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Christmas Vacation
Scully invites Mulder over for Christmas. YR

Telling The Story
Mulder tells his daughter a bedtime story, using his life and the X-Files as the subject. KF NCC


No Visible Sign of Injury
Scully's thoughts on how the loss of her daughter has affected her life. E

j Astoria


j edie

The Last Few Hours
A look at what happens between the end of existence and Mulder leaving at the beginning of season 8. How does he say goodbye to Scully and William? BF W

J.S. Michel

Best Intentions
Ten years after Existence. KF W


A h/c story involving the Emily series. (Yeah, I know it's late;)

Jacquie LaVa

Day of Magic
kay, I just couldn't do it! I could not do sad Even though the finale was overall a sad thing... I couldn't do it So I ended up putting my own little twist on the ep. PS BF W

Familial Survivors
'He's been a fighter and a lover...' (Sequel to Living on Love) W BF

A Letter to Grandmother
It's a difficult world, sometimes. GK

Living on Love
'They've been bound to each other, all of their lives, it has seemed...' A prequel to "Familial Survivors." W

Presents Under The Tree
Written for the Haven Christmas Challenge: elements include a post-IWTB holiday story with William back in the Mulder family embrace. W KF

A Returning
The way I want to see it... BF

Smother-Love and Drop Seats: A Christmas Tale

Jacquie LaVa and T Bishop

Mulder and Scully discover a secret that someone has gone to great lengths to hide. NCC

Jacquie LaVa and Tess

Deliverance From Evil
Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their commitment to each other. ScC NCC T+ BF KF

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book I
She felt the familiar, haunting ache of her loss and the renewed stirring of a love stolen from her too soon. BF W

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book II
Home from their ill-fated vacation, Mulder and Scully must find a way to deal with the emotional fallout of their encounters with Molly Sullivan or lose each other forever.Bf W

Programmable Children
A rash of crimes, from shoplifting and robbery escalating into murder, committed in seemingly random fashion, by young children of affluent families all over the East Coast - Mulder and Scully are called in when one of the childish crimes turns murderous. KF

Still, Still, Still
It's Christmas, and they can't bear the separation one more day (sequel to What Are You Doing New Years' Eve? ) BF W

What Are You Doing New Years' Eve?
No one should be alone on New Year's Eve W BF


16 Years
Mulder wonders about his son's future. BF W

Western Blaze Trilogy
If you had the chance to get your son back, would you question why? BF W gWb!

Jade Hawthorne

Fairytales for William
a bedtime story. BF W


When Scully makes some changes in her life after CC/E, Mulder isn't sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.


Entertaining Angels
Pure fluff. A fair warning the fate of the X-Files is onlymentioned in one tiny segment, so this story is just an Introduction to the Mulder family, they have wed and bred. NCC KF


Heaven and All Its Problems
She looks so content... I don't want to be the one to have to tell her this, to hurt her. Why am I always the bad guy? E

I will be strong. For Mulder, for Emily...and for me. E

Jamie Greco

Before the events of the last two shows, our heroes head toward one of the most mysterious and dangerous endeavors of their lives: Lamaze class. PS

Jaime Lyn/JL

Dandelions For Luck
When you tell someone you love them, and they're not there to hear it, what is left? BF NCC

Dandelions on the Wind
What happened to the woman in the picture on Fox Mulder's mantle? Will he be able to find the strength to tell the story? NCC

The Game
Mulder and Scully put the truth on trial. KF W W+S

His Child
Sometimes, life can be a series of bad dreams. When does Scully start to feel like a mother? PS

How I Slept With My Partner (Without Really Trying)
While gathering information for Jose Chung's new book, I learned some startling things about the not-so-domesticated lives of two FBI agents. BF

Light Moves
Time was theirs now, dripping slowly like honey, slinking past at a crawl, waiting for them to fill the offered minutes with something, anything.

Shadows of Winter
Everything about them was un-defined. Had Fox Mulder and Dana Scully been characters in an Alice in Wonderland book, they would have celebrated their un-birthdays and had their own un-mushroom to sit on.

Team Building
On Christmas Eve, Mulder takes his family on a little detour, X-Files style. KF W W+S

Team Building: Rollover Minutes
Team Mulder/Scully tries its best to make it through Christmas dinner. KF W W+S

Jamie Tanquary

Day Becomes Night Day Becomes Night
Years after Scully's death, Mulder sees a familiar figure, holding the hand of a small child. PS BF/KF NCC

Jamie Taylor

Scully adopts Emily and her brother. OE E

Our Sweetest Songs
In the near future, Mulder and Scully are married and there's a government conspiracy underfoot. It involves two of their children. NCC MP


A walk in the woods is never just a walk in the woods for these two.


What are we, but our memories? PS


The Cure
Scully learns the truth about the baby...was it what she expected? PS

A grandmother's reflections. BF W

Mulder learns of Scully's pregnancy, but not the way Scully had planned. PS


Every Step 1: Just You
Scully finds herself in a major problem and turns to her partner and best friend for help. And he's with her every step of the way. PS

Every Step 2: More Than I Could Ask For I
See Every Step 1: Just you KF NCC

Every Step 2: More than I can ask for 2
Scully thinks about the last six years of her life. KF NCC

A seventeen-year-old William Mulder muses over his absent father, and talks it over with his favorite Uncle in a chat room late one night. Where he accidentally stumbles upon someone he never thought he'd meet. TF W

Jayne Austin

Back Just In Time
Jayne's version of the birth. BF

Would they have bonded as kids? PXF PS

Connection II
Would they have bonded as kids? PXF PS

Healing Touches
What really keeps her alive? BF

How well can Mulder look after her for a change? PO


File # 01 Side Story: Something Fishy Is Going On
There is a mystery that surrounds Mulder's fish. KF PXF

Jeannine Ackerson

What Child Is This?
The questions that follow Scully's discovery of her daughter and how this effects her and Mulder.


Conversations in the Snow
While on vacation, Scully wrecks her car and is snowed in at a cabin with only a teenage boy for company. With time on her hands, she considers her family, friends, and where her life is going.

Dark Memories
Mulder and Scully investigate seemingly "routine" serial kidnappings. KF

The Jedi Shipper

A dream is an answer to a question we don't yet know how to ask, but it's not till we find the question, that we can understand the answer. BF S!C NCC OE

Jeffrey T Pusch

A Flaw in the System
The agents are called to a small Texas town to investigate a homicide that was seemingly committed by a third-grade class. KF


Secrets of the Gemini
Awakened from cryostasis, Mulder finds the world a vastly different place. Where colonization has nearly destroyed the planet and those that were left behind to pick up the pieces. NCC T+ TF


Christmas Eve and Airports
A snowy Christmas Eve at an airport. KF

Christmas and Mrs. Scully's House
After spending Christmas Eve in an airport, Scully and a sick Mulder spend Christmas at Mrs. Scully's. YR

Getting Used To
Some Scully thoughts about her new situation. PS

Identity Crisis
Sometimes life just gets a little too overwhelming. RODC E

Jen and Lauren

Introspection: Return
Four months after Requiem, Mulder is returned, and everybody has a lot of figuring out to do. PS


All these Changes
Mulder goes to see Scully after 4 years of being shut out, Scully's cancer is back :o( DP NCC

Hell or High Water
I was challenged to write a sequel to my first story "The Blanket". This is the result. PS


The Joys of Fatherhood
companion toMeant To BeMulder tackles a new task that comes with fatherhood.

Meant To Be
A night in a motel on a case leads to an unexpected surprise. PS BF

Jen Marie

The Way Things Should Be
Long time later. POV of someone too young to speak at the moment. TF W

Jenn Chiprich

The Taking Series
A possible future. PS


The Best Miracle
Scully asks Mulder to be her Lamaze coach. PS

Heart's Wish
What if Mulder received more than three wishes? RODC E

Just Yet
Mulder's thoughts on his time spent with Scully on the X-Files. BF W

Jenna Tooms

An Acceptable Level Of Happiness
Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. Fortunately, Scully has Mulder, and Mulder has solutions. BF NCC W+S

Black and White Make Red
Familiar elements make an unexpected equation. PS

Draw Down the Moon
A good man is not defeated by temptation. Can he be defeated by despair? BF W W+S DSR/TWC

Monster Under The Bed
Who says the monster under the bed isn't real? A Halloween thing. KF

One of the Good Guys
prequel toDraw Down the MoonPS

Scully seeks a safe place, and finds it.(Scully/Doggett) W BF

Mulder comes home. BF AON

Shooting Star
Seventeen years ago Fox Mulder disappeared. Faced with her first solid lead in years, all Dana Scully has to do now is convince his son that his father is worth finding. BF KF-TF NCC PS

Truly, Madly, Deeply
Mulder and Scully face the biggest adventure of all: parenthood. PS BF


Her William
Scully remembers. W Waa


Rubicon series
Skinner and Scully go to find Mulder in critical condition. YR

Jennifer Cuzzo

One Last Time
What happens when you can't be with someone because of what they do and what they have done in the past but you still see and want that person? SoM BF

Rocking The Cradle
Scully has a difficult decision to make involving the new head member of the consortium: Alex Krycek. PS

Scully has been keeping a few secrets from Mulder, Skinner,the lone gunmen and her family. SoM BF W

At the hospital, Scully writes an entry in her journal, explaining the night of her child's conception and how it came to be. She also mourns Mulder's disappearance. PS

Will You Be My Valentine?
Scully shares her first kiss with someone special. KF PXF

Jennifer L. Frye

When The Bough Breaks
A dying friend exposes Scully and Mulder to a top secret government experiment and the truth could change their lives forever. KF NCC

Jennifer Sweeney

this story describes a possible future for Scully and Mulder, together. NCC


didn't leave nobody but the baby
A pitch black post-requiem outcome.


She knew in her heart that they were miracles in the sense that every child is a miracle. W W+S PR PS

Remember When?
An eighty-eight-year-old woman remembers a time when life was a lot more complicated.W W+S DR/TWC

Without You
Scully finds her self in the same predicament that she was in two years ago: alone and pregnant. BF W PS MP W+S MS/TWC DR/TWC


Birth: Ocean
Scully is in labor, gives birth. PS


A blast from Scully's past pulls the agents back into the conspiracy. BF W

The Dangerous Side Effects of Body Switching
Title says it all. MoD

Ersatz MatriarchT+

Female Bonding Series
So Scully is friends with Reyes, eh? How'd *that* come about? BF W

Harry Potter crossover. KF highly probable that this will remain unfinished

The Man to His Left
You never know who you'll meet at the doctor's office. BF NCC

The Reba Saga
Family secrets are revealed at Mulder's funeral. NCC KF/TF

He Never Knew
In all that time, he never knew. W

Together Complete:VulpeculaPhoeniciaUniverse

Uncle, Uncle
The ReluctantUncle muses. W

Uncle, Uncle: Sac Fly
I took him out to the ballgame. I took him out with a crowd... W BF

What to Expect When You're Babysitting
Ladies and germs, I present to you... John Doggett! PS

Jeri K

Like Me
A different take on the Charlie Scully story. W


Reinvention. BF W


Our First Christmas
Mulder and Scully's first Christmas as a married couple. PS

Jesemie's Evil Twin

Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence
There is such unexpected light in the house, pale sunshine filling up all the corners. BF W

Small Lives Awake
Thanksgiving, 2000. YR


An unexpected event hits too close to home and draws Mulder and Scully closer than ever. PS BF NCC

Binding the Edges
When a mysterious case brings Mulder and Scully back to Texas, they find themselves suddenly thrust deeper into the conspiracy than they've ever been before. And with the threat of colonization at their heels, its a race against time as they try to fight the future, only to find themselves at the center of it all. OE PO

Field of Dreams
A typical night at a familiar household, but is everything as it seems?

Grand Seven
When Mulder voluntarily disappears, Scully traces him to an oil drilling platform in the Grand Banks. But what she finds there will lead her question everything she believes she knows about... extra-terrestrials. G


Carols 1 and 2
a broken down car brings Mulder and Scully to a church rehearsing for a Christmas concert. TF

It's About Time
Doggett visits Scully three months after the birth of William. W BF

Letting GoLetting Go
The last hours Scully spent with Emily. E

Jessica Hildbold

Emily Returns I-IV
Emily is returned to Mulder years after both he and Scully leave the X-Files and each other. What changes are in store for the three of them? E OE RoTDC

What if Emily didn't die in the hospital and Scully knew all about it? E RoTDC

Lied II
Scully contemplates what she has just been through and what that means for Emily. E RoTDC

A few weeks earlier she had received a phone call from a lawyer in Massachusetts who stated that a man who wanted Scully to meet her five-year-old daughter had retained him. E RoTDC OE

Jessica R

In the presence of angels
Scully, after William is born. W BF

Jessica Taylor

Immediately after the episode "Syzygy," Scully leaves the X-Files and appears to meet a horrible fate. Mulder, who has been assigned a new partner, tries to move on. Just when he least expects it, Scully returns. With his five-year-old daughter. NCC KF

The Promise
Mulder sacrifices himself for his sister. S RODC


To achieve greatness one must not forget the past. BF W

JHJ Armstrong

Beyond the Blue
A simple tale of life, loss and love. NCC KF PS

Jinxd n cursed

Meant To Be II: Children
A continuation of Meant To Be. As the title suggests, they are having children. NCC BF T+

Mulder reflects on his life with Scully and the anticipation for the arrival of their child. PS

Scully is left alone with William after Mulder leaves to save the world from alien invasion. BF W


Valentine Surprise
Valentine's Day angst for little Fox. PXF KF

Jo Ann Medrano

Being Young series
Family beginnings. PXF

The Family series
First comes love, then comes marriage, then...MS/MWC NCC BF OE

Fox and Dana series
What happens when Mulder tells Scully to call him 'Fox'. OE PS

Jo B
Life From the Ashes
The consortium has been exposed and shortly after the aliens unleash a lethal virus on the Earth that has devastating effects. m/m slash M/SK Mpreg

Mulder discovers true happiness with the men of his dreams. m/m slash Mpreg

Colonization has begun. Four men set aside their differences and form an alliance to fight the aliens and stake out a new life together in their shattered world. m/m slash Mpreg

Jo-Ann Lassiter

Consequences of Our Actions
Is someone out to get Mulder? YR

Jo-Jo (Foxcat)

Ghosts Of series. William is ten years old and is still haunted by the ghosts of his parents. Will he find his way back home?

  • Ghosts of Three
    I still remember my parents. W KF
  • Ghosts of Leaving
    I woke up today knowing that this day was different. W KF
  • Ghosts of Desertion
    The whole world is going to change, and I can't tell whether it's going to be for the better or worse. KF W
  • Ghosts of Home
    If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, maybe I can keep us like this forever. KF W gWb!

Joann Humby

Through Perversity
Mulder is on the run, but what's he running from and where's herunning to? BF W

Joann Humby, Aptmt42 and Medusa

The Anomaly
When Mulder's returned by UFO, who's first to the scene? And if it's the wrong person? PS

Jocelyn Tomkinson

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of mutilations at a private school dorm and discover that being in the 'in crowd' isn't always a good thing. TF


Another One
Scully has discovered that there are other children like Emily. OE


A Princess' Voice
Heartbreak told as a bedtime story. BF W


When Scully is kidnapped by an insane abductee who is a suspected murder, memories of her own past abductions resurface in the form of a child named Abel. KF OE NCC


Everything in Its Place
Scully is determined that the new baby will be born at home. Will it be peace and calm and everything in its place? Or will it be drama-filled all over again? PS

Joey and Tanja

Through The Years
When Scully is in the hospital after an accident, Mulder comes to visit her and finds out the result of a certain holiday romance. NCC BF KF

Joey R.

The morning after the night before. Mulder and Scully wake up in each other's arms. Their thoughts and feelings about that. PS

Past Pretending
Major Alternate Universe. Mulder and Scully meet TWICE before being assigned to The X-Files. Highly unlikely (kinda) but I don't care. Takes the holiday romance cliche and adds a hopefully new twist. MS/TWC NCC KF

Showers, Dreams and Baby Elephants
Mulder, Scully and their first pregnancy.

Weddings and Wishes
A wedding and a surprise. PS

Johannah K.

Faces of the Future
Dana Scully draws a picture. PXF

Faces of the Future II
Faces of the Futurewill give you an idea of what's to come.. PXF

John K

A Bringer Of New Things
Scully finds herself still adjusting to motherhood and the uncertainties of her new life. BF W


Adagio II: Less Than More
Mulder has left and returned many times. Has his relationship with Scully survived? KF-TF NCC Adopt


All in a Day's Work
Scully never gave William up for adoption; Mulder provides information for Doggett and Reyes but is no longer an agent. BF W


Christopher Ryan Scully series
Having a child certainly changes everything, and the arrival of Christopher Ryan Scully is no exception to the rule. Mulder and Scully now must learn to deal with the 'unexpected' joys Christopher brings to their lives and the way he changes their relationship forever. Of course, parenthood is also life's biggest adventure, especially when you add in a few shadowy, conspiratorial figures, some abductees and 'weather control.' PS BF-KF NCC MS/MwC MoD


In Death, there is Life
Skinner gets more than a few surprises. KF

Getting a Life
What happened to Walter Skinner in his new role as father to Zander. KF

Josie M.

Daddy Made Me Do It, Mommy
Fox is at the hands of his abusive father again. PXF

Joy P

The Best of Times
The lies are exposed, the Truth was found, Samantha is alive and well...there's just one question left to be answered... YR


My Angel Unaware
A mother's lament. E


Nothing Real Happened Today
Just the ramblings of a children's nurse on sick leave, partly inspired by the end scene of existence but equally by spoilers for season nine. BF W


Mulder's Son
An attempt to answer Scully's question about why the aliens didn't take the child they came for. Perhaps the baby is exactly what they thought he was. PS


Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, part 1
Scully pauses to contemplate what lies ahead. PS

Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, part 2
Read number one to get the feel of it. The mood, at least, is meant to be dark. BF NCC

Learning To Fly
Sequel to Morning Moment. Mulder and Scully face up to the long-term implications of life--with child--in the Resistance. Both find unexpected sources of help they didn't expect. The Resistance begins to develop new forms. BF NCC

Morning Moment
Alternate world; set in the world of the Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, M.D. one & two; this time from Mulder's perspective. BF NCC

Thicker Than Water
The Ties That Bind sequel. Ask yourself: *why* do the aliens want Mulder and *why* do they want to colonize the Earth? PS BF W("peanut" is a nickname, right? )

The Ties That Bind
Mulder's missing and Scully finds sympathy from an unlikly source. PS

js starbuck

A Broken Hallelujah
"Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah" -Jeff Buckley. BF W

Jude De la Reds

Her Sacrifice
A man, a woman, and a life that can never be.

Jude Dettmann

Seasons series
Walter meets a woman at a Fourth Of July celebration and they set some interesting fireworks of their own. PO

Julia DH

Never Coming Back/Never Going to Go Away
Mulder returns to Scully after 17 months of absence. Scully is struggling with raising a baby and keeping her sanity. BF

Julie Cantrell

Code Adam
She couldn't protect him forever. KF

Julie L. Jekel

Heartsong: The Best of Friends
Family and friends gather for a day off and Doggett remembers the turning point that brought them to this place. A glimpse into a possible future. MRR/TWC SDR/TWC NCC

Heartsong: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Heartsong: The Best of Friendsprequel. John Doggett watches his wife and step-daughter sleep. SDR/TWC NCC

Wassail - an X-Files Christmas story
After refusing an invitation to join the Scully family Christmas caroling, Mulder has an eye-opening experience that changes his mind. W MP W+S


The Marriage series
Mulder and Scully marry and raise a family. PS MS/TWC


Christmas Revelations
Scully goes to visit her brother Bill over Christmas and finally gets fed up with his remarks about Mulder. PS

Justine L.

Labor Day
Can Scully ever go home? PS BF


Mixed Emotions
"Ms. Scully, this is Dr. Tomlin's office and we have your test results back." PS OE

K. Kilar

An interesting meeting in a guidance counselor's office. KF W

Kailee W

Open Fields
Picks up where Closure left off: Mulder shows Scully where he saw Samantha. E

Requited Reverie
Scully bands together with some people to bring Mulder home. NCC BF W

Kalen Spooky

Shiny Bruise
She often had fears. Of what he actually was. Even when she finally held him in her arms. She had always been afraid to believe. Waa


Mulder and Scully during Thanksgiving.

Kasey Miller

Nexus: The Length of the Light
A story about love, fate, trust, and truth. Or, my take on what happened after the last scene in "The Truth." W BF gWb!


A Lack of Focus
What if they were already here, in the last place anyone would look? W KF


The Long and Winding Road
Okay, this is the dreaded babyfic. Remember, it was born from a desire to avenge everyone who read the MSR versions. BF NCC(m/m slash)


Trick or Treat
Scully is roped into trick or treating with an acquaintance's kids. Mulder "helps" her. KF


Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Joyeux Noel
Mulder and Scully are together for Christmas with a lot of kids (and their parents as well!) KF YR

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Paques
A couple of surprising announcements on Easter. KF YR

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Saint-Patrick
St. Pat's day story. KF YR


Loose Ends
A conversation on the road. Waa

Sum and Substance
"But then again, a miracle wouldn't be a miracle without beating all the odds." BF W

Twice Blessed
A new experience for Mulder. PS Waa NCC BF

Mulder and Scully say goodbye after William is born. BF W

Kate Dyer

Scully continues having visions of Emily, and she is arrested for murder. While she considers the forces of good and evil, Mulder considers the evil of the Consortium. E

Kate L.

Yes, Dana, There is a Santa Claus
This is my story of Mulder and Scully's not-so-happy holidays, and how it gets better. KF

Kate Mulder

Lilac's Last Bloom
Doing a "favor" for a friend will change Scully's life forever. BF Ad NCC

Kate Rickman

Falling Upwards
There are many doors in life. Going through some is easy; getting through others takes more courage. BF W

Life on Edge series

  • Choices With Sharp Edges
    What would it take for Mulder -and Scully- to voluntarily walk away from their work on the X-Files? PS

  • Double-Edged Sword
    How Scully came to make a deal with the devil. PS

  • Knifed Through The Heart
    Scully plots with the Gunmen and struggles through labor. PS

  • Cuts Both Ways
    Scully Strikes Back--She, Mulder, The Gunmen and AD Skinner collaborate to turn the tables on Old Smoky. BF

Love for All Seasons
What *should* have happened after FTF. PS

A Stitch In Time
Mulder, Scully, and baby. Some things are too good to be true. Or are they? BF W

Wise Voices
Mulder receives encouragement from some unexpected sources. BF W


Trusting One Another
Mulder and Scully cross paths with the crew of Buffy (Buffy, Willow, Angel, Giles etc...) to investigate. Investigate what? Take a wild guess. What Else? Vamps!

Kathleen A

Empty Graves
Post-Requiem, we'll see what happens from there! PS

Finding the Gifts
Post-Requiem, Scully leaves her Christmas shopping for the last minute. PS

Kathleen Brown

Fighting The Future
Mulder and Scully's [cloned] progeny are the only hope for the future of the human race, in particular, one young clone named Andrew. OE


A chance meeting in 1984 makes an impression on a teenage Monica Reyes. Pre-XF, TF

Beautiful Progeny
John and Monica reflect. NCC K FDR/TWC

Mourning Has Broken
Monica feels the loss of her mother as she awaits the birth of her first child. PR

A Valentine in Three Acts
Three different Valentine's Days in the lives of John Doggett and Monica Reyes. PR

Kathy E.

newficConceptus Immaculus
Scully is artificially impregnated after being abducted with Mulder. PS BF NCC

Kathy Foote

The Fine Art of Basketball
Mulder attempts to teach Matthew the fine art of basketball.

Poetic Justice
Mulder and Scully spend New Year's Eve skiing with the Scully family. M

Kathy Williams

Promise with Your Heart
Mulder pursues Transgen Pharmaceuticals' genetic testing after Emily's death and his discovery takes his and Scully's relationship down a new path. PS OE

Kati Spinelli

Scully gets a late night visitor. E


All Spooked Up
Mulder and Scully go trick-or-treating with her niece and nephew and romance falls upon their spooky lil evening. KF

Katie Phillips

Existence Missing Scene
What happens after Mulder arrives on the scene. BF W

Shopping For More Than A Tree
Mulder and Scully spend their first Christmas together after the birth of William and is based on the assumption that after his return, Mulder gets to live a relatively happy life with Scully and William. BF W PS


Life Changes
Mulder gets information on Samantha and they finally meet but with tragic results. KF Adopt YR

Katilyn Samantha Mulder

Bah Humbug
Christmas time. Scully invites Mulder over, and the eggnog boils as Bill and Mulder start talking. KF YR


Iunctus Liberi
Following the events of I Want to Believe, Scully and Mulder receive some surprising news. Later, Scully's dreams become disturbing and strange and the two are led on a cross-country journey that neither will forget. PS Waa

Katriena Knights

"You gotta push, Dana!" PS

I Will Not Watch the Ocean
Sort of a follow-up to "No Earthly Ships," in that in was inspired by another line in the same song. PS

No Earthly Ships
A grieving Scully visits a psychic. PS

The Return
Mulder is returned from his ordeal on the alien ship. BF

Showdown at Casey's Bar and Grill
Scully faces gossip at her favorite hangout. PS

Weep Not for the Memories
It's finally safe for Mulder to come home, but something has gone dreadfully wrong. BF W

What's in a Name?
Mulder faces a Scully family gathering. BF W

"I know. Skinner told me."


He Walks Down the Road
Mulder adjusts to life after his abduction. NCC


Scully's Choice
Why in the world would Scully ever choose Doggett over Mulder? BF W


Iunctio ut Redimio: Book 1
After IWTB, Mulder and Scully are interested in a missing child case.W gWb! NCC W+S PS

Iunctio ut Redimio: Book 2
Life after getting William back continues to be interesting. W KF BF NCC W+S PS

Kayla Ariev

For Myself
Summary: It's just a normal Saturday afternoon, when he dropped by the apartment to dredge up things of the past. BF W

The Journalist
A few years after Mulder and Scully humbly save the world and disappear to live private lives, a creative and clever journalist tracks them down, trying to get the interview no other reporter has ever gotten. GWb! G KF W+S

He had debated it for a long time, decided, found them, debated again, and then finally made the decision to contact and meet his birth parents. But he still worried...would they want to see him? TF W gWb!


Scully has to go on believing that one day he'll return to them. BF W


The Beginner's Guide to Tightrope Walking
"Mulder left the FBI about a year after me, but where I got the gold watch and the pension, he got the royal screw." KF W

Days Between
Are you sick of post-Requiem stories? Oh, come on, just one more. You've never seen Frohike and the boys more noble. PS

Go With the Flow
A fond farewell to Mulder's couch. BF W

Hollow Day
1973. Think Watergate. Think oil embargo. Think Samantha.

Papa's Got a Brand New BagKel
David Duchovny wants to spend more time with his kid, less time at work. That's not a crime. Maybe Mulder would make the same decision. BF NCC

The Question
He has to ask. PS

The Question II
Parents-to-be reminisce together. PS

Small Fries
The Small Potatoes case revisited. ScC

Things Without Remedy
A missing scene from Demons. Teena is ready to answer the question. (pre-xf)

Kel and Halrloprillalar

Adopted Son
follow-up to my Unmarried Mother. BF

Unmarried Mother
Scully wonders what the hell is going on. PS

Kel and Michelle Kiefer

Bermuda, 1965. Two women, two men. Two sons, one father. PO

Kel and msk

The Freedom Squad Birthday
Mulder and Scully as happy, average people? It's not only that we can't picture it, but we don't really see the point. Why take all that history and turn it into "Leave It To Mulder? " Here's how msk and Kel picture William's fifth birthday. KF W

Kel and Scetti

Maggie's Tips for an Unforgettable Baby Shower
For a perfect baby shower, you need some interesting guests and plenty of fruit punch. And don't fret over gatecrashers-the more, the merrier! BF NCC


The Egg of the Phoenix
A year and a half after the events of Requiem, Scully reflects on how much she's changed, and wonders just how much she wants to stay the same. BF


Capital Offense
Samantha Mulder is found alive and well, but facing imminent death. KF PS

Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight
It's songfic, but the perfect song for Skinner and Scully.

Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight II
Scully tries to save what she has with Skinner from the specter of Mulder's ghost. NCC

Four Final Words
Mulder and Scully search for Scully's missing nephew, and maybe for something else as well. KF

Heart Turned Inward
When Mulder is returned, he finds that the world has moved on without him. PS GK NCC

You Are Not Alone
Scully and Skinner share a pre-natal moment. PS

Keleka and FabulousMonster

Skinner sends Doggett and Reyes on a case that will have a profound effect on the lives of Scully and Mulder. BF W gWb!

Kelli Rocherolle

The Offspring
A product of Scully's abduction comes back to haunt her. KF OE

The Spell series
A novel about Mulder and Scully's long term romance. PS NCC BF


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Doggett and Reyes spend some quality time together at Christmas. PR

Kelly Broughton

Father and Son
A young Walt Skinner makes a decision which has a profound effect on everyone around him. TF

Kelly Keil

The Caretakers
In the midst of chaos, life still goes on. PS BF SD/TWC

Lazarus And the Boogeyman
"Being with him was like trying to date a shark. Bloody and painful and exhilarating." BF W

Kelly Moreland

Following Yonder Star
Surely you noticed the similarities. BF W

There is no such thing as coincidence, not when you stop and think about it. W KF

Kelly Mullins

Family I - The Beginning
Scully and Mulder bring their five-year-old twins to Disney after another roach case in Florida. KF NCC T+

Family II - Trials
Mulder and Scully are married, now what? They have company over for dinner (and breakfast), people die and that's just the beginning of their trials. KF NCC T+

Family III - Changes
Almost a year after Will and Mulder's deaths Scully and Kat celebrate Halloween with Skinner, Maggie, Krycek and Dr. Kelli Rosen. But who's the shadowy figure lurking in Scully's old house? KF NCC T+

Kelly J. Thompson

Another Woman's Miracle
She looks up to the heavens and makes a promise to the child's mother to keep her son safe and well cared for until she is able to come for him. BF W

The Burpday series
Three Mulder family birthdays are celebrated. BF W PS W+S MS/TWC

If Daddy Had Only Seen
"Will!!! Santa's in hall kissing Mommy!!!" W W+S

A Runaway Christmas
Mulder, Scully and William take on the Holidays on the run. W BF

Kelley Walters and Brighid

In the darkness, light. PXF


Frisson -- (noun) -- a brief moment of excitement: shudder, thrill -- Merriam Webster Dictionary. PS


Tell Me A Story!
Emily demands a "file" bedtime story. E KF


Scully's Letter: Dear Emily
A reflection on loss.


My take on life after "Existence." What if Mulder had taken the baby when he left? BF W


It's the year 2007, and Mulder returns to D.C. after being gone for five years to ask for Scully's help in finding his sister, only to discover things about each other that they never knew. NCC

Reunited II
When Scully discovers who killed her husband, she decides to avenge his death the only way she knows how--kill the murderer. NCC PS

Kerri Sismilich

Through the Eyes of a Child
Some meetings are fate. Mulder and Scully meet as teens in high school and become best friends. PXF


3 a.m. with My Daughter
Mulder comforts his baby daughter, and reflects. BF NCC


Alex is tortured, intimidated and punished for every bad thing he has ever done in his spending an hour in a car with four children under the age of 13. KF


The Time Has Come
When Emily died, Scully thought all was lost. She finds out otherwise. E


Folded Like A Saint
Introspection in the future leads to a shock form the past. W KF W+S T+

Joyful are the Waterdrops
Follows "The Present Implies Presence." After 10 years apart, our heroes struggle with knowing each other again. Rebuilding is hard to do. W KF W+S T+

The Present Implies Presence
Folded Like A Saintcompanion to "Folded Like A Saint." W KF W+S T+


After Mulder: Making Circles
Following Mulder's death, Scully's struggle to deal with her pregnancy is shared by Doggett - whose admiration and caring turns into something deeper. PS

After Mulder: Moving Mountains
Second in a series. PS

After Mulder: Mending Hearts
Third in a series. W


A Few Good Things Remain
"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortune, of which all men have some." -Charles Dickens- waa W PS


It's Only Ever Been You

A Day At Six Flags


Illusions of Grandure
When she sees him like this, it is almost possible to believe that their lives are normal. BF W

J'ai Suivi Le Vol D'un Ange

Maybe things took a nasty turn after The Truth... Waa

Tempus Fugit (As Does William)
How life could have been... BF W


Could a six-year-old really commit murder? Ad

KinkyGrrl Diane

No Greater Gift
Krycek is pregnant. He goes to Walter one last time, expecting to be thrown out. Instead, Walter decides to take charge. mpreg (m/m slash)

Kirsten Kerkhof

Apocalyptic Eden
Set on their post-colonization farm, they find life has never been better for them... NCC PS BF-KF

Apocalyptic Eden 2
Life on the farm goes on. NCC BF-KF

After they've lost another child, Scully has to draw Mulder back from what he always feared would happen. Apocalyptic Eden 2 sequel. NCC TF

Dream Catcher
Scully finally finds time to talk to a mysterious little boy she's seen sitting in the streets of Washington DC. It turns out he has a story of his own to tell... KF

Dream Watcher
More or less a sequel to Dream Catcher. Scully has given Mulder a dream catcher and that night he has a very strange dream...

After they've lost another child, Scully has to draw Mulder back from what he always feared would happen. NCC KF


The Men of My Life
Two men, all mine. BF W

Knex Wildfire

China Roses
Post-Requiem fic spanning several months. Mulder is returned but there are problems. This story defies summary despite the authors' best attempts! *Laughs* You'll just have to read it and see. *Grins* BF


You Were Such A Beautiful Baby
It's the first day of school in an alternate dimension and Scully and Mulder are best friends. PXF KF


Hero's Ridge
A mother writes a letter to her newborn son before joining a war. BF


Greatest Gift of All
Part of the "A Wonderland Life" series. Scully and Skinner's relationship hits a rocky patch. PS NCC BF-KF

Summer's Chill
After a decade, he thinks he's found her again. KF NCC

Kris in Seattle

A young blind/deaf/mute girl is able to communicate with her dead twin sister.

Kristel S. Oxley-Johns

Mulder has returned, but he and Scully have some issues to resolve before they can move forward. PS

In Darkness, Light
Scully's late-night ruminations about pregnancy and her relationship with Mulder. PS


Baby Plans
The woman are pregnant, and the men deal with it in ways no one will suspect. PS BF NCC T+

On His Doorstep
Skinner gets a surprise. BF NCC

Wonderland Lodge
A Christmas story of the alternate universe realm. PS

A Wonderland Life
Scully goes into labor earlier than expected, but not to worry, the Skinner family is more than ready to welcome it's new arrival. SS/TWC SoM PS BF

A Wonderland Life 2
Skinner and Scully have a late night talk over their new daughter before returning to D.C. SS/TWC SoM BF

Kristen Kilar

My Name Is Christmas Carole
While playing Santa on Christmas Eve, one little girl's story touches Fox Mulder's heart. KF


D is For Doggett
Luke learns his ABCs KF L

Kristin Davis

Worship No False Idols
XF/Children of the Corn crossover. KF-TF


Frohike's Baby
Scully carefully guards her secret as Mulder rejoins the land of the living, until it blows up in everyone's face when Mulder has some issues doing the math. Fill in the blanks piece from DeadAlive/Empedocles. PS


Beyond My Grasp
A vision of the future...

Kristy Anderson

Mulder's gone into hiding and William and Scully have been living a life of insecurity. Christmas is the only way they can keep in touch. BF W

For as long as I could remember, I thought that I would lead the perfect life. I was determined to have a brilliant career, a wonderful husband for 50-plus years, beautiful children and not make any mistakes that would allow me to succumb to the casualties of failure in any of these. But now I embrace imperfection, for it was imperfection that brought these wonderful people to my life - a life I couldn't imagine without them... KF SoM MoD

Kristyn Collins

Gift Of Hope
Mulder and Scully are expecting their first child, however the pregnancy threatens Scully's health when she can't go through with her cancer treatment. The newlyweds must decide whether or not to keep the baby. NCC


Post MSIV. Mulder and Scully try to make sense of everything. PS

The Christmas Miracle
It is Christmas 2008 and now that Mulder has been exonerated, he and Scully get more than they bargained for this holiday season. KF W GWb! PS

End of the Road
2nd Installment to "February 23rd, 2018". Scully and Mulder are reunited with their son in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Takes place about 2 months after Ghouli. PS KF W

February 23rd, 2018
Post ep Ghouli. After the events of finding their son, Mulder has a birthday surprise for Scully. PS

I'll Follow You Down
Post MSIV Alternate ending. Scully *And maybe Mulder too* jump into the water. KF W PS

Out of Darkness
akes place afterThe Christmas Miracle. It is 2009 and William has just been reunited with Mulder and Scully as they prepare for the birth of their daughter, Melissa. But as Mulder said, the darkness always has a way of finding them. PS KF W gWb!


Socks for WilliamBF W
five fics


The Geometry of Loss
Mulder and Scully struggle with the reality of their new existence months after the events of "William" and "The Truth." W


Just Before
Mulder becomes desperate when Scully marries another man. NCC BF


POST IWTB. Mulder and Scully are eagerly expecting their second child. Just when they have finally come to terms with the loss of William, their beliefs are once again brought into question when another sick boy needs Scully's help. PS KS W

Another Chance
Three years after giving up William, Scully finding out she's pregnant is the last thing she ever expected. PS

Christmas For You
In the midst of the approaching colonization, the agents take advantage of the time they have left to celebrate Christmas 2006 with their family and friends. DR/TWC MS/TWC KF W+S

The Christmas Miracle
Post-IWTB. It is Christmas 2008 and now that Mulder has been exonerated, he and Scully get more than they bargained for this holiday season. W KF PS

What if Donnie Pfaster had escaped prison a year later? Mulder has returned, Scully is pregnant with Donnie on the loose. Will he succeed and get his last victim? PS

sequel to Lament. Mulder's back but does that mean Scully and their unborn daughter are safe? PS

Contemplating the Outcome
The scene in Essence where Mulder comes to Scully's apartment and informs her she's in danger and wants to get her to safety, my extended version of that scene. PS

Crystalic Millennia
The set date of impending invasion and destruction, 2012 is quickly approaching and Agents Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes must join forces with the Sailor Senshi to defeat the Super Soldiers and Aliens to ensure the safety of the planet and their loved ones. KF W

Don't Give Up
IWTB spoiler. This is a one shot scene fill in between the time Mulder gets in his car accident and Scully demands help to find Mulder and the when she and Skinner arrive on the scene. PS

Don't Give Up On Me
Written for the Season Eight Missing Scenes Challenge Pack, Deadalive. PS

"There's something I need to ask you, Agent Doggett. Why were you so determined to find Mulder? " PS

Facing Destiny
When Mulder comes back to life, there is some parts he has to deal with and understand.

Forever Yours, Even In Death
Post-Ep ("This is Not Happening"). PS

I'm Here
"Scully, what is a partial abruption? " PS

I Want To Believe
Part of theAletheaandAnother Chanceseries. Takes place after I Want To Believe. Scully is pregnant again and didn't tell Mulder until after solving the Father Joe case, because she was afraid he would choose his search for the truth over their little family. Terrified after nearly losing him a second time, she breaks the news to him. Mulder finds out her refusal to chase him into the darkness wasn't just because she wanted to live a normal life, but that she was pregnant all along. Scully continues to struggle with where their relationship stands and if she will always blame herself for giving up her first child. PS

Labor Day
Post MSIV. An unconventional labor for a very unconventional couple. PS

How far will Scully go to have Mulder back? PS

Maternal Beauty
Mulder convinces Scully just how beautiful being pregnant can be. PS

A Mother's Difficult Choice
Post William. Missing scene. What takes place right after Scully cries beside William's crib? W Waa

Never Give Up on a Miracle
Post-Ep. Alternate Ending. After the loss of Mulder, Scully fears she may have even more to lose. PS

A New Beginning
What happened after Mulder arrived at democrat hot springs? BF W

The Outer Senshi Files
Haruka and Michiru leave Tokyo and come to Washington they both sense an uneasy presence there so they both enroll as FBI undercover Agents. As they seek deeper into the FBI, they get assigned to the X-Files division where they meet Agents Scully and Doggett and were to assist them on some frequent cases, which came the opportunity for them when they were helping to investigate the disappearance of Agent Fox Mulder, Agent Dana Scully's former partner over his which remains unexplained disappearance. PS W BF

Our Baby
Bridges the gap between Mulder asking the pizza guy to call 911 and their arrival at the hospital. PS

Ready-Made Family
The consequence of Kim and Skinner's past throws a wrench between them. Will another surprise bring them back together or will they drift further and further apart? NCC PO BF

Reason For Living
After Mulder gets fired from the X-Files, things take an unexpected turn for the worst. It's up to Scully show him where he belongs. PS

Mulder empathizes with what Scully has gone through more than she could possibly know. Perhaps he always has. PS

Second Chance
An unexpected change strengthens the bond and budding romance between Monica Reyes and John Doggett. PR

The Second Miracle
What ran through Scully's mind before and after she found her baby amongst the ashes and rubble. BF W PS

Suddenly A Parent
Skinner receives some unexpected news and he is suddenly a father of a two-month-old baby girl. He never expected to be a father, but neither did he expect to hear of the passing of his sister and brother-in-law. BF W

Tomorrow's Promise
Written for a Nursery Files challenge. At some point between the kiss in Existence and the shower in Nothing Important Happened Today, Mulder and Scully looked at their new baby and decided that his safety depended on Mulder leaving. Write a fic that explores how the decision came about. Somewhat of a sequel to "A New Beginning". You don't need to read the first one to understand this one. BF W

Unbroken Love
The night that Scully comes home from the hospital (Empedocles post-ep). PS

The Visit
Takes place a few months after My Struggle IV. When the Spartan Virus doesn't come to fruition, Scully gets paid visit from Tad O'Malley and something goes wrong. PS

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Written for the Season Eight Missing Scenes Challenge Pack, Three Words. PS

Kyouryoku Senshi and Billie Reid

Destination: Truth
What happened to Monica and John after the end of "The Truth"? Did they meet up with some old friends? Either way, they go on a journey with an outcome that neither of them could have ever expected. PS PR PO W DRR/MWC gWb

Wonder Years
18 years later, the lives of our favorite Agents are about to change W PO KF BF GK


There are still plenty of other possibilities to fear. BF W

There is nothing so miraculous as holding a child in your arms. BF W


L. Phillips

Mulder has a conversation with his five-year-old daughter. KF NCC

L. C. Shipper

Mulder is returned and Scully is four and a half months pregnant with his child. What are they going to do? PS

L. M. Shard

Love is the Thread of Life
The world as they had known it ended that fateful autumn day in the year 2001. W SD/TWC

Love on the Run
When threats begin to pile up against Scully's son, Doggett does all he can to protect him and Scully. BF W

Picking Up The Pieces
Doggett is there to pick up the pieces when Mulder abandons Scully. W BF

They're Here
Scully and Doggett fight for survival as the alien invasion begins. PS BF W

They're Here 2
Can Scully and Doggett save Mulder from the aliens? At what price? PS BF W SoD

They're Here 3
Mulder leaves Scully hoping to mend his broken heart, but can it be mended? PS BF W SoD

L. N. McKnight

After their separation, Mulder and Scully try to get a life. BF W


The Answers Series

In One Day
Sixteen years day could change everything. NCC SoM SDR/TWC TF


ulder, Skinner and Scully free Doggett from an insane asylum shortly after he discovers the truth about Aliens. A prequel to my story, "Undocumented." No need to read it to get this, but please go read it anyway. Waa

Lady Disdain

A Place In The Cloud
Scully reflects in her hospital room about the events in the motel room. PS

The Reoccurring Nightmare
Reoccurring Nightmare. NCC KF

The Reoccurring Nightmare II - Full Circle
The nightmare continues... NCC KF

The Reoccurring Nightmare III - Cheating Fate
The nightmare continues... NCC KF

Swimming Lessons
Some lessons are for life...PXF

What's Bred In The Bone
"What's bred in the bone will not out in the flesh." PXF


It's Life: One More Life
It's time for an addition to the family. Ad


More Than Meets the Eye
A girl vanishes from her room and Mulder and Scully go to investigate her disappearance and it could lead to something more... KF

Return to Me
Mulder returns after 3 months of being missing. PS PR NCC T+

To Save the World
Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes (and others) are trying to figure out a way to save the world and at the same time are in hiding from the government and super soldiers. BF W gWb! W+S PS PR PO NCC


The Phantom
Mulder takes Scully on an assignment dealing with a ghost haunting a community recreation center.

Laima Black Snake

April Base
A brother and a sister speak. S


Adventures in Babysitting
While babysitting for Dana, Monica Reyes meets the youngest Scully sib. BF W

A Father's Right
William's father comes to claim him. W WaF gWb!

Lari R

At A Moments Notice
For all of the times that he'd had little regard for his own safety, there was always somebody worrying about him. Scully. But now there was another person who depended on him to make sure that they all got through another day.BF W

A Unique Creation
Scully endeavors to save a precious moment to share with Mulder.PS


A Leap of Faith
Scully briefly reflects on the path that led her to her son and Mulder. Followed by a story of William's first birthday!!! BF W

Lass Mulder

Out Now
This is written supposing Mulder and Scully are already married. Scully is having a baby, and things get a little crazy in the hospital. This is not a typical soppy romance "baby" story. BF SoM


Perceptions by Laura
I think mpreg said it all. PO BF T+ NCC

Laura Akers

Other Considerations
Strange lights in the sky and missing skiers lead Mulder and Scully to a lonely wild boy who lives in a cave and possesses strange powers. TF

Laura B

"The inextricable relationships in our lives that are neither accidental nor somehow in our control. PXF

Laura Capozzola

A 1997 Thanksgiving Tale
he extended Mulder family celebrates a typical American Thanksgiving...well, as typical as you can expect for Fox Mulder. KF

Lara Means

Scully's first Mother's Day. NCC BF

Rescue Mission series
I Want To Believe mailing list, a request went out for Mulder & Scully Reunion scenes. Lots of great stories came out of that "ReturnFic" challenge -- mine was "Rescue Mission." PS BF AON

Sara Mulder stories
Mulder is returned, but things are not as he left them.

Someone I Once Knew
Mulder is returned, but things are not as he left them.


The Return

Lauren N.

Pieces of the Soul
Scully's lost Mulder and given up their only son. What extreme will she go to be with Mulder again? Waa


A Christmas Wish
A Christmas wish comes true for Alex. KF

A Family Christmas
The boys celebrate Christmas at the Scully house. BF W

Little Foxes
Krycek follows Mulder to the ends of the earth and beyond. m/m slash Mpreg BF Mulder/Krycek

Little Foxes: Five Year ItchAlex and Fox find that domesticity is far from bliss. m/m slash Mpreg Mulder/Krycek

Room For More
Written in response to Ursula's male pregnancy challenge in which Alex is impregnated by both Walter and Mulder, creating a pair of twins (I'll bet they'll be hell-raisers!) and they have to take care of Alex to boot. PO T+ BF NCC


Mulder and Scully's daughter Samantha relives her most meaningful Christmas memories. AD Waa KF

Lauren and Jen

Introspection: Return
Four months after Requiem, Mulder is returned, and everybody has a lot of figuring out to do. PS

Lauren K

I Get By
Some traditions aren't so traditional, and all of them help us to live our lives.


What I Want
After the events of "Two Fathers/One Son," an emotionally ruptured Scully begins an intense romantic relationship with a fellow agent. Can she embrace the relationship or will she unwittingly sabotage it? When the problems of her past are revealed (abduction) and converge with her lover's own problems can they come together or will it tear them apart? And what of her feelings for Mulder?

What I Want 2: Coming Together
After finding each other in "What I Want," Scully and Michael come together in a more permanent way. Michael's past and present also come together leading to the revelation of a secret.

What I Want 3: Up, Up and Away from Me
An engaged Scully and Michael seem to have everything going for them until he starts acting strangely and irrationally. Are his (too good to be true) true colors finally showing or is something severely wrong with him? Can Scully stand by him or is their relationship (and Michael himself) doomed?

What I Want 4: Our Weakness
While off-duty, Scully and Michael come upon a situation that turns into an unofficial case and has some unexpected and long reaching effects on them and their relationship.

What I Want 5: In the Blood
When Michael is called to the carpet by the FBI after his family's origin is discovered, everyone but Scully seems to be against him. That includes Mulder who finally confronts Scully on the choice she made.

What I Want 6: Dance with Devils
There's fallout from Michael's missteps with the FBI and Scully is thrust smack dab in the middle of it. PS

Laurie D. Haynes and Bear

Family Business Series I: The Looking Glass Wars
No longer FBI agents, Mulder and Scully have married, are raising seven-year-old William, and have a parnormal investigation business. KF W

Family Business Series II: Appearances
A murder from long ago cries out for justice. KF W

Family Business III: Catnipped
Mulder and Scully are called in to consult on a case in which murder victims have been mauled by a wild animal, yet no one has seen such a thing in the area of the murders. KF, W

Family Business Series IV: Children of Sedna
Mulder and Scully, along with William, investigate the strange disappearances of some hunters in Alaska. KF W

laylya b.

Alex II
Do you believe Krycek could explain Scully's abduction? OE KF

Lee Burwasser

It's Me
He's baaaaack! :: and so is Lioness!Scully. PS

Quis Custodiet
further adventures of Mulder Minus Mouth PS


The Ghosts Of Love
Marita's marriage to Mulder turns Scully into an emotional wreck. But the old adage, "one door closes, another one opens" still has value. PO

Leigh Alexander

You Can't Go Home Again
Mulder's the father, they've kissed and supposedly walked off happily into the sunset. Or have they? What happens next, and will Mulder really stick around to be the perfect dad? Can you really go home again after being abducted, tortured and buried alive? PS BF W

Leigh N

Unexplained Trinity
An X-Files/American Gothic crossover in which Scully and Mulder try to discover why so many people disappear from Trinity. KF CX


Careful What You Wish For
My take on the future partnership... KF S

Leonora O'Reilly

Everything's Changed
Post Episode: Mulder and Scully wonder what the future holds. BF W


A Family
Missing scenes from Emily. She couldn't believe it was over. She just found her four days ago. Her daughter, Emily. Her only chance for motherhood. E


Our Mother
In that single instant when I/We discovered the truth of our mother and her fate His/our shock initiated a link between us all. OE

Leslie Sholly

And I Rise
The worst is happening. Can Mulder find hope to continue his quest? OE

As Darker Grows the Night
Christmas Eve in San Diego. PS

A Gauntlet and a Gift
Mulder is managing to keep the promise he made to Scully before her death but only barely. Will a new and unexpected challenge help? NCC DP

Mother's Day Redux
Scully's first Mother's Day without William. Waa

The Power of Standing Still
Mulder learns to stay still. PS


Down by the Old Mill
Mulder and Scully investigate what seems like a runaway case. What they discover is a far greater mystery than they imagined. KF

Lexie B.

The Dream
Scully has a dream about the future.

Lexy Torell and Psi Fi

Final Truths
A mysterious woman appears in Fox Mulder's life and he investigates to find out who she is.

Leyla Harrison

After All These Years
Mulder and Scully have been fighting a physical attraction to each other for well, we all know, ages. And in this story, in the alternate universe of my mind, they have given in to it. NCC

White Wave
Not summarized at author's request. I don't want to give anything away. I will say this: it's dark. Very dark. Brace yourself. BF NCC

lil gillian

Welcome to the Family
Will's thoughts about his new sister. BF KF W W+S

Who's Your Daddy?
Will creates a stir when his dad comes to Bring Your Father To School Day. KF W

lil gusty

"How could you tell the one person you'd pledged your life to that you'd given up on them? " PS NCC

Lil XPhile

A post-Emily short. OE


Kissing Santa
A light Christmas piece with you-know-who and you-know-who. YR


By the Water
A find and a celebration. S

Portrait of a Family
Colonization has been thwarted, Samantha has been found. But the story is only beginning.KF SoM OE

Lilith and Suzanna Post

Verse Two
The Christmas one year from the events in 'A Christmas Carol'


"To love one child and to love all children, whether living or dead- somewhere these two loves come together." -- Marguerite Duras, author and filmmaker BF ScC


Null and Void
Scully goes through with a difficult decision. W Waa

Lilxgirl (Abigail)

Daddy's Story
Years after 'The Truth,' Scully tells a story. KF NCC DP

The Life They Now Lead (sequel to Perfect Happiness)
Mulder and Scully's life, four years later. With two kids who can read minds and another on the way, and a happy life, what could go wrong? Only everything...KF W PS W+S MS/TWC

Perfect Happiness
Mulder comes back. BF W MS/TWC


By the Stream
Something lies hidden in the woods. KF W


Happy Mother's Day, Scully
title pretty much says it all.

Linda Phillips

Angels, Watch Over Me
Scully struggles with depression after Emily's death. BF

A happy ending for Mulder and Scully...and an addition to the family. BF

Revelations series
Can love survive the end of the world? PS NCC BF

Lindsay B

2,000,000 Seconds
Scully's musings on her situation now that Mulder's gone. PS

Lindsay Carpenter

Behind the Doors
Mulder and Scully are called on a case to Chicago over Christmas involving a kidnapping... or so it seems. TF NAC


About William
Scully must fill in the gaps. Waa

Future Imperfect
Scully is visited by three ghosts at Christmas time. YR

Never Meant To Be
This is a post-episode story to "Emily." Their conversation on the couch was not enough for me. This issue had to be explored further. Since trust is the foundation of their relationship, why did Scully just accept his explanation of I wanted to protect you and not question him any further. Well, this is what would happen if she didn't. If she need more.

What would happen if Emily had recovered and didn't die? E

Unthinkable Things
Sometimes waiting is the hardest part. PS

Lisa Peers

Weaving the threads together. G


Wish For You
Christmas with John and Monica - and a mysterious couple eager to tag along :) PR


Edge of Field
"I was...curious about my Secret Admirer. Someone was taking fine care of me and I needed to know who and why." NCC

November Eleventh
Mulder finds himself welcome after his return from the stars. BFF NCC SoM

'Vestigy' takes place in the near future, after the planned invasion of the planet, focusing on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner. NCC

Lisby and MaybeAmanda

Scully tries to keep in touch with Mulder while he's out on a case with Doggett. It's not always easy to find out what she needs to know. W W+S KF

Little Grey Girl

The date has come and gone. What happens now? W

Sometimes it all gets too much. BF W

Re-writing the past. My version of s8 and 9. BF W

The Shortest Ever Re-write of IWTB
Changing just one line would give the whole film a different feel. W

The Shortest Ever Re-write of Season Nine
Changing just one line would give the whole season a different feel. BF W

little Scully

"You became my will to survive through the grief and the pain. You've always been my strong Will." W KF

Little Starbuck*

September 11th, 2001, a horrific day for the nation. I hope this provides a little peace and comfort through this terrible time. BF W

Almost Dreaming
What happens now? BF W

At That Point
Is Scully ready to believe? BF NCC

The truth finally comes out, after eight long years.

Breath In, Breath Out
Kind of my own personal wish as to how they'll take Mulder off the show. NCC BF

Ten years later... W KF

Finding The Lost
Possibilities for Season Nine. W BF

Hazel Eyes
"The baby's looking more like you every day, Mulder." BF W

I've Known Them For A Lifetime
When your parents are your best friends, it's easy to see how much they love each other. KF W

More Than The Clouds
Scully gives birth to the miracle she's prayed for!PS W

Post-Empedocles "pizza/gift" scene. PS

Perdere Il Vostro Sogno
Scully experiences problems with the pregnancy. Mulder POV. PS

Short Stories
Scully worries for her future. Mulder provides comfort of the best kind. BF W

Waiting So Long
Scully POV when Mulder comes to visit her after she gives birth. BF W

A Walk Beneath Willows
Four POVs of Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes' future after the end of the show. NCC

Littljoe and Zuffy

The Fractured Landscape
Mulder escapes from the Census facility and finds his way back to Scully with a little angry help from Doggett. PS


Cunegund's Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really
So, Agent Mulder, how did the spacecraft handle? PS S RODC

Hem Ben Ik
When no one is who they seem to be, whom do you trust? BF NCC

Liz Owens

Thirty Days Hath September
Separation anxiety. YR

Vulpecula: Annunciation
A piece of mail changes Mulder and Scully's lives forever. YR

Liz Tobey

Angels Running
Following the death of Mulder's mother, Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious escape of three mute children from a train wreck. KF

Lizzi and Anonymous

If You Believe
Mulder plans a trip to Aspen for Scully and her family for her birthday. YR PS

We Believe
Continuation of If You Believe, Scully's pregnant and Mulder's the father. PS PS YR T+ NCC BF

Lizzi W.

Lonely This Christmas
Post-Requiem fic. A pregnant Scully is forced to spend her first Christmas alone after Mulder's disappearance. Will her Christmas wish finally come true? PS


When She Came Back To Me (aka 96 hours)
When Scully receives information about her daughter Emily, it takes her and Mulder on a trip they'll never forget. KF E RODC


The Fruit of Our Labors
Scully learns a little bit of information, and she and Mulder must deal with the repercussions. PS BF NCC

Lola Ravenhill

Purple Streaks Up the Path
Every boy's got a quest.... W TF


I Snowflake You
Their first Christmas on the road. Waa

The Truth is Out There
The truth is something Mulder and Scully may have to pay a steep price for. W KF gWb! W+S MP


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
This story is just a bit of warm, fuzzy Christmas goodness. It's AU because it is set as though Emily had not passed away and was now living with Scully. RODC


Rainy Rendezvous
On a rainy night two phantoms search for peace but only find disaster. KF AON

Lopaka Tanu

Airgead Sionnach
Nine years ago a fateful case brought together two people to discover the truth behind a fifty year conspiracy. Events changed drastically when one of them discovered a secret that no one was ready for yet. To cover this mistake, the colonist did something that was never supposed to happen. This is the story of those actions and the reaction to them. PO

Lord Kinbote

Blue Sphere
A man in Mississippi mysteriously dies of extreme burns, and Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. Mulder suspects ball lightning. KF

Loren Q

Biological Imperative
An old case comes back up... with an old partner... TF CFK


Wait Until Your Father Gets Home
A father is missed. PS

Your Father Came Home
A father comes home. PS

Your Father's Child
Baby makes thre e. PS BF NCC


Across the Distance
Thanksgiving story. Set in season 9, Scully gets a much needed surprise at her family's dinner. BF KF W

Blaze of Glory
Post-Colonization. Mulder and Scully encounter some trouble while getting supplies, the consequences reverberate.

Easter Tidings
It's Easter Sunday, Scully's with her family, and an unexpected visitor shows up at Mrs. Scully's door.

His Legacy
William's grandfather pays him a secret visit. BF W

Alternate ending to Existence. What of the truth about Scully's baby wasn't what they'd believed it to be? What if some of those fears were realized. Friendly warning, this one isn't happy.

Paternal Intuition
Mulder and Scully didn't completely lose William. KF W

Suck This, Mr. Johnson
eleven-year-old William on his mother, his mother's family, the father he never knew, and the social worker he wished he never met. KF W

Louise Phillips

Jessica's Secret
Scully collapses at a pre-Christmas dinner and meets an enchanting child as she waits to see if test results indicate that her cancer has returned. KF


Where You Are
cully, in her pregnant state, tries to find Mulder before she has the baby. PS BF NCC


Eyes of A Child
Mulder is returned, but with a difference. How will Scully help him find himself again? PS BF W

More stories from Eyes of A Child Universe
Holidays with William. BF/KF W


Catching Up
Scully tells Mulder what he missed out on while he was gone. PS

A Great Risk
The inevitable truth hits the new couple square in the face, too bad Doggett and Reyes had to deliver the news themselves. BF W

A Greater Intelligence
What happened after the long awaited kiss... What happened that time when Scully walked away from Mulder who lying in his bed...BF W


2012 - The Return
A story of the events predicted for 2012. KF W gWb! E


Friends in High Places
Little William gets a visit from a far-away friend. KF W

Luan D. Lascy

New Client
Mary-Anne Spier baby-sits for an eight-year-old new girl named Samantha, plagued by nightmares of an abduction, and gets her X-phile boyfriend wondering... S


All of These are Nothing
"Each thing hostile / To every other thing..." PS

Mere Ripple
Not a real ending of course, nor even a beginning. PO

Smothered Joy
It's not easy being the stepping block to extinction for your own species. NCC TF GK

LuvN Kses

Nightmare Born series
Nightmares evolve into a fight for Scully and Emily's souls. E


Mulder's sudden return coincides with the start of colonization. Was he sent home for a reason? PS

A Safe Place
Scully tries to cope. PS

Mulder and a very pregnant Scully are caught in a hostage situation. PS MS/MWC


Mulder returns from a four month disappearance to find Scully pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, he has no memory of the event. PS

Lydia Harkness

Terminal Hearts
Stranded on Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully find a way to reconcile the past.


The Strength of Our Beliefs
Scully struggles with her pregnancy, and Mulder's absence. PS


Next Year
Just some Scully missing some Mulder. BF W

Lynn B.

A quiet weekend in a small town turns out to be anything but.

Lynn K.

Asking A Favor
Scully asks Mulder to do her a BIG favor. E

Lynn Saunders

Everything and Nothing
I ask for nothing. BF W


I'll Be Home For A Blue Christmas
Mulder and Scully separately reflect on their Christmas Eve spent apart. BF W