Title: Equinox
Author: Mystic
Disclaimer: XF and it's characters/plagues/whatnots belong to Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox, Jessica belongs to me.

Summary: Sequel to "Jessica" and "Leaders of the Colonies."

Author's note: Got an idea, had to write it! This is the third in a now pretty big story. It's basically about Scully/Mulder and this kid named Jessica. But for fear of spoilers for the first two I won't say any more. The first two are called "Jessica" and "Leaders of the Colonies" Gossamer has both stories up now, the first is about 30K, the second about 140K... there three years between those two writing wise, you can see how I've "grown". :)

Catholic Church 2/18 2:25PM

Large brown eyes looked up and around curiously. The girl had never really been in a church before, and certainly never seen, even in pictures, one of this size. It was Catholic, had to be considering that was her mother's denomination. She rubbed her hands together, not certain what she should do, even though she'd been told.

This was something she had to do.

Not for her mother, but for herself. For her newfound beliefs in life, death, and the heavens that await. She followed the two older women deeper into the church fiddling with her purple dress jacket. She looked up at the high ceiling, letting her eyes wander. Somehow she'd expected stadium seating or something from the outside appearance of the place. But it was just a wide open space that made the church look about ten times bigger than it really was.

She looked up one last time at her mother, and her grandmother, and smiled nervously. It had to be done, according to them and the religion.

She walked slowly to the booth, a little frightened, for some reason, that someone would rush in before her and leave her standing outside of the booth for an hour anticipating the moment. She entered and closed the door behind her, taking a seat and waiting for the small window to open.

It did and a light shined in, illuminating parts of her, darkening the face of the man on the other side. On impulse she read his mind. He was a happy single man who worked hard and loved harder.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned," she started, nervous that she'd get something wrong, "It's been... I've never been to confession."

"How have you come to this place now?" His voice was calm and deep, contrasting her light scared one.

"I've just been reunited with my mother. She's been moving closer and closer to the church and brought me for mass one Sunday morning."

"And you have doubts?"

"No." She looked up at the small room's ceiling a moment, "I know everyone here is sincere, I know your beliefs are right."

"Then what sin have you come here today to confess, child?"

She looked to the floor and covered one hand with the other, "It's not something I've done, but something that is going to be done that I cannot stop. Something horrible is going to happen to my parents, to me, unless I do something and I can't figure out what it is I'm supposed to do."

"How do you know this event is going to take place?"

"I have visions."

"Dreams are only manifestations of our greatest fears and highest hopes."

"But these aren't dreams father."

Pentagon 2/18 4:30AM

He took a long drag of his cigarette looking around at the boxes in the room. Each contained evidence, some contained general evidence, locators or dead fetuses. Others contained specific personal evidence. Files on people. Some people had more boxes than others, signifying their importance in the master plan.

Another man, a short nervous man with short cropped black hair and slightly crossed eyes walked into the room. He waited until the smoking man addressed him, gave him permission to speak.

The smoking man turned to him and nodded, "What is it now?"

"Plans are changing. The group is forming to talk." He spoke too quickly and in hushed tones. His hand shot out, revealing a small note, which the smoking man took, and then the jittery man left the room.

The smoking man looked around him again, knowing they would be waiting for him, this had something to do with his ideas, with his arrangements, his experiments. They would wait for him.

After sighing out a trail of smoke he looked at the letter in his hand and opened it. On it were very few words, written in dark block letters:

L#2: JESSICA: 2/18: 5AM

His eyes widened, they were to meet in location number two, which was in the race track this month, at five in the morning to discuss Jessica. He thought that whole ordeal was over. Crumpling the paper in his hand he walked out of the room, locking it behind him with a quick pull, to make sure the bolt was in. Then he left the Pentagon to his final destination.

Catholic Church 2/18 2:36PM

Dana and Margaret Scully watched the priest walk out from the confession booth with his eyes wide open, his mouth agape. He wiped sweat from his brow and walked directly up the aisle and into the back offices. Jessica stepped out from the booth she'd been in and looked at both women; her mother and grandmother. She sat in a pew and put her head in her hands.

"What did you say to him?!" Scully asked, a little more than shocked. The only other time she'd seen a priest do that was one day when her mother had sent her and Melissa alone to confession when they were both teenagers. Melissa had told her naughty sin and the priest had gone running. Of course, he was a new priest and he was the object of her sin, so it was understandable.

Margaret waited for the child to respond, she'd never, in her entire life, seen a priest walk out of the confession booth before the person confessing.

Jessi sighed, "I told him that I had visions and he played them off as dreams, so I proved it."

"What did you say to him." Scully repeated, pulling her into a standing position.

The girl looked at her mother, "I told him everything about himself."

She looked up at the entrance and spotted the man waiting for them. He'd never really been into churches, or religion. He knew there had to be something out there, but it was one of the things he really didn't have a set opinion on. So when he waited for Scully, he usually sat in the car, but today was different, he now had a reason to at least stand at the door.

"Dad!" Jessi screamed, running at him, forgetting what'd just happened, in favor of what could happen for the rest of the day. He hugged her, holding the door for support.

"Ready to go?" he asked her as she moved back to look up at him.

"Where are we going today?"

Scully watched them converse. She shook her head and sat down. Her mother sat down next to her, "What's wrong?"

"It's just weird mom."


"The first time Jessi called me Mom, it felt a little odd. But Mulder being her father is just weird. He's my partner, he's my best friend."

Her mother ran a hand through her hair, "Which makes it better that he's her father. Would you rather have found out it was some scum working high up who would want to take her from you."

She shook her head again, quickly responding, "No." She looked up and he was walking towards them, "It's just, since Emily, I didn't think I was ever going to be a mother and it's disturbing that my best friend is the reason I am one."

"Hi," he said shyly, oblivious to what she'd just said. He was holding Jessi's hand, "We're going to spend he day shooting hoops.

"Shooting hoops?" Dana asked.

Jessi laughed, "Basketball..."

Scully smiled, "I know what it means, where are you going to do that?" She waited for Mulder to respond.

"There's a place around my house, I can take you there, so you know where she is." He felt so awkward. Scully was the mother of his child. It was the worst and best thing. Worst because they weren't married, weren't even an item, and it was the best because she was his best friend and the only person he would trust with his child.

"No, that's all right, when are you dropping her off at home?" She felt divorced. Splitting her one child, the only one she knew of, the one carrying her second. Jessi spent every Saturday with her father, and then spent Thursday, Friday, and Sunday with her, and spent the rest of the week with her grandmother. Unless they were on a case.

Mulder looked at his watch, "In a couple of hours? We have to stop at my house to change into something we can both sweat in..." He motioned to Jessi's blouse, jacket, and skirt, all Scully's.

"All right." Scully stood and kissed her daughter on the forehead, "Behave."

Jessi shied away, "I will."

Basketball Court 5:35PM

Jessica loved playing basketball with her father. It was a normal activity, all kids did it. She also loved watching the sunset behind her as they played. Which was why they played late in the evening. She could be done, eat dinner with him and then go home to her mother. She hated that. Not going to her mother, she loved her mother, but she hated leaving her father.

She'd only been with them three weeks, but she'd grown attached to the both of them, to talking to them on the phone almost every single day, to seeing them on the weekends, and smelling their scents whenever they were close. She'd memorized their faces and their movements, their reactions and beliefs. She'd watched them closely, fearing they'd be gone again someday. Fearing she'd be taken away again, and never returned.

Lately she'd had a nightmare about it. About being taken in the night from her mother's house, right in front of her and neither could do anything. She had nightmares about being tested on, about having her unborn brother tested on. And she had nightmares about the testing they'd done before to her brain, the shocks of electricity and the poking in certain areas. She'd shown her mother the small dot-scar where they'd sent a laproscopic type needle in through her skull to prod her brain.

Her mother had immediately taken her to the hospital to finally do the 'brain scan' she'd been wanting to do. But they found nothing wrong. Only something spectacularly odd. She had activity happening in her brain where no one else did. Her mother had smiled at the doctor's request for testing, and she'd declined it, not wanting her daughter to undergo testing she didn't have to. Testing Mulder could do later.

And he did. Nothing painful, just asking her to tell him what he was thinking, which she could do easily. She just thought of him and his thoughts appeared. She found her ability to read minds was coming back. She could turn it off like a faucet and return to normal life if she wanted to, and she could turn it back on and zoom in on one person at a time, or several people at once.

It was hard at first, it'd been so long, but then one day she heard one person, then another and soon she was able to do it all again. What she couldn't do was move objects like she'd been able to do before. She'd tried, Mulder had asked her to try, but she couldn't.

In a way she was glad. She was special enough, but she wasn't too much of a freak... "You gonna shoot?" Her father asked. She shook her head and looked back at him.

She threw the basketball into the hoop with a small hop and he laughed,

"One day we're going to have to get your mother onto this court. I'd LOVE to see her try to do that as well as you do."

Jessi smiled, "I don't know, she might surprise you." She went to retrieve the ball and threw it at him.

He made an easy basket and she sat down. "What's wrong?"

She grabbed her water bottle, "Nothing, hungry."

He went after the basketball and stuck it in his bag, along with his towel and his water bottle, "Then we go home and get some food."

He helped her off the floor and they began walking to his house, which was only a block away. Looking at her swipe her auburn hair out of her eyes, he sighed. In the last three weeks, with the help of the Lone Gunmen, and Skinner, they'd been able to get her a birth certificate, a social security number, and a place in society. They went and retrieved her records from the orphanage she'd been in and they took their maternity and paternity tests to a judge to claim custody.

It'd taken a little work to get him to believe their story, that their baby had been stolen at birth and they thought she'd been dead until she 'called' to them. Jessi helped convince the judge by talking to him with her mind. The only thing they had a real problem with was her name.

They'd argued over who's last name she'd take, since she was Scully's child, but Mulder's as well. When she asked Jessica she laughed. She'd never had a last name before and didn't see the need for it. In the end, they hyphenated, creating the weirdest name in history, to them: Jessica Scully-Mulder. Jessica didn't care. She was happy to carry either name behind hers.

Mulder stood at his apartment door and looked to Jessi who took her keys out of her pocket and opened the door. They walked in and she threw herself on his couch. He dropped his bag and went to her,

"Bath. Now."

"Why?" She smiled.

He made a face, "You're all sweaty!" He paused, "Besides, your mom will kill me if you're not ready for bed when I drop you off."

She smiled again and made her way to the bathroom.

Location #2 2/18 5AM

They met in silence. Some smoked their cigarettes, one more than others , and the rest stood waiting for initiation. A sign that it was allowed for them to talk about their projects. The larger one, their 'Godfather' coughed loudly and stared at the Well Manicured Man,

"The children are becoming a threat to us. We've had rebellions on two camps."

"That can be controlled, it has been. They were deemed special, therefore an asset for us to have. Besides, we need them to help populate the world when it's all over."

"But if they fall into the wrong hands, what they could discover and tell the world would ruin us, and our plans."

The smoking man put out his cigarette, "What is this really about? We've known that the children we created were... different. But we've kept them in check."

The Godfather scoffed at him, "Mass murders are not keeping the single special ones in check... and besides, now we know there are naturally born children with these abilities."

"But you want to get back the one we decided to let go." He lit another cigarette.

The other man looked to his right, his hit man, who was already ready to go after the child, "She hadn't posed a threat yet, but we have to be ready to act in the future, should 'events' unfold."

The smoking man laughed, "But her abilities were compromised, and we've yet to learn whether her unborn child, her sibling would possess these abilities."

"All the others have."

He took a deep breath, "But the others went through extensive trials, this is only our third try with this combination of genes."

"Emily was a disaster. We should take the girl and test the unborn fetus."

"That's unnecessary."

"Is it? Who gave you permission to make decisions, on behalf of us, for these two children?"

"I've been handling their parents forever. Kept them from finding what they search for. I think I should be allowed to make decisions for their children that would affect all parties involved."

The other man shook his head, "No, these children are our responsibility and we need to find out if the combination worked on the unborn, to try and eradicate his abilities early on. And we need to see if Jessica's abilities have returned full strength."

"Her abilities have never been full strength, and you know that."

"We can't afford to take any chances with this one."

The smoking man threw his cigarette on the floor and stepped on it, ignoring the glances at ash trays. He was sure the girl he'd let slip through the cracks was not a threat, then she'd taught the others to feel, and he was sure now that her abilities to read minds, to predict futures, and project strength, were gone. But because of his failure they were beginning to distrust him. He sighed, lit another cigarette, and walked away.

Apartment of Dana Scully 2/18 8:01PM

Dana Scully was all ready for Jessica when the lock on the door clicked. Mulder had been given permission to enter her apartment without knocking, but ONLY when he was bringing home Jessi. She knew the child had been fed, Mulder gets to have dinner with her on Saturdays, but dessert was her treat.

Jessi walked in quickly, "Mom?"

Scully smiled. She never knew it would feel so good to be called that, and now, after many, many years, she understood why her mother had four. "In the kitchen."

The girl licked her lips, "Cake?" she asked.

Mulder shook his head, "You're going to ruin all the working out we've been doing."

Scully walked into the living room from the kitchen, handing a spoon to Jessi, "Go wash your hands." She turned to Mulder, "She might as well have fun."

He saw her smile begin to fade, "You think they're going to take her away from you, don't you."

She tried not to frown, "It's always in the back of my mind, Mulder."

"Try not to think about that. Think of happy times ahead, alright? We've been doing ok for three weeks now."

"But three weeks is nothing. I've been good for three weeks and then gone for three months. There's no certainty with these people."

He put a hand on her cheek, "Don't think of that. She's here now, and she will always be here."

She couldn't help but think of Emily. She'd been prepared to adopt that child, take her home and care for her. She was ready to give up her life as she knew it to have that little girl, and then she'd been taken away. It was impossible not to think about it now.

"Scully." He pulled her under his arm, into a half hug, "Go have fun in the kitchen, don't think about it."

She nodded, "I'll see you Monday then?"

He laughed and kissed her gently on the forehead, "Monday."

Walking out of the apartment he suddenly realized how close they'd become because of Jessica. Before all of this she would never have let him just kiss her like that, even if it was only a friendly kiss. The only time he'd gotten that pleasure was when she was sick and needed comfort. He frowned, maybe it was all he was to her. NO, he scolded himself, she needs me for more than that.

He thought to Monday and walked out of the building and to his car to go home.

Dana watched Mulder leave and turned back to her child who was in the kitchen, ready to bake. Scully smiled at her, "Hungry, uh?"

Jessi shrugged, "Not really, but cake takes half an hour to bake, and by then I'll be hungry again." She smiled.

Scully shook her head and went to her fridge to get eggs. She turned back to Jessi, "So, what did you and Mulder do?"

Jessi grabbed a bowl from beneath the sink, "We played basketball."

"Didn't talk about anything?"

"Not really. I got tired, so we went home."

"Jessi, does this all bother you?"

"What do you mean?" She creased her eyebrows. Scully couldn't help but notice that the more she looked at her, the more of Mulder she saw. She had his eyes, except when she was afraid. And she'd easily picked up some of his mannerisms and had always had his sense of humor.

"Being in so many different places in one week."

Jessi shrugged, "I don't care, as long as I get to see everybody. I mean, it's a whole lot better than being in a metal room, or an orphanage, or a 'farm', at least here I know you're all family and you won't try to hurt me."

Scully remembered dragging Mulder back to the hospital to double check the results of the FBI lab. She thought maybe this was their idea of a joke, but he was her father.

The lights dimmed with the first lightning bolt. Jessi jumped and then smiled shyly, "Flashbacks..," she said sing-songy in a light voice.

Scully laughed, but she knew it wasn't so much a joke. She remembered the night Duane Barry appeared at her window, one bolt of lightning had illuminated him to her as she stood on the phone talking to Mulder's answering machine.

Jessi leaned back against the counter and put a hand on her head, "I don't feel so good."

Scully went to her quickly, placing the eggs in the bowl she'd put on the counter, "You alright, what's wrong?" She panicked.

"I feel queasy..." She licked her lips.

Dana smiled, "Couldn't it just be the pregnancy." She swallowed. The fact that her daughter was going to give birth to her second child still bothered her.

"I don't think so." She looked up as the power went out. The entire house stood still.

Silence. Silence was sometimes more frightening than all the goblins howling in the world. Scully moved quickly and held Jessica to her, holding her tightly, scared that this was the moment. That someone was going to burst in the door and put a bullet in her head and take her child and she'd be defenseless without her mother.

Jessica's eyes widened, the experience not odd to her, and she suspected her mother knew her fear, for she could feel her mother's heart beating quickly against her back. It was beating almost as quickly as her own.

There was a small rumble after several minutes. Then some lightning and some more rumbling. Lightning. The storm. It had to have knocked out the power, that was all it was, Scully reassured herself.

She loosened her grip on the child and went to get her flash light. It was working, according to Mulder, if this was an alien abduction scenario the flash light would not work. She wasn't sure how accurate his words were, since she didn't really want to believe that it was real, that aliens could come in the middle of the night, or day, and take you without you knowing.

"Mom?" The girl asked. Her head was beginning to spin from the adrenaline rush she'd just received.

"It's ok Jessi." Scully tried to sound calm, but her voice came out shaky. This had become the one thing she feared most in the world, that her daughter would be taken. She didn't want to face that all over again.

"Mom, can I have some Asprin?" She still held her mother's hand, and now let it go so the woman could get her what she needed.

She came back with a cup of water and the small white pill, "Why don't you go lay down, we'll do the cake tomorrow."

Jessi nodded and slowly made her way to her mother's room. They shared the bed since it was only three nights a week and her mother couldn't afford to go out and get a two bedroom apartment. Scully put a hand on her own head and went to get an Asprin for herself.

An hour later she was settled into the bed with her daughter. "Mom?" she asked quietly at around one AM.


"It's going to happen."

Scully's eyes opened and looked at her. She couldn't sleep either, "Nothing is going to happen."

"You can't stop them. They're thinking about it right now, about coming and taking me again."

Her eyes watered, "They're not going to take you."

Somewhere inside the Pentagon. 2/19 1:21AM

The smoking man sat in his office and read through some files. He wasn't looking for anything in particular, he was just looking at what was there. He sometimes sneaked into the X-Files division and went through Agent Mulder and Scully's desks when they went home for the weekend. He knew now that he wouldn't be in danger of being found out, they rushed home to see their daughter.

He smiled, thinking maybe it was a good idea to leave her with them, it got them away from their X-Files for longer periods of time. He flipped to the next page and the door burst open.

"They're taking her tonight." Alex Krycek could hardly breath. He'd recently traded his secrets for the right to live amongst the living. Now it was his job to trade secrets with the consortium.

"Wasn't it obvious." He took a cigarette out of his desk drawer and lit it.

"No, you don't understand old man, it's not us who's taking her, it's them." He let his head fall.

The smoking man's eyes widened, "How do you know this?"

"One of their 'messengers' came by and told us they'd take care of the testing themselves."

He stood, "But they're not to be trusted with her. They've got different ideas for what's going to happen."

"Should I try to stop it?" He was already packing his gun, he could go there and at least try, though their powers were stronger than any gun.

"No, that won't make any difference. We just have to trust that they'll return her to us safely, with nothing 'extra'." He knew they put implants in some of the people they were abducting, different from the ones he was used to using. They put them for their own purposes. Some people were walking around with more than one locator in them. One from the shadow government they didn't know about, and the other from the alien army they didn't want to believe they know about.

"So we just sit back and wait." Krycek wasn't one for sitting around and doing nothing, when there was a chance that someone could do something to stop it.

"Yes. If we try and stop it, it might create another war inside a war, one that we don't need at this stage in the game. Beside, we have a good allie on their camp."

Alex slammed the door behind him and walked down the long hall that led out of the Pentagon. He didn't understand these men most of the time. He didn't know why they sat back and watched sometimes and then acted without warning other times.

But he had to oblige. If he didn't, he knew the repercussions of his actions would be serious, from both sides...

Apartment of Dana Scully 2/19 3:26AM

Jessi was sleeping soundly after another hour, in her mother's arms. She needed to be comforted and Scully was doing her best. Only minutes after Jessi had fallen asleep Scully fell asleep herself. She didn't dream, only fell into a deep sleep. Jessi moaned softly and her eyes flew open. Nightmares again. She sometimes wondered if she'd spend the rest of her life having nightmares.

She moved her mother's arm off her and went into the kitchen. Her throat was dry and she wanted juice. Moving quietly through the house she wanted to turn on all the lights It wouldn't make her any more comfortable with the night's silence, but at least she could see that there wasn't something hiding in the corner.

Scully's brain began to process lack of heat... lack of her daughter's body under her arm and she panicked, jumping up in bed with a huff of air. She looked to her left and saw that she was, indeed, missing. "Jessi?" She called quietly, hoping she'd be in the bathroom. She stepped out of bed and looked over. The bathroom door was open, but she wasn't in there. She went into the living room and saw that the kitchen light was on. "Jessi?" She asked again.

She heard a muffled noise and she stepped in, seeing her daughter there, gulping on Apple juice next to the fridge. She reluctantly put the cup down, "Bad dream, needed to get a drink." She knew what her mother was thinking, she knew her fear.

Dana almost laughed, "Alright, hurry up." She turned back and the kitchen light went out. Turning again, she saw Jessi's eyes widen, "It's probably just the power outage, the storm, you know."

Jessi nodded, but her heart was still in her throat. She placed the cup in the sink and looked at the clock, it was three twenty seven in the morning. There was a small rumbling and Jessi immediately ran to her mother. Her breath began to come out in short, sharp gasps. She held onto her mother and closed her eyes.

Scully looked around herself and pulled Jessi with her, to her living room where she could retrieve her gun. It anyone was coming in here, they were going to get a bullet in the chest. She reached her gun and looked down at Jessi. She had her eyes closed tightly, and she was gripping her arm, "Jess, loosen up, you're hurting me."

The girl did as she was told, but moved closer to her mother. Lights began to pulsate through the windows and she screamed. Not again, this was not happening again, she told herself. The lights came with a low buzzing noise that made both of them a bit dizzy. Pictures on the walls began to shake and Scully heard one fall with a crash to the floor.

"They're here!" Jessi screamed.

"What?" Scully hollered.

Jessi only began to cry, "Not now!" She whimpered.

Scully pulled the girl closer, "They're not going to get you!"

"You can't stop them." She knew it was going to happen. She'd been seeing it over and over in her dreams and she knew there was nothing that could be done to stop it. Her only hope was the alternate futures she saw, one in which she was safe and she was returned and everything was alright. She wished she could tell her mother about this "new" ability, to see into the future, but she was afraid her father would find out, then the men would find out... and this would happen. What if they already know? She pondered.

"I'm sure as hell am going to try!" Scully looked to the window, at the lights and backed Jessi into her room and closed the door. She felt her head spin and Jessi caught her.

"Mom?" she asked, forgetting what was happening for only a fraction of a second.

"I'm f..." Her eyes began to close as her world turned black. What was happening... she tried to stay awake, but the harder she fought it, the harder it fought her.

"Mom!" Jessi was alarmed. Her world was equivalent to LA during an earthquake through the eyes of a person on LSD and her mother was passing out. The strobe lighting was making her dizzy and it made her vision blotchy. She could see her mother fall to the floor in a heap. She could see the gun drop from her hand as she went, and she could see the figure appear in the doorway. It reached out for her and she was powerless. She went to the being and all was dark.

Apartment of Dana Scully 2/19 8:24PM

Mulder could see the cop cars and the lights as he drove up. He looked over the yellow tape and the crowd gathering to see what was going on. He slowed his car to a stop and his heart began to beat faster and faster and faster.... He tried to breath through the flashbacks he was having. Please God, don't let them have taken her again, he thought to himself over and over. He stepped out of his car, pulled out his ID, and they let him past the crowd, past the yellow tape, past the great number of police men and he ran into Skinner.

"Agent Mulder?" The older man asked.

"Where are they?" Was all he could get out. He was staring at the open door where he could already see Margaret, with a cup of water in her hand, walking to a destination he could not tell.

"Agent Mulder?!" Skinner yelled after him when he pushed past him to get inside the house.

He didn't care who was yelling at him, his.... Scully lived in that house with their daughter and he needed to know that they were alright. He shoved a police officer out of the way and heard her voice,

"Did they call Mulder? Is he on his way?" She was asking her mother.

Her mother smiled, running a hand through her daughter's hair, "Yes honey, he hung up on the officer, he should be getting here..."

"Dana?" he asked, walking slowly to her.

She had a blanket wrapped around her body, her hands and knees were shaky and her cheek was bruised. Her eyes were red from crying and her hair disheveled. Mulder opened his mouth to speak and she looked up at him, shutting off just about all responses he had, "Mulder, they took her again." Her lower lip began to tremble and her eyes watered again and he was at her side. He pulled her into an embrace and she cried. He knew she was in pain. This was her second daughter taken, not once, but twice, and she was afraid that this time it would be for good. "Everything was going so good, why did they have to take her away?" She whined, shocking herself.

"I don't know, but we're going to find her."

Scully nodded into his chest, knowing they were about to start another investigation.

Location Unknown time unknown

Her eyes flashed open and looked around at her surroundings. It was a sterile white and she was lying on the floor curled up into a little ball in the middle. Sitting up, she pulled her legs into an embrace and tried not to cry. She'd been in this room before, it's where you wait before an examination, though usually you're so sedated you never wake up long enough to know you'd been in this room.

She listened for the footsteps that would come, but all was silent. The door, she knew, was directly in front of her, though no lines could be seen to show that's where it was. It was a perfectly closed room, to a normal person's eyes. Only the trained, the special, knew more about it. She knew she was being monitored by a small camera camouflaged in one of the corners. She turned around and spotted it, and then turned back to the door.

She wondered how long she'd been in that room. Had it been minutes, hours, days? Was her mother in another one of these rooms or was she still at home, oblivious to what was happening to her there. Was she crying because her daughter was missing, or was she shrugging with the knowledge that it was bound to happen. She heard muffled sounds and she tried to listen. Then her ears were hit with a deafening noise. It was high pitched and extremely annoying, and it prevented her from reading the minds of the people outside that door.

On the other side the smoking man awaited the presence of an important person. The other one. The hidden one. The new plans stated that this one, this specially trained one, would lead the colonies in their take over of the human race. She would enslave those who didn't resist and kill those who did. She walked proud, though she was short, and she snarled at those who got in her way. He could already hear her heels clicking on the hard glossy white surface of the floor. Long strides that cut through the halls like a Titan through the water.

He watched, down the long hall, waiting for her to appear. Soon an army of people were marching down the hall to the room. She was in the lead. Her black trench coat flew behind her, showing off the tight black suit she was wearing. In more ways than one she looked exactly like her mother, but she held an attitude that no mother would want.

The girl came to him, her brown eyes determined to reach her destination, holding in them anger and disrespect. She didn't fix the auburn hair that fell wildly about her shoulders, didn't bother to straighten her coat that was still behind her. She merely glanced at him a moment, waiting for him to explain to her why she'd had to do what she'd done.

"They need assurance that she would be safe. I felt their hit squad wouldn't have been adequate." The smoking man longed for a cigarette, but knew this child prevented it. This was Their lair, Their law, and she loved to ridicule him with her own smoke when he couldn't have his own.

Remaining completely serious she continued to stare. She wanted to know why the hit squad wouldn't have done it, her words pierced his mind, and were it not for his determination to stand, he'd have fallen to the floor. Her powers were so much stronger than the other child they held. This was the potential they were afraid of. She could drop any of the men in power in less than seconds with her mind. She could manipulate the thoughts of others without their knowing, and over time she grew more powerful.

She'd been the control in their experiment. Jessica had been allowed out into the world, into an orphanage, this one had been given to the alien legion and they'd raised her. Both had the same parents, both were capable of the same things, but Jessica was given the option to be a normal child. To ignore her powers and be a regular kid.

The girl looked at him, forcing his answer.

"We want to test Jessica's baby."

The tests weren't needed, the baby's special genes were dormant, he was going to be a normal baby, with no powers, no abilities. This wasn't necessary.

"We needed to be sure."

It could have been done without the kidnapping, it's hard to maneuver around, and brings forth unwanted attention to certain parties, namely your own. Now you leave US with the challenge of putting her back.

"We could keep her here, you could teach her."

She's already learned in her ways and won't be changed.

"But you're more powerful." He smiled; she didn't.

Neither is more powerful. She has the ability to fight me, even to defeat me. She just has to be tempted.

"But if she is, wouldn't she be more inclined to work with us?"

She loves her parents too much to think about leaving them now, which is why we should return her. She won't go any harm if we return her now.

"Aren't you even curious?"

The other girl looked to the door and with a press of a button it slid sideways, into the wall. She stood in the light of the doorway staring down at the girl who was looking up at her. They were identical, yet so different. The girl on the floor stood and her eyebrows dropped wondering who this other girl was. She sensed she was different from other clones.

"The time is now." The girl at the door said.

FBI Headquarters 2/20 9:35AM

Scully stared into space, she wanted to be home, where her daughter would be returned, if she was returned, but Mulder insisted she keep working. He was almost sure they weren't going to return Jessica, that they were going to keep her and her baby. He'd even theorized that this baby was exactly what they wanted, that the child was going to be a more potent threat to them and their plans than Jessica was.

He didn't know how wrong he was.

Scully didn't care, she just wanted to get back to the life she'd discovered in the last three weeks. Having her little girl jumping up and down in anticipation to see her on the weekends. Listening to her voice on the phone every night talking about the things she'd done with her grandmother. Hearing her tell her mother that she'd seen a cute boy in the park who'd given her his number. And her mixed feelings about giving birth to her brother.

They'd had numerous conversations in the time she was with her, usually they went to sleep late on weekends just talking in bed. They talked about getting a bigger apartment, or just having Scully move in with her mother, so she could see Jessica every night. They talked about Mulder, and how they both felt about him being her father.

She smiled, those were the funniest conversations. And the more she talked about it, the more comfortable she got with it, but it still made her cringe a little. Not that Mulder wasn't a good man, but he was her partner, and then there's the fact that they'd never even had sex.

"Scully?" he asked. She shook the thought out of her head and looked up at him.

"Yeah," she said.

"I think we should go back to the NeoOmniGenesis lab, ask around, see if we can get any information out of them." He paused. "I checked into the place, it's a fertility clinic... at least most of it is. It'd be perfect for harvesting genetic material."

She stood, "I don't think we'll get anything hard core."

"But you're willing to go." He questioned.

She looked away a moment, and then back at him, "I'm willing to do anything to find her."

He nodded, "I'm also putting out an APB in all local hospitals, just in case she comes back..." he didn't need to finish the sentence. She knew he meant it was just in case Jessica came back in the same condition she was returned in.

"Is Skinner still trying to unseal records from the orphanage?" she asked, pulling her coat on.

Mulder nodded again, reaching for his own jacket, "Yeah, he'd had no luck, everything that we were told about her is about all he can get. The police records of how she was found, wandering in a street, are 'lost' and all medical records done while she was at the orphanage grew legs and walked away because they can't even find a trace of them."

"Are her new records, her identity, still around." She was asking a silly question, but she still needed an answer.

He smiled, "She's still Jessica Scully-Mulder, if that's what you're asking.

She cringed, it was so weird to her.

"So you hate the idea that much?" He sat back down.

"Mulder?" She walked to his desk and stood on the other side of him.

"The idea of me being the father of your children, do you hate the idea so much?" His heart sped up, it was what he'd wanted to ask from day one, but could never get up the courage to. He didn't want to be shot down, hurt, especially not by her.

She sat down in the chair on the other side of the desk and looked at the papers work in front of him, "It's just not what I expected."

"What you expected?"

"When I thought about having children, and I've thought about it a lot since I learned I couldn't, I just thought of going out on dates with a man, marrying him. Then having children. I didn't think of having some of my ovum stolen as a teenager for some experiment. Then eighteen years later being told that I had a seventeen year old daughter, and guess what, her father is your best friend."

"So, you hate the idea of me being her father?" He knew she was avoiding a direct answer, which usually meant that the answer wasn't what he wanted to hear, that's what it always meant, to anyone.

She looked him in the eye, "No." She started. "No, I don't hate the idea, it just needs a little getting used to."

He tried to smile, she didn't find him disgusting, "You have to admit, she'd a good kid. We make good kids."

She shook her head standing, "See, that heads into the weird zone for me."

Laughing, he held his hands up, "Alright, no more. Let's just go to the lab and ask around."

2/20 11:21AM

The entire ride he wondered if she thought it was weird because she really did hate the idea, or whether she thought it was weird because she liked the idea too much and it frightened her. He hated being a psychologist sometimes, he always overanalyzed his own problems and ended up bothering someone else way too much. And he knew that only made things worse.

Scully looked at the building again, who were they going to talk to? Who were they going to 'bother'? What were they thinking coming back here. She could only remember the rows and rows of incubator tubes filled with those fetuses... fetuses she killed.

It had been a jealous rage. She didn't want those children to live because they weren't going to be with their parents, they were going to be raised on a farm somewhere to do the government's dirty work. And if there was one that had a defect, like Emily, or of they all did... that wasn't, in her mind, the right reason to bring a child into the world. Though she gladly would have taken hers and raised them on her own.

This whole ordeal made her angrier than she'd ever been in her entire life. They'd stolen her change to give life to another human being, to feel the pain and happiness of having a child. Then they took those little beings and manipulated them for their own goal and raised them. They took away her children.

Before Jessica, before even Emily, sometimes she'd sit alone in her room and cry, wondering, would she had children if she were able to? Would it be worse if she had the ability, but no one to be with? She looked to Mulder,

"Who are we going to talk to?"

He looked at a paper he'd been holding in his pocket, "I called earlier and told them we were prospective parents, so we needed to talk to an In Vitro specialist. They told me to ask for Dr. John Falsberg."

She looked out her window. They were prospective parents who needed In Vitro fertilization, what a LOVELY predicament.

"Scully, what else did you want me to say, you know they're not going to let me talk to anyone if I say I'm an FBI agent looking for the reasons behind my daughter's kidnapping, and the origins of her life." He watched her continue to stare at the building.

He parked and they got off, "What are our names supposed to be?"

He turned to her, "What?"

"Well, we can't just walk in there telling them our real names, if they ask around they might figure out we're the people who busted into their facility a couple weeks ago."

"If they've got a good security guard, then they'll know our faces already."

She looked confused a moment, then remembered that there had to be some sort of surveillance video from when they broke in, even though they'd looked up and seen no camera's. She thought a moment, "Josh and Elizabeth Parker."

"Josh and Elizabeth Parker?" Mulder asked, curious.

Scully looked at him, "Would you prefer John Steed and Emma Peel?"

He blinked and thought about it, "Well..."

She began to walk to the front door. As she opened it, he raced to meet her, holding the door for her, "How 'bout Rocky and Bullwinkle." He whispered in her ear.

She shivered with the tingle that went down her spine... too close. Smiling she approached the front desk where a small man sat. His eyes were a light blue, his hair a dark blonde. He was fervently writing something on a pink scratch pad while arguing lightly with someone on the phone. Obviously someone who Did Not want to leave a message.

"Can I help you?" he asked politely, looking up at them when he hung up on the rude caller. His tone was delightful and his smile charming. Scully smiled back, he reminded her of Pendrell, 'here to please.'

Mulder looked at the paper again, "I'm looking for Dr. John Falsberg." He glanced at the man.

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Do we need one?" Scully tried to sound desperate, hoping he was as vulnerable as Pendrell.

The man smiled at her, "Lemme check and see just how full his office is, some days he's empty and he can see 'pop-up' clients."

"Pop Up clients?" Mulder repeated.

"Occasionally there are some people who call and ask, but forget to make an appointment and just 'pop up' here. Usually they're rude though."

Scully smiled shyly as he looked at her. Mulder mad a face at her little girl routine. But he shrugged, as long as it got them what they needed out of this doof.

The man dialed a number on the phone in front of him and spoke into the little microphone that was coming out of a wire wrapped around his head. He put a hand on the headphone inserted in his left ear and asked a couple of questions, looking up at them and then back down at the papers in front of him. He smiled and pressed the hang up button and looked back up at them,

"He's free and he'll see you." he pointed to the elevator, "Just take it up to the third floor, make a right. It's the second office door." He smiled as they left him with an eager 'thank you.'

Scully looked around the lobby and noticed it's lack of detail. It was almost all grey marble stone and a few small green potted plants on the floor next to maroon red chairs, for those waiting. On the wall were simple documents of certification for some doctors, or blandly drawn portraits.

They stepped into the elevator and Mulder let out a laugh. Scully's head whipped around in his direction, "What?" She asked.

"Tell me that was an act."

"It was an act." She deadpanned.

"Seriously, you should have considered drama when you were in college." He rubbed a spot on the side of his head.

She nodded, "I did, actually. But it was boring after a while. I hated to pretend I was someone else. I got too into it and usually screwed everything up with hypotheticals and logistics."

Mulder's eyebrows went up, "You actually took acting classes."

Scully shook her head, "No, I went to Drama Club meetings with a friend and often visited during rehearsals, it was fun. Eventually they asked me to try out for something, so I did, and I got it."

"What part?"

"Sandy, in Grease." She sounded only slightly proud of herself.


She turned back to him, "What's that supposed to mean?"


"'Ah.'" She repeated crossing her arms.

"I just thought that if you ever did Grease, you'd be Rizzo."

"Why?" She was a little hurt, Rizzo was the slut.

"She was the tough one, head strong, never let what other people said really affect her. And you're strong like that."

She reconsidered her hurting, he was right, "But so was Sandy, if you really think about it."

The elevator doors opened and they stepped out, to see Dr. John Falsberg. Scully walked into the office and was greeted with the familiar doctor smell she was beginning to hate They sat down on the chair and the office was indeed empty. Scully stood and rang the bell and a small dark eyed, dark haired woman opened the glass plate. She smiled at them, "Dr. Falsberg will see you in a moment." Scully nodded and went back to Mulder's side on the couch.

They sat and waited for almost twenty minutes. They were handed medical sheets and Scully declined, saying they were only there today to check things out. They were determined to get their medical information for about ten minutes, and finally Mulder yelled at them the same thing Scully said and they went away. He was a bit curious to know why they wanted their medical records though.

Another twenty minutes and the door opened. A tall man stuck his head out and smiled at them, "Mr. and Mrs. Parker?"

They looked up at the man. He had light blue eyes and pepper colored hair. His smile was evident even though his lips hadn't moved. The two of them stood and he opened the door wider.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," he said as they entered an office where they were seated in front of his desk. On the desk were several pictures of little children and a woman. Scully looked at the children. They looked like their mother, all with brown hair and grey eyes, perfect little face with cute little smiles, some of which were missing teeth. She judged that they were three, six, and eight.

"My wife, Jennifer, and my kids, Simon, Gregory, and Kayla. All three were created with the technology we have here."

Mulder was more interested in the plaques on the walls, but he let his eyes fall on the children, "Any failure in the family, Dr. Falsberg? I mean, if it's not too personal a question."

The man shook his head, "We had another little girl last year, Lauren, but she died before birth."

Scully looked up at him, "What went wrong?"

"The umbilical cord wrapped around her neck." The man took a deep breath and tried to smile through the obvious pain, "So you're here to check me out before consummating the wee ones?"

Scully almost laughed, "Josh and I aren't having much luck naturally, and we were wondering what your procedures were." She looked to Mulder who squirmed in his chair, he didn't like it implied that he couldn't do it for her, even if it wasn't real.

The man clapped his hands together, "Well, we take a couple of your ovum, Mrs. Parker, or we could get doner eggs if that's the problem. Then we take some sperm, or a doner, again, if that's the problem. In a lab we combine, then we bring you back in when we have the eggs fertilized and we implant them. If all goes well, some of the eggs will survive and you'll give birth to your own little babies."

Mulder looked up, "Where do the doner eggs, or um, sperm, come from?" He paused, "Not that we're saying that's the problem." Unconsciously he was protecting his own image, but when he looked to Scully, she'd dropped her head.

"When couples are successful, we ask if they'd be willing to donate their 'material' for other prospective parents who can't produce on their own." Dr. Falsberg looked up from one adult to the other, "Any other questions?" He smiled politely at them.

Scully looked to Mulder, and then to the doctor, "What kind of testing would you need to know how difficult this could be? And how long would it take? And could we keep it completely confidential, under assumed names?"

The man raised his eyebrows, "It doesn't take too long, we can do initial testing right here in the office, and yes, if you'd like we can keep it strictly confidential, no names attached, just an ID number."

Scully stood, "Let's do it."

Mulder glanced at her, his eyebrows falling in confusion, why the hell would she put herself, and him through that? But he understood, they needed to see the whole procedure, or at least she did. She wanted to know how easy it was to give the children away to other mothers.

Scully followed the doctor out of the room and into an examination room, she proceeded to leave out the fact that, as far as she knew, she was barren, and that she'd had cancer. He then took some blood and dragged Mulder into another examination room and handed him a cup.

"What's this for?" Mulder asked innocently, he assumed they were going to take blood.

The man laughed, "What do you mean? You're doing fertility testing, we need to know if sperm count is a problem. If there's no natural problem then we can save you the cost of hundreds of dollars in these 'test tube baby' procedures, and just give you helpful sex routines..."

Mulder shook his head, "How am I supposed to just... perform here."

The man smiled, "Um, think of your wife." And he went back to Scully. Mulder's eye's widened, think of Scully, oh yeah, that's going to work. He sat on the bed and held the cup in his hand, think of Scully doing something nau... that got a reaction, he smiled.

Outside NeoOmniGenesis 2:21PM

They stepped into the car, Mulder a beet red, Scully still half under the anesthesia she was given. She slumped in the seat and he started the car, trying not to sweat in front of her. She glanced up at him, her eyes sleepy.

"So, what did they do?" he asked nervously.

"They ran some tests," her words were slurred, "stuck needles in my belly," she laughed, "What'd they do to you?"

Non-technical terms for a hospital procedure, Mulder pondered, Scully MUST be out of it, "The usual, I'm taking you home."

"So, did they give you tapes?" She rubbed her head, laughing some more.


She giggled, "I feel like I'm going to pass out."

"Which is why I'm taking you home right now. You need to sleep." He drove as fast as he could within the limits of the highway.

"Sleep sounds good." She got serious and closed her eyes.

What the hell did they give her, he thought suddenly. She leaned against the window and slept the whole way to her house. When they pulled up to the house, her living room light was on and Mulder's heard jumped. Maybe Jessica was home?

He shook Scully and she moaned in response, batting at his hand, "What?"

"Scully, did you leave your light on?"

Her eyes flashed open, "What?" Looking at the house she jumped out of the car and went to her front door, fumbling with the keys. Mulder followed and he almost kicked in the door when she dropped her keys. She opened the door with one swift swing and looked around her, "Jessi?!" She called.

Silence greeted her. She threw herself down on the couch and he went to her, "You ok?"

"Mulder, I left the light on, why did I do that?"

"You probably forgot it was on."

"I never forget it's on."

She held her head in her hands and started to cry, "Why did they do this to me? She was fine here, they didn't have to take her away from me."

Mulder was a bit shocked, but he hugged her tightly, "They took her away from me too."

She looked up at him and he kissed her forehead. Then he brought her to a standing position and took her to her room and laid her on her bed, "Get some rest." He ordered.

She sighed and closed her eyes, pulling her legs up, closer to her. He got a blanket she kept in her closet and threw it over her. After watching her sleep for almost half an hour, he went to her couch and laid down. It truly wasn't fair that this happened. He closed his eyes, trying to forget his troubles, forget his world, and he tried to go to sleep.

Amazingly enough, he did.

Location Unknown 2/20 11:10PM

Jessica opened her eyes and looked around herself. She saw tubes and beings. But her blurred vision restricted her from knowing whether it was human or alien beings that stood over her. She knew it was alien technology being driven by human hybrids that took her out of her mother's house, and she knew she was now in the hands of government honchos who thought they knew what the future should be. But she didn't know what was going on.

She looked to her right and saw the monitor and then her head was moved back to it's previous position, looking straight up in the air. Someone stood over her, She stood over her.

"What..." she trailed, her voice hoarse from the lack of moisture in the back of her throat. The other girl looked around and then back at her.

"We're testing the baby."


"They need to know if it has powers."

"He doesn't." She felt sleepy, and as the same time like waking up.

There was a pause and Jessi watched as the other girl looked around her, then moved closer to her, "He does, he just hasn't used it yet." She whispered in her ear. Jessi couldn't tell if she was trying to be supportive or mean.

Jessica took a deep breath and someone screamed, "She has to stay still! Is she awake? Sedate her again!"

She felt pressure in her arm and saw someone standing with her tubing in their hand. She knew she was going to be out like a light in less than a minute. Looking up, she saw the other girl looking down at her,

"Who are you?" she asked, fighting the anesthesia they'd given her.

"That's a good question, isn't it." Was all she responded before Jessica's eyes fell shut and she fell asleep again.

When she opened her eyes again she was back in the white room staring at the ceiling. She felt a bandage on her belly and she felt a slight pain where they'd inserted their instruments. Her stomach grumbled and she sat up. She looked to where their camera was hidden ad asked,

"Can I have some food please?" She remained staring at the camera, looking into the mind of the operator, seeing an intelligent young man sitting at the desk. Orders were given, and she looked to the door before the food entered. They gave her a simple soup and she drank it, thankful that they were being kind enough to do this. She remembered a time when she was in this room and they left her there to starve for three days.

Those weren't the worst days of her life, but they were horrible. When they finally pulled her out, she was dehydrated and passed out in a puddle of her own urine. She shivered on the floor now, slurping up that soup, knowing they could easily do that again.

Eventually, that night a couple years ago, she'd figured out that what they'd wanted her to do was call someone with her mind, but she'd refused to, hating the fact that her ability to speak to someone in their mind was the only reason she'd been kept alive.

The door opened and the other girl walked in. She was holding a cigarette in her right hand and took two steps into the room so they could close the door behind her. She stared at Jessica while smoking, blowing circles in the air like a professional. Jessi looked at her, she had to be a clone of herself. She was identical, which meant she was seventeen, which meant she shouldn't be smoking.

"What's it to you?" she asked, her voice low.

"It's not good for you."

"We're all going to die anyway."

"Then I don't care." Jessi snarled.


"When can I go home?"

The other girl laughed loudly, "Who said you get to go home?"

Jessi shrugged, "Well then, if I don't get to go home, then where the hell am I?"

"You're in MY home, my Hell." She stared into the camera and could see the operator fall onto the floor, blood gushing from his nose.

"Who are you?"

"Who are You?" She mirrored.

"Jessica Scully-Mulder," she answered, standing up.

The other girl thought a moment and Jessi walked around her. She was wearing a body tight brown leather suit and a long black trench coat with high heeled leather boots. Her auburn hair curled in at her shoulders and was all one length. Her eyes were dark brown, and her skin a pale white. The only real difference between them was the clothing, and the suntan Jessica had gotten by being outside so much in the last three weeks.

"Can't believe it, huh?" The girl responded, taking a deep breath of the room's air, just holding the cigarette in her hand.

"Who are you?" Jessica asked again.

The girl turned to stare at her, "I'm you."

"You're not me, you're you." Jessi was getting tired of her smart ass remarks.

"What, you want a name to go with the face?" She tiled her head to one side.

Jessi nodded and waited, tilting her own head.

She put a hand on her waist, "Devon Elisabeth was the name I was given at birth, as were you given Jessica James, but you know, no one ever calls me by my name. I'm 'the one', 'her', 'the Special one', 'the other one.' So you see, names aren't really that important Miss Jessica James Scully-Mulder." She brought the cigarette to her mouth, "What a crap job of a name."

Jessica licked her lips, "I like it. And names are important, Devon."

"You can't teach me to care Jess."

"That's what they said about those clones they stuck me with for those three years."

"They were weak."

"You're not?"

She laughed, "Me? I'm not weak, I'm the most powerful person on the planet."

"Well, if you're a clone of me, then you're not." Jessica watched her reaction, her cheeks turned a bright red, the cigarette was forgotten.

She made a charge for Jessica, grabbing her by the neck and slammed her into a wall, "I'm not a clone of you, you moron!"

"Then what the fuck are you!?" Jessica screamed, grabbing the girls arms with her own hands to keep the pressure off her esophagus.

A wicked smile formed on Devon's lips, "I'm your sister."

Jessica shoved Devon off easily, "What do you mean you're my sister?"

Devon fixed her hair, "Didn't know mom and dad would make twins, huh." She watched for Jessica's reaction, none came, "We're twins! I've got red blood, like you, and 'special genes', like you. And now I guess I can have a ridiculously LONG name, Like you!" She smiled, staring at the camera again.

The door opened and she exited, leaving Jessica standing in the middle of the room, with her mouth open in shock. That could not be her sister, That was a bitch! Jessica thought.

Devon walked out of the room and was met with a hand on her upper chest. She looked at and saw the smoking man and handed him her cigarette, "This is all I have for you," she said licking her lips and pushing his hand off her.

The man looked at the cigarette in his hand and smiled, he'd raised her along with the aliens, it wasn't surprising she'd pick up his habits. He watched the girl walk down the hall and turn, her trench coat flying behind her. Then he turned back to the door in front of him. From the outside it looked like any other door, but he knew on the inside it looked like nothing but a wall, and with it's technology, it fused with the elements around it on the other side.

He turned away from the door and walked to where Devon had gone. To a main room where a conference was to be held to decide what was to be done. She sat at the head of that conference table and she watched over what was done. To ensure that no secrets were kept.

But when he entered he was shocked that only she stood there She crossed her arms and turned back to him, "You didn't tell me I had a sister."

"And I thought no secrets could be kept from you."

"When I don't know about secrets, I can't find out what they are."

"Maybe you should start looking a little bit harder."

She turned, her eyes flaming with anger, 'She can be released, she's not doing any harm. Neither is our little brother."

"But is his blood balance stable."

"Yes, he's a success, he'll be a normal little boy."

"Not like Emily.

Devon looked to the floor, for a moment feeling remorse, "No, not like Emily." She paused, "You should have terminated her the minute you found out about her regressive tendencies."

"But we found out too late in the game."

Devon walked past him, to the door, "The game, as I know it, is now dictated by me, and Jessica is to be let go."

"You're not afraid of her abilities, are you?" His last two words went up an octave.

"She keeps them in check."

"And her knowledge of this place?"

Devon turned, she let a smile spread across her lips, one that made the man want to turn and run, and she knew he was afraid of her, "What place?" she asked, nodding her head at him.

Apartment of Dana Scully 2/21 2:25AM

Lightning struck once, shocking her out of her sleep. She sat up, the blanket Mulder had thrown on her falling to the floor. She stood and went to the bathroom, quickly bathing and changing into her pajamas. This was going to be a long night, she thought, looking at the clock. She entered her living room and saw the couch had been slept in, and then she found a note on her dining room table:

"Scully, I was going to stay the night, to make sure you were ok, but I got a call from the Lone Gunmen. They say they have information on Dr. Falsberg. They didn't say good or bad, they insisted on not talking on the phone, so I went. I hope you're feeling better. See you tomorrow at work. Mulder."

She smiled, he was there to make sure she was alright, she loved that thought. She tossed the paper back onto her table and went back to her room to sleep some more. She could hear the rain falling softly outside and in her head she heard whispering. She tried to block it out, figuring it was all just imagination, but it got stronger.

"Mom, she's coming, take care of her."

She closed her eyes tightly, it wasn't Emily's voice, but it didn't sound like Jessica, and WHO was coming? She heard a soft knock on the door. Maybe it was Mulder, back soon and being very considerate of the fact that she might be sleeping.

She stood quickly, and maybe it was a gunman coming to shoot her for the little she knew about everything. She took her gun out of her holster and almost jumped when lightning struck again, close.

Slowly she made her way into the living room as more lightning struck and the rain grew stronger. The knocking came again. "Mom?" She heard.

"Jessica!" She almost screamed, not loosing her gun as she sprinted to the door, ripping it open. The girl stood at the door, still wearing the pajamas she was wearing when she was taken. Her hair dripped with water and her eyes were red from crying. She was taking deep exasperated breaths. Her mother pulled her into the house and tightly hugged her, crying herself.

"Oh God, where have you been?" she asked the child.

Jessica couldn't remember, but she knew it was a temporary block, someone had deliberately put a temporary block on her, one that would pass in time and she'd be able to recite everything she'd seen and heard in the past days. But for the moment she was just glad to be home, and in her mother's warm, dry arms.

Office of the Lone Gunmen 2:30AM

Mulder stood in the middle of the room waiting for them to finish their rampage about the latest conspiracies to come across their desks. They included more JFK theories, some pesticide stories, and, as always, a couple of UFO hot spot tales. When they were done he raised his hands in the air, asking them what they found on Dr. Falsberg.

Frohike spun around once in his chair, "Well, Mulder, we did the check you asked for, as thorough as always."

Byers handed Mulder a print out, "But, unfortunately, there's nothing dirty about him. Not even an arrest to smudge his records. He graduated from the University of Miami's medical program with honors and practiced a year down in Florida's Mercy hospital. He moved up to Virginia to take a higher position in Arlington's pediatrics department. Then he was hired by the NeoOmniGenesis lab after he completed a four year study on the effects of fertility treatments in couples who had small percentages in getting pregnant."

Mulder nodded. Well, at least one person in the facility was clean. "What about the corporation itself?"

Langley fixed his glasses and picked up the conversation, "Again, nothing really that off about it. They have about an 85% success rate in births stemming from their fertility drugs and treatments. They have government contracts going back about twenty years, but have no direct link to what's going on with them.

Frohike lowered his eyes, and his voice, "Though they do show signs of missing 'material', if you know what I mean."

Mulder crossed his arms, "You think they're using some of these woman's eggs to create the hybrids?" He tested his theory on them.

The three stared at him.

"Then why would the government go through so much trouble to abduct women in the middle of the night and steal their ovum if they've got a free supply right here." The only real backfire of his theory.

Byers, "We believe that this is a way of screening some women, or using these eggs to experiment first, before using their own supply. That's not the only thing missing though..."

"They steal the sperm too?" Mulder shot.

"Well... if they take one, why not take the other."

"It doesn't really make sense."

Byers shook his head, "What if they take the eggs, experiment on them and then put them into these women, who are supposed to be pregnant anyway, to see if there's any real difference between the children born from wombs and others born from tanks."

Mulder looked from one man to another, to another. It was possible, if it was proven that the babies born from the womb were better candidates for whatever they were going to do, then they would have surrogate mothers for all their children. And Jessica, and the other girls at that compound had carried the children at least two months... his cell phone rang. He jumped and pulled it out of his pocket, knowing the only person who would call him this late was Scully.

"Mulder," he answered.

There was silence a moment, then Scully spoke, "She's here, Mulder." She spoke in a whisper and Mulder smiled, the girl must be sleeping,

"I'll be there in a little bit."

"Ok. Bye." She hung up the phone.

Mulder turned to the three men and smiled, his heart calming for the first time in days, "Thanks guys, I'll have to talk to you later."

"Is she alright?" Frohike asked, knowing who was on the phone.

Mulder almost laughed, "Yeah, Scully's fine. Jessica came home."

Apartment of Dana Scully 2/21 2:50AM

Mulder opened the door and walked into the silent house. He went to the bedroom and saw Scully laying on the bed, an arm around Jessi, who was sleeping soundly next to her mother. Scully looked up.

"When did she get here?" he asked.

"About half an hour ago. She was tired, and wet, so I bathed her and put her to sleep."

"Is she alright?"

"She doesn't remember anything."

He shook his head, "That doesn't matter.

"What did the Lone Gunmen say?" She moved to stand, but Jessi moaned in her sleep.

He moved closer to her, sitting on the edge of the bed that was left, "They say Dr. Falsberg is clean, no reason to not trust him. Do you still want to go back and get the results?"

"I'd like to see how they operate."

"Byers says it's possible they're using their clients to test out difference between womb and tube children. The difference between Jessica and her baby."

Scully laughed softly, "Our baby."

He took a deep breath, "We need to check to see if she's still pregnant first."

She became serious, "You think they took the baby?" She pulled away from Jessica, walking with Mulder, into the living room. It hurt to ignore her girl's mumbled call for her.

"I think it's a possibility."

Scully didn't want to think of that as a possibility. They'd taken too much away from her already. She looked back to Jessi, who'd rolled over onto the space Scully's been laying in. She moaned softly and then cried out, jumping up in the bed.

Scully ran into the room and held her, "Don't go away!" Jessi shouted, her voice trembling.

"I'm right here."

"Don't leave me!" She said before sobbing.

Scully hugged her, trying to calm her. She looked up at Mulder, "Tomorrow we go to the hospital and get her tested again, then we go to NeoOmniGenesis labs to see what steps they recommend now that they probably know our 'problem'."

She looked back at Jessica and then at Mulder. Mulder sat on the bed next to her and ran a hand through Jessica's hair, "You'll bring her to work tomorrow? We'll take off from there?"

Jessi looked quickly at Mulder, "No! You can't leave."

"Jess, I have to go."

"No." Jessi's face crumpled.

"Scully won't let me stay here." Mulder touched her cheek and she leaned into the touch, savoring it. Her father's hand.

"Daddy..." She whined.

His legs felt like pudding under him and he was glad he was sitting. At that moment he realized just how much he'd wanted a child, how much he needed her to need him. And he couldn't leave. He looked to Scully.

"Mulder. Couch," she ordered.

He smiled and gave Jessica a kiss on her forehead, "See, I'll be right in the living room." He looked over to Scully, "I have to go downstairs and get my overnight bag from the car." She nodded and he left.

Location Unknown 2/21 5:31AM

Devon paced the room, her leather trench coat flying behind her with every turn. She loved that trench coat. It was about the only thing in this world she did love. She pulled another cigarette out of one of it's pockets and lit it quickly.

She'd just seen her sister.

Not a clone of her, or a similar looking hybrid, but her sister. Same parents, same blood, same everything except attitude. How could this girl be so weak, so loving and compassionate, and her so strong and hard. The smoking man walked in and watched her walk from one side of the room to the other, all the while puffing out smoke from her mouth and nose.

"What?" she asked, coming to a stop and turning to him.

"She's been returned."

"Does she remember what happened here?"

The man took the cigarette from her hand, "Of course not."

She stared as he took a deep breath from her cigarette, "Everything is back to normal then."

"Yes." He gave her back the cigarette and she left the room. He remained a moment, staring at the smoke in the air. What a child he'd raised.

Apartment of Dana Scully 6:39AM

Mulder stood up and stretched, Scully had a small couch and he had to crouch to fit. He walked into her bathroom to dress and groom himself. Then he went to the bed where the two women lay, both curled up into little balls on either side of the bed.

He smiled and went to Scully and shook her gently, "Time for work."

She mumbled some obscenity and then opened her eyes, sitting up slowly and pushing him out of the way so she could get to the bathroom. He raised his eyebrows, she wasn't a morning person most of the time, he gathered. After a few moments she emerged, her hair had been washed and dried, a robe secured to her body. She gave him a stare,

"Privacy?" She questioned. He laughed and put his hands in the air defensively as he walked out of the room.

Scully dressed quickly and woke Jessica. They had a nine AM appointment with Dr. Falsberg to find out what the next steps were. Scully went into her closet to find Jessica's clothing. She threw a long, white sleeved, shirt and blue jeans at the girl, who giggled still half asleep on the bed.

"Mom, where are we going?" she asked in the bathroom while brushing her teeth.

Scully guessed she probably wasn't fully awake last night when she'd clung to Mulder, "First we get breakfast, then we go to the hospital to take some of your blood, then we go to NeoOmniGenesis."

"But why?" She whined. The only memories she had of that place were bad, and she didn't want to have to go there. She washed out her mouth and threw herself into a sitting position on her mother's bed.

Scully motioned to her shows and Jessi turned to put them on.

"Mulder wants to find out their procedures."

"But why?"

"He thinks this place is implanting women with clones, or hybrids, as an experiment, to see which child is better, the one grown normally, in a womb, or a child grown in a tube."

Jessi nodded, "Which do you think I was?"

Scully shook her head, "I don't know, whatever is better." She smiled at her daughter and then walked out to the living room where Mulder was sitting on the couch watching the news.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"How are we going to explain Jessica to Dr. Falsberg?" Scully's eyebrows fell.

"We'll tell him we had good luck when we first got married, but have spent the last fifteen years trying for another and it just didn't happen."

Scully smiled, "You know, this might turn out to be the most interesting investigation of them all."

Mulder stood, turning off the television, "Yeah, just don't go getting all upset when it's all over."

Scully scoffed, "Like I *want* to be married to you!" She'd said it joking, but knew it hurt him, just by the face he was giving her, "Mulder, joke," she said.

His eyes lit up a little, at this stage in the game he was wondering if anyone was willing to marry him. But even though what she said did strike a cord, he knew, without her telling him, that she was joking, and she'd always be with him, married or not.

Jessi stood in the doorway, trying to look bored, "Can we go now?"

Scully glanced at her, the Mulder pout set on her Scully lips. Shaking her head she moved to the door. It was seven in the morning and they were going to have a long day.

2/21 8:56AM

They pulled up to the building and Jessi was already sinking into her chair. She had bad feelings about this place, even though she couldn't even remember being inside the place. She was also feeling crummy because they'd taken her to the hospital for another pregnancy test and she hated having blood taken.

Mulder and Scully stepped out and began walking to the building with Jessi trailing behind them kicking the dirt. Scully turned and gave a stern swipe of her hand and Jessi ran up to be at her side.

Mulder smiled, "You're getting used to this mom thing, aren't you." Scully looked up at him quickly, grabbing for Jessi's hand to make sure she was at her side the entire trip.

They walked into the building and went to the office where they signed in and waited to be called. Jessi asked to stay in the waiting room and neither adult disagreed, it was easier not to explain her to Falsberg. After a few moments Falsberg came into the office where Mulder and Scully were already seated. He glanced from one to the other and then opened the folder in front of him.

"Well, the results are in."

Mulder shook his head slightly, "And."

"I don't understand why you're having problems." The man flipped through the folder, his eyebrows falling momentarily, then flying up when he looked back to the two of them, "You're two, perfectly healthy, adults, there's nothing wrong with either of you."

"What?" Scully asked quickly.

"What different sexual techniques have you tried so far? Have you tried timing?"

"What?" Scully repeated.

The man looked to her, "Did you expect me to find something wrong?"

Scully looked at Mulder, her eyes wide, "But wait, I don't understand." She was telling Mulder, more than the doctor, "I thought they said..."

Mulder hushed her and looked back to the doctor, "Let's say we want to try your methods anyway, what would you suggest."

The man was slightly confused, "But why would you want to continue, all you need really is to wait a month or so and try again."

"But something's obviously not working, so what would you do."

The man scratched his head, "We'd take about ten of her ovum, some of your sperm and fertilize them in a lab, when we're sure that worked, and she's ready, we'd implant them into her again and see how many hold."

"Can we try that?" Scully asked. Mulder's eyes flew to her. She glanced up at him, "Can we have a minute alone?"

The doctor nodded, walking out of the room. Mulder looked to her again, "Scully we just wanted to know that it was possible to implant someone else's eggs, we don't need extreme proof. And considering we're both subjects of their experimentation , who's to say they don't just get you pregnant with our child."

He was more confused than the doctor had been.

Scully's eyes watered, "Why did you lie to me?"


"You told me I can't have children, that they took all the ovum I had." Her hands were beginning to shake.

He put his over hers to calm her down, "I saw the eggs in tubes, with your name on them, I even took one to have it tested, to know if they were real and they were. I was told..."

"You took one?"


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't think to, I mean, I was going to when you decided you wanted children, I don't even know." He shook his head. He wanted to be really far from her right now.

She stood, "I guess that doesn't matter now."

"Do you really want to go through with his process?"

She shook her head, "Not really, we're having another baby with Jessi." She tried to smile.

He stood and nodded, taking her hand and leading her out of the room. Falsberg was sitting in the waiting room talking with Jessica. He looked her over and when Mulder and Scully emerged, he looked up to them, "This is your daughter," he said.

Scully nodded, "The only one."

"Who are you?" he asked, standing quickly, "FBI? CIA? DOD?"

Mulder released Scully's hand, "Why do you ask?"

"She's identical." He looked back to Jessi.

"What?" Scully said.

"I understand now. They did lie to you." He looked up at Scully, "But not here."

He led them to a small park, all the while staring at Jessica. The girl knew he was and she kept trying to hide behind her father. When they were seated the man stared at the children in the park, "I can tell you which of these were created with us, there's only one."

Mulder looked around, not really able to tell one child from the next, "Which one?"

The man pointed to a little boy standing at the top of the slide. He had big brown eyes and straight brown hair that formed a bowl around his head, "That one, Jason Greenburg. Should be about five right now." The boy screamed something to his parents and then threw himself down the slide, screaming gleefully.

"Falsberg, what did you mean she was identical?" Scully asked, watching Jessica walk away from them, to the side of the playground. She sat on the wooden boarder that kept the sand from escaping the designated 'playground' area and she watched the children.

Dr. Falsberg rubbed his nose, he was sure he'd have a headache now, if he didn't end up dead, "They come to our office sometimes, the government men who work at the company, and they give us tubes and instructions. They never tell us who the children are from, but they request of us that the parents be catalogued for them, so they can trace the children."

"Why would they want to trace the children?"

"When the plague is over, these children will survive it, they want to be able to collect the children, keep them safe to live in their new world."

Mulder's eyebrows fell, "How do you know this?"

"I was given immunity to their disease in return for my help in creating these children."

Scully slammed a hand on the table and Jessica looked up from where she saw, "What did you mean she was identical?"

"I implanted Jessica into a young mother. She was part of their experiment already actually. She was supposed to rear the child as her own, until she was old enough to live on her own. But Jessica's egg split in two, and when she was born she had a twin sister. The woman died from complications and the children were taken by the government men who gave the egg to me. That was when they gave me the shot that inoculated me against their plague. Occasionally I was taken to treat the children, when they were very small. They were extremely bright."

He glanced at Jessica who had gained the attention of several of the children. Jason sat watching her from a distance as she made drawings in the sand to amuse the others. He 'sensed' her true identity, and he'd seen one like her before.

"They were speaking full sentences before the age of two, correcting others on their grammar and counting to high numbers. They also had revealing dreams and spectacular thought processes. I only got to visit them every two months, to do a regular check up, make sure they were growing properly. They were the next step. The next generation."

"Jessica has a sister," Scully huffed, "I have *another* daughter." She put both her hands on her head. Mulder watched her, to make sure she didn't pull a gun and shoot this man.

Then Mulder looked to Jessica, "Why was one released to an orphanage, and where's the other?"

The man shrugged, "I would suppose it was another one of their experiments. To see how Jessica turned out living in the real world, and how the other lived in 'captivity'."

"What's her name?" Scully asked, looking up.

"The twin?"

Scully's eyes narrowed.

"Devon was the only name I heard."

Mulder looked to Scully and she turned to Jessica. Jason had approached her now and all the other children had taken a step back. The two stared at each other a moment and Jessica spoke. They couldn't make out what the two were talking about, but after a minute, the boy smiled and went back to playing.

"Where do we find Devon?" Mulder asked.

Falsberg took a deep breath, "I'd start searching the higher floors of this facility for information, the floors with government contracts."

Scully looked to the boy who was playing, "Do they tell you who the real parents are?"

"Occasionally I get the mother's name."

"Do you know who's that little boy's is?"

The man thought, quickly scanning through his brain, "Penny Northern, if I remember correctly."

Scully looked back to him and then stood, walking to Jessica she knelt next to her, "Whatcha doin'?" she asked.

Jessica continued to watch the other children play, "Thinking."

"About what?"

"My brother?"

Scully looked to her, "Your brother?"

Jessica looked up at her mother with squinty eyes, "This baby is a little boy."

Scully smiled, Jessi didn't know that she'd already known. A boy, fun for Mulder. Though she suspected he'd rather a girl. She shook her head and Jessi laughed,

"It's ok to think about it as his baby."

Scully stood.

"I know it's weird." Jessi said standing next to her.

"You don't know."

Jessi began to walk away, "I'm going to give birth to my own brother, that's not weird to you?" She kept walking, back to Mulder and watched Scully slowly turn to follow.

Falsberg jumped when his beeper went off. He looked down at it and then up at them, "I have to get back to the clinic, my next patients are here."

Mulder waved him off. The man looked at Jessi one last time and then turned back to the building. Jessi shivered, "I don't like him."

"Do you know bad things about him?" Mulder asked.

"I'm not reading his mind, if that's what you're asking." She stepped away from him, "But I do think we should check out the government contracts he was talking about."

Scully raised her eyebrows, "You heard us."

"Yes, I hear you."

The eyebrows dropped, "You listen to all of my conversations?"

"Not all of them, just the ones I know I can listen to when I walk away to give you privacy." She smiled.

"Do you listen to the ones I have with Mulder?"

"Mostly no." She shrugged and began to walk back to the building.

Scully followed and Mulder quickly caught up to the girl, "You think we'll find something?"

"I think it's worth a shot."

Scully ran to catch her arm, "You're staying in the car."

Jessi nodded, "I know, I know, but when we get to our final destination, I want to go in."

"Why?" Scully questioned.

"To know the truth," she answered, matter-of-factly.

Scully took Jessica to the car and locked her in, suddenly having flashbacks and checking her surroundings. She didn't want another Bounty Hunter to come running out with his silly little pick to get her daughter. When the pang of fear left her she joined Mulder at the door of the place. They entered, as before, and got into the elevator. Once in, Mulder pressed the highest floor, eight, and waited for it to start up. Hopefully this time they would reach their destination.

"Why the top?"

"Just a hunch." He smiled, knowing she already really knew that. She was just wondering if he knew something about the place that she didn't.

She shrugged, "Alright, Mulder."

"You have different ideas?"


"What is it?"

She gave him an annoyed look and glanced at the elevator buttons, "I'll tell you if this doesn't work."

Jessica took a deep breath and watched her parents enter the building. She had a bad feeling about all of this. Ever since the beginning. She knew she was going to be helpless to stop them, and she knew they were going to be in danger, but she didn't know when and where.

She glanced back up and saw two men enter the building. They wore black suits and walked unified. Jessi unlocked the car door and slowly made her way to the front doors, knowing this was the moment she knew was coming. She had to stop them or they'd go after her parents.

She walked into the building and saw they'd already entered one of the four elevators. Another one was on it's way up and two sat empty. She got into one quickly, slamming her hand on the top floor's button. The numbers clicked steadily and she began pacing the elevator.

Mulder was annoyed when the elevator suddenly stopped. Jessica fell to the floor with a sudden jolt and Scully grabbed the railing. Mulder looked to Scully, "Fire?" he asked.

She shrugged, "Who knows."

They heard sounds coming from below them. Scully pulled her gun and followed the sounds as did Mulder.

Jessi heard the sounds too. She jumped up onto the railings and pushed the trap door up, peering into the elevator shafts. Her eyes widened when she saw the two men climbing up on the wires. She made a jump for the door and caught it, pulling herself out of the elevator. She grabbed hold of one of the wires and began to climb. Both men looked at her.

"Go away," one ordered.

"No!" Jessi screamed.

"If you don't leave, you won't be harmed," The other cautioned.

"I don't care, leave THEM alone!"

Scully's eyebrows fell, Jessi? She heard muffled shouts, couldn't make out the words being said, but she knew they were said in desperation. Mulder climbed up onto the railings and pushed the trap door up and looked out. He saw nothing. He climbed up and felt a hand on his calf.

"Mulder, be careful!" Scully warned.

He gave her a playful look, "Thanks mom." She slapped his leg as he continued to boost himself up. Once out he looked over the side and saw the two men, and Jessica.

"Jessi, what the hell are you doing in here?!" He screamed. His daughter was as crazy as he was! Why did she have to pick THAT bad habit up. Jessi looked up at him,

"You have to get the elevator going, they're going to kill you."

"We're not going to kill anyone." One of them hollered.

Jessi reached out with one foot and got the cable e was hanging on and gave it a jerk and the man screamed. He slipped a couple of feet and hit the other man in the face. The second man went tumbling down onto the floor of the elevator they'd come in.

"JESSI! Stop that!" Mulder shouted.

"I'm coming over," she said.

"No, don't you dare..."

Jessi threw herself onto the cable the man was still on. She reached her heel down and butted his head, causing him to fall on his partner. The elevator groaned. Jessi looked up at Mulder and began to climb the wire she was on. Her hands already hurt her, but she kept going. The elevator budged. Jessi screamed. Scully banged on the side of the elevator,

"Mulder, what's going on?!"

Mulder stuck his head back in, "Your daughter has decided she wants to take up elevator climbing." His face shown nothing but anger. Jessi was grounded, Scully though as she cursed under her breath. Why did that child find the need to constantly put herself in danger!

Jessi climbed up and looked down at the two men under her, both unconscious. The elevators began to move, both up. Mulder grabbed the roof and Jessi jumped to the cable that was steadily moving up with the elevator, rather than the side going down. She climbed faster, jumping onto her parent's elevator when she was close enough. Mulder grabbed her and pulled her tightly to him, "The next time we tell you to stay in the car, you STAY IN THE CAR!" He yelled.

Jessi nodded, "Even when I know you'll DIE if I do?"

Mulder smiled, "Do me a favor, warn us ahead of time when you know."

She nodded again, even though she knew she didn't know and therefore was right to do what she did. She went into the elevator where Scully was standing with her hand on her hips, "What the hell was that?" she asked Jessi.


"My God Jessi!" Scully screamed. She couldn't even find the words to tell this girl. She knew she was only doing it to protect her family, but she was a seventeen year old girl and she was pregnant, and she was her daughter. She went to her and hugged her, "Don't you ever do that again." She whispered in her ear. Jessi sighed, nodding her head and hugging her mother back. They could each feel the pounding of their hearts against each other's chest.

The elevator doors opened and the three stepped out. There were doors, like when Mulder and Scully were there last, but there were no security codes, no guards could be seen. Jessi moved forward and Scully held her back by her hand. The two adults stepped in front of their daughter and looked around. The hall was completely silent, the walls bare. The only sound was the humming of the lights above them. Mulder looked into one room and saw the office furniture still there, but no one in the office.

"You think they all left?" Scully asked.

"I don't think they're hiding." Mulder responded.

Jessi walked past them into a room farther down the hall, "There has to be something here."

Scully followed her and went into the room, finding it full of papers tossed around the floor. She went to the desk and began sifting through the papers, as Mulder stepped to the door. She looked to one drawer that had a lock and motioned to Mulder.

He nodded and looked around for a key, brushing his hands under the desk as Scully moved to search the backs of paintings scattered around the office walls. Jessi looked to a fish tank in the corner of the room. Inside the fish were all floating, belly up, on the top. Whoever was here had been gone a while. But why leave this room a mess. Suicide. She knew. She reached into the tank and found the key on the bottom of the colored pebbles. She handed it to Mulder who opened the drawer and pulled out a single card inside.

On the back of the card were written a series of numbers and a word, " --nextgen"

Office of the Lone Gunmen
2/21 3:01PM

Frohike looked at the paper and then looked back up at Mulder and tried not to laugh. He was supposed to "figure" this out? "Mulder, you do know that any ten year old can tell you what this is."

Mulder made a face and took the paper back and looked at it, "What do you mean?"

Frohike began to laugh. He looked to Byers and then to his computer and laughed harder, motioning to Mulder to give him back the paper.

Jessi looked at the paper, not having seen it before and she looked up at Byers, "So, what is it?"

Byers' jaw dropped open, You've never been near a computer?"

"Not really."

"NEVER?!" She was seventeen and never near a computer, he found this hard to believe.

"No one ever thought it was important, so I didn't think it was important." She shrugged and looked around for a place to sit and wait.

Scully looked around Mulder to see the paper and it clicked in her brain, she'd spent enough nights searching out the Internet, "It's a URL?"

Frohike smiles, "Hot, I tell ya." She threw him a dirty look and he turned back to the computer and logged on. Mulder handed him back the paper and he typed quickly on the computer.

Suddenly there was a screen up, plain white screen with one block opening and a "SUBMIT" button next to it.

"N E X T G E N" Frohike typed.

The computer buzzed again and the screen went black a moment, then another screen opened, it listed a few options, among them 'MAIL', 'DAILY AGENDA', and 'N.O.G'.

Mulder put a hand on Frohike's shoulder, "Daily Agenda for $100 Alex."

Scully gave Mulder a look before Frohike clicked on the selected item. Another black screen met him, there was a small blinking message on the top, 'There are no scheduled meetings today'.

Mulder sighed, "What's N.O.G?"

Frohike went back and clicked and it took them to a webpage for NeoOmniGenesis, which they'd seen before. He hit the Back button and clicked on MAIL.

They were on another black screen. This one had a spinning envelope on the top and under it two options, 'SEND MAIL' and 'READ MAIL'. Frohike chose to read mail and there were two messages. Neither had addresses to respond to, but both had subject lines,

'Fifty new subjects chosen'

'Five children missing'

Scully's eyebrows fell as she moved the mouse for Frohike to the five missing children. She let her mouth fall slowly as she read and didn't miss Frohike swallowing hard as she moved closer to the screen.

"Amanda, Gregory, William, Chance, and Clarice have all gone AWOL from compound 2413. We aren't worried about them getting hurt, but we are worried about their inability to communicate with the outside world. We're also worried about their ability to contact 'others' that have escaped.

What do we do?"

Jessica walked towards the screen, 'others'? She put a hand on Scully's shoulder, "Mom, others have escaped, do you think that's what I did?"

Scully turned, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, maybe I escaped and I found the others this message talks about and they're the ones who whipped out my memories so I could be found and taken care of by someone. Live a real life."

Mulder turned, "A rebellion of hybrids?"

Jessi nodded.

Mulder looked back to the screen, "What does the other say?"

Frohike clicked on it and was met with another message,

"Fifty women from N.O.G were chosen to continue the experiments, they were to be given materials from batch #13093. Deliver to N.O.G at 7AM 2/22 for implantation and cataloguing."

Frohike clicked back, the screen was black again and the envelope wasn't spinning anymore. There were no new messages. Then the envelope came to life and another message appeared,


Frohike clicked almost as quickly as it appeared, wiping sweat off his eyebrows. Dana Scully was too close and this was too weird a hack.

"We've moved the location for this month. 2214 NW 33 AVE"

Frohike turned off the computer and looked to the two of them, "Well, that all you need?" His voice cracked.

Safe House
Location Unknown
2/21 5:03PM

Jessi looked around the house and scrunched her face, "It's small."

Scully took off her coat, "No bigger than my apartment."

"But this doesn't feel like a home."

"It isn't supposed to."

Jessi turned to her, "Then why call it a. Safe. House?"

Scully rolled her eyes and moved to close the windows. Mulder pushed through the door carrying a hot pizza in his hands, "Dinner anyone?"

Jessi grabbed the box from him and ran to the table with it. She groaned as she looked around for chairs and only found stools. Stools that were TOO high to sit at the table. She took a slice and threw herself on the floor in front of the small television in the living room. "Who's going to watch me?"

Scully went to the table and took a slice of pizza for herself and looked around for a napkin or a plate to hold it on, "Assistant Director Skinner."

"And where are you two going tonight?"

"We're going to check out this address."

"Why can't I go with you?" She turned, taking a bite out of her pizza slice.

Scully went to the black couch in front of the television, which Jessi was leaning against, and she sat in it, handing her daughter a napkin, "It's not safe."

"And this is?" She turned again, to the television, where animated figures were dancing around on the television. Jessi's face grew confused, then recognition struck her, "Fantasia?" She squeaked.

Mulder took a seat next to Scully and bit into his pizza, "What's wrong with Fantasia?"

"Um, hello? I'm 17, not 2..."

"It's a classic." Mulder deadpanned.

Jessi grabbed for the remote, switching until she found something a little more 'adult'. A dramatic movie. There was a knock at the door and Mulder stood to answer it. Jessi heard muffled talking at the door and then a man stepped in.

"Agent Scully." She stood and turned to Skinner, half smiling to him with pizza in her mouth. He sighed and looked to the girl who sat on the floor ignoring his presence. "You two have an address to look into?" he asked Mulder.

Mulder nodded, picking his jacket up off the back of the couch and heading towards the door. Scully looked once to Jessica, 'hearing' her say, "I'll be fine Mom," before she left. She followed Mulder to the car, "You think she'll be ok with Skinner?"

Mulder raised his eyebrows, "I was going to ask if Skinner would be ok with her."

She was tempted to laugh.

Safe House

Jessi felt the heavy hand land on her shoulder and she sighed. This Skinner was getting on her nerves already. He didn't want her to sit by a window, he didn't want her to use the bathroom without telling him, and leaving the door open. He didn't want her to take a bath for fear they'd have to leave quickly and she'd take too long. He didn't want her to watch TV too closely. He didn't want her to be too close to the door.

It was almost as bas as being with her father.

Or her mother.

She wished none of this had ever happened. How was she supposed to live a normal life if they didn't stop trying to take her away, if they didn't stop involving her parents in these weird conspiracy things.

"Time to go to bed." The older man ordered.

Jessi stood, "And I can't take a bath?" She tried again.

Skinner shook his head and put his hands at his side, "Tomorrow morning, when I've got more than one cop car outside of this place, watching all angles, I'll give you the OK."

Jessi made a face.

"What you've never taken a morning shower?"

"No, I usually bathe at night."

"Oh." He didn't realize people still did that. He figured it was morning showers and coffee for everyone.

She smiled, reading his mind easily and let him lead her to a room where an air mattress sat on the floor. Skinner wished he could give her at least a bed, but this was the best they could do at last minute. The room was completely empty, painted a faint yellow with a flowery border along the roof. She threw her shoes off and sat on the mattress, grabbing the comforter folded on it's edge.

She laid down, wanting a bath, pajamas, and her mother, "And what God awful hour are we going to wake up at?"

Skinner stopped looking at the window in the room and looked to her, "Whenever we have to."

Smiling she thought to herself, 'maybe I will like this.' She looked up at the man who had begun to survey the bathroom, "You know, if they wanted to take me, no safe house in the world could or would protect me."

Skinner chuckled softly, walking to her and sitting on the floor next to her. He handed her a watch, "Take off yours and put this one on."

Jessi glanced at the watch, "Why?" she asked, taking it from him and replacing hers with it.

Skinner looked to the floor and then back up at her, "It's got a locator in it. If they do take you again, this will make it easier for us to find you, and them."

Jessi smiled, she wished it was that easy. But his sincerity touched her, just like her parents, he was determined to catch the 'bad guys' and protect her from them. She pulled the covers up to her chin and rolled onto her side, badly wanting her mother's arms... too shy to ask this man she barely knew.

Skinner stood and walked to the living room to grab a stool. He'd remain in the room watching over her. He'd promised Scully he'd do all he could to keep her children safe. But even he doubted he could keep her completely safe from these men. He put the stool in a corner of the room and looked to the girl. Her eyes were closed, her breathing slowed. She was already asleep.

2214 NW 33 Ave. 10:10PM

They only got lost once, turned around twice and stopped by a cop. Scully threw the map in the back seat, aggravated by it when Mulder spotted the address on a non-descript building. He pulled into the driveway, turning off the car's headlights. They stepped out of the car and began walking towards it building. It was quiet as they made their way around it. It wasn't too large, but big enough to be intimidating. Scully's eyebrows creased as she thought she heard a noise above her. She looked up and screamed,

"Freeze!" The person on the fire escape did as she said and turned to look down at her. It was a man, couldn't have been more than twenty years old, dressed entirely in black.

Mulder looked up at this man and pulled his own gun.

"Don't shoot me, it'll only hurt you," he said slowly.

Mulder lowered his gun, but only slightly, "Why would it hurt us?"

The man began to come down the fire escape and didn't answer until he was at the bottom, facing them, "My blood is toxic to you. You shoot me, it'll burn your eyes, curdle your blood."

Mulder put his gun away, "Why are you here?"

"I could ask the same of you."

Scully watched Mulder replace his gun, and lowered hers, she'd shoot this man, toxic blood or not, if he went at them, "We need to find evidence of what they're doing."

"How did you know to look here."

Mulder moved forward, "We 'intercepted' a message."

The man smiled, "You hacked onto their site." He removed the hat on his head to reveal a shock of blonde hair. "I'm here to stop them and their experiments."

"Why?" Scully asked, curious about this tall, brown eyed man.

The man looked around, "What they're doing isn't right. Stealing these children from their mothers, before they're even conceived, or thought of, changing their DNA, and them silencing them in compounds where they do their dirty work until the time comes for mass colonization, mass repopulation."

Scully put her gun away and looked around her, "Then what are we waiting for?"

Location Unknown

"How could they have known!!" Cancerman almost screamed. He looked down at the other men in the room, they were all feeling the same embarrassment. Mulder and Scully had entered their 'secret' facility and destroyed all the new embryos, effectively killing a new stage in the game. The material had to be recovered from more women and the process had to be started over again.

"They knew because you didn't cover your tracks well... as usual." Devon stood at the door, her grin evil, her stance relaxed.

"How do you mean?"

"They got the web address from a paper left in one of the evacuated offices of NeoOmniGenesis. Like I said, you didn't cover your tracks well."

Cancerman turned, "I thought those offices had been sweat clean after we abandoned them."

"There wasn't any time." The fat man replied, just as calm as he could. A drop of sweat rolled down the side of his face.

Devon laughed, "No time, no time. Can you come up with a better excuse lardass!"

The man stood, his face turning a bright red. Devon stood straight, her eyes trained on him. The man looked to Cancerman, "What are we to do?"

He took out a cigarette and lit it, "We start this group again. It's not like we're Lacking in material." he turned and walked out of the room, Devon swiftly turned to follow.

"They're not going to be punished for their destruction?" She asked.

"Mulder and Scully?" He replied, pausing in the hallway to turn to her.

She glanced at him, fighting a sarcastic reply.

"Do you want them punished, the are your parents after all."

Devon thought a moment, then, reluctantly she looked up at him, "No." Her brain hurt with the message she'd been denying from her alien 'captors'. She let it in and then looked up at the man again, "They've thought up a use for Jessica."

"A use?"

"Yes, up until now, she's been your little experiment. Now we've devised a use for her."

The man stopped smoking for a moment and waited for her to answer.

Her head fell a little. If she hadn't met her, she might not feel as bad, knowing it was for her own benefit. "She's to be taken, put into a cryopod for suspended animation to serve as 'parts' for me."

She turned to leave, her breath caught in her throat. She didn't like this one bit. But she couldn't admit it to him, that would prove she was just as weak as any human being, as weak as her sister.

Cancerman followed her with his eyes. The child was going to be used as a kind of organ doner for her sister. Not even he liked the idea, especially with the girl's pregnancy. How would they deal with that? Would they deal with it at all? These beings didn't understand human pain, or emotion. They understood survival, exploration, and world domination.

Hide Out Area
#14 2/21 11:56PM

The man showed them in, both their faces fallen. They'd just taken fifty tubes and thrown them in a trash compactor, while stealing several files and racing away in their vehicle after this man. He turned on a light and locked the door behind them, throwing the bag with the files onto a table.

"Have a seat." He motioned at the couch in the middle of the room.

Scully looked around the place. It seemed larger from the outside. Inside it looked like a hackers dream, much like the Gunmen kept their place. It looked a bit cramped, it was dark and no other doors were visible, thought she knew there had to be behind the curtains that hung off the ceiling. She looked over to a kitchen of sorts that she could make out behind one of the curtains and she saw a girl standing there. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail behind her and her dark eye were concentrating on a large pan in front of her.

She was making some kind of soup. Scully could smell it from where she sat and it made her stomach growl. She hadn't eaten in a while, only having one slice of pizza. The man glanced at her, "You can have some when she's done, if you'd like,"

Scully looked up at him quickly, "Who are you?" She asked.

He sat in another chair near them and extended a hand, "I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to introduce myself before. My name is Douglas."

"Douglas..." Mulder asked.

The man's head fell slightly. "I don't know my last name, many of the children here don't. We're all runaways, their colonists who didn't agree with the plan."

Mulder nodded, "I'm sure they didn't think their 'colonists' would go through a teenage rebellion stage."

The man laughed, "It wasn't that really. We weren't allowed to talk, weren't allowed to listen in on anything. They played loud sounds when they were around, but we heard. And we saw. We saw the future they intended for us, for you, for our parents who don't even know we exist and we didn't agree with it. Some of us escaped and we began sending out messages to other camps, to other hybrid children out there. Soon they began to learn of things, they began to believe us. Slowly we've grown as a group. We've learned to speak your language. We've learned to emote, to 'grow', to love. We've established ourselves as an underground community of sorts."

"Hybrids, hiding from the men who made you." Mulder questioned.

"They made us, but they didn't love us. We were to destroy your race, to take it over for those who's technology these men used to make us."

Scully stood and went to the girl in the other room. She was taller than herself, probably closer to six feet than to five. She glanced over and then quickly looked back at the soup, "No, I don't know who my parents are." The girl said.

"You all read minds?" Scully asked Douglas.

"Yes, it's one of the things we get from having alien genes." He stood, "You want to know how many more are yours?" He went to Scully, ignoring Mulder.

Scully turned to him, "There's a way to know?"

The man looked back at the table where the folders they'd stolen sat. "In these places they hold copies of files, where the originals are we've yet to find out, but we've stolen a good deal of their copies. In these copies our names are held, our parents names are held."

"I want to see your files." Scully ordered.

The man led them behind the curtain where she saw hallways leading to rooms. Children ran from room to room, each looking at her and Douglas as they passed. He turned to Mulder, "They are other hybrids."

"Why don't you blow the lid on all of this?" he asked, wondering why the children didn't look at him.

"On all of what? Our existence? We'd be tortured. Scientists would want to explore our bodies, they'd want to put us on display. And the men would know our location and they'd kill us. What we wanted to give these children is a life outside of that one. A life where they didn't have to worry about death."

Scully smiled, "But they get out and they're hiding all of their lives."

He nodded, "But hiding in a world of laughter is better than living in a world of silence."

He took out a key and unlocked the last door in the hallway which led down and around, into a large room. It held rows and rows of cabinets, back to back. Each marked with a division of the alphabet.

Safe House
2/22 12:02AM

Skinner awoke with a start, almost falling over in the chair he was in. He glanced over as Jessi moaned something in her sleep. Suddenly he was aware of a noise in the living room, a slight buzzing noise that was beginning to bother his ears. He stood, pulling his gun quickly and he made his way into the hall and looked into the only other empty room and saw nothing. Then he looked around the corner into the living room and the front door was open.

But he saw no one.

Then he heard rustling in the room he'd just been in, and he heard Jessica wake up. She mumbled something and then screamed. He ran into the room, cautious of the open doors along the way. How did someone get by him without him seeing it? He looked into the room and she wasn't there, but the window was wide open. The room was illuminated and the buzzing increased until his head hurt. He began to see the person in front of him. It was Jessi, but it wasn't. The person turned quickly as he fell to the floor, the pain becoming unbearable.

Hide Out Area #14

The cabinets of files amazed and discomforted Scully. She let a hand trace them as she walked by them, one row, then another and another. Douglas followed her, cautious of her, wondering if maybe she was the mother of any of the hybrids he'd come across. She looked up at him,

"How are they alphabetized?"

He put his hands behind his back, clasping them there, "By the children's first name."

"The children are all given names?"

"At birth they are. These names are the only thing we remember, even beyond those memory blocks, so we know them later. It's a cataloguing system we guessed."

Scully nodded, not caring for any more explanation, but hoping they'd have been filed by mother's name, so shed be able to take the files and at least KNOW. She went to the J and opened the drawer to find three Jessica's. She was amazed that they had photos, two recent. One had blonde hair and grey eyes and the other had green eyes and brown hair, but their features were almost identical. The same tanned skin, round little nose and thin lips. She looked at the medical information and saw a mother's name listed, as well as a genetic code.

"Those are complete hybrids, with alien blood. They're more alien than human though possess no telepathic ability. They're drones. We're in the process of teaching them how to speak right now." He took one of the files from her and looked at the back of the photos at the number. Both had the number 32 on them.

"What's the number?" Mulder asked, feeling not a part of this conversation.

Douglas smiled, "Location. They're both in Chicago, Illinois, with one of the other leaders, like me."

Mulder stepped forward as Scully lifted the third file, "Leaders?"

"There are adults, complete hybrids, not drones and they are, or were, to teach us. We're a more perfected version of them, or we were supposed to be. The best of both worlds, we were supposed to be telepathic, emotionless, and mute. We would stand at the heads of the colonies and make sure nothing went wrong. We were supposed to control the colonies with our minds and report back to the Syndicate, and the aliens."

"But what went wrong?" Mulder asked, watching Scully watch this man. She held the file tightly in her hand, but she'd know everything in it. She was more interested in the final purpose of these plans, what her daughter was to be used for.

His face fell, "Some of us didn't have the telepathic abilities. None of us were mute. And we knew what they were doing to the human race, to our mothers, was wrong."

"Why do some of the children have human blood?" Scully asked quickly.

He raised an eyebrow, "The newer experiments, in the last twenty years, after us, they tried to create a newer generation, to take our place as the leaders. This new race would have telepathic abilities, would talk, but would have none of our emotional connections. They would also be almost completely human, with human eggs AND sperm to complete the process, using little alien DNA. So little that it's not even recognizable. The blood would not be toxic to humans therefore allowing them to blend into the society better in the time before the overtaking of your race. These hybrids would also be immune to their plagues, to an extent, and they're unaffected by alien blood."

Scully opened the file in front of her, remembering Jessica telling her that her purpose was to be a leader of these colonies. She looked at the photo, Jessi had to be about seven. She was smiling, teeth missing, and her hair was short. Her bangs hung above her eyebrows and the rest of her hair around her chin. She looked like herself at that age.

"When are these photos taken?"

"The photos are taken at age five, then ten, for comparison. If the photo has a number on the back, it's a photo taken in the last month by us and we have possession of the child."

"Did you try to take this child?"

The man looked at the photo, "Jessica? No. She left on her own."

"Left on her own? You know her?" Scully was taken aback.

"She was in a cell opposite mine at the training center. I got out with her. She was eight years old and her door was left open one day. She stepped out and opened my cell and the cells of three others, ones she saw would help interrupt their cycle..."

"She saw?" Scully asked, putting a hand in the air, stopping him mid-sentence.

The man smiled, "Jessi used to be able to see things, she had visions. You could say she could tell the future, or a versions of it. And she knew she had to let us out if we were to have any chance of saving the world. She let us out and because she did they chased us with helicopters out of the place for almost an hour. She told us that we had our own road separate from hers, but we'd meet again."

"So she went off and you left her."

"She insisted. And the helicopters chased us away while she stood in the middle of the street watching us. She knew the helicopters weren't after her."

Location Unknown
2/22 3:31AM

The first thing she registered in her brain was that she was very cold. It wasn't the cold she felt in the middle of the night when she awoke from a nightmare and the air conditioner was on too high, but the cold of being in an ice skating arena with no jacket. The second thing she realized was that she didn't have any clothing on. And the third was that she was standing.

Jessica opened her eyes and came face to face with a solid wall of greenish ice. She took a deep breath and when she released it the air blew from her mouth in a puff of smoke. She took another breath, feeling extremely claustrophobic in her new environment. She banged on this structure and heard only a soft thud. It was too thick to be heard on the outside.

Suddenly icy liquid began to pour into the pod, above her, making her scream. She put her hand up against it, but that only caused it to splatter, wetting more of her body. She shuddered as the liquid rose above her knees and rolled onto her thighs. It thickened as it rose, and it flooded the small pod she was in in less than a minute. She held her breath and banged on the side some more, hearing her heard thud in her chest as her air left her.

Her eyes stung when she opened them and her lungs burned for new air, and she had to open her mouth and breath in this liquid. It choked her and froze her insides. She could feel her lungs fill with it as her eyes slowly closed.

It was so cold.

Safe House
2/22 6:00AM

The first thing Scully noticed was that it was silent. The police officer in the car had fallen asleep sitting back in his car and she went into the house. Mulder walked behind her, and behind him stood Douglas. The man wanted to see Jessi, he wanted to know they weren't lying when they said they weren't hurting her, but trying to keep her safe. She'd been so young when he'd last seen her.

Scully opened the front door and saw Skinner. He was lying on the floor with his gun in his hand. She ran to him, screaming to the men behind her, "Check on Jessi!"

Mulder took off to a back room as Douglas remained at her side. He looked to the fallen man, "Their technology is advanced, no guns are stronger."

She looked up at him as Skinner groaned. He jumped up and then put a hand on his head, which still ached him, "Is Jessi alright?" he asked.

Mulder came out of the back with a frown on his face, "She's not there." Scully stood and looked to Skinner who nodded,

"Yeah, she should have it with her."

Mulder looked to Scully, "What does she have on her?"

Scully stood and went to their car and opened the trunk while Skinner went and woke up the police man sleeping in his car. She could head the man pleading that he didn't fall asleep, but passed out after hearing a buzzing noise. Skinner told the man to go home and went back to Scully who was treading through objects to find the box. She glanced angrily at Mulder who'd probably made this whole mess in the trunk.

"You find it?" Skinner asked, rubbing his head, wishing for an Aspirin.

She nodded, opening the box and pulling out a small tracking device. She turned it on and immediately a red dot began to pulse on the screen, a light beeping sound accompanying it. Scully's eyebrows creased and she looked to Mulder and then to Douglas,

"She's at the NeoOmniGenesis building."

"Are you sure?" Mulder asked, hoping just slightly for a spaceship in a remote location.

She gave him the locator, "I told Skinner to get a locator on her, in her necklace, or watch, so we could find her later."

"How'd you know they'd take her again?" Mulder questioned, looking to Douglas, who was also waiting for an answer.

Scully looked away, "I don't know, I just did."

Skinner looked to this new man and then back at his agents, "Do you want me to send backup to the building."

Mulder shook his head, "If we come in with an army they might kill her."

"But if you go alone, you might get yourself killed."

Scully left the group, the small beeping screen in her hand and got into the car, "Do what you want, I'm going to get my daughter." She started up the car and Mulder made a dash for it, Douglas right behind him.

Skinner reached for his cell phone, "I need a police perimeter set up around this address..."

2/22 6:25AM

The doors hadn't even opened on the place when they arrived, but the lights in the building were on. Early workers arriving to get a head start on their work. Scully was the first to leap out of the car and head for the front doors. She knocked and a security guard met her. She pulled her badge and the man let her in, already having been contacted by the police about the three people heading their way.

Scully walked past the man, following what her locator said. They entered the elevator and Scully pushed Sub Level 1. She had assumed it was a garage, and it was where Scully thought everything evil would be when they'd first come to this place a few short weeks ago. Now she knew she was probably right. Mulder looked at her, his eyes worried, and Douglas just paced the elevator. When the doors opened they stepped out and looked around. Mulder and Scully drew guns while Douglas stayed behind them. Scully swept the locator around and turned, "It says she's lower."

Mulder held the doors open, "But this doesn't list any lower floors."

Scully began walking down the hallway, "Then there must be another elevator."

The two men began to follow, but Mulder looked to Douglas, "Maybe it's safer for you to go back outside, wait for Skinner to get here."

"No, I want to find out what's going on. If they've got more children here, I can get them out."

Mulder sighed, then turned and punched him, knocking him out and pressed the first floor. They were sure to drag him out and keep him out of the building. Mulder picked up his cell phone, making sure Scully was in plain view in front of him. She turned and Mulder ran to catch up. She found a stairway, which she entered and began to go down.

"It's Mulder, where are you?" Mulder asked when Skinner answered the phone.

"We're outside, where are you?" He replied, a little more than pissed when he saw the men inside the building dragging out the unconscious man he'd seen with Mulder and Scully before.

"I want to you keep everyone from coming into the building. We don't want anyone responsible lost in the confusion if there's a panic. Evacuate everyone who's already in the building and don't let ANYONE in."

"Alright Agent Mulder." Mulder could hear the worry in his voice, the silent 'be careful' hidden in the simple statement and he hung up his cell phone. He then caught up quickly with Scully and looked at the monitor in her hand, the red bleeping light standing out. He looked ahead of himself, "Are we going on the right floor now?"

"According to this we are," Scully said, her voice almost a whisper. She looked up at him momentarily and then back at the small monitor and then back at the hallway. Jessi should be twenty feet away.

They kept walking until they reached the point where the monitor read less than a foot and found a door. Scully opened it slowly, raising her gun as Mulder moved to back her up. She swung the door open and there was no sound. No frightened screaming, no guns blazing, nothing. They looked into the room and found her clothing in a neat little stack on a table. The watch laid out next to her socks and necklaces. Mulder went to the table and clutched the cross and alien head necklaces in his hand, wondering just how many times he was going to see that little cross laying on it's on in the middle of a dark place.

"Where the hell is she?!" Scully almost screamed. She threw the monitor into the pile of clothing. "Mulder?" She looked up at him. He was standing over the clothes, his hands on the table, the necklaces secure in his pocket.

He stood quietly and she watched him. Then he raised both hands in the air and slammed them into the table, "She has to be here." He stated.


"She has to be here, whatever they did to her, it was recent, or they'd have thrown the clothes out."

"But where?' Scully asked, turning towards the door.

Mulder followed, "I don't know." He looked down the hall in one direction, then the other.

Scully began to walk down one hallway and Mulder turned to take the other, both had their guns raised. Mulder looked into one room and found a small lab of sorts there. he spotted several jars with bees in them, differenting only in the number of bees, from one to ten in each. He saw other bottles with liquids in them. Some black, some tan, some grey. But no Jessica.

Down ten doors Scully stood in a room, nothing special about it. It held a desk, some computer equipment and a fish tank. The fish were swimming around happily. She knew people had to be here, the fish would be dead if there weren't. She continued walking down the hallway, looking into each room she passed, none held anything important. Some looked like smaller labs, with vials, liquids, objects, and tanks with small animals. Some looked sick, some looked rabid, other looked find and healthy.

"Mommy." She turned towards the voice. It was in the hall.

"Emily?" Scully questioned, walking out of the room.

"Mommy, she's hurting."

"Where are you?" Scully yelled. She ran down the hall, her eyes wide.

"She needs your help."

The voice was so far, but it was right there, in her head. She ran down the halls, looking faster and faster into each room. Mulder heard her yelling and tried to find her, seeing only her red hair as she turned corners.

"Scully, slow down!" He yelled after her.

She heard him, but kept running, he wasn't too far behind. She found another stairwell and went down quickly, hearing the child's voice. "Mommy, hurry."

Her head and her heart hurt her, she wanted this child to stop so she could catch up so it'd be easier to get to her, to Jessi. She saw Emily standing at the end of a hall. She pointed to her right, "She's in here, mommy." The girl turned and ran into the hallway and Scully ran to catch up, Mulder still running behind her.

Devon stopped running and stood still, her mind working inside theirs. She watched them pass her. Her mother would have, could have loved her. She had the opportunity to stop her mother in that hall right now and confront her, leave with her to go home. Instead she watched her run past her, determined to find her other daughters. Thinking maybe Emily was really there, leading her to Jessica.

They couldn't see her, she was sure they couldn't. She had used her mind to create a cloud in theirs, so they only saw what they wanted, what they needed, and that was Emily. But Mulder turned, he looked right at her. "Scully." He tried to stop the woman, but she continued.

Devon took a breath and then walked away from them, knowing she was going to be in big trouble for this. She knew they didn't know Mulder and Scully were in this building, yet. The only reason she knew was she had an attachment to their daughter, her sister, and through her she could sense them, her parents.

Scully ran down the hall and hit a large metal door. She grasped the handle and turned it, using all of her strength, all of her weight, to pry it open. They were met with a blast of cold air. Scully gripped her suit jacket and tightened it around her. S he turned to Mulder and he looked to her, choosing, at this moment, to not tell her what he thought he saw in the hallway.

"Why would they keep this so cold?" she asked, more to herself than him. They walked into the room, which was more like another hallway. Looking to their sides they saw snow pants and thick sweaters hanging on the walls. Scully's eyebrows creased, was it that cold inside the room? She opened a metal drawer from the wall and found snow boots, socks, and shirts. Mulder pulled out a manual and opened it. He read the settings on the room and the recommended apparel. This was apparently emergency supply for quick visitors.

"Something's being stored here," he said, flipping through the book. It contained information on a matching. Buttons to be pushed for 're-animation', others for 'termination' and them some for 're-location'. "Something extremely important is being stored here." He restated.

"Oh God." He heard her say. She'd passed him and had entered the main room, which was near freezing temperature. "Jessi?" He heard a soft thumping. He held the manual tightly and walked to the other door she'd gone through, then he passed through it, noting his breaths were coming out in puffs of smoke. The room was lit softly, the walls greenish from a light inside a tube that held someone.

His mouth fell open as he walked closer to Scully. She was standing in front of some kind of pod and inside was Jessica. Her eyes were closed, her body relaxed, as if she were sleeping. Scully banged her hands on the pod again, the small thumping was all that came of it. Mulder held her back, "I don't think smashing her out would be a good idea," he said opening the manual.

"Why not?"

He opened to the beginning of the manuals instructions for the pod and then looked back to her, "Because according to this she's in suspended animation and if you smash it open, she'll die."

She almost ripped the book from his hands, "Then how do we get her out?"

"Good question," Mulder said looking back up at Jessica. He flipped through to the 're-animation' section and found the first instruction and looked to Scully, "Let's get started."

2/22 6:39AM

Devon was crying. never in her life had she cried, but she was standing in the middle of a room with tears streaming her face, falling onto the floor making small puddles. All her life she'd been secluded, she'd been alone, with people who hated and destroyed everything and everyone who stood in their way. She'd been lonely, she'd given in to them, and she'd figured out how to survive amongst them. She developed a tough outer shell that protected her from their words, from their thoughts.

But she wanted to know love. She wanted to know her parents. She wanted to be able to go outside into the free world and smell a flower, touch a blade of grass, smell a baby, eat a hot-dog. She wanted to swim in a pool, play baseball, and go to school. She wanted to meet other people, have conversations that didn't need translators, and eat pizza with her sister.

Her cell phone chirped and she pulled it out of her jacket pocket and answered it. The man on the other end sounded calm, but she could feel his panic through his exterior.

"They've found the facility. They've found Jessica. And you're there, how did they get by you?"

Devon was silent a moment, looking straight ahead of her, her eyes burning from the crying she'd done. She listened to his breathing, could almost head the cigarette smoke escape from his lips, and she licked her own. She sniffled and then she let out a small laugh, "I let them."

The man turned in the room full of other men, "You WHAT?" His head turned a deep red, anger and embarrassment racing through him.

Devon leaned against the wall and let herself slide down to the floor, her leather outfit suddenly restraining. "This isn't right. Rule the world, colonize with hybrids, but to take a person's daughter for body parts isn't right."

"Since when do you know right from wrong, favor good over evil?" The man's questions gained looks from others.

Devon smiled, folding her legs, "Since when do you care what I think? Since when do you give a shit what I do?"

"Devon, you stop them."

She shrugged, "You stop them. They're your problem, remember?" She hung up her cell phone and he stood in the middle of the room with all the other men watching him.

The smoking man turned, "She's cracked."

"Devon can't crack." One said slowly.

"Well, she has. She just let Mulder and Scully gain access to Jessica again."

"We have to get to Devon." The man said, watching the smoking man, this was his problem.

The man stood, put out his cigarette and walked out of the room. He went to another room and looked at the man who saw inside, reading a newspaper. "Come on, I have a job for you."

Alex Krycek sighed, he'd been enjoying himself, and his newspaper. He stood and followed the smoking man out of the room. They had to put an end to this experiment now. On the way to the car his mission was explained. Take Devon, dead or alive, and kill anyone who gets in the way.


A buzzer went off on the machine and Scully's heart leapt into her throat. Jessica didn't move. Mulder went to a switch in the back and turned it off, then pulled down a certain other switch. The machine made a small clicking noise.

"That's it, it should open," Mulder said, looking at the manual in his hand while taking a step away from the pod.

Scully glanced up at him, "Well, it's NOT opening!"

Suddenly another buzzer went off and a red warning light began to flash. Scully looked to it, 'MALFUNCTION' it blinked. Jessica's eyes didn't open, her body didn't twitch, she remained in her sleeping position. Mulder looked around, dropping the manual and he found a large power surge device and he picked it up, ripping all of the computer cords from it as he went. He slammed it into the icy surface of the pod and it cracked a bit. He slammed it again and it broke, ooze fell onto the floor.

Mulder broke the surface of the pod until Jessica's body fall out, onto him, covered in a slime that seemed to liquefy at the touch of his body's temperature. Scully ran to hallway and began pulling clothing from the drawers to cloth her freezing, naked, daughter.

"Scully, she's not breathing!" Mulder said quickly, pulling his head away from the girl's mouth.

She turned quickly, throwing the clothing at Mulder, "Cover her."

He did as he was told and she began CPR on her daughter, grimacing when her lips touched Jessica's. They were so cold. Mulder took the snow pants and pulled them on her body while Scully continued, then he placed socks on her feet and shoes over the socks. They were at least two sizes too big for her, but they'd warm her up. Then he heard noises. Footsteps, faint, but they were there.

"Dammit Jessi Breath!" Scully screamed, scaring Mulder a bit. The girl coughed up soupy green liquid and Scully turned her on her side, letting her get it all out. S he looked up at her, and her eyes were wide.

"I'm cold mom." She whispered, hacking up more liquid from her lungs.

Scully took a shirt and put it on her and then helped her off the floor. She stood, wobbly on her feet, and the three left the room. Mulder stopped them from turning a corner, "There are people down here."

Jessi's head swam with dizziness. Her stomach growled angrily at her, and her shoes were to big. She looked to Mulder, "There's no more than six men on this floor and the floor above us." She shook her head, gripping her mother's arm.

"What is it?"

She put a hand on her head, "It's Devon, she's here, and a man... a man with a bomb." She looked up at her parents, the confusion evident in their eyes.

Scully looked to Mulder, they had to get out of there.

The girl put a hand on her mother's shoulder, "There's another man coming, his friends aren't going to make it. He's here to get Devon. He doesn't like you two."

"Do you know his name?" Mulder asked, hoping it'd be the cigarette smoking man. It would be great to have a name to be able to arrest the bastard.

Jessi thought hard, "Alex... he has one arm. I've seen him before." She fell down and Scully grabbed her arm.

"Jessi, stop. You're hurting yourself."

"I'm fine." She asserted, opening her eyes, "Alex Krycek."

Mulder stood straight letting out a sigh of annoyance. Was he EVER going to get rid of this man? Suddenly there were footsteps, many of them. Jessi's eyes creased and she was about to respond, but she was pulled to her feet and dragged through a hallway. A bullet shot out and Mulder turned, away from the women and began to run in another direction.

"Get her out of here Scully!" He screamed.

Scully he knew he was trying to save them, but he couldn't think of a better way to do it than separate them? He didn't see strength in numbers? She pushed Jessi forward down another long hallway, wishing she knew where the elevators were, and the footsteps followed.

"You'd better run, he might think you're me!" They could hear Devon shouting. Then there were many footsteps in front of them. Another shot fired and Scully grabbed Jessi's arm and shoved her into a room. Jessi could still feel the breeze of one of the bullets on her cheek. She pushed her wet hair out of her eyes and stumbled backwards, jars falling off the shelf, landing on the floor with loud crashed.

Scully clicked the door locked, hoping they would pass it, thinking it was just storage, and she looked to the ventilation system. Could she follow it to the outside world? Or would it just lead her further in? She decided she couldn't take that chance, not with Jessi seemingly so weak. But she could wait a while and then try to get out from the front door like they came in. Jessica grabbed her arm,

"Mom, that man with the bomb, he's crazy."

"What do you mean?"

She waited until the woman stopped looking at the door and turned to her, "He's going to wait until the people get to work and THEN he's going to set it off. He's wearing it. He's in his office." She thought a moment, "He's thinking about what he's been doing, what they're doing, and he doesn't like it anymore. He can't tolerate it. He'd rather die than live in the world they're going to destroy..."

Scully saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She paused Jessi and looked to the floor. A black substance lay in a puddle about five feet from them, it remained there. Then it moved. Gracefully, but slowly it began making it's way towards them as they moved away from it. Scully gasped, what the hell was this? She moved backwards some more, grabbing a vial off the shelf and throwing it at the blob of oil. The oil seemed to study the object broken on it. It climbed all over it, then rolled off and continued making it's way towards them.

"What is it?" Jessi asked, backing into a wall and turning to round the table next to them.

Scully shook her head, she had no idea. It looked like what Mulder had described when he came back from Tunguska. An alien virus, he'd claimed it was. Jessi began to scan minds, with one touch of an object she could find everyone who'd touched it before her. She looked into their head. If they held the substance, they had to hold something to kill it. Didn't they?

She almost fell over with the influx of information. Not than many people had been in this room, but they knew so much about everything, and at the same time knew nothing. Their confusions and discoveries flew at her She even heard Devon taunting her, "It's so easy to kill, the cure is right at your fingertips, but you're not going to find it."

Why was she being so cruel? Jessi thought. Did she really want them to die so bad? She leaned back and heard another jar fall behind her, and she turned, hearing the noise it's contents were making, "Mom."

The woman didn't turn, but continued to throw empty jars at the black oil, watching it examine each jar and then continue at them. She considered throwing full jars, but didn't know if they held water, or acid, and didn't want to chance it.

"Mom!" Jessi screamed, almost yanking on Scully's arm.

"What!" She cried, turning. Her eyes widened at the sight before her. Five small bees were lying on the floor a bit dazed. Mulder had also told her about these bees, their sting could be lethal if you didn't hold the cure in your hand.

One of the bees began to fly and it flew at Jessi's head. The girl jumped backwards, knocking over a handful of vials before slipping in the oil and slamming into a table. She grabbed the table for support and hoisted herself up.

"Take off your shoe!" Scully screamed.

The girl did and threw it into the rest of the puddle, which was lying still. Scully looked back at the oil and the small vial of amber liquid that lie on the floor, and on the oil. The shoe Jessi had thrown on, which had oil splattered on it's bottom, lay in the middle of the puddle. Jessi kicked off her other shoe and opened the door behind her. "The man isn't there anymore."

Scully jumped over the black oil, ignoring the bees that were beginning to fly around the room. She went to Jessi, shoving her out and closing the door behind her. Jessi looked to her mother, "You didn't get stunk, did you?"

Scully shook her head, "No, I'm ok." She then looked up at her quickly, "You didn't..."

Jessi shook her head, "Where's dad?"

Suddenly she was alarmed, where the hell DID Mulder go?

N.O.G. outside
2/22 7:15AM

Mulder paced the parking lot. People had started arriving for work five minutes ago and Scully and Jessi still hadn't emerged. He was beginning to worry. Mulder wanted to go back in the minute he came out and they weren't there, but Skinner had refused. He wanted to send in about ten agents, because there were people in the Sub Level, with guns, chasing them.

Mulder kicked himself, why did he think they could get out if they were separate from him. He thought that maybe if he created a diversion... but the men who were there went specifically for Scully and Jessi. And this Devon. He knew he'd seen her, or a glimpse of her. He knew he'd seen the leather suited girl turn and walk away.


Scully's heard thudded in her chest. A man with a bomb somewhere in the building, another with a fun trying to kill the, and yet more, with more guns. Then there was Devon. She was in the building, in the sublevels, but they didn't know where she was and who she was trying to save here. She lead them to Jessi, that much Scully had figured out. Somehow that girl had put the image of her deceased daughter in her head so she'd follow her. She paused in thought, did Devon think she wouldn't follow her? Did she think she wouldn't believe her, did she think she would try to hurt her?

Jessi heard everything she thought. She heard everything her father thought, everything her mother thought, and everything her sister thought. They were bombing her mind with their thoughts, and the only one that was coherent to her was her sister because they were pointed statements. Ones directed at her.

Show me a flower.

Show me an ocean.

Show me emotion.

I want to know love too.

Devon was sitting with her legs crossed on the floor. She put a hand through her hair and looked up, Krycek was near and he was going to kill her. Or he was going to take her back to them where her confusion, her betrayal would be dealt with, but she knew he would shoot when he got the shot. Her importance in everything would lessen considerably if she was returned. She'd be put at the same level with her sister.


Utterly useless. She stood, this wasn't fair, she couldn't be put to sleep that easily. She wouldn't go down without a fight. She made a mad dash down the hallway, to where her sister and mother were trying to make their way to the second staircase.

Above them Krycek was back on Sublevel one. He searched the rooms wishing he had the same psychic tendencies the Mulder/Scully children did. And he hoped that they didn't think to use them to locate him and make his plans void. He also hoped Mulder stayed out of the building where he belonged. That's all he'd need. Mulder trying to play hero while he was trying to kill this Devon kid.

Mulder stood outside, impatiently. Skinner had held him back on his attempts to go back inside. And the employees of NeoOmniGenesis stood with him, the annoyance written all over their faces. Very few got into the building, those who got there early. Soon the cops and other federal agents were going into the building to remove those who got through. And they'd find the people in the sublevels. He paced, going back to his car for the bag of sunflower seeds that were in the glove compartment. Why were they all just waiting around. Were they going to wait for gunshots to run in and pull his family's dead bodies out of the building, he thought.

He stopped walking and almost swallowed the seed he'd been sucking on. His family. HIS family. The thought went in and out so fast he didn't think about it in any way as wrong. He had two daughters in the building, and Scully, the closest thing to a wife he was ever going to get. And these people, these brave agents, cops, and marshal's were standing around leaving them in danger.

Jessi heard her father and smiled, they were his family. Then she could see him making a rush for the front gates screaming at Skinner, "We can't just stand here, we have to move in!"

And then she stopped running as she felt something on her arm, something small and gripping. Scully turned, "What are you doing?" She screamed.

Jessi slapped her arm quickly, "Ouch!"

"Of course it hurts, you slapped yourself!"

She shook her head, "No." She pulled her hand forward, the small bee still attached to its stinger which was inside her middle finger. Jessi took it out and stomped on the bee, then looked up at her mother, "Mom, I don't feel so good."

Scully's eyes widened, Mulder was right when he said they held a virus... a virus... she threw herself at Jessi who was falling to the floor, "Jess!"

The girl looked up, "I don't feel... I think... I'm having a heart attack," she said, holding a hand over her chest, "It burns!" Her eyes squinted closed and Scully saw sweat already appearing on her face.

She heart footsteps and hoisted Jessi off the floor, over her shoulder and ran down the hallway. She found the stairs and went up, not bothering to stay and figure out who these footsteps belonged to.

Krycek stopped and listened. He was on Sublevel two. He turned towards the sound of the steps. Someone was running, far from him. He was going in the wrong direction! He turned and began to walk slowly towards the steps, fearing one of his own men would shoot him. How could they have missed them? He questioned. He looked into a room and saw one of the men lying on the floor, his eyes black. Another lay next to him. One the floor lay the broken vial. He went to another room and found a similar scenario. Three men laying on the floor convulsing. in one hand a tube of open green liquid. Blood. Their blood.

"Idiots!" Krycek screamed, not even opening the door, knowing that man held alien blood, deadly to humans. Five of his best contacts, the only five with him. He ran down the halls and reached the stairs and when he got to the top he was shocked with a small fist into his nose. "Dev.." He started, but he fell backwards, down the stairs and he hit his head on the bottom.

Scully pulled Jessi into a standing position, she was still groggy, but she was standing. She looked to her mother, "It's not having it's usual effect," she said quietly.

"You're immune, but not completely, so your body has to fight it." She remember seeing the scar tissue the day after her daughter had been shot in the chest. She'd be ok. But Scully still had to half drag her daughter through the halls. She wished she'd remembered the way they came in, Mulder would know.

Where the hell WAS the elevator! She thought, breathing out harshly. She hoped it would be where she thought it was. The footsteps kept following and suddenly they weren't there anymore. Scully stopped running and Jessi looked up at her, "Mom?" She questioned, standing on her feet, feeling a lot better. Her headache was yet to go away and her heart still burned, but she knew her body was fighting off whatever that bee had stung her with.

"Jessi, is anyone here?" Scully asked.

The girl looked around, "Not that I can see," she answered, rubbing her eyes.

Scully threw her hands in the air, "No! I mean do that thing you do with your mind!" When she didn't want her to do it, she did, and when she Wanted her to do it, she didn't. She wanted to scream.

Jessi could feel her tension as she stood there, wobbling from side to side, trying to regain total control of her legs. "Devon is near, Krycek is too. And the man with the bomb is hiding."

Scully grabbed Jessi's arm, "Who's the man with the bomb, Jess?"

She saw his thoughts, quickly, and knew immediately, "It's that guy who wouldn't stop looking at me! he knows this is wrong. They took his children, they were part of the experiment. He's crazy!" She looked at her mother and didn't get to say another word when Devon attacked her from behind.

The two fell to the ground with a loud "Ooff!" knocking Scully off balance with their bodies. She flew backwards and hit a wall and stared at the two in shock.

"This is all your fault!" Devon screamed punching Jessi in the nose.

Jessi screamed, blood fell from her nostrils, she was too weak for this. Devon went to throw another punch, but Jessi moved her head and Devon's fist hit the floor with a lout "clank". She screamed and fell over. Jessi scrambled to get away. The two stood and Devon glanced at her mother who was beginning to stand up.

"It's not fair!" Devon screamed, cradling her hand. "Why did you get you get out, why did they have to keep me?" She looked about wildly, not caring what either one thought at the moment.

Jessi wiped at her nose, "And you think it's far that I got put into a freezing pod?!"

Devon laughed, then jumped at her sister again. Scully tried to jump in the way but Devon saw it coming and with her mind, she threw her mother back against the wall, effectively knocking the air out of her. Jessi braced herself and flew backwards with her sister on top of her. She rolled over, pinning Devon under her and punched her in the side of the head, cringing when she yelped in pain.

"You have everything!" Devon made out while jumping off the floor to grip her sister's arms. They stood, their eyes locked.

"I had nothing!" Jessi screamed in retaliation. "I had fear, loneliness, confusion. I lived in a foster home years before mom and dad accidentally came across me!"

"You had sunlight, you had warmth, you knew strength and compassion. You knew toys and fun, friends, family, Love. You. Knew. Love!" She moved away from Jessi and then went at her again. They grunted in their stance, holding each other up while trying to take each other down. "You knew stability, caring, imagination, colorful surroundings, playing in water, smelling flowers, running in fields."

Jessi didn't speak, but continued to listen, using all of her strength to keep standing. She thought this person knew all that, she thought Devon had experienced everything she had and more because she seemed to be in a position of power. Scully watched them from the wall where she was still regaining her breath. How could two girls, twins, be so different, yet so the same. In the end, they wanted the same things.

Krycek turned the corner, hearing the commotion and saw the two girls fighting. Bring her back alive if possible? he thought. The bitch conked him over the head, sending him down a flight of stairs and he was supposed to bring her back alive if possible? He pulled out his gun, Devon was going to die... but which one was which? he pointed his gun up at the two girls and fired one shot. Whoever he hit, he hit and if he got the wrong one, oh well. He heard the scream and he saw them fall and he turned and ran to the elevator, which was right around the corner. He knew how to get out without the others knowing. Without Skinner and Mulder seeing.

Jessi screamed as the bullet tore through Devon's back, out her chest and through her shoulder, and then she felt it rip out through her own back. The two fell to the floor in unison, Scully running to their side. Jessi sat up, putting a hand on her mother's shoulder, "I'll be fine," she said, showing the hole in her shoulder.

Devon moaned, blood gurgling in her throat. She didn't know what blood tasted like, didn't want to know what it was going to be like to drown in her own. She grabbed her sister's arm, "Show me." She whispered.

Scully looked at the wound and saw the blood leak from the side of her mouth, "No." She whimpered, pulling the girl into her lap, hugging her fiercely, "No, not like this." She repeated. She began to pull her up, but Devon shook her head.

"Let me go," she said softly, echoing Emily's words from a time not so long ago.

Scully knew she didn't mean the statement as a spiritual command as Emily's had been. Devon just wanted to die. She didn't want to continue living like this, and she knew the consequences of her actions wouldn't be good. "But I can't let you die like this, not here."

"It has to be this way," she said, "They'll never let you take me out of here, bury me the way I am, they'll just take me from you again."

Scully knew she was right. She ran a hand along the girl's cheek, which was now streaked with blood, "I'm sorry," she said.

Devon looked to her, 'Why?' She asked in her mind, her mouth too tired to move.

"I can't help you, I never could," Scully replied. Jessi leaned against her mother's shoulder, feeling nauseous from her own gunshot wound.

'But you always did. You gave me this life, what of it there was. And you're here now, you didn't leave me to die alone.'

Scully smiled. She kissed Devon's forehead, wishing there WAS something she could do. She didn't want to loose this one so soon after she got her. Just like Emily.

'Emily was our sister.' Devon confirmed to Scully and Jessi. 'I want to see her.' She asked.

Scully didn't have her purse, she didn't have the picture, "I don't have..."

'Think of her.' Devon asked, holding her mother's hand tightly.

She knew she could read her mind and see the memory of the little girl when she gave her the little cross in the car seat. Devon smiled, 'She looks like we did, but she has beautiful blue eyes.' She tried to laugh, but only coughed blood.

She turned to Jessi, 'I want to see what you've seen, please...' she asked. Jessi reached to her with her good arm and held her sister's hand. She closed her eyes and the both of them were silent for almost a minute. Jessi went through all the memories she had. From childhood, escaping from that place, to being in the pod when the liquid was flowing in. She passed on the feel of her father's touch, the smell of the beach, of a rose, the taste of pizza, cookies, cake, and spaghetti, and then she passed on the feeling of the child moving in her belly.

Devon began to cry, "He's like us Jess," she said softly, opening her eyes.

"Like us?" Jessi looked to her, tears freely flowing from her own eyes.

"He's stronger," she said. "I tried to protect him, they don't know." She coughed, death creeping through parts of her body already. "They don't know. Protect him."

Then she coughed once more and her eyes closed, her body relaxed. She was dead. Jessi began to cry harder, Scully hugged her with one arm, and held onto Devon with the other. Then Jessi jumped up. "Mulder's coming in, we have to stop him!"


"He's going to find the man with the bomb!"


Mulder ran inside the building, through the people standing around waiting. He couldn't wait anymore, he had to go inside and save them. Get them out. Take them home. he heard Skinner screamed after him, but he ignored the man. He stepped into the elevator and pushed Sub Level 1, but was annoyed when it began to go up. Up to the floor he and Scully had gone to see Falsberg. The elevator opened there and no one was waiting. He was going to push the elevator closed, but then he heard someone talking.

"It's not fair. They give you children, tell you they're fine. Then they take them away, for a purpose no one really knows. They leave you alone and they expect you to move on. Like the children were never there."

"Falsberg?" Mulder called.

"And they ask you to do this to other people, so you'd be safe, but you're not. They take your children anyways. Maybe the vaccine isn't really real either." Mulder stepped into the room and the man was standing in the middle of the office's waiting room. Strapped to his chest was a whole lot of explosives. Mulder's eyes widened. He HAD to get to Jessi and Scully.

He ran to the elevator and found it was going to Sub Level 1, where he'd sent it when he got off. He pressed the button for this floor and waited as it came up. He could hear Falsberg going on and on about Armageddon, about plagues, and the children who would survive it all, the ones who were taken. Panicked, Mulder began to press the button again and again. The elevator doors opened and Scully stood there, Jessi leaning off her. Mulder's eyebrows fell,

"What happened?"

"Krycek shot her." She passed Jessi to Mulder and he lifted her off the floor.

"And the other one? Devon?" he asked, looking down at his daughter.

"Krycek shot her too."

Mulder could already see the look on her face, the fallen look she always seemed to carry. She looked up at him and he could see the tears in her eyes. He let her hug him, and their daughter. She'd lost so much, too much. He almost forgot there was a man with a bomb.

He slammed a finger into the ground floor, "We have to get out of here," he said quickly.

She nodded, "Falsberg has a bomb."

He looked to her, "How did..."

She looked to Jessi.

Mulder sighed and then watched the elevator numbers light up, feeling they were going too slow to get to the first floor. When they arrived Mulder took Jessi to an ambulance and then turned to Skinner, "You have to get everyone away from that building right now, there's a man with a bomb inside!" He shouted. Skinner nodded as they drove away in the ambulance and began shouting orders for everyone to move out.

Not a minute away, Mulder and Scully heard the explosion. They turned and saw the smoke flying into the air and fire trucks passed them in the opposite direction to put out the blaze. Mulder started to laugh, amazed at their extreme luck and at the same time their extreme lack of luck. Get out of the building, before the bomb, but they might have lost all the evidence with that building. It always ended this way, he sighed. He looked up to Scully, who'd sat on the floor of the ambulance, laid her head next to Jessi's, and had fallen asleep.

Georgetown Hospital
8/9 7:58PM

The room was quiet, except for the soft beeping of monitors in the corner. The door opened softly and Scully walked in. She closed the door behind her, leaving the light off, but she held the bundle in her hand tightly. She went to the chair next to the bed and sat, glancing once at the door where Mulder was now entering.

"How is she?" he asked, looking to the child in her arms.

"Jessi's fine." She looked over to her. She was sleeping soundly on her side. No nightmares anymore, just lovely dreams. "He's doing ok too." She looked up at him as he approached. He bent down in front of her and moved the small blanket to look at the little boy's bald head.

"He looks like Skinner." He laughed, shaking his head. Scully smiled. "When can we take him home?" he asked, taking the boy from Scully's arms.

Scully put a hand on her head, "I have to talk to the doctor tomorrow morning. They say she's doing good, she healed herself, so I wouldn't doubt tomorrow afternoon." She looked to Jessi, her heart leaping into her throat just remembering three days ago when she'd begun to bleed excessively on the delivery table. They thought she would die, but she pulled through. But because they were worried they'd kept her for observation.

The little boy began to cry and Jessi opened her eyes, "He wants you," Jessi whispered, looking to her mother. Scully smiled, taking the boy from Mulder. He quickly quieted and began playing with his hands.

Mulder shook his head, "You know, we can't call him Baby Boy Mulder forever."

Jessi and Scully laughed, and the little boy gurgled happily.

Sighing, Jessi rolled onto her back, "Well, we've gone over the names every day in the last two weeks."

Scully looked to this little boy, her little boy. She smiled, they could name him anything they wanted to, she was just happy to have him. They hadn't been given any trouble in the last seven months, and Jessi was sure they wouldn't be giving them any problems for a long while. She knew this because they were too busy trying to redo their plans. To use what they had to just create more children.

There was a knock on the door and they all looked up. A man with a baseball cap pulled low walked in. Jessi smiled, "How've you been Douglas?"

The man removed his cap, his eyes wide, "You spook people, you know that?"

Jessi smiled, "You want to see him?"

Douglas approached, "You'll keep him safe."

"You know we will."

He smiled, playing with the boy's little fingers. "We got eighteen more in Wyoming and Nevada today, had to start a new Hide Out to accommodate them."

"That's good."

"They say that in the camps they've started choosing and picking some and then leaving the others on their own to die."

"But they find you," Jessi stated.

"Yes, we search for them, send messages. They know where they can go."

Jessi smiled, "You teach them well, because this isn't over."

"Far from over," he agreed, his head falling to look at the boy in Scully's arms.

Location Unknown
8/10 12:01AM

The man couldn't smoke in this room, he knew that. he just stared at the giant tubes. The lights were on, the color in them distorted, the shapes seemed to be misinformed. But he knew they were as perfect as they were going to get. They had to start over. Next to him stood a young boy. The boy knew everything he thought, knew every dream those in the tubes had. But while he knew all this, he stood motionless.

He didn't hold this man's hand, he didn't even speak as the man stood there looking at the tubes. He just waited for them to leave. he knew they were there because this man was thinking. He was thinking about how he could do things different, how he'd change things. Another man entered the room and took the boy's hand,

"Time for a check up."

The boy didn't respond, just turned and went with him.

The smoking man turned and went to the light switch. He turned off the lights and the room was instantly illuminated in an eerie green from the lights shining on the liquid in the tubes. These would be right, they'd already proven the genetics combinations made different children. The only thing they had against them were the existing children. They were left to die, but somehow they were thriving. They were finding these Hide Outs.

A war had started. Not between two alien races, or two human races. But between master and slave, father and son, mother and daughter. And them, their creators, knew their progeny could be their demise.

Two Years Later
Arlington Recreational Park
June 19 12:25PM Saturday

The little boy made a sour face as his big sister who was making faces at him. He squinted his light blue eyes into the sun a moment before he was lifted off the blanket he'd been sitting on. He laughed, feeling his mother's thin fingers tickling his body. She sat him down on her legs and tried to give him his bottle, but he protested, not really hungry yet.

"Dadda?" he asked, looking at the two women.

Dana looked around herself and saw the car pull up next to hers, and she saw him emerge, wearing a white tang-top and blue jean shorts. On his head a New York Nicks hat and a pair of sunglasses, in his hand a small foam football. He ran over quickly seeing the small boy attempting to stand on his own to reach out for his father. Laughing he brushed a hand through his light brown hair and then gave him the football.

Jessi threw herself on the blanket next to her mother and eyed the ball her brother was playing with. "Is that thing safe for him?" Dana smiled. She was only his sister, but she'd given birth to him, she sometimes acted too motherly towards him.

Mulder cocked his head, giving her his best sarcastic look, "Would I buy a toy for Jamie if I knew it wasn't safe for him?"

She raised her hands, "Geez, just asking!"

He leaned over and kissed her cheek, "You ask too many questions."

"Consider yourself lucky, you don't live with her." Dana let Jamie stand and flop the football around on the floor with his foot. She looked at Jessi, seeing her roll her eyes.

"I'm not *that* bad!"

"Ha!" She mocked. "Jess, why don't you take James over into the sandbox, he can kick that football around there."

She tried to read her mother, but was scolded in her mind. Shrugging she lifted Jamie off the blanket and carried him to the sandbox ten feet away. Dana's eyes followed them there and never left them, she still feared they'd be taken away. Mulder's lips on her cheek diverted her attention. Since he'd found out he was Jessi AND Jamie's father, he'd begun to open up to her in ways she'd never imagined, though they never went past the line from friendship into romance.

"You ok?" he asked.

Smiling at her children she responded, "Occasionally I get this fear in my stomach, like they're still not safe, like at any moment some man in black is going to pop out from behind us and take them away. Or I'll wake up in the middle of the night and they won't be in their room."

His smile faded, "It's been two years." He held her hand.

She stared at Jamie, watching him throw the football at his older sister. She pretended to fall and the little boy laughed, almost falling backwards himself. "He's so beautiful."

"He comes from you," Mulder whispered.

She looked to him, "He comes from you too."

She saw his face redden, and she wanted to laugh, "You don't have to worry, they'll be safe, wherever they are."

"How can you be so sure?" She glanced at Jessi. Her hair had grown past her shoulders, long auburn hair, so much like her own.

Mulder kissed her again, "Trust me, Dana."

The man put down the listening device to smoke another cigarette. He glanced at it a moment and threw it out the window. He looked back out the window at the two playing in the sandbox and almost lost his breath when the small boy stopped playing and looked at his car. The youngster began to point and then paused. Instead he waved, a smile on his chubby little face.

Mulder and Scully's children would be safe, he would make sure of it.

The End

Done! I don't think a fourth should be done, though I'm really sure it could be done, but I'll leave that to Chris. :) And I'm not into starting wars, I mean, writing them, you know? ;)

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