Adult William Fics

While the purpose of this archive is to offer baby and kidfic, I know there's some interest in fics about William as an adult too, so here's a list of some of them. Most can be found at Gossamer.

25 Years by XxaerogirliexX

2012 by angelofjoy

Ad Aeternum series by Julie Jekel

Another Fond Memory by Spock

At Sunset by Oracle

Badlands by J.S. Michel

Beautiful by Gauri

Betrayal & Absolution by Mary Kleinsmith

Boy X by Meredith

Cafe Confessions by Rae

The Clandestine series by harperrose87

Cotton Wool by Neoxphile WIP

The Crouching Thing by Sarah Ellen Parsons

The Cycle Begins Anew by Thornedbud

Dad by Faith

Early Morning Call by Myriss

Every Single Day by Angela C. Wettergreen

Fragments - In Memoriam by XSketch

A Fine Boy by Cara Taylor

A Fond Memory by Spock

Gentle Christmas by Susan

Ghost Lights by Neoxphile

Graveside Questions by Rae

In the Attic by Abra Elliott

My name is William by PamalaSt

One Day by Myriss

Our Son, The Doctor by AdventureGirl6
(this fic at

Quiet Christmas by Susan

Son by Squishy

new ficSins of the Fathers by TangledAria

Spring in Pride Creek by Elsie

new ficStill Out There by revery

Their Fondest Memory by Spock

Thy Mother's Glass by Lazuli Kavanaugh

To Have And To Hold by Deia

To Never Know by Agent Spooky

Tuebor by Slippin' Mickeys

new ficThem by Neoxphile

new ficUs by Neoxphile

White Christmas by Susan

William 2022 (a graphic novel) by Alien Girl

Wish William by XSketch

Wonder Years by Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi


Fics in which William is grown up by the end:

For the Good of the Child by Aislinn Carter

You Should Be Proud by Faith N.


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