Title: I Dream Of Her
Author: Marlen
Rating: G
Spoiler: post-Requiem
Keywords: MSR, Scully POV
Classification: Vignette
Distribution: I will submit to Ephemeral &
Gossamer, otherwise please do.
Disclaimer: Sadly, DS & FM do not belong to
me. They belong to CC, 1013 & FOX.
Completed June 26, 2000

Summary: A mother's intuition.

I don't know why it's a her. Call it a mother's intuition.

I dream of holding my beautiful baby girl in my arms, she's griping my finger with her tiny hand, and it feels like heaven.

I dream of her sparkling hazel eyes looking up at me, she smiles with complete innocence of the world around her.

I dream of her saying her first word, its `mommy'.

I dream of her taking her first steps. She stumbles at first, but I let her do it on her own and then she comes straight to me with her arms wide open ready for an embrace.

I dream of kissing her bumps and bruises, making her feel better instantly.

I dream of playing hide-n-seek with her. She finds me everytime.

I dream of brushing her massive red curls as she tells me a story.

I become fascinated by her imaginary world. Where good always triumphs over evil, the guy always gets the girl, and there's always a happy ending.

I dream of walking with her to the park on a cool Saturday afternoon. I push her on the swing as she says `higher mommy'.

She spots her father and runs to him. He gives her a great big hug, picks her up and swings her around in the air.

He walks over to me, gives me a sweet kiss, then we grab each of her hands so she's in the middle and walk home.

And like one of her fairy-tales, we live happily ever after.

Will my dreams ever become reality?

I would like to believe in the possibility.

Until then, I will just continue to dream of her.


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