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Abandoned by ML
It's time to go. W BF

About Daddy by Heather Riggall
It's Samantha's favorite bedtime story once again... KF NCC

About William by Lisa
Scully must fill in the gaps. Waa

Abraham and Issac by Vickie Moseley
Mulder's severe head injury shakes loose some memories about his father and his part in the conspiracy. PXF

Absit Invidia by Frogdoggie
A post-colonization story. Mulder, Scully and Skinner survive the invasion...but will they survive for long...and how? m/m slash BF (Mulder/Scully/Skinner)

Absolutely by aRcaDIaNFall$
Scully asks Mulder to father her child. Alternate universe. KF NCC

Absolution by PhileyX
After more than ten years, Skinner seeks absolution for his past. TF NCC

Absolution by Tlynn
"How long has it been? " W

An Acceptable Level of Happiness by Jenna Tooms
Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. Fortunately, Scully has Mulder, and Mulder has solutions. BF NNC W+S

Accepting Existence by Donna
Missing scenes from Existence. BF W

Ache by Henle Girl
Scully hears voices in the night. Waa

Accolades by Becka F.
Mulder and Scully encounter an old friend. Err...landlord. PS

Acima Das Estrelas by Spooky Jr.
Mulder and Scully follow a case, which leads them to Colorado. When there plane crashes, they are left stranded and hurt on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. A young girl who supposedly survived the crash is found seemingly unharmed. Toughing it out with the agents, it's now a fight for their lives. But there's something about this young girl the agents are unaware of...

Accountability by Pam Gamble
Mulder and Scully are assigned to a kidnapping case. CFK

Across the Distance by LostinOblivion
Thanksgiving story. Set in season 9, Scully gets a much needed surprise at her family's dinner. BF KF W

Across the Void by Zuffy
Scully finds a surprise at Mulder's apartment. PS

Ad Astra per Aspera by Charlotte Unsworth
Following the events of "Requiem," the end of everything and a new beginning. PS

Ad Infinitum by Becka F.
It's been a hell of a ride. W BF

Ad Vitam Aeternam by Foxsong
"It was enough, in the end..." BF NCC

Adagio II: Less Than More by Johnie
Mulder has left and returned many times. Has his relationship with Scully survived? KF-TF NCC Adopt

Adam by Lyndal
Mulder returns from a four month disappearance to find Scully pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, he has no memory of the event. PS

Adding to the Family by xfilesjunkie
What will happen when Scully becomes pregnant again? W PS T+

Adieu by Cathey Scully
She knew the day would come eventually. BF W

Admit One series by Cathey Scully
This was their second chance, and they weren't going to waste it. TF BF NNC MS/TWC

Adopted Son by Halrloprillalar and Kel
follow-up toUnmarried Mother. BF W.

Adumbration by Spock
a mid-ep for William. G

An Advanced Case of Like by C and Me
Post season 8. A Mulder family evening. BF/KF NCC

Adventures in Babysitting by Langleigh
While babysitting for Dana, Monica Reyes meets the youngest Scully sib. BF W

Adventures in a Brave New World by Agent L
William Mulder goes to Seattle looking for some answers and finds more than he bargained for. W TF

Adventures in Sunnydale by Angel Brown
A crossover between X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

After by Asta Luna
Only hours before we had left Mulder and Scully behind. PR

After series by Joey R.
The morning after the night before. Mulder and Scully wake up in each other's arms. Their thoughts and feelings about that. PS

After by Xanthe
Set in the year 2007, a group of travelers embark on a dangerous journey. Sk/M post-apocalypse relationship story.

After All These Years by Leyla Harrison
Mulder and Scully have been fighting a physical attraction to each other for well, we all know, ages. And in this story, in the alternate universe of my mind, they have given in to it. NCC

All True Wealth by Dryad
A scene, further explored. PS

After Death by Rachel Wilder
Mulder attempts to deal with life after death. PS

After the End by Tanya LC
Mulder and Scully try to cope with their emotions after the destruction of the X-Files. G

After Existence by Debbie Cullen
What happened between when Mulder got to Democrat Hot Springs and when he shows up at Scully's apartment. BF W

After the Future by Donna
Mulder and Scully's life post-colonization. BF KF NNC MS/TWC

After Mandy: Bobby by Pattie
Mandy sequel, Now that Mandy is a part of the Mulder-Scully clan, everything seems whole. What about the discovery of a lone hybrid? Special guest appearance by another human relative. OE W W+S MS/MWC

After Mulder: Making Circles by Kimberly
Following Mulder's death, Scully's struggle to deal with her pregnancy is shared by Doggett - who's admiration and caring turns into something deeper. PS

After Mulder: Moving Mountains by Kimberly
Second in a series. PS W SD/TWC

After Mulder: Mending Hearts by Kimberly
Third in a series. W SD/TWC

After The Run series by Pattie
This series takes place after Journey to the Distant Shore Mulder and Scully, having retrieved William and married, are settled into Mulder's father's home in West Tisbury. Although all the evidence needed to thwart the impending Colonization and war has been submitted, Mulder is asked to step in to attend to some further "business". BF W gWb! PS W+S MS/TWC

After They Kissed by Becka F.
What happened after they kissed? BF W

After William by Dogg'N'scull
This story is based on the assumption that when Scully gave William up for adoption, she did not discuss it with anyone, particularly Doggett, who has just found out what she's done. Waa

After William by Philiater
Scully, Skinner, a cabin. PS SoM

After William I-IV by Susan
How would Mulder feel about suddenly having to be a father to a son he barely knew? Maybe not the way you'd expect him to... BF W gWb!

The Aftermath by CathGerm
What happened after Skinner went through the door of Kersh's office in "The Truth." G

Aftermath by Little Grey Girl
The date has come and gone. What happens now? W

Afternoon In The Park by fbi-woman
Mulder and Scully meet as young children. KF PXF

Afterthought by Chris Munn
When a young boy appears to have been killed by a ghost, Mulder and Scully open up an investigation. KF

Afterwards by Scully3776
Ever wonder about what went through *her* mind when their world fell apart at the seams?

Age Cannot Wither by ML
Once upon a time, Scully returned to Bellefleur. TF

Ahead of Twilight by TexxasRose
Mulder's life has changed irrevocably and now he must depend on Skinner to help him recover from a horrible injustice. KF SoM NCC

Ahonis by Jeri
A blast from Scully's past pulls the agents back into the conspiracy. BF W

Air Conditioning by Acidrain23
Mulder visits an unhappily married Scully and finds a way to reconnect. SoM

Airgead Sionnach by Lopaka Tanu
Nine years ago a fateful case brought together two people to discover the truth behind a fifty year conspiracy. Events changed drastically when one of them discovered a secret that no one was ready for yet. To cover this mistake, the colonist did something that was never supposed to happen. This is the story of those actions and the reaction to them. PO

Airy Persiflage by bcfan
Remembrance of things past. G

Al Dente by Spookey247
A tale of hormones and pasta. BF W

Albany Aliens by Shorts
Students from a New York college claim to be abducted by aliens.

Alabaster Stones by Aloysia Virgata
She has concluded that a soul capable of leaving a three-year-old girl to such a fate is not a soul worth worrying about. E

Alethea by Kyouryoku Senshi
POST IWTB. Mulder and Scully are eagerly expecting their second child. Just when they have finally come to terms with the loss of William, their beliefs are once again brought into question when another sick boy needs Scully's help. PS KS W

Alex by phileatheart
Mulder and Scully travel to California to investigate a hacker, but find a strange things happenning to the local children, and an interesting person to relate to... KF

Alex II by laylya b.
Do you believe Krycek could explain Scully's abduction? OE KF

Alex Krycek is Dead - Long Live Alex Krycek by Flutesong
Alex Krycek returns. G

Algernon by Becka F.
It's a race against time. Literally. 'I know that line that connects the earth to the sky is my hourglass.' BF W

All About Soul by Annie Wright
companion to Ultreya PR DR/TWC GWb!

Ultreya by Annie Wright
companion to All About Soul. G

All Around My Table by Miranda
Mulder looks around his table one evening in the future, and is amazed by what he sees. MS/TWC NNC

All Hallow's Eve Series by Windsinger
Helping a young witch leads Mulder and Scully on an unimaginable journey. TF NCC BF

All Hallowtide by Tess
"Promise me, we'll never go to another haunted house. It never turns out well for us."

All I Ask of You by FoxsDana
Mulder receives an email which will send him on his quest for the truth. Realizing that he has to leave William and Scully for their own safety, he decides to spend one last night with Scully. On this night be will tell her that he must leave but will also leave her with a promise. BF W

All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue by enigmaticblue
Mulder decides it's safe enough to come back for William's first Christmas. BF W

All I Had to Give by Starrlyte
Scully gets a letter. Waa

All I Want for Christmas by Gemma Kingsley
A Magical Christmas Mystery.

All I Want For Christmas by Pattie
Mulder takes note of his wishes for the holiday. KF W W+S

All I Want for Christmas Is You by pushingcrazies
Title borrowed from Mariah Carey's song. Scully muses during winter of Mulder's disappearance, 2001. BF W

All I Will Remember by Namarie
After Scully returns to Bellefleur to prevent Mulder from being abducted, unexpected events lead the two on a new journey. PS

All in a Day's Work by Jonesy
Scully never gave William up for adoption; Mulder provides information for Doggett and Reyes but is no longer an agent. BF W

All is Calm, All is Bright by Neoxphile
A Christmas Eve discovery is a harbinger of Doggett's memories about Luke. BF FC NCC

All the Little Pieces She Left by Sarah Kiley
Scully's death left questions unanswered, and Mulder must come to terms with her demise as he tries to understand why. NCC KF

All of The Children by Shiv
There are other children out there. OE BF KF NNC

All of Her by Becka F.
No one could have prepared me for what I was about to see. PS

All of Life's Etceteras by Rae
A husband, children, and a warm and happy home much like the one he'd grown up in had always been a distant concept to her. PS

All or Nothing by Trycee
Mulder stumbles upon a plot to steal the rest of Scully's ova! Angst, Adventure... OE

All There Is To Know by poo
A sleepless Mulder wonders about the truth. BF W

All of These are Nothing by Luperkal
"Each thing hostile / To every other thing..." PS

All the Pretty Horses by Spookycc
Introspection on scenes in "Invocation". Prequel toA Father's Confession. L

All Spooked Up by Katie
Mulder and Scully go trick-or-treating with her niece and nephew and romance falls upon their spooky lil evening. KF

All That is Dark and Bright by Malibu Sunset
In this story, Emily is not as sick as she is portrayed in canon, and she does not die. E PS

All That Matters by by Susan
He only remembers what matters. BF W

All That Once Was Good by Maidenjedi
Mulder and William. Play ball. KF W gWb!

All That You Touch by Weezy and Trelawney
This is a different take on Post Milagro. Who moves in to the vacant apartment? This story involves a baby, but the baby isn't Mulder or Scully's. There isn't an alien in sight.

All These Changes by JEn
Mulder goes to see Scully after 4 years of being shut out, Scully's cancer is back :o( NCC

All These Years by trycee
Mulder and Scully are getting married and must go to marital counseling before getting married. They must deal with their past and the encroaching future and the expectations of family and friends. Waa

All the Time in the World by A. J. S. S.
How DO you deal with a girl who refuses to die? TF

All the Time in The World by Traveler
This is the conclusion of a trilogy I started withYou Only Live Twice andFor Your Eyes Only. I strongly suggest you read those stories first. Mulder and Scully return to Washington only to find the revolution has started without them and soon learn there are many others like themselves who realize there's hope. KF W gWb!

All Through the Night by M. Sebasky
Sort of a post ep for "Jump the Shark" and a prequel for whatever is to come this week. I've remained unspoiled for the last four eps, so reading this shouldn't mean anything. BF W

All Which It Inherit 1: Insubstantial Pageant by Brandon D. Ray
"There's a storm building, a mighty tempest that will rock the foundations of the planet, leaving death and ruin in its wake. Few will remain standing once the gale has abated. This storm has been foretold for decades, but the preparations made by those who knew of its coming are pitifully inadequate." OE NCC

All Which It Inherit 2: Melted Into Air by Brandon D. Ray
This is the way the world ends. OE NCC

All Which It Inherit 3: Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On by Brandon D. Ray
This is the way the world ends. OE NCC PS

All the World's a Stage by Anna Hutchinson
The boy from "The End" has some angst, and ponders the lives of the three FBI agents he's met. G

All Ye Faithful by Foxsong
Scully entertains some special visitors on Christmas Eve. PS

Allegra by Jocelyn Tomkinson
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of mutilations at a private school dorm and discover that being in the 'in crowd' isn't always a good thing. TF

Almost by Cherie710
Lying here with you..I Could Not Ask For More. Waa

Almost Dreaming by little Starbuck*
What happens now? BF W

Almost Family Series by Donna
Who can she turn to now? PS

Almost Home by Shoshana
Post ep for Requiem. Mulder comes back... but he's missing something. PS

Almost a Year Ago by andreakayy
On Feb. 14, 2003 Scully and Mulder have two people they've missed show up at their house in Canada, where they've been hiding. They bring along with them someone who was extremely missed. W gWb!

Alone by DanaFuchs
A possible opening to the second movie. W KF Waa

Alone in a Crowded Heart by Tess
Mulder's return is not exactly the way Scully imagined. PS

Alone in the Dark by Pepper
Scully thinks about the events of 'The End.' G

Alternatives by Donna
Alternate ending to the episode. PS

Always by Aoife
The aliens have finally come to invade the world. Told from a different point of view than normal. Follows from Closure. TF S

Alyosha by Bardsmaid
A young boy is charged with watching the recently-amputated Krycek. KF

Amanda's Glory by Mary Kleinsmith
Mulder and Scully are getting used to being the parents of a very special baby. BF NNC

Amanda's Heart by Mary Kleinsmith
More experiences with Mulder, Scully and a very special baby. BF NNC

Amanda's Identity by Mary Kleinsmith
Doting parents learn more about their little girl than they ever dreamed. BF NNC

An Act of Kindness by Rotem Shahar
A little girl is left on the playground all alone. OE

An Act of Love by Melissa Danielle
An exploration of what Mulder might have done if Emily hadn't gotten sick and died.

An Alternate Reality by Fatcat
How many truths are there out there? Which one will be Scully's future? PS W+S

Amor Caritas series by Marguerite
The death of Mulder's mother sends Scully undercover to unravel a mystery...and determine her own destiny. G BF/KF

Amor Fati: Fateplaying by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Continuation of from Amor Fati. There was more than the space ship the boy was to show him, something much stronger and more important that would forever change him. KF

And All Through The House by by Phantagrae
Another story in theReclamation universe. William's first Christmas at the Unremarkable House. W KF

And Baby Makes Four by gillian dana
Mulder and Scully prepare for the birth of their second child. (script format) PS W W+S KF BF T+

And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween! by gillian dana
And Baby Makes Four sequel. The Mulder's first Halloween with Samantha, Sean, and Sara. Also along for the ride is William, Melissa, and John and Monica with their little one. W W+S BF KF T+

And Baby Makes Three by Beautiful Evidence
After enjoying congealed pizza, Mulder and Scully snuggle up on the couch for a nice evening together. PS

And Chaos Ensued by attackofthejello and Teresa6
No one could have expected the madness that befell Hogwarts when four FBI agents arrived to investigate baby William's potential status as a wizard. Harry and Company spend an action-packed afternoon with Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes- chasing Wormtail down, dueling the Malfoys, and discussing the woes of their fanfictional existences. Also, the Agents can't believe who turns up to ruin their day- in the form of Hogwarts's newest ghost. HP/X-Files crossover. BF W

And For All of You To Share It With by Pattie
It's 2005, the second time Mulder and Scully enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Doggett and Reyes. So, with William and Meg in tow, they venture out to Washington and find more than friendship. BF KF DR/TWC MS/TWC

And I Drove Away by Becka F.
Mother and daughter visit a psychic. BF NCC TF

And I Rise by Leslie Sholly
he worst is happening. Can Mulder find hope to continue his quest? OE

And If I Die... by Demeter
This is a Cross-Over story called "And If I Die...". It mixes our two Agents in with the "Nightmare On Elm Street" Saga. KF

"...and a Million Years Gone By" by DScully141
They say the bond between mother and child is immutable. Can Scully's bond with her babies give her hope for the future? BF T+ NNC

And The Music Touched Her by shainagirl
Mulder died two years ago in a car crash. Scully no longer works on the X Files, she is a doctor. She's lonely, and wants to fill the void in her heart. See the way she chooses to... KF NCC

And She Was Thankful by xxaerogirliexx
It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving day at the Mulder household. BF W

...And So It Begins by Montana1416
What happens if normal starts the whole thing over again? PS T+ NCC

And Then They Were Four by MattMel
"One last test and we are through, ok Alex? " PO

And They Lived Happily Ever After by Alanna Guinevere
Young Fox Mulder comforts his sister as their parents fight. PXF S

Andukha by Suzanne L. Feld
Mulder and Scully investigate a child kidnapping where the seven-year-old victim appears to have mysteriously killed her abductor at a zoo. KF

Angel by Gabiabi
Bill tries to ruin the Scully family Christmas for Mulder... KF

Angel Chronicles by A. Dean
Mulder and Scully are assigned to a case dealing with a series of bizarre deaths whose only link seems to be through a child named "Angel". They are sent to investigate the deaths and the child's alleged involvement. KF

Angel's Light by T. Garrison
The power of love. BF W

Angels Instead by conspiracy
How do we teach our children what we ourselves are unsure of? W

Angels Running by Liz Tobey
Following the death of Mulder's mother, Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious escape of three mute children from a train wreck. KF

Angels, Watch Over Me by Linda Phillips
Scully struggles with depression after Emily's death. BF

Anger of Angels by Rilla
The women have been disappearing from a small Texas town and Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. BF

Angerball by SnoopMar
"Everyone has pressure points. You find them and then you squeeze." OE NCC

Angie series by X FireLady
A case abroad leads Mulder to meet a childhood friend of Scully's PO MoD NCC T+

The Animated Figures by Chesa B
Scully's teenage niece and Mulder's cousin visit and make life interesting.

Annabelle Series by Elizabeth L. Iacono
These stories are all about a young girl named Anabelle Morgan. She's a bit strange, but Mulder and Scully like her anyway. Read on to see how their lives come together... TF MoD

Annual Growth by Norma
How do you resume an old relationship when so much has changed? A psuedo-sequel to Resuming. BF W

The Anomaly by Joann Humby, Aptmt42 and Medusa
When Mulder's returned by UFO, who's first to the scene? And if it's the wrong person? PS

An Anonymous Family by Gina Rain
Scully and Mulder meet with their son. W WaF

Another by Dana Drives
A post-Emily short. OE

Another by Dreamshaper
What would happen if Scully were to find other Emilys? OE

Another Chance by Kyouryoku Senshi
Three years after giving up William, Scully finding out she's pregnant is the last thing she ever expected. PS

Another Child by Shoshana
Another child is found. OE

Another Choice by Wildafox0619
What if Scully had made another choice? W BF

Another Day by Frohike
"Tell me the last thing you remember." KF W

Another Fond Memory by Spock
William tells his daughter Katie about her grandparents. TF GK(this fic followsTheir Fondest Memory andA Fond Memory)

Another Gray Morning series by ML
Don't be put off by the Title. Try it, I think you'll like it. BF NCC

Another Lullaby by RaEnright
It's Mulder's turn to sing a lullaby. (sequel to Juliettt'sMarriage Series: Lullaby) NCC

Another One by Jodie
Scully has discovered that there are other children like Emily. OE

Another Woman's Miracle by Kelly J. Thompson
She looks up to the heavens and makes a promise to the child's mother to keep her son safe and well cared for until she is able to come for him. BF W

The Answer by MaybeAmanda
Instead of an answer, Mulder gave her a kiss. BF W

The Answers Series by LJP

Anthony: book one by Clare Skinner
AD Walter Skinner receives an unexpected package in the mail. Could it be that the wife he thought he'd buried more than seven years earlier was still alive? And was it possible that he had a child he knew nothing about? S!C KF NCC

Anthony: book two by Clare Skinner
Anthony and Walt Skinner slowly adjust to life without Clare. But as Walt struggles to regain his equilibrium, will he lapse into complacency and fail to remember the danger that still abounds? S!C KF BF NCC

Anthony: book three by Clare Skinner
The danger was past... and the woman AD Walter Skinner had fallen in love with was forever safe from the Consortium. Who would have believed that actually *making* love to her would be the hard part? S!C KF BF NCC

Anthony: book four by Clare Skinner
Walt didn't know why he bothered to plan anything anymore - Fate seemed determined to operate on a different schedule. From an inattentive child and driver to nearly missing one of the most important events in his life, Walt's in for a bumpy year. S!C SK KF BF NCC

Anthony: book five by Clare Skinner
This time, Walter Skinner knew he was in hell - and as far as he was concerned, it was his own fault. His worst nightmare had come to pass ... and he had no more than two weeks to find the abducted, cherished members of his family before they would suffer certain, horrifying death. S!C SK KF BF NCC

Anybody Miss Me? by Corran
This picks up right after the last scene of DeadAlive. Mulder's alive and doesn't know yet about Scully's pregnancy. PS

Any Other Day by ML
Aren't you tired of it? To be shown something, a little piece of something, only to have it snatched away again? To know that it will never truly be yours? Waa

Anything for You by Arca H
Scully and her newly-adopted daughter have a heart-to-heart... TF Ad

Apart by ML
This story is set in the same universe asAbandoned, told from Mulder's POV. BF W

April Base by Laima Black Snake
A brother and a sister speak. S

Apocalypse, Then? by EchoPlex
17 years later William meets his parents. 18 years earlier an Alien charts the universe of Agents Mulder and Scully. W TF gWb!

Apocalyptic Eden by Kirsten Kerkhof
Set on their post-colonization farm, they find life has never been better for them... NCC PS BF-KF

Apocalyptic Eden 2 by Kirsten Kerkhof *
Life on the farm goes on. NCC BF-KF

Archaea by Mary Ruth Keller
Mulder and Scully investigate a potentially deadly microscopic life-form recovered from volcanic rocks in Washington State. But when their seemingly straightforward case comes to the attention of the Consortium and an unexpected group of outsiders, they must use all the resources at their disposal to safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands. YR

Archangel by Philiater
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2. SoM

Arden Hope by ArtemisX5
Scully: not as innocent as advertised. BF W

Aren't Babies Fun? ! by Mulderache
Mulder and his baby son Jonathan spend a late night together. BF NCC

Arizona Highways by Fialka
Visions of Melissa lead Our Heroes on a case confirming the existence of a series of Emilys. But does Melissa really have a message, or is it all in Scully's head? OE

Arizona Starlight by Greengables82
Six years after their escape and still on the run, Mulder and Scully find hope and a reason to believe. gWb! W KF

Armageddon Falls by The Fox
What happens now? KF W

Arr Matey! by Missy
Trick-or-Treaters end up staying longer than their welcome at Scully's apartment. TF

Arrangements by Donna
Mulder's family is all gone now, isn't it? S RODC

The Art of Existence by Becka F.
I think I'm going to like it here. BF W

As Book I by Dri
as around the sun the earth knows she's revolving and the rosebuds know to bloom in early may just as hate knows love is the cure you can rest your mind assured that I'll be loving you always.

As Book II - Thanksgiving by Dri
Being together is just the beginning.

As Circumstances Allow by Ophelia
set afterFantasty in X Major It's some time in the new millennium, and Mulder and Scully have settled down to live "Happily ever after, as circumstances allow." Unfortunately, circumstances can turn cruel. Terrorists at the Quantico Academy threaten the life of Mulder and his infant son. MS/MWC NNC

As Darker Grows the Night by Leslie Sholly
Christmas Eve in San Diego. PS

As Long as They're Together by Tiffany
The events of Emily bring Mulder and Scully closer together. PS NCC

Ascio Maximus by starfleetofficer1
Mulder and Scully discover an unusual child, only to discover he has a special connection to Mulder no one would have ever guessed. KF

Ashes Ashes by Rocnrods
Emily has a late night visitor E KF

Ashes Bitter On Her Tongue by Neoxphile
"I'm pregnant" were words bitter on her tongue. Prequel toThe Hard Edges of Things. BF KF OE

Ashputtle by Devin
"No girl shall be my wife but the one this golden shoe fits." KF NCC W+S

Asking A Favor by Lynn K
Scully asks Mulder to do her a BIG favor. E

Asking Questions by Agent Michael
Scully talks with her son by the pool. KF W

Asking Questions II by Agent Michael
Scully dialogue with her son. KF W

Assignment by Donna
What if Scully were intertwined with the conspiracy before he met her? NCC BF

Asylum by Jacquie LaVa and't Bishop
Mulder and Scully discover a secret that someone has gone to great lengths to hide. NCC

At Arm's Length by Tirduj
A childhood friend of Luke Doggett becomes the center of a case for Monica and John. L

At The Beginning by Devin
"Nobody's going to do anything to you, Gibson. I promise" KF G

At Christmas by Gaia Less
Mulder and Scully's daughter grows up without a mother, and not close to her father. When she runs away from home, she finds something amazing. KF NCC

At Least We Have... by Bluesea567
Three months into the fugitive life, Scully is depressed. Waa

At A Moments Notice by Lari R
For all of the times that he'd had little regard for his own safety, there was always somebody worrying about him. Scully. But now there was another person who depended on him to make sure that they all got through another day. BF W

At Rest by SkepticalScully
Scully reflects on the miracle she has been given. BF W

At the Shores of Normal by MissAnnThropic
She had to see her son one more time. W BF

At That Point by little Starbuck*
Is Scully ready to believe? BF NCC

At What Price by SpookyCC
Scully's search is finally rewarded as she finds Mulder, months after his "abduction". But at what price?

Aunt Dana's Daddy by Angela W * note: when prompted the password is "avalanche"
Mulder and Scully baby-sit for her nephew. KF

Friday by Eral C.
"She's not fine, she's nowhere near fine, she's never been less fine in her life..." BF W

Awakening by Donna
He's home, but so much is different. PS

Axiom by little Starbuck*
The truth finally comes out, after eight long years. PS


The Baby by Megan Reilly
Someone leaves a baby in the basement. BF FC

The Baby by Mira C
Mulder finds a surprise at his front door and needs Scully's assistance. BF FC

Baby Blues by Amanda P
The slightly askew Gunmen Family didn't come baring gifts, but the salvation for all new parents: adult conversation. BF W

A Baby Changes Everything piper maru duchovny
Not a ring on her hand, All her dreams, All her plans, A baby changes everything. NCC PS BF KF W W+S

The Baby Dance by Ericka D
Scully's thoughts to William after Mulder was returned. PS

Baby Girl by Nadia S.
A continuation of a series begun with "Dana's Desires." PS

Baby Girl by Sara QueeQueg
Just when Scully thought her life was empty Mulder stumbles on something that will change their lives forever. Can Mulder tell Scully the truth? Even if it hurts her? The truth is so vital to him but will he keep it from her to protect her? (sequel to Cassidy) OE NCC

Baby Girl Window by Becka F.
I know a place where heaven breathes, and it's through her window, your baby girl's window. NCC BF

Baby, It's Cold Outside by abracadabra
Scully talks to William. BF W

Baby Mine by Aimee C
Just a little scene directly following "Christmas Carol". E

Baby Mine by Debbie Gramlich
After Mulder and Scully have triplets, their world changes in ways they could never anticipate. PS BF KF T+ NNC S!C MS/TWC

Baby, Oh Baby! by Cassie Consten
Happily ever after has a whole new meaning when the Mulders have octuplets. PS T+

Baby Plans by Kristen
The woman are pregnant, and the men deal with it in ways no one will suspect. PS BF NCC T+

Baby Scully by FatCat
Scully ruminates on her desire for a child. BF W

Baby Steps by Gwinne
Scully's pregnancy and her thoughts on Mulder's disappearance. PS

Baby Talk by DM
A late night discussion regarding a very important decision. BF NNC

Baby William by Shoshana
New Year's Eve 2002 (William POV)BF W gWb!

Baby's Breath by Gillyholia
Mulder, Scully and baby William. BF W

Baby's First Christmas by AgentKate
Scully and William spend their first Christmas together. BF W

Babycakes by Piper Maru and Maddy Too
A young girl goes undercover with Mulder and Scully to catch a kidnapper. RODC E

The Babysitter by Spookyteacher
little vignette from other POV (not Mulder or Scully) BF W

Babysitter Wanted by Alien Girl
Mulder and Scully try to find a babysitter. KF NNC MS/TWC

Babysitting by Binky
Scully and Mulder babysit her cousin Emily's kids, Ruth and Damien. Things get a little out of hand on the sofa in front of the television. KF YR

Babysitting II. Somersaults by Binky
Part two of 'Babysitting', The next morning our heroes have some fun in the... KF YR

Babysitting III. Past Present Future by Binky
Mulder and Scully go to a beach and he gives her a gift.

Babysitting IV. Hi Em, It's Me by Binky
Scully returns calls to her Cousin Emily. KF YR PS

Babysitting V. Baby Shower by Binky
Mulder and Scully have been married for seven months, Scully is now eight months into her pregnancy. KF YR PS

Babysitting VI. Home to My Sweethearts by Binky
Scully and Mulder's first child. PS NCC BF

Babysitting VII. Now We Are Four by Binky and Flowers By Irene
Mulder and Scully 's daughter turns four and we put some extra at the end. muahahaha! NCC KF PS

Babysitting by Tabby
When Mulder and Scully go away, the Lone Gunmen step in to baby-sit. Madness ensues. BF W+S T+

Back by angerballx3
"No Scully, please just let me explain." BF W

Back Just In Time by 'Jane Austin'
Jayne's version of the birth. BF

Back Where he Belongs by Poor Mulder
Strangers' fatal car accident gives a haunted Mulder the chance to make ammends. BF W gWb!

Back To Where It Started by Tanja
sequel to Finding My Way Back Home. Just a few happy moments in the life of Mulder and Scully, who are awaiting the birth of their fourth child, Maggie and Skinner seem to like each other as more than friends. NCC MS/TWC

Bad Boy by Girlie_girl7
Scully and Tara have a chat. BF W

Bad Enough by Mindy J
I should feel anxious... I should feel anything. But I'm still and quiet and I know before they even put me on the stretcher, the baby has died. PS

Bad Mood by Donna
Learning to live together. E

Bah Humbug by Katilyn Samantha Mulder
Christmas time. Scully invites Mulder over, and the eggnog boils as Bill and Mulder start talking. KF YR

Ballgame by Cathey Scully
For William's "half-birthday," Mulder has a surprise for him, and Scully. BF W

Bambino by Candy Cockrell
Mulder and Scully are preparing for a new arrival when something unexpected happens. BF NNC

Banter After Dark by Girlie_girl7
Mulder and Scully have a little talk BF W

Barbara, Jack and Kyle by Pattie
Fancy meeting a nice remarried lady with a youngster, and finding out you never really knew a new colleague until he was partnered with another new one. All you knew was his son was murdered and he had been married. Hmm. KF W W+S

The Barest Bones by Neoxphile
Halloween night finds Scully on a mission. KF

A Bargain With The Devil by Tarlan
Krycek is coerced into taking part in a Consortium experiment with unforeseen consequences for both himself and Fox Mulder. This story diverges from the series after Amor Fati. mpreg MoD BF NCC (m/m slash)

The Barn by Discordia
The light stung her eyes and Scully shut them tightly, feeling her skin prickle uncomfortably in the heat as she tried to remember what, how, why-why she was lying on her stomach on the dusty ground, fingers scrabbling in the dirt.

Base by Sarah Stella
"Everything was base to her. Everywhere she looked. That was her main problem with tag." -Fox Mulder on Samantha PXF S

A Basket of Reeds by Aloysia Virgata
There are moments when Scully suspects she must have the opposite of King Midas's gift. Everything she touches falls apart. waa

Bathrooms and Other Benefits by Sara B
Fox W. Mulder: Psychologist, considered radical but well respected. Divorced father of six-year-old Samantha Jane Mulder. Mulder's ex-wife, Diana, left him soon after Samantha's birth. Dana K. Scully: Pediatrician extremely well respected and well liked. Widowed mother of six-year-old William James Dorsett. Samantha Mulder and William Dorsett meet at school and become the best of friends. SoM MoD NCC KF

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 2: More Benefits by Sara B
Mulder and Dana's relationship has moved on. They are getting ready to be married and they want to adopt each other's child. Enter the dragon, sorry, Diana. SoM MoD NCC KF

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 3: Beneficial Dividends by Sara B
Continuation of the story. SoM MoD NCC KF PS BF

Battling Hearts, Crumbling Allegiances by Rockenpnay
Two Agents, the Doggett family, and Thanksgiving. Warning: DSR. PS BF

Be It True by T. Collins
Another daughter turns up and she is not what you think. NCC TF

The Beach by Devin
A memory and a revelation. PS

The Beach II by Erin Blair
Years later, Mulder and Scully bring their daughter, Amelia, to the beach. Sequel to "The Beach." KF NNC

Beach Boy by SnoopyX
Mulder spends a night with his son. BF W

Bearing Crosses by SueBee
There is a thin line between joy and pain. Sometimes, both are felt at the same time. PS E

Bearing Gifts by ML
The Gunmen help Scully celebrate Christmas. BF W

Beating the Darkness Back by Anjou
Where do we go from here, now that we are free? KF W gWb!

Beating Faster by Qaz
A man's daughters are going missing

The Beatles Files by Christina Shuy
Beatles songs provide the background music to Mulder and Scully's lives together. PS PO NCC BF-TF

Beautiful by Becka F.
They have a beautiful baby. BF W

Beautiful by Gauri
Post-colonization: What a view. What a drop. William Mulder, at the age of nineteen, must come to terms with his place in the world after the colonization. TF DR/TWC

Beautiful Progeny by Kathmak
John and Monica reflect. NCC KF DR/TWC

The Beauty of Embers by E. Nairn
Scully's illness brings Mulder home. (read the sequelStill Red as Red) Waa

Beauty's Beast by Susan Proto
Mulder suffers love and loss. TF

Because of You by Tisha Cox
Skinner before he went to Vietnam. TF

Because You Loved Me by Duchovny7
After Mulder's death, Scully discovers her true feelings for him and decides whether she can survive without him or not. BF NCC

Bed of Lies by Baby Blue1
Mulder, Scully and...a baby...What more could a shipper hope for? BF NCC

Bedtime Stories by TrthIsOutThere
Pretty AU, yet somehow sticking to the myth arc. Scully and Mulder have a daughter. TF NCC W gWb!

Bedtime Story by Philemom
Bedtime at the Mulder house. NCC PS

Bedtime Story by rabidcrazygirl
Darling William gets a bedtime story from his mystery parents. W KF

A Bedtime Story for William by Gwen Purcell
Do you remember "goodnight moon"? W

The Before Series by Emily Miller
A series of stories set during the childhoods of members of the Mulder and Scully families. PXF

Before the War by Celine Janeway
After years of hiding, the re-emergence of Mulder and Scully thrust them into a familiar fight for their lives and that of their ultimate cause. W gWb!

Before Trick or Treat by 6friends6
Mulder and Scully get their kids ready to go trick or treating. KF W W+S

Before the Marvel of this Night by Rachel Wilder
Filled with traditions and memories of Christmas' past, Scully decorates baby Will's first tree. BF W

The Beginner's Guide to Tightrope Walking by Kel
"Mulder left the FBI about a year after me, but where I got the gold watch and the pension, he got the royal screw." KF W

The Beginning And The End by XSketch
Where do they go now? What do they do now? Who do they trust? And is there really Hope for any of them? The future looks difficult to grasp, but questions must be answered and paths must be travelled if they are to save the world and themselves. Now is the true beginning. How will it end? W G

Behind the Doors by Lindsay Carpenter
Mulder and Scully are called on a case to Chicago over Christmas involving a kidnapping... or so it seems. TF NAC

Being Young series by Jo Ann Medrano
Mulder, Scully and Spender familes' beginnings. PXF

Believe by L. Phillips
Mulder has a conversation with his five-year-old daughter. KF NCC DP

Believing in Miracles by Polly
Do you believe in miracles? W KF

Bells and Babies by Ali Harrett
Can Scully forgive Mulder before Christmas? Deals with Scully's possible infertility.

Belmont, Ohio, 3:36 P.M. by Sarah Segretti
A minivan, some classic rock and a trunk full of baby gear. All is not as it appears. BF W

Ben by Jess
An unexpected event hits too close to home and draws Mulder and Scully closer than ever. PS BF NCC

Beneath the Devil Moon by MoonPixieDoll
Scully makes a huge decision concerning her future while working on a case with Doggett. NCC

Best-Costume Award by Shoshana
Mulder and Scully receive a letter at Halloween. W Waa

Best Intentions by J.S. Michel
Ten years after Existence. KF W

The Best Laid Plans by Avalon
Mulder tries to plan a romantic evening for Scully and himself. General havoc ensues. BF NNC

The Best Miracle by Jenna
Scully asks Mulder to be her Lamaze coach. PS

The Best of Times by Joy P
The lies are exposed, the Truth was found, Samantha is alive and well...there's just one question left to be answered... YR

The Best Thing for My Child by B.F. Simon
What if Scully decided to take the risk and keep William instead of giving him up for adoption? BF W

The Bet by Gillyfan
"Was that another contraction? " He took a seat next to her, placing one hand on her protruding stomach. PS BF

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by Dramaphile
a Slightly biblical version of the events surrounding the X baby's birth. Crackfic. BF NCC

Betrayal and Absolution by Mary Kleinsmith
Scully's fate after her decision regarding her son is something she never expected. W

Between Lies by N. Y. Smith
If truth is in the mind of the beholder, what if the mind of the beholder is flawed? NCC KF

Between Two Worlds by Gothic Spook
Reyes, Doggett, Mulder, Scully and Skinner are forced to separate after the events of The Truth. SG-1 comes and finds them all and asks for their help in stopping colonization. KF

Beyond After... by Pattie
FollowsAfter The Run. No family deserves a better life after preventing Colonization than this one! BF KF W gWb! W+S MS/TWC

Beyond Alternatives by Donna
sequel to Alternatives PS

Beyond the Blue by JHJ Armstrong
A simple tale of life, loss and love. NCC KF PS

Beyond the Grave by Y.H. Spooky San
Mulder and Scully investigate a young girl who rises from the dead.

Beyond Limbo by Ms. AM
After a choice is made and the consequences of that decision fulfilled, is there anything left? OE NCC DP

Beyond My Grasp by Kristy
A vision of the future...

Beyond the Sea-Monster by Gail Celio
With a little non-existent extra time on my hands, I've finally fleshed out a twisted idea that falls under the heading "Crossovers from Hell". I give you the rough draft of a short story that answers that age-old question: "What would happen if Agents Mulder and Scully met up with Scooby Doo and his friends? "

Beyond This Experience by Agent L
What if Skinner finds Mulder first? PS

Beyond The Truth series: I. Lost and Found by Neoxphile
After the events in " The Truth" Mulder, Scully, Doggett, Reyes and Gibson Praise try to put the pieces of their shattered lives and families back together again, and seek some sort of happily ever after. But it's not easy. BF KF TF W E gWb! MS/TWC RODC W+S

Beyond The Truth series: II. High Stakes by Neoxphile
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (from the Laurell Hamilton novels) poses as a nanny in Mulder and Scully's home, so she can learn more about a vampire problem in the DC area. BF KF TF W E gWb! MS/TWC RODC W+S

Beyond The Truth series: III. Elegy for Origin by Neoxphile
Awaiting the birth of her first child, Reyes becomes obsessed with knowing where she came from, and goes to great lengths to solve this mystery. At the same time, a strange case demands everyone else's attention. BF KF TF W gWb! MS/TWC DR/TWC T+ PR RODC W+S

Beyond The Truth series: 3.5. Twinsville by Neoxphile
The agents discover a town where pregnant women don't each have a child, they have a litters. BF KF W gWb! MS/TWC DR/TWC T+ RODC W+S

Beyond The Truth series: IV. Reopened by Neoxphile
When Mulder learns grim new truths about his sister, will he go so far as to destroy an innocent person's life to find peace at last? BF KF TF W gWb! MS/TWC DR/TWC T+ RODC W+S

Beyond The Truth series: 4.25 The Witching Hour by Neoxphile
Emily and William take a superstition Mulder told them about to heart and sneak out to see if the tale is true. BF KF W gWb! MS/TWC DR/TWC T+ RODC W+S

Beyond The Truth series: 4.5 Thanksgiving Confessions by Neoxphile
Family and friends have dinner and some eye opening conversations. BF KF TF W gWb! MS/TWC DR/TWC T+ RODC W+S

Big Sky Country by Raven
William van de Kamp is special. KF W

The Bigfoot Conundrum by markwatneyandensemble
Fluffy Emily fluff based off a headcanon. KF E

Bill and Maggie Mull Things Over by Mary H.
Dana Scully's brother and mother talk in early January 2004. Waa

Billy and His Basketball by Evie1
Set to be 15 years from now. William Gish has a great family and great friends, but when his un-known past comes back to haunt him, what kind of truth will be revealed?

Binding the Edges by Jess
When a mysterious case brings Mulder and Scully back to Texas, they find themselves suddenly thrust deeper into the conspiracy than they've ever been before. And with the threat of colonization at their heels, its a race against time as they try to fight the future, only to find themselves at the center of it all. OE PO

Biological Imperative by Loren Q
An old case comes back up... with an old partner... TF CFK

Bird in the Hand by Rachel Wilder
Mulder struggles to decide if dealing with the devil is worth the price. sequel to Pieced Together. NCC OE BF

The Birth by Donna
If CC gives us a section I had to visualize it another way!! BF

Birth by TeeTee
title says it all. PS

Birth Day by Siobhan Gormley
Scully returns to D. C. pregnant after an absence of a few months, much to everyone's surprise... PS SoM BF NCC

Birth: Ocean by Jenrose
Scully is in labor, gives birth. PS

Birthday Week by Neoxphile
As usual, the quads cause trouble. But this time it leads to an interesting seventh birthday for William. (Miracle Season sequel) KF W W+S T+

Birthdays and Other Celebrations
Mulder celebrates his 40th birthday in a way he never expected. BF W

Biting the Bullet by Starbuck_Jayne
Could Mulder and Scully ever settle into a normal family life style? KF NCC PS

Bits of Now and Then by Christine Leigh
Post-Trust No 1. Scully POV alternating with flashback scenes to past episodes. BF W

Bitter Pills by MaidenJedi
Scully deals with Mulder's abduction and her pregnancy. Set in the hospital following her fainting at the FBI Building. PS

Bittersweet Renaissance by Caroline
Let's all take a field trip into the depths of Scully's mind! Scully kind of dies in childbirth, but, since this is a Scully POV, she doesn't stay dead long. Just give it a chance! GF NCC

Black and Blue Christmas by Estrellita
It's Christmas 2001 and we've got an engagement ring; a ladder mishap; three aunts named Mary, Maude, and Martha; Bill Scully being Bill Scully; and a partridge in a pear tree. BF W

Black Bicycles by Bonetree
"And through the strobed spokes of the bicycles I saw my son... a sailor on the shore of that dark and silent sea." Waa

Black and White Make Red by Jenna Tooms
Familiar elements make an unexpected equation. PS

Black Wings series by Ashlea Ensro
Teena Mulder meets one of her husband's co-workers. G

Blaze of Glory by LostinOblivion
Post-Colonization. Mulder and Scully encounter some trouble while getting supplies, the consequences reverberate.

Bleeding Kansas by Maidenjedi
William is by no means a normal kid, and someone still has to protect him. Will she succeed? W KF

Blessed by Sara and FredaX
Mulder is welcomed into a Scully family Christmas, with the expected results. M

Blessing by aRcaDIaNFall$
From the last scene in existence. Scully counts her blessings. BF W

Blessing by KS
Post MSIV. Mulder and Scully try to make sense of everything. PS

Blood From A Stone by Melanie
Mulder and Scully investigate strange goings on in a small town...KF

Blood of My Blood by Claire
After four years of hell, Scully returns to Mulder and their son Sean. NCC

Blood of My Blood II: The Ties That Bind by Claire
To stop the vampires, Mulder and Scully make a deal with one of them. NCC

Blood of My Blood III: Touchstones by Claire
To get back what was taken from them. NCC

Bloodline I: Red by Cecily Sasserbaum
Mulder receives cryptic photographs that lead he and Scully to suspect that Samantha, or one of her relatives, is still alive and well...but this becomes more complicated. of course. BF S!C OE

Bloodline II: Binding by Cecily Sasserbaum
Mulder can't cope with any more holy grails. Scully grapples with the question of how much sacrifice is required to have faith. KF NNC OE

Bloodlines by Elizabeth L. Iacono
The Consortium's plans from someone who doesn't want to be involved. NCC

The Blue Boy by Carol Ann
Mulder and Scully investigate the ghost of a small boy who might date back to civil war days.

Blue Eyes Behind Gray Bars by RLO
The last person you would expect to need to be bailed out of jail... PS

The Blue Ridge Haunting Blues by Ned `TG' Life
A Halloween Story

Blue Sphere by Lord Kinbote
A man in Mississippi mysteriously dies of extreme burns, and Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. Mulder suspects ball lightning. KF

Body Check by Calypso
Dana's brothers and their friends play a game of ice hockey. Although they say it's no sport for girls, Dana wants to join in, but - will they let her? PXF

Bodyclock by Reyesmygirl
Reyes is in her early thirties, still young but after a recently solved case she is thinking about her own biological clock and whether the find of her life will eventually admit his interest in furthering their relationship or continue to leading her on. PR

The Boogeyman by aka "Jake"
Mulder and Scully find themselves facing an unusual heat wave and an even more unusual killer when they travel to Maine to investigate the mysterious disappearances of several children from neighboring towns. "If you don't watch out, the Boogeyman will get you!" KF

Bonheur by Xphila
Bonheur is French: Happiness. BF

Bound Together by Psi Fi
Some family ties are revealed; Scully and Krycek fall for each other after an exchange of favors (not that kind! Yet.::g::) BF W

Bovine by Veritas Nullus
A spark of inspiration turned very bad screenplay. We believe CC and 10-13 Productions have absolutely NO IDEA how to end The X-Files. So of course, here we are doing it for them. E

Boxing Day by alanna
The forgotten ones. BF M

The Boy in Mr. Murphy's Classroom by Agent Spooky
It's been almost eight years since they left their old lives. W KF

Boy Invisible by Myriss
When people can't see you, they can't hurt you. KF

The Boys of Summer by M.I. Renard
Mulder gets a call from Tara, during a summer after The Truth. KF YA

Brain Dead by Candy and Samantha
People are disappearing, and the two young daughters of a victim accompany Mulder and Scully as they investigate. KF

A Brand New Life by Angela W
How far would Mulder and Scully go to protect their son? What would they be willing to give up? BF W

Breath by Eve11
Scully's thoughts while at Emily's deathbed. E

Breath of Heaven by Vickie Moseley
A Christmas miracle, and the promise of another yet to come.

Breath of Life by Tiffany
Dana has a difficult time on Mother's Day, 2002. Monica tries to help her feel better. Waa (f/f slash)

Breath In, Breath Out by little Starbuck*
Kind of my own personal wish as to how they'll take Mulder off the show. NCC BF

Breathe by Gwinne
"Just remember to breathe." PS

Breathe by Miranda
Mulder and Scully's experience with Lamaze class. PS

Breathe by Terri
Future - MSR. PS SoM

Breathe by Xenith
When Skinner's infant goddaughter dies, he, Mulder and Scully set out to investigate reports of a cat sucking babies' breath.

Breathe For Two by Syn
Another life intersects with Scully's. KF

Breathing by Jamie Greco
Before the events of the last two shows, our heroes head toward one of the most mysterious and dangerous endeavors of their lives: Lamaze class. PS

Trespassin' and Breathin' Room by mountainphile
A story with a dash of M and S and very different flavor for Haven's October "Our House" challenge.PO

A Bringer of New Things by John K
Scully finds herself still adjusting to motherhood and the uncertainties of her new life. BF W

Bringing Up Baby by Amber M Howard
Little Annabelle, or subject #35290467, as she was known for the first six months of her life, was created with only one purpose. BF OE DP

Broken Free by Angel-Wings Gaskins
18 years later, and the family still suffers. Ncc TF

A Broken Hallelujah by js starbuck
"Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah" -Jeff Buckley. BF W

Broken Home by XScout
How a thirteen-year-old Mulder decided to join the FBI. TF PXF

Broken Mosaic by Neoxphile
In December of 2012 Mulder and Scully put aside ten years of differences to help their son when he needed them most. In 2014 one threat destroys the new lives they've built for themselves. What happens when worlds fall apart a second time? (sequel to Only Because He Needed Us) TF/KF/BF W W+S MoD

Bubbles by Arwen N
A short vignette as Mulder watches children play with bubbles he sees a more saddening realization. Set after Scully has cancer.

Buck by BethLynn
Think ahead - past season six. Think, perhaps, past season seven. Life never ends. It continues to change and grow. Imagination survives, even past The End. BF NCC (m/m slash)

Burn in Flames by Humbuggie
A kidnapped boy becomes an unwilling participant in the reenactment of a gruesome death by the ghost of a mother who killer herself over thirty years ago and tried to take her children with her. KF

Burning on Re-entry by bugs
Houston, we have a problem. BF NNC

The Burpday series by Kelly J. Thompson
Three Mulder family birthdays are celebrated. BF W PS W+S MS/TWC

The Butterfly Universe by Bugs
PS BF(eventually)

Butterfly Kiss by Diana Rubenstein
Scully leaves behind a daughter who finally meets her father for the first time. NCC TF

Buttons by Nadia S
Doggett disapproves of Scully's behavior...PS

By Falling In And In by Aloysia Virgata
Things go AU after DeadAlive, and Scully must answer the following question: "So what do you want to do? Do you want to live separately? Do you want a place together? A creampuff wedding gown and a Barbie Dream House in Reston? " PS BF/KF W

By the Stream by limbinda
Something lies hidden in the woods. KF W

By the Water by Lilith
A find and a celebration. S


Cafe Confessions by Rae
Can you correct your past to build your future? GK

Callings by Rachel Rudd
Kevin Kryder needs Scully's help, again. And, Scully begins to realize her importance in the matter of spiritually saving the world. TF

Calm Before the Storm by Eileen Whipple
Scully suspected this a year ago but was proven wrong. Now, the discovery of two young girls is going to change her life forever. KF

Can You Ever Go Home Again? by Sara B.
Mulder cannot deal with his life with William and Scully and leaves. Does he find what he's looking for? Can he go home again? W KF

Candy Apples by MSDR89
Just a plotless little one-shot about a happy Halloween with the happy little Mulder Family : )

Candy Man by RPCrazy and Muskrat
It's the night of October 31, a night when children are trick o' treating but the trick is turned the other way when the parents start disappearing. The case literally landing in their laps through an unexpected turn of fate Special Agents Doggett and Reyes must investigate the disappearances, including finding some of their own. KF W

Can't He Help Me Unpack? by Pattie
A pregnant Monica Reyes is quite upset that her husband, John Doggett isn't helping her unpack in their new apartment. PR

Can't Sleep by Pattie
William gets a dog. Sure isn't like Queequeg. That's why somebody can't sleep. Oh, what a sucker granting the guy's wish for a puppy! W W+S NCC OE

Capital Offense by Keleka
Samantha Mulder is found alive and well, but facing imminent death. KF PS

Capitulation by Wylfcynne
Any excuse for a smutfic... PS

The Card by Florimell (Made of Snow)
Skinner pays a visit to Scully's apartment to visit Baby William and notices some changes. BF W

Careful What You Wish For by Lemon
My take on the future partnership... KF S

The Caretakers by Kelly Keil
In the midst of chaos, life still goes on. PS BF SD/TWC

Carjacked by K.G.
Alex is tortured, intimidated and punished for every bad thing he has ever done in his spending an hour in a car with four children under the age of 13. KF

Carnival Dark, Carnival Light by Windsinger
Lying in pain a decontamination unit, Mulder remembers a day which was very special to a certain 15-year-old - a time of a different kind of pain, and anger, and marvelous discovery. TF PXF

Carpe Diem by Winnie Kruger
When Mulder returns, he discovers that someone else has been comforting Scully in his absence. f/f slash BF W

Carols 1 and 2 by Jessica
a broken down car brings Mulder and Scully to a church rehearsing for a Christmas concert. TF

The Case of the False Santa Claus by Darla Valancy Grey
"Santa" steals gifts from Charlie's kids, and Mulder and Scully investigate. KF

The Case of The Jolly Fat Men by Neoxphile
Set two years afterGod! Stop Following Me Around!two new agents come to ask for me and little Markie for help. This time they think they've found Santa? ! KF W OcC

CASE X-1743: Unresolved by Minisinoo
In 1996, Mulder and Scully investigated a case wherein a teenager reputedly pulverized the wall of his high school bathroom while at his senior prom, 'with red beams that came out of his eyes.' There were multiple eye-witnesses. The boy subsequently went missing before he could be questioned. Case, unresolved. TF CX

Cassadaga by Foxy
Casefile about a real town in Florida called Cassadaga. Mulder and Scully visit a town of mediums to investigate a series of bizarre murders. In the process, Scully meets the spirit of someone from her past, and does some soul searching.

Cassidy by Sara QueeQueg
Just when Scully thought her life was empty Mulder stumbles on something that will change their lives forever. OE NCC

Cast Me Gently Into Morning by Ellie
A Mulder-POV continuation of "Emily."

Catching Up by loveJanick
Scully tells Mulder what he missed out on while he was gone. PS

Cats and Cross-dressers by beduini
A Halloween tale set in theHurricane Season universe. BF W

Cats and Dogs by RPCrazy
What if Doggett and Reyes had never met Audrey Pauley, what if Reyes was never in hospital, what if there was never a car accident? Maybe this is how it all could have played out. PR

Cerril: El salvaje y peligroso gato by Sita
Reyes has a new man in her life. PR BF

Champy by Olivia
People are disappearing in Lake Champlain, Mulder thinks a legendary lake monster is to blame. TF

A Chance Encounter by C and Me
The writer meets the famous duo at the end of their trek. BF W

Chance Encounters I: The Summer of 1980 by Susan Hamm
16-year-old Dana Scully, and Fox Mulder, taking a break from Oxford, have... well, they have a chance encounter... TF

A Challenging Life by Billie Reid
When things keep happening can Kim and Walter overcome them? BF/KF PO NCC T+

Change The Truth by DanaFuchs
This story starts directly after The Truth. Mulder and Scully decide it's time to change the truth they know now. Meanwhile Doggett, Reyes and Skinner meet an interesting person. BF gWb! W

the Changed series by Cathey Scully
When Scully takes on a nearly impossible task, Mulder's there for her and her new arrival. PS BF NNC MS/TWC

Changes by JadedDana
When Scully makes some changes in her life after CC/E, Mulder isn't sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Changing Seasons by Abra E.
Sundays at the park... PS

Chasing Santa Claus by philefic
A brief Christmas Eve fic. KF

Chasing Shadows by Entil'zha
Doggett looks into a possible lead on Mulder. PS

Chatroom Talk by Billie Reid
Kim seeks help in an internet chat room. PO

Checking the Milk by ga
Everybody Hurts. W

Cherokee by Rachel Wilder
When Scully finds Mulder she's not sure what their future holds. PS

Chiaroscuro by Didi K
Scully has a fateful encounter. YR

The Child by Wintermoon
Scully's pregnant...but how? PS BF

The Child is Gone by Hecate
Teena Mulder's reaction to the loss of Samantha. PXF

The Child of Fate by Gerry Hill
A mysterious child has an effect on Mulder's and Scully's lives. KF

Child of Mine by Ally
I've been so wrapped up in thoughts of Mulder that to be honest, the notion of a tiny life growing inside me has been almost secondary. Not that I haven't thought about the baby. But every time I have allowed myself to imagine the things to come, the anticipation has been overshadowed by the pain of knowing that he isn't here, that he isn't here sharing this with me. PS

Child of My Heart by M. Edison
companion toMiracle of MineJohn's POV

Child's Play by Cac
Mulder and Scully are given a young girl to baby-sit. What they weren't told is that she 'witnessed' a murder without actually being there. KF

Childhood Memories by Chloe D.
A pre X/F story with Mulder and Scully meeting at Sam's b'day party. PXF

A Childhood Memory by an X-Phile
Did Mulder and Scully know each other before they were put together in the FBI? ? We take a little peek into Mulder and Scully's childhood. PXF

A Childhood Memory, Part II by an X-Phile
We once again place ourselves in front of tiny window and watch what little Fox and little Dana were doing many years before we would place ourselves in front of the TV and watch them. PXF

Childhood Promises: Making Promises by Deirdre
A scene from Alex Krycek's childhood. KF pxf

Children by Alicia Ann
In this reality, Mulder is *dead,* as far as anyone can tell. Scully gets to keep the X-Files, and she gets a new partner who has a *past* with Mulder that helps Scully with her future.NNC MoD

Children of the First: Hidden Truths by Beguile
17 years post finale. Two teenagers linked to the end of the world and may be the only people who can stop the invasion from happening again. W TF

The Children We Were by Tara Avery
pre-series memories. PXF

The Children's Circle by RaEnright
Fox and Samantha sneak out November 24, 1973. PXF

The Children's Teeth universe by Erin McCole Cupp
Mulder and Scully's daughter finds out the truth about her parents and her past. KF/TF MS/TWC NNC

China Roses by Knex Wildfire
Post-Requiem fic spanning several months. Mulder is returned but there are problems. This story defies summary despite the authors' best attempts! *Laughs* You'll just have to read it and see. *Grins* BF

Chip Off The Old Block by mimic117
Charlie Scully visits his sister, meeting his new nephew and catching up on what he's been missing. But there are some things about her baby brother even Dana Scully doesn't know. BF W

Chip Off The Old Block 2: Serendipity by mimic117
Mulder and Charlie are bonding over a basketball game. What can go wrong, you ask? They're about to find out.

Chip Off The Old Block 3: Veracity by mimic117
Scully learns something she didn't know about her younger brother. But is she ready to believe?

Chip Off The Old Block 4: Duplicity by mimic117
Mulder and Scully are finally coming to terms with the truth about William and Charlie. Now they just have to keep Bill Jr. from finding out! W

Chip Off The Old Block 5: Felicity by mimic117
There's a perfect someone for everyone, they say. W

Choices at Christmas Time by trycee
Mulder has a broken foot and Scully is stuck at her mother's home trying to help her family with Christmas instead of spending their first Christmas together in each other's arms. How will they make this work? Written for the Nursery Files- "First Christmas With You" Challenge.

Choosing to Confess by Scullystar
Doggett decides to confront his feelings for Scully by telling her exactly how he feels, even when he knows Reyes has the same feelings for HIM.

Chosen One by Peach
The future is in the children. PO BF

Chorus (Standing) by suspect affiliations
She would not treat this child like an experiment any longer. G Waa

Chosen by Angela CJ W.
He was 'the chosen'. He chose her. But her partner had something else in mind. Sometimes love is stronger than destiny.

Chosen One by Cheri
The aliens are after Scully's child and Mulder must fight to save them both. PS

The Circle's End by Shawen

The Chosen Ones by crookshanksthe1st
a crossover between Harry Potter and The X-Files - takes place after season 9. KF W W+S

Christmas by Kristy Anderson
Mulder's gone into hiding and William and Scully have been living a life of insecurity. Christmas is the only way they can keep in touch. BF W

A Christmas Appeal by Spookyteacher
Mulder spends Christmas alone until Scully calls from an Diego with a request. My version of what took place between Christmas Carol and Emily.

Christmas Beginning by diehard
What were those presents, and how did Christmas Day shape up for out two heroes? KF M

A Christmas Carol by dossier
In which I slay Dickens and Donne and Mulder.. BF W

Christmas Day 2001, 4:20 p.m. by Forte
She really should go finish making Christmas dinner... W(Christmas Eve 2003, 4:20 p.m. andChristmas Eve 2004, 4:20 p.m. follow but aren't about William)

Christmas Delight by Erin Blair
This Christmas is turning out to be the happiest for Mulder, Scully, William, and especially for Maggie Scully. PS

Christmas Eve by Flyerfly
Mulder and Scully stumble across a couple of old... err...young friends from their first year working together on the X-Files. TF

Christmas Eve by Tabby
Will's first Christmas Eve. BF W

Christmas Eve and Airports by Jen
A snowy Christmas Eve at an airport. KF

Christmas For You by Kyouryoku Senshi
In the midst of the approaching lonization, the agents take advantage of the time they have left to celebrate Christmas 2006 with their family and friends. DR/TWC MS/TWC KF W+S

Christmas Fun by Erin Blair
Little Fox Mulder is curious at what his parents got him for Christmas so he asks Samantha and Dana to help him. of course, that's not all he finds out... PXF S

Christmas Ghosts by Donna
After the Christmas episode. KF M

Christmas and Ice Cream by Sam_I_Am
A woman with a baby causes a minor stir at an ice cream shop. W BF

Christmas in California by Michelle Kiefer
"Get her to come to San Diego, Mom. Christmas in California is just what Dana needs to cheer her up." BF W

Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax
Recovering Gemini sequel. Mulder and Scully's family takes a pre-Christmas vacation to Haven, Maine just in time to be stranded at in island hotel after a massive ice storm. It soon becomes clear something else is also trapped on the island... something picking guests off, one by one. W W+S KF T+ NCC

Christmas Magic Anne Milne
The magic abounds at Christmas.

The Christmas Miracle by KS
It is Christmas 2008 and now that Mulder has been exonerated, he and Scully get more than they bargained for this holiday season. KF W GWb! PS

Christmas and Mrs. Scully's House by Jen
After spending Christmas Eve in an airport, Scully and a sick Mulder spend Christmas at Mrs. Scully's. YR

Christmas Revelations by Jumella1
Scully goes to visit her brother Bill over Christmas and finally gets fed up with his remarks about Mulder. PS

A Christmas To Remember by Agent Spooky
Just a light Christmas fic.

Christmas to Remember by Billie Reid
The miracle of Christmas. Skinner/Kim. P

Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile
After Mulder's abduction a pregnant Scully finds herself desperately missing him just before Christmas, and then she is sucked into a mystery of her own. PS KF BF

A Christmas Story by Deborah Davis
After Scully leaves the FBI to marry, Mulder runs into Missy, who suggests she could really use a friend at Christmas. NCC YR SK

Christmas Storyor Family Reunion by Galadhrim
Discover cosmic significance of pot roast as Mulder and Scully learn to cohabitate with their clones or not. S

Christmas Surprise: The Drive Home by Agent Leki
A to Kimpa's X-Files fanfic challenge. PS

Christmas Time is Here Again by hellogoodbye57
Takes place afterWhere the Heart Lies. Mulder and Scully celebrate Christmas but of course, the holiday can't go exactly as planned. BF KF NCC T+ Ad

Christmas Trilogy: 03 Season's Greetings by Amy Schatz
Here is the final story in our "Christmas Trilogy." It kind of ties up the whole Christmas holiday for Scully and Mulder. KF (page includes links to first two, non-kidfic, parts of Trilogy)

Christmas 2010 by trycee
Mulder and Scully host her family at their home in Virginia. YR M

Christmas 2013: The Family Meets William by trycee
It's Christmas 2013 and 14-year-old William has never met his uncles Bill or Charles or any of his much older cousins who are all fathers themselves and who aren't open minded. Can he fit in with his own family? A family he was not raise in? And will they accept him? K W

Christmas Vacation by J
Scully invites Mulder over for Christmas. YR

A Christmas Vignette by enpauriel
A story set on a Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Wish by Erin Blair
Will asks Mulder and Scully for a little sibling. Will he get his wish? KF W W+S PS

A Christmas Wish by Laurel
A Christmas wish comes true for Alex. KF

The Christmas Wish by Myriss
Sometimes Christmas wishes do come true. BF W

Christmas with the Mulders by Xenith
A first Christmas for Mulder, Scully, and William. W BF

Christmas with the Scully Clan by Xfileschik0805
Mulder spends Christmas with Scully and her family... and yes Bill's there! Christmas fluff! KF

Christopher Ryan Scully series by Jori
Having a child certainly changes everything, and the arrival of Christopher Ryan Scully is no exception to the rule. Mulder and Scully now must learn to deal with the 'unexpected' joys Christopher brings to their lives and the way he changes their relationship forever. of course, parenthood is also life's biggest adventure, especially when you add in a few shadowy, conspiratorial figures, some abductees and 'weather control.' PS BF-KF NCC MS/MwC MoD

Chrysanthemum by Alethea Lynn
Scully gets pregnant and learns some astonishing news about the baby. PS MP

Uh well, a reunion, a gift, and a cozy weekend of planned romance in Cornwall, rustic charm. Best laid plans etc etc... PS

Circular File by Gina Rain
Scully makes a decision; takes a stand; and kicks some butt. BF W

The City and Stars by stellar_dust
The aliens have landed. Mulder, Scully, Skinner and the rest think they've found a way to defeat them, once and for all. But Monica's gone missing... W KF

Clash of The Titans by Sagan

Cleaning My Room by Rhiannon R
Scully's daughter reflects on what her mother as been through. KF NCC

The Climb by Starbuck2824
A first date leads to so much more. PS T+ NNC

A Clock Stopped by wendelah1
"The last round of tests had been the worst yet." It's 1979. Samantha Mulder runs away. KF PXF

Cloned Injustice by Pattie
Another piece of evidence for storage in the deep freeze. (sequel to Erlenmeyer Injustice)

Closer Than the Stars by Rebecca Rusnak
Having nothing better to do, Mulder and Scully open up to each other about their childhoods. PXF

Closure by Kyouryoku Senshi
What if Donnie Pfaster had escaped prison a year later? Mulder has returned, Scully is pregnant with Donnie on the loose. Will he succeed and get his last victim? PS

Coach by Gillian Leigh
A newly divorced Mulder finds himself falling in love with the unlikeliest of people: his children's baseball coach. But there's one thing that can keep them from happiness; the fact that she might live to see another year. KF MoD

Coach II by Gillian Leigh
sequel to Coach. KF MoD PS BF

Cockeyed Optimist by Tess
Lately, the good days seemed to come with more frequency. BF W

The Cocktail Party by Nadia S
Doggett encounters his pregnant partner at an FBI cocktail party...PS

Code Adam by Julie Cantrell
She couldn't protect him forever. KF

Coin by IAmSam
Agent Fox Mulder didn't know where he was. It was more likely that he didn't care. BF NCC

Cold by Agent Rain
There are still moments during the chilly night that continues to tear her apart. Waa KF W gWb!

A Cold Night by Girlie_girl7
Maggie babysits a sick William while Mom and Dad run errands. BF W PS

Collision by Cathey Scully
Paths collide toward and inevitable future. W gWb!

Coloring Outside The Lines by Emily Sim
I think you'll just have to read it. NCC KF

Colonizationpart 1II.part 3 Part 4.part 5 by Donna
She didn't remember where she'd been before she became the twentieth woman in that dorm she had woken in this morning. KF W G

Colonization by eponine119
What it might be like after the aliens arrive. PS

Come Away, Human Child by Ophelia
An article on Irish folklore prompts Mulder to investigate an apparent SIDS death as a child abduction. NAC

Come Back To Me by Renee Delrigo
Scully has her child, but all she can think of is Mulder. W

Come Get Me by Invisigoth421
The sequel to Samuel. It's a year later and Scully is finally coming to terms with Samuel's disappearance and able to let life go on, until she receives a mysterious phone call. KF S!C OE

Come Ghoulies, Come Ghosties by ML
Trick or Treat! W

Come Home by Celtic karate
Mulder and Scully get William back. Told from an OC's point of view. W gWb!

Comfort and Joy by GunBunnyCentral
Scully and Reyes draw closer as Monica tries to chase away Dana's holiday blues... BF W

Coming Back To You by Marlen
Mulder mysteriously appears in a Seattle hospital 10 months after being abducted. Scully's not there and Skinner tells him that the child Scully has had in his absence, was just kidnapped. BF W

Coming Home by a.k.a. Kennedy
A teenage Dana and a twenty-year-old Mulder meet the summer before Dana starts college. Romance ensues, but alas, ANGST rears its ugly head. TF PXF

Coming Home by Anastasia D.
A man returns to a home he has been missing from for nine years. W KF

Coming Home by Carlysxfiles
John receives strange messages through his computer and is unsure of whether to trust his instincts or not. Tensions are high between he and Monica, and Scully is struggling to come to terms with the loss of William, cutting out both John and Monica from her life. They never needed each other more but pride is standing in the way. Bf W gWb!

Coming Home by YappiChick
After ten years, William finally meets his birth parents. W GWb! W+S

Coming to Terms by CrazyStarfinder
Takes place during season nine, straight after the events of the episode William. Scully struggles to come to terms after giving up William. While, Doggett and Reyes are given an extremely challenging case which has terrible drawbacks. Waa

Committed by Lacadiva
ulder, Skinner and Scully free Doggett from an insane asylum shortly after he discovers the truth about Aliens. A prequel to my story,"Undocumented." No need to read it to get this, but please go read it anyway. Waa

Complete by aRcaDIaNFall$
Life after Existence. BF W

Completion by Romantique
The camera rolls after the ending scene of Existence. BF W

Complications by peja
An arrest turns into something quite extraordinary. PO

Compos Mentis by starfleetofficer1
The agents investigate a crime spree where children are the apparent culprits.

Compromice by Neoxphile
A look into William's life as he turns five. KF W

Compromised by AmazonX
Later fics in this series involve an adopted daughter, Shannon. m/m slash Sk/K AD

Comrades Under The Gun by Sue
Missing scene. BF W

Comus by kzingirl
There are still plenty of other possibilities to fear. BF W

Conceivable by Elsie
William's adoptive mother reflects on how motherhood has changed her. W gWb!

Conceptus Immaculus by Kathy E.
Scully is artificially impregnated after being abducted with Mulder. PS BF NCC

Connection by "Jayne Austin"
Would they have bonded as kids? PXF PS

Connection II by "Jayne Austin"
Would they have bonded as kids? PXF PS

Connections by Joeba
When Scully is kidnapped by an insane abductee who is a suspected murder, memories of her own past abductions resurface in the form of a child named Abel. KF OE NCC

Consequences by Vickie Moseley
sequel to Priorities. The consequences of our actions sometimes exact a very high price, as a father learns. PXF

Consequences of Our Actions by Jo-Ann Lassiter
Is someone out to get Mulder? YR

Consolation by Angela W.
Scully talks over her unplanned pregnancy with her priest and her friends. PS

Consolation by Kyouryoku Senshi
sequel to Lament. Mulder's back but does that mean Scully and their unborn daughter are safe? PS

Consolation by Neoxphile
Two and a half years after Alex's death, Marita has an unexpected Christmas Eve visitor.Misbegotten Sons prequel. BF G NCC

Contact by Becka F.
It was all we needed today. BF W

The Contact series by Romantique
Mulder leaves William and Scully. BF W

Contemplating the Outcome by Kyouryoku Senshi
The scene in Essence where Mulder comes to Scully's apartment and informs her she's in danger and wants to get her to safety, my extended version of that scene. PS

Contemplating The Unbelievable by Ewa
Mulder tries to come to terms with paternity. PS

Contingency Plans by Bardsmaid.
1967. CSM does Teena Mulder a favor... but motives are rarely unselfish. PXF

A Conversation with Dana by Girlie_girl7
What if Dana Scully had a friend who could get her to really open up. BF W

Conversations in the Snow by Jeanyus
While on vacation, Scully wrecks her car and is snowed in at a cabin with only a teenage boy for company. With time on her hands, she considers her family, friends, and where her life is going.

Coolin' My Heals by Zoonr
Mulder reflects on his time in the desert with Gibson, and what he thinks of as his family. G KF

Cotton Wool by NeoxphileWIP
Ghost Lights prequel/sequel. After the invasion began in 2012 disease and destruction led to a massive die off amongst humans. For the people who survived both life was upended, but for the young most of all. W KF GK PO

Could've Been by RogueAngel
Scully has something interesting to tell to Mulder. PS T+

Counting Blessings by Diadem
Mulder returns... BF T+ AON/NNC

Courage and Sandcastles by Scully82
Post-IWTB, Scully makes an important decision: If I quit now, they win. KF

Coward by Char Priolo
How I think Mulder will be writing out of the show for season 9. BF W

Crafting a Life by Sandy E.
A non-mytharc story; a bottle episode. BF W

Crazy Things by Henle Girl
They say that love makes you do crazy things. How far in the name of love will Mulder go for someone from his past? How far will Scully go to help him? NCC

Creation of Love by Michelle
A one night stand in "Queen of Hearts" leads Mulder and Scully finding comfort in each other more often. The miracle happens and this story works through their life for roughly more than ten months! PS

A Crocodile Ate My Laptop! by Wylfcynne
A set of e-mails exchanged within a family. BF W YR

Crossing the Water by Eva James
Scully and Mulder discover that they have telepathic powers that could help save the world from colonization. S

A Crossover Christmas Carol by Diana W.
Fox Mulder hated Christmas. KF

Crossroads in Time by Avalon
How many different lives would we be leading if we made different choices? OE NCC

The Crouching Thing by Sarah Ellen Parsons
Sometimes we see things we don't want to see. GK

Crying at the Locks by Shannon Kizzia
Mulder must deal with the absence of his new lover in the dark night of the soul. (Not a death fic.) GK

Crystalic Millennia by Kyouryoku Senshi
The set date of impending invasion and destruction, 2012 is quickly approaching and Agents Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes must join forces with the Sailor Senshi to defeat the Super Soldiers and Aliens to ensure the safety of the planet and their loved ones. KF W

Cunegund's Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really by Livia
So, Agent Mulder, how did the spacecraft handle? PS S RODC

The Cure by jawsoxz3
Scully learns the truth about the baby...was it what she expected? PS

Curing the Incurable by trycee
Can Scully save Christian's life two years after his stem cell surgery or is it time for her to let him go? Post IWTB. KF

Curry Confessions by Gillian Leigh
Somebody's cranky. BF W PS

Cursing Miracles I by ElizabethAnn
Mulder, Scully, Lone Gunmen, Skinner. Scully and Mulder grow closer until he disappears. Scully must deal with her loss, a new partner, and a pregnancy. Will Mulder return? PS BF W

Cursing Miracles II by ElizabethAnn
Mulder and Scully are married and have moved to an undisclosed location. Scully can't adjust, believing that Mulder won't remain satisfied living a normal life for long. BF W

Cursing Miracles III by ElizabethAnn
Mulder and Scully continue to investigate the changing landscape of the conspiracy to colonize earth in 2012, while trying to protect William. BF W

Cutting to the Chase by PD
"You know, Scully, you don't have to qualify our relationship to anyone. Not even to your brother." W BF