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D is For Doggett by Kristi
Luke learns his ABCs. KF L

D'imaginer by Susan
It's funny how my mind works. W KF

Daddy by Angela W * note: when prompted the password is "avalanche"
A brief glimpse into Mulder's thoughts. BF

Daddy by Grey Woman
Scully's life with her child and husband. KF SDR/TWC SoM

Daddy Made Me Do It, Mommy by Josie M.
Fox is at the hands of his abusive father again. PXF

Daddy's Girl by Starrlyte
Oh you just need to read :) It's a story about life, and about what it means [to Doggett] to be a daddy. PR T+ DR/TWC

Daddy's Gone A'Hunting by MeridyM & David Stoddard-Hunt
He is gone once again, and once again she is left to keep secrets, to keep going alone, unable to fully trust anyone. BF W

Daddy's Little Girl by Qaz
see title NNC

Daddy's Story by Lilxgirl (Abigail)
Years after 'The Truth,' Scully tells a story. KF NNC DP

Daisy Mae by Myriss
Friendship transcends any boundaries. W KF

Damaged Goods by Dawn
Mulder returns to work after the events of Amor Fati. His attempt to profile a brutal serial killer, however, reveals that he has not fully recovered. Unfortunately no one, including his doctor, seems to know why. BF

Damned Kid by Charleyne Hall
Scully discovers a child that has unexplainable growth problems and leaves Mulder in charge for about an hour. BF OCC

Dana's Desires 1 - Krycek by Nadia S
Scully discovers the truth about her pregnancy... PS

Dana's Desires 2 - Doggett by Nadia S
Doggett demands the truth...PS

Dana's Desires 3 - Skinner by Nadia S
Walter Skinner makes his move...PS

Dana's Dreamland by Empress Vader
Scully's dreams attempt to speak to her, but will she listen? BF/KF NCC AD

The Dance by DM
Ever wonder exactly *what* happened at Scully's Lamaze class? PS

Dance Without Sleeping by Fiona MacDonald
A young girl with unusual power. TF

Dancing in the Rain by DC Luder
Scully says goodbye to Mulder. KF NCC

Dancing In The Shadows by Mort
How do you tell the truth from the lies, when the truth is the biggest lie of all? KF W YR

Dandelions For Luck by Jaime Lyn
When you tell someone you love them, and they're not there to hear it, what is left? BF NNC

Dandelions on the Wind by Jaime Lyn
What happened to the woman in the picture on Fox Mulder's mantle? Will he be able to find the strength to tell the story? NNC

Daniel/The Couch series by Macspooky and Ten
How can a simple couch be the catalyst for a family? Easily =) BF NNC MS/TWC

Daniel Skinner by Pattie
Scully meets Skinner's teenage son while going for printer paper at the Hoover. TF NCC

The Dangerous Side Effects of Body Switching by Jeri
Title says it all. MoD

The Dare by Neoxphile
A Halloween story fromThe Only Broken Universe. William's younger brothers run into the unexpected Halloween night, 2016. W KF-TF NCC W+S

Dark Memories by Jeanyus
Mulder and Scully investigate seemingly "routine" serial kidnappings. KF

Dark Seed by Bugs
The remaining members of the Consortium have a new, desperate plan. Mulder and Scully are at the center of these machinations, and they struggle to deal with the intimate relationship that results. PS BF NNC

Dark Walks by Sara Laipis
An answer to the Halloween ghost challenge.

A Darker Fairy Tale by Maidenjedi
In which the alternative dances before John Byers' eyes. BF W

Darkness Ascending by Hillary
It's a post colonization story!~Lots of new and original characters with reoccurring favorites! All the goodies you'd expect out of a tale of the worlds demise, complete with thrills, chills, and death-defying plot twists. OE

Darkness Returns by Sara B
Diana Fowley returns to putrefy Mulder and Scully's lives. Scully's pregnant and sees Mulder with Diana in a cozy setting. PS

Darkness Travels by Cerulean1
Worlds collide when William finds out where his Daddy is. Set ten years in the future, William knows only a little about his father having seen him only has an infant and in pictures. W KF

Daughter by Ducky's Dream
Mulder and Scully discover a girl. A girl with black blood and a heart of pure gold. OE PS BF-KF W W+S

Daughter of Mine by bellefleur
"Mulder, you're old enough to be her father."
"I am her father." TF MoD

David by Gerry Hill
part one part two Mulder finds that his relationship to a victim of a serial killer is closer than normal. MoD

A Day At Six Flags by kimo-sabe

Day Becomes Night Day Becomes Night by Jamie Tanquary
Years after Scully's death, Mulder sees a familiar figure, holding the hand of a small child. PS BF/KF NCC

A Day In The Life by Goddess Michele
Mulder gets more than one surprise at Christmas. BF NCC OE m/m slash

A Day in The Life - the complete series by Girlie_girl7
Days in the life of Mulder, Scully and their children BF KF MS/TWC W W+S

A Day In The Life of Dana by Geri H
A day in the life of a married, pregnant Dana Mulder. PS NCC

A Day in the Life of a Househusband by B.F. Simon
Unemployed UFO supersleuth Fox Mulder faces a new peril: trying to keep house while staying one step ahead of his mischievous young son. BF W

Day of Magic by Jacquie LaVa
kay, I just couldn't do it! I could not do sad Even though the finale was overall a sad thing... I couldn't do it So I ended up putting my own little twist on the ep. PS BF W

Day at the Zoo by Alaina
Dana Scully's face broke into a bright smile and she dropped to one knee to gather niece and nephews into a warm hug. "Hi, kiddos." KF YR

Daybreak 1. Dusk by Annie Jennings and Jennifer Frye
Agents Mulder and Scully discover the truth about what happened to Scully during her abduction - and what they discover will change both of their lives forever. OE NCC

Daybreak 2. Night by Annie Jennings
A year has passed since Agents Mulder and Scully lost their child, and all searches for him have been fruitless. Now, just before hope runs out, an anonymous E-mail from a mysterious young girl stirs unsettling memories, as well as unsettling emotions... OE NCC

Daybreak 3. Darkest Hour by Annie Jennings
As the dusk fell in a fire of violence, Agents Mulder and Scully fought to save their child. Then, in the dead of night, they illuminated the sky with their love. Now, in that dark, black hour just before dawn, they will embark on the most horrible journey yet - the search for the truth. OE NCC

Daylight is a Long Way Off by Rachel Wilder
The night before Mulder leaves. BF W

Days Between by Kel
Are you sick of post-Requiem stories? Oh, come on, just one more. You've never seen Frohike and the boys more noble. PS

Days of William by Christine Leigh
hree birthdays have come and gone. Written for X-Files Drabbles Birthdays/Anniversaries Challenge.Waa

Dead Letter by Shoshana
cully discovers an unread treasure. TF W

The Dead Months by TCS1121
What did Scully do for those three months? PS

Dead Fish by Rachel Wilder
Another death makes it hard for Scully to move on. PS

The Dead Will Follow You by trycee
Mulder and Scully investigate a ghost of a little girl that kills but Scully runs into Ethan. KF

Dear Emily by Pandoras Kiss
A letter never to be read.

Dear Fox by Chameleonn
Samantha keeps a diary PXF S

Dear Mom and Dad... by Steph
12-year-old William writes a letter to his mom and dad. KF W

Dear Samantha by Erin Blair
Young Mulder reflects on losing Samantha. PXF

Death's Door is Standing Wide Open by SkepticalScully
As the birth of Scully's baby approaches, new horrors grow near. Scully's cancer returns, and with the threat against Scully's baby, there's only so much time...PS W BF

Debrouiller by Tess
Coping. BF

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate by Donnilee
Desperate times bring old friends and old enemies together as they search for a solution to save the world from super soldiers. W OE

December by FoxLvDana
Mulder and Scully try their best to cope with the discovery of Emily.

December 23rd by AnniePants
So, the world ends...What happens next? The heroes of The X-Files face the end of days. W W+S NCC gWb!

December 25, 1998 by Dance S.
Scully reflects on the first anniversary of the news that she is a mother.

Decisions and Consequences by xphilernj
The consequences of our decisions determine our future. BF W

Deck the Halls by Emerald Starburst
In this AU, Fox and Mike are legally married (through a truly bizarre set of circumstances) and have a baby. The happy couple are about to celebrate their first Yuletide as a family. BF

Deconstruction by Entil'zha
Mulder, sometime after Requiem. KF NCC T+

Deduction Seduction by Nadia S.
Doggett reads Krycek's file...PS

Deep Breath by Catherine M.
A post Requiem fic written in September 2000 long before the 8th season premiered. Predicts the events surrounding Mulder's return and Scully's baby when there was still a shred of hope that the child was conceived the old fashioned, fun way with Mulder and Scully doing the naked pretzel. PS BF NCC

Deep Breathing by Scully221
Scully goes to The Lone Gunmen for help in discovering the nature of her pregnancy, now that Mulder is missing. PS

Deep Breathing: 02. The Prodigal by Scully221
Scully begins her search for Mulder with assistance from Krycek. PS

The Deep Untangling by Rae Lynn
"Thus far, Mulder and his son have at least one thing in common: For several months this past year, they both slept like the dead." BF W

The Defender by Elizabeth L. Iacono
'Men will fight bravely and be heroes, but for a last ditch defense against any odds, get a mother.' W KF

Defenders by barnes
Scully stared at her incredulously. "Someone's planning on kidnapping you and you're calm? " TF

A Deficit Disorder of Heart by Dryad
There was a side to Dana he had never seen, that she had never shown him, for her own unfathomable reasons. That feminine mystique which had driven him first mad with lust, then with desire, and finally with love. But now he wondered what it was she had been hiding, whether or not he knew her, had ever known her. YR

Defining the Darkness by Belle
Mulder can no longer hide from the trauma of his abduction, testing the strength of his ability trust.

Defining Happily Ever After sequel. BF W

Defining Happily Ever After by Belle
Facing a future sometimes means facing a past. BF W

Deliverance From Evil by Jacquie LaVa and Tess

Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their commitment to each other. T+ NNC

Delivering the News by Becka F
Did you ever wonder about the nurse who told Scully she was pregnant? PS

Delivery by Katriena Knights
"You gotta push, Dana!" PS

Delivery at the Corner of Dupont and Connecticut by Rachel Wilder
Scully's life has turned into a soap opera and it's not getting better now that the baby is on the way. PS

Democrat Hot Springs by Donna
A different ending to Essence/Existence. PS BF W

Descolourer by Susan
He could see her trying to make sense of what he'd just told her, and he had to look away, had to keep his fears hidden from her. W KF

Desperate Measures by RPcrazy and Desertrats
Doggett and Reyes were on the run, fearing for their lives. PR DR/TWC

Destination: The Stars by Becka F.
My name is Captain Dana Scully, and I will be taking you on your journey to the stars this evening. BF W

Destination: Truth by Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi
What happened to Monica and John after the end of "The Truth"? Did they meet up with some old friends? Either way, they go on a journey with an outcome that neither of them could have ever expected. PS PR PO W DRR/MWC gWb

Destiny by Donna
If it's meant to be... NCC BF MS/MWC

Deliverance by VivianD
Missing scene(s) from 'Existence'. BF W

Deliverance From Evil by Jacquie LaVa and Tess

Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their commitment to each other. ScC NCC T+ BF KF

The Devil's Due by Quim
Mulder and Scully uncover the connection between a series of children abductions and a satanic cult. M&S investigate the murder of a teenage girl, in connection with the disappearance of babies. TF BF

Devine Intervention by SkepticalScully
sequel to Death's Door is Standing Wide Open. The plot line thickens for Scully and Mulder as they search for the truth and fight for their child. BF W

The Devotion Series by Sarah, Sophia, Quetzel, and Lady X
When Scully's boyfriend abandons her when they find out she's pregnant, Mulder steps up. SoM PS BF NCC

Diablita by Mariann
The youngest Spender child is born into the center of the conspiracy. PXF S BF-KF

Diablita II by Mariann
The summer of 1979 marks the destruction of the Spender family. PXF S KF-TF

Diamonds are Forever by Ishmael
What if Fellig (Tithonus) was right? What if Scully could never die, unless she took someone else's place? GK Adopt

didn't leave nobody but the baby by Jennifer-Oksan
A pitch black post-requiem outcome.

Deity by Sonja Blue
Mulder is thrust into a new world and finds himself very much changed. Let the epic begin... PO

Die Anworten by Opal
Mulder has a limited chance to explain himself. BF NCC

The Different Kinds series by XSketch
Beginning with a Christmas story, Mulder, Scully and William experience a different kind of life. BF-KF W gWb! W+S PS NCC

A Different Path by PamalaSt
Mulder and Scully, plus fifteen years, down a different path. TF NNC S!C

Dinner With Doggett by Nadia S.
Doggett dines with Scully. PS

Displaced by shawntaw
Mulder's back from the dead. This changes not only the big things in life, but some of the small, mundane details as well... PS

The Discovery Series by Erin Blair
Mulder and Scully come to terms with their feelings and eventually have a family. MS/TWC NNC PS T+

Disquisitiones Arithmeticae: Projection by Eve11
In projective space, even parallel lines meet at a single point. A family trip has unforseen consequences. KF OE

The Dissident Hybrid Mother by Anna X
M&S investigate a rash of what appears to be suicide amongst teenage boys. PO

Distance Covered by Naina
The year after Mulder's death, Scully and Krycek discover that there are other children of hers out in the world...and not all of them are like Emily. OE SoM

Divido by Kinados
Could a six-year-old really commit murder? Ad

The Divine Mr. Jerry Whetmore by Myriss
A man appears from Scully's past. BF W

Do Believe by Debunker77
Mulder's gone. Scully's pregnant and reading Moby Dick. PS

Do Or Don't by Gothic Spook
X Files Goes Big Brother! sequel. Will everything go smoothly at John and Monica's wedding after what happened in the Big Brother Law Enforcement Special-

Do You Believe in Angels, Mom? by Starbuck
A young William poses a question to his mother. KF W

Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles? by Traci
In a frenzy to finish shopping before leaving for Mexico,Monica befriends a young girl and she and John learn to appreciatewhat they have a lot more...

Do You Dream of Me? by Virtie
Scully has a dream while Mulder's away. BF W

Doctor, Copper, Sailor, Corpse by Scarlet Baldy
This little piggy rots in his coffin, this little piggy is showing, this little piggy is a good partner, this little piggy is hovering, and all the little Hoover piggies are snickering all the way home. PS

Dogged Determination series by Rhondda Lake
The Dog Scully takes in is much more than it seems. Some people are willing to kill for it, prompting Mulder, Scully and a very special Dog to go on the run. MoD

Doggett's Babysitting Evening by doggettandScully
Doggett offers to babysit William whilst Scully goes out, what could go wrong? BF W

Doggett's Investigation by Nadia S
Doggett doesn't believe Scully's "in-vitro" story. PS

Doggett's Report by Nadia S
Domestication, Dilemmas and Diapers by Ann K
Mulder adjusts to life as a father, with Scully as a domestic supervisor. BF

Domestic Inclinations by Gwinne
IVF fic. PS

Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight by Keleka
It's songfic, but the perfect song for Skinner and Scully.

Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight II by Keleka
Scully tries to save what she has with Skinner from the specter of Mulder's ghost. NCC

Don't Give Up by Helle
Scully gets a phone call from the woman who adopted William. KF W gWb!

Don't Give Up by Kyouryoku Senshi
IWTB spoiler. This is a one shot scene fill in between the time Mulder gets in his car accident and Scully demands help to find Mulder and the when she and Skinner arrive on the scene. PS

Don't Give Up On Me by Kyouryoku Senshi
Written for the Season Eight Missing Scenes Challenge Pack: Deadalive. PS

Don't Go by Ally
How will Mulder ever say goodbye? BF W

Don't Go Away by Cathey Scully
You can be what you wanna be, but don't go away. (sequel to Everlasting) NCC BF/KF W W+S

Don't Go Down There by D Agnew
Mulder and Scully investigate a house where it's Halloween year round, and Scully reveals a secret she's been hiding for years. K

Doom Child: Nature Vs Nurture by Neoxphile
Mulder returns with an unusual infant. When Scully is reluctant to get back together with him because of this, he takes drastic measures. BF W AD

Doom Child: II When She Was Bad by Neoxphile and Raesharra
In this second and final fic, a horrifying playground incident at Will and Evie's school leaves Mulder questioning his adopted daughter's humanity. KF W AD W+S

Doppler Effect by N.Y. Smith
The agents search for an arsonist as well as the strength to deal with life's challenges. BF NCC

Dormito by starfleetofficer1
Mulder and Scully end up trapped in an intriguing and absurd 'dream world' while investigating the origins of the books Jumanji and Zathura.

Down by the Old Mill by Lexie
Mulder and Scully investigate what seems like a runaway case. What they discover is a far greater mystery than they imagined. KF

Down on Bended Knees by mkai
Post-ep Existence. BF W

Downtime by Bonnie Drew
After eleven years of marriage, things are stale. Two kids, two careers and the pressure of aging in front of their Immortal friends. Can some downtime save the Skinners' marriage? KF NCC

Down Will Come Baby by DM and Dana Perrin
Teething woes, hospital visits and snuggling... what more can you ask for? BF W

Dr. Fox Mulder by Rosemary
A short story taking place a year and a half after "Existence," showing Mulder in a new line of work - and making quite an impression. BF W

The Dragon's Tail by Sita
Monica tells her daughter, Reina, a bedtime story that just happens to have a witch, a dragon, a dark forest, and occurs on Halloween. (sequel to Holiday Party) KF DR/MwC PR

Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms
A good man is not defeated by temptation. Can he be defeated by despair? BF W L DSR/TWC

Dream by Emily Miller
Did Mulder dream a comfort? Was it an angel? Or Samantha? PXF

The Dream by Lexie B.
Scully has a dream about the future.

The Dream Series by Dream Cole
Scully and Mulder get the shock of their lives when they discover she's not infertile. PS BF NCC

The Dream series by Vickie Moseley
Hospitalization and family-building. BF NCC

Dream Catcher by Kirsten Kerkhof
Scully finally finds time to talk to a mysterious little boy she's seen sitting in the streets of Washington DC. It turns out he has a story of his own to tell... KF

Dream Energy by xfilesqueen
A father's discovery. PS

Dream a Little Dream by Babos
A white haired creature pesters M&S. BF NCC

A Dream of Thaw by M. Sebasky

Dreams Come True by Ruth
When Scully is taken ill at a family party it has serious repercussions on the rest of their lives. PS

Dreams Come True 02 by Ruth
Telling the family. PS

Dreams Come True 03 by Ruth
Scully is taken ill again which leads to some serious Mulder angst. Oh and Skinner finds out! PS

Dreams Come True 04 by Ruth
Scully gets the shock of her life when she goes to tell her mother the good news, but it all works out in the end. PS

Dreams of Flight by Marlen
It wasn't supposed to be like this. W KF

Dream of Me by Rev. Anna
Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that pique CSM's interest. KF YR

Dream Watcher by Kirsten Kerkhof
More or less a sequel to Dream Catcher. Scully has given Mulder a Dream Catcher and that night he has a very strange dream...

Dreamcatcher by Vickie Moseley
Mulder and Scully, still on the lam with William in tow, stumble onto an ancient Native American legend in the badlands of South Dakota. W

The Dreaming Sea by Revely
The third time Andy saw the savage was the week before Halloween. KF

Drive, Mulder by Gillian
Mulder and Scully head for New Mexico after learning more about what would trigger the events of December 22, 2012. Waa

Driving to Montauk by Scifinerdgrl
Doggett remembers an unusual conversation with his son, Luke. KF L

Duplicity by Archangel
Scully's son is born and the pair make a getaway. KF NCC

Duty by Menagerie
There but for the grace of God... BF W


Ear2hevn and Puppygrrl Sav the WorldWIP by Scifinerdgrl
In 2012 a doomed earth gets help from the most unlikeliest of places... KF W WaF DR/TWC

Earthbound Voyager by Elizabeth L. Iacono
If Scully's child isn't the one that the aliens are after, that means that there is still a child out there that they want... BF OcC

East Side of Eden by conspiracy
"...always, like an elephant that would not leave center stage, her focus would travel back to this one word, this single syllable. Every time it came to her it instilled yet another violent pang of fear deep in her gut. The name fell on her like an omen foretelling the fate of her child. Only she could not decipher that fate. All she could do was worry over the possibilities of its meaning...Cain" PS NCC BF-TF

Easter Egg Proposal by andreakayy
William is four years old and Mulder plays the role of 'Daddy' to him, even though him and Scully are not actually married. But will this Easter change all that? W KF

Easter Tidings by LostinOblivion
It's Easter Sunday, Scully's with her family, and an unexpected visitor shows up at Mrs. Scully's door.

Eat Me, Drink Me by Maidenjedi
The waterglass said "Drink Me" and the mushroom said "Eat Me". PS

Eating Leaves by Elizabeth L. Iacono
Two years later, and all's well. BF W

Eavesdropping by flynn
During a meeting with Scully, the burly surly one muses on a few things: Kersh... Doggett... how Scully had gotten pregnant. PS

Eclipse by Diana Battis and alanna
The subtext of shadows. PS

Edana-Blake by Eileen Whipple
a little "what if?" from after "One Breath". PS

Eden's Reprise by Deslea R Judd
An outraged Mulder confronts Scully and Skinner on their complicity in the shutting down of the X Files. Why did they betray him? It's a story that goes all the way back to 1991...PS SoM

Eden's Reprise II (wip) by Deslea R Judd
Scully's tour of duty in the Gulf with Skinner was only the beginning of an enduring love - and intrigue...

Edge of Field by lisby
"I was...curious about my Secret Admirer. Someone was taking fine care of me and I needed to know who and why." NNC

Effloresco by Wing
Mulder and Scully take personal leave to join paranormal researchers in St. Augustine, Florida. The trip turns out to be very meaningful for both of them, and an especially spiritual experience for Scully. BF W

The Egg of the Phoenix by Keladry
A year and a half after the events of Requiem, Scully reflects on how much she's changed, and wonders just how much she wants to stay the same. BF

Egg-stravaganza by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
How do you go from dyeing eggs to humping like bunnies? BF W

Eggnog by Fatcat
What if the IVF had worked? How do you think our two heroes would have handled the pregnancy? BF W

Eines Tages by Revilo Witts
Just an average day in the post colonization future. KF NCC

El Hijo by Seulement Moi
They've come for me. KF W

El Hijo II by Seulement Moi
Some say I must be destroyed, that I hold the key to humans' survival. But others want to keep me, and I don't understand why. KF W

Elephant In The Room by Circe Invidiosa
An evening watching the baby. W BF

Eleventh Hour by Rachel Anton
Some feeling defy the confines of time. TF PXF

Elisabeth de Ma Jeunesse by Drax
Young Deep Throat discovers something unusual in the woods. PXF

Elmo by Catwoman
Scully calls Mulder in a fit of indecision, again, and loses her nerve, again. But this time, Mulder's not letting her off the hook. E

Eloin by Annette Gisby
The voices faded until there was only the sound of her heartbeat to keep her company. A sob erupted somewhere nearby. "Dana, you've got to wake up! You don't know what they'll do to you if they ever find out who you are." PS

Elysian Fields by Amy Schatz
It is the year 2000 and Mulder gets a call from Scully, whom he hasn't seen it three years. She has some important news to tell him. PS NCC

Elyssa by Mandi Krueger
Mulder and Scully's daughter growing up. KF NCC

The Emasculation of Fox Mulder by Alelou
Mulder copes with fatherhood, unemployment, post-death trauma, the weight of his mother's engagement ring, and destiny. Scully copes with Mulder. BF W

Embers by Jamie Taylor
Scully adopts Emily and her brother. OE E

Embroynic by Sharon Harkins-Murphy
Samantha returns with help from a surprising source.

Eminent Domain by Christine L
Fox and Dana welcome their first child into the world... NCC BF

Emily by Celtic karate
Two children's quest to find their parents. W E gWb! W+S

Emily by Jack10
A h/c story involving the Emily series. (Yeah, I know it's late;)

Emily by mulder_its_me
If Emily lived and how things would be. KF E

Emily by Paige T.
Mulder, Scully and a one-year-old. YR

Emily and William by Trycee
"Scully, you had to do what you did. They would've killed him. They kept trying to kill him. They hurt you and your mom. What else could you have done? " Waa

Emily Returns I-IV by Jessica Hildbold
Emily is returned to Mulder years after both he and Scully leave the X-Files and each other. What changes are in store for the three of them? E RoTDC OE S!C

Emily's Family 1,Emily's Family 2,Emily's Family 3 by Donna
Emily lives. E

The Emilys by Rocketman
When the Emily project turns into the Eves, things happen. KF E OE

Empathy by Kyouryoku Senshi
"There's something I need to ask you, Agent Doggett. Why were you so determined to find Mulder? " PS

Empty by Sara B
Mulder's returned but he's so cold and removed that Scully doubts her place in his life. Is it over for them? PS BF W

The Empty Chair by Sara B
Mulder and Scully are married but is Mulder cheating on her- What is Scully going to do? KF W

Empty Graves by Kathleen A
Post-Requiem, we'll see what happens from there! PS

En L'aire by Branwell
It's been months since that night in Montana. YR PS

End by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Mulder and Scully have been leading normal lives now that they are back home and safe, but exactly how safe are they? And is the life of their returned son at risk? KF W

The End by Emily Miller
Mulder and Scully talk after Scully finds out Emily's her daughter. KF E

The End Is Near...and Purple by Neoxphile
An alternative ending to the X-Files, in place of Jump The Shark through The Truth. Something stalks people involved with The X-Files

The End is Where We Start From by Isabelle A
The battle is over, but the fight continues. TF W NCC gWb!

End of the Beginning by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Takes place a few days after 'the truth. what I think happened after they headed for Canada.TF

End of the Road by KS
2nd Installment to "February 23rd, 2018". Scully and Mulder are reunited with their son in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Takes place about 2 months after Ghouli. PS KF W

The End of Summer by Christine Leigh
Post-season nine. William POV. KF W

End The Struggle by agent myers
I look up at the clock. Three minutes apart. Jesus, I'm in labor. All this time, and labor seemed like something that would never happen, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it has. PS BF SDR/TWC

The Ender Series I: Halting Ground by Max
The Lone Gunmen are reunited with a young hacker they cared for 8 years before. KF

The Ender Series II: Branch to Fishkill by Max
A five-year-old hiding from the government because of her father's work is placed into the care of the Lone Gunmen. KF

Endless Snow by Amy H
Scully and Doggett go through Christmas without Mulder. PS

The Enemy Within by Romantique
Mulder becomes involved in a Senate anthrax scare. Agents Doggett and Reyes and Mrs. Scully are on board for this story. BF W

Enter Mulder by Cinnamon Scully
Agent Mulder arrives to find the changes in the office and life. Aliens are still abducting. Mulder tries to avoid being abducted again himself.PS G

Entering Her Heart by Humbuggie
Scully has some thinking to do. But will she allow Mulder to finally enter her heart? BF W

Entertaining Angels by JadedX
Pure fluff. A fair warning the fate of the X-Files is only mentioned in one tiny segment, so this story is just an introduction to the Mulder family, they have wed and bred. NCC KF

Entertaining Angels Unaware by Traci
Monica and John find something a bit more magical about Halloween thanks to her young neighbor. KF

Entries by bluefroggie
"My Dad went away again. He left early in the morning before I was woken up." KF W

Entropy I: If Only To Prevail by Maraschino
Mulder and Scully are drawn back into the Consortium's fingers when the events of Tunguska/Terma and One Breath/Momento Mori come back to haunt them. KF

Entrusted with the Care of an Angel by Pearl
Existence missing scene. BF W

Epiphany by MaybeAmanda
Scully and Mulder do Christmas with their infant son, and try to figure out where they stand with one another. BF NCC

Equanimity by LuvTheBeez
Mulder's sudden return coincides with the start of colonization. Was he sent home for a reason? PS

Equinox by Mystic
Sequel to "Jessica" and "Leaders of the Colonies." TF NCC PO BF

The Eric Series by Spookyteacher

  • Am I Not To Be Trusted? Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious oil spill on the Gulf Coast. Then, a mysterious child enters the picture... KF OE
  • Best Laid Plans While investigating unexplained deaths of several women in Ohio, Mulder and Scully are lured away to investigate the reappearance of a certain red-haired toddler. This investigation takes it toll on the agents as the situation becomes personal. KF OE
  • Symbiosis Completion of the trilogy that started with "Am I Not to be Trusted? " and continued with "Best Laid Plans." KF OE
Erlenmeyer Injustice by Pattie
There's another chunk of guilt upon Mulder's shoulders. Telling Scully of this would break her heart.

The Erin Series by RaEnright
These stories feature Mulder's teenage cousin, Erin. TF YR

Ersatz Matriarch by Jerri
Having been in a secret relationship for almost a year, Mulder and Scully decide to make a drastic move, but also devise a way to keep it a secret... NCC BF T+

Ersatz Promises by Susanne Barringer and Suzanne Schramm
Ersatz - an artificial and usually inferior substitute or imitation. PS SoM

Espoir by Anne Dorton
After the events of "The Truth" Scully and Mulder are separated again. In two different countries they join a resistance fight against colonization, each for their own separate reasons. Waa

The Essence of Existence by Agent_C_AL JMF

Etiolate by alanna
"Etiolate: To make weak by stunting the growth or development of." PS

Eugenic Injustice by Pattie
Mulder finally reveals the last secret he's been keeping from Scully. (sequel to Cloned Injustice)

Eve of The Half Moon by Mischa
Each candle represented a life, evaporating into time. BF W

Even In His Youth by Brian Olson
Eventually things all add up... PXF TF

Evening by little Starbuck*
Ten years later... W KF

Everlasting by Cathey Scully
Friendship cannot be defined by time, or age, it is defined by souls who form bonds. Ad NCC KF BF W W+S

Everlasting Miracle by DScully141
Mulder is found, and a little miracle is on its way. BF-KF NCC Ad

Everliving by Trustyone
Mulder and Scully are together, have a child and the perfect life after the X Files. But it all falls apart. NCC KF

Every Beginning Has Its End by Holden Caulfield
A look at the events from "The End" to "The Beginning" from Gibson Praise's point of view. G

Every Man Has His Price by Brandon D. Ray
A father watches his daughter at play. NCC

Every Story Has Its Scars: 01. Five Wishes by firstofoctober
Set after My Struggle II. "Besides, Scully. I knew you'd save me. You always do."
"No. I didn't." KF W gWb!

Every Story Has Its Scars: 02. Pulling the Thread by firstofoctober
Set after My Struggle II. The few times Scully let herself dream about seeing William again, Mulder was always there with her. He wasn't supposed to be dying in a hospital bed across the country without her while she had to ask the biggest favor from the child she gave away over a decade ago. KF W gWb!

Every Story Has Its Scars: 03. Fifteen This Year by firstofoctober
Set after My Struggle II. "Will, did I ever tell you that your mom and I played baseball on our first date- " KF W gWb!

Every Single Day by Angela CJ W.
"Do you still miss her? " I ask, even though I already know the answer to my own question. "Every single day." Dp W KF

Every Step 1: Just You by JayJay
Scully finds herself in a major problem and turns to her partner and best friend for help. And he's with her every step of the way. PS

Every Step 2: More Than I Could Ask For I by JayJay
See Every Step 1: Just you KF NCC

Every Step 2: More Than I Could Ask For II by JayJay
Scully thinks about the last six years of her life. KF NCC

the Everything series by Eral C
Picks up at Existence BF W W+S

Everything and Nothing by Lynn Saunders
I ask for nothing. BF W

Everything in Its Place by Joelyjo
Scully is determined that the new baby will be born at home. Will it be peace and calm and everything in its place? Or will it be drama-filled all over again? PS

Everything Sacred by MissAnnThropic
Mulder, Scully, and William on the run after the alien invasion has taken place. BF W

Everything That Really Matters by Dyann Zimmerman
The passage of time has a way of making everything all right. KF W

Everything They Ever Needed to Know by Pattie
This is the moment before Mulder leaves to find The Truth. BF W

Everything's Changed by Leonora O'Reilly
Post Episode: Mulder and Scully wonder what the future holds. BF W

Everything's the Key by Rachel Wilder
Hey, somebody had to be the "key to everything." BF W

Evil, My Way by stellar_dust
Spike meets a frightened little girl during his flight from Sunnydale.

Evolution by Mark Overton
A telepathic distress call concerns the Tomorrow People, but first they must deal with one of their number who is drugged, held in a hospital, and questioned by Mulder and Scully. TF CX

Exeland by Mystic
Mulder and Scully travel to Wisconsin to investigate what appears to be an alien abduction. Once they arrive, however, they begin to realize that things are not what they seem... KF

Exemption by Samantha L. Caldwell
A connection is made... (sequel to "Routine"). BF W

Existence by spookyluv_17
I heard Agent Reyes call my name and say that Agent Scully needed to go to the hospital. Panic raced through my mind...where was the baby? Why didn't she mention the baby? BF W

Existence Missing Scene by Katie Phillips
What happens after Mulder arrives on the scene. BF W

Existessence by WildwingSuz
A more realistic (IMHO) rewrite of the season 8 episodes "Essence" and "Existence". PS BF W

Exit by Alcott
How I would have ended Season 8. BF NCC

Expectations by Angela W.
Two women both suspect they might be pregnant. PS

An Explanation by Gibber
One of many possible explanations to how Scully gets pregnant. PS

Explanations by Angela W.
Scully explains exactly how she got pregnant. PS

Eyes and Ears by Clarice89
Scully regrets her actions in Boston. PS

Eyes of A Child by Lovesfox
Mulder is returned, but with a difference. How will Scully help him find himself again? PS BF W


F.M.M. (Fox Madison Mulder) by Princess Liz
Is Mulder finding his sister? No, I'm not talking about Samantha... TF

Faces of the Future
Dana Scully draws a picture. PXF

Faces of the Future II
Faces of the Future will give you an idea of what's to come.. PXF

Facing Destiny by Kyouryoku Senshi
When Mulder comes back to life, there is some parts he has to deal with and understand.

Fade by Ann K
Mulder never returns after his disappearance in "Requiem," leaving Scully alone and a single mother. Years later, fate conspires to bring Scully back to the man she has never forgotten. Can she accept the truth she finds? KF W

Fade To Midnight by TexxasRose
It's been ten years. The Mulder family is happy. You just knew it couldn't last...sequel to Ahead of Twilight. KF NCC

Fairy Story by Mike
A Medieval Romance and a Roman-a-Clef. KF

Fairytales for William by Jade Hawthorne
a bedtime story. BF W

Faith I: The Substance of Things Hoped For by Dawn
"Even an agnostic like me can believe in second chances, Scully. To atone for our mistakes. To get it right." Waa PS

Faith II: Reservations for Two by Dawn
"Parenting is a learned behavior, Scully. Where does that leave me? " Waa PS

Faith Series by Daydreamer
A plea for help from an old friend drags Skinner into the heart of a modern day conspiracy. TF

Faith by DKNYScully
t is a cold January morning, two weeks before Scully's baby is due. BF NCC

Faith by kcstories
Scully has to go on believing that one day he'll return to them. BF W

Faith by T. Griffen
Scully thinking about life. PS BF

Falling by Angela CJ W. and FredaX
One night. Mulder. Scully. Their son. Together. BF W

Falling For the First Time by Barenaked Bostonian
After the baby, things settle down to what they should be. BF W

Falling to the Future by DScully141
Tragedy strikes as Scully finds herself dealing with the unthinkable. A shooting at a local daycare hits home and a madman threatens to rip away her family. Memories haunt her as she finds herself falling to the future. BF/KF NCC

Falling Upwards by Kate Rickman
There are many doors in life. Going through some is easy; getting through others takes more courage. BF W

False Visions by Marlen
Is he real? PS

Familial Connections by Donna
Spending time with her family - on purpose-

Familial Survivors by Jacquie LaVa
'He's been a fighter and a lover...' (Sequel to Living on Love) W BF

Family by Donnapart 1part 2part 3** Part 4.
When another family member is killed who's to blame this time-

Family by Kalynn
Mulder and Scully during Thanksgiving.

Family I - The Beginning by Kelly Mullins
Scully and Mulder bring their five-year-old twins to Disney after another roach case in Florida. KF NCC T+

Family II - Trials by Kelly Mullins
Mulder and Scully are married, now what? They have company over for dinner (and breakfast), people die and that's just the beginning of their trials. KF NCC T+

Family III - Changes by Kelly Mullins
Almost a year after Will and Mulder's deaths Scully and Kat celebrate Halloween with Skinner, Maggie, Krycek and Dr. Kelli Rosen. But who's the shadowy figure lurking in Scully's old house? KF NCC T+

A Family by Leokadia
Missing scenes from Emily. She couldn't believe it was over. She just found her four days ago. Her daughter, Emily. Her only chance for motherhood. E

The Family by Sandra W.
Scully contemplates the consequences of losing Emily. OE

Family Affair by A. Tearz
It was that time again, the annual family New Year's Eve party...KF

A Family Affair by Deslea R. Judd
"Do come in," Morticia said. "Mind the booby-traps." Alex and Marita looked at one another and shared a moment of understanding. Clearly, their neighbors were their kind of people. NCC CX

Family Business Series I: The Looking Glass Wars by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
No longer FBI agents, Mulder and Scully have married, are raising seven-year-old William, and have a parnormal investigation business. KF W

Family Business Series II: Appearances by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
A murder from long ago cries out for justice. KF W

Family Business III: Catnipped by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
Mulder and Scully are called in to consult on a case in which murder victims have been mauled by a wild animal, yet no one has seen such a thing in the area of the murders. KF, W

Family Business Series IV: Children of Sedna by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
Mulder and Scully, along with William, investigate the strange disappearances of some hunters in Alaska. KF W

A Family Christmas by Laurel
The boys celebrate Christmas at the Scully house. BF W

Family Files series by Wildafox
My own personal little universe where Mulder and Scully are happily married and raising their son. My first story was written in this universe and I revisit it often. In this world, Mulder is teaching Psychology and Scully is still working for the FBI. She is an instructor at Quantico. John Doggett and Monica Reyes are running the X-Files under AD Skinner 's supervision. The Lone Gunmen are still alive too. So this is an happy little world full of love and friendship. The normal family they dreamed of. BF KF W W+S

Family series by Devin

  • Family Matters
    Mulder doesn't get abducted and a certain little girl shows up on Scully's doorstep. PS E W RODC
  • Balance
    It's their first Christmas together. Why isn't everyone happy? E W L RODC
  • Daycare
    Emily's first day at daycare. E W L RODC
  • Gum and Note Passing
    William and Emily both get a little taste of romance. E W L RODC W+S
  • Sweet Sixteen
    You only turn sixteen once. W L E RODC W+S

The Family series by Jo Ann Medrano
First comes love, then comes marriage, then... MS/MWC

The Family G-Man by FelineFemme and Neoxphile
What if Mulder could go back and change things, save the son one lost and give the other the family she wanted - Could it keep them safe? MS/TWC BF KF NNC L DoD

The Family G-Man: One Fine Summer by FelineFemme and Neoxphile
Three weeks in the lives of Mulder, Scully, and their extended families during the summer of 2004. MS/TWC BF KF NCC L DoD E T+

The Family G-Man: Confessions and Connections by FelineFemme and Neoxphile
During the final month of winter in 2006 the past catches up to people in unexpected ways - an old friend brings a case to the X-Files, William's new playmate may be more than she seems, and Emily learns family secrets that leave her shaken. MS/TWC KF NCC L DoD E T+

The Family G-Man: I Want To Believe by FelineFemme and Neoxphile
In 2008, six years after leaving The X-Files for the hit show Jose Chung's The Truth Is Out There, Mulder is asked to help investigate the disappearance of two women, including FBI agent Monica Bannan. Scully has more pressing concerns at home, at least until Mulder's safety becomes paramount... KF BF W PS T+

The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity by Neoxphile and Felinefemme
During the summer and fall of 2008 in Mulder and Scully's family a new baby brings joy, but for Luke and Adrianna a new baby means stress, anxiety, and the sense that everything is falling apart. Meanwhile, Gibson's suspicions about young Alice finally come to a head. KF BF W PS T+WIP

Family Man by Pacquin
Set in the future; a companion piece toMonotone. Mulder's still clueless, but he's a family man now, and all that that entails. KF NNC MS/TWC

Family Portrait series by DanaKMulderScully

  • Family Portrait
    William's vision of his family is not what you might call conventional, when he does his first school assignment. "Due to his over active imagination, the rest of the kids at school think that he's...well, for lack of a better word, they call him Spooky." W KF
  • It's a Piller!
    Metabolism, zoology, life cycles, metamorphosis...Pillers. William learns a lesson on life. W KF
  • Mulder's Box
    It's Mulder's birthday, and when William reveals details about a mysterious box, how will this affect Mulder? W KD PS
  • The Birds, The Bees and The Sunflower Seeds
    Because the "stork" is way over rated. William asks the age old question and Mulder and Scully answer the only way the can. W KD PS

Family Ties by e.b.e.
My take on this most popular of themes: Paternity resolved. W BF

Family Ties by Mary
Badfic. Mulder finds his family is more extended than he ever imagined possible. BF

Family Ties by nikki
Unexpected news about Samantha threatens to change Mulder and Scully's lives. KF DP Ad

Family Ties II by nikki
More surprises in store for Mulder and Scully as they attempt to cope with the events of Family Ties. KF DP Ad

Family Ties by PhileMom
Scully sends her son to camp, and gets a surprise at the door. W

Family Vacation by Donna
Vacation, fine, but with her family-

Fantasty in X Major by Ophelia
A possible ending to the series, where everyone lives as happily ever afteras circumstances allow. BF NCC

Fast Food by Rotem Shahar
Just a little meeting in a fast food restaurant. PXF

Fast Food by Topsy
Mulder and Scully spend a quiet morning in bed with William. BF W

Fate by Diang Iu
Once upon a time, two families visited a museum... PXF KF

Fate's Will by ElleThom
May 20, 2006. W KF

Father and Son by Kelly Broughton
A young Walt Skinner makes a decision which has a profound effect on everyone around him. TF

Father Lucifer by Frohike51
Two people, not Mulder or Scully, discuss the purpose of William's conception. BF

Father of the Year by Weasel
A babysitting job goes horribly awry. Never trust Krycek when he says, "Just a couple of weeks." BF

Father and Son by Sara H
Mulder and Scully are trying to create a life together as well as continuing their own X-Files shortly after the birth of their child... BF W

Father to Son series by Susan
A series of conversations Mulder has with his eleven-year-old son William. KF W W+S

Fatherhood 2002 by Xanthe
It isn't easy being a sci-fi dad these days...

A Father's Confession by Spookycc
Post-ep for "Invocation." L

Father's Day by Bonnie Drew
FollowsPeaceful, Easy Feeling. Regina has some news to share with her husband. But who else is listening in? PO

Father's Day by Ursula
Krycek discovers a child born in a lab that has ties to him and Mulder both. m/m slash BF W

Father's Day II by Ursula
sequel to Father's Day. Mulder, Krycek, and their baby son Jacob learn to be a family. m/m slash BF W

A Father's Right by Langleigh
William's father comes to claim him. W WaF gWb!

A Favor for Scully by Scarlet Scully
Scully needs Mulder to help her save face with her friends. Fortunately, their plans get a little carried away. PS NCC T+

FBI Deliveryman by Pattie
What if it had been Mulder driving Scully to Democrat Hot Springs, and he ended up delivering the baby? He might have spotted the Game Warden's metallic vertebra earlier on, for one thing... PS BF W

Feathered By The Moonlight by Brie
"I've lived so much of my life in darkness. So much pain and regret. Then you came along and I saw the light." W PS W+S

Feathers by Bluesea
Thoughts, fears, hopes of a pregnant woman. PS

Feathers, Bones, and Shells by Dawn
She will not allow this loss to remain shrouded in mystery. She will not become Teena Mulder. Waa

February 23rd, 2018 by KS
Post ep Ghouli. After the events of finding their son, Mulder has a birthday surprise for Scully. PS

Female Bonding Series by Jeri
So Scully is friends with Reyes, eh- How'd *that* come about? BF W

The Female of the Species by Wylfcynne
What do you think Scully did after Mulder's funeral in DeadAlive- Do you think she went home and took her prenatal vitamins? Guess again... PS

Fevers of the Mind by Vickie Moseley
Between 'you' and Scully coming to Mulder's door in Amor Fati - a whole lot happened.

A Few Good Things Remain by KimK
"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortune, of which all men have some." -Charles Dickens- waa W PS

Fidelity by Suzanne Schramm
A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth. G

Fiducia e Verita by BlueRose
Mulder and Scully try to help an alien abductee. PS BF T+ NCC

Field of Dreams by Jess
A typical night at a familiar household, but is everything as it seems?

Fight For The Future by X_fairy
Through Cassandra, Scully finds a way to save Emily. E

Fight The Flu by AgentMulderFox
Mulder and Scully's happily ever after. Emily didn't die; William wasn't given away. Mulder is not an FBI target and Scully works in a hospital like on IWTB. What will happen when Mulder walks into the house to his sick family-

Fighting The Future by Kathleen Brown
Mulder and Scully's [cloned] progeny are the only hope for the future of the human race, in particular, one young clone named Andrew. NCC TF

File # 01 Side Story: Something Fishy Is Going On by Jazzy2May
There is a mystery that surrounds Mulder's fish. KF PXF

The Final Miracle series by DS (DeathStryke)

The Final Piece by Empress Vader
Dana's Dreamland sequel. Dana Scully has everything she could ever want in her two little angels, but something is still missing...him. BF KF AD

The Final Stand by Ashley
Seek and Ye Shall Find sequel. If William is humanity's last hope against alien invasion, how does an 11-year-old kid prevent an invasion when grownups have tried for half a decade and failed- And what are Mulder and Scully up to while in hiding? KF W PS

Final Truths by Lexy Torell and Psi Fi
A mysterious woman appears in Fox Mulder's life and he investigates to find out who she is. PO

Finally Home by Natalie Scully
When Mulder and Scully are happy awaiting the birth of their first baby, the baby decides to change the rules. PS BF

Find The Future by Mrs. Pepperpot
The date is set, but what does that mean for Mulder and Scully? Will they find their son, and can alien colonization be avoided? KF W

Find The Future by xphilernj and Fibbie
After all is said and done, can Mulder and Scully find the future they deserve? W KF

Find Me by Frohike51
People need Mulder at various points during his life. BF KF S

Finding the Gifts by Kathleen A
Post-Requiem, Scully leaves her Christmas shopping for the last minute. PS

Finding The Past by Bleachy-nii
What if Scully and Alex Krycek have a baby but it got taken away from them, now years later Alex finds it. It's up to Mulder and Scully to get her son back from Krycek. NCC KF

The Fine Art of Basketball by Kathy Foote
Mulder attempts to teach Matthew the fine art of basketball.

Finding Hope by Crazy Victoria
Six months. They'd been running though, as many would say later, the last thing they would do is run from anything in constant for six months. Two weary FBI Agents find the one thing they left behind after their flight from the law: family. BF W GwB

Finding The Lost by little Starbuck*
Possibilities for Season Nine. W BF

Finding My Way Back Home by Tanja
6 years after the X-Files have been closed, the Scully family is celebrating Christmas again, with a few surprises for a few people. MS/TWC

The Firebirds by Alien Girl
Mulder discovers a legend which could change the universe...and starts his journey home to Scully. NCC BF

The Firebirds II by Alien Girl
Scully's perspective on the events that lead up to her reunion with Mulder, and new revolutions... NC BF

The Firebirds III by Alien Girl
The final story of "The Firebirds" trilogy. Mulder, Scully and their child, along with the rest of the world, are plunged into the chaos that strikes when the Argothians invade...

First Born by diamondlife17
How far would you go to protect your child? PS BF NCC

First Born by Tanya Chang
Scully and Mulder investigate a string of murders and baby snatchings.

Firstborn by stellar_dust
Eight years later, her son is born. BF W

The First Christmas by Tess
Mulder and Scully take some time out to enjoy the holiday. PS

First Day Back by shanno
The last place Mulder ever expected to find himself was slumped against the wall of a Hoover Building stairwell...PS

The First Day of the Rest of our Lives by Miranda
Mulder and Scully go in search of William, and the truth. W GWb!

First Mulder Christmas by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Mulder and Scully's first Christmas back with William, after all that's what the holidays are about, miracles. W gWb! KF

First Mulder Easter by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
The Mulders spend Easter together and William learns a valuable lesson.W gWb! KF YR

First Night by Rachel Wilder
Mulder and Scully spend their first night at home with the baby. BF W

First Response by Gwinne
I bought it on a whim. PS

First Snow by aRcaDIaNFall$
It's snowing. BF W

First Steps by alanna

First Valentines by Donna
For the first time Mulder has two dates on Valentine's Day. E

Fish Listen - Together by Donna
Companion to Fish Listen - Mulder's POV and Fish Listen - Scully's POV He's alone. PS

Five by Christine Leigh
Will turns five. Tenth in a series of vignettes centering around Mulder and Will that may also be read as a stand-alone. W KF

Five Twinkies, an Alien Baby, and Chris Carter by mysterygirl1
The name pretty much says it all, but its basically an X-Files episode gone bad. BF NCC

Five Years by xfilesjunkie
It's been five years since the Mulders started a family T+

Five Years and One Night by Shalimar
After she leaves the X-Files, Mulder comes to her with a request that she take a trip with him. OE BF

Flashback by Lynn B.
A quiet weekend in a small town turns out to be anything but.

A Flaw in the System by Jeffrey't Pusch
The agents are called to a small Texas town to investigate a homicide that was seemingly committed by a third-grade class. KF

The Flick of a Switch by Aislinn Carter
Sheila and Holman from Kroner, Kansas decide to surprise the agents in D.C, but they are the ones who are surprised. PS

Flies, Rocky Bronzino, and Other Insects by Cathey Scully
Scully deals with Rocky Bronzino in a wonderful way. BF W

Flight into Egypt series by Vickie Moseley
After the rain, changes. BF W MS/TWC gWb! PS T+ W+S

Folie by Ursula
sequel to Father's Day II. Krycek arrives with an imaginary babe in arms that he believes is his and Mulder's. m/m slash BF W

Folded Like A Saint by kim1013
Introspection in the future leads to a shock form the past. W KF W+S T+

Following Yonder Star by Kelly Moreland
Surely you noticed the similarities. BF W

A Fond Memory by Spock
Mulder and Scully tell their teenage grandchild about the beginning of their relationship. TF GK (this fic followsTheir Fondest Memory)

Fondest Dream by Debbie Cullen
Mulder is left no choice and has to leave Scully before she gives birth. The Gunmen see to it that her fondest dream comes true.

Footprints in the Garden by Deirdre
Another view on a certain event in X-Files mythology. Samantha story. KF pxf

Footprints in The Sand by't Bishop
sequel to Progenesis. When Adam disappears, Mulder is the number one suspect, and the only evidence to the contrary washes away. KF MS/TWC NNC

For Better or Worse by Billie Reid
Kim in going through a rough time and Walter's there for her. PO

For the Good of the Child by Aislinn Carter
Bill Scully's life changes for the better three years after he last sees his younger sister. KF W W+S gWb! T+ NCC

For Me by Donna
I've thought they were going to get together since the first time I saw them, I wrote this one for me since CC wouldn't.

For Myself by Kayla Ariev
Summary: It's just a normal Saturday afternoon, when he dropped by the apartment to dredge up things of the past. BF W

For Your Eyes Only by Traveler
This is a continuation of a story started inYou Only Live Twice. A spiritual journey of sorts as M&S begin to put their lives back together after the events of Season Nine. G KF

Forbidden Love by Andrea and Frank
Forbidden Love"is like watching all the X-Files episodes but seeing what happened in Scully's and Mulder's private lives. Scully is the narrator: we hear and see everything from her perspective what happened when Mulder disappeared, how she felt when he 'died' and we also see what happens after she went with Mulder to Roswell, when they were hiding. The story ends up in 2015. BF-TF W W+S

Forecast of Rain by alanna
She remembers his words: "There's so much more than this." PS

Foreseeing Premonition by Andi Mitchell
What if Scully knew she was pregnant? PS TF

Forever Yours, Even In Death by Kyouryoku Senshi
Post-Ep ("This is Not Happening"). PS

Forgiveness by Eileen Whipple
Melissa and Dana's relationship is tested when Melissa begins rebelling when they are younger. PXF PO

Forgotten Again by Foxie Meg
"At her insistence, he packed his bags, kissed his son goodbye, and left." BF W

Found Faith and Lost Time by ML
A lot of talk about abductions and pregnancy. Skinner says something he shouldn't, and Mulder says something he should. PS

Four Corners Cycle by Spookey247
Somewhere near Tuba City, Arizona, 2036. "The pain is buried, but he feels it waking." MoD NCC

Four Days by Sister Moon

Four Final Words by Keleka
Mulder and Scully search for Scully's missing nephew, and maybe for something else as well. KF

Four is a Wonderful Number by Agent Leki
Mulder and Scully have quads. PS NCC MS/TWC T+

Four Ways William Scully got Picked up From Daycare by Naraht
A woman at William's daycare tells a story. W BF

Foux by alanna
"This is who Mulder was. This is who you will someday be." PS

Fox and Dana series by Jo Ann Medrano
What happens when Mulder tells Scully to call him 'Fox'. OE PS

Fox and Dana: Together Forever by Alley Cat
Mulder and Scully start out in High School, and keep meeting over the years. PXF

Fox Mulder, May 6, 1977 by Silver Fox
A 16 year old Fox ponders his existence by pouring out his soul into a journal. PXF TF

The Fractured Landscape by Zuffy and Littljoe
Mulder escapes from the Census facility and finds his way back to Scully with a little angry help from Doggett. PS

Fragments by Dawn
Her life is fragmented, broken pieces cobbled together in a desperate effort to make a whole. Waa

Frederick by Lilydale
"To love one child and to love all children, whether living or dead- somewhere these two loves come together." -- Marguerite Duras, Author and filmmaker BF OcC

The Freedom Squad Birthday by Kel and msk
Mulder and Scully as happy, average people- It's not only that we can't picture it, but we don't really see the point. Why take all that history and turn it into "Leave It To Mulder- " Here's how msk and Kel picture William's fifth birthday. KF W

Friday by Eral C.
"She's not fine, she's nowhere near fine, she's never been less fine in her life..." BF W

A Friend In Need by Green Eyed Soul
An old friend of Monica dies and she has to cope with three orphaned children. Dana has to help Monica, as well.

Friend of The Family by Requiem
Fox and Dana are in high school. Fox has dinner at the Scully house. PXF TF

Friends by Abra E
Mulder muses during a long, cold night. KF NCC

Friends Even in Childhood by Penny Daza
Mulder and Scully meet as teens. PXF TF
two sequels can be foundhere that deal with Mulder and Scully all grown up.

Friends in High Places by LTP-girl
Little William gets a visit from a far-away friend. KF W

The Fringe series by Michelle Kiefer

  • Fringe
    I wonder if Mulder has found someplace warm to sleep, and if he's had a hot supper. I pray that no one hurts him, and that he has a good coat.
  • Hearth
    He'd lived his life in the cold for such a long time. What allowed him to draw near the hearth, to warm himself, even if for just a little while.
  • Haven
    I wonder if the damage is too great, if Mulder and I are just too broken by the past to ever find a haven in each other.
  • My Life as a Puzzle
    It's eleven years after the events of the Fringe Series and 13-year-old Kate has a lot of questions about her parents, her life and the secrets that surround her. NCC TF

Frisson by Kemystre
Frisson -- (noun) -- a brief moment of excitement: shudder, thrill -- Merriam Webster Dictionary. PS

Frohike's Baby by Kristina
Scully carefully guards her secret as Mulder rejoins the land of the living, until it blows up in everyone's face when Mulder has some issues doing the math. Fill in the blanks piece from DeadAlive/Empedocles. PS

From Anaheim to Milan to Home by Eyegypt
Scully bumps into Mulder in the '70s and '80s. PXF

From Here by Anubis
Something about despair, I think. KF

From One So Small by beduini
This is a companion piece to Rah'sHow it Begins. You don't need to read that story before you read this one, but you should. Really. BF W

From Out of Nowhere by Becka F.
Sometimes it just comes from out of nowhere. BF W

From Starlight by Discordia
First there were ghosts, but no bodies. Now there are bodies. TF

From That Eternal Silence by Entil'zha
In suburban New Jersey, a teenage girl seems to commit suicide, but a murder suspect is named. Doggett is called in under strange circumstances, and in the course of the investigation, he must face his own inner demons. Agent Reyes is also heavily involved with the case. TF

From Their Point of View: A Child's X-Files by Emily Miller
A story that features most of the main characters (or mythology-episode regulars) from the X-Files, only younger. PXF KF

Frozen by Erin Blair
She wanted to be a mother again. Waa

Fruition by Suzanne L. Feld
What if Scully had agreed to go into hiding after finding out that her unborn baby was in danger? And Mulder joined her? PS BF W

The Fruit of Our Labors by L M M
Scully learns a little bit of information, and she and Mulder must deal with the repercussions. PS BF NCC

Fugue for the Forgotten by Crash and frogdoggie
Scully has a crisis of faith after the death of Emily. She and Mulder then learn they have a child together. OE

Full Reward by Bonetree
After the end of all things, how would you choose a beginning? KF W gWb!

Further to Fly by Michelle Kiefer
There may come a time/When you are tired/As tired as a dream that wants to die/And further to fly. BF W

Future by Claudia Modell
Samantha's and Fox's thoughts at the night of Samantha's abduction. PXF

Future Imperfect by Lisa
Scully is visited by three ghosts at Christmas time. YR

Future Tense by BookAngel1
Mulder wakes up in the future with a few surprises. W W+S TF

Futures by Donna