TITLE: Her Brother, Fox
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/scifi2/xfilesfanfic/ <-- site still functional as of 2015
CLASSIFICATION: Vignette, Post Ep for "Herrenvolk"
DISCLAIMER: 1013 and FOX owns all the X-Files characters

SUMMARY: Scully, I have a family again. Meet my sister. I'm her brother, Fox.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for the After The Fact Challenge List http://after-the-fact.tripod.com/

Jeremiah Smith took him here.

Mulder left his partner to go with him, and now, after miles of driving, changing vehicles, and eventually running out of gas, they finally arrived.

Scanning the surroundings, Mulder registered the warm breeze, bucolic setting, and the body of a dead lineman. Why did Smith go to so much trouble to bring him here--and why did he go with him? Jeremiah said it was important, so Mulder left his mother's bedside and abandoned Scully.

Sometimes he didn't make sense even to himself.

He walked through the waving grasses, and stopped when he saw a field being tended to by children. Lots of identical children.

His eyes locked onto a blond haired boy and a dark haired girl. The little girl had denim overalls, and wore her long hair in thick black braids. Their faces were placid, expressionless, and neither child made a sound.

Mulder gasped softly then made a tight sound in the back of his throat. It was Samantha.

Not, 'It looks like Samantha,' but rather, 'It *was* Samantha.' His eyes saw many more 'Samantha's,' but his heart saw only one, and he felt a love so strong and so familiar that, for a moment, he had to close his eyes against it. He took the little girl's hand, and introduced himself.

"I'm your brother, Fox."

Just as Mulder thought he was about to be the only remaining member of his family, his world changed. He found a little girl, and was able to say, "I'm your brother, Fox."

Jeremiah told him that the children were clones. Mulder admitted that she was the same age as when she was abducted, but none of this mattered.

Oh, Scully, I've found her. Now you can meet Samantha.
Oh, Scully, she's warm, and she's real, and she's here.

Mulder's heart decided; he would take Samantha back with him. He would raise her, take care of her, and love her. Mulder dismissed the fact that she was only created to be a drone. She couldn't think or speak, but he didn't care. He was her brother, and had been given a second chance to look out for her. By God, he would do it right this time.

Mulder's mind was racing. He would force Jeremiah save his mother's life. Bill Mulder was dead, but now he could have his mother and sister back.

For that moment he even believed it.

My mother will recover, and be happy. My sister is back now,
so I won't be the last. Scully, I have
a family again. Meet my sister, I'm her brother, Fox.

Of course, it was never meant to be. Mulder blamed the Alien Bounty Hunter, because it's easier when hate and blame has a face.

Jeremiah Smith was gone, the crops and bees were gone, and all the children, including Samantha, were gone. All that he hoped for now was to get back to the hospital in time to say good-bye to his dying mother.

And wrap his arms around the only one he had left.

The End


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