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Mad Season by Shelby Parker
Some choices are made for you. PS waa

Maggie's Tips for an Unforgettable Baby Shower by Kel and Scetti
For a perfect baby shower, you need some interesting guests and plenty of fruit punch. And don't fret over gatecrashers-the more, the merrier! BF NCC

Makeshift Grandson by Neoxphile
Both Scully and Doggett promised to protect him, but Gibson had other ideas. TF G

Making of a Family - X-Files Style by Sara B
Mulder meets a woman in a bar and things go down hill from there till Scully leaves. Three years later he finds her and she has a couple of surprises for him. NCC KF T+

Making The Future Series by Claire Dobbin
What could happen between Alex and Walter (links to individual fics on the Authors ABC page) m/m slash BF-KF

Malikudda by Alien Girl
Scully almost becomes lunch for a sea monster during an investigation in Malibu...and almost drives Mulder nuts...

The Mall by The Oral Fixations
"I take another sip from the Starbucks cup, trying to lean over the rail of the upper level, simultaneously trying to melt into the background. It's nearly time." BF W

Man on The Moon by Bralynne Lerae
Scully and her child share stories about the child's father. NCC

The Man to His Left by Jeri
You never know who you'll meet at the doctor's office. BF NCC

Man To Man Talk series by Girlie_girl7
Mulder chats with his infant son. BF W

A Man Walks Into a Bar... by Agent L
a chance meeting. PS

Mandates from Heaven by Obfusc8er and Xtreme Unction
"There are countless stories of twins separated at birth who end up in the same occupation, marrying the same kind of people, each naming their child Waldo." KF

Mandy by Pattie
Story set inthis universe Stolen ova, possibilities, and facing the truth her abduction helped create: Can Scully handle it after all she went through to bear William? KF OE W W+S MS/MWC

Maria de los Dolores by Mindy J
A common Catholic name in Spanish-speaking cultures, it means "Mary of Sorrows." NCC KF

Maria de los Dolores II by Mindy J
A continuation of Maria de los Dolores. NCC KF

The Marionette Rebellion by Supernova
Danger for Mulder, Scully and William in a post "the truth" landscape. MS/TWC W WaF gWb! PS

Marked BoysWIP by Neoxphile
An X-Files/Harry Potter crossover. Set after book 7 and season 9, dark wizards stalk the earth and alien presences clot the skies. A new prophecy concerning both surfaces, threatening the lives of William Mulder, and Harry and Hermione's unborn son. BF W W+S Ad

Married Life by Sara B
Its moving day for Mr. and Dr. Fox Mulder and Scully has a special housewarming gift for her husband. PS

The Marriage series by Angela W note: when prompted the password is "avalanche"
Glimpses of Mulder and Scully's married life PS MS/TWC NNC

The Marriage series by Juliettt
Mulder and Scully marry and raise a family. PS MS/TWC

Marry Our Fortunes by Alicia K
sequel to Looking For America. Kate and Mulder arrive in Vancouver, only to be used again as pawns in the game.PO MoD

Massive Massacre by Butterflychic79
Doggett, Monica, and Scully all receive a terrifying phone call that their children's school is being held hostage by two young shooters who would love nothing more than to blow up the entire school. The young teens' bombs don't work, then they use guns to take over. Some students are injured and some are murdered. Can the agents stop these terrorists in time and save their children too? W NCC

Maternal Beauty by Kyouryoku Senshi
Mulder convinces Scully just how beautiful being pregnant can be. PS

Matthew by Msam
Some secrets may be better left hidden. S!C

Max Files Empress Vader
The Final Piece sequel. Imagine Dark Angel's world exists parallel to the world in The X-Files series. And in Dark Angel's world Mulder and Scully's fate is different from that in the series. The story jumps between two parallel, but connected, stories. One happening in the year 2000 (XF time) and another happening in the year 2020 (Dark Angel time). NCC

Me, Sam by Hardra61
Slight continuation ofNo Room For Tears. This time Sam, age 14, is narrating more of the story as she observes her father and the changes in her life. NCC TF

Me, Sam II by Hardra61
FollowsMe, Sam. Mulder's daughter is growing up, wondering about the mother she's never known, and...changing...quite a bit. NCC TF

Meant To Be by Jen(Jenr13)
A night in a motel on a case leads to an unexpected surprise. PS BF

Meant To Be II: Children by Jinxd n cursed
a continuation of Meant To Be. As the title suggests, they are having children. NCC BF T+

The Measure of My Days by Marguerite
A beginning, a middle, and another beginning. BF NCC

Meeting Charlie by Donna
Just who is this invisible brother? YR

Megan by Gilly-Bean
Scully discovers a secret about her partner, when he is arrested. Can she forgive him? NCC MoD KF

Megan II: I Don't Know by Gilly-Bean
Megan raised her head to the sky, her mouth opening. She kept whispering things none of them understood. Saliva started to roll down her chin and Mulder cleaned it...Megan convulsed two more times then collapsed, her eyes still opened and unfocused closed and she swallowed.. NCC MoD KF PS

Memories by Alice J. Foster
A pregnant Scully rethinks about the last 7 years. PS

Memories by Pam and Bisky
"Gramma, tell me a story..." the girl pleaded. NCC DP

Memories and Nightmares by U2Mulder
Scully's memories about her abduction are surfacing and it brings about dire changes. Scully gets abducted again. Mulder's sanity is on the line, can he survive Scully being abducted again and pull himself up long enough to find her. E

Memories of Mom by E. Watson
What happened 20 years ago that caused Jeffrey Spender so much pain? PXF

Memories in the Twilight by Pattie
Mulder recalls one summer night a year after Samantha was taken. PFX

The Men by Zeusstorag
As a child, a young Fox Mulder does what he can to help his mother over a tragedy. PXF

The Men of My Life by Kirsten_xf
Two men, all mine. BF W

Mendocino by afg
In a lonely world, Mulder lives with his memories. KF

Mere Ripple by Luperkal
Not a real ending of course, nor even a beginning. PO

Merry Christmas, Baby by Stephanie
Scully gives Mulder an unusual gift for Christmas. PS

Merry Christmas, Mulder by Eileen S. Whipple
Post-ep. Scully brings Mulder along to her family gathering. YR

Merry Christmas, Scully by Angel-Wings Gaskins
a Christmas dinner with Frank and Jordan Black gives Scully a lot to be thankful for. Rodc

A Merry Little Christmas by Menagerie
Not So Silent Night sequel. Maggie Scully takes matters, and Christmas, into her own hands. W BF

Mesabi Ferrum by Zoonr
It's 2012 and Earth is about to get hit with the "st storm of all time." As Mulder and Scully race to find their son, William, and save him from the impending alien invasion, the aliens unleash an unspeakable plague on mankind while engrossed in their own civil war. Meanwhile, Gibson Praise and others in the 'World of X' are learning that you have to have a pretty big ring to hold all those keys to The X-Files. KF W

The Mess series by Shang
Mulder turned to see Alex, he was sure that the confident, arrogant bastard, his brave fallen angel Alex was back. PR BF W NCC

Messages by smut1956
Sunday Softball isn't the only game being played when John Doggett, Monica Reyes, Dana Scully, little William and Brad Follmer are all around. BF W

Messenger by Morji
This tale is an angst-o-rama. Following the return and recovery of Dana Scully, unseen forces have caused traumatic consequences for her and her partner. I would not classify it as a romance, nor a true X-File (though the pair become an X-File unto themselves!) PS

Metamorphasis by Romantique
a follow up toCompletion. BF W

The Mettle of Honor by N. Y. Smith
Sent to investigate the birth of "alien" babies at a Marine Corps base, Mulder and Scully race to uncover the mystery behind the suicide of career officer.

Michelle by Grey Woman
Mulder's thoughts about a little girl that stole his heart long ago and how he can feel the pain Doggett is going through. KF MoD

A Midnight Clear by mountainphile
The phrase "Peace on earth, good will toward men" is nothing more than outdated drivel, considering what he knows of the future. However, this Christmas Eve stranger realities shanghai Mulder's thoughts from doomsday concerns. W WaF

Midnight Rain Melissa B
A summer day begins to reveal the Scully family's place in the conspiracy. PXF

Midnight Wonders by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
While pregnant, Scully has a craving she can't satisfy with anything in her fridge so she heads over to Mulders hoping to find what she needs. PS

A Midsummer Night's Dream Come True by requiem
Dana and Fox's high school graduation night, and events as such. PXF TF

A Midwinter Day's Nightmare by Dana Katherine Scully
When a three-year-old William finds the mysterious love flower from the famous Midsummer Night's Dream, he finds a million ways to make his parents' lives miserable. KF W

Milk and Cake by Emma Brightman
While Scully packs, Mulder shops for the essentials. BF W

Minya Minuet by Mish
Mulder and Scully do Fred and Ginger while Godzilla DJs. PS

Miracle by Ana H
Another day alone. That was all that entered my mind as I woke up early one January morning. PS

Miracle by Cathey Scully
What if, two years into the future, the child she gave up was to fall ill? KF W WaF

Miracle by Hillary
Response to Church of X Challenge # 1 : what if Emily Sim hadn't died... Rodc E

Miracle by Jennis524
She knew in her heart that they were miracles in the sense that every child is a miracle. W W+S PR PS

Miracle by Jinxd n cursed
Mulder reflects on his life with Scully and the anticipation for the arrival of their child. PS

Miracle by Scullyrules5
Anybody else wondering what life would be like for Mulder and Scully if Emily had lived? Well I am. So maybe this could be it. E

Miracle by Tesla
"You're called Oom Fatima or Oom Faisel; a woman is known by her children. It's a terrible disgrace not to have children; it's a terrible grief."

Miracle Baby by Dot
A mother thinks about how she finally became one. BF

The Miracle Before Christmas by Teliko. x3
There's a new addition to the Mulder family and she's just in time for Christmas. NCC W W+F KF TF

The Miracle of Christmas by DD4me2
Stranded on their way home on Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully are witness to a Christmas miracle that will break down walls they had erected so long ago.

Miracle of Mine by M. Edison
companion toChild of My Heart Scully's POV

Miracle Season by Neoxphile
a Christmas tale about merry little multiples for Mulder and Scully, Doggett and Reyes...and Fowley torture. KF W W+S T+ MS/TWC

Miracles by Linda Phillips
a happy ending for Mulder and Scully...and an addition to the family. BF

Mirage by Angel Leeann
They are Mr. and Mrs., but not happy. Their son was killed in a car accident while Mulder was driving. Yet, that is only the beginning. NCC KF

Mirage II by Angel Leeann
At the end of 'Mirage' the readers are left wondering what it is Dana doesn't want Mulder to know. We're about to find out. NCC KF

Mirror of Love by Tanja
Two girls, spend their holiday in the same summer camp in the USA. The one comes from England, where she lives with her father, the other lives in San Francisco, together with her mother. How is it possible that two girls, who have never met each other before that day, look so much alike? NCC T+

Misbegotten Sons by NeoxphileWIP
They contacted us not long after the colonization began. And when they did, I realized that though they were my flesh and blood, they were not my sons. They were no one's sons." - Scully. W gWb! W+S Ad KF-TF OE

Misconception by Christina
Caught by surprise, Mulder reacts badly to Scully's news. Will he alienate her? PS

Miss You Most at Christmas Time by Emily Miller
Christmas comes again... E

Missing the Gaze by mercury_999
Scully struggles against the reality she's facing, with hope that things really aren't as they seem. PS

Missing Time by Gwinne
Maybe I place his hand on my belly. Maybe I whisper in his ear... PS

Missing Time by Rachel Wilder
Mulder returns to find out that life has moved on while he was gone. PS

Mist Over Water by Rae
Scully helps Mulder cope with a loss. DP W W+S

Mistaken by Jessica Taylor
Immediately after the episode "Syzygy," Scully leaves The X-Files and appears to meet a horrible fate. Mulder, who has been assigned a new partner, tries to move on. Just when he least expects it, Scully returns. With his five-year-old daughter. NCC KF

Misunderstandings by Devin
Two misunderstandings and a happy ending. BF W

Misunderstood by David Herne
A story about Mulder and Scully in their older, waning years. GK NCC SoM

Mixed Emotions by Jujubean
"Ms. Scully, this is Dr. Tomlin's office and we have your test results back." PS OE

Mockingbird by Syn
A mother's last moments with her daughter. E

Modern Miracles: Or, Uncle Frohike Saves the Day by the idiosyncratic stanwyck
Take leftover curry; add Scully, Byers, Langly, a rainstorm, and a crying baby. Stir well. BF

Molly by Devin
sequel to The Beach Never apologize. BF NCC

Moments I: Hogwarts Bound by Devin
Who brought Hermione her letter? Harry Potter crossover KF PXF

Mom by Lara Means
Scully's first Mother's Day. NCC BF

Momma by Rocketman
Scully's daughter learns about her mother through her father. TF NCC

Mommy's Little Girl by Nicole M, Melissa W, Nantana J, and Larry D
Aliens ask Mulder for something...unusual in exchange for proof of alien life. Mpreg BF NCC

Mommy and Daddy Abducted? by Becca317
Someone has kidnapped Bill and Tara! KF OcC

Moms Only Chat by Megan
You never know who you connect with online...KF MoD SoM

The Monstar Mystery by Foxfirex
Married Mulder and Scully do a favor for Skinner on the set of a TV show. BF W

Monster by Aislinn Carter
William experiences his first loss. TF W

Monster Under The Bed by Jenna Toom
Who says the monster under the bed isn't real? A Halloween thing. KF

Monsters: 01 Monster Under The Bed by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Scully gets a patient who may give her another chance at getting back her son. W KF GWb!

Monsters: 02 The Peanut Butter and Jelly Monster by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Sequel to Monster under the bed. One crazy morning in the Mulder house. KF W gWb!

Monsters: 03 The Night Monster by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
William gets sick and Mulder and Scully take care of him. KF W

Monsters: 04 The Monster that Went Bump In the Night by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Mulder, Scully and William go trick-or-treating. William meets a new friend and discovers a secret about his cousin. W KF

Monsters: 05 The Monstrous Question by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
William asks the question all parents fear shortly after catching them in a compromising position. W KF

Monsters In The Dark by Becka F.
Margaret Fearon's son is dying from a devastating illness, and all I want in this exact moment is for her to recognize that we share something other than desperately wanting to see Christian get better.

Moonshine by Janis
a walk in the woods is never just a walk in the woods for these two.

A Moose and Squirrel Christmas by dlynn
a Christmas bet gets way out of hand. The episode Millennium doesn't exist in this world. KF

A More Perfect Fit by DM
sequel to The Dance PS

More stories from Eyes of a Child Universe by Lovesfox
Holidays with William set in the Eyes of a Child universe.. BF/KF W

More Than The Clouds Little Starbuck*
Scully gives birth to the miracle she's prayed for! PS W

More Than Meets the Eye by Ladyraider
a girl vanishes from her room and Mulder and Scully go to investigate her disappearance and it could lead to something more... KF

More Than This by Spookychick
My attempt to sort out the muddled canon, addressing as many of the show's major myth-arc plotlines as possible, through Deadalive. Quite a challenge to make sense of it, stick to the canon, and keep it firmly pro-Mulder. PS

Morning Moment by jrw
Alternate world; set in the world of the Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, M.D. one & two; this time from Mulder's perspective.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Lolax
This story is just a bit of warm, fuzzy Christmas goodness. It's AU because it is set as though Emily had not passed away and was now living with Scully. E Rodc

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by sylvia
By the time her mother's Christmas party rolls around, Scully is tired. PS

A Mother Always Knows by Rachel Wilder
Maggie Scully is called to Montana. PS

A Mother's Care by trycee
William is six months old. This is Scully's feelings during this period while she cares for him alone. She turns to two people for comfort. This will be a short story with a few chapters. BF W

Mother's Day by Christine Leigh
Mother's Day events, present and past. Waa

Mother's Day Redux by Leslie Sholly
Scully's first Mother's Day without William. Waa

A Mother's Difficult Choice by Kyouryoku Senshi
Post William. Missing scene. What takes place right after Scully cries beside William's crib- W Waa

A Mother's Love by Agent Leki
a little bit of Scully, a little bit of Mulder, and a little bit of Baby William. Scully's thoughts on William. BF W

A Mother's Secrets by Chrissie
Scully's cousin goes missing and Mulder witnesses what a mother's secrets can lead to. SoM TF

A Mother's Thoughts by Sheryl N
a Scully thinks about Emily...

Mourning Has Broken by Kathmak
Monica is missing her mother as she awaits the birth of her first child. PR

The Mouths of Babes by Raenright
A foray into the future and some deep suspense. NCC TF

Moving On by Cathey Scully
Moving on, together. Companion toAdieu. BF W

Mrs. Krycek by Xanthe
Mulder and Skinner discover more than they bargain for when they break some bad news to a pregnant woman. PO

Mulder Gets a Tattoo by Soleil Compeau
His reaction to the adoption. W

Mulder House Rules by Sagan
Words to the wise. W W+S

Mulder, It's Time! by Mulderache
Well, it's time to have a baby. Will things go. Well...we'll see. NCC BF

Mulder Meets the Meddling Kids by Cris Francis
Mulder and Scully go out to investigate a possible landing site, and land themselves in a very strange place. CX

Mulder and the Quads by Agent Leki
This is a sequel to Four is a Wonderful Number

Mulder and Scully go Trick-or-Treating by dmulder
Halloween story, short and sweet. PS NCC

Mulder and William series by Christine Leigh
Stories about father and son, beginning three years into the future. KF W

Mulder's Birthday Present by Erin Blair
What would Scully give Mulder for his birthday present? W gWb! PS

Mulder's Creek: Season one by Neoxphile
Sixteen-year-old Mulder Leary is haunted by the kidnapping of his infant sister, twelve years before. With a little help from his friends, he searches for missing Sam. PFX(alternate universe) TF KF S PO

Mulder's Creek: Season two by Neoxphile
A year later life is turned upside down by a silent return and new sibling who is more than he seems. PFX (alternate universe) TF KF BF S

Mulder's Other Baby by Neoxphile
Mulder finally tells Scully about his other child. Mpreg OE MoD

Mulder's Pot of Gold by Doriane Scott
Is it really Leprechauns robbing New York? Or can it be something even more unbelievable? KF Ad

Mulder's Son by jrfpatton
An attempt to answer Scully's question about why the aliens didn't take the child they came for. Perhaps the baby is exactly what they thought he was. PS

Mulder's Sperm by Mellissa
Scully finds out about that vial, and comes up with an interesting way for Mulder to atone for his...well, read it and find out. PS

Mulder's Sperm + Ubereggs = Little Pink Babies by Melissa
Mulder and Scully react to becoming parents to a litter. PS T+ BF NNC

Muldermass by GVB
A Mulder family Christmas.

Mulderology by phantagrae
Just my take on what it might have been like for the Mulder family just after Samantha was taken, up through when we first meet him. PXF

Multiplicity by Ellethom
How Mulder Spent his 2001 summer vacation. W+S BF Mpreg

The Mushroom Emulation series by Bugs
BF (eventually) W

Music For the Soul by Arca
"Her daughter died recently, she was only three years old." E

My Angel Unaware by Joylynn
A mother's lament. E

My Baby by Carol Gritton
Memories from a comatose Mrs. Mulder. PXF

My Battalions by Supernova
If I did the right thing, then I wouldn't be telling myself I did the right thing, now would I-

My Cousin Needs Another Dog by Pattie
Since William misses Sailor, his cousin fills in the gap. Guess how? W W+S NCC OE YR

My Dearest Son by Vickie Moseley
Mulder sets the record straight. BF W

My Dream, a Soul Unbound by Para8Dice
During Emily, as Emily dies, Dana loses control temporarily, and Mulder is there for her. E

My Family by Spookster
Liam Mulder begins to write in his diary in his 14th birthday. TF NCC

My Father's Son The Fox
William POV on his life so far. W TF

My Father's Son by Elizabeth L. Iacono
I am my father's son. I am a believer... TF SS/TWC

My Father's Eyes by Elizabeth L. Iacono
My Father's Son sequel. There are a lot of things Drew Skinner doesn't know about his family. He's about to find one of them out.TF SS/TWC

My Father's Words by Elizabeth L. Iacono
My Father's Eyes sequel. "What we talk about when we talk about love." -Raymond Carver TF SS/TWC

My Father's Stars by Lola Ravenhill (Elizabeth L. Iacono)
My Father's Words sequel. Family has a tendency to drive people right to the breaking point. Drew Skinner is no exception to that rule. ncc tf

My Favorite Day by Mish
sequel to My Favorite Word. What's a Buddy to do when his Dad won't listen to him? PS W

My Favorite Word by Mish
A connection is made, an awakening realized. PS

My Flowers, Mommy by Rosesdecay
Realization sinks in for Scully. E

My Grown-Up Christmas Wish by Spooky152
Scully contemplates losing Mulder, while the Gunmen prepare a very special holiday surprise. PS

My Life as a Puzzle by Michelle Kiefer
It's eleven years after the events of the Fringe Series and 13-year-old Kate has a lot of questions about her parents, her life and the secrets that surround her. NCC TF

My Little Off-Key Angel by Nancy Kelly
During the holidays, Mulder looks back to a precious time he spent with Emily. Wasn't in the episode, but I added my little tidbit. :-) E

My Love Story by Daydreamer
Scully relates the story of her love for Mulder and their first year together. NCC TF

My Mother's Child by darkstar
It's not easy to be the symbol of destruction in the eyes of a dying world. NCC

My Name is William by Pamalast
Events of the past thru Mulder and Scully's grown son. W

My Mother's Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun by Scarlet Baldy
A teenager muses on his mother's unspoken feelings. TF

My Name Is Christmas Carole by Kristen Kilar
While playing Santa on Christmas Eve, one little girl's story touches Fox Mulder's heart. KF OcC

My Name Is William by Pamalast
Events of the past thru Mulder and Scully's grown son. W

My One True Love by Agent Leki
Here I lay... In my bed on this cold February night wondering what is to become of me and my unborn child. PS

My Seven Dreams of Emily by Rocketman
Mulder dreams of his own personal hell. E

My Travels with Charley series by Windsinger
In a cone of brilliant light, surrounded by silent and compliant former abductees, Mulder comes face to face with the Hunter. Why does this scene seem not unfamiliar and what will happen now? This series traces Mulder's abduction and begins with the events of the first few minutes. PS W

My Valentine by Starbuck
It's Valentine's day and some one will get a very good surprise. BF W

Mysterious Ways by Neoxphile
Scully didn't want to run any more. BF W W+S

Mystery by Tesla
Miracle sequel. The veracity of the miracle water is tested. PS(implied)

Mystery at St Mary Magdalene by Mary
Mulder and Scully go undercover to an all girls school. TF PS


Nagar by Spooky
Mulder reflects on an event in his childhood. PXF

Namesake by Kelly Moreland
There is no such thing as coincidence, not when you stop and think about it. W KF

Natalie by little Starbuck*
Post-Empedocles "pizza/gift" scene. PS

Nativitatis by 6hoursgirl
"I know you didn't ask for this. You can resent us for surviving. You can even hate us; whatever you need to do to get through it. But I won't say we're not happy to have you." Part of the Umbra Reverie series. W gWb!

Nebraska by Donna
They wake in a strange place, then have to find their way together. PS

Nebraska by Emma Brightman
A late night diner trip provides Doggett with some unexpected clarity. PS

Neither Moon Nor Earth
Light years from Earth, Mulder is forced to make a terrible choice. PS

Never Alone by Xfwriter and Goldenwolf88
The Lone gunmen mysteriously survive and come back. When they come to greet there loved ones at home, they find Melissa Mulder missing. Where did she go? Is she alive? NCC W TF

Never Coming Back/Never Going to Go Away by Julia DH
Mulder returns to Scully after 17 months of absence. Scully is struggling with raising a baby and keeping her sanity. BF

Never Far Away by Squishy
Their first conversation... W TF

Never Give Up on a Miracle by Kyouryoku Senshi
Post-Ep. Alternate Ending. After the loss of Mulder, Scully fears she may have even more to lose. PS

Never Meant To Be by Lisa
This is a post-episode story to "Emily." Their conversation on the couch was not enough for me. This issue had to be explored further. Since trust is the foundation of their relationship, why did Scully just accept his explanation of I wanted to protect you and not question him any further. Well, this is what would happen if she didn't. If she need more.

Never Meant to Be by Starbuck
Scully's final moments with Emily. The heartbreaking scene I'm glad they didn't include in the episode. E

Never Meant to Be by Tara Avery
Seen through the eyes of a child... E OE

Never Meant To Be by Xxandie
No summary. That would spoil everything. E

Never Saw Blue Like That by Estrellita
"Kaitlyn, this is William Mulder. He'll be your lab partner for the year. You two can sit at that table over there." W TF

Never to Part Again by Deathstryke

The New Arrival by The Fox
sequel to A New Beginning,A New Life andThe Gift. BF W PS

A New Beginning by The Fox
Mulder's back. You'll just have to read on!! BF W PS

A New Beginning by Kyouryoku Senshi
What happened after Mulder arrived at Democrat Hot Springs? BF W

A New Beginning for Mulder and Scully by Erin Blair
What if you could change your future? Scully finds out how to have a future with Mulder and William. BF W

New Client by Luan D. Lascy
Mary-Anne Spier baby-sits for an eight-year-old new girl named Samantha, plagued by nightmares of an abduction, and gets her xphile boyfriend wondering... S

A New and Glorious Morn by Maureen B. Ocks
Christmastime. PO

A New Life by Erin Blair
Scully is replaced by a clone who looks and acts like her. Mulder seemingly is taken in by her. However, the realscully is told by Them that she can't return to Mulder because they'll perform the tests on her. NNC

A New Life
Sequel to first story A New Beginning. BF W PS

A New Life by phyca
John, Mon, and Gibson, the night after The Truth ended. G

A New Life by Trixie
Ruminations from a next generation's voice. NCC

A New Soldier by Sankofa
A crossover between X-Files and Dark Angel - What has become of William...

The New Truth by Project Truthseekers (several Authors)
What if Mulder hadn't left at the beginning of season nine? BF W

New Year Surprise by Emerald Starburst
On New Year's Day, Krycek gives Mulder a big surprise. PO

Next by Alliesmg
It's been 8 years since Scully's death and Mulder's retirement. Now his life is devoted to caring for his and Dana's son. When a mysterious vision of him being taken away greets Mulder in the middle of the night, he knows that Daniel is next. AU Ficlet KF NCC

The Next Case by Donna
A possible next case... KF W gWb!

Next Year by Lyn
Just some Scully missing some Mulder. BF W

Next Year by Tabby
Watching the World Series in the Mulder household. BF W

Nexus: The Length of the Light by Kasey Miller
A story about love, fate, trust, and truth. Or, my take on what happened after the last scene in "The Truth." W BF gWb!

Nick of Time by Truebluestef
An Agua Mala fill-in-the-blanks as to what happens to Mulder after they shut the door on him. PO

The Night Before by bardsmaid
It's the night before Christmas, and all through The X-Files world...KF

The Night Before Christmas by Vickie Moseley
Another Christmas Story inspired by the Amy Grant song of the same name and correcting part of Season 8. Religious overtones, but nothing too heavy. PS

The Night We Never Met by Heidi P.
Fourteen years into the future, Dana Scully thinks about her baby's father. TF NCC

Nightmare series by aka "Jake"
The Navajo code-talker words for "Secret" and"Exchange" are "Bah-has-tkih" and "Alh-nahl-yah" -- and might easily be the basis for two nightmares. After all, some experiences are so unbearable, one can only pray they are no more than bad dreams. PS BF AON

Nine Hours by Rogueangel
Mulder and Scully meet a teenage girl at a park and it appears that she has something of theirs that they want. NNC

Nine Months, One Day by devout2David
Scully has found out that she is pregnant again. Share the journey. PS Waa

"No, but..." by David Stoddard-Hunt
How did Mulder go from pointing and suspecting the pizza man to gazing rapturously and possessively at Scully's pregnant belly? A new interpretation. PS

No Earthly Ships by Katriena Knights
a grieving Scully visits a psychic. PS

No Greater Gift by Kinkygrrl Diane
Krycek is pregnant. He goes to Walter one last time, expecting to be thrown out. Instead, Walter decides to take charge. mpreg (m/m slash)

No More Film by Donna
What happens to a photographic memory... GK

No One Is To Blame by Ellethom
a what if with a twist. PXF

No Room For Tears by Hardra61
I have a daughter. We have a daughter. We had a daughter. I have a daughter...NCC KF

No Sun Shining Through by Firephile
a few snippets of a post-William life. Waa

xf onesieNo Visible Sign of Injury by JB
Scully's thoughts on how the loss of her daughter has affected her life. E

The Non-Believer by Nita D
Dana Scully confronts the idea of Santa Claus as a child. PXF KF

Non Sequitur by Sphinx
Can Krycek save the life of his remaining family in time? Or will his signifigant other stop him dead in his tracks? PO BF

Nor Custom Stale by ML
After Mulder's return in "Age Cannot Wither," life goes on. GK W(sort of)

A Normal Life by Agent Diana Fowley
Doggett and Mulder's POV of Mulder's return. PS

Normalcy by Devin
2 pairs of agents deal with the aftermath of Existence. BF W

Not For Too Long by Starbuck
Come on... somebody had to fill in that missing scene at the beginning...BF W

Not a Hallmark Kind of Guy by Brandon D. Ray
Post episode. What happened after the end of "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" M

Not Just a Little Boy by Glymax
A young Mulder deals with the reality of Samantha's arrival. BF KF S

Not My Lover by Deslea R Judd
In a world of changing allegiances, only Alex and Marita will have the strength and permanence with which to lead the Russian project. But will they have strength to survive the American agenda? KF G

Not My Lover: Gibson's Gift by Deslea R Judd
FollowsNot My Lover andNot My Lover: Enigma We had lost one child; and so when he found another, he had brought him to me. KF G

Not The Natural Way by X_fairy
Scully comes back from her Christmas vacation to find that Mulder is married to Diana Fowley. KF NCC

The Not So Conventional Family by da ruth
This is a little story set in an alternate universe where Emily wasn't sick and Scully got full custody. E

Not So Silent Night by Menagerie
It's Will's first Christmas and Scully gets a Christmas surprise! BF W

Not with a Bang by Witch Baby
Mulder's been gone a while. Now he's back. BF W

Not-Quite Daughter by Gwinne
"She's not surprised to see Emily bouncing at the foot of her bed, asking if she can have pancakes for breakfast."PS E

Nothing Else Mattered by Eileen Whipple
" soul should be that dirty with guilt and misery." PXF

Nothing Important series by Vickie Moseley
post Existence series that takes a different path than Season 9. BF W

Nothing's Ever Normal by hellogoodbye57
This chronicles the birth of Scully's babies. With Scully and Mulder, nothing, not even childbirth, can ever be normal. BF NCC T+

Nothing Real Happened Today by jr_nurse
Just the ramblings of a children's nurse on sick leave, partly inspired by the end scene of existence but equally by spoilers for season nine. BF W

Nothing Says Love Like Something From the Oven by RLO
Sometimes, the only way to get your message across is to be direct and literal. PS

Nova by Angel
The inevitable happens. Mulder has planned ahead and now does everything in his power to keep Scully safe. PS NNC

Nova: East of Eden by Angel unfinished
You didn't think it was going to end there, did you?! With a happy ending! Evie, my muse, and I are all laughing. NCC

November Eleventh by Lisby
Mulder finds himself welcome after his return from the stars. BFF NCC SoM

Now and Forever by Marlen
The ending of "Existence" was beautiful, but I wanted to add a verbal affirmation of love from both parties. BF W

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Alanna
Letting go. OE

Now Is the Time by Anndie
Babyfic! Scully gives birth with some help... PS BF NCC

Now Playing by Myriss
One night at the movies...KF W

Null and Void by Lilx
Scully goes through with a difficult decision. W Waa

Nursery Magic Fairies by Olivia Severini
Mulder, Scully, William and their last night together. BF W


O Holy Night by Bonnie Drew
Regina and Walter celebrate their first Christmas together with some special friends, including Sally Bradstreet, Joe Dawson, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Bonnie Drew and Sam Gerard. BF NCC

OB-GYN by Girlie_girl7
Mulder takes Scully to the doctor. PS BF W

Oblivion by Gillian Leigh
It's got Emily, and other Mulder children I invented. Mulder and Scully are married, but it's not all fluff.

Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, part 1 by jrw
Scully pauses to contemplate what lies ahead. PS

Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, part 2 by jrw
Read number one to get the feel of it. The mood, at least, is meant to be dark. BF NCC

Occluded by alanna
This was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. PS

October 2013 by Frey
A trio of drabbles. W TF

October Air by Christine Leigh
Post-series. About three years or so down the road. W KF S

Of Mothmen and Moonshine by Britt Mulder and Girlie_girl7
One would think Mulder and Scully had learned their lesson about going into the forest but noooo, only this time Mulder took along some help. TF

Offspring by Deslea R. Judd
part 1pt 2pt 3pt 4pt 5 When Scully and Skinner fall in love, their troubles have only just begun... PS SoM

The Offspring by Kelli Rocherolle
A product of Scully's abduction comes back to haunt her. KF S!C OE

Offspring and Lives Incomplete by Donna
They're being used again. BF NCC

Oh What a Night by Cheryl Cohen and Annie Reed
On Halloween, Mulder is drafted to baby-sit some small relatives and his well-meaning efforts to take them trick or treating cause nothing but trouble. KF

Oh, Little Child by Amber
Scully learns of Mulder's possession of a vial of her ova and she deals with the emotions which follow...

Omniscient Ouija by Bidie Mccucholl
On a stormy Halloween night, a young Dana and Melissa Scully decide to play with the newest of Melissa's discoveries--- a Ouija board. PXF TF

On Angels from Heaven by Sandee
a short piece of fluff... Babyfic. Mulder's back, and his child is about to be born. BF NCC

On His Doorstep by Kristen
Skinner gets a surprise BF NCC

On the Road Again by Foxfirex and Girlie Girl7
It's a long long drive to California. BF W

On Your Back by Vickie Moseley
Fill in the blank for the episode Existence. BF W

Once Again by Sandee
People from the past visit the baby. BF NNC

Once Upon a Prayer by Deanna Dilbeck
This is my contribution to the reunion challenge.

Once Upon a Time: Welcome Home by Meaghan Mcscully
A man loses his daughter, and gets her back under horrible circumstances. MoD KF/TF NCC

Once Upon a Time: Against All Odds by Meaghan Mcscully
Scully is left to deal with Mulder's disappearance and his daughter's illness. MoD TF PS NCC

Once Upon a Time: Reunited by Meaghan Mcscully
Mulder must deal with his abduction and return, his daughter's illness, his son's life, and his wife's stresses. MoD BF TF NCC

The One by Patty Hayes
a group of possible abductees are looking for 'the one'. Is it Samantha, they are looking for? KF

One by Teliko. x3
Baby William turns one. BF W

One Fish Two Fish by rah
Scully on maternity leave. PS

One For the Road by Starbuck_Jayne
Does anyone else really miss those "Mulder and Scully on a case file" moments? KF W W+S NCC

One Glimpse of His Eyes by nikki
Death, birth, angst, the Lone Gunmen and a tacky giant bear. After a second abduction, Scully is left pregnant and alone. Or is she? PS

One of the Good Guys by Jenna Tooms
prequel toDraw Down the Moon PS

One Heartbeat by Maidenjedi
Searching for the truth is only the first step. PS

One in a Million by Red Badger 83
Mulder has a surprise for Scully on her birthday. This is not the whole story. This is AU of course. BF W

One Last Time by Jennifer Cuzzo
What happens when you can't be with someone because of what they do and what they have done in the past but you still see and want that person? SoM BF

One More Time by Alden Scott Crow
Scully meets Emily one more time and realizes her feelings toward her daughter aren't as resolved as she thought. E

One Precious Moment by Velvit
"Emily" missing scene fic. E

One Small Technicality by Spock
Scully is led to believe Mulder never loved her. Ugliness ensues. Waa

One Thought Series by Andrina
Various events over the years through different sets of eyes. NCC BF-TF

One Spooky All Hallows' Eve by Monikafilefan
An October 30th glimpse into the life of Mr. and Mrs. Spooky. Mulder carves pumpkins on his and Scully's first Halloween as parents. KF-Bfgwb! W W+S

One Thought by probe
Halloween, post-invasion. KF

Only Because He Needed Us by Neoxphile
Mulder and Scully have not spoken for close to ten years, but as the invasion date approaches they learn that their son needs them. (Broken Mosaic follows this fic) KF WaF W+S MoD

Only Darkness by Ashlea Ensro
a bizarre case brings Scully into contact with a woman from her past. sequel to Karass

Only Just Begun by gilly1013
Mulder is back. Need I say more?

The Only Truth That Remains by memories_child
This was written for the episode Demons. PXF

Oozings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man by Scifinerdgrl
Scully's desperation to get pregnant leads her to do something she never thought she'd do. PS SoM

Open Fields by Kailee W.
Picks up where Closure left off: Mulder shows Scully where he saw Samantha. E

Opposite Poles by Rory D. Cottrell
Scully investigates murder BF W

Origins by Mischa
When William falls ill, Scully comes to a shocking conclusion. W BF S!C

Ornamental by Pita1013
It's a post-Requiem Christmas story, and that's all. Further summary would ruin the story. Pre-XF PS

Other Considerations by Laura Akers
Strange lights in the sky and missing skiers lead Mulder and Scully to a lonely wild boy who lives in a cave and possesses strange powers. TF

The Other Road by Melissa G.
Scully does thinking. BF NCC Adopt

The Other Two by Taryn Crow
When Mulder returns, he's not empty-handed. OE

Our Baby
Bridges the gap between Mulder asking the pizza guy to call 911 and their arrival at the hospital. PS

Our Existence by Devin
What if Mulder, not Reyes, was with Scully in Existence? PS W BF

Our First Christmas by jes88
Mulder and Scully's first Christmas as a married couple. PS

Our Happy Beginning by Mezzosoprano
'His mind said:Damn Right! F@$#*in' I'm actually marrying Dana Scully! Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God... His mouth said: "I Do."' BF W

Our Miracle by Jeanette
Scully is pregnant but who is the father? PS

Our Miracle Boy is Ten by Pattie
I figure he was born March 15, 2001. Everyone has their opinion about that. Mr. Carter should have told us something but tried to pretend it didn't happen, I suppose. Or maybe he was teasing the MSR fandom. W W+S KF

Our Mother by Lepa
In that single instant when I/We discovered the truth of our mother and her fate His/our shock initiated a link between us all. OE

Our Parents by Angela W.
This is sort of a sequel to "Our Story." W+S F W

Our Princess by Debbie Cullen
Scully has died and Mulder is left to raise their daughter alone. DP BF KF NNC

Our Story by Angela W.
Mulder and Scully gave up their entire lives and began anew with different identities in order to protect their son almost 15 years ago. What would their lives be like now? W W+S TF

Our Sweetest Songs by Jamie Taylor
In the near future, Mulder and Scully are married and there's a government conspiracy underfoot. It involves two of their children. NNC T+

Out Now by Lass Mulder
This is written supposing Mulder and Scully are already married. Scully is having a baby, and things get a little crazy in the hospital. This is not a typical soppy romance "baby" story. BF SoM

Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Carrie Barber
What happened after Mulder got out of the shower in Existence? BF W

Out of Darkness by KS
akes place afterThe Christmas Miracle. It is 2009 and William has just been reunited with Mulder and Scully as they prepare for the birth of their daughter, Melissa. But as Mulder said, the darkness always has a way of finding them. PS KF W gWb!

Out of His Crib by Xfileysr
This takes place as a kind of what happened when Scully gave the baby up. W Waa

Out of The Ashes by bellefleur
Hearts on The Mend sequel. A year after renewing their vows, Mulder and Scully receive new information about their son's disappearance, reuniting them with old enemies. KF W gWb! (Picking Up The Pieces follows)

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind by Carrie Barber
What happened after Mulder got out of the shower in Existence? BF W

The Outer Senshi Files by Kyouryoku Senshi
Haruka and Michiru leave Tokyo and come to Washington they both sense an uneasy presence there so they both enroll as FBI undercover Agents. As they seek deeper into the FBI, they get assigned to The X-Files division where they meet Agents Scully and Doggett and were to assist them on some frequent cases, which came the opportunity for them when they were helping to investigate the disappearance of Agent Fox Mulder, Agent Dana Scully's former partner over his which remains unexplained disappearance. PS W BF

Oxford Reunion by Starbuck_Jayne and Chessity
A university reunion takes an unexpected twist. BF W

Oxytocin by Ambress
It's not over yet. PS BF W