Generations 01
Author: Macspooky
Summary: While sitting with Dana in the hospital Mulder has a conversation with Mrs. Scully in which she makes some painful revelations and causes him to think about family values in a way he never did before.

Generations 02. Dana's Birthday
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Fox is invited to Dana's birthday party, the first after her return. He meets an old woman who makes some interesting predictions about his future.

Generations 03. Sinead's Wedding
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Dana's date dumps her and Mulder accompanies her to her cousin's wedding. It proves to be a fun and interesting experience, and exposes him to a culture that he does not yet know is his.

Generations 04. Grief
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder goes to Martha's Vineyard to settle his father's estate. His best friend follows and eases his loneliness at a difficult time in his life.

Generations 05. A Wonderful Day
Author: Macspooky
Summary: A depressed Mulder is invited by Margaret Scully to the annual Irish Folk Festival. He attends reluctantly and his bizarre sense of humor causes him to ask a question. Its answer both surprises him and changes his life.

Generations 06. The Ring
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder takes his fiancé shopping for an engagement ring. They are not alone.

Generations 07. A Day Out
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder and Scully go to Harper's Ferry for a picnic and a day of necking. They end up saving Margaret and her date from an overzealous park ranger.

Generations 08. Amusement Park
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder and Scully go to the annual Scully family outing to Busch Gardens. Dana is a very reluctant participant. Fox acts like a twelve year old.

Generations 09. The Wedding
Authors: Windsinger
Summary: Macspooky and I call this: The Action Adventure Wedding or How to Have a Wedding Night Without Sex. This could only happen to Mulder.

Generations 09b. A Weirder Wedding You'll Never See
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Fox decides, or rather an old Irish woman decides for him, that it is time to tie the knot. This is definitely not a traditional wedding.

Generations 10. Newlyweds
Author: Macspooky
Summary: It's a very quiet story in which a lot happens but little is described. The Mulder's spend a quiet week at home learning the ins and outs of living together.

Generations 10b. Grocery Shopping
Authors: Macspooky
Summary: Mr. and Mrs. Mulder go shopping at a large suburban Safe Stop, Mr. Mulder reluctantly. Excitement seems to follow him wherever he ventures however.

Generations 11. Holidays
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder experiences some adjustment problems in his marriage. An unexpected event occurs and tragedy strikes.

Generations 12. Mother-In-Law
Authors: Juliett and Macspooky
Summary: Scully is sent to Martha's Vineyard as the pathologist on a case where the bodies of several children have been found buried in the woods. One is possibly Samantha. Mulder follows and Dana is given a first hand view of just how dysfunctional Mulder's family life has truly been.

Generations 13. Meg's Wedding
Author: Macspooky
Summary: After returning from helping her daughter on Martha's Vineyard, Margaret and her fiancé set a date. Melissa makes a surprise announcement.

Generations 14. The Teddy
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Just before Meg's wedding, Fox takes a trip. Scully visits a lingerie store. The effects on her husband when he comes home is not at all what she expected from him.

Generations 15. Minestrone Soup
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Dana comes down with a very bad cold and Fox takes care of her. She suffers through his ministrations valiantly.

Generations 16. Reflections on a Rainy June Morning
Authors: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder and Scully do some thinking about the progress of their relationship on a rainy June day.

Generations 17. Reflections on a Rainy Afternoon in June
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Mulder and Scully do some thinking about the progress of their relationship on a rainy June day.

Generations 18. Ireland
Author: Juliettt and Macspooky
Summary: Mulder and Scully are summoned to the old country to keep a promise to an old woman. Mulder keeps a promise he made to Dana's dead father and Scully sees something that makes her far less skeptical.

Generations 19. Problem Resolved
Authors: Eowyn Evenstar and Macspooky
Summary: Mulder resolves a dispute that arose with the new acting Assistant Director before he left for Ireland. Scully gets to slam bodies into the wall.

Generations 20. Nothing but Trouble
Authors: Eowyn Evenstar
Summary: Meg's new husband pulls baby-sitting duty for the entire Scully clan one day. Mulder is the only help available. Somehow the two childless wonders muddle through in spite of it being worse than an X-File.

Generations 21. Baby Trouble
Author: Eowyn Evenstar
Summary: Meg's husband gets a real surprise. Fox gets to act as a psychologist and show what a wonderful person he can be in times of trouble.

Generations 22. A House Is Where A Woman's Heart Is
Author: Macspooky
Summary: A pregnant Dana falls in love with a house. Mulder feels the domesticity tightening unbearably.

Generations 23. Too Close for Comfort
Authors: Eowyn Evenstar and Macspooky
Summary: Mulder gets a new partner who isn't what she seems. Scully comes to his rescue but he doesn't appreciate it. Mulder gives Skinner a lot of support in personal matters and shows what a wonderful psychologist he can be.

Generations 24. Valentine's Day
Author: Macspooky and Eowyn Evenstar
Summary: The Pomeranian from hell creates a problem for Mulder. A very pregnant Dana Scully gives her husband a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise.

Generations 25. Ghost from the Past
Authors: Eowyn Evenstar and Macspooky
Summary: Fox goes to visit his dying paternal grandfather. He is very glad when Skinner shows up on the scene.

Generations 26. Male Stuff
Author: Macspooky and Eowyn Evenstar
Summary: The boys go shopping for mini-vans at their wives behest. The wives get more than they bargained for.

Generations 27. Naked Moment
Authors: Eowyn Evenstar and Macspooky
Summary: Skinner gets grief about his relationship with Agent Mulder. The Cigarette Smoking Man and Co. issue a challenge that he cannot refuse.

Generations 28. Beautiful Boy
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Scully observes Mulder in a tender moment with his young son.

Generations 29. Melissa
Author: Eowyn Evenstar and Macspooky
Summary: The decline and fall of Melissa's marriage.

Generations 30. Husbands, Wives and the Computer Monster
Author: Eowyn Evenstar and Macspooky
Summary: The authors put to good use their personal knowledge of how husbands act when their wives start getting into the computer thing.

Generations 31. Christmas
Author: Macspooky and Eowyn Evenstar
Summary: The Mulders celebrate their first Christmas as parents. Mulder's son proves to be a little chip off the old block.

Generations 32. Missing Dana
Author: Macspooky and Eowyn Evenstar
case with a different partner, leaving Mulder home alone... with his twins... the ones that walk now...

Generations 33. Amnesia
Author: Macspooky
Summary: Fox Mulder is in a car accident that leaves him with amnesia and severe headaches. Dewayne Botherington is suspicious and goes to work investigating. He doesn't like what he finds.

Generations 34. Sophia
Author: Macspooky
Summary: The Consortium comes up with a nefarious plan to strike at the Mulders. The Cigarette Smoking Man has a decision to make. Aunt Sophia takes action.

Generations: Contrasts
Author: Macspooky
Summary: This story contrasts the attitude of the parents upon the birth of Fox Mulder and the oldest Scully child Bill.

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