A Boy and His Dog, A Girl and Her Cat Challenge

This challenge comes relates to this new genre list.

Think back to when you were a child. Did you have a pet? Was a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, turtle or tank of fish part of your household? Do you have fond, or funny, memories about that animal that shared your home?

Surprisingly, though there are lots of children in X-Files stories, there aren't many kids who have the joy and challenge of pet ownership. Let's bulk up the numbers, shall we?

Your Challenge:

  • Write a story about a child and his or her pet. This can be any child - William, Emily, Luke Doggett, the XF characters themselves, an Original Character - and any type of pet, from a guppies or a gerbil to a flukeman...or should that be flukechild?

  • Give the child and pet something exciting to do. What kind of excitement (fun, terror) do they experience?

  • Note: a girl and her dog, or a boy and his cat are of course both fine - I just thought it was a fun title

Every other detail is up to you.


e-mail completed stories to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com


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