Three* or more fics set in the same universe. If the author did not give their series a collective title, the fics are listed by the title of the first fic in the series

87 Shades of Black I-III by Slippin' Mickeys

Admit One series by Cathey Scully

After the Future by Donna

After Mulder series by Kimberly

After The Run series by Pattie

After William by Susan

Ahead of Twilight series by TexxasRose

All of The Children series by Shiv

All Hallow's Eve Series by Windsinger

All Which It Inherit series by Brandon D. Ray

Almost Family Series by Donna

Amanda series by Mary Kleinsmith

And Baby Makes Four series by gillian dana

Annabelle Series by Elizabeth L. Iacono

The Answers Series by LJP

Bathrooms and Other Benefits by Sara B.

The Before Series by Emily Miller

Being Young series by Jo Ann Medrano

Beyond After... series by Pattie

Beyond The Truth series by Neoxphile

Blood of My Blood series by Claire

The Burpday series by Kelly J. Thompson

The Butterfly Universe by Bugs

Cerril series by Sita

the Changed series by Cathey Scully

The Children's Teeth universe by Erin McCole Cupp

Chip Off The Old Block series by mimic117

Christmas series by Forte

Christopher Ryan Scully series by Jori

Cursing Miracles series by ElizabethAnn

Dana's Desires series by Nadia S

Dana's Dreamland series by Empress Vader

Daniel/The Couch series by Macspooky and Ten

A Day in The Life - the complete series by Girlie_girl7

Daybreak Trilogy by Annie Jennings and Jennifer Frye

The Devotion Series by Sarah, Sophia, Quetzel, and Lady X

The Discovery Series by Erin Blair

Distance Covered series by Naina

Dogged Determination series by Rhondda Lake

The Dream Series by Dream Cole

The Dream series by Vickie Moseley

Dreams come True series by Ruth

Emily Returns series by Jessica Hildbold

The Emilys series by Rocketman

The Eric series by Spookyteacher

the Everything series by Eral C

Every Step series by JayJay

Eyes of A Child Universe by Lovesfox

The Face series by PhileyX

Family series by Devin

The Family series by Jo Ann Medrano

Family Series by Kelly Mullins

Family Business Series by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear

Family Files series by Wildafox

The Family G-Man series by FelineFemme and Neoxphile

Family Portrait series by DanaKMulderScully

Fathers' Day series by Ursula (m/m slash)

Female Bonding Series by Jeri

The Final Miracle series by DS (DeathStryke)

Firebirds series by Alien Girl

First Steps series by alanna

Flight into Egypt by Vickie Moseley

Four Corners Cycle by Spookey247

The Fringe series by Michelle Kiefer

Fond Memories series by Spock

The Genesis project by aRcaDIaNFall$

Ghosts series by Anjou

Ghosts Of series by Foxcat (Jo-Jo)

Goodbyes/Hellos series by Donna

The Green Goo Fetus series by Pattie

Growing Up series by Devin

Hearts on The Mend series by bellefleur

I Want To Believe series by Samantha

The In Rama Series by dlynn

Jessica series by Mystic

The Journey series by eponine119

Journey to the Distant Shore series by Pattie

Kiss The Darkness series by Suzanna

A Life by Jacquie LaVa

Life After Fifteen by Susan

Life Cycles series by Susan Proto

Life On The Edge series by Kate Rickman

Light Series - The Collector's Edition by Nicole Mason

A Little Frohike fics by Magsrose

Little Girl series by Natasha Luepke

Living With and Without Her trilogy by Mezzosoprano

The Lullaby series by Donnilee

Making The Future Series by Claire Dobbin m/m slash

Man To Man Talk series by Girlie_girl7

The Marriage series by Angela W * note: when prompted the password is "avalanche"

The Marriage series by Juliettt

The Mess series by Shang

The Miracle series by Scullyrules5

Misunderstood series by David Hearne

Monsters series by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc

Mulder and William series by Christine Leigh

Mulder's Creek by Neoxphile

The Mushroom Emulation series by Bugs

My Father's series by Elizabeth L. Iacono/Lola Ravenhill

My Travels with Charley series by Windsinger

Nightmare Born series by LuvN Kses

New Beginning series by The Fox

No Room For Tears series by Hardra61

Nothing's Ever Normal by hellogoodbye57

The Offspring series by Kelli Rocherolle

Once Upon a Time series by by Meaghan McScully

One Thought Series by Andrina

Only Broken universe by Neoxphile

Party of Three series by Christine Leigh

Past Pretending Series by Joey R

Penny Serenade seriesby Aubrey

The Precious Hope Series by Nicole Berman

Prelude To An X series by Mad Martha

Priorities by Anna Otto

The Ratling series by Tara Leigh Thorne

Reclamation series by Phantagrae

Regrets series by RPCrazy

Reoccurring Nightmare series by Lady Disdain

The Resurrection series by Neoxphile

The Retrieval series by Daydreamer

The Rewrite series by Little Grey Girl

Sanctuary Trilogy by Bardsmaid

Sara Mulder stories by Laura Means

The Skinner/Reginia series by Bonnie Drew

Shalom Haver Series by Rotem Shahar

Shooting Stars series by Anne Haynes

Sleepy Little Town series by Neoxphile

Something Rational series by agent myers

The Star's Child by Ty-rose
The Star's Child II: Brownie by Ty-rose
The Star's Child III: Samhain and the Landslide by Ty-rose

Starkweather series by Scully3776 and Spookykat

Sweet Dreams series by Alice J. Foster

The Taking Series by Jenn Chiprich

Taking Chances Series by Mulderslady

Teenage Girls Series by Xandra

Terra Firma series by Malibu Sunset

They're Here series by L. M. Shard

The Thirteen Days Of Christmas series by Elizabeth L. Iacono

To Start Again series by Erin Blair

the Together Apart series by Spookyteacher

Together Complete by Jeri

Transmission series by Trycee

Trilogy series by Erin Blair

The Truth series by Shoshana

The Truth is Not Enough series by dana-maru1

Twist Of...series by Erin Blair

Western Blaze Trilogy by Jade

The White Picket Fences Series by Batela m/m slash

the Who trilogy by Carlysxfiles

What Are You Doing New Years' Eve? by Jacquie LaVa and Tess

What I Want series by LaurieAF

Winterlong series by Neoxphile

Wonderland series by Kristen

Wrapped in Wind series by Rocketman

The Wrong Kind of Paradise series by Martha

Your Father series by Lori

Zoe series by Smurf

* For fics with just one sequel, use this list instead

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