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a. Baylis

You Are My Angel
Mulder and Scully spend Christmas eve together in the hospital, but it's not what you think....KF

a. Dean

Angel Chronicles
Mulder and Scully are assigned to a case dealing with a series of bizarre deaths whose only link seems to be through a child named "Angel". They are sent to investigate the deaths and the child's alleged involvement. KF

a. Tearz

Family Affair
It was that time again, the annual family New Year's Eve party' KF

a. J. S. S.

All the Time in the World
How DO you deal with a girl who refuses to die? TF

Abbey R

The Long and Winding Road
Mulder discovers that Scully's involvement in The X-Files, goes just as deep as his. It sounds like a case-file, but it's really not. It's more of a character study/relationship piece. SoM TF NCC

Abra E.

Changing Seasons
Sundays at the park... PS

Mulder muses during a long, cold night. KF NCC

Mulder's search for answers takes him to the ends of the earth. KF


Baby, It's Cold Outside
Scully talks to William. BF W

a brief glimpse into what might have been. BF W


Will We Burn In Heaven?
a killer-for-hire takes a hiatus to heal from an injury and runs into more trouble than she can handle. KF


Air Conditioning
Mulder visits an unhappily married Scully and finds a way to reconnect. SoM

Adam Crabb

Too Far
Emotions and tempers run on overdrive when the son of Mulder's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped. KF ScC


a Love Song
Scully is called out of seclusion to assist Skinner. BF W


a different kind of Emilyfic (pre-"Emily") E


Love Child
a one night stand changes Mulder and Scully for the rest of their lives. PS BF E NCC


Time Between Moments
Time exists between moments, shaping three lives. BF W

Aeryn D

Birthdays and Other Celebrations
Mulder celebrates his 40th birthday in a way he never expected. BF W

Here With Me
a year after Mulder disappeared, Scully is assigned a new case and it turns out to be the last person in the world she expected to have to help. BF W

Aeslehc Nametab

Tyger Tyger
In an alternate universe, a teenage Dana Scully falls for a bad boy named Fox Mulder. TF


In a lonely world, Mulder lives with his memories. KF

Water Water Everywhere
He's here. PS/BF W+S MS/TWC

Agent Becca

Physical Pain III: Baby-sitting and Bumper Cars
Mulder has some troubles with electric cars and his hair. YR

Agent_C_AL JMF

The Essence of Existence

Agent Chloe

ully worries about choices she has made and what to do about her childern Mulder is there to comfort her, but Scully is the one being oblivious for once. OE

Agent Diana Fowley

a Normal Life
Doggett and Mulder's POV of Mulder's return. PS

Promise for the Future
This story takes place after Mulder gives Scully the doll. PS

Agent Kate

Baby's First Christmas
Scully and William spend their first Christmas together. BF W

Is this the little baby I gave up almost 8 years ago? KF W gWb!

Agent L

Adventures in a Brave New World
William Mulder goes to Seattle looking for some answers and finds more than he bargained for. W TF

Beyond This Experience
What if Skinner finds Mulder first? PS

Missing scene from "Three Words." PS

a Man Walks Into a Bar...
a chance meeting. PS

Pilgrimage: a journey to a shrine or sacred place.

Agent Leki

Christmas Surprise: The Drive Home
a to Kimpa's X-Files fanfic challenge. PS

Four is a Wonderful Number
Mulder and Scully have quads. PS T+ NCC

Mulder and the Quads
This is a sequel to "Four is a Wonderful Number." T+ NCC

a Mother's Love
a little bit of Scully, a little bit of Mulder, and a little bit of Baby William. Scully's thoughts on William. BF W

My One True Love
Here I lay... in my bed on this cold February night wondering what is to become of me and my unborn child. PS

Agent Michael

Asking Questions
Scully talks with her son by the pool. KF W

Asking Questions II
Scully dialogue with her son. KF W


Fight The Flu
Mulder and Scully's happily ever after. Emily didn't die; William wasn't given away. Mulder is not an FBI target and Scully works in a hospital like on Iwtb. What will happen when Mulder walks into the house to his sick family?

William was a Bullfrog
a mini series of Mulder, Scully and William's life together as a family. She didn't have to give William up and Mulder wasn't kicked out of the FBI. W BF-TF NCC W+S PS

agent myers

End The Struggle
I look up at the clock. Three minutes apart. Jesus, I'm in labor. All this time, and labor seemed like something that would never happen, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it has. PS BF SDR/TWC

Something Rational
Though Dana Scully seemed calm on the outside, I knew there was a storm raging inside her. Of all the things she's seen and done, all the things she's endured with Mulder, and now to face life without him...I knew it was chaos in there. I just wanted to ease that pain for calm the storm. PS

Taking You Home
"...I can't forgive him. I can't forgive him for never saying what I needed to hear." PS

Won't Fear Love
All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore. PS

Agent Rain

There are still moments during the chilly night that continues to tear her apart. Waa KF W gWb!

Agent Spooky

The Boy in Mr. Murphy's Classroom
It's been almost eight years since they left their old lives. W KF

a Christmas To Remember
Just a light Christmas fic. W KF

In the Time Innocence Still Belonged to Us
Two very different kids become best friends over the summer. PXF

Agent X

Touched By An Angel
On a lonely Christmas Eve, comfort comes from unexpected places. L

Aimee C

Baby Mine
Just a little scene directly following "Christmas Carol". E

Aislinn Carter

The Flick of a Switch
Sheila and Holman from Kroner, Kansas decide to surprise the agents in D.C., but they are the ones who are surprised. PS

For the Good of the Child
Bill Scully's life changes for the better three years after he last sees his younger sister. KF W W+S gWb! T+ NCC

William experiences his first loss. TF W

aka "Jake"

The Boogeyman
Mulder and Scully find themselves facing an unusual heat wave and an even more unusual killer when they travel to Maine to investigate the mysterious disappearances of several children from neighboring towns. "If you don't watch out, the Boogeyman will get you!" KF

Nightmare series
The Navajo code-talker words for "Secret" and"Exchange" are "Bah-has-tkih" and "Alh-nahl-yah" -- and might easily be the basis for two nightmares. After all, some experiences are so unbearable, one can only pray they are no more than bad dreams. PS BF AON

Who is little Will's daddy? BF W OE

Re Vivus Facere
After Mulder disappears in Bellefleur, Scully and Skinner join forces to find him. They discover startling evidence in a lab in Reston, Connecticut, leading them to answers they never expected. Finally everything is revealed: Mulder's whereabouts, the fate of Scully's baby and the purpose of the Faceless Rebels. OE BF W(? )

The Seventh Commandment
a conversation between Teena Mulder and CSM. PO

Sieg Und Verlust
The Apocalypse is at hand and G-Men Mulder, Skinner and Doggett bust their asses to fight for the future of mankind. They face life and death, good and evil, courageous heroes and dastardly villains. Redolent with testosterone, the language is harsh and the men are manly. And of course, there is a damsel in distress. PS BF

Successful Spies Apparently Don't Have Baby Sisters
Christmas Eve, 1972. PXF S. 4kb

White Light
While investigating a young woman's claim of alien abduction, Mulder and Scully are led on a cross-country chase of intrigue and murder. As they scramble for answers, Scully's own abduction memories resurface, threatening the agents' partnership...and lives. TF OE

The Widow and the Orphan
Returnfic, Divergentplotfic, You'llneverseethisfromccfic, call it what you want. The gist is this: Mulder returns. Danger follows. He needs a place to hide. We learn lots of stuff CC has neglected to mention. PS

a.k.a. Kennedy

Coming Home
a teenage Dana and a twenty-year-old Mulder meet the summer before Dana starts college. Romance ensues, but alas, Angst rears its ugly head. TF PXF


Semper Fi
The day is coming when all their lives will change, but John finds hope in his family and wants to offer that hope to them. A hope to a future they know they must fight to preserve. PR NCC BF


Day at the Zoo
Dana Scully's face broke into a bright smile and she dropped to one knee to gather niece and nephews into a warm hug. "Hi, kiddos." KF YR


Forecast of Rain
She remembers his words: "There's so much more than this." PS

"This is who Mulder was. This is who you will someday be." PS

Boxing Day
The forgotten ones. BF M

"Etiolate: To make weak by stunting the growth or development of." PS

First Steps
I Le Lait
II Techicolor
III Peach Fuzz
IV The Necklace
V Fresh Air
The creation of a family. post-Existence vignettes. BF W

The G-Man's Guide To Post-Partum Sex
"Is there sex after baby? Can you ever get back the zing? Of course you can! Your love life can be better than ever!" -- BF W MS/TWC

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Letting go. OE

She almost missed the phone call. BF W

alanna and Dasha K

Waiting Games
Waiting can be a supreme pleasure or it can be agony. A new responsibility in the lives of Mulder and Scully leads to some waiting games. BF NCC

alanna and Diana Battis

The subtext of shadows. PS

alanna and Emma Brightman

The G-man's Guide to Unemployment
The average American workday is eight hours long. What's Mulder to do when Scully's at the office and he has to play house husband? PS

Alanna Guinevere

And They Lived Happily Ever After
Young Fox Mulder comforts his sister as their parents fight. PXF S


How I would have ended Season 8. BF NCC

Alden Scott Crow

One More Time
Scully meets Emily one more time and realizes her feelings toward her daughter aren't as resolved as she thought. E


The Emasculation of Fox Mulder
Mulder copes with fatherhood, unemployment, post-death trauma, the weight of his mother's engagement ring, and destiny. Scully copes with Mulder. BF W

Alelou's Evil Twin

Having My Alien Baby
(Post-Requiem) This is for those people who think that Scully is pregnant with an alien baby. Mpreg OE NCC

Alethea Lynn

Scully gets pregnant and learns some astonishing news about the baby. PS MP

Alexz R

William has been kidnapped, and Scully is in a coma. Now it's up to Mulder and the Lone Gunman to save Mulders son and maybe save Mulder himself. BF W

Ali Harrett

Bells and Babies
Can Scully forgive Mulder before Christmas? Deals with Scully's possible infertility.

Alice J.

"He can't sleep? " he asked almost silently.

Alice J. Foster

Sweet Dreams Series
The Making of a family. BF/KF W W+S PS T+

Alicia Ann

In this reality, Mulder is *dead*, as far as anyone can tell. Scully gets to keep The X-Files, and she gets a new partner who has a *past* with Mulder that helps Scully with her future. NCC MoD

How the Years Go By...
Pre-XF. Mulder gets a taste of his future via the dreamworld.

Alicia K

Guitar Hero
Mulder's been returned, but with a new...uh, quirk. PS

Marry Our Fortunes
sequel to Looking For America. Kate and Mulder arrive in Vancouver, only to be used again as pawns in the game.

Alien Girl

Babysitter Wanted
Mulder and Scully try to find a babysitter.KF NCC MS/TWC

The Firebirds
Mulder discovers a legend which could change the universe...and starts his journey home to Scully. NCC BF

The Firebirds II
Scully's perspective on the events that lead up to her reunion with Mulder, and new revolutions... NC BF

The Firebirds III
The final story of "The Firebirds" trilogy. Mulder, Scully and their child, along with the rest of the world, are plunged into the chaos that strikes when the Argothians invade... NCC KF

Scully almost becomes lunch for a sea monster during an investigation in Malibu...and almost drives Mulder nuts...

Second Birth
Scully's first child enters the world.PS

There You Were
a teenage Scully tries to raise her son, William, on her own while going to school. She doesn't need help. She can do it herself. Then someone comes into her life, and she starts thinking that needing somebody isn't the worst thing in the world. PXF PS BF NCC

Alley Cat

Fox and Dana: Together Forever
Mulder and Scully start out in High School, and keep meeting over the years. PXF


It's been 8 years since Scully's death and Mulder's retirement. Now his life is devoted to caring for his and Dana's son. When a mysterious vision of him being taken away greets Mulder in the middle of the night, he knows that Daniel is next. AU Ficlet KF NCC

Allison B

Return to Me
Scully has a child, and Mulder returns with his memory slightly gone. He begins to remember them in dreams and Scully is asked to reveal the father to the F.B.I. BF AON

Allison Potty

Scully finds yet another part of her that she never knew existed. OE


Truth and Conflict 2: Apologia
sequel to Truth and Conflict: Requiem Remix Ron Sandoval is assigned to The X-Files following Mulder's disappearance. However, his journey into the alien conspiracy has just started. PS G


Child of Mine
I've been so wrapped up in thoughts of Mulder that to be honest, the notion of a tiny life growing inside me has been almost secondary. Not that I haven't thought about the baby. But every time I have allowed myself to imagine the things to come, the anticipation has been overshadowed by the pain of knowing that he isn't here, that he isn't here sharing this with me. PS

Don't Go
How will Mulder ever say goodbye? BF W

They thought that as long as they had each other they would survive. But what happens when reality begins to blur and their worlds turn upside down? KF OE

Impossible Choices
Mulder is returned. But at what cost? When does a choice become an impossibility? PS

Aloysia Virgata

Alabaster Stones
She has concluded that a soul capable of leaving a three-year-old girl to such a fate is not a soul worth worrying about. E

a Basket Of Reeds
There are moments when Scully suspects she must have the opposite of King Midas's gift. Everything she touches falls apart. waa

By Falling In And In
Things go AU after Deadalive, and Scully must answer the following question: "So what do you want to do? Do you want to live separately? Do you want a place together? A creampuff wedding gown and a Barbie Dream House in Reston? " PS BF/KF W

Five Times Dana Scully Cut Her Hair. BF W

This Her Fever
It is, she thinks, a fitting coda to her life that Mulder and Father Mccue should cross paths in this room, both trying to offer her salvation. PO

Amanda le Bas de Plumett


Amanda P

Baby Blues
The slightly askew Gunmen Family didn't come baring gifts, but the salvation for all new parents: adult conversation. BF W

Amazon X

Later fics in this series involve an adopted daughter, Shannon. m/m slash KF(adoption) Sk/K

Alex is a mother, all right. mpreg, m/m slash Sk/K

Kitten II
Walter receives a gift. And then another. And that's just the beginning. KF, m/m slash Sk/K

Langly befriends a street kid who holds Skinner's life in her hands. KF


Oh, Little Child
Scully learns of Mulder's possession of a vial of her ova and she deals with the emotions which follow...

Amber M Howard

Bringing Up Baby
Little Annabelle, or subject #35290467, as she was known for the first six months of her life, was created with only one purpose. BF OE DP

Visions of Blood and Light
Alex Krycek, the earliest years. KF PXF


Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. She and Mulder have spent the night together(having S-E-X) in an attempt to get her pregnant. (sequel to The Leap) PS

The Leap
Scully gets something she's not sure she wants.

It's not over yet. PS BF W

lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub. PS


Lost Child
Mulder finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant...then she isn't. MoD

The Time After
My father, Fox William Mulder, was born in a time before. When there were rules and laws. Before the Visitors... NCC TF

The Woods
In the winter, rain drives the last of the leaves from their capricious hold on barren trees. The bright and the dark mingle under the shaking and the winds in the woods. Into this world children are sent as sacrifices to the dark Mistress of the land, and into this world Mulder and Scully must go to find the killer. TF


Seventh Day
We always wondered how Scully ended up in the hospital in "One Breath". Well, here is my explanation. PS

Amy H

Endless Snow
Scully and Doggett go through Christmas without Mulder. PS

Amy Forrester

Shattered Dreams
Mulder and Scully's fifth anniversary ends in tragedy, and the two remaining in the family must learn to live with this loss. BF NCC

Amy Schatz

Christmas Trilogy ' 03 Season's Greetings
Here is the final story in our "Christmas Trilogy." It kind of ties up the whole Christmas holiday for Scully and Mulder. KF (includes links to first two, non-kidfic, parts of Trilogy)

Elysian Fields
It is the year 2000 and Mulder gets a call from Scully, whom he hasn't seen it three years. She has some important news to tell him. NCC

Amy Vincent

Mulder and Scully quit the FBI and start a life together only have things go horribly wrong when Mulder is offered a chance to get his sister, Samantha, back. NCC BF

Guardian II: Renewal
Samantha returns. Mulder comes home to his wife, a child he didn't know he had and his long lost sister. BF NCC

an X-Phile

a Childhood Memory
Did Mulder and Scully know each other before they were put together in the FBI?? We take a little peek into Mulder and Scully's childhood. PXF

a Childhood Memory, Part II
We once again place ourselves in front of tiny window and watch what little Fox and little Dana were doing many years before we would place ourselves in front of the TV and watch them. PXF

Ana H

Another day alone. That was all that entered my mind as I woke up early one January morning. PS

a Safe Place
I was unsure of what to do with myself. I never imagined that in the last week or so of my pregnancy I'd be going into hiding with a woman I barely knew, wrapped in endless chaos. PS

Ana Vincente

Emily is returned but the consequences of this aren't exactly what Scully would've expected. E KF


a Thin Veneer
It was an accident. PS BF

Analytical G-Woman

The Guardian
Someone looks out for William. W KF

Anastasia D.

Coming Home
a man returns to a home he has been missing from for nine years. W KF

Andi Mitchell

Foreseeing Premonition
What if Scully knew she was pregnant? PS KF/TF

Andi Dawkins and Devanie

Pride and Joy
How do you balance domesticity and a career? A G-Couples' guide to love, parenting, and atelectasis. BF W


Planning Parenthood
New parents figure it all out. BF

There's a Way
sequel to Where There's a Will BF KF NCC Ad DP
WIP active again as of 3/2011!

Where There's a Will
An accident and two orphaned children. BF KF NCC Ad DP

Andrea and Frank

Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love"is like watching all The X-Files episodes but seeing what happened in Scully's and Mulder's private lives. Scully is the narrator: we hear and see everything from her perspective what happened when Mulder disappeared, how she felt when he 'died' and we also see what happens after she went with Mulder to Roswell, when they were hiding. The story ends up in 2015. BF-TF W W+S


Almost a Year Ago
On Feb. 14, 2003 Scully and Mulder have two people they've missed show up at their house in Canada, where they've been hiding. They bring along with them someone who was extremely missed. W gWb!

Easter egg Proposal
William is four years old and Mulder plays the role of 'Daddy' to him, even though him and Scully are not actually married. But will this Easter change all that? W KF

Happy New Year, William
Neither wanted that fate to be bestowed upon them again. For this whole new year and many more years to come, they would be lovingly together as a family. W KF

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Mulder gives Scully what she wants most for Christmas, a chance at being a family. Set in the winter after Iwtb. KF W gWb!

Life With Baby
What Mulder and Scully go through with their new baby, William, in their world. BF W

Set during season 9. Mulder comes home to spend Christmas with Scully and William. BF W

The Perfect Gift Of Good News
Mulder and Scully celebrate Christmas with their little family of three. Scully gives Mulder some very good news... which he considers to be the perfect gift. W KF PS

Early in the year 2008, William is 6. Scully leaves Mulder and William while she runs errands. Could they get into trouble? W KF PS

Mulder gets Scully the best Thanksgiving present ever....and his name is William. W


One Thought Series
Various events over the years through different sets of eyes. NCC BF-TF


The inevitable happens. Mulder has planned ahead and now does everything in his power to keep Scully safe. PS NCC

Nova: East of Eden unfinished
You didn't think it was going to end there, did you?! With a happy ending! Evie, my muse, and I are all laughing. NCC

Angel Brown

Adventures in Sunnydale
a crossover between X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Angel Leeann

Mulder's one-night stand brings with it consequences that will effect him for the rest of his life. Scully, of course, is willing to stand by him through it all. PO MoD BF

They are Mr. and Mrs., but not happy. Their son was killed in a car accident while Mulder was driving. Yet, that is only the beginning. NCC KF

Mirage II
At the end of 'Mirage' the readers are left wondering what it is Dana doesn't want Mulder to know. We're about to find out. NCC KF

a woman from Mulder's past brings with her painful memories, along with strain to Mulder and Scully's marriage. Then when William is an accident, Mulder must make a difficult decision: learn the truth or go to his injured son. BF W

Angel-Wings Gaskins

Broken Free
18 years later, and the family still suffers. Ncc TF

Hidden Gifts
Christmas comes in a variety of ways. PS

Merry Christmas, Scully
a Christmas dinner with Frank and Jordan Black gives Scully a lot to be thankful for. Rodc

The Wrong Existence
Broken Free sequel. Her father and mother's daughter... ncc TF

Angela 2

a Return
Mulder's back.. I had to get in on the action. PS

Angela CJ W.

He was 'the chosen'. He chose her. But her partner had something else in mind. Sometimes love is stronger than destiny.

Every Single Day
"Do you still miss her? " I ask, even though I already know the answer to my own question. "Every single day." Dp W KF

Angela CJ W. and Fredax

One night. Mulder. Scully. Their son. Together. BF W

Angela W

* note: when prompted the password is "avalanche"

Aunt Dana's Daddy
Mulder and Scully baby-sit for her nephew. KF ScC

a Brand New Life
How far would Mulder and Scully go to protect their son? What would they be willing to give up? BF W

Scully talks over her unplanned pregnancy with her priest and her friends. PS

a brief glimpse into Mulder's thoughts. PS

Two women both suspect they might be pregnant. PO

Scully explains exactly how she got pregnant. PS

Face to Face
Mulder and Scully's thoughts during and after the encounter in Mulder's doorway. Alternating first-person Povs.

Just Another Day in Paradise
Mulder, Scully and William spend a Sunday afternoon at home. BF W

The Marriage series
Glimpses of Mulder and Scully's married life. PS MS/TWC W+S

Our Parents
This is sort of a sequel to "Our Story." W W+S TF

Our Story
Mulder and Scully gave up their entire lives and began anew with different identities in order to protect their son almost 15 years ago. What would their lives be like now? W W+S TF

Pizza for Four
Mulder and Scully are married in this and she's pregnant, but it's not primarily about them; it's more about Missy Scully and Agent Pendrell. PS

Six Weeks
Mulder and Scully's life together in the six weeks after William's birth. BF W

newSuper Sunday
The gang has a Super Bowl party and one couple gets more than they bargained for. Told in first person, Frohike's POV. E W L NCC PR PO

Doggett and Reyes, engaged to be married, get a big surprise. PR

Two More Couples
Two couples get together.... L E

Undercover Operation
Four FBI agents go undercover. Four very lonely women come to visit them. PO NCC

Angela W and Audrey_Jay

Six different women get hot and bothered by watching their husbands workouts. Smuttiness ensues. PR PO E W L NCC BF KF


With the year 2012 nearly over, and Mulder and Scully living in relative seclusion waiting for the judgment day, a young woman lands in Scully's hospital exhibiting strange symptoms and throwing Mulder and Scully's son back into their lives. W GK


"No Scully, please just let me explain." BF W


The Infinite Love Contained In One So Small
Scully (perhaps wracked with surging pregnancy hormones) is guilt and grief stricken when she almost convinces herself that she can't care for her unborn child alone. PS


Lost Time
Mulder and Scully try to get it on with a new baby around the house. BF W

Ania J. Ann

The Search is over. Mulder and Scully now live normal lives, miles apart. But they are fine about it. Or are they? You can count on a VCS party and a little smooch.


In the year 2012
It's December 21th and William has trouble falling asleep. KF W

Anita Fougere

Quick Brown Fox
Short from Mulder's childhood. PXF


Beating the Darkness Back
Where do we go from here, now that we are free? KF W gWb!

Ghosts series

  • Ghosts
    An early December 2002 tale, originally supposed to be a drabble, totally spun out of control. A post-series 'what if' where Mulder was irrevocably altered, replicants were the new reality, and the clock was ticking down to 2012.
  • The Ghosts of Christmas Present
    Part 2 of the Ghosts series, originally posted on Christmas Day, 2002. A post-series 'what-if' now rendered totally AU by the events of the 2008 movie, not to mention the upcoming season 10 in 2016.
  • The Ghosts of Future Past
    Originally posted in September 2003 for the E-muse Beat the Heat Secret Santa Summer Challenge, and set post-original series, and prior to the events of 2008's I Want to Believe, and the 2016 Season 10. BF W MS/TWC gWb!

a Winter's Tale
It is late winter, dark and cold, the landscape obscured and transformed by snow and ice. One must step carefully, for the very ground can be treacherous. This is a lesson Mulder and Scully have already learned when the pristine snow in Antarctica yielded a long-buried secret. But the winter can hold many secrets, and could tell many tales, if it so chose. This is but one. OE NCC KF

Ann K

Domestication, Dilemmas and Diapers
Mulder adjusts to life as a father, with Scully as a domestic supervisor. BF W

ulder never returns after his disappearance in "Requiem," leaving Scully alone and a single-mother. Years later, fate conspires to bring Scully back to the man she has never forgotten. Can she accept the truth she finds? KF W

Ann Ripley

Old Soul
One life ends, another life begins. BF W

What You Leave Behind
Through memories of a doomed love affair, friendship with a young boy and a dangerous attempt at rebuilding his life, Alex Krycek's past is revealed and his future decided. G KF

Anna Chait

I Surrender
Leaving the FBI and Dana Scully was the hardest thing he'd ever have to do....or so he thought. Eight years later, Mulder is a widower with a son, and a certain pair of blue eyes are haunting his dreams. Will he....... Surrender? MoD KF

Where the Heart Lives
Home is where the heart lives and where we love. After thirteen years Mulder and Scully realize where their hearts live. A continuation of my storyI Surrender. MoD KF

Anna Otto

The saga begins when CSM finally finds his match, and ruminates about human vices, perils of parenting, and fate. A compilation of five stories and one bonus. PO KF

Anna Otto and Maraschino

Shield and Sword
Upon his mother's death, Mulder and Scully discover a curious document that eventually leads them to make a desperate choice. With Mulder in the Consortium, will the truth finally be revealed? Or will the webs of deception destroy both partners? A nightmare version of season 5, not leading up to the movie. KF YR


Immortal Innocence
Two years and everything turned to dust. PS BF W waa

Anna Hutchinson

All the World's a Stage
The boy from "The End" has some angst, and ponders the lives of the three FBI agents he's met. G

Anna X

The Dissident Hybrid Mother
M&S investigate a rash of what appears to be suicide amongst teenage boys. PO


Now Is the Time
Babyfic! Scully gives birth with some help... PS BF NCC

Anne Cologna and Glymax

Partnership II: Reconstruction
sequel to The Partnership I: DissolutionThe search for Samantha continues and has serious implications for the future of Mulder and Scully's partnership. YR

Anne Dorton

After the events of "The Truth" Scully and Mulder are separated again. In two different countries they join a resistance fight against colonization, each for their own separate reasons. Waa

Anne Haynes

Shooting Stars series
Mulder and Scully deal with the events of "Emily" in a series of first person vignettes. E

Small Hostage
a twist on the secret baby convention.... S!C OE BF NCC

Annette Gisby

The voices faded until there was only the sound of her heartbeat to keep her company. A sob erupted somewhere nearby. "Dana, you've got to wake up! You don't know what they'll do to you if they ever find out who you are." PS

If Wishes Were Horses
How Scully's family take the news. PS

Pregnant Pause
Scully's feelings while pregnant. PS

Annie Jennings and Jennifer Frye

Daybreak 1. Dusk
Agents Mulder and Scully discover the truth about what happened to Scully during her abduction-- and what they discover will change both of their lives forever. OE NCC

Daybreak 2. Night
a year has passed since Agents Mulder and Scully lost their child, and all searches for him have been fruitless. Now, just before hope runs out, an anonymous E-mail from a mysterious young girl stirs unsettling memories, as well as unsettling emotions... OE NCC

Daybreak 3. Darkest Hour
As the dusk fell in a fire of violence, Agents Mulder and Scully fought to save their child. Then, in the dead of night, they illuminated the sky with their love. Now, in that dark, black hour just before dawn, they will embark on the most horrible journey yet-- the search for the truth. OE NCC

Annie Sewell-Jennings

Glass Landscape
The world has fallen, Scully is nine months pregnant and alone in the desert, and Mulder is bound to her in a thousand different ways. PS NCC TF

Annie Wright

All About Soul
companion to Ultreya G PR DR/TWC GWb!

companion to All About Soul. G

You're My Home
"We're gonna make it, Mon. You an' me. As long as I got you, I got everythin' I need." TF G


December 23rd
So, the world ends...What happens next? The heroes of The X-Files face the end of days. W W+S NCC gWb!


Silence, Sea and Sky
Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of a young girl who may be the fourth victim of a serial killer and complications ensue when Mulder believes that the girl's sister has psychic abilities. KF

Anonymous and Lizzi

If You Believe
Mulder plans a trip to Aspen for Scully and her family for her birthday. YR PS

We Believe
Continuation of If You Believe, Scully's pregnant and Mulder's the father. PS YR


With a Little Help From a Friend?
When Scully's niece comes to visit for her birthday, Scully and Mulder are in for a big surprise when a friend of Jessy's comes along for a visit. TF


From Here
Something about despair, I think. KF


The aliens have finally come to invade the world. Told from a different point of view than normal. Follows from Closure. TF S


In My Last Moments
Mulder and Scully's daughter finds out about her father. TF NCC


Music For the Soul
"Her daughter died recently, she was only three years old."

Arca H

Anything for You
Scully and her newly-adopted daughter have a heart-to-heart... TF Ad


Scully asks Mulder to father her child. Alternate universe. KF NCC

From the last scene in existence. Scully counts her blessings. BF W

Life after Existence. BF W

First Snow
It's snowing. BF W

Genesis project
a murder case leads Mulder and Scully to three extrodinary children who change their lives forever. KF BF DP Ad MS/TWC NCC

It's That Easy
Mulder talks Scully into attending her niece's christening. YR

Silent Night
Scully finds Mulder asleep on her couch. PS

There For The Taking
Missing scene after Mulder 'rescues' Scully and the baby. BF W


Scully's son is born and the pair make a getaway. KF NCC


Home Ec
"She stretches her face toward William, pressing a light kiss to his forehead. I bite my lip in sheer ecstacy for this unpredictable moment of domestic bliss. How the hell did I get here? What kind of cosmic joke is this dream? " BF W

Shower Therapy
Home Ec sequel. Mom, Dad and baby at home and happy. BF W

Arden Hope
Scully: not as innocent as advertised. BF W

Arwen N

a short vignette as Mulder watches children play with bubbles he sees a more saddening realization. Set after Scully has cancer.

Ashlea Ensro

Black Wings series
Teena Mulder meets one of her husband's co-workers. G

How come Mulder's the only one who gets cool shadowy informants?

Lady Midnight
They shoot informants, don't they? sequel to Karass andOnly Darkness. OE

Only Darkness
a bizarre case brings Scully into contact with a woman from her past. sequel to Karass


The Final Stand
If William is humanity's last hope against alien invasion, how does an 11-year old kid prevent an invasion when grownups have tried for half a decade and failed? And what are Mulder and Scully up to while in hiding? KF W PS

Seek and Ye Shall Find
William discovers his adoption and tries to find out more about his mysterious birth parents, but ends up on an adventure he never bargained for. KF W WaF gWb!

Asta Luna

Only hours before we had left Mulder and Scully behind. PR

It was his second birthday. Waa


Winds and Wails
Mulder and Scully help a neighbor give birth during a tornado. PO


In the year 2017, Suzanna Scully-Mulder tells us of her 'so-called life'. TF AON

attackofthejello and Teresa6

And Chaos Ensued
No one could have expected the madness that befell Hogwarts when four FBI agents arrived to investigate baby William's potential status as a wizard. Harry and Company spend an action-packed afternoon with Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes-- chasing Wormtail down, dueling the Malfoys, and discussing the woes of their fanfictional existences. Also, the Agents can't believe who turns up to ruin their day-- in the form of Hogwarts's newest ghost. HP/X-Files crossover. BF W


Ice Princess
sequel to Penny Serenade II. Mulder and Scully go on an Alaskan cruise in search of a ship of a different kind. NCC BF

Penny Serenade
Both Mulder and Scully return from having disappeared for over three months without remembering what happened to them and are surprised by Scully's subsequent medical examination results. Mulder undergoes hypnosis to help him remember what happened while they were gone. PS

Penny Serenade II
sequel to Penny Serenade.Mulder and Scully continue to investigate the nature of their abduction. PS NCC BF

Aurora Jordan

The Right Path
Mulder and I have found our Nirvana. BF W

Aurora Vere

It has been four years since Mulder was taken...four years since Scully's child was born. Where is Scully now, and is there hope for Mulder, for their future, for the future of the world? KF W


Safe in Utah
a diary entry from a pregnant heroine. PS

Autumn Fugazzi

Suspicions Abated
An explanatory conversation in an ambulance. PS


The Best Laid Plans
Mulder tries to plan a romantic evening for Scully and himself. General havoc ensues. BF NCC

Crossroads in Time
How many different lives would we be leading if we made different choices? OE NCC

Scully must deal with Mulder's prolonged absence and their son's growing needs. KF W

Verdandi's Children
a simple park visit reveals that an old adversary has a child like William. BF ScC W

Awesomo Fox (a. Lalad)

Living Ever After
What if Emilyhadn't died? KF E

1000 Lies
a Pre-XF story with a song in it. PXF S


Take My Breath Away
Mulder returns and meets his newborn daughter for the first time. NCC BF


a Christmas miracle gives Mulder a new perspective on his past, present and future.

B.F. Simon

The Best Thing for My Child
What if Scully decided to take the risk and keep William instead of giving him up for adoption? BF W

a Day in the Life of a Househusband
Unemployed UFO supersleuth Fox Mulder faces a new peril: trying to keep house while staying one step ahead of his mischievous young son. BF W

Special Delivery (or Bottom of the 9th, One Out)
Mulder and a very pregnant Scully pay a visit to the Lone Gunmen, where Scully realizes that her "false" labor is actually the real thing. PS


Dream a Little Dream
a white haired creature pesters M&S. BF NCC

Baby Blue1

Bed of Lies
Mulder, Scully and....a baby....What more could a shipper hope for? BF NCC


Scully meets a woman who shows her that Christmas this year isn't all it seems. PS


a visit to Raleigh, NC. BF W


a young boy is charged with watching the recently-amputated Krycek. KF

Contingency Plans
1967. CSM does Teena Mulder a favor... but motives are rarely unselfish. PXF

The Night Before
It's the night before Christmas, and all through The X-Files world...KF

Sanctuary Trilogy
What if, after 'The Beginning', Mulder were dismissed from the Bureau on trumped-up charges of having had contact with The X-Files? What would he do? How would Scully fare on a reassignment? And what would happen if a case she was assigned to came uncomfortably close to exposing the Smoking Man's trump card? KF/TF

She remembers a warm place, a tree brought in from the outdoors, a boy. S

Barenaked Bostonian

Falling For the First Time
After the baby, things settle down to what they should be. BF W

To Be Content
After William is born, things change with our two favorite agent. These things involve a dance and some interesting, sap warning though! BF W


Scully stared at her incredulously. "Someone's planning on kidnapping you and you're calm? " TF


The White Picket Fences Series
After the Consortium is out of the way, Skinner thinks he is going to have a peaceful semi-retirement. Yeah, right. (m/m slash)


Airy Persiflage
Remembrance of things past. G

This story takes place in AU candy cane Christmasland. Mulder and Scully get out of the car mid-Requiem, Mulder never returns to Bellefleur, the Gunmen are alive, and all's right with the world. Happy Holidays! BF W

Replacing Sorrow
a trial, a friendship, and a promise. KF W

Mulder and birthdays past, present, and hopeful future. PXF/post-series W

These are the Clouds
Mulder, Scully, and their teenage son Will deal with the fallout of having their dreams come true. TF W

Whose Work Has Come to Nothing
All these years together, Scully. You must have seen this coming. KF W

Beautiful Cynic

Heavyweight Champ of the World
They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die...but what if you're only seven years old? Vignette told from Luke Doggett's POV after his abduction. L

Beautiful Evidence

And Baby Makes Three
After enjoying congealed pizza, Mulder and Scully snuggle up on the couch for a nice evening together. PS


Mommy and Daddy Abducted?
Someone has kidnapped Bill and Tara! KF ScC

Becka F.

Mulder and Scully encounter an old friend. Err...landlord. PS

Ad Infinitum
It's been a hell of a ride. W BF

After They Kissed
What happened after they kissed? BF W

It's a race against time. Literally. 'I know that line that connects the earth to the sky is my hourglass.' BF W

All Of Her
No one could have prepared me for what I was about to see. PS

And I Drove Away
Mother and daughter visit a psychic. BF NCC TF

The Art of Existence
I think I'm going to like it here. BF W

Baby Girl Window
I know a place where heaven breathes, and it's through her window, your baby girl's window. NCC BF

They have a beautiful baby. BF W

It was all we needed today. BF W

Delivering the News
Did you ever wonder about the nurse who told Scully she was pregnant? PS

Destination: The Stars
My name is Captain Dana Scully, and I will be taking you on your journey to the stars this evening. BF W

From Out of Nowhere
Sometimes it just comes from out of nowhere. BF W

Scully takes a trip down to the neo-natal ward shortly after the birth of her baby. BF

Daddy, what's a hero? W KF

Idle Seconds and Sudden Storms
She knew she should have never let them go. BF W

Just a Normal Kid
That's all I am. BF W

This is what you see when you look through. KF W

Like Lightning
It's just like lightning. KF W

Monsters In The Dark
Margaret Fearon's son is dying from a devastating illness, and all I want in this exact moment is for her to recognize that we share something other than desperately wanting to see Christian get better.

Perfecting The Art of Mothering
Damn, I'm getting good. BF W

Seventeen Seconds
Today's the day. BF W

a Simple Twist of Faith
Mulder and Scully have a little talk about faith. BF W

"Hi Mom, it's me. I was wondering if you could come over and watch William for a few hours..."BF W

Where My Son Is
Today is the day we are going to get our son. Waa

Where the Streets Have No Name
Maybe England wasn't so damn bad after all... BF W

And for the first time, Xavier wasn't the special one. He was. KF W WaF W+S

sequel to Xavier. I'll see you in the wind. KF W WaF W+S


Secret Santa
Christmas with Maggie, Dana, William, and a Secret Santa. BF W

The World's Smallest Santa
Its William's first Christmas, and Scully is missing Mulder. BF W


Cats and Cross-dressers
a Halloween tale set in theHurricane Season universe. BF W

From One So Small
This is a companion piece to Rah's How It Begins. You don't need to read that story before you read this one, but you should. BF W Really.

Just Doing My Job
The call came at ten thirteen. How appropriate, and how perfectly timed. Ten thirteen, Mulder's birthday. PS

Mulder and Scully take care a very important legal matter. PS

when we are three
Scully finds faith with a little unexpected help from a loved one. PS

beduini and rah

Hurricane Season
"Old habits die hard." BF W


Children of the First: Hidden Truths
17 years post finale. Two teenagers linked to the end of the world and may be the only people who can stop the invasion from happening again. W TF

The Genesis Breed
It is 2009, three years between the agents and the looming date of the invasion. An assassin is assigned to hunt them down and kill them and their children, Meredith and William. Unfortunately, her ties to the past make the job rather difficult. Mix this with mind games and secret alliances and you have the makings of a jolly good X-File.


Teamwork and Teamwork II: Remember Me a curious young Scully meets Mulder for the first time at one of Samantha's birthday parties, where even then she helps him out of trouble. PXF


Just Mommy and Me And Mr Potato Head
Emily's first Christmas after becoming a Scully. Rodc

What's In a Name?
William has to make a very important choice. W

Bella Maria

Long Lay the World
a lonely Christmas Eve at a diner on 16th Street. PS


Defining Happily Ever After
Facing a future sometimes means facing a past. BF W

Defining the Darkness
Mulder can no longer hide from the trauma of his abduction, testing the strength of his ability trust.Defining Happily Ever After sequel. BF W


Daughter of Mine
"Mulder, you're old enough to be her father."

"I am her father." TF MoD

Hearts on The Mend
After a personal tragedy has torn them apart, Mulder and Scully wonder if their relationship is broken beyond repair. W KF (Out Of The Ashes andPicking Up The Pieces follow)

Out Of The Ashes
Hearts on The Mend sequel. A year after renewing their vows, Mulder and Scully receive new information about their son's disappearance, reuniting them with old enemies. KF W gWb! (Picking Up The Pieces follows)

Picking Up The Pieces
Hearts on The MendandOut Of The Ashes sequel. Finally reunited with their son, Mulder and Scully discover that "happily ever after" is not as easy as it sounds. KF W

Simple Man
Companion toArms Wide Open. Halloween in the Mulder family, past and present. KF W

Valley Of Shadows
The end of one road is sometimes the beginning of another. BF W gWb!

bellefleur and Emily Sims

Great Expectations
Scully visits her obstetrician and receives some unexpected news.PS T+


Sympathy for the Devil
Willingly and otherwise, Mulder and Krycek team up to fight: against mutual enemies; against each other, and against themselves. mpreg (m/m slash)

Sympathy Pains
"He couldn't get used to this, it was like some pustulant abscess, growing and taking over his own body. Another alien invasion, although far less dangerous than the last two... or maybe it was even more dangerous. This one wouldn't be gone again in a few days." mpreg MoD BF NCC (m/m slash)


Pregnant Mulder
Warning - male pregnancy, angst, actual plot! Yikes, how did that get in there? Please tell me if I have thoroughly lost my mind with this one. PO Mpreg BF NCC T+

Bertie and Leather Alex

Two Fathers, Two Sons


Think ahead - past season six. Think, perhaps, past season seven. Life never ends. It continues to change and grow. Imagination survives, even past The End. BF NCC(m/m slash)

Betty and Al

Wait for Me
Mulder and Scully may be able to survive the Fluke Man, Little Green Men, and MIB, but will college and a conniving girlfriend be their demise? PXF TF

Bidie Mccucholl

Omniscient Ouija
On a stormy Halloween night, a young Dana and Melissa Scully decide to play with the newest of Melissa's discoveries- a Ouija board. PXF TF

Billie Reid

a Challenging Life
When things keep happening can Kim and Walter overcome them? BF/KF PO NCC T+

Chatroom Talk
Kim seeks help in an internet chat room. PO

Christmas to Remember
The miracle of Christmas. Skinner/Kim. P

For Better or Worse
Kim in going through a rough time and Walter's there for her. PO

Hard Times
Something great between Monica and John. W PR BF

Here and Now
What if a secret was just found out? KF Skinner/Kim

Labor Day
Doggett/Reyes romance. PR BF T+

Life Happens
a pre-XF event leads to something interesting. KF PO Skinner/Kim

Skinner's Heroes
One wonderful night, leads to a chain reaction to reveal the past! Will something great come of this? PO BF

Total Confusion
What would happen if something was taken the wrong way? BF PO

The Truth Revealed
What if a Dream was the beginning of a life once lost? Monica's POV. PR

Undercover Miracle
An undercover assignment puts Skinner in danger of life and future... PO NC KF

Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi

Destination: Truth
What happened to Monica and John after the end of "The Truth"? Did they meet up with some old friends? Either way, they go on a journey with an outcome that neither of them could have ever expected. PS PR PO W DRR/MWC gWb

Wonder Years
18 years later, the lives of our favorite Agents are about to change W PO KF BF GK


Scully and Mulder babysit her cousin Emily's kids, Ruth and Damien. Things get a little out of hand on the sofa in front of the television. KF YR

Babysitting II. Somersaults
Part two of 'Babysitting', The next morning our heroes have some fun in the.... KF YR

Babysitting III. Past Present Future
Mulder and Scully go to a beach and he gives her a gift.

Babysitting IV. Hi Em, It's Me
Scully returns calls to her Cousin Emily. KF YR PS

Babysitting V. Baby Shower
Mulder and Scully have been married for seven months, Scully is now eight months into her pregnancy. KF YR PS

Babysitting VI. Home to My Sweethearts
Scully and Mulder's first child. PS NCC BF

Binky and Flowers By Irene

Babysitting VII. Now We Are Four
Mulder and Scully 's daughter turns four and we put some extra at the end. muahahaha! NCC KF PS


Just Like Normal People
Some time spent living... just like normal people. BF W


Mulder and Scully are called to investigate the disappearance of a group of gifted teenagers, only to discover an element of the Consortium's "research" of whicheven they had been unaware. TF


Finding The Past
What if Scully and Alex Krycek have a baby but it got taken away from them, now years later Alex finds it. It's up to Mulder and Scully to get her son back from Krycek. NC KF


"My Dad went away again. He left early in the morning before I was woken up." KF W


Fiducia e Verita
Mulder and Scully try to help an alien abductee. PS BF T+ NCC


Thoughts, fears, hopes of a pregnant woman. PS


At Least We Have...
Three months into the fugitive life, Scully is depressed. Waa


She didn't know if she could break his heart when she knew all too well how it felt to have a broken heart. BF W

Karmic II
Follow-up to "Karmic." A time for everything and everything in its time. BF W


Black Bicycles
"And through the strobed spokes of the bicycles I saw my son... A sailor on the shore of that dark and silent sea." Waa

Full Reward
After the end of all things, how would you choose a beginning? KF W gWb!

White Ink
In December 2012, a battered Mulder, Scully and William know there's much more at stake than just the end of the world. KF GWb!


I'm Listening
Mulder accidentally coaxes some unresolved feelings from Scully. William fic sort of. Waa

Bonnie Drew

After eleven years of marriage, things are stale. Two kids, two careers and the pressure of aging in front of their Immortal friends. Can some downtime save the Skinners' marriage? KF NCC

Father's Day
FollowsPeaceful, Easy Feeling. Regina has some news to share with her husband. But who else is listening in? PO

O Holy Night
Regina and Walter celebrate their first Christmas together with some special friends, including Sally Bradstreet, Joe Dawson, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Bonnie Drew and Sam Gerard. BF NCC

Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Regina is called away on a case with her old buddy, Sam Gerard. During her pursuit of a felon, Skinner's wife is severely injured. Will Skinner lose everything he's loved? PO

a Quarter Past Three
FollowsFather's Day. Walter Skinner has faced countless dangers, alien and mutant. He's dealt with conspiracies of all kinds and human treachery. But is he a match for "The Blob"? KF NCC


Future Tense
Mulder wakes up in the future with a few surprises. W W+S TF

Brandon D. Ray

All Which It Inherit 1: Insubstantial Pageant
"There's a storm building, a mighty tempest that will rock the foundations of the planet, leaving death and ruin in its wake. Few will remain standing once the gale has abated. This storm has been foretold for decades, but the preparations made by those who knew of its coming are pitifully inadequate." OE NCC

All Which It Inherit 2: Melted Into Air
This is the way the world ends. OE NCC

All Which It Inherit 3: Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On
This is the way the world ends. OE NCC PS

Every Man Has His Price
a father watches his daughter at play. NCC

Not a Hallmark Kind of Guy
Post episode. What happened after the end of "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" M

B R Cary

Love the Next Time Around
Dana isn't the only Scully interested in an X-Files agent. BF W

Bralynne Lerae

Man on The Moon
Scully and her child share stories about the child's father. NCC KF


En L'aire
It's been months since that night in Montana. YR PS

Zone of No Signal
Scully prepares herself for her double mission. PS

Brenna Snakelady

The Sitter
Frohike gets stuck babysitting a stranger's son while his roommates are out on a date. KF

Brian Olson

Even In His Youth
Eventually things all add up... PXF TF

Brianne C

Wish You Were Here
Mulder's still missing, Scully's in labor... PS BF W


Feathered By The Moonlight
"I've lived so much of my life in darkness. So much pain and regret. Then you came along and I saw the light." W PS W+S

Brit Mulder and Girlie_girl7

Of Mothmen and Moonshine
One would think Mulder and Scully had learned their lesson about going into the forest but noooo, only this time Mulder took along some help. TF

Three Lil' Fishies
Mulder and William go to the Aquarium. BF W

Bruce C and Angelia D

Jurassic Files
It is six years later, and something strange has happened: John Hammond has sent letters to all of his surviving "guests," inviting them back to his island. A concerned Lex - a work-study student at the FBI, invites her new friends Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to accompany her and her teenage brother, Tim, to Jurassic Park, where they encounter the real story behind the dinosaur cloning experiments! TF


The Great Beyond
a few days in Mulder's new life. BF W.

The Laws of Coming and Going
Life after death. PS

The Provisional World
Staying connected. W BF

To Disclosures or Crescendos
How to regroup. BF W


Burning on Re-entry
Houston, we have a problem. BF NCC

The Butterfly Universe PS BF(eventually)

Dark Seed
The remaining members of the Consortium have a new, desperate plan. Mulder and Scully are at the center of these machinations, and they struggle to deal with the intimate relationship that results. PS BF NCC

The Mushroom Emulation series BF (eventually) W

The Tongues of Men and of Angel
Friends and lovers come together for Christmas. BF W


Massive Massacre
Doggett, Monica, and Scully all receive a terrifying phone call that their children's school is being held hostage by two young shooters who would love nothing more than to blow up the entire school. The young teens' bombs don't work, then they use guns to take over. Some students are injured and some are murdered. Can the agents stop these terrorists in time and save their children too? W NCC

C. Charlotte

Silent Night
Scully is involved in a Christmas car accident. BF NAC


Mulder's return from his abduction stirs up new emotions and old memories. PS

C and E

Weekend at Scully's
Mulder needs to spent some time at Scully's (that is obvious, uh? ) and everything happens. YR

C and Me

An Advanced Case of Like
Post season 8. A Mulder family evening. BF/KF NCC

a Chance Encounter
The writer meets the famous duo at the end of their trek. BF W

Silent Distances
Sometimes those who wait have the hardest of tasks, and endurance may just be a matter of the mind. When Mulder returns, in what condition will he find Scully? BF NCC


Child's Play
Mulder and Scully are given a young girl to baby-sit. What they weren't told is that she 'witnessed' a murder without actually being there. KF


I Only Wanted
Reyes and Doggett are emotionally confused by each other. A drunken one-night stand has made them feel more confused PR


Body Check
Dana's brothers and their friends play a game of ice hockey. Although they say it's no sport for girls, Dana wants to join in, but - will they let her? PXF


The Rat's Passage
a pivotal moment in Krycek's childhood sets the path for the course of his life. An attempt to explain why he is the way he is. TF PXF

Candy and Samantha

Brain Dead
People are disappearing, and the two young daughters of a victim accompany Mulder and Scully as they investigate. KF

Candy C

Mulder and Scully are preparing for a new arrival when something unexpected happens. NCC


Little White Lies
"A lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths." BF W


The Sex Loop
One week after the end of "The Truth," everyone comes together to plan the next step, Gibson tries to cope with their thoughts.

Carrie Barber

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
What happened after Mulder got out of the shower in Existence? BF W

Carly (Carlysxfiles)

Coming Home
John receives strange messages through his computer and is unsure of whether to trust his instincts or not. Tensions are high between he and Monica, and Scully is struggling to come to terms with the loss of William, cutting out both John and Monica from her life. They never needed each other more but pride is standing in the way. Bf W gWb!

Set seven years after the finale, William is home safe with his parents, and Mulder and Scully finally have their family together. Monica and John are married with a daughter, and very much in love. But when tragedy strikes Monica is faced with a task like no other and much harder than anything she's ever faced before. And this time she has to do it alone. KF NCC BF-KF W+S

Who Are You?
Over a year has passed since the finale, and after their safety is restored Mulder and Scully are home. Mulder is finding it difficult to adjust to normal life again. He misses his son. Reyes offers him advice and thus begins the spiral of events that not even Mulder ends up being able to control. Reyes has to ask questions that Mulder wants answers to. But is she ready for what she'll discover about herself? W gWb!

Who I Am
Who You Are sequel. This the end of the road for many, and a new beginning for others, as finally the longest case The X-Files has had comes to a head. Will Reyes pull through? Will William be taken by social services? And will any of them ever be truly safe even when this threat is gone? KF BF W W+S PS

Who You Are
Who Are You? sequel. After Gibson's shock phone call a disruption in everybody's lives is on the cards. The truth will come out. But how much are Reyes, Doggett, Mulder and Scully going to have to sacrifice for those they love and for any chance of future happiness? Will Scully cope with William's further endangerment? And what exactly happened all those years ago when Reyes was adopted at four years old, when her mother tried so hard to find her? KF W PS

William Continued
his is what I wish had have happened at the end of the season 9 episode 'William'.

Carol Gritton

My Baby
Memories from a comatose Mrs. Mulder. PXF

Sarah series
When Mulder's ex dies, he becomes a single father to his daughter Sarah. KF NCC MOD

The Time For Miracles
a Christmas story with a little angst, a miracle and a happy ending. Consider this set in an alternate universe. T+ KF

Carol Ann

The Blue Boy
Mulder and Scully investigate the ghost of a small boy who might date back to civil war days.


Bittersweet Renaissance
Let's all take a field trip into the depths of Scully's mind! Scully kind of dies in childbirth, but, since this is a Scully POV, she doesn't stay dead long. Just give it a chance! GF NCC

Carrie Barber

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
What happened after Mulder got out of the shower in Existence? BF W

Cassandra Lange

Proof of Love
This is post FTF. M & S get married, and though Scully can't have a child, they adopt, and it's just Scully's feelings about that. Ad NCC MS/TWC

Cassie Consten

Baby, Oh Baby!
Happily ever after has a whole new meaning when the Mulders have octuplets. PS BF T+

Cathey Scully

Admit One series
This was their second chance, and they weren't going to waste it. TF BF W NCC MS/TWC

She knew the day would come eventually. BF W

For William's "half-birthday," Mulder has a surprise for him, and Scully. BF W

the Changed series
When Scully takes on a nearly impossible task, Mulder's there for her and her new arrival. PS BF NCC MS/TWC

Paths collide toward and inevitable future. W gWb!

Don't Go Away
You can be what you wanna be, but don't go away. (sequel to Everlasting) NCC BF/KF W W+S

A href="">Everlasting
Friendship cannot be defined by time, or age, it is defined by souls who form bonds. Ad NCC KF BF W W+S

Flies, Rocky Bronzino, and Other Insects
Scully deals with Rocky Bronzino in a wonderful way. BF W

Hootie 1. Only Lonely
Only lonely on the inside, didn't mean to take away your dreams.

Hootie 2. I Will Wait
"I'll be there waiting for you. In the morning when times have changed. I'll be there through the lies and all." B W

Hootie 3. Hold My Hand
"With a little love, and some tenderness. We'll walk upon the water. We'll rise above this mess." BF W

I Shall Believe
Over the years, anything can happen. BF/KF/TF NCC OE SoM T+

In Love and Baseball
Baseball brings everyone together, but for young Mulder and Scully, is it too much? PXF TF

Interludes in Roller Blading
a teenage Dana thinks about how her folks reacted to her dating Fox. TF PXF

What if, two years into the future, the child she gave up was to fall ill? KF W WaF

If a young Scully had a child with someone else, would Mulder still love her? KF SoM

Whatever We Become(Seed II)
Tucker reexamines everything in his life after learning his mother's secret. KF T+

Moving On
Moving on, together. Companion toAdieu. BF W

Catherine M.

Deep Breath
a post Requiem fic written in September 2000 long before the 8th season premiered. Predicts the events surrounding Mulder's return and Scully's baby when there was still a shred of hope that the child was conceived the old fashioned, fun way with Mulder and Scully doing the naked pretzel. PS BF NCC


The Aftermath
What happened after Skinner went through the door of Kersh's office in "The Truth." G


An X-Mas Carol
Mulder was drunk, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. But whether that explains the three visitors - four, if you count the mortal one - to his apartment that Christmas eve is yet to be determined...PXF


Scully calls Mulder in a fit of indecision, again, and loses her nerve, again. But this time, Mulder's not letting her off the hook. E

Caz the Beeslayer

Wishful Thinking


Scully and Mulder are living under aliases when Scully receives an email from an old friend sending them back to the world they left behind. W gWb!

Ccile Laumonier

Scully finally discovers all the truth about her role in the Project... OE PS

Cecily Sasserbaum

Bloodline I: Red
Mulder receives cryptic photographs that lead he and Scully to suspect that Samantha, or one of her relatives, is still alive and well...but this becomes more complicated. Of course.BF S!C

Bloodline II: Binding
Mulder can't cope with any more holy grails. Scully grapples with the question of how much sacrifice is required to have faith. KF NCC

Ceilidh Paul

"Some moments are harder than others- and this moment is hardest of all." Mulder has an encounter with one long thought lost. KF W WaF Waa

Celine Janeway

Before the War
After years of hiding, the re-emergence of Mulder and Scully thrust them into a familiar fight for their lives and that of their ultimate cause. W gWb!

Celtic karate

Come Home
Mulder and Scully get William back. Told from an OC's point of view. W gWb!

Two children's quest to find their parents. W E gWb! W+S


Darkness Travels
Worlds collide when William finds out where his Daddy is. Set ten years in the future, William knows only a little about his father having seen him only has an infant and in pictures. W KF


Dear Fox
Samantha keeps a diary. PXF S

Char Priolo

Phase 2
Phase 2 of the project. PS NCC

How I think Mulder will be writing out of the show for season 9. BF W

Charleyne Hall

Damned Kid
Scully discovers a child that has unexplainable growth problems and leaves Mulder in charge for about an hour. FC

Charlotte Unsworth

Ad Astra per Aspera
Following the events of "Requiem," the end of everything and a new beginning. PS


Yes Mulder, There is a Santa Claus
William helps Mulder discover the existance of Santa. KF W

Chosen One
The aliens are after Scully's child and Mulder must fight to save them both. PS


Lying here with you..I Could Not Ask For More. Waa

Cherry Ice

Dana Scully's about to get a rather large shock about the world she lives in. BF NCC

Letonia II. The Ties That Bind
After the event of Letonia, Scully deals with the fallout. Not always so well. BF NCC

Cheryl Cohen

When Pigs Fly
Mulder baby-sits some small relatives, much to his dismay, and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong...YR

You Better Sit Down Now
Mulder plans to ask Scully to marry him on Valentine's Day, but her surprise tops his by a long shot. PS

Cheryl Cohen and Annie Reed

Oh What a Night
On Halloween, Mulder is drafted to baby-sit some small relatives and his well-meaning efforts to take them trick or treating cause nothing but trouble. KF

Cheryl Deluca and S. Anderson

a Thimble For Peter
Set in the un-named future. In the wake of an unexpected event, Mulder and Scully must overcome pride and uncertainty before too much time has passed. PS BF NCC

a Thimble For Peter II: Tiny Arrow
Set after a Thimble for Peter, M & S find that even the small things can rekindle big doubts. BF NCC

a Thimble For Peter III - Back Through the Window
Catherine Mulder makes a difficult trip. NCC

Chesa B

The Animated Figures
Scully's teenage niece and Mulder's cousin visit and make life interesting.

Chloe D.

Childhood Memories
a pre X/F story with Mulder and Scully meeting at Sam's b'day party. PXF

Scully drops a major bomb on Mulder and he is not very pleased with it. KF SoM NCC

Chris Munn

When a young boy appears to have been killed by a ghost, Mulder and Scully open up an investigation. KF


a Mother's Secrets
Scully's cousin goes missing and Mulder witnesses what a mother's secrets can lead to. SoM TF

Threat to Happiness
Mulder and Scully's daughter is almost two years old, when Scully realize they're not the only girls in Mulder's life. BF NCC


Caught by surprise, Mulder reacts badly to Scully's news. Will he alienate her? PS

Christina Shuy

The Beatles Files
Beatles songs provide the background music to Mulder and Scully's lives together. PS PO NCC BF-TF

Christine B

Little White Lies
"A lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths." -- Deep Throat/"E.B.E" Three years after Scully left the FBI she and Mulder are drawn back into the FBI after Agents Doggett and Reyes find some new evidence that suggests that William may not Mulder's son...

Christine L

Eminent Domain
Fox and Dana welcome their first child into the world... NCC BF

Christine Leigh

Bits of Now and Then
Post-Trust No 1. Scully POV alternating with flashback scenes to past episodes. BF W

Days of William
hree birthdays have come and gone. Written for X-Files Drabbles Birthdays/Anniversaries Challenge.Waa

The End of Summer
Post-season nine. William POV. W KF

Good-bye To All That
William comes home. KF W gWb!

a Christmas story. BF W

Hope, Maybe
The events of a day one year after William was given up for adoption. Waa

Little House In The Desert
a different teaser for "William." BF

Mother's Day
Mother's Day events, present and past. Waa

Mulder and William
Stories about father and son, beginning three years into the future. KF W

October Air
Post-series. About three years or so down the road. W KF S

Party of Three series
a series of post existence fics about being new parents. BF W MS/TWC


Christmas with the Scullys, 2001. Mulder's there, and so are Bill and his family, and Scully's long-lost brother Charles.BF W

Song of Experience
Will Mulder and Scully's past stand in the way of a future with their son? KF W

Song of Innocence
It's been seven years; can three strangers become a family? KF W

In a series of flashbacks Mulder and Scully examine their past in order to move forward. BF W

Chuck Miller

Gotham X series
An X-Files/Batman crossover series. G


Somebody's child
a possible resolution to the baby issue. PS BF

Cinnamon Scully

Endings and Beginnings sequel. Set 10 years later. KF W

Endings and Beginnings
Mulder leaves Scully in fear of his mental state. Doggett helps Scully cope with Mulder's departure and his little brother takes them on an adventure. BF W

Enter Mulder
Agent Mulder arrives to find the changes in the office and life. Aliens are still abducting. Mulder tries to avoid being abducted again himself.PS PO G

Resist or Die
See part one of this series: Enter Mulder. PS PO NCC BF

Shattered Halcyon
See part one of this series: Enter Mulder. PO NCC KF


a Life Unfinished
a return story. PS

Circe Invidiosa

Elephant In The Room
an evening watching the baby. W BF


Blood of My Blood
After four years of hell, Scully returns to Mulder and their son Sean. NCC

Blood of My Blood II: The Ties That Bind
To stop the vampires, Mulder and Scully make a deal with one of them. NCC

Blood of My Blood III: Touchstones
To get back what was taken from them. NCC

Claire Dobbin

Something in the Air
Alex and Mulder cross paths with a very interesting lady from the late 1600's. m/m slash Mpreg

Making The Future Series

  • Touch Down
    In the story 'Little Steps' is the line - only Alex Krycek could make performing in the nasty little room a sexy and pleasurable experience - I just had to investigate what went on in the 'nasty little room' For a reason that will be apparent when you read it, this story, though written second, needs to be read first. m/m slash BF

  • Special Delivery
    Babyfic with Alex and Walter! Alexander weighs in a little early. You have been warned. m/m slash BF NCC

  • Like a Tapestry
    The strands of Walter, Alex and Alexander's lives weave themselves together into the pattern of a loving family. m/m slash BF/KF NCC

  • Fair Exchange
    Who said grocery shopping was dull? m/m slash BF NCC

  • Getting it Right
    Walter, Alex and Alexander celebrate a special day. m/m slash KK NCC

  • Little Steps
    Alex and Walter discover what it is that makes a family work. m/m slash KK NCC

  • Once More, with feeling...
    Walter and Alex have to face an important decision. m/m slash KF NCC

  • Doing the Deed
    Decision made, it's time to do the deed!

  • Growing Up is Hard to Do
    Walter and Alex have a memorable Christmas. m/m slash KF NCC

Clare Skinner

Anthony: book one
AD Walter Skinner receives an unexpected package in the mail. Could it be that the wife he thought he'd buried more than seven years earlier was still alive? And was it possible that he had a child he knew nothing about? S!C KF NCC

Anthony: book two
Anthony and Walt Skinner slowly adjust to life without Clare. But as Walt struggles to regain his equilibrium, will he lapse into complacency and fail to remember the danger that still abounds? S!C KF BF NCC

Anthony: book three
The danger was past... and the woman AD Walter Skinner had fallen in love with was forever safe from the Consortium. Who would have believed that actually *making* love to her would be the hard part? S!C KF BF NCC

Anthony: book four
Walt didn't know why he bothered to plan anything anymore -- Fate seemed determined to operate on a different schedule. From an inattentive child and driver to nearly missing one of the most important events in his life, Walt's in for a bumpy year. S!C SK KF BF NCC

Anthony: book five
This time, Walter Skinner knew he was in hell -- and as far as he was concerned, it was his own fault. His worst nightmare had come to pass ... and he had no more than two weeks to find the abducted, cherished members of his family before they would suffer certain, horrifying death. S!C SK KF BF NCC


Eyes and Ears
Scully regrets her actions in Boston. PS

Claudia Modell

Samantha's and Fox's thoughts at the night of Samantha's abduction. PXF

Someone has a homework to do. NCC KF


Happy Families
The baby is crying. Scully is asleep. Just what does Mulder do? BF NCC

Some Things Never Change
The title is all the summary you get for this one. TF W


Visiting the Uncles
Nearly eight years after "Existence," Scully and William pay a visit to the Lone Gunmen. KF W

coldangel omega

Post finale mytharc-ish kind of fic. Mulder and Scully are on the run. They are contacted by a mysterious source who turns out to be an old sparring partner and who leads them on a desperate quest into the heart of the Mytharc for the future of the human race. TF G

Colette Godkin

Lost and Gone Forever
Set in goldmining country, we unearth a new X-file and an old murder, a little romance (although not between Scully and Mulder), and some nuggets of information about Walter Skinner's past. TF


An Unexpected Delivery
John gets an unexpected surprise....but it turns out to be just what he wants. PR DR/TWC T+


Angels Instead
How do we teach our children what we ourselves are unsure of? W

East Side of Eden
"...always, like an elephant that would not leave center stage, her focus would travel back to this one word, this single syllable. Every time it came to her it instilled yet another violent pang of fear deep in her gut. The name fell on her like an omen foretelling the fate of her child. Only she could not decipher that fate. All she could do was worry over the possibilities of its meaning.... Cain" PS NCC BF-TF

The Consortium

Mulder and Scully make a startling discovery that leads them on a search. OE


Anybody Miss Me?
This picks up right after the last scene of Deadalive. Mulder's alive and doesn't know yet about Scully's pregnancy. PS

Crash and frogdoggie

Fugue for the Forgotten
Scully has a crisis of faith after the death of Emily. She and Mulder then learn they have a child together. OE


The Pick-up Game With Mr. Hale
William Van De Kamp plays a friendly game of basketball with a stranger W Waf

Crazy Victoria

Finding Hope
Six months. They'd been running though, as many would say later, the last thing they would do is run from anything in constant for six months. Two weary FBI Agents find the one thing they left behind after their flight from the law: family. BF W GwB


Coming to Terms
Takes place during season nine, straight after the events of the episode William. Scully struggles to come to terms after giving up William. While, Doggett and Reyes are given an extremely challenging case which has terrible drawbacks. Waa


Precious Little Things
The realization that all you really want sometimes are those precious little things. KF

Cris Francis

Mulder Meets the Meddling Kids
Mulder and Scully go out to investigate a possible landing site, and land themselves in a very strange place. CX


Reason For Hope
Scully gave William up for Adoption? After 'Emily'? Ok, well I had a hard time believing that. William returns. gWb! W PS


The Chosen Ones
a crossover between Harry Potter and The X-Files - takes place after season 9. KF W W+S

This is my Life
One young boy destined to face the past, change the present and determine the future. KF W gWb!

Crysta Novelli

Less Than My Best
Agent Doggett attempts to come to terms with the results of "Invocation". L


She thinks there's nothing anyone can take from her now.