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Vaccination by X_fairy
Bill Scully Jr. makes a Huge mistake. YR

Valediction by Katchat
Mulder and Scully say goodbye after William is born. BF W

a Valentine in Three Acts by Kathmak
Three different Valentine's Days in the lives of John Doggett and Monica Reyes. PR

Valentine Surprise by Jkinbote
Valentine's Day angst for little Fox. PXF KF

Valley of Shadows by bellefleur
The end of one road is sometimes the beginning of another. BF W gWb!

Vanilla and Silver by DSc1110
"A gift from Mulder: a night of relaxation." BF W

Vehicle and Tenor by Suture
How Gibson and Mulder spent Season Nine or, a love song for Jeff Gulka. The poor kid's going through such a protracted awkward phase. TF G

Velvet by Shipper M.D.
Mulder/Scully experience the birth of their first a secret/romantic hide-a-way. PS BF NCC

Verdandi's Children by Avalon
a simple park visit reveals that an old adversary has a child like William. BF OcC W

Verity by The Consortium
Mulder and Scully make a startling discovery that leads them on a search. OE NCC

Verlassen by Maggy
Mrs. Margaret Scully learns the abandonment of her daughter's child...

Verse Two by Lilith and Suzanna Post
The Christmas one year from the events in 'a Christmas Carol'

Vestigy by Lisby
'Vestigy' takes place in the near future, after the planned invasion of the planet, focusing on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner. NCC

Via by Christy
In a series of flashbacks Mulder and Scully examine their past in order to move forward. BF W

Via Sub Rosa by Scifinerdgrl
After "The Truth" Doggett, Reyes, and Gibson Praise seek shelter with an unusual group of people. KF/TF

Via Sub Rosa II: Children of the Via by Scifinerdgrl
Doggett and Reyes, now married, care for their foster sons Gibson Praise and William under the protection of the Via Sub Rosa, an underground network of psychics determined to thwart the alien invasion. KF TF W

a View From the Nursery by Tamara Kauffman
Tara watches her sister-in-law from Mattie's Nursery. BF

Vision by Kati Spinelli
Scully gets a late night visitor. E

Visions by Kate Dyer
Scully continues having visions of Emily, and she is arrested for murder. While she considers the forces of good and evil, Mulder considers the evil of the Consortium. E

Visions of Blood and Light by Amber Howard
Alex Krycek, the earliest years. KF PXF

Visions of Significance by Pgmt
In just one day, Mulder and Scully get more than one piece of life-altering news. PS

The Visit by Kyouryoku Senshi
Takes place a few months after My Struggle IV. When the Spartan Virus doesn't come to fruition, Scully gets paid visit from Tad O'Malley and something goes wrong. PS

Visiting the Uncles by Cobragirl
Nearly eight years after "Existence," Scully and William pay a visit to the Lone Gunmen. KF W

Visitor in the Desert by Gillian Leigh
a man in living in the desert receives an important visitor. W BF W+S PS

Vows by Gwinne
For the first time since Lizzy Gill set this nightmare in motion, Mulder felt his jaw unclench and stay released. BF W

Vows by Ursula
Continuation of theFathers' Day series. NCC BF

Vulcan Dreams by Sheryl Dean
Scully dreams Mr. Spock asks her to bear his child.

Vulcan Dreams Revisited by Sheryl Dean
Alternate ending to "Vulcan Dreams". BF

Vulpecula: Annunciation by Liz Owen
a piece of mail changes Mulder and Scully's lives forever. YR


Wait for Me by Betty and Al
Mulder and Scully may be able to survive the Fluke Man, Little Green Men, and MIB, but will college and a conniving girlfriend be their demise? PXF TF

Wait Until Your Father Gets Home by Lorri
a father is missed. PS

Wait Until Your Mom Gets Home!! (or "No!") by Dirisha
a battle of wills... Fox Mulder vs his 2-year-old son Sam Mulder

Waiting by Dreamshaper
Scully recieves one of the phone calls that no one ever wants to get...and she and Mulder are thrown into a situation they never expected. M KF Adopt

Waiting by Nlynn
You could be whoever you wanted to be, slip on one identity, and if it didn't fit, toss it aside and try on another one.

Waiting for a Second Chance by Natalie Farr
Two months after Emily's death, Scully receives a visitation. KF OcC

Waiting Games by alanna and Dasha K
Waiting can be a supreme pleasure or it can be agony. A new responsibility in the lives of Mulder and Scully leads to some waiting games. BF NNC

Waiting So Long by little Starbuck*
Scully POV when Mulder comes to visit her after she gives birth. BF W

a Walk Beneath Willows by little Starbuck*
Four Povs of Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes' future after the end of the show. NCC

Warmth by Morgan Stuart
It's eleven years in the future, eight since "the cataclysm," and only three of the characters we know have survived.

Wasp by Amanda le Bas de Plumett

Wassail by Azar
a Christmas miracle gives Mulder a new perspective on his past, present and future.

Wassail - an X-Files Christmas story by Julie L. Jekel
After refusing an invitation to join the Scully family Christmas caroling, Mulder has an eye-opening experience that changes his mind. W T+ W+S

Watcher by Kris in Seattle
a young blind/deaf/mute girl is able to communicate with her dead twin sister.

Watching Him by Sister Moon
a vignette inspired by a painting--Hesiod Listening to the Inspiration of the Muse by Edmond Aman-Jean, and by the *heinous* Episode 15 spoilers I read a few days ago (there is NO Muldertorture in this story, though) PS

Water Water Everywhere by afg
He's here. PS/BF W W+S

Way of the Cradle by Spooky's Girl
It's been six years I think. Six years since they took the daughter I never knew.

The Way it all Would End by Zero
Five years after Scully leaves the FBI, Mulder decides to pay her a visit. They try not to think of what could have been... KF NCC

Ways of Leaving the World by Rae Lynn
"If one day you should behold a miracle, as I have in you, you will learn the truth is not found in science, or on some unseen plane, but by looking into your own heart. And in that moment you will be blessed -- and stricken..." --Dana Scully, "Trustno1." BF W

The Way Things Are by Sukie Tawdry
One night and their whole lives were changed forever. PS NNC

The Way Things Should Be by Jen Marie
Long time later. POV of someone too young to speak at the moment. TF W

We All Fall Down by Tara Avery
This is how the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.

We Believe by Anonymous and Lizzi
Continuation of If You Believe, Scully's pregnant and Mulder's the father. PS PS YR T+ NCC BF

We Could Have Made Music by Discordia
They are fifteen years old, hale and hearty and healthy, tall and pale and quiet as churchmice. They have grown up to the music of Six's madness, her sobs and sniffles and laughter, the scrape of teeth against metal, the rasp of teeth against skin, the sick sweet wet sounds of tearing flesh. TF

We Gather Together by devout2David
Somehow, Mulder and Scully have Thanksgiving dinner with William, but things never seem to go as everyone planned. W

We Have a Niece
You never know who you'll find in the world who looks related to you and the rest of your biological family. YR

We Never Touch But At Points by Michelle Kiefer
They never talked about it, not after the first few days. Neither of them was inclined to open the barely healed wounds. Waa

We Who Remain Carry OnWIP by Neoxphile
After Scully dies giving birth to William, Mulder and Reyes are thrown together for all the wrong reasons. BF W DP MR/TWC PR MoD

We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Vickie Moseley
Mulder discovers that at Christmas, the most unusual heroes can be found in the most unusual places. KF

We'll Be Okay by Mfluder
The war's over and Mulder gains a new perspective finding out he can forgive an enemy. m/m slash Mulder/Krycek BF T+

We Gotta Get Outta This Place
Written for The Nursery Files 2009 Moving Day Challenge. KF W W+S

We've Only Just Begun by Xsketch
It's February 29th, and Scully ponders on what the future holds for Mulder and herself. Set post-Existence, but in this reality Season 9 never happened (well, we can all dream, can't we? ) W KF

Weddings and Wishes by Joey R.
a wedding and a surprise. PS

Weekend at Scully's by C and E
Mulder needs to spent some time at Scully's (that is obvious, uh? ) and everything happens. YR

Weep Not for the Memories by Katriena Knights
It's finally safe for Mulder to come home, but something has gone dreadfully wrong. BF W

Welcome Back, Monica by Xfwriter
Monica Reyes is missing, when she is found she is pronounced dead. John Doggett must pick up the pieces and raise his little girl on his own. But first he's going to get his revenge on some people. Monica's killers. NCC KF

Welcome to the Family by lil gillian
Will's thoughts about his new sister. BF KF W W+S

Western Blaze Trilogy by Jade
If you had the chance to get your son back, would you question why? BF W gWb!

What Are You Doing New Years' Eve? by Jacquie Lava and Tess
No one should be alone on New Year's Eve W BF

What Child Is This? by Jeannine Ackerson
The questions that follow Scully's discovery of her daughter and how this effects her and Mulder.

What Child Is This? by mountainphile
These days, after what Scully's seen and now knows of the future, she's not sure what constitutes a bona fide act of God... but isn't this the season for miracles? W WaF

What Could I Have Done? by Starrlyte
Tragedy strikes when Mulder and Scully's little girl is barely a year old. Wishing she could have known her mother, that everyone else in the world seems to know well, Scarlett goes through her young life angry and alone. NCC GK

What Dreams May Come by Ravishinglyrood
10- year-old William is seeing things. Things he shouldn't be seeing. And he can't figure out why he is so different. KF W WaF

What I Want by Laurieaf
After the events of "Two Fathers/One Son," an emotionally ruptured Scully begins an intense romantic relationship with a fellow agent. Can she embrace the relationship or will she unwittingly sabotage it? When the problems of her past are revealed (abduction) and converge with her lover's own problems can they come together or will it tear them apart? And what of her feelings for Mulder?

What I Want 2: Coming Together by Laurieaf
After finding each other in "What I Want," Scully and Michael come together in a more permanent way. Michael's past and present also come together leading to the revelation of a secret.

What I Want 3: Up, Up and Away from Me by Laurieaf
An engaged Scully and Michael seem to have everything going for them until he starts acting strangely and irrationally. Are his (too good to be true) true colors finally showing or is something severely wrong with him? Can Scully stand by him or is their relationship (and Michael himself) doomed?

What I Want 4: Our Weakness by Laurieaf
While off-duty, Scully and Michael come upon a situation that turns into an unofficial case and has some unexpected and long reaching effects on them and their relationship.

What I Want 5: In the Blood by Laurieaf
When Michael is called to the carpet by the FBI after his family's origin is discovered, everyone but Scully seems to be against him. That includes Mulder who finally confronts Scully on the choice she made.

What I Want 6: Dance with Devils by Laurieaf
There's fallout from Michael's missteps with the FBI and Scully is thrust smack dab in the middle of it. PS

What Matters by phyca
Post-series through 2015. John and Mon get married and have some kids. DRR NCC

What to Expect When You're Babysitting by Jeri
Ladies and germs, I present to you... John Doggett! PS

What Was He Thinking? by Dana Scully
An alternative scene for when Scully is watching Gibson. Scully's curious. G KF

What We Need Now is Trust by Nikita
AU set Post-Season 7. Mulder undergoes great challenges, but finds great rewards. m/m slash Mpreg Mulder/Krycek

What You Leave Behind by Ann Ripley
Through memories of a doomed love affair, friendship with a young boy and a dangerous attempt at rebuilding his life, Alex Krycek's past is revealed and his future decided. G KF

What's Bred In The Bone by Lady Disdain
"What's bred in the bone will not out in the flesh." PXF

What's In a Name? by Belinhazpears
William has to make a very important choice. W

What's in a Name? by Katriena Knights
Mulder faces a Scully family gathering. BF W

What's Left of Me by Donna Mcintosh
Skinner and Krycek work several assignments together and come to the conclusion that they make a pretty good pair. W gWb!m/m slash

Whatever It Takes by Danak
a year after Emily's "death," Scully gets a strange phone call and must make a decision. Rodc E

Whatever We Become(Seed II) by Cathey Scully
Seed sequel. Tucker reexamines everything in his life after learning his mother's secret. KF MS/TWC NCC SoM T+

When All The Stars Were Falling by Maidenjedi
Stargazing and the bittersweet taste of nostalgia take Scully to a sacred place the night after she discovers she is pregnant. PS

When The Bough Breaks by Jennifer L. Frye
a dying friend exposes Scully and Mulder to a top secret government experiment and the truth could change their lives forever. KF NCC

When the Bough Broke by Marguerite
Continuation of Emily

When Fate Takes a Hand by Madam F
Two single parents. One running from a dangerous past, the other running from pain. What happens when fate steps in? MoD SoM PS NCC

When Guster Is Dead by The X-Piig
"...Let me keep you in this place, you'll be better off this way. I will keep you warm and safe, you'll be better off this way. I will not wake you from your sleep, I'll leave you wandering, counting sheep..." ~ Airport Song, by Guster NCC

When I Fall in Love by Plausible Deniability
a one night stand has life-altering repercussions for young CSM. PO

When Love Gets Lonely by Pinkholyone and Louise
John and Monica are having a tough patch in their marriage, causing some unexpected things to happen. PR BF NCC DR/TWC

When the Pawn Series by Nialani
Fox and Dana spend their Christmas vacation time at Maggie's with the rest of the Scully brood including, one irate older brother. PS

When Pigs Fly by Cheryl Cohen
Mulder baby-sits some small relatives, much to his dismay, and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong...YR

When She Came Back To Me (aka 96 hours) by Lizzy
When Scully receives information about her daughter Emily, it takes her and Mulder on a trip they'll never forget. KF E Rodc

When We Are Three by beduini
Scully finds faith with a little unexpected help from a loved one. PS

When You Get Home by Miranda
The events of Christmas Carol/Emily from Emily's perspective. E

When You Wish Upon a Star by Mezzosoprano
Scully wishes upon a certain star... BF W gWb!

Where Day is Dark as Sleep by The X-Woman
Mulder returns, his memory wiped from his abduction, to discover that seven years have passed, and Scully now has a daughter. But, over time, the pieces begin to fall together and Mulder and Scully start to suspect that there is more happening that what meets the eye, and possibly the conspiracy is not over. KF AON

Where the Heart Lies by hellogoodbye57
FollowsNothing's Ever Normal. Case fic with MSR and family. The case itself will stand alone. BF NCC T+

Where the Heart Lives by Anna Chait
Home is where the heart lives and where we love. After thirteen years Mulder and Scully realize where their hearts live. A continuation of my storyI Surrender. MoD KF

Where My Son Is by Becka F.
Today is the day we are going to get our son. Waa

Where the Streets Have No Name by Becka F.
Maybe England wasn't so damn bad after all... BF W

Where There's a Will by Andrea
An aquanitence's accident and two orphaned children. BF KF NNC Ad DP

Where You Are by Lovefox42
Scully, in her pregnant state, tries to find Mulder before she has the baby. PS BF NCC

Which Deeds Will I Forgive by Raptorjc
Do they realize what they took from me? From countless others? E

While Daring Greatly by mimic117 and Dan Walker
In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means. KF

While Mulder Sleeps by Erin Blair
Scully always loved watching Mulder sleep. W

While You've Been Gone... by shawntaw
"Mulder should be the one who knows all of William's little to get him to to make him smile..." she was babbling and weeping, barely coherent. BF W

Whispers from the Grave by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
My idea of how Scully tells Mulder about his baby, takes place during the three month period of Mulder's death. PS

While Daring Greatly by mimic117
In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means. KF

White Christmas by Susan
Outside it's snowing. Inside people are watching. W gWb! GK

White Ink by Bonetree
In December 2012, a battered Mulder, Scully and William know there's much more at stake than just the end of the world. KF GWb!

White Light by aka "Jake"
While investigating a young woman's claim of alien abduction, Mulder and Scully are led on a cross-country chase of intrigue and murder. As they scramble for answers, Scully's own abduction memories resurface, threatening the agents' partnership...and lives. TF OE

The White Picket Fences Series by Batela
After the Consortium is out of the way, Skinner thinks he is going to have a peaceful semi-retirement. Yeah,right. (m/m slash)

White Wave by Leyla Harrison
Not summarized at author's request. I don't want to give anything away. I will say this: it's dark. Very dark. Brace yourself. BF NCC

Who Am I? by Starbuckmsr
Mulder and Scully adopted a baby girl Seanta, after 15 years Seanta finds out that she's adopted. Scully finds out who her real parents are. KF

Who Are You? by Carlysxfiles
Over a year has passed since the finale, and after their safety is restored Mulder and Scully are home. Mulder is finding it difficult to adjust to normal life again. He misses his son. Reyes offers him advice and thus begins the spiral of events that not even Mulder ends up being able to control. Reyes has to ask questions that Mulder wants answers to. But is she ready for what she'll discover about herself? W gWb!

Who I Am by Carlysxfiles
Who You Are sequel. This the end of the road for many, and a new beginning for others, as finally the longest case The X-Files has had comes to a head. Will Reyes pull through? Will William be taken by social services? And will any of them ever be truly safe even when this threat is gone? KF BF W W+S PS

Who Knew? by Ellethom
Sometimes it is just easier to go with the flow... E OE W W+S

Who You Are by Carlysxfiles
Who Are You? sequel. After Gibson's shock phone call a disruption in everybody's lives is on the cards. The truth will come out. But how much are Reyes, Doggett, Mulder and Scully going to have to sacrifice for those they love and for any chance of future happiness? Will Scully cope with William's further endangerment? And what exactly happened all those years ago when Reyes was adopted at four years old, when her mother tried so hard to find her? KF W PS

Who You Were by Mack the Spoon
Scully wanted and needed to reconnect with her family. YR

Who's Your Daddy? by lil gillian
Will creates a stir when his dad comes to Bring Your Father To School Day. KF W

Whose Child is This? by Empress Vader
Would he know when he looked into the child's eyes, would Bill know? PXF

Whose Work Has Come to Nothing by bcfan
All these years together, Scully. You must have seen this coming. KF W

Why is My Middle Name Ellen? by Pattie
Most Christian children have middle names and Meg Mulder is as curious as any other child. W W+S MS/MWC

Why Was I Adopted Out, Mom? by Pattie
William wants a real-life history lesson. W W+S NCC OE

The Widow and the Orphan by aka "Jake"
Returnfic, Divergentplotfic, You'llneverseethisfromccfic, call it what you want. The gist is this: Mulder returns. Danger follows. He needs a place to hide. We learn lots of stuff CC has neglected to mention. PS

Will by Helen B
Mulder's return years later has a terrible impact on Will. TF W SoM

Will by little Scully
"You became my will to survive through the grief and the pain. You've always been my strong Will." W KF

Will to Live | Will to Live - Denoument by Donna
An old friend of Scully's finds out about extreme possibilities. BF

Will We Burn In Heaven? by Absinthe
a killer-for-hire takes a hiatus to heal from an injury and runs into more trouble than she can handle. KF

Will Wonders Never Cease by Gillian Leigh
In the swarm of congratulatory cards and gifts, a particular one postmarked "Hollywood" sticks out. BF W

Will You Be My Valentine? by Jennifer Cuzzo
Scully shares her first kiss with someone special. KF PXF

William by Cbratter
Scully and Mulder are living under aliases when Scully receives an email from an old friend sending them back to the world they left behind. W gWb!

William by Devin
He needs them. W gWb!

William by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
He was given away to save his life, but now he is being given back to live the life they all deserved. W BF gWb!

William by Fatcat
William remembers. BF W

William by kzingirl
There is nothing so miraculous as holding a child in your arms. BF W

William and Joy by Shaun R
The return of Mulder and Scully's son, William. W TF GK

William Long-Ears by Myriss
It was the rabbit who sacrified himself by jumping into the pot to feed the starving Buddha. W TF

William Meets Aunt Diana by Daniela Riedel
The title says it all, I think. BF W

William--Vignette by Katriena Knights
"I know. Skinner told me."

William was a Bullfrog by Agentmulderfox
a mini series of Mulder, Scully and William's life together as a family. She didn't have to give William up and Mulder wasn't kicked out of the FBI. W BF-TF NCC W+S PS

William Watches Daddy by Erin Blair
William loves watching his Daddy. W PS

William's Fairytale by Foxhunt2blue
She wasn't ready to see him yet. If she did she would either scream or cry. BF W

William's Fifth Birthday by Erin M. Blair
William turns five years old; Mulder and Scully's twins are born on May 20, 2006. BF/KF W+S

William's Tale by Wildafox0619
Mulder tells a tale to his son. W BF PS

a Willing Partner
Bridge clubs were one thing, luncheons another, and then there was visiting this woman who spoke softly and knitted socks for her husband. PO

Winds and Wails by astridncs
Mulder and Scully help a neighbor give birth during a tornado. PO

Wing and Prayer by Revely
News of the miracles would have spread through the camp by morning. KF

Winter of Discontent by Teanna
You could call it her winter of discontent. PS

Winter Nights by Emma Brightman
While Doggett struggles through the cult case, Scully has some struggles of her own. PS

a Winter Storm by Erin Blair
What happens when Mulder, Scully, and their seven-year-old are caught in a winter storm in the Sierra Nevada? KF NNC

a Winter's Tale by Anjou
It is late winter, dark and cold, the landscape obscured and transformed by snow and ice. One must step carefully, for the very ground can be treacherous. This is a lesson Mulder and Scully have already learned when the pristine snow in Antarctica yielded a long-buried secret. But the winter can hold many secrets, and could tell many tales, if it so chose. This is but one. OE NCC KF

Winterbreak by Shoshana
Time for the semester break at Quantico. BF W

Winterlong Series by Neoxphile
On December 22nd, 2006 the invasion starts, resulting in many dead and an endless winter. These are the stories of those who survive to raise the generation left behind.(Set in the same universe asGoodwill Towards Men but eariler) KF/BF W W+S NCC T+ Ad

Wise Voices by Kate Rickman
Mulder receives encouragement from some unexpected sources. BF W

Wish For You by Lisa12
Christmas with John and Monica - and a mysterious couple eager to tag along :) PR

Wish William by Xsketch
Post colonization Christmas celebrations bring a visitor, request for the truth and the passing on of a wish. W

Wish You Were Here by Brianne C
Mulder's still missing, Scully's in labor... PS BF W

Wishful Thinking by Caz the Beeslayer

Wishful Thinking by E.D.
Skinner tries to soften the blow. Waa

Wishing and Wanting by Starrlyte
Mulder is dead, Scully is pregnant and pissed as hell, and Doggett well, just gets caught in the crossfire. PS

The Witch And The Muggle by Phileyx
Mulder and Scully magically find themselves in Hogwarts and meet all the lovely characters that have held the world spellbound. But why and how did they get there? And how do they get back to their own world? Harry Potter crossover KF

With a Little Help From a Friend? by Antonia
When Scully's niece comes to visit for her birthday, Scully and Mulder are in for a big surprise when a friend of Jessy's comes along for a visit. TF

With Arms Wide Open by Paige Caldwell
Mulder and Scully have created life. But, is it, as the Bounty Hunter suggests, made of human clay? BF AON

With Me Always by Rachel Wilder
Scully finds Mulder, but discovers that he was never really gone. PS

With This Tear by mercury_999
Scully gets a call during the night. PS

Without Fear by Michel.
Mulder was back almost a month ago. BF NCC

Without Him by Spookycc
Fill-in-the-blank for "Without." G KF

Without You by Jennis524
Scully finds her self in the same predicament that she was in two years ago: alone and pregnant.BF W PS T+ W+S MS/TWC DR/TWC

Without You by MJ
William, six year later. W

Witsec by Xfbandit
Scully is forced to enter the Witness Security Program. NCC

Womb For Revenge by Neoxphile
When Mulder sees CSM again, he finds that the man has changed. A whole lot. Mpreg W T+ W+S BF

a Wonderful Life by Donna
What if they had never been partnered? NCC KF

Wonder Years by Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi
18 years later, the lives of our favorite Agents are about to change W PO KF BF GK

Wonderland II: The Terrors Of Tinytown by Dbkate
Fox Mulder was having a nightmare. BF KF

Wonderland Lodge by Kristen
a Christmas story of the alternate universe realm. PS

a Wonderland Life by Kristen
Scully goes into labor earlier than expected, but not to worry, the Skinner family is more than ready to welcome it's new arrival.SS/TWC SoM PS BF

a Wonderland Life 2 by Kristen
Skinner and Scully have a late night talk over their new daughter before returning to D.C. SS/TWC SoM BF

Wonderment by Deslea R. Judd
She will wonder. A brief glimpse into the world of Mrs Van De Kamp, the woman who adopted William. An experiment in future tense. W BF

Won't Fear Love by agent myers
All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore. PS

a Wonderful Lifepart 1part 2 by Donna
What if they had never been partnered? NCC KF

The Woods by Amperage
In the winter, rain drives the last of the leaves from their capricious hold on barren trees. The bright and the dark mingle under the shaking and the winds in the woods. Into this world children are sent as sacrifices to the dark Mistress of the land, and into this world Mulder and Scully must go to find the killer. TF

a Woman Scorned by Polly
I'd said the same words earlier today. Different man, different reaction. Both times I felt nothing but shame. PO

Womb of the Morning by Mulderluvscully
My own version of Existence. Christmas story. PS BF W

The Woods, Dark and Deep by Neoxphile
An already unpleasant Halloween night takes a nightmarish turn when a small child runs out in front of Monica Reyes' car. KF

Working On a Miracle by Sara B
Mulder and Scully are in an established romantic relationship. Scully's niece, Meggie, and two nephews, Mike and Tim, stay with her for the weekend, changing Mulder's plans.

Workout by Angela W and Audrey_Jay
Six different women get hot and bothered by watching their husbands workouts. Smuttiness ensues. PR PO E W L NCC BF KF

a World to Save by geb
"Mulder told me that the Torah says if you kill one person, you kill a whole world because you have also killed that person's children and his children's children and so on. And, if you save one person, you save a whole world. I have only been trying to keep my child alive. I have only beentrying to save a world." NCC TF

World's Child by Xanthe
a small boy struggles to make sense of his destiny and his unusual abilities in a world full of danger. m/m slash M/Sk KF W

The World's Smallest Santa by Beckylynn
It's William's first Christmas, and Scully is missing Mulder. BF W

Worry by Spookyteacher
Mulder and Scully fret over their newborn son. BF W

Worship No False Idols by Kristin Davis
XF/Children of the Corn crossover. KF-TF

Worthy by Alice J.
"He can't sleep? " he asked almost silently.

a Worthy Task by mountainphile
Sacrifices made in the name of love... are often worthy of the greater reward. BF W

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda by Kyouryoku Senshi
Written for the Season Eight Missing Scenes Challenge Pack, Three Words. PS

Wrapped in Memories by Rachel Freeman
Ever wonder how Scully survived? BF NCC

Wrapped in Wind series by Rocketman
Mulder and Scully and a little baby girl. BF NNC

Wrestling With Inconvenience by Ms. X
Mulder's thoughts in "The Beginning" as he travels with Diana to the power plant. G KF

The Wrong Existence by Angel-Wings Gaskins
Broken Free sequel. Her father and mother's daughter... ncc TF

The Wrong Kind of Paradise by Martha
In the days after Mulder's apparent abduction, Scully, Skinner, and the Lone Gunmen learn of a new threat and rediscover some old acquaintances. PS PO


X Christmas Carol by Saraj
On a lonely Christmas Eve, Mulder recieves some strange visitors. PS

X Is For Xenogenic by Donnilee
Ah, another day, another clone. But this one wants to help. PS

Xavier by Becka F.
And for the first time, Xavier wasn't the special one. He was. KF W WaF W+S

Xenophobia by Donnilee
The mystery child is born. PS NCC BF

The X-Factor by Teresa and Ashley
a bored vampire ropes in a hapless FBI agent to stir up his town. Because Mulder is the agent in question, things don't turn out like they should.

The X-Files: Blue Eyes by Priyan Jayasuriya
Mulder and Scully find a unharmed baby in a murder-scene and he's taken to an infant care center. That's when Mulder finds out the appearance a mysterious figure who happens to be his mother. But isn't she supposed to be dead? BF

The X-Files: Child of a Jedi by dmulder
Episode two. BF SoM

The X-Files: The Fight for Independence by dmulder

The X-Files: Masters of the Force by dmulder

The X-Files: a New Hope by dmulder
Episode one. PS BF SoM

The X-Files: Return of the Jedi by dmulder

The X-Files: Shadows of the Empire by dmulder

The X-Files: The Truth Is Out There by Spooky-Fox-Gurl
William Van De Kamp is your average college student, he owns a moped and lives in a stable family. But when strange things start to occur he turns to his new found friends only to discover there is a lot more to his so called simple life... W TF

X-Files Case 11245: Chameleon Eyes by walterwatcher
Mulder and Scully are working on a case about children being abducted and later found alive but severely traumatized.KF

The X-Files Chronicles by Madam F
Two souls, one destiny. Through the next generation, the legacy will continue.

X-Patrol by Jo B
Colonization has begun. Four men set aside their differences and form an alliance to fight the aliens and stake out a new life together in their shattered world. m/m slash Mpreg

An X-Mas Carol by catwings
Mulder was drunk, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. But whether that explains the three visitors - four, if you count the mortal one - to his apartment that Christmas eve is yet to be determined...PXF

An Xmas Carol by Elle G
Believe it or not this is Very loosely based on The Muppet version of a Christmas Carol, but with no songs and absolutely NO talking animals!! Lets just say it was inspiration! K