TITLE: Mulder's Sperm + Ubereggs = Little Pink Babies

AUTHOR: kenn...@usit.net Melissa Lee

SUMMARY: The sequel to Mulder's Sperm. You have to read the first one to get this one.

Mulder and Scully react to becoming parents to a litter.

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AUTHORS NOTES: I hope this a least a little funny. To my seven sisters, thanks for everything.

To my XF group back in Knoxville, thanks for supporting me in my quest to realize my dreams in Los Angeles.

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"Will you hold still Mulder? I can't get the stitches out with you moving around like that."

"Geez Scully, it hurts."

"Well if you hadn't passed out during my ultra-sound and hit your head, I wouldn't be doing this."

Mulder winced at the memory. "Even you have to admit it was a shock. Of course, it did explain why you were so big." Scully yanked the last stitch out of his head as hard as she


"Ow!" Scully smirked at him. "You know Mulder, it could have been much worse. We could be having a 'litter' as you put it." Mulder turned in the chair and held her belly in his hands. Kissing the rounded flesh he came back with a retort.

"And just what would you call having 'triplets'? A walk in the park?" Mulder regretted his words when he realized Scully was on the verge of tears. He'd first noticed her hypersensitivity when she began crying without warning. The worst had been when she burst into tears during Monday night football.

Mulder had been alarmed that something was wrong with the babies, but Scully assured him they were fine. When he pressed her on the issue, she had said it was because one of the players had said "I love you mom" after scoring a touchdown. He was still trying to figure that one out.

"Fox Mulder if this is too much responsibility for you, then you can leave!"

"Scully, no. I was just..." He really wished she wouldn't look at him that way. "Scully, I want these babies. I'm just...scared. I don't know <anything> about being a father to one child, let alone three. Do you under- stand?" Sniffling she nodded.

"I'm scared too. What if they did something to me? What if something was done to my eggs? What if..."

As she trailed off, Mulder pulled her down onto his lap. "Scully there are lots of 'what ifs' when you have a baby. Or three. We'll get through this together. Just like normal parents." Scully laughed at the notion.

"Well Ward, how about we get dinner?"

"You got it June." They kissed. For awhile. Scully turned in his lap and managed to straddle Mulder.

"We could put dinner off for a while," she replied smiling. Scully may have been hypersensitive, suffering from morning sickness, and tired, but her libido was in overdrive. It was the one side effect of her pregnancy Mulder enjoyed. Picking her up Mulder carried her to the bedroom.

Three hours later Scully sat in bed eating her third helping of spaghetti and Mulder lay flat on his back exhausted.

"Mulder you really should eat something. You don't want to get weak."

Mulder peaked out from under his forearm. "You're going to be the death of me Scully. Who knew that under those bureau issue suits, beat the heart of a sex goddess?"

Scully put the tray aside and leaned over to kiss Mulder. "I'm still hungry Mulder."

Seeing the feral look in her eyes he whined, "aw Scully, come on. Give a guy a break."

Scully straddled him, adding, "whining is unbecoming on you Mulder. Now, I suggest you rise to the occasion." Mulder was just about to protest when Scully rocked against him. As parts of him flickered to life, he was vaguely aware that he wasn't as old as he'd thought. It was well into the night before they finally succumbed to sleep.

Mulder was exhausted the next morning and slightly annoyed that Scully was so cheerful. Since the most severe parts of her morning sickness had abated, she'd experienced an increased energy level. Scully has assured him that as the pregnancy progressed, that would fade. She also mentioned that her sex drive would probably fade and that eventually they wouldn't be able to have sex at all. Mulder got the message loud and clear- enjoy it now, it won't last. So, as exhausted as he was, he always managed to come through. Pulling himself from the bed, he went to shower.


FBI Headquarters

Scully was at Quantico filling in for an instructor, so Mulder was on his own. He'd gone into a meeting with Skinner, and struggled to stay awake. "Agent Mulder? Are you all right? You're a little peaked, and look exhausted."

Mulder snapped to attention. "I just need some sleep sir."

Skinner looked doubtful. "Agent Mulder, you survived on no sleep when Agent Scully was missing. I think you should take the rest of the day off. In fact, that is an order. I'll call Quantico, and have Agent Scully dismissed early so she can watch over you."

"NO! I mean, that's not really necessary. I promise I'll go home." A sudden realization hit

Skinner. He smiled knowingly. "Sharon, God rest her soul, and I have two children. Our

son is stationed at GITMO, and our daughter works at the embassy in Moscow. I am aware of what you-and Agent Scully-are going through." Blushing, Mulder hurried out the door.

He called and left a message for Scully that he'd be at his apartment working. Drawing the blinds he stretched out on the couch, and fell into a peaceful slumber. He awoke to two blue eyes staring down at him.

"Mulder? Are you all right? You look a little peaked, and you <never> nap."

Mulder sat up. "I'm just a little tired."

Scully sat next to him, rubbing his back. "I guess I have been working you too hard. Do-do you want to sleep here tonight? It's ok."

"No! I want to sleep with you and our babies." Extending a hand to him she replied, "let's go home Mulder."

Over the next few weeks Scully's sex drive didn't really diminish, and Mulder learned the value of a cat nap. Scully had a check-up and Mulder accompanied her to the appointment. The doctor was concerned about Scully's weight gain. Uncharacteristically she had snapped at the doctor, and then started crying. Mulder looked helplessly at the doctor. Once she was calm, the doctor pressed her on the issue.

"Dana, do you often have mood swings this severe?" Scully refused to meet his eyes. The

doctor looked to Mulder for guidance. He nodded.

"Dana we made need to discontinue the hormone therapy. I told you mood swings were a

possibility." Dana was terrified. "If you discontinue the therapy, what will happen to the


"You are at five months, and I don't think it will cause problems. It is a risk of course, but

I feel it is minimal." Dana looked at Mulder, who silently told her the decision was hers.

"Could we try decreasing the dosage first?" He nodded.

Since decreasing her hormone intake, her mood swings had disappeared. Her sex drive however, had not changed at all. Mulder kept waiting for that magical day when she didn't try to screw him every hour. He was beginning to believe that wasn't going to happen.

Mulder was putting on his tie when a very naked Scully came into his line of sight.

"Mul-Der. I <need> you."

He squirmed. "Aw come on Scully. I just got dressed."

Working with the knot on his tie she replied, "you can get dressed again. Now, up and at 'em."

He tried one last argument. "Scully, we're meeting Father McCue in thirty minutes!"

"So you'll be quick." Fifteen minutes later Mulder had a dopey grin on his face, and Scully was getting dressed. "Zip up Mulder, or we're going to be late."


Father McCue's Office

"Dana! You look wonderful, and you're positively glowing." Mulder's dopey grin came back at Father McCue's words. 'You bet she is buddy. It's called afterglow, and <I> put it there' Scully could read the look on Mulder's face and discreetly kicked his leg. Mulder continued to grin.

Two hours later Scully and Father McCue were still haggling over the wedding vows. "Dana, I understand your not wanting to say <obey>, but I can't just substitute another word. Especially not <discuss>. Your only options are leave it in or leave it out, but no substitutions." Scully finally conceded defeat and chose to leave it out. Turning to Mulder she found him quietly dozing.

"Mulder!" she hissed as she kicked him again. Mulder jerked awake and grabbed his leg, all the while glaring at her.

"It's your fault I fell asleep and you know why." Scully returned the glare and despite her best efforts, she blushed. Father McCue politely ignored the comment and continued speaking.

"If this is settled, then I'll see you next Thursday for the rehearsal." Mulder and Scully nodded and proceeded to leave.

Once in the car, Scully let Mulder have it. "How could you? He's my <priest> for crying out loud!"

"You shouldn't have kicked me!"

"Well you shouldn't have fallen asleep!"

"Well if you didn't ride me like a work horse, I could get a descent nights sleep!" Scully started crying, and Mulder pulled the car to the side of the road. Scully was now sobbing uncontrollably. Mulder tentatively reached out and rubbed her hand. "Shhh. Hey, come on. It's ok." He was speaking to her in soothing tones, and holding her. Mulder was no longer surprised by her emotional outbursts: in fact, he had come to expect them. At times like this he was glad he was a man and didn't have to give birth.

"I'm sorry Mulder. I'm just hormonal. And fat. And unattractive. And I'm afraid of getting stretch- marks." This brought on a whole new wave of tears. Mulder turned the car around and headed for home.

It was obvious Scully was in no shape to work.

Once back in the apartment, he put her to bed for a nap. While she slept, he formulated a plan. After an hour and a half, he woke her. "Come on sleeping beauty. Time for a bath." Scully was still half dozing as he lead her to the bathroom. Easing her into the bubble bath she came more fully awake.

Gently and deliberately he washed her, ushering special attention on her protruding belly. "You are the most beautiful woman I know." She started to protest, but he silenced her with a kiss.

Taking her right leg in his hand, he bathed and then shaved it. He showered the left leg with the same attention before helping her out of the tub. Wrapping her in a fluffy bath towel, he guided her into the bedroom. There he laid her down in the nest of pillows he had arranged on the bed to support her stomach. Easing her onto her side, he began massaging almond scented lotion into her back muscles. His manipulations almost put her to sleep.

"Scully, roll over."

Looking at him through heavy lidded eyes she murmured, "now who can't get enough?"

"Uh, not quite Scully. I need you to scoot up against the headboard." At her look he held up a bottle of burgundy nail polish. Delicately he took her foot in his hand and began painting her toenails. "You know, we need to pick out names for the babies." He was in deep concentration as he spoke.

"You're right Mulder. Any suggestions?"

"Larry, Curly, and Moe?" He ducked as one of the pillows came flying at him.

"You are not naming our children after the Three Stooges." He tried again.

"Huey, Louie, and Dewey?"


"What? OK. You suggest something then." She thought for a moment.

"I don't know, but they certainly won't be named after any cartoon characters." Mulder got a serious look on his face, which put Scully on full alert. "I do have three names I'd like to use." Scully waited. Mulder tried to gauge her mood before he spoke. "Elvis, Aaron, and Presley." Scully threw her hands up in frustration.

"<Elvis>? You want to name our child <Elvis>?" Mulder tried his best puppy dog eyes.

"Don't even give me that look!"

"Well if not Elvis, what about Aaron? Spelled the way Elvis spelled it?"

Scully thought for a moment. "Aron." She said it as if she were trying to see how it felt on her tongue.

"With two a's." Mulder was cautiously optimistic.

"Aaron. I like it."

Mulder was feeling hopeful and decided to press on. "What about Presley? That country music singer named her daughter that. It was Tucker. Tanya Tucker."

Scully had arched an eyebrow. "We're having two boys and a girl, and you want to name her Presley? Great. Why do I let him do this to me?'

"We still need another boys name. I guess King is out, huh?" He was smiling sheepishly. To his surprise Scully actually seemed to be considering it.

"King Mulder. We could call him Rex. Rex is the Latin word for king. I went to med school with a guy named King, and his parents called him Rex." Scully got a very sated look on her face.

"As I recall he had a great butt and eyes. His family was rather upper crust, but extremely nice. We already have a Fox, what's a King?" Mulder was scowling.

"Just how well did you <know> this King, Rex, whatever?"

"Oh we dated for a while. Actually just over a year, but found we were better suited as friends."

She could see the question in Mulder's eyes. "No. We never slept together. It just wasn't there. He was like kissing a cousin, or something."

Relieved, Mulder nodded. "So, we have King, Aaron, and Presley. What about middle names?"

Scully smiled. "I get to pick those out. You did the first names, I get the middle names." Mulder just nodded.


The wedding had been an intimate affair attended by only a handful of people. Mrs. Scully had a small reception for them at her home. Byers, Langly, and Frohike had properly decorated the Taurus. They showered the couple with bird seed as they left.

Mulder headed the car toward Alexandria. At Scully's questioning look he replied, "I have a surprise."

An hour later they arrived at a quaint bed and breakfast. Mulder helped her out of the car and got their luggage. At the door to their room, he started to pick her up, but she attempted to stop him. "I'm heavy and I don't want you to hurt your back." Playing with his tie she added, "I want you in perfect condition."

Ignoring her, he scooped her up kicking the door shut, and lay her down on the bed. Divesting themselves of clothing, they lay kissing and caressing each other with Scully's belly in the way. Miraculously, Scully had insisted they not have sex the entire week before the wedding. Mulder had used the <down> time to rest. Now however, he was more than ready for some monkey lovin'. Apparently Scully was too because she was pulling Mulder to her.

Unfortunately, in the last week Scully had grown more than he realized. Mulder couldn't mount Scully because of her bulging belly. Scully then tried to mount Mulder but found that too uncomfortable. She was unable to keep her balance and move atop him at the same time. An attempt at doggie style didn't work either because Scully couldn't support her extra weight. Finally Mulder pulled her to the edge of the bed. "Scully, could you pull your legs up to the edge?"

Scooting so her bottom was flush with the edge of the bed she replied, "I've been going to the O.B. for six and a half months doing this. Of course I can."

Mulder leaned over her, placing his hands on both sides of her head. Slowly he eased into her. His eyes found hers and didn't move as he slid in and out of her. A week of abstinence was a week too long, and soon they were both going over the edge. They spent the weekend loving one another and planning. And coming up with middle names.

A week after the wedding her doctor put her on maternity leave. A week after that, the doctor had told her to cease having intercourse. However, Scully still had an incredible sexual appetite. After nearly two weeks of abstinence she was ready to climb the walls.

"Mul-Der!" Mulder flinched when he heard that sing-song voice of hers. It could only mean one thing. "Scully you know we can't. Now please."

Scully was playing with his hair as she said, "Mulder I have an itch only you can scratch. Please. Do something." Mulder made the mistake of looking at her. She was beautiful. And needy. And only he could cure what ailed her. His manly pride got the better of him.

"Aw Scully." Knowing she'd won, she gave him a smug smile. Mulder began kissing her, working his way down to her breasts. He was still surprised at how full they'd gotten. He wasn't complaining, but still. Afraid they might be tender, he gently nuzzled and suckled them. He was only vaguely surprised to taste a few drops of breasts milk. Working his way down her body he parted her lips and loved her with his mouth. Making her moan and writhe beneath his mouth sent a jolt to his groin. Coming back to her senses she saw his obvious need.

"Lay back Mulder." As he settled back into the pillows, Scully was easing his boxers down. Her supple lips closed around him, and Mulder jerked his hips. Looking down he found Scully, bulging belly and all, on all fours. Suddenly he jerked away from her.

"Stop." Mulder was pulling up his boxers and refused to look at her. Scully had started crying. "It's me isn't it? I disgust you don't I?" Mulder was shocked.


"You don't find me attractive anymore do you? I'm to fat."

"Scully, God no. Do you know how I feel when I look at you carrying my children? You're the most beautiful woman in the world to me." He was stroking her hair, and rubbing her back.

"Then- why not?" Mulder hung his head in shame.

"You're pregnant! You're going to give birth anytime now; you shouldn't be going down on me. It's degrading to you." Scully's brow furrowed. "You didn't think it was disgusting at the clinic. Did you?"

Suddenly she was afraid of his answer. Mulder knew where she was going with this line of thought.

He began to chuckle, and was rewarded with a glare.

"Scully, you're pregnant!"

"But not dead."

"No, but...Do you know how often I've fantasized about your pert little mouth wrapped around Scooby?"

"<Scooby>?" Mulder looked sheepish.

"It's a-you know, <his> name. Anyway, I guess I'm just old fashioned that way. You, you're giving me a gift and I think you deserve more respect. Now, after you give birth..." He was waggling his eyebrows. "Don't worry about me and Scooby. He's well acquainted with my hand."

Scully felt an overwhelming sense of love as she kissed him. "Maybe he should get acquainted with my hand?" Grasping Scooby, she began a long, slow introduction. Mulder silently thanked whatever forces there were that he'd married a surgeon. Well, sort of.

They had been fortunate to find a four- bedroom house in Arlington, and were set to move in that weekend. Mulder had employed the Lone Gunmen to help them move, along with Skinner. Scully and her mother watched with trepidation as the boys carried the boxes of Grandma Scully's fine china into the house.

"You drop that box of china Langly, and I'll cut your hair the hard way!" The men all sighed, and for the most part they ignored Scully. They were relieved when she went inside to set-up the nursery. Scully had finally managed to convince Mulder each baby need their own baby bed. In compromise, she agreed to only one chest of drawers. Scully had grudgingly agreed to a space motif for the nursery.

Mulder was smug with the thought that he had won a major victory when Scully allowed him to put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the nursery. Little did he know she had ulterior motives.


Spend-o-Rama New and Used Cars

"I will <not> drive a mini-van Scully! Do you hear me?"

Scully merely continued to look at the navy Aerostar. "Mulder, we are going to need all of the room possible. I'm sorry, but that is a fact." Mulder was eyeing the little silver BMW Z3. "Don't even think about it Mulder."

"It has a back seat. Sort of." Scully's eyebrow went north and her mouth went south.

"All right, but we are <not> getting a mini-van. You buy one of those, the next thing you know they're calling you a <soccer> mom!"

Scully laughed. "What do you suggest?" Mulder looked around the lot until his eyes landed on the Holy Grail.

"That's it Scully!" Scully followed his finger. "An extended cab Yukon? That thing is huge!" Mulder smiled triumphantly. "That's a mans vehicle!"

Scully was beginning to question whether she had actually won the whole nursery battle or not.

An hour later Mulder was helping a very pregnant Scully into their new vehicle. Collapsing into the seat, she debated killing Mulder. "This thing is huge Mulder! You could practically live in it!"

Mulder was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. Scully was struck with an evil thought.

"Mul-der?" Fearfully he croaked out, "y-yes?" Running her hand up his thigh, she gave ol' Scooby a squeeze.

"What say we find a nice, secluded place, and break this puppy in?" Mulder smiled weakly and did as he was told. He'd learned that resistance was futile. Getting Dana situated hadn't been easy, but they had managed. Mulder was pleased that Scully seemed to have an extremely intense orgasm, and decided he was good at his job. Scully had been extra nice to Scooby, and so they lay exhausted on the floor of the Yukon.

They drifted off to sleep and were content until Dana jerked awake. In the next instance she was wet, and she knew she was in trouble. "Mulder! Mulder wake-up!" He groaned.

"Again? So soon?" Scully was yanking on his arm by this point.

"Mulder, you idiot! I'm in labor!" Hurrying to get up, Mulder hit his head on the bottom of the bench seat. Blood began to trickle from the small cut on his forehead. "Damn!" Struggling to get out of the Yukon, he found his cell phone.

"Yes, this is Special Agent Fox Mulder. I have a medical emergency." Finishing the call, he headed for the hospital.


Scully was in the throes of full labor as the Yukon barreled toward the hospital. "Hang on Scully, we're almost there."

Scully was prostrate on the floor, gripping the carpet. "Owwwwww! Hurry Mulder!"

Mulder pushed down harder on the accelerator. Tearing through the hospital parking lot, he stopped haphazardly in the ambulance bay of the emergency room. They were met by

Dana's O.B. and an assembled medical team. As the medical team was getting Scully on the gurney, the doctor was questioning Mulder.

"Has she engaged in any strenuous activities today?" Mulder thought back to the christening of the Yukon.

"Uh. N-No, not really." The doctor looked at Mulder and then glanced into the Yukon. Following his line of sight, Mulder saw Scully's very large panties. Grabbing them he began stuffing them into his pocket.

The doctor glared at Mulder. "Mr. Mulder, go get that cut checked out. You can't be in the delivery room bloody." Mulder ambled off to get checked out and phone Mrs. Scully.


Delivery room

"Damn this hurts. Where the hell is Mulder?" The nurses where trying to get her situated without much luck.

"Mrs. Mulder, you need to calm down."

"It's Scully, and what the <fuck> do you know about it? I was supposed to have a c-section in two weeks, not this!" Her doctor entered the room just in time to hear her.

"All right Dana, let me check you." She assumed the position as the doctor checked her.

"Somebody go get the father stat! Dana, you're fully dilated. There won't be time for a c-section or an epidermal. Sorry." Dana moaned and released a string of expletives. As she was being prepped for delivery, Mulder came in wearing scrubs.

"Scully! Are you O.K.?"

Through gritted teeth she growled, "you and your damn Scooby just stay away from me!" Mulder turned to leave but she had a death grip on him. "Oh no you don't! You're staying right here with me until I have these babies, then I'm killing you!"

So Mulder stayed, and one by one the babies were born. The first was a girl, Presley Dane, weighing in at five pounds. She was followed by her two brothers; King Daniel at just under five pounds, and Aaron Xavier, at four-and-a-half pounds. Mulder and Scully were both crying as the babies were taken to be cleaned up. Mulder had managed to cut the cords without passing out. Just as Scully was catching her breath, a pain ripped through her.

"Mulder! Oh God!"

A panic stricken Mulder looked at the doctor who was already bending to examine Scully. "We've got another one!" Mulder and Scully were stunned.

"What the hell do you mean another one?" Giving one final push, out popped the tiniest Mulder- a three-and-a-half pound girl. Numbly Mulder cut the cord and turned to Scully.

In unison they replied, "Four?"


Three weeks later

Mulder and Scully arrived at the hospital to fetch their last child. Holly Marie Mulder had to spend the last couple of weeks in an incubator, but was now ready to go home.

Her name had been the source of several heated debates. Mulder of course suggested first Priscilla, and then Lisa-Marie to compliment the other Elvis names. Scully had staunchly protested, and in the end she won. Sort of.

Holly was chosen for the character in Scully's favorite book, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly.

Marie had been chosen because Scully thought it went nicely with Holly. Mulder of course theorized Scully was a secret Elvis fan.


Three Months Later

Mulder stood at the door to the nursery watching his wife go from crib to crib checking their brood.

"Everyone present and accounted for Mom?" Scully looked up to see Mulder watching her.

"I just wanted to check on Holly, she was a little warm earlier."

Walking up behind her he wrapped his arms around her waist. "She's fine Scully. She's a normal weight for three months, and aside from being genetically predisposed to shortness like her mother, she's fine." Scully elbowed her husband.

"Short but fiery. Anyway, she looks just like you. Except for her nose."

"Thank God!"

"I thought you didn't believe in God?"

"I'll believe in anything that sent you and our litter to me."

"Even though King was given your nose?" She chuckled.

"Well, he'll grow into it. I did. Sort of. Besides, he did get my eyes, hair and of course my pouty lower lip. He's me."

"God help us! Two redheads and two dark headed children. A miniature Scully and Mulder and two perfect blends. Not bad." Mulder nuzzled her neck.

Suddenly she turned in his arms and kissed him. "Does Scooby want to come out and play?"

Since giving birth, Scully had lost the desire to have sex. At first Mulder didn't complain, but now he was craving his wife. Being the sensitive nineties kind of guy he was, he'd patiently waited.

And waited. He'd waited through the requisite six weeks, then he'd understood that she was tired, and finally through her discomfort with her post-pregnancy body. Now he was tired of waiting.

"Oh yeah. He's more than ready." Scully was leading him into the bedroom. Many hours later, Mulder was exhausted and finally drifted off to sleep. He'd been sleeping for about an hour and a half when he was awakened by a familiar sound.

"Mul-der! I need you."

The End


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