Title: Happy Birthday, Baby Boy
Author: Squishy
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Summary: It's his eighteenth birthday...

Author Notes: At end.

May 23, 2019

William Van de Kamp hated it when the staff at a restaraunt was informed that it was someone's birthday and they felt the overwhelming need to come over and embarass the hell out of that unfortunate individual while he or she tried to desperately sink into the floor. The night had been going well- wonderfully, even- so far. But the entire waitstaff of the small Mexican bistro was crowded around his table, clapping and singing for his birthday. Mentally, he cursed his girlfriend, Meaghan, for embarassing him like this. Finally the torture ended, the off-key waitstaff left, and he was left to watch Meaghan eye the melting vanilla ice-cream that sat infront of him. Sighing, he caught her fingers with his own.

"You want some? I can't eat this whole thing." She nodded enthusiastically, reaching across the table for the spoon. William smiled at her and slid the plate across the table to sit infront of her. He grabbed himself a spoon and started on the other half of the desert.

Half-way through his second spoonful, he felt a tug on her arm. Looking down, he smiled at the two young girls, identical twins, standing together. "'scuse me. Is this the birthday table?" Could these two be any cuter?

William quickly glanced up at Meaghan before looking at the girls with a smile on his face. "Why, yes it is." He studied the girls as their smiles grew.

"Happy Birthday! Is today your real birthday? Ours is in July!"

By now, Meaghan had taken his camera from the table and kneeled infront of the two girls. She quickly organized a picture with one girl on either side and William in the middle. As the girls turned and presumably went back to their parents, Meaghan studied the picture. "They are so beautiful. Did you see that flaming red hair? I wish I had red hair like theirs. It must be a handful to take care of though, it's so long and curly..." She trailed off, then looked at William and smiled.

He smiled back. "Did you notice their shoes? The ruby slippers from 'The Wizard of Oz.'"

"Adorable!" Meaghan exclaimed, smiling. Conversation turned back to more important things- college, his trip to Europe, Jack Johnson's party tommorow night. As William described the hotel they were to stay at in Frankfurt, he felt another tug on his sleeve.

"'scuse me, our little brother wanted to say 'happy birthday' too!" The boy, if it was possible, was even more adorable than his sisters. All three children had impossibly blue eyes and red hair. They each wore red t- shirts and jeans. Meaghan once again once again grabbed his camera and took a picture of the three children standing together, smiling.

Their mother stood behind them, a slightly wistful look on her face. She asked to see the picture and smiled sadly. The boy, whose name turned out to be Michael, smiled shyly and murmured something unintelligable before running over to his fater, who stood a few feet away watching silently. He met the man's eyes and held them for a moment. There was something so familiar there... He smiled and turned to the children's mother.

"Your children are beautiful." Was that a tear? She thanked him, took her daughters' hands, and whent back, he assumed, to their table.

Dinner resumed, and after a few minutes, William felt yet another tug. "We just wanted to tell you, we're making you cards, so please don't leave, we'll be done in a few minutes." As they turned to leave, one turned around. "What's your name?"

"William. Would you like me to spell that for you?" She shook her head, took her sister's hand, and ran away again. The waiter took his time getting the check, and the children returned once again, with light sweaters on this time. Their parents, a short red-haired woman and a tall dark-haired man who should have looked ridiculous together but somehow fit, stood by the door, watching. The boy quickly handed William the card he had made before running to his mother. The girls, however, took their time.

They each handed William their cards, standing next to him while he read them. The first one, had a flower and a stick figure, which presumably represented him, simply stated "Happy Birthday. Love, Samantha." The second one had obviously taken a little more time. It featured six stick figures, each labeled. "Dear William, Happy Birthday. I love you. 349-4869. Love, Margaret Mulder." He smiled at the card and watched as the children left the restraunt with their parents.

He never heard his mother whisper "Happy Birthday, baby boy."

-- fin.

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Authors Notes: First, I'd like to thank Meg, my beta. She rocks my socks. This exact thing actually happened to me in a resturaunt a few days ago as we gathered to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was adorable. And my little serendipitous moment of the day: William was born in late May. St. William of Rochester's feast is May 23rd. He's the patron saint of adopted children.

Looks like CC had a plan all along. Now all he needs to do is get his butt in gear with the next movie. 'Cause I'm still waiting!

- Squishy -

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