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Sacrifice by Lisa
What would happen if Emily had recovered and didn't die? E

Sacrificed Futures by Nerys
Mulder has returned a year after his abduction in 'Requiem' to find that Scully has given birth to a child. The decision that she makes changes both of their lives. BF NCC

Sacrifices by Enigmaticblue
Mulder and Scully are off of the X-Files, but onto what could be a life-changing case. What would it take to make Mulder decide not to go back? NCC

Safe as Houses by Neoxphile
Halloween 1979. How much trouble can Dana and Charlie get into running an errand? KF TF PXF

A Safe Place by Ana H
I was unsure of what to do with myself. I never imagined that in the last week or so of my pregnancy I'd be going into hiding with a woman I barely knew, wrapped in endless chaos. PS

A Safe Place by LuvTheBeez
Scully tries to cope. PS

Safe in Utah by Autumn
A diary entry from a pregnant heroine. PS

Safety and Security by M. Edison
Dana Scully's got a bad flu, Mom Scully's going out of town, Mulder's MIA - guess who gets the call. BF W

Sam and Dana Lose Their Marbles by Queen of Swords
Mulder-and-Scully as kids story... sort of. Sam insisted upon stealing the show. PXF

Samskara by Susan72869
During a drug raid, Mulder and Scully discover a thirteen-year-old girl who may be proof of reincarnation. TF

Sanctuary Trilogy by Bardsmaid
What if, after 'The Beginning', Mulder were dismissed from the Bureau on trumped-up charges of having had contact with the X-Files? What would he do? How would Scully fare on a reassignment? And what would happen if a case she was assigned to came uncomfortably close to exposing the Smoking Man's trump card? TF

Samuel by Invisigoth421
Mulder and Scully discover that Emily was not the only child created from Scully's DNA after her abduction. KF S!C OE

Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy by Dylan Shelby
Little William Mulder sees something at Christmas time. W BF

Sarah series by Carol Gritton and Co.
When Mulder's ex dies, he becomes a single father to his daughter Sarah. KF NCC MOD

Sara Mulder stories by Laura Means
Mulder is returned, but things are not as he left them. NCC KF

Sarah by Mystic Kat
The life of William Mulder, and the birth of a young woman a year and a half later that would have a profound impact on the rest of his life. W TF DoD

Sarrah by Jessica Hildbold
A few weeks earlier she had received a phone call from a lawyer in Massachusetts who stated that a man who wanted Scully to meet her five-year-old daughter had retained him. E RoTDC OE

Saturday by andreakayy
Early in the year 2008, William is 6. Scully leaves Mulder and William while she runs errands. Could they get into trouble? W KF PS

Saturday In September by M. H. Greathouse
Mulder spends a day out with his family. BF W

Saved Again by Debbie Cullen
What happened when Mulder arrived at Democrat Hot Springs and went inside to see Scully. BF W

Saving Me by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Scully gets married to a man, who isn't Mulder, and he turns out to be abusive. Mulder must find a way to get her out of the marriage before it's too late and she turns up dead. PS

Saying Goodbye by Patty S
No parent should have to bury their child. E

Say It Isn't So by SisShippy
Set sometime during The Truth: Part 1, this is a 'road not taken' story to undo the episode William. W BF BF W

The Scared People by David Hearne
Gibson learns he's not the only one. KF G

Scarlet Ribbons by Carol Gritton
A poignant childhood memory for Mulder. PXF

Scout by alanna
She almost missed the phone call. BF W

Scully, NORAD called... by dlynn
"Yeah, Dad...tell us how it was." Scully raised her left eyebrow in the way that she did when she knew she had him. "I want to hear again about how you chased away fifty was fifty, wasn't it, Mulder? " KF W

Scully's Anticipation by Pearl
What she's been waiting for.

Scully's Children by DanaFuchs
Scully wonders whether Emily is her only child. KF NCC OE

Scully's Choice by Kavendish
Why in the world would Scully ever choose Doggett over Mulder? BF W

Scully's Choices by Mystphile
In early December, a very pregnant Scully must choose between finding Mulder and guarding the baby's welfare. PS

Scully's Letter: Dear Emily by Kennedy
A reflection on loss.

Sea of Desire by Sheryl Clay
At the request of a friend, and former professor of Mulder's, Scully and Mulder travel to an island community off the coast of Maine to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several infant boys.

Searing Snow by Deslea R Judd
What Alex and Marita want for Christmas is the thing they fear most. Each other. BF

Seasons series by Jude Dettmann
Walter meets a woman at a Fourth of July celebration and they set some interesting fireworks of their own. PO

Second Birth by Alien Girl
Scully's first child enters the world.PS

A Second Chance by Red0313
The moment Mulder finds out that Scully is carrying his child. PS

Second Chance by Kyouryoku Senshi
An unexpected change strengthens the bond and budding romance between Monica Reyes and John Doggett. PR

Second Chances by Gillyfan
When Scully is taken ill at work, memories of the past come flooding to the surface. PS Waa

Second Coming by RocketMan
"For unto us a child is born." Isaiah 9:6. BF-KF NCC

The Second Miracle by Kyouryoku Senshi
What ran through Scully's mind before and after she found her baby amongst the ashes and rubble. BF W PS

The Second Miracle by Scullyrules5
sequel to Miracle. Finding out that they're going to have a baby is just one of the surprises that Mulder and Scully face after marrying and adding Emily to their lives. PS BF KF E NCC

The Second Sam by Tiziana S.
Mulder and Scully's young daughter Samantha seems to hold the key to her aunt's abduction. NCC KF

Second Time Around by Girlie_girl7
The family grows... W BF W+S

The Secret Language of Babies by ML
Mulder's turn to get up with the baby.

Secret Santa by Beckylynn
Christmas with Maggie, Dana, William, and a Secret Santa. BF W

Secrets by Jennifer Cuzzo
Scully has been keeping a few secrets from Mulder, Skinner, the lone gunmen and her family. SoM BF W

Secrets of the Gemini by Jei
Awakened from cryostasis, Mulder finds the world a vastly different place. Where colonization has nearly destroyed the planet and those that were left behind to pick up the pieces. NCC T+ TF

Secrets From the Past by Henle Girl
As memories from Scully's past begin to manifest themselves to her, Mrs. Scully learns the hard way how buried secrets can come back to haunt you. OE NCC KF

Seed by Cathey Scully
If a young Scully had a child with someone else, would Mulder still love her? KF SoM

Seeds of Doubt by Pam
How will the return of Phoebe Greene affect the seemingly perfect family-life that Mulder and Scully have finally made for themselves? BF W

Seeds of Synchronicity by mountainphile
Six years after the events of "Aubrey," Scully and Mulder revisit the Missouri town to confront old demons and lay new ones to rest. KF OcC

Seek and Ye Shall Find by Ashley
William discovers his adoption and tries to find out more about his mysterious birth parents, but ends up on an adventure he never bargained for. KF W WaF gWb!

Semper Fi by AL
The day is coming when all their lives will change, but John finds hope in his family and wants to offer that hope to them. A hope to a future they know they must fight to preserve. PR NCC BF

Sentinel of the Potomac 1. Imago Dei by M. Edison
Still haunted by his experiences in the investigation of Tipet, John has to face telling his wife about what happened...and how he dreamed of her death...and her near his hands.

Sentinel of the Potomac 2. Anastasis by M. Edison
Doggett and his wife go to Squamish in search of Fox Mulder.

Sentinel of the Potomac 3. Illae Lacrime by M. Edison and Azar many had he had about Luke? And how many regrets?

Sentinel of The Potomac 4. Prima Facie by M. Edison
Jo Barnes was lost. Completely and utterly lost.

Sentinel of the Potomac 5. In Natura by M. Edison
After finding out about Agent Scully's pregnancy, John Doggett comes home to deal with the news and promptly gets hit by another announcement at home. PO

Serenity by Elaine
Scully visits Emily's grave.

Sesame Street Days by VBjess
A true X-File, complete with hybrids, MSR, Morleys, and the LGM, including why M & S would "get together." PS

Sesame Street Days II by VBjess
A true X-File, complete with hybrids, MSR, Morleys, and the LGM, including why M & S would "get together." PS

Sesame Street Days III by VBjess
A true X-File, complete with hybrids, MSR, Morleys, and the LGM, including why M & S would "get together." PS

Seven Famines and a Feast by EmGee
Each day he starves a little more. BF W

Seventeen Seconds by Becka F.
Today's the day. BF W

The Seventh Commandment by aka "Jake"
A conversation between Teena Mulder and CSM. PO

Seventh Day by Amatia
We always wondered how Scully ended up in the hospital in "One Breath." Well, here is my explanation. PS

The Sex Loop by captjojo
One week after the end of "The Truth" everyone comes together to plan the next step, Gibson tries to cope with their thoughts.

Sfumato by Supernova
(sequel to The Marionette Rebellion. His sanity is slipping away by the handfuls MS/TWC W W+S.

Shadowland by Pacquin
Sequel to Sugarland. A year and a half later finds Mulder and Scully making a new life for themselves. W gWb!

Shadow of the Day by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Takes place during 8th season. Scully on the morning of Mulder's funeral. Will she be given another chance to say goodbye and tell him of the baby? PS

Shadowplay by Nicole B
This story is my theory concerning the reason for the conversation between CM and Mrs. Mulder at the beginning of Talitha Cumi. PO

Shadows of the Past by Marsha Bare-Taylor
What if Scully couldn't find Mulder? What if Bill decided to step in? That's all I'm going to say. KF NCC

Shadows of Winter by Jaime Lyn
Light Moves sequel. Everything about them was un-defined. Had Fox Mulder and Dana Scully been characters in an Alice in Wonderland book, they would have celebrated their un-birthdays and had their own un-mushroom to sit on. W gWb!

Shalom Haver Series by Rotem Shahar
A dozen short stories about lost and reunion. E

Shat by Girlie_girl7
Skinner baby-sits for William or is it the other way around? BF W

Shattered Dreams by Amy Forrester
Mulder and Scully's fifth anniversary ends in tragedy, and the two remaining in the family must learn to live with this loss. BF NCC

Shattered Halcyon by Cinnamon Scully
See part one of this series: Enter Mulder. PO NCC KF

she by gillian
Scully muses Christmas and being away from Mulder at the end of this extraordinary year. BF W

She Wishes I & II by Starbuck_Jayne
Four years on and still no Mulder...KF AON

She's Missy's Girl by Pattie
Susan visits and makes a special request.YR

Shield and Sword by Maraschino and Anna Otto
Upon his mother's death, Mulder and Scully discover a curious document that eventually leads them to make a desperate choice. With Mulder in the Consortium, will the truth finally be revealed? Or will the webs of deception destroy both partners? A nightmare version of season 5, not leading up to the movie. KF YR

Shine by Danielle Culverson
Mulder and Scully investigate the strange goings-on at The Overlook Hotel. KF CX

Shiny Bruise by Kalen Spooky
She often had fears. of what he actually was. Even when she finally held him in her arms. She had always been afraid to believe. Waa

Shooting Stars series by Anne Haynes
Mulder and Scully deal with the events of "Emily" in a series of first person vignettes. E

Shooting Star by Jenna Tooms
Seventeen years ago Fox Mulder disappeared. Faced with her first solid lead in years, all Dana Scully has to do now is convince his son that his father is worth finding.BF KF-TF NCC PS

Shopping For More Than A Tree by Katie Phillips
Mulder and Scully spend their first Christmas together after the birth of William and is based on the assumption that after his return, Mulder gets to live a relatively happy life with Scully and William. BF W PS

Short of Breath by Spookycc
Doggett goes along with Scully, Reyes and William on a little "cruise." This fic is my answer to a DTA fic challenge about Doggett suffering a near drowning. BF W

Short Stories by little Starbuck*
Scully worries for her future. Mulder provides comfort of the best kind. BF W

The Shortest Ever Re-write of Season Nine by Little Grey Girl
Changing just one line would give the whole season a different feel. BF W

The Shortest Ever Re-write of IWTB by Little Grey Girl
Changing just one line would give the whole film a different feel. W

Shoulders by Missy J
Outward appearances can be deceiving - sometimes, only small changes happen in reaction to a crisis. PS BF NCC

Shout to the Heavens by Tami
Skinner tells Mulder about his son. Waa

Showdown at Casey's Bar and Grill by Katriena Knights
Scully faces gossip at her favorite hangout. PS

Showers, Dreams and Baby Elephants by Joey R.
Mulder, Scully and their first pregnancy.

Shower Therapy by ArtemisX5
Home Ec sequel. Mom, Dad and baby at home and happy. BF W

Sieg Und Verlust aka "Jake"
The Apocalypse is at hand and G-Men Mulder, Skinner and Doggett bust their asses to fight for the future of mankind. They face life and death, good and evil, courageous heroes and dastardly villains. Redolent with testosterone, the language is harsh and the men are manly. And of course, there is a damsel in distress. PS BF

Sight Unseen by revery
Still Out There sequel. Agent Arthur Roe has been assigned to investigate a case that involves unexplained deaths on the Navajo reservation. Agent Roe has a special connection to the Navajo reservation and the people. Not only that, but he has a connection to former Agents Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett and Monica Reyes. Now, it's been eight months since Will Van De Kamp has been reunited with his parents Mulder and Scully and his life still may be in danger. Agent Roe discovers that the family of Will's ex-girlfriend, Madeline Hosteen, are at the heart of the investigation and could be the next victims. TF W

A Silence Full of Sounds by Emma Brightman
There is little in the universe he treasures more than the truth, and she hates that in leaving, he made her a liar. PS YR

Silence, Sea and Sky by Anonymous
Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of a young girl who may be the fourth victim of a serial killer and complications ensue when Mulder believes that the girl's sister has psychic abilities. KF

Silent Distances by C and Me
Sometimes those who wait have the hardest of tasks, and endurance may just be a matter of the mind. When Mulder returns, in what condition will he find Scully? BF NCC

Silent Lucidity by Paige Caldwell
What it is was all a dream? What if you wake to find that the man you loved was never abducted and the child you gave birth to never existed? Or did he? L

Silent Night by aRcaDIaNFall$
Scully finds Mulder asleep on her couch. PS

Silent Night by C. Charlotte
Scully is involved in a Christmas car accident. BF NAC

Silent Night by FelineFemme
One last Christmas in 2012. W

Silent Night by TheHouseWitch
In the silent night on Christmas Eve William lies awake and thinks of his birthparents. Meanwhile Scully thinks about the past and confronts Mulder of her fears. W

Silent Running by Ms. AM
Future world...Apocalypse...destruction and death. NCC KF G

Simple Man by bellefleur
Companion to Arms Wide Open. Halloween in the Mulder family, past and present. KF W

A Simple Twist of Faith by Becka F.
Mulder and Scully have a little talk about faith. BF W

A Simple Twist of Fate? by x-girl1
Mulder asks Scully a personal question. The answer is something more then he expected. PXF TF NCC

The Sins of the Fathers by Foxsong
Set Pre-XF, it's Bill Mulder having a side course of angst with dinner. PXF

Sins of the Fathers by TangledAria
History repeats itself, but then we're all slaves to fate. William Mulder discovers his real family. W TF

Sir William, Lady Mommy and King Daddy by Mary
This is the wonderful expectancy of Baby Miracle. BF W

Sisters Two by Maureen S. O'Brien
On Halloween, many worlds meet. E

The Sitter by Brenna Snakelady
Frohike gets stuck babysitting a stranger's son while his roommates are out on a date. KF

Six Months of the Year by Maidenjedi
Maggie has some advice for her daughter-in-law. M

Six Weeks by Angela W
Mulder and Scully's life together in the six weeks after William's birth. BF W

The Skeptic of Bracken Lake by sneakers
A night of ghost stories at camp gets decidedly weirder. PXF

Skin Deep by Shoshana
Post ep for DeadAlive. PS

Skinner's Heroes by Billie Reid
One wonderful night, leads to a chain reaction to reveal the past! Will something great come of this? PO BF

The Sky is Broken by TH001
The Bureau wants to know how and why Scully is carrying Mulder's baby. PS

Skylark by J Astoria

A Sleepy Little Town: Memory House by Neoxphile
A Christmas in (Haven) Maine sequel. Mulder and Scully moved their family to Ballyguest, a small community in New England. To their dismay it soon becomes clear that Ballyguest isn't the sleepy little town they were hoping for. Their first clue? A local inn with a strange reputation. W T+ BF-KF W+S PS NCC

A Sleepy Little Town series: Free Fall by Neoxphile
Shortly after the events of "Memory House" an amazing and devastating secret bubbles to the surface of Mulder and Scully's lives.. W T+ BF-KF W+S NCC E

Small Fries by Kel
The Small Potatoes case revisited. KF

Small Hostage by Anne Haynes
A twist on the secret baby convention... S!C OE BF NC

Small Lives Awake by Jesemie's Evil Twin
Thanksgiving, 2000. YR

A Small Miracle by diamondlife17
He rushed past some, pushing aside others. That's when he heard the scream. BF W

A Smaller World by Rae Lynn
t's 2012 and Mulder and Scully have already saved the world. What else is left to do but go to Disney World -- in a desperate bid to save Mulder's life? KF W W+S

Smoke by Dx
A story from Alex Krycek's childhood. PXF

Smother-Love and Drop Seats: A Christmas Tale by Jacquie LaVa

Smothered Joy by Luperkal
It's not easy being the stepping block to extinction for your own species. NCC TF GK

S.N.A.F.U. by Emily Sim
What if Kristen Kilar wasn't dead, at least not in the traditionally understood definition of dead.

Sneakers by Gillian Leigh
Shopping trips. W BF KF W+S PS

Snow by LuvTheBeez
Mulder and a very pregnant Scully are caught in a hostage situation. PS MS/MWC

Snow and Mistletoe by Neoxphile
All is Calm, All is Bright sequel. Seven years later, another child needs John Doggett's help at Christmas.

Snow Angels by Theresa J
When a young girl is abducted and returned just before Christmas, Mulder goes to investigate alien involvement. KF

Snow Globes and Seaships by Pattie
Who would have thought Mulder and Scully would be celebrating William's fifth birthday with him? W KF

A Snowball's Cherish by Fight-this-War
A what if fic, what if Emily was still alive? E

Snowman by BamaX
Scully meets a woman who shows her that Christmas this year isn't all it seems. PS

So Like His Father by MissAnnThropic
Will might have my eyes, but he has his father's soul. W KF

Soar by EverLeabae
Mulder, Scully, William and their six-year-old daughter Anne celebrate an anniversary. KF W W+S

Socks for William by ktblle
five fics BF W

Soledad Para Dos by XSketch
She may have done it all over again, but knowing how high one cost is, would Mulder change his choice if given chance? KF W gWb!

Solidaire Encore by Spookyteacher
In the midst of a strange X-file, Scully is dreaming and praying. Is her prayer answered? KF

Solstice by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247
"What if it was about what you want, Scully? " W

Some Gift by Rocketman
Post-Emily. E

Some Sunny Day by Maidenjedi
Against all odds, really. KF W

Some Things Never Change by CM
The title is all the summary you get for this one. TF W

Somebody's Fool by Plausible Deniability
CSM, young and in love, learns that April is the cruelest month. PO

Somebody's child by Cici
A possible resolution to the baby issue. PS BF

Someday by Jinxd n cursed
Scully is left alone with William after Mulder leaves to save the world from alien invasion. BF W

Someday by Ten
A Christmas concert in the future. KF NCC T+

Someone Else's Child by ScullyJr2
Scully gets disquieting news about the baby she is carrying PS

Someone I Once Knew by Lara Means
Mulder is returned, but things are not as he left them.

Someone to Watch Over Me by Starbuck
An old picture arouses a question from Mulder's son about the whereabouts of his mother. W KF

Something in the Air by Claire Dobbin
Alex and Mulder cross paths with a very interesting lady from the late 1600's. m/m slash Mpreg

Something in Common by Polly and SLS
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common."
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common." Waa

Something Rational by agent myers
Though Dana Scully seemed calm on the outside, I knew there was a storm raging inside her. of all the things she's seen and done, all the things she's endured with Mulder, and now to face life without him...I knew it was chaos in there. I just wanted to ease that pain for calm the storm. PS

Something Tangible by Rae
Seven months. PS

Something Worthwhile Out of This Chase by Maidenjedi
In the aftermath, and beyond.(post-movie 2) W KF gWb!

Son by Squishy
Whose son is he? W TF

Song of Experience by Christy
Song of Innocence sequel. Will Mulder and Scully's past stand in the way of a future with their son? KF W

Song of Innocence by Christy
It's been seven years; can three strangers become a family? KF W

Soon by Tess
Their determination to see each other again is unrelenting. BF W

The Sound of Laughter by Rebecca Rusnak
When Samantha returns, Mulder finally has something to laugh about. S

The Sound of Wind Chimes by Sarah Stegall
Something unusual happens to Scully and Mulder during a stakeout. PS BF

Southbound Train by Rafferty
Set during Trust No 1, Mulder fills in a few blanks regarding 'one lonely night' with Scully, and fatherhood. W BF

Souvenirs of a Day Gone By by Paige Caldwell
"In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion..." KF W

Sparkle and Fade by MP
I'd prefer not to summarize this particular story. BF W(? )

Special Delivery (or Bottom of the 9th, One Out) by B.F. Simon
Mulder and a very pregnant Scully pay a visit to the Lone Gunmen, where Scully realizes that her "false" labor is actually the real thing. PS

A Special Gift by ML
A little boy gets a special gift. KF W W+S

Speciosity by Mystic and eponine119
Aliens and the government are both problems to a small town in Nevada. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully marry and have a child, but did everything happen as they remember it? PS

Spectrum by the idiosyncratic stanwyck
A woman meets a man who opens her eyes to a vast, unexpected spectrum of beautiful, terrifying possibilities. KF NCC

The Spell series by Kelli Rocherolle
A novel about Mulder and Scully's long term romance. PS NCC BF

Spero Novus by starfleetofficer1
On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation that will change their outlook on Christmas forever. KF M

A Spooky Halloween by Morley
Matthew Scully vists his aunt for Halloween. KF

Spooky House by Erin M. Blair
Mulder, Scully, and Samantha find a haunted house. S

Sponsalia by The Jedi Shipper
A dream is an answer to a question we don't yet know how to ask, but it's not till we find the question, that we can understand the answer. BF S!C NNC OE

Spores by Spookey247
Sometimes inefficient strategies are the only ones available. Waa

Spring in Pride Creek by Elsie
William's girlfriend recalls the first fourteen months after colonization. W GK

The Spy in the Campaign by Dana'sFairytales
Sequel to The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts. Mulder and Scully are lured back to DC into a plot that may ruin their new lives away from all the conspiracies. OE W

Staged Duplicity by Neoxphile
An unexpected child is a gift and a burden. BF W FC

Star by Bardsmaid
She remembers a warm place, a tree brought in from the outdoors, a boy. S

The Star's Child by Ty-rose
A short piece about M&S as kids, a retrospective from Mulder. PXF

The Star's Child II: Brownie by Ty-rose
I *did* see my Star-Child again, three years later on that same shore. PXF

The Star's Child III: Samhain and the Landslide by Ty-rose
Final part of the Star's Child tales; we're back at the beach! PXF

StarDust by Quinn Hegal
"We could've been... Stardust."
"No, Mulder. That's all we are. Dust." PS BF AON

Starlight, Star Bright by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Scully has been thinking about William, so Mulder does something that will have her seeing stars.

Starkweather series by Scully3776 and Spookykat
In an AU season 8 (and beyond) Agent Jerilyn Starkweather finds herself questioning her connection to Agents Mulder and Scully, and their son William. BF W WaF

Stay at Home Dad by M S Shipper
One of them has to stay at home and take care of the baby, and after writing this, I'm not so sure it should be Mulder. BF W

Stay With Me Always by Scully's Baby Blues
Mulder and Scully escape. BF NCC

A Step in the Right Direction by Tanja
The introduction of baby William to his uncle. BF W MS/TWC

Still Bravely Singing by mimic117
When the battles are won and the casualties counted, it's important to remember the price of victory. While Daring Greatly sequel. KF

Still Life by Fiona
Ewwww mushy babyfic! BF W

Still Red as Red by E. Nairn
The Beauty of Embers sequel. Waa

Still Out There by revery
Post-Truth. After the death of his father, 18-year-old William Van De Kamp receives a message from a mysterious man saying that his real father, Fox Mulder, has died. William sets out in a search for his biological parents and discovers the truth they worked so hard to uncover. W TF

Still, Still, Still by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
It's Christmas, and they can't bear the separation one more day (sequel to What Are You Doing New Years' Eve? ) BF W

A Stitch In Time by Kate Rickman
Mulder, Scully, and baby. Some things are too good to be true. Or are they? BF W

Stitches in Time by Myriss
Sharing memories over a quilt. GK

Stolen Moments by dfbaker
Scully and Mulder investigate a mysterious plague devastating a small town.

Stolen Promises by Mulderslady
What if Mulder had a child by Scully, but had never met her? NCC KF OE

Stories For Dead Children by Neoxphile
Story-telling in the afterlife. KF S E L

Storm Child by Elizabeth L. Iacono
An unwanted person from Mulder and Scully's past brings news on something they've been searching for for a long time. KF NNC

Storm Tossed by Vickie Moseley
I accept. PXF

Stratego by Emily Miller
Mulder and Scully and their two children spend the summer at the house where Mulder grew up. NCC KF

Stranded for Christmas by Macspooky
Mulder and Scully aren't getting along when they get stranded in an abandoned cabin over the holidays. PS NCC BF

Strawberries in Winter by Gina Rain
Christmas, 2001. Mulder and Scully try to deal with a holiday that has not been historically pleasant for either of them. PS

The Strength of Our Beliefs by Lynette
Scully struggles with her pregnancy, and Mulder's absence. PS

Suburbs Make The Best Place To Settle by Ulie Ashio
Scully chats with Scully. KF

Successful Spies Apparently Don't Have Baby Sisters by aka "Jake"
Christmas Eve, 1972.

Such A Good Boy by Tesla
Mulder thinks about his son. Waa

Suck This, Mr. Johnson by LostinOblivion
eleven-year-old William on his mother, his mother's family, the father he never knew, and the social worker he wished he never met. KF W

Suddenly A Parent by Kyouryoku Senshi
Skinner receives some unexpected news and he is suddenly a father of a 2 month old baby girl. He never expected to be a father, but neither did he expect to hear of the passing of his sister and brother in law. BF W

Suffer The Children by MJ
Hostages. Kids, a schoolbus load, at the National Aquarium. KF

Sugarland by Pacquin
Scully struggles with her choice; Mulder gives her another one. Waa

A Suitcase for the Moon by Snark
The stars are not wanted now; put out every one/ Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun/Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods/For nothing now can ever come to any good. --W.H. Auden G

Sullen Afternoon by Erin Blair
While in the ninth month of pregnancy, Scully is having a bad afternoon. Will her day get better or worse? W PS

Sum and Substance by Katchat
"But then again, a miracle wouldn't be a miracle without beating all the odds." BF W

Summer Weekend at Maggie's by Mary
Imagine the Mulder family, Will included, spending a summer weekend at Maggie Scully's house. Add Charlie Scully as a bonus. W BF MS/TWC

Summer Weekend Getaway by Scullystar
Mulder invites Scully and her adopted daughter to his aunt's summer home for a long weekend sensing Scully needs some time to get away from work and spend time with her daughter. Romance soon follows for the two agents much to the delight of Scully's daughter and Mulder's aunt. KF NCC

Summer's Chill by Kris
After a decade, he thinks he's found her again. KF NCC

Sunset Visitation by mountainphile
Her pregnant body beckons to him...PS

Sunnydale CA by Heidiwax
Mulder and Scully Arrive in Sunnydale to checkout some unusual weather patterns and stumble upon more than they bargain for.

Super Sunday by Angela W.
The gang has a Super Bowl party and one couple gets more than they bargained for. Told in first person, Frohike's POV. E W L NCC PR PO

Super Soakers and Seventh Birthdays by Mully Sculder
Charlotte Van De Kamp listened to her son's laughter and the laughter of his friends from the yard. She could hardly believe that seven years had passed since William came into hers and her husband's lives. KF W

Surprise by The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie
In the future everyone is living underground as a side effect of the alien invasion. Mulder has been missing for years, and when a stranger whom nobody knows shows up suddenly, things get really complicated. TF

The Super Bowl by Teliko. x3
Mulder, Scully, and William go down to Florida for the Super Bowl. W KF NCC DRR

Supermarket Sweep by Fiona
(Companion piece to Limited Edition) While Scully relaxes, Mulder learns the hard way. BF W

The Supplication of A Dead Man's Hand by memories_child
olonization has come and Mulder and Scully are powerless to stop it. KF W

Surprise by Chloe Durlem
Scully drops a major bomb on Mulder and he is not very pleased with it. KF SoM NCC

Surprises by Angela W
Doggett and Reyes, engaged to be married, get a big surprise. PR

Surprises by jawsoxz3
Mulder learns of Scully's pregnancy, but not the way Scully had planned. PS

Surreal Thing by Invisivellum
Mulder returns. BF W

Surviving by Jennifer Cuzzo
At the hospital, Scully writes an entry in her journal, explaining the night of her child's conception and how it came to be. She also mourns Mulder's disappearance. PS

Survivors by lil gusty
"How could you tell the one person you'd pledged your life to that you'd given up on them? " PS NCC

Suspicion of Murder by mer007
Mulder finally makes all of Scully's Christmas wishes true, but will he survive to be there when she receives them? W gWb!

Suspicions Abated by Autumn Fugazzi
An explanatory conversation in an ambulance. PS

In the year 2017, Suzanna Scully-Mulder tells us of her 'so-called life'. TF AON

Sweet Dreams Series by Alice J. Foster
The Making of a family. BF/KF W W+S PS T+

Sweet Season by Sophia Jirafe
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, mostly you choose between the two. Waa

Swimming Lessons by Lady Disdain
Some lessons are for life...PXF

Switched by Nikki the Alien
Same ol' same ol' know, Scully gets switched with a 7-year-old who's grandpa is biggie!

Sympathy for the Devil by Bernice
Willingly and otherwise, Mulder and Krycek team up to fight: against mutual enemies; against each other, and against themselves. mpreg (m/m slash)

Sympathy Pains by Bernice


Take Me Home by Martha
Missing scene from Redux II. What happened after Samantha left her brother in the diner?

Take My Breath Away by Ayla
Mulder returns and meets his newborn daughter for the first time. NCC BF

The Taking Series by Jenn Chiprich
A possible future. PS

Taking Chances Series by Mulderslady
This series contains three stories in which the normally stoic Scully takes a chance on love with Mulder. NCC

Taking You Home by agent myers
."..I can't forgive him. I can't forgive him for never saying what I needed to hear." PS

Tanabata by FelineFemme
This is set early Season 3 and puts together mahou shoujo anime (magical girl animation) and the X-Files together. KF OcC

Tangency by Heather B
A woman from Mulder's past, who happens to also be a friend of Melissa Scully's, comes back into his life years after their last encounter, with a surprise for Mulder. MoD TF NCC

Tangled by Kristy Anderson
"For as long as I could remember, I thought that I would lead the perfect life. I was determined to have a brilliant career, a wonderful husband for 50-plus years, beautiful children and not make any mistakes that would allow me to succumb to the casualties of failure in any of these. But now I embrace imperfection, for it was imperfection that brought these wonderful people to my life - a life I couldn't imagine without them." KF SoM MoF

The Tape by MariaLuna
Two years after their escape, the image of William still haunts Mulder and Scully. Waa

Tapestry by Lisa Peers
Weaving the threads together. G

Team Building by JL
On Christmas Eve, Mulder takes his family on a little detour, X-Files style. KF W W+S

Team Building: Rollover Minutes by JL
Team Mulder/Scully tries its best to make it through Christmas dinner. KF W W+S

Teamwork and Teamwork II: Remember Me by Belafon
A curious young Scully meets Mulder for the first time at one of Samantha's birthday parties, where even then she helps him out of trouble. PXF

Tear a Petal From the Rose by Martha
The offspring of Marita Covarrubias begins to bloom. Sequel to Lost Boys and Golden Girls KF NCC

Tearin Up My Heart by rvierra
Mulder, with the help of a fab 5 and a pop star give Scully's teenage daughter a birthday to remember. TF NCC

Technogenesis by coldangel omega
Post finale mytharc-ish kind of fic. Mulder and Scully are on the run. They are contacted by a mysterious source who turns out to be an old sparring partner and who leads them on a desperate quest into the heart of the Mytharc for the future of the human race. TF G

Teenage Girls Series by Xandra
When his sister is murdered, Skinner and his wife Sharon take in his orphaned niece and nephew. Ad KF-TF

The Teenage Years by trycee
The normally recluse Mulder and Scully are being forced to be social by their defiant teenage son William who is entering the dating scene and joined the basketball team of his high school. Parent meetings, awkward get-togethers are all in their immediate future and they're not too happy about it. W KF

Telephone by Agent Chloe
ully worries about choices she has made and what to do about her children Mulder is there to comfort her, but Scully is the one being oblivious for once. OE

Telephones by cucumberspy
She thinks there's nothing anyone can take from her now.

Temporal Functions by Rachel Anton
The temporal lobe of the brain controls auditory and visual memories as well as fear and some aspects of the personality. Synonyms for temporal include transitory, ephemeral, brief and fleeting. KF

Tell 'em William Called by Pattie
A father hears from an estranged son. KF W W+S

Tell Me A Story! by kenikigenikai
Emily demands a "file" bedtime story. E KF

Telling The Story by J
Mulder tells his daughter a bedtime story, using his life and the X-Files as the subject. KF NCC

Tellus Mater by OneMillionAndNine
Sequel to Pater Familias

Tempus Fugit (As Does William) by Kimogen
How life could have been... BF W

Ten Steps to Wellness by Dana Katherine Scully
Doggett recalls his journey with Reyes to let go of the ghost of his son. PR

Terminal Hearts by Lydia Harkness
Stranded on Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully find a way to reconcile the past.

Terra Firma by Malibu Sunset
This story chronicles the first six months of William's life. BF

Terra Firma II: Spondeo by Malibu Sunset
Mulder and Scully further their relationship while continuing to navigate parenthood. BF W

Terra Firma III: Per Ardua by Malibu Sunset
Picks up four months after Spondeo left off. Mulder and Scully navigate trials together while continuing to raise William.

Terra Firma IV: Vita Nova by Malibu Sunset
story picks up four months after Per Ardua left off. Scully is pregnant with their second child. PS KF BF W W+S

Terra Firma V: Semper Fidelis by Malibu Sunset
This story picks up more than a year after Vita Nova ended. Two kids now, and all the chaos that brings. KF W W+S

Terra Firma VI: Persona non Grata by Malibu Sunset
Somebody really, really likes Mulder. He experiences the darker side of being in the public eye and must navigate the effects on himself, his family, and his marriage.KF W W+S

Terra Firma VII: Riptide by Malibu Sunset
This story is a sequel to the Terra Firma series. It takes place years after part 6 of Terra Firma ended, and it assumes a basic familiarity with the series. TF W W+S

Thank You For Coming Back to Us by Gillian
Mulder awakens from the dead to find a very pregnant Scully. PS

Thanksgiving by andreakayy
Mulder gets Scully the best Thanksgiving present ever...and his name is William. W

Their Fondest Memory by Spock
It's the year 2024. Mulder and Scully meet the need to reminisce the time when William was brought home. BF W gWb! GK

Their Journey Embryonic by Pattie
4th in the Injustice series. Because he needs to deal with his feelings on these startling developments, Mulder enters his discovery and grief into his private Journal.

Them by Neoxphile
Another Christmas morning, 15 years after Him. W GK NCC

Them by Pattie
sequel to It. Whatever happened to Elizabeth and her baby? BF NCC

There by Susan
You know you want to. You know you need to.

There's a Way by Andrea
sequel to Where There's a Will. BF KF NNC Ad DP
WIP active again as of 3/2011!

There Are Giants In The Sky by Mully Sculder
An updated version of "Jack and the Beanstalk" set in an alternative "X-Files" 2002 with Scully and Mulder investigating a family with a very unusual history. KF

There For The Taking by aRcaDIaNFall$
Missing scene after Mulder 'rescues' Scully and the baby. BF W

There You Were by allialli
A teenage Scully tries to raise her son, William, on her own while going to school. She doesn't need help. She can do it herself. Then someone comes into her life, and she starts thinking that needing somebody isn't the worst thing in the world. PS BF NCC

There's A Different Kind of Hush by XSketch
An unnecessary trip to realise some truths. KF W

These are the Clouds by bcfan
Whose Work Has Come to Nothing sequel. Mulder, Scully, and their teenage son Will deal with the fallout of having their dreams come true. TF W

They're Here by L. M. Shard
Scully and Doggett fight for survival as the alien invasion begins. PS BF W

They're Here 2 by L. M. Shard
Can Scully and Doggett save Mulder from the aliens? At what price? PS BF W SoD

They're Here 3 by L. M. Shard
Mulder leaves Scully hoping to mend his broken heart, but can it be mended? PS BF W SoD

Thicker Than Water by jrw
The Ties That Bind sequel. Ask yourself: *why* do the aliens want Mulder and *why* do they want to colonize the Earth? PS BF W("peanut" is a nickname, right? )

A Thimble For Peter by S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca
Set in the un-named future. In the wake of an unexpected event, Mulder and Scully must overcome pride and uncertainty before too much time has passed. PS BF NCC

A Thimble For Peter II: Tiny Arrow by S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca
Set after A Thimble for Peter, M & S find that even the small things can rekindle big doubts. BF NCC

A Thimble For Peter III - Back Through the Window by S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca
Catherine Mulder makes a difficult trip. NCC

Thin Slices by Myriss
Thin slices from the life of a daughter who grows up and begins to understand her history. NCC PS GK

A Thin Veneer by Analise
It was an accident. PS BF

Things Bright and Green by DBKate
Post-"Herrenvolk" AU. Mulder escapes with the child Samantha clone and with Scully, all three go into hiding. Months pass, Christmas is near and the struggle to find joy begins.

Things Outside by Tabula Rasa
Mulder and Scully and their house. PS

Things Remember by Entil'zha
A few months after "Existence" Scully discovers a small antique shop in her neighborhood...a shop with unique items, and a very unique owner. BF W

Things Without Remedy by Kel
A missing scene from Demons. Teena is ready to answer the question. (pre-xf)

This Life is Not Yet Rated
So far, my improbable resurrection from the dead bears an uncomfortable resemblance to a movie trailer: All the critical action is there, but no one is sure how it's going to end. BF W

Think On These Things by Rev. Anna
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest... BF NCC

The Third Miracle by Scullyrules5
sequel to The Second Miracle. Feeling as though they've been blessed with Emily and Eve, Mulder and Scully decide to complete their family by adopting a baby boy. PS BF KF E NCC AD

The Third Sacrifice b Gina Rain
Mulder and Scully run into a little girl who claims to have been his daughter--in another lifetime. KF

Third Time by Philemom
Bedtime Story part II, later that night. PS BF

The Thirteen Days of Christmas by Elizabeth L. Iacono
On January 6th, 1998 Dana Scully made a decision that would change both her and Mulder's lives. Nearly two years later, we see the result of that decision set against a background of Christmastime, old traditions, new traditions, love, and some of the things that remind us what a joy it is just to be happy. BF NCC

Thirty Days Hath September by Liz Owen
Separation anxiety. YR

This Fragile Universe WIP by Neoxphile
In 1972 a frightened boy splits reality, creating a world with an alternate destiny. Twenty-eight years later, this trouble in paradise. Special Agent Fox Mulder may be their only hope...but who will save him? KF DP AD PS T+

This is Happening by Donna
What if it didn't happen that way? PS

This is my Life by crookshanksthe1st
One young boy destined to face the past, change the present and determine the future. KF W gWb!

This Place, This Bed, This Woman, This Child by Gillian
The morning before Mulder leaves, and why. BF W

A Thousand Words by Menagerie
A picture paints a thousand words, will Scully get the message? BF W

Threat to Happiness by Chrissie
Mulder and Scully's daughter is almost two years old, when Scully realize they're not the only girls in Mulder's life. BF NCC

Three by Devin
W Happy Birthday, William! KF gWb!

Three Lil' Fishies by Girlie_girl7 and Brit Mulder
Mulder and William go to the Aquarium. BF W

Three Men by Nadia S
Dana Scully struggles to control her men... PS

Three Men and a Baby (Alien!) by David O.
As Scully and Mulder are about to leave on a case, the gunmen approach them with a tale that's literally out of the world. BF

Three Times Fox Mulder Bought a Christmas Tree, and One Time He Didn't by Phantagrae
A story in the Reclamation universe. I think the title says it all... W KF

Three times Mulder went trick or treating and one time he didn't by memories_child
This was written for the 2011 spookyhalloween KF PXF

Three Wishes by Miranda
Mulder and Scully face some seemingly tragic circumstances meant for their demise, but a very unexpected event turns their lives on a completely different course. PS BF NNC

Through the Eyes of a Child by Kerri Sismilich
Some meetings are fate. Mulder and Scully meet as teens in high school and become best friends. PXF

Through Perversity by Joann Humby
Mulder is on the run, but what's he running from and where's he running to? BF W

Through the Rose-Colored Looking-Glass by DeJana
Mulder and Scully go out on a case, only to find themselves in another world. And, believe me, things are not as they seem.... KF

Through The Years by Tanja and Joey
When Scully is in the hospital after an accident, Mulder comes to visit her and finds out the result of a certain holiday romance. NCC BF KF

Thursday's Child by Patricia Lee Macomber
Mulder discovers a girl sleeping on his doorstep. While she appears to be a fully developed young woman, her mental acuity is that of a small child. Investigation uncovers the girl's origins, along with a mysterious doctor and his unholy alliance with the government.

Tidings by Ambress
lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub. PS

The Ties That Bind by jrw
Mulder's missing and Scully finds sympathy from an unlikly source. PS

The Ties that Bind by Flexis
Kids Will Be Kids sequel. William tries to find his place in a world turned upside down. TF W

The Ties that Bind by Marisol Fuller
William (Scully) Van de Kamp wants answers. KF W

Time by Eve
Follows Scully's life from age 13 to 88. Adopt GK

The Time After by Amperage
My father, Fox William Mulder, was born in a time before. When there were rules and laws. Before the Visitors... NCC TF

Time Between Moments
Time exists between moments, shaping three lives. BF W

Time of Her Life by Sara B
Just a little (and I do mean little) Christmas ditty. BF W

Time of Your Life by Emerald Starburst
Oops! Someone is pregnant. Whatever shall they do? PO BF NCC

The Time For Miracles by Carol Gritton
A Christmas story with a little angst, a miracle and a happy ending. Consider this set in an alternate universe. KF NCC AD T+ MoD

The Time Has Come by KillTheBee
When Emily died, Scully thought all was lost. She finds out otherwise. E

A Time To Remember Always by Emily Miller
Set one year after Redux II- The 5 nieces and nephews of Mulder and Scully and the FBI agents, snowed in in Scully's apartment... KF

Tingles by WildwingSuz
Mulder and Scully must trust the psychic powers of a ten-year-old girl to stop a child kidnapper. KF

Tiuwak by Ccile Laumonier
Scully finally discovers all the truth about her role in the Project... OE PS

To Build a Dream On by ML
Have we earned our rest? Have we suffered enough? BF W

To Be Content by Barenaked Bostonian
After William is born, things change with our two favorite agent. These things involve a dance and some interesting, sap warning though! BF W

To Breathe Again by Maddict
Reunion. PS BF NCC

To Disclosures or Crescendos by Buckinham
How to regroup. BF W

To Save the World by LadyRaider
Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes (and others) are trying to figure out a way to save the world and at the same time are in hiding from the government and super soldiers. BF W gWb! W+S PS PR PO NCC

To Start Again series by Erin Blair
A secret revealed. Selective memory loss. Can love survive over time? How do you face the future when your love returns? KF NNC

The Toddler Files by Unknown
story takes place three years after the birth of Dana Scully's baby, William. Now three, William, or little Skinner as Mulder calls him, accompanies his mother who has decided to resume investigating the X-Files with Mulder, since Scully didn't want any alien replacements to kidnap her son. W

the Together Apart series by Spookyteacher
While Mulder is gone, he and Scully keep in touch through e-mail. BF W

Together Complete:Vulpecula Phoenicia Universe by Jeri

Tomorrow's Promise by Kyouryoku Senshi
Written for the Nursery Files challenge. At some point between the kiss in Existence and the shower in Nothing Important Happened Today, Mulder and Scully looked at their new baby and decided that his safety depended on Mulder leaving. Write a fic that explores how the decision came about. Somewhat of a sequel to "A New Beginning." You don't need to read the first one to understand this one. BF W

The Tongues of Men and of Angel by bugs
Friends and lovers come together for Christmas. BF W

Too Blunt An Instrument by Rose Campion
A wish hurls John Doggett into a world that he could have never imagined possible, but that just might give him everything he needs. Mpreg ncc bf

Too Far by Adam Crabb
Emotions and tempers run on overdrive when the son of Mulder's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped.

Total Confusion by Billie Reid
What would happen if something was taken the wrong way? BF PO

Touched By An Angel by Agent X
On a lonely Christmas Eve, comfort comes from unexpected places. L

The Tour From Hell by Erin M. Blair
Mulder and Scully have to be tour guides for a busload of children at the FBI after their basement office burned down.

Train From Hell
Mulder and Scully's travel by train to visit Bill and Tara's new home in San Francisco. On the way there, things get rather interesting as the train loses electricity. W

Transcendence by trycee
Has William Found his parents? Sequel to Transmission. KF W gWb!

Transference by trycee
Mulder and Scully have their son, while Reyes and Doggett search for an adult Gibson Praise. Is he now reluctant to help Mulder and Scully? Will William choose the right side? Sequel to Transmission and Transcendence. KF W

Transformation by trycee
William, his parents, Mulder and Scully and Doggett and Reyes along with Skinner must fight against the super soldiers as the Aliens try to reach William's mind and make him one of them. He must decide once and for all If he will fight for humanity or for the Aliens. This is the Final Is the final installment of the series that includes Transmission, Transcendence, and Transference. KF W

Transmission by Trycee
Scully is receiving Messages from William or is she? KF W

Treat No Trick by Gill_U_Rock!!
Mulder and Scully take William out for his first Halloween and what they thought was a 'Trick', turns out to be the best 'Treat' they could have ever hoped for! BF W

Tree of Stars by Ericka D
Exactly how does Scully relax when her thoughts turn to Mulder in the middle of the night? PS

A Tree Underground by Neoxphile
It's not much of a tree. G

Treffen by frogdoggie
Mulder and Scully reunion fic, frogdoggie style. Skinner POV. Some angst. Character death, but not Mulder, Scully, Skinner or the LGM.

Trick or... by Donna
Mulder's seeing things. Or is he? KF E

Trick or Treat by KassandraX
Scully is roped into trick or treating with an acquaintance's kids. Mulder "helps" her. KF

Trilogy 3: The Announcement by Erin Blair
Scully and Mulder are expecting... PS

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Joyeux Noel by KassandraXF
Mulder and Scully are together for Christmas with a lot of kids (and their parents as well!) KF YR

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Paques by KassandraXF
A couple of surprising announcements on Easter. KF YR

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Saint-Patrick by KassandraXF
St. Pat's day story. KF YR

Trovato by Aurora Vere
It has been four years since Mulder was taken...four years since Scully's child was born. Where is Scully now, and is there hope for Mulder, for their future, for the future of the world? KF W

Truckin' by Donnilee and FatCat
Mulder and Scully go undercover as an over the road, married driving team to break up a hijacking ring. SoM

Truckin' II: Keep On Truckin' by Donnilee and FatCat
Mulder and Scully's adopted son discovers some startling information about his 'square' parents, changing the course of his life. T+ NNC SoM

True Family by Donna
What if he had Will when he met Scully? (NC-17 version) KF

Truly, Madly, Deeply by Jenna Tooms
Mulder and Scully face the biggest adventure of all: parenthood. BF

Trust series by Parrotfish
A new friend becomes a rare bright spot in Scully's decidedly dark and disturbing life as she and Mulder take on a case involving children who die by fire.PO MoD NCC KF-TF

Trust, Love, and Happiness, Too by Nikita
What We Need Now is Trust sequel. Almost 5 years after we last saw our happy little family.. m/m slash Mpreg T+ BF NCC Mulder/Krycek

Truth by Megan Reilly and Jessica Zyvarek Taylor
Mulder drags Scully on a case that involves an adventurous honeymoon cruise. But they're not married, and Scully's not sure there even *is* a case! Can the Bermuda Triangle and all its weirdness get these two together?

Truth and Conflict 2: Apologia by Allronix
Sequel to Truth and Conflict: Requiem Remix Ron Sandoval is assigned to the X-Files following Mulder's disappearance. However, his journey into the alien conspiracy has just started. PS G

Truth and Consequences by Raine and Marsha Taylor-Bare
After Gethsemane, Scully and Mulder decide to pay a visit to their friend Dr. Scanlon. PS

Truth and Unbroken Records by Scully82
What if DD hadn't left for season 9? BF W

The Truth, As I See It by Ericka D.
Mulder and Scully have some unfinished business. Does anyone remember William? BF W gWb!

The Truth is Not Enough Part 1: New Beginnings by dana-maru1
Mulder and Scully begin a new life in Scotland away from the X-Files...a few nice surprises...PS Waa

The Truth is Not Enough Part 2: Children by dana-maru1
The Truth is Not Enough Part 1: New Beginnings sequel. Five years later, Mulder and Scully and Doggett and Reyes are married with children, still living in Scotland. PS PR T+ NCC

The Truth Is Not Enough Part 3: William by dana-maru1
The Truth is Not Enough Part 2: Children sequel. William visits Scotland...(also includes TTINE 4: The End) PS PR T+ NCC W W+S

The Truth is Out There by Lolabeegood
The truth is something Mulder and Scully may have to pay a steep price for. W KF gWb! W+S MP

The Truth Is Out There by xxellie02xx
Mulder and Scully are married, and asked on one last case. Will they ever get William back? What if Emily didn't die but was saved by the man Mulder and Scully have come to hate, the man who supposedly died almost 10 years ago? Is she still out there somewhere? Mulder and Scully join Reyes and Doggett with the occasional help of Skinner to solve this case and maybe even save the world. W E gWb

The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts by Dana'sFairytales
Emily wasn't the only child Scully bore when she was abducted. When Scully goes missing, Mulder must rely on Holly, Scully's daughter, to help find her. However time is running out for Scully, and Holly seems to be creating more questions, than she is answering. OE

The Truth Revealed by Billie R
What if a Dream was the beginning of a life once lost? Monica's POV. PR

The Truth, Then and Now by FatCat
Mulder is further enlightened by a welcomed truth. W gWb! PS PreXF

Turning Nine by Erin M. Blair
What if Samantha Mulder came back after her abduction to the Mulders shortly before her ninth birthday? PXF

Turning the Tables by Nadia S
Doggett threatens to bust Krycek. PS

Twice Blessed by Katchat
A new experience for Mulder. PS Waa NCC BF

Twilight by Avalon
Scully must deal with Mulder's prolonged absence and their son's growing needs. KF W

Twilight by David Hearne
A completion of a trilogy that includes "Misunderstood" and "Tower of Song." In this final part, a funeral is held. GK

Twins by Teetee
Hallway reunion PS T+

Twist Of...series by Erin Blair
What happened if things in the X-Files were different? What would the outcome be? Mulder and Scully's twins, Dana and Fox Jr., are now Special Agents working in the X-File Division along side their parents. GK BF

Two by Asta Luna
It was his second birthday. Waa

Two Fathers, Two Sons by Bertie and Leather Alex

Two More Couples by Angela W.
Two couples get together... L E

Two of a Kind by Girlie_girl7
Mulder and Scully have a little chat. BF NCC W+S

Tyger Tyger by Aeslehc Nametab
In an alternate universe, a teenage Dana Scully falls for a bad boy named Fox Mulder. TF


U-Turn by January
What are we, but our memories? PS

Unbroken Love by Kyouryoku Senshi
The night that Scully comes home from the hospital (Empedocles post-ep). PS

Ultreya by Annie Wright
no summary. W

Unbeknownst by Becka F.
"Hi Mom, it's me. I was wondering if you could come over and watch William for a few hours..."BF W

Uncle Mulder by defiaureve
Mulder and Scully are off to Charlie Scully's wedding. In the process, Mulder gains a nephew when he's adopted by Bill's son Matthew. M KF

Uncle Walt's Monologue by Gina Rain
Skinner has a heart-to-heart with William. BF W

Uncle, Uncle by Jeri
The ReluctantUncle muses. W

Uncle, Uncle: Sac Fly by Jeri
I took him out to the ballgame. I took him out with a crowd... W BF

Under Construction by MaybeAmanda

Undercover Miracle by Billie Reid
An undercover assignment puts Skinner in danger of life and future... PO NC KF

Undercover Operation by Angela W
Four FBI agents go undercover. Four very lonely women come to visit them. PO NCC

Unexpected by Twilight Walters
A little hospital fic about learning to cope with the unexpected. BF KF W W+S

Unexpected Blessings by Marie Endres
see title KF

Unexpected Chances by Mulderslady
What if when Scully was returned in One Breath, she was returned with a little surprise? PS BF NCC

An Unexpected Delivery by Colleen
John gets an unexpected surprise...but it turns out to be just what he wants. PR DR/TWC T+

An Unexpected Surprise by xphilernj
*I can't breathe.* As he looked into her glistening eyes, the only thought was, *I can't breathe.* PS E

Unexplained Trinity by Leigh N
An X-Files/American Gothic crossover in which Scully and Mulder try to discover why so many people disappear from Trinity. KF CX

Unmarried Mother by Halrloprillalar and Kel
Scully wonders what the hell is going on. PS

The Unfinished Universe by Revely
They have a private evening ritual - nose to nose on the bed they practice telepathic communication. BF W

A Unique Creation by Lari R
Scully endeavors to save a precious moment to share with Mulder. PS

Unknown Human Element by Xequinn
Scully prepares to meet with Mulder. BF W

Unreasonable Facsimile by Deenalynn
What do you do, when everything you are turns out to be a lie? PS

Unspoken by Megan C
One little girl holds the key to all that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been searching for, for seven years. PS BF-KF NCC

Unthinkable Things by Lisa
Sometimes waiting is the hardest part. PS

Untitled by Teresa
He's back.

Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence by Jesemie's Evil Twin
There is such unexpected light in the house, pale sunshine filling up all the corners. BF W

Up All Night by Pacquin
William is fussy, Scully's exhausted, and Mulder sees the future with a bedtime story. BF W

Up In Flames by Rotem Shahar
What happens to a little kid who loses everything in a fire? Ad

Up the Ladder by RivkaT
Marita comes through for Mulder, giving him what he wants most. But twenty-five years haven't brought as many changes as he might have thought, and her gift might be more dangerous than anything he's faced to date. And what's up with those bees? S

Uragiru by penelopody
Someone dear to Scully is murdered. The murder effects fairly drastic change in the agents' lives. This is all entwined with a case file involving the assassination of the leader of the Japanese socialist party, a baby called Imogen, a biker called Gabe and an FBI agent called Dom. But the story belongs to Scully and Mulder, and it's all about the love. (I should have found someone else to write this summary...) BF

Us by Neoxphile
While speaking to his children, an adult William reflects upon his favorite Christmas memories. Follows Him and Them. W GK NCC

Ut Filium Suum Unigenitum by FredaX
At what cost *would* Scully want Mulder returned to her? PS AON