Season Nine Missing Scenes Challenge Pack

As you may know, we have a series of missing scene challenges for season eight here. Let's fill in some missing scenes for season nine too!

It's Hard to Say Goodbye Challenge
Write a fic with Mulder saying goodbye to Scully and William, set during Nothing Important Happened Today I.

We'll Get By Challenge
Write a fic with Scully reassuring herself and William that they'll be okay, set during either Nothing Important Happened Today I or Nothing Important Happened Today II.

Tales of the Babysat Challenge
Write a fic with someone looking after William while Scully is called into the X-Files office, set during one of the season nine episodes when she worked with Doggett and/or Reyes. It happened often enough, someone had to be with him then!

Strange Days Challenge
Write a fic about William doing something spooky to scare Scully. Does she notice the mobile moving? Something else?

Mother and Child Reunion Challenge
Write a fic about Scully's feelings upon getting William back from his kidnappers.

I Can't Keep You Safe Challenge
Write a fic about Scully realizing that Spender is right.

Goodbye My Baby Challenge
Scully must have said something to William before giving him up in "William." Write a fic about what that was.

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