Stories about kids who are not in any way related to X-Files characters. Some of the children in these fics appeared in episodes, while others are orginial characters

Acima Das Estrelas by Spooky Jr.
new ficAccountability by Pam Gamble
new ficAdventures in Sunnydale by Angel Brown
All Hallow's Eve Series by Windsinger
All I Want for Christmas by Gemma Kingsley
All That You Touch by Weezy and Trelawney
All the Time in the World by A. J. S. S.
Allegra by Jocelyn Tomkinson
And If I Die... by Demeter
Angel Chronicles by A. Dean
Anger of Angels by Rilla
Andukha by Suzanne L. Feld
new ficAscio Maximus by starfleetofficer1
At Arms Length by Tirduj
The Baby by Megan Reilly
The Baby by Mira C
new ficBarbara, Jack and Kyle by Pattie
The Barn by Discordia
Beating Faster by Qaz
new ficBeauty's Beast by Susan Proto
Behind the Doors by Lindsay Carpenter
Beyond the Grave by Y.H. Spooky San
The Boogeyman by aka "Jake"
Boy Invisible by Myriss
Brain Dead by Candy and Samantha
Breath of Heaven by Vickie Moseley
Breathe by Xenith
Burn in Flames by Humbuggie
Callings by Rachel Rudd
Candy Man by RPCrazy and Muskrat
Carjacked by K.G.
Champy by Olivia
The Child of Fate by Gerry Hill
Child's Play by Cac
Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax
Come Away, Human Child by Ophelia
new ficCompos Mentis by starfleetofficer1
Damned Kid by Charleyne Hall
Dance Without Sleeping by Fiona MacDonald
new ficThe Dead Will Follow You by trycee
Divido by Kinados
Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles by Traci
Don't Go Down There by D Agnew
new ficDormito by starfleetofficer1
Down by the Old Mill by Lexie
Dream Catcher by Kirsten Kerkhof
The Dreaming Sea by Revely
Evolution by Mark Overton
Faith Series by Daydreamer
First Born by Tanya Chang
new ficFour Days by Sister Moon
new ficGhosts by Myriss
new ficGirl's Night Out 2 by Weyer
new ficGrimm by OSTOCOM
Guardian part 1 part 2 by Donna
Healing Faith by Ducky's Dream
new ficHigh School Terrors by Gothic Spook
Hungry by SkepticalScully
I see Dead People by Xfwriter
It by Pattie
Ithaqua by Hamster
Jane by shippyphile
Jessica's Secret by Louise Phillips
Jacob's Father by SciNut
Jurassic Files by Bruce C and Angelia D
new ficKathy by Nichole D
Krycek in Grouchland by Malefescent
The Ley of the Land by Eve11
The Littlest Hostage by Susan Proto
new ficThe Lost and Forgotten by Shadow's Echo
Malikudda by Alien Girl
The Miracle of Christmasby DD4me2
Modern Miracles: Or, Uncle Frohike Saves the Day by the idiosyncratic stanwyck
Moments I: Hogwarts Bound by Devin
new ficMore Than Meets the Eye by LadyRaider
My Name Is Christmas Carole by Kristen Kilar
Mystery at St Mary Magdalene by Mary
new ficThe One by Patty Hayes
Orpheus by BJ
Of Mothmen and Moonshine by Britt Mulder & Girlie_girl7
Other Considerations by Laura Akers
Payback by NotHappening
Perdita by FelineFemme
Push by nimbi
Red by Xanthe
new ficRunaway by Amazon X
Samskara by Susan72869
Sea of Desire by Sheryl Clay
The Scared People by David Hearne
Shine by Danielle Culverson
Silent Night by C. Charlotte
Snow Angels by Theresa J
Suffer The Children by MJ
new ficSunnydale CA by Heidiwax
Tanabata by Felinefemme
Teenage Girls Series by Xandra
Them by Pattie
Things Bright and Green by DBKate
Tingles by WildwingSuz
The Tour From Hell by Erin M. Blair
new ficTrusting One Another by KaThErInE-AnNa
Unexplained Trinity by Leigh N
Visitor in the Desert by Gillian Leigh
Watcher by Kris in Seattle
Will to Live Will to Live - Denoument by Donna
Will We Burn In Heaven? by Absinthe
Wing and Prayer by Revely
The Witch And The Muggle by PhileyX
Worship No False Idols by Kristin Davis
new ficThe X-Factor by Teresa & Ashley
new ficThe X Files: Blue Eyes by Priyan Jayasuriya
You Are My Angel by A. Baylis
You're My Home by Annie Wright

new ficBiological Imperative by Loren Q
Christmas Eve by Flyerfly
We Could Have Made Music by Discordia

Seeds Of Synchronicity by mountainphile

The Calusari
Plurality by Neoxphile

Sein und Zeit
From Starlight by Discordia
Clothed In Starlight by Neoxphile

I Want To Believe
new ficCourage and Sandcastles by Scully82
new ficCuring the Incurable by trycee
new ficMonsters In The Dark by Becka F.
Recovering Gemini by Neoxphile
new ficStarlight, Star Bright by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc

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