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The G-Man's Guide To Post-Partum Sex by alanna
"Is there sex after baby? Can you ever get back the zing? of course you can! Your love life can be better than ever!" BF W MS/TWC

The G-man's Guide to Unemployment by alanna and Emma Brightman
The average American workday is eight hours long. What's Mulder to do when Scully's at the office and he has to play house husband? PS

Gabriel by Mish
Seeker of answers, bringer of truth...he alone can reveal the hidden memories of her heart. PS

Gabriel's Feather by FatCat
Mulder has been missing for almost 4 years and Someone is pissed. W KF

Gaelic Wind by Ingrid Kane
In ancient Ireland, Dana Scully sings a celtic lullaby to her child. KF NCC

The Game by JL
Mulder and Scully put the truth on trial. KF W W+S

Game by Vickie Moseley
A Mrs. Mulder story and my interpretation of how the 'choice' between the two children was really made. PXF

A Gauntlet and a Gift by Leslie Sholly
Mulder is managing to keep the promise he made to Scully before her death but only barely. Will a new and unexpected challenge help? NCC DP

The Generations series by MacSpooky and Co.
Mulder joins in at a Scully family event and it leads to so much more. PS PO BF NCC T+

Genesis by Ally
They thought that as long as they had each other they would survive. But what happens when reality begins to blur and their worlds turn upside down? KF OE

Genesis by M. Edison
"It's all bullshit. There're no assurances, Agent Mulder, you can't even be sure of your next breath." PS PO

The Genesis project by aRcaDIaNFall$
A murder case leads Mulder and Scully to three extraordinary children who change their lives forever. KF BF DP Ad MS/TWC NNC

Geneticus by Jerri
Harry Potter crossover. KF

The Genesis series by Radclyffe
Genesis is a parallel universe based upon the temporal events of the X-Files beginning with The Red and the Black. In my view of events, Scully is a lesbian (surprise!) and her private life is quite a bit more interesting than CC would have us believe. PS BF W

The Genesis Breed by Beguile
It is 2009, three years between the agents and the looming date of the invasion. An assassin is assigned to hunt them down and kill them and their children, Meredith and William. Unfortunately, her ties to the past make the job rather difficult. Mix this with mind games and secret alliances and you have the makings of a jolly good X-File.

Gentle Christmas by Susan
Outside the snow has finally stopped, the ground now covered in a quilt of white. Inside he watched his wife sleep.. W gWb! GK

The Geometry of Loss by Kudra
Mulder and Scully struggle with the reality of their new existence months after the events of "William" and "The Truth." W

Getting a Life by Josan
What happened to Walter Skinner in his new role as father to Zander. KF

Getting Used To by Jen
Some Scully thoughts about her new situation. PS

Ghosts series by Anjou

  • Ghosts
    An early December 2002 tale, originally supposed to be a drabble, totally spun out of control. A post-series 'what if' where Mulder was irrevocably altered, replicants were the new reality, and the clock was ticking down to 2012.
  • The Ghosts of Christmas Present
    Part 2 of the Ghosts series, originally posted on Christmas Day, 2002. A post-series 'what-if' now rendered totally AU by the events of the 2008 movie, not to mention the upcoming season 10 in 2016.
  • The Ghosts of Future Past
    Originally posted in September 2003 for the E-muse Beat the Heat Secret Santa Summer Challenge, and set post-original series, and prior to the events of 2008's I Want to Believe, and the 2016 Season 10. BF W MS/TWC gWb!

Ghosts by Myriss
Ghosts KF

Ghost Lights by Neoxphile
Halloween's just not the same any more. GK W

Ghosts of series by Jo-Jo (Foxcat)
William is ten years old and is still haunted by the ghosts of his parents. Will he find his way back home?

  • Ghosts of Three
    I still remember my parents. W KF
  • Ghosts of Leaving
    I woke up today knowing that this day was different. W KF
  • Ghosts of Desertion
    The whole world is going to change, and I can't tell whether it's going to be for the better or worse. KF W
  • Ghosts of Home
    If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, maybe I can keep us like this forever. KF W gWb!

The Ghosts of Love by Leebeedo
Marita's marriage to Mulder turns Scully into an emotional wreck. But the old adage, "one door closes, another one opens" still has value. PO

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book I by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
She felt the familiar, haunting ache of her loss and the renewed stirring of a love stolen from her too soon. BF W

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book II by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
Home from their ill-fated vacation, Mulder and Scully must find a way to deal with the emotional fallout of their encounters with Molly Sullivan or lose each other forever. BF W

Ghostly Lullabies by Tara W.
A strange X-File brings a special child into Scully and Mulder's lives sending them on a life-changing journey through joy and sorrow, love and faith. KF OE

Ghosts by Megan C
The Musings of a Lonely Pregnant Woman. PS

Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come by Tarin Z.
The thing that you must remember is that Mulder was missing, to begin with. This one thing you must remember, or none of the events you are about to read will seem wondrous. PS

The Gift by Donna
A Romance/commitment story written long before Christmas Carol to give my version of how things could have gone after Momento Mori and Mulder's discovery there. There's no science in here, don't look for it. PS NCC BF

The Gift by The Fox
Sequel to the first two stories in this series A New Beginning and A New Life. BF W PS

Gift Bags and Other Unmanly Sentiments by Eisoj5
Doggett visits a post-Existence Mulder and Scully. BF W

Gift of Hope by Kristyn Collins
Mulder and Scully are expecting their first child, however the pregnancy threatens Scully's health when she can't go through with her cancer treatment. The newlyweds must decide whether or not to keep the baby. PS BF DP

Gifts by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Mulder has returned, but he and Scully have some issues to resolve before they can move forward. PS

Gimel by Kelley Walters and Brighid
In the darkness, light. PXF

Ginger by Aloysia Virgata
Five Times Dana Scully Cut Her Hair. BF W

The Girl From His Dreams by Faithest
Mulder has a dream about a girl, and brings Scully along as together they search for what he believes to be, his destiny. KF NCC

The Girl With My Sister's Face by Henle Girl
Mulder is found and Scully has a couple of surprises for him. Starting with a girl named Kailey. TF MoD PS

Girl's Night Out 2 by Weyer
An assassian, a Slayer, some weird women, a cult and a demon make for an interesting vacation.

Giving Everything They Have To Give by XSketch
Is Mulder too late to show Scully how much he really does care? And can she prove to him where he fits in? PS

Glad to Oblige by Gillian Leigh
What if Emily hadn't died, and Mulder and Scully cured her? What might life have been like? E

Glass Landscape by Annie Sewell-Jennings
The world has fallen, Scully is nine months pregnant and alone in the desert, and Mulder is bound to her in a thousand different ways. PS NCC TF

The Glimmering Girl by Tesla
Mulder works a child abduction with Frank Black, while Scully is away for the weekend, but very much on Mulder's mind. This is a follow-up to "After the Ship," But it's not necessary to read it first. PS

Glimpse by Spooky Spice
Am I only dreaming? KF

Go With the Flow by Kel
A fond farewell to Mulder's couch. BF W

God! Stop Following Me Around! by Neoxphile
Mulder and Scully are convinced that there's something, anything, paranormal about my life. They pester me (and baby Markie) about it. Frequently. BF OcC

Going Away by Spookyteacher
Someone's going away, and nobody's happy about it. BF W

Going Solo by WildwingSuz
What if Mulder hadn't gotten to Scully in time? BF W

Going Thru The Motions by Marlen
Shortly after Mulder's abduction, Scully's coping the best way she can. PS

Gone by Carlysxfiles
Set seven years after the finale, William is home safe with his parents, and Mulder and Scully finally have their family together. Monica and John are married with a daughter, and very much in love. But when tragedy strikes Monica is faced with a task like no other and much harder than anything she's ever faced before. And this time she has to do it alone. KF NCC BF-KF W+S

Good Mornings by Tabby
Mulder and William pay an early morning visit to the coffee shop. BF W

Goodbyes/Hellos by Donna
Mulder and the baby leave to keep everyone safe BF KF NNC MS/TWC

Goodbye, My Lover by Evaluating Rae
Mulder and Scully say goodbye. BF W

Goodbye My Lover by xXx Allison Janney Fan xXx
Character death BF

Goodbye To All That by Christine Leigh
William comes home. KF W gWb!

Goodwill Towards Men by Neoxphile
Christmas day, one year post-invasion. W BF/KF W+S Ad

Gotham X series by Chuck Miller
An X-Files/Batman crossover series. G

Gothic by N.Y. Smith
The agents search for an arsonist as well as the strength to deal with life's challenges. BF NCC

Graduation Day by N. Y. Smith
Alex Krycek's past intrudes on one of the most important days of his life. PXF

Grand Seven by Jess
When Mulder voluntarily disappears, Scully traces him to an oil drilling platform in the Grand Banks. But what she finds there will lead her question everything she believes she knows about... extra-terrestrials. G

Grandson by jawsoxz3
A grandMother's reflections. BF W

Graveside by Dryad
Ever wonder why Scully relied on Skinner instead of her mother during Mulder's burial? I did too...PS

Gray T-Shirts by Donna
Missing Scene. BF W

The Great Baseball Prodigy of Caribou Cove by Susanna Starz
William moved through a nightmarish landscape of a world onthe brink of madness, feeling like a stranger to his own history. W KF

The Great Beyond by Buckingham
A few days in Mulder's new life. BF W.

Great Expectations by bellefleur and Emily Sims
Scully visits her obstetrician and receives some unexpected news. PS T+

Great Men Universe: The Beginning by The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie
Set in the same universe as the story Great Men, this explains how Samantha and Scott Scully were born the children of Mulder and Scully in 1995 and how they came to be Scully's in 2000. T+ KF NCC

Great Men Universe: part one by The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie
A very, very old Krycek in 2065 wants to kill the new President Mulder in order to make the Mulders suffer. To do so he goes back in time to kill the man's father, eighteen-year-old Scott Scully, Mulder and Scully's son who was born without their knowledge via test-tube in '95. But unexpectedly, Scott gets sent back to 1998 where he must deal with our Mulder and Scully, teen angst, two Kryceks bent on killing him, and the arrival of the Fox Mulder and Samantha Scully (Scott's twin) from the future, to save him.

A Great Risk by lovejanick
The inevitable truth hits the new couple square in the face, too bad Doggett and Reyes had to deliver the news themselves. BF W

A Greater Intelligence by lovejanick
What happened after the long awaited kiss... What happened that time when Scully walked away from Mulder who lying in his bed...BF W

The Greatest Gift by Rhondda Lake
Mulder ponders the meaning of Christmas. BF NCC

Greatest Gift of All by Kris
Scully and Skinner's relationship hits a rocky patch. PS NCC BF-KF

Greatness by Jewlz!
To achieve greatness one must not forget the past. BF W

The disappearances of several children send Mulder and Scully into a case where fairy tales are more than just tales... CFK

The Ground Floor by Meliss
What's left that could surprise Skinner, and even make him a little envious? BF NCC

Growing Up series by Devin

  • I Turn to You
    What if their moms had been best friends? What if they had had grown-up together? What would be different? PXF
  • Tortured, Tangled Hearts
    College and Phoebe raise issues between our favorite couple. Sequel to 'I Turn to You'.
  • I Put Your Picture Away
    Both Mulder and Scully's reaction after the events of 'Tortured, Tangled Hearts'.

Guardian by Amy Vincent
Mulder and Scully quit the FBI and start a life together only have things go horribly wrong when Mulder is offered a chance to get his sister, Samantha, back. NCC BF

Guardian II: Renewal by Amy Vincent
Samantha returns. Mulder comes home to his wife, a child he didn't know he had and his long lost sister. PS BF NCC

The Guardian by Analytical G-Woman
Someone looks out for William. W KF

Guardian part 1 part 2 by Donna
How does the girl know those things? KF

Guidance by K. Kilar
An interesting meeting in a guidance counselor's office. KF W

Guitar Hero by Alicia K.
Mulder's been returned, but with a new...uh, quirk. PS

The Gump Files by Noelle L
My Moma always use to say, "Alien autopsies are like box chocolates... sometimes you can't find the nuts." KF NCC

Gwen series by Tracey H.
Gwen Gardiner an unconventional FBI hostage negotiator becomes entangled with the work of Mulder and Scully. PO


The Haircut by Girlie_girl7
Mulder returns to his favorite barbershop. BF W

The Haircut II by Girlie_girl7
A sequel to The Haircut. BF W

The Haircut III by Girlie_girl7
Mulder and Will visit the barber again. BF W

The Hairdresser by Ritaann
More than just a haircut... BF W

Halloween 1981 by FatCat
Halloween memories for our favorite two G-persons. PXF

Halloween Decisions by Donna
In response to a challenge at MSR Preservation. BF W

Halloween Memories by SLS
"Enjoy the little things like Halloween costumes, Agent Scully..." L

Halloween Surprise by NotHappening
seven-year-olds are notoriously unreliable witnesses to the paranormal... KF W gWb

Handprints by Tami
The little child shall lead them. W WaF gWb!

Hang a Shining Star by Dawn
You know, Mulder, it's all right to be happy. Remember what you said to me in Bellefleur? We've both paid our dues." BF W

Happily Ever After by Marta Christjansen
Mulder and Scully have reclaimed William, no longer work for the FBI, and are about to embark upon a normal life. Alien colonization has been permanently averted. BF W

Happily Ever After by XfileySR
After finding out the news that Scully's not pregnant, she makes a very awesome realization, she's in love... with Mulder. PS

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy by Squishy
It's his eighteenth birthday... W TF KF W+S

Happy Birthday William by Erin M. Blair
It's William's third birthday! More changes are in store for Mulder and Scully. BF/KF W+S

Happy Christmas, Your Arse by David Hearne
How The Ghosts Stole Christmas post-episode. TF

Happy 40th Scully! by Erin Blair
This is how Scully celebrated her 40th birthday. W+S

Happy Birthday Mulder Triplets! by gillian dana
sequel to And Baby Makes Four and And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween!. It's Samantha, Sean, and Sara's first birthday! W W+S BF KF T+

Happy Birthday To Me by Fibbie and xphilernj
This isn't how he'd planned to spend the weekend. It was his birthday, for crying out loud. He was supposed to be spending it with the love of his life, Dana Katherine Scully. Sigh. M

Happy Endings by Rose Campion
Because sometimes the happy ending isn't the one you think it is. m/m slash BF NCC

A Happy Family by Pearl
An old friend resurfaces to help out an ailing family. W

Happy Families by CM
The baby is crying. Scully is asleep. Just what does Mulder do? BF NNC

Happy Girl by MainerIA
After Scully is abducted and her baby taken from her, she becomes closer to John Doggett. NCC BF PS PO

Happy Halloween Agent Scully by Weirdspooky
Just imagine how hard chasing after witches on Halloween night could be while baby-sitting your friend's five-year-old son... KF

Happy Mother's Day, Scully by Linda
title pretty much says it all.

Happy New Year, William by andreakayy
Neither wanted that fate to be bestowed upon them again. For this whole new year and many more years to come, they would be lovingly together as a family. W KF

Happy Pappy by Sara B.
Scully is pregnant and William is having his fifth birthday and Mulder and Scully are celebrating with a party. KF W PS

Hard Edges of Things by Neoxphile
Follows Ashes Bitter On Her Tongue. When Mulder returns from his abduction three years later, he's burdened with a horrific secret. KF NCC

Hard to Kick Old Habits by moanda
A Roswell/X-Files crossover: future fic where Mulder is once again on a quest and this time it involves the Roswell gang. KF CX

Hard Times by Billie R
Something great between Monica and John. W PR BF

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by andreakayy
Mulder gives Scully what she wants most for Christmas, a chance at being a family. Set in the winter after IWTB. KF W gWb!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Kelly
Doggett and Reyes spend some quality time together at Christmas. PR

Having a Happy X- mas by Ten
Let's continue Christmas morning 1998... YR

Having My Alien Baby by Alelou's Evil Twin
(Post-Requiem) This is for those people who think that Scully is pregnant with an alien baby. Mpreg OE NNC

Hazel by Becka F.
Scully takes a trip down to the neo-natal ward shortly after the birth of her baby. BF

Hazel Eyes by Little Starbuck*
"The baby's looking more like you every day, Mulder." BF W

He Never Knew by Jeri
In all that time, he never knew. W

He Walks Down the Road by Katyblue
Mulder adjusts to life after his abduction. PS NNC

Healer by Deslea R. Judd
Four factions. Three species. Two men. One woman. PS PO

Healing by TrthIsOutThere
Mulder's reaction to Scully's pregnancy is the best way to describe it. PS

Healing Faith by Ducky's Dream
Mulder and Scully visit a church and talk to Grace. A young girl who is said to be able to heal. But can she heal Dana Scully's battered faith in God? KF

Healing Touches by Jayne Austin
What really keeps her alive? BF

Heart Turned Inward by Keleka
When Mulder is returned, he finds that the world has moved on without him. PS GK NCC

Heartbeat by M. H. Greathouse
A journey through Scully's thoughts during her pregnancy and the search for Mulder. PS

Heart's Wish by Jenna
What if Mulder received more than three wishes? RODC E

Hearts and Bones by Michelle Kiefer
In 2006, a child abduction/murder case hits very close to home for Mulder and Scully. KF NNC

Hearts on The Mend by bellefleur
After a personal tragedy has torn them apart, Mulder and Scully wonder if their relationship is broken beyond repair. W KF(Out of The Ashes and Picking Up The Pieces follow)

Heartsong: The Best of Friends by Julie L. Jekel
Family and friends gather for a day off and Doggett remembers the turning point that brought them to this place. A glimpse into a possible future. MRR/TWC SDR/TWC NCC

Heartsong: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Julie L. Jekel
Heartsong: The Best of Friends prequel. John Doggett watches his wife and step-daughter sleep. SDR/TWC NCC

Heaven and All Its Problems by jainanicole
She looks so content... I don't want to be the one to have to tell her this, to hurt her. Why am I always the bad guy? E

Heaven on Earth by Flynn
Peace can be found in the most unlikely of places. W BF

Heavyweight Champ of the World by Beautiful Cynic
They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die...but what if you're only seven years old? Vignette told from Luke Doggett's POV after his abduction. L

Heirlooms by LaurelSolo
Mulder and Scully's daughter Samantha relives her most meaningful Christmas memories. AD Waa KF

Hell or High Water by Jenna
I was challenged to write a sequel to my first story "The Blanket". This is the result. PS

the Help Me series by Ophelia K
Scully's discovery of a little girl named Elizabeth unravels a well-hidden conspiracy. Ad NCC KF OE

Hem Ben Ik by Livia Balaban
When no one is who they seem to be, whom do you trust? BF NCC

Her Brother, Fox by TCS1121
Scully, I have a family again. Meet my sister. I'm her brother, Fox. S

Her Father's Eyes by Michelle Kiefer
Bill Scully, Jr., finds a reason to open himself to new family members. KF

Her Place by Donna
How can he leave? BF W

Her Sacrifice by Jude De la Reds
A man, a woman, and a life that can never be.

Her William by JENNA3210
Scully remembers. W Waa

Here and Now by Billie Reid
What if a secret was just found out? KF Skinner/Kim

Here With Me by Aeryn Delenn
A year after Mulder disappeared, Scully is assigned a new case and it turns out to be the last person in the world she expected to have to help. BF W

Here's Where the Story Ends by Rebecca Rusnak
A random peek at Mulder and Scully's childhoods reveals how it is often the little events that shape us. PXF

Hermaphrodite by Jo B
Mulder discovers true happiness with the men of his dreams. m/m slash Mpreg

Hero by Becka F.
Daddy, what's a hero? W KF

Hero's Ridge by Krikkit
A mother writes a letter to her newborn son before joining a war. BF

Hey, Mr. Delmar, It's Me! by Pattie
A little boy discovers something strange about the teacher who failed him last year, and Mulder and Scully investigate. KF NCC

Hidden Gifts by Angel-Wings Gaskins
Christmas comes in a variety of ways. PS

Hieroglyphs of Memory by Zuffy
Mulder didn't forget his sister, Scully knows whose baby it is, Maggie still cares about her daughter, and the brain disease makes sense after all. This story is for anyone who has gnashed their teeth at the inexplicable holes in Season 8. PS

High Praise by spookycc
Mulder and Scully discover the whereabouts of a child missing for almost two years, but they're not the only ones looking for him. G

High School Terrors by Gothic Spook
A case of disappearing teachers and student send Doggett, Reyes, Scully and Mulder back to high school. TF

Him by Neoxphile
The couple who'd asked Will to stay for Christmas was nice, and he wanted to trust them, but he knew instinctively that he couldn't replace the child in their hearts. W KF gWb!

Hint of Resurrection by EllieL
Olivia Dunham examines files from the old X-Files division, and requests a reluctant consult from former agent Fox Mulder. KF W gWb!

His Child by Jaime Lyn
Sometimes, life can be a series of bad dreams. When does Scully start to feel like a mother? PS

His Every Happiness by DM
"It wasn't until this moment in time, snuggled closely together with their child in her arms that he realized why. Just as he had found his every happiness, his every joy in her, she had found the same in him." BF W

His Legacy by LostinOblivion
William's grandfather pays him a secret visit. BF W

His Most Precious Possession by Xanadu
A continuation of 'Requiem' from Scully and Skinner's point of views. PS NCC BF

Hold The Lantern by Peter Copeman
Scully delivers triplets. PO

Holding the Pieces by Georgina M
Scully breaks the news of her pregnancy and Mulder's disappearance to her mother. PS

Holiday Party or "Isn't we supposed to be having a fiesta?!" by Sita
Reyes and Doggett throw a party for their extended family and a few old friends. (sequel to Cerril: El salvaje y peligroso gato ) PR KF DR/TWC

Hollow Day by Kel
1973. Think Watergate. Think oil embargo. Think Samantha.

Home Ec by ArtemisX5
"She stretches her face toward William, pressing a light kiss to his forehead. I bite my lip in sheer ecstacy for this unpredictable moment of domestic bliss. How the hell did I get here? What kind of cosmic joke is this dream? " BF W

Home for Christmas by Donna
Just a little Christmas present. YR M

Home for Christmas by stellar_dust
Mulder!Christmas through the years. S W

Home for Christmas by Wildafox
A glimpse of Scully, Maggie and Mulder's thoughts on Christmas Eve. Waa.

Home for Christmas II by Wildafox
Sequel to Home for Christmas KF W gWb!

Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile
Christmastime in 2009 collides with news that a seventeen-year-old girl has allegedly murdered a couple and kidnapped two small children...and has ominous news about a little boy named William Van De Kamp. W gWb! KF BF OE NCC MoD

Home for the Holidays by Tess
Christmas Eve, 1999

Home and Free by Elizabeth L. Iacono
Skinner finds out what Mulder and Scully have been up to in the four years since they quit the FBI and moved away. NNC

Home Improvement by Rachel Wilder
There are reasons why Mulder should not be left at home alone. BF W

Home to Stay by Muldersangel
Scully waits, Mulder returns. NCC BF E RODC

Homecoming by KennedyJane
My take on life after "Existence." What if Mulder had taken the baby when he left? BF W

Homecoming by savagemom
Mulder's return, and a new arrival. PS BF W

Homecoming by Vickie Moseley
It's not a post ep, so it must be a 'this is how it should be' story. A different view of the Lone Gun men upon Mulder's return. W BF

Homeward Bound by Marie Raymonde
Ten days ago fireworks lit up the sky. Post-col. W gWb!

Homework by Claudia Modell
Someone has a homework to do. NCC KF

Hooks by Christine Leigh
A Christmas story. BF W

Hooligans by Christine Leigh
Mulder and Scully make a decision that could possibly separate them from their loved ones and friends for a very long time.BF W

Hootie 1. Only Lonely by Cathey Scully
Only lonely on the inside, didn't mean to take away your dreams.

Hootie 2. I Will Wait by Cathey Scully
"I'll be there waiting for you. In the morning when times have changed. I'll be there through the lies and all." B W

Hootie 3. Hold My Hand by Cathey Scully
"With a little love, and some tenderness. We'll walk upon the water. We'll rise above this mess." BF W

Hope, Maybe by Christine Leigh
The events of a day one year after William was given up for adoption. Waa

Hopelessly Romantic by MeGgiE_42
A little bit of everything, a lot a bit of shippyness. BF W MS/mwc

The Hour Of The Wolf by M. Edison
After the events of Existence (possibly a week or so later) Scully does a little reflecting on her thoughts. BF W

The House Across the Street by Rebecca Rusnak
How neighbors could have viewed the Mulder family in Chilmark during Mulder's childhood. PXF

How I Met Your Mother by Topaz Twilights
Mulder comforts his daughter with a fairytale after a nightmare. KF NCC W+S

How I Slept With My Partner (Without Really Trying) by Jaime Lyn
While gathering information for Jose Chung's new book, I learned some startling things about the not-so-domesticated lives of two FBI agents. BF

How I Told Him Now that Mulder's back, Scully has to tell him. PS

How it Begins by rah
The baby stirs and wakes and lets out a thin, hitching cry... BF W

How She Told Me by Trekkie6
Follows How I Told Him. Mulder reacts to Scully's big news. PS

How Scully Got Her Groove Back by Fatcat
After 14 years of loneliness, Dana has found a new love in her life... and he's hauntingly familiar. TF W+S

How They Met by XFWRITER and Goldenwolf88
Our favorite X-Files group meets and lots of trouble, good times, bad times and drama brew. Join the fab group as they meet and get to know one another to defeat against the Government Conspiracies together. Melissa Mulder gets introduced in this one. NCC W TF

How To Catch An Alien by RaEnright
A teenage Fox Mulder is determined to communicate with whoever took his sister. He and a friend build a radio and manage to get in touch with... someone. PXF

How To Catch An Alien II: Reticulans and The Lady Brigade by RaEnright
Sequel to How To Catch An Alien. PXF

How the Years Go By... by Alicia Ann
Pre-XF. Mulder gets a taste of his future via the dreamworld.

Howling Wolves by Tasha
"There's this guy in my neighborhood, and some people call him strange..." KF W

The Human Variant by d.LiNeAtE
An old case is re-opened. S and M's discoveries put some serious strain on their relationship. Boundaries are shifted but to whose advantage? The Lone Gunmen are called in to render obscure services. Skinner, Krycek, CSM, Mrs. Mulder, Miss Covarrubias, Emily are very much involved. KF E

The Human Variant II by d.LiNeAtE
S and M are asked to investigate two deaths. A task that proves difficult to perform. Emily causes problems unforeseen. Dr. Kurtzweil is dragged into the scene to expose even more. KF E

Hungry by SkepticalScully
Something is terrorizing the people of a small town. Scully and Mulder are called in to investigate strange occurrences, and soon find out that the source lies within in a cave in the woods. KF

The Hunted by Ringmaster851
Searching for Gibson Praise, Skinner and Doggett run into a big roadblock. When a group of beings save them from the bounty hunter, they become involved in a war that leads to genocide. W

The Hunter by Ringmaster851
Three years after their incredible flight from the so-called Super-soldiers, former agents Mulder and Scully, along with agents Doggett, Reyes, Harrison and Assistant Director Skinner, attempt to find their long lost son, William. W gWb!

Hurricane Season by beduini and rah
"Old habits die hard." BF W

Hush Child by Phantagrae
"Hush, child. Let your mommy sleep into the night until we rise." BF W

Hush Little Baby by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Takes place during the Ep William. They say a child's first words are to be cherished well it was merely one of the things she would never get to experience with him. Waa BF W


I Ain't Afraid of No Zombies by Pattie
A Hallowe'en Challenge story written for the 2009 Hallowe'en Challenge at The Nursery Files. KF

I Believe by Deslea R. Judd
On faith, friendship, love, loss, grief, fear, honour, dignity, and truth. A speech delivered to the tattered remnant. W KF

I Dream of Her by Marlen
A Mother's intuition. PS

I Exist Only For You by Erin Vance
Mulder and Scully are finally together with their baby. See what happens after the camera lights dim. BF W

I Get By by Lauren K.
Some traditions aren't so traditional, and all of them help us to live our lives.

I Have Known A Boy Named Fox, and A Man Named Mulder by Penny Daza
Mulder becomes Fox. It's a journey that he and Scully could not have ever prepared for. KF/TF

I Heard the Roar of Thunder by frogdoggie
Requiem happened, but after that things took a slightly different turn. Mulder, Scully and Skinner explore extreme possibilities...together. NCC BF

I Just Wanna Run by RLO
The only way Mulder knows how to cope with all the changes in his life. PS

I Knew I Loved You by Nadine
Scully watches Mulder late at night as he holds their newborn daughter. NCC BF

I Know What You Did... Henle Girl
Mulder and Scully help her brother Charlie and end up with more trouble than they bargained for. NCC PS BF

I Love My Mighty Machine by Pattie
William will never part with his favorite Christmas ornament, as he says, at age seven. W KF W+S

I Love You, Goodbye by Dana Katherine Scully
When Mulder is returned, Scully is overjoyed. However when she realizes that everything is not as it seems, her future with Mulder looks grim. BF NCC

I Never Should Have Answered the Door by Merri-Todd Webster
Mulder, Scully, Skinner, offspring..other, non-kidfic stories in this universe can be found here. m/m slash Mulder/Scully/Skinner

I Only Wanted by Caite
Reyes and Doggett are emotionally confused by each other. A drunken one-night stand has made them feel more confused... PR

I Remember by Em H
A young woman reflects upon her life and family at Christmas. NCC TF KF

I Saw Mommy by Teliko x3
William saw his mommy. KF W

I See Dead People by Xfwriter
Meet Sean, a young, and disturbed little boy who can see dead people. KF

I Shall Believe by Cathey Scully
Over the years, anything can happen. BF/KF/TF NCC OE SoM

I Should Have Known by ElleThom
Who Knew? sequel. Some old habits die harder than others. E OE W W+S

I Sing A Song of the Saints of God by Rev. Anna
This is my response to the X-OK Halloween Challenge to use electronic voice transmission/instrumental transcommunication, cold spots, goldfish, a war such as the Civil War, WWI, etc., a metal detector, onions, Jack the Ripper, an injury to Mulder, a quote by Walt Whitman, "orbs" and a Scully family mystery in a story taking place on Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. YR PO

I Snowflake You by Lolabeegood
Their first Christmas on the road. Waa

I Surrender by Anna Chait
Leaving the FBI and Dana Scully was the hardest thing he'd ever have to do...or so he thought. Eight years later, Mulder is a widower with a son, and a certain pair of blue eyes are haunting his dreams. Will he... Surrender? MoD KF

I Want To Believe by Kyouryoku Senshi
Part of the Alethea and Another Chance series. Takes place after I Want To Believe. Scully is pregnant again and didn't tell Mulder until after solving the Father Joe case, because she was afraid he would choose his search for the truth over their little family. Terrified after nearly losing him a second time, she breaks the news to him. Mulder finds out her refusal to chase him into the darkness wasn't just because she wanted to live a normal life, but that she was pregnant all along. Scully continues to struggle with where their relationship stands and if she will always blame herself for giving up her first child. PS

I Want To Believe by Samantha
Scully's missing again, and in the process of looking for her, the search gets very... interesting... PS BF NCC OE

I Want To Believe II: Trying by Samantha
The life of a child hangs in balance. BF KF NCC OE

I Want To Believe III by Samantha
Last in the I Want To Believe series. KF NCC OE

I Will Not Watch the Ocean by Katriena Knights
Sort of a follow-up to "No Earthly Ships," in that in was inspired by another line in the same song. PS

I'll Be Home For A Blue Christmas by Lyssa
Mulder and Scully separately reflect on their Christmas Eve spent apart. BF W

I'll Follow You Down by KS
Post MSIV Alternate ending. Scully *And maybe Mulder too* jump into the water. KF W PS

I'm Here by Kyouryoku Senshi
"Scully, what is a partial abruption? " PS

I'm Listening by BonkersFM
Mulder accidentally coaxes some unresolved feelings from Scully. William fic sort of. Waa

I'm Your Angel by Mandi K.
Mulder and Scully ignore their moody 7-year-old daughter and she finds a heavenly friend. NCC S KF

I'm Rubber, You're Glue by David S
Mulder and Scully find the fountain of youth and discover it's not all it's cracked up to be. PS

I've Known Them For A Lifetime by little Starbuck*
When your parents are your best friends, it's easy to see how much they love each other. KF W

Ice Queen Melting by Ella B
The Ice Queen Melts and guess who is there with a sponge. E KF

Identity Crisis by Jen
Sometimes life just gets a little too overwhelming. RODC E TF

Idle Seconds and Sudden Storms by Becka F.
She knew she should have never let them go. BF W

If by Ewa
Scully's POV - how she sees Mulder now and then through the years while raising her family. SoM NCC

If Alex Fell series by Frohike
People can change. An Alex Krycek story. PO NCC BF KF TF

If Daddy Had Only Seen by Kelly J. Thompson
"Will!!! Santa's in hall kissing Mommy!!!" W W+S

If Ever Forever by EverLeabae
How hard can it be to let go? Mulder POV. BF W

If I Could Fly by Myriss
Eyes of a child. KF W+S

If Only I by Ewa
If sequel. Mulder's POV- If only I'd *told* her I loved her. SoM NCC

If Wishes Were Horses by Annette Gisby
How Scully's family take the news. PS

If You Believe by Anonymous and Lizzi
Mulder plans a trip to Aspen for Scully and her family for her birthday. YR PS

Illegal Aliens by Sasha Elisabeth Wolfe
The Bounty Hunter is paid an unexpected visit...YR

Illusions by Torra
We cling to those truths which keep us sane. NCC KF PS

Illusions of Grandure by Kimogen
When she sees him like this, it is almost possible to believe that their lives are normal. BF W

Immortal Innocence by annaK
Two years and everything turned to dust. PS BF W waa

Impasse Agent L
Missing scene from "Three Words." PS

Immortality by Jayne Austin
How well can Mulder look after her for a change? PO

Impressions by PD
Doggett, nodding through his own process of evaluation, was immediately struck by and envious of Mulder's relaxed and casual attitude. In jeans, bare feet and a t-shirt, he belonged here. (Lullaby Voice sequel) PS

Impossible Choices by Ally
Mulder is returned. But at what cost? When does a choice become an impossibility? PS

Improbability by Diandra Hollman
Doggett learns the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials...and he will never be the same again. PO

In Aternum by Diana NO Fowley
An Emily-like child changes both Mulder and Scully's lives. She turns out to be Emily's twin sister, and Scully wants to adopt her, but only married couples can adopt a child... NCC OE

In the Before Time by mgreten
A grandmother tells a "story" to her grandchildren. KF

In the Bleak by Teanna E
In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan/ Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone. KF

In the Clearing by Rae Lynn
Two years after "Requiem," Mulder is returned. W DP

In Darkness, Light by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Scully's late-night ruminations about pregnancy and her relationship with Mulder. PS

In Death, there is Life by Josan
Skinner gets more than a few surprises. KF NCC

In Dreams by Diadem
What dreams may come...

In The End by SnickJF
Reyes and Scully are at a remote cabin where Scully is about to give birth. Mulder arrives just in time-----to say goodbye? PS BF W

In The Family by Paula Mackey
Skinner's daughter brings home more than ordinary trouble. NCC TF

In The Flesh by TotalX
What would have happened if Emily Sim survived? E

In the Here and Now by shadowfoxsmate
Can Father's Day be as different as he hoped? BF T+ S10/11

In My Last Moments by Ara
Mulder and Scully's daughter finds out about her father. TF NCC

In The Light of a New Day by Tess
In the light of a new day, he wrapped his arms around them both and watched his family sleep. BF W

In Love and Baseball by Cathey Scully
Baseball brings everyone together, but for young Mulder and Scully, is it too much? PXF TF

In My Secret Life by David Hearne
A boy and his ghosts. KF W

In The Next Moment by Tissa
Before the next moment, Scully sits and thinks. PS

In Nothingness by Para8Dice
A shipper story set after Emily.

In One Day by LJP
Sixteen years day could change everything. NCC SoM SDR/TWC TF

In the Presence of Angels by Jessica R
Scully, after William is born. W BF

The In Rama Series by dlynn

  • In Rama, A Voice Was Heard
    In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for] her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. Matthew 2:18
  • But Hope That is Seen
    But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Romans 8: 24-25 PS
  • Day by Night and Night by Day
    Hmmm... a dream? No... a nightmare... Surely, not a memory? PS
  • Devil at the Door
    "The Devil's at the door, Scully. And we can't rest yet."BF W

In Sickness and In Need of a Little Help by MyGirlReyes
Dana is feeling quite sick and puny. Her little son is not doing so well himself. So this leaves Monica to sort everything out and take care of her two ailing loved ones. Things become quite interesting indeed for the inexperienced Monica, a sick and puny Dana, and a colicky little infant named William as time goes on. f/f slash Scully/Reyes BF W

In This World by TLynn
Another chance is lost, but a hope is renewed. PS

In the Time Innocence Still Belonged to Us by Agent Spooky
Two very different kids become best friends over the summer. PXF

In the year 2012 by Anika
It's December 21th and William has trouble falling asleep. KF W

In Your Head by Mary Lou
Mulder and Scully investigate on a strange case in Trinity. TF CX

Incomplete by stellar_dust

this is my family, he thinks. E

Inconvenient Pregnancy by Sara B
Diana's pregnant and there is no question that Mulder is the father. The real question is who is the mother? PO KF

Iniquity by Vickie Moseley
While still working on Domestic Terrorism, Scully takes a vacation and Mulder finds himself doing a profile. YR

The Infinite Love Contained In One So Small by Angst
Scully (perhaps wracked with surging pregnancy hormones) is guilt and grief stricken when she almost convinces herself that she can't care for her unborn child alone. PS

Inherently Given by Vickie Moseley and Michelle Hiley
Imagine Mulder pregnant, Scully the doting father-to-be, the Lone Gunmen, maids of honor. Now imagine it's all plausible...Mpreg

Injustice by Skulz
CGB Spender (AKA the Cigarette Smoking Man) finds a baby in a basket upon his doorstep. A note is attached to the basket reading "Alex Krycek". PXF

The Injustice of It All by Tami
Mulder ponders his life, family and fate. Waa

Innermost Pain by Donna
Scully's thoughts during Via Negativa. PS

Innocents by Peach
What right did that rat bastard have to children? m/m slash KF Skinner/Krycek

Intermission by Exley 61
Scully has just found out she is pregnant and alone. So she's gone to the one person who won't let her hide from even herself.

Intermission by polyhymnia
Time to rest, just for a moment. BF W

Introspection: Return by Lauren and Jen
Four months after Requiem, Mulder is returned, and everybody has a lot of figuring out to do. PS

The Island by mercury_999
Peter and Daniel are back, this time on their own turf. Another Mulder and Scully with her twin 'tornadic' nephews story. KF YR T+

The Island of X by Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips
Scully has a dream, or is it? KF BF PS W W+S SoM

Insolitus Filia I by Sarah Kerrison
This is set in an alternative timeline which diverged during the episode Emily. It is based on the idea that Emily recovered and Scully got custody and is set three years afterwards when she is seven. KF E

Interlude for Family by Surreal
Langly gets his daughter for the weekend. NCC kf

Interludes in Roller Blading by Cathey Scully
A teenage Dana thinks about how her folks reacted to her dating Fox. TF PXF

Interruption of Family by Surreal
Interlude for Family sequel. The two women in Langly's life return, and he must deal with ensuring their safety at any cost. NCC kf

Intimacy Deux by MoJo
The one in five billion happens. PS NNC

Interstice by Christy
Christmas with the Scullys, 2001. Mulder's there, and so are Bill and his family, and Scully's long-lost brother Charles. BF W

the Iolokus series by MustangSally and Rivka T
Mulder and Scully learn that their involvement in genetics experiments are much more all-encompassing than they ever dreamed. BF NCC OE PS T+

Irreplaceable by Rachel West
The baby is Mulder's, but things aren't all happy. Mulder has to deal with a little crisis with his young daughter all by himself. KF NNC

It by Pattie
A baby left on Scully's doorstep raises more questions than answers. (Them follows this fic) BF NCC

It All Started With a Rubber Glove by DM
Post- Existence. An evening spent with the Mulder family. BF W

It Didn't Begin Well by enpauriel
Mulder and Scully are called in on the day before Christmas to sort out some missing files. KF

It Just Happened by Mystic
The adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Mulder and their brood. KF T+ NCC MS/TWC

An Itch to Scratch by DanaKMulderScully
Mulder takes care of a sick Scully and William. Fluff ensues KF W

It's About Time by Jessica
Doggett visits Scully three months after the birth of William. W BF

It's Gonna Get Better by Virtie
Invasion is near, and the children that Mulder has been protecting are in danger... KF BF W

It's Gonna Be Pretty by DSc1110
Mulder, Scully and William enjoy the Fourth of July together. BF W

It's Hard To Be Thankful by Neoxphile
Thanksgiving is supposed to be one word, but what if you've given and are having a hard time being thankful? KF Waa

It's Life: One More Life Ladyhawk
It's time for an addition to the family. Ad

It's Me by Lee Burwasser
He's baaaaack! :: and so is Lioness!Scully. PS

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Texas Rose
Scully receives more than one special present on Christmas morning. BF NCC E

It's Not My Time by Teliko. x3
She said she would always be with me. She promised me. KF-TF W

It's Only Ever Been You by kimo-sabe
Scully asks Skinner's help in having a baby. SoM PS T+

It's That Easy by aRcaDIaNFall$
Mulder talks Scully into attending her niece's christening. YR

It's a Wonderful Abnormal Life by Spookyteacher
Scully receives some disturbing news from her doctor then is led on an amazing, and perhaps more disturbing, journey by Cancer Man. PS

It's a Wonderful Life by MKSR79
My version of Dickens'A Christmas Carol, via the X-Files. Mulder gets over his holiday blues with some very familiar ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. PXF KF YR

It's A Wonderful Life by RocketMan
Mulder wishes that he was never born. KF NCC

It's A Wonderful Life 2 - A Christmas Carol by RocketMan
Scully is visited by three ghosts. KF NCC

Ithaqua by Hamster
Mulder and Scully go to Canada to investigate several mysterious deaths which Mulder believes were caused by the focus of an ancient Indian legend. Scully runs into an old friend as well as making a new one and adding another member to her family.

Iunctio ut Redimio Book 1 by Kay
After IWTB, Mulder and Scully are interested in a missing child case.W gWb! NCC W+S PS

Iunctio ut Redimio Book 2 by Kay
Life after getting William back continues to be interesting. W KF BF NCC W+S PS

Iunctus Liberi by Kation
Following the events of I Want to Believe, Scully and Mulder receive some surprising news. Later, Scully's dreams become disturbing and strange and the two are led on a cross-country journey that neither will forget. PS Waa