years after the birth of Dana Scully's baby, William. Now three, William, or little Skinner as Mulder calls him, accompanies his mother who has decided to resume investigating the X-Files with Mulder, since Scully didn't want any alien replacements to kidnap her son. W


Father's Day
Krycek discovers a child born in a lab that has ties to him and Mulder both. m/m slash BF W

Father's Day II
sequel to Father's Day. Mulder, Krycek, and their baby son Jacob learn to be a family. m/m slash BF W

sequel to Father's Day II. Krycek arrives with an imaginary babe in arms that he believes is his and Mulder's.

Continuation of theFathers' Day series. NCC BF


Memories and Nightmares
Scully's memories about her abduction are surfacing and it brings about dire changes. Scully gets abducted again. Mulder's sanity is on the line, can he survive Scully being abducted again and pull himself up long enough to find her. E