Non-Canon Kids

Babies & Toddlers Kids & Teens Both

Mulder and Scully (and others) and their non-canon prodigy

~ the kids are Mulder's and Scully's children unless otherwise noted by parent's last name, and any Williams or Emilys on the list are not the canon ones.

However fics marked +W have canon William in them too, and ones marked with +E contain canon Emily. +L denotes fics with Luke Doggett in them as well.

Note - November 2020: to find fics where Scully was pregnant with a canon baby between Requiem and Existence, but that baby isn't William, see the Any Other Name list instead.

Babies and Toddlers

The non-canon kids in these fics are babies and/or toddlers, at least to start with

3 a.m. with My Daughter by Keva (Paige)

Abah series by Susan Proto (Sarah)

Absit Invidia by Frogdoggie (Charles)

An Acceptable Level Of Happiness by Jenna Tooms (Malcolm)

Ahead of Twilight by TexxasRose (Emmie Scully)

Admit One series by Cathey Scully (Rhys) +W

Adopted Son by Kel (Stephen)

After the Future by Donna (Katy, Walt and Chrissy; Lexie - adopted)

After The Truth series by Pattie (Meg, Samantha Ann, Mandy, Alison, James) +W

After William Philater (Scully-Skinner unborn offspring)

Air Conditioning by Acidrain23 (Hunter Scully)

Alethea by Kyouryoku Senshi (Vera) +W

All About Soul by Annie Wright (Melissa Doggett)

All Hallow's Eve Series by Windsinger (Adam)

And Baby Makes Four by gillian dana (Melissa, Sean, Samantha and Sara) +W

And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween! by gillian dana (Melissa, Sean, Samantha, and Sara; Amanda Doggett)+W

...and Baby Makes Six! by Skinner's Vieja (Paul Doggett; Olivia Scully-Skinner)

...And So It Begins by Montana1416 (William and Caroline)

Angels, Watch Over Me by Linda Phillips (Elizabeth)

Angie series by X FireLady (Walter Jr and Mellisa Mulder)

Apocalyptic Eden by Kirsten Kerkhof (Katerine and Julia)

Apocalyptic Eden 2 by Kirsten Kerkhof * (Katerine and Julia)

Aren't Babies Fun? ! by Mulderache (Jonathan)

As Long as They're Together by Tiffany (Missy)

Ashes Bitter on Her Tongue by Neoxphile (Tommy and Grace)

Assignment by Donna (John)

Asylum by Jacquie LaVa and T Bishop (Jon)

At That Point by Little Starkbuck*

A Baby Changes Everything piper maru duchovny (Ellie) +W

Baby, Oh Baby! by Cassie Consten (Garret, William, Emily, Adam, Samantha, Melissa, Oliver and Sarah)

Baby Plans by Kristen (Walter and William; Michaela Skinner)

Baby Talk by DM (Samantha)

Babysitting by Tabby (Lily) +W

Bambino by Candy Cockrell (Melissa)

A Bargain With The Devil by Tarlanm/m slash

Battling Hearts, Crumbling Allegiances by Rockenpnay (David)

Because You Loved Me by Duchovny7 (Tiegen)

Before Trick or Treat by 6friends6 (Sarah) +W

Ben by Jess

Beneath the Devil Moon by MoonPixieDoll

The Best Laid Plans by Avalon (Grace)

The Bet by Gillyfan (Ella)

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by Dramaphile (Jeremy)

Between Lies by N. Y. Smith (Sam)

Beyond The Truth series by Neoxphile (Calla; Landon, Quinn and Jacey Doggett) +W +E

Bird in the Hand by Rachel Wilder (Anna and Bjorn)

Birth Day by Siobhan Gormley (Sam)

Bloodline I: Red and Bloodline II: Binding by Cecily Sasserbaum (Issac)

Buck by BethLynn m/m slash

The Burpday series by Kelly J. Thompson (Andrew)+W

The Butterfly Universe by bugs (Sage)

Cerril: El salvaje y peligroso gato by Sita (Reina Doggett)

The Child by Wintermoon (Melissa)

Chosen by Angela CJ W. (Caelyn)

Chosen One by Peach

The Climb by Starbuck2824 (Zach and Nikki)

Coming Home by YappiChick (Mikey) +W

newficConceptus Immaculus by Kathy E. (Michael)

Could've Been RogueAngel

Counting Blessings by Diadem (unnamed William siblings) +W

Creation of Love by Michelle (Hayden)

Daniel/The Couch series by ten and Macspooky (Daniel, Brett and Keir)

Day Becomes Night Day Becomes Night by Jamie Tanquary (Melissa and Raymond)

A Day In The Life by Goddess Michele(Samantha)

A Day in The Life - the complete series by Girlie_girl7 (Katherine) +W

Daybreak 1. Dusk by Annie Jennings and Jennifer Frye (Christopher Ahab)

Daybreak 2. Night by Annie Jennings(Christopher Ahab)

Daybreak 3. Darkest Hour by Annie Jennings(Christopher Ahab)

Deliverance From Evil by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
(Zach and Hannah)

Desperate Measures by RPCrazy and Desertrats (Nathan Doggett)

Destiny by Donna (Katy)

The Devotion Series by Sarah, Sophia, Quetzel, and Lady X (Joy)

The Discovery Series by Erin Blair (Katerine, Fox jr, Dana, Emily and Gillian)

Doom Child: Nature vs Nurture by Neoxphile (Evie - adopted) +W

Doppler Effect by N.Y. Smith (Samantha)

Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms (Jacob Scully-Doggett) +W

The Dream Series by Dream Cole (Dream and Gen)

The Dream series by Vickie Moseley (Meggie)

Dream a Little Dream by Babos

East Side of Eden by conspiracy (Nathan)

Edge of Field by lisby (Caroline)

Eloin by Annette Gisby (Verity)

Eminent Domain by Christine L(Melissa)

End of the Road by KS +W

Epiphany by MaybeAmanda (Michael)

the Everything series by Eral C (Katherine Grace) +W

Ersatz Matriarch by Jeri (William and Christopher)

Everlasting by Cathey Scully (Quinn - adopted) +W

Everlasting Miracle by DScully141 (Lily - adopted; Dante)

The Family series Jo Ann Medrano (David)

The Family Files series by Wildafox (Caitlin) +W

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile and FelineFemme (Page, Sammy, April, David, Jared, Christopher, Zoe and Brianna; Hannah and Gibson Doggett; Ryan and Addy M. Scully-Krycek) +E +W +L

The Family G-Man: One Fine summer by Neoxphile and FelineFemme (Page, Sammy, April, David, Jared, Christopher, Zoe and Brianna; Hannah, Gibson, and Rebeccah Doggett; Ryan and Addy M. Scully-Krycek) +E +W +L

The Family G-Man: Confessions and Connections by Neoxphile and FelineFemme (Page, Sammy, April, David, Jared, Christopher, Zoe and Brianna; Hannah, Gibson, and Rebeccah Doggett; Ryan and Addy M. Scully-Krycek) +E +W +L

The Family G-Man: IWTB by Neoxphile and Felinefemme (Page, Sammy, April, David, Jared, Christopher, Zoe and Brianna; Hannah, Gibson, Rebeccah and Jon-Jon Doggett; Ryan and Addy M. Scully-Krycek) +E +W +L

The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity by Neoxphile and Felinefemme (Page, Sammy, April, David, Jared, Christopher, Zoe and Brianna, and Isaac; Hannah, Gibson, Rebeccah and Jon-Jon Doggett; Nicholas Doggett-Hill; Ryan and Addy M. Scully-Krycek)+E +W +L

Father of the Year by Weasel (Lydia Krycek)

Father's Day by Ursula(Jacob Mulder-Krycek) m/m slash

Father's Day II by Ursula (Jacob Mulder-Krycek) m/m slash

A Favor for Scully by Scarlet Scully (Autumn and Hayley)

Feathered By The Moonlight by Brie

Fiducia e Verita by BlueRose (Robyn, Kate, and Luke

Final Truths by Lexy Torell and Psi Fi (Krycek's twins)

Finally Home by Natalie Scully (Adam)

The Firebirds by Alien Girl (Hope)

The Firebirds II by Alien Girl (Hope)

The Firebirds III by Alien Girl (Hope)

Five Years and One Night by Shalimar (Liam)

Flight into Egypt by Vickie Moseley (Melissa and Samantha) +W

Folie by Ursula (Jacob Mulder-Krycek) m/m slash

The Fruit of Our Labors by L M M (Samuel)

Futures by Donna (Wills)

Gaelic Wind by Ingrid Kane

A Gauntlet and a Gift by Leslie Sholly (Molly)

The Generations series by MacSpooky and Co. (Patrick & Brenda; Walter Fox Skinner)

The Gift by Donna (William)

Gift Of Hope by Kristyn Collins (Dana Hope)

Goodbye My Lover by xXx Allison Janney Fan xXx (Katherine)

Great Expectations by bellefleur and Emily Sims

The Greatest Gift by Rhondda Lake (Andrew)

Guardian by Amy Vincent (Rebecca)

Guardian II: Renewal by Amy Vincent (Rebecca)

Happily Ever After by XfileySR

Happy Birthday Mulder Triplets! by gillian dana (Melissa, Sean, Samantha, and Sara) +W

Happy Girl by MainerIA (Sam; John Scully-Doggett)

Hard Times by Billie R (Riley Elizabeth Doggett)

Having My Alien Baby by Alelou's Evil Twin

He Walks Down the Road by Katyblue (Samantha)

Healing Touches by Jayne Austin

Home and Free by Elizabeth L. Iacono (Mari)

I Heard the Roar of Thunder by frogdoggie

I Knew I Loved You by Nadine(Samantha)

I Know What You Did... by Henle Girl

I Want To Believe by Samantha (Christine)

I Want To Believe II: Trying by Samantha (Christine)

I Want To Believe III by Samantha (Christine)

Ice Princess by Aubrey (Sammy)

Inconvenient Pregnancy by Sara B. (Katie)

Interlude for Family by Surreal(Angie Langly)

Interruption of Family by Surreal(Angie Langly)

Intimacy Deux by Mojo (Stephen; Mulder's niece)

the Iolokus series by MustangSally and Rivka T (Miranda)

The Island of X by Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips (Fox Scully-Krycek; Jay Doggett) +W

It's Life: One More Life Ladyhawk (Melissa - adopted)

It's Only Ever Been You by kimo-sabe

Jane by shippyphile (Jane Reyes)

The Journal Series by MD1016 (Destiny)

The Journey series by eponine119 (Penny)

Joy Begets Sorrow by Parrotfish

Just Before by Kyselyea (Ann)

Katie by Danielle D

Kitten II by Amazon X (Natalya Skinner-Krycek) m/m slash

The Joys of Fatherhood by JenR13 (Beth)

Labor Day by Billie R (Kate and Ethan Doggett)

Lamb by LostInOblivion

Late Night Conversation by skypilot-dlm (Brady Doggett)

Learning To Fly by jrw (Kat)

A Life by Jacquie LaVa (Megan) +W

Life Cycles series by Susan Proto (Adam and Dawn)

Life On The Edge series by Kate Rickman (William)

Lilac's Last Bloom by Kate Mulder (Rachel - adopted)

Little Foxes by Laurel (Star Mulder-Krycek) m/m slash

Little Foxes: Five Year Itch by Laurel (Star, Kat and Ryan Mulder-Krycek) m/m slash

The Long and Winding Road by Kassandra (Sasha Mulder) m/m slash

Lost Child by Amperage

Love and Lovers by Donna (William)

Love Child by adorable_moni (Megan)

The Lullaby series by Donnilee (Sean, Missy, Charlie and Samantha; Luca Doggett)

Making The Future Series by Claire Dobbin (Alexander Skinner-Krycek)

The Marionette Rebellion and Sfumato by Supernova (Hope)

The Marriage series by Juliettt (William)

The Marriage series by Angela W (Melissa) +W the password is "avalanche"

Marry Our Fortunes by Alicia K (Anna)

Meg, I Believe by Pattie (Meg) +W

The Mess series by Shang ("Double" Reyes) +W

Miracle by Jennis524 (Aiden)

Miracle Baby by Dot (Sam Skinner)

Miracles by Linda Phillips (Erin)

Mirage by Angel LeeAnn

Mirage II by Angel LeeAnn

Mist Over Water by Rae (Megan) +W

Mixed Emotions by Jujubean (Molly)

Molly by Devin

Mom by Lara Means

Mommy's Little Girl by Nicole Mason, Melissa Wilson, Nantana Jiratumnukul,and Larry Dechent (Katie Mulder)

Morning Moment by jrw (Kat)

Mulder and the Quads by Agent Leki (Emerald, Jade, Meredith and Kaytlan)

Mulder and William by Christine Leigh (Kaylene) +W

My Love Story by Daydreamer

Mysterious Ways by Neoxphile (Blythe) +W

The New Arrival by The Fox +W

A New Life by Erin Blair (Kaitlin)

Nine Hours by RogueAngel (Brianna)

Nine Months, One Day by devout2David (Sara)

Not The Natural Way by X_fairy (Katie)

Nothing's Ever Normal by hellogoodbye57 (Samantha and Melissa)

November Eleventh by Lisby (Annette)

Occasional Journals of Dana Scully, part 2 by jrw (Kat)

Offspring part 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 by Deslea R. Judd (Melissa Scully-Skinner)

Offspring and Lives Incomplete by Donna (William)

The Offspring by Kelli Rocherolle (Lily Scully)

On His Doorstep by Kristen (Melissa Skinner)

One For the Road by Starbuck_Jayne (Katie)

Origins by Mischa +W

The Other Road by Melissa G. (Keri - adopted)

Our Princess by Debbie Cullen (Tamara)

Out of Darkness by KS +W

Out Now by Lass Mulder (Eddie)

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag by Kel (Katherine)

Past Pretending by Joey R. (Alicia)

Pater Familias by Onemillionandnine

Penny Serenade II by Aubrey (Sammy)

Perfect Happiness and The Life They Now Lead by Abigail (Meredith) +W

Phase 2 by Char Priolo (Danny)

Phoebe Greene's Last Laugh by Fatcat (Sammy Mulder)

Pieced Together by Rachel Wilder (Anna and Bjorn)

Pink Ribbon by The X-Filer (Isabel and Elizabeth)

Possibilities Jennifer Sweeney (Samuel)

Prelude To An X series by Mad Martha (Samuel Mulder)

Pregnant Mulder by Bertie (Jenny; Kit Skinner-Mulder)

Priorities by Anna Otto (Kyle Mulder-Fowley)

Progenesis by T Bishop (Adam; Evaneiia Covarrubias-Krycek)

Progeny by Zephathah (Caroline and Jonas Scully)

Protection by SunReyes (Jamey Doggett)

Regrets III: Rebirth by RPCrazy (Lana Doggett) +W

Renovatio by Lisby and MaybeAmanda (Kate)

Requiescat by mackillian

Resist or Die by Cinnamon Scully (John; Andrew Doggett)

Respects by Falconer (Maggie Em)

the Resurrection series by Neoxphile (Tabby Doggett) +W +E +L

Return to Me by LadyRaider (Samantha) +W

Reunion by Donna (Wills)

Reunited by Keri

Reunited II by Keri

Revelations series by Linda Phillips

Rising Again by RocketMan (Katie)+W

Running Lessons by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247 (Liam) +W

Samuel and Come Get Me by Invisigoth421 (Samuel)

To Save the World by LadyRaider (Melissa and Caden; John Jr. and Angel Doggett) +W

Seasons Epilogue: "And Flowers Bloom in the Spring..." (Laura Skinner)

The Second Miracle by Scullyrules5 (Believe) +E

Shattered Dreams by Amy Forrester (Kristie)

Shattered Halcyon by Cinnamon Scully (John, Teresa and Kathy; Andrew Doggett; Alexa Krycek; Timothy Skinner)

Skinner's Heroes by Billie Reid (Katie Skinner)

Showers, Dreams and Baby Elephants by Joey R.

A Simple Twist of Fate? x-girl1 (Ray jr.)

Snow by LuvTheBeez

Somebody's Child by Cici (a baby daughter)

Something in the Air by Claire Dobbin (Michael Mulder-Krycek)

Song of Experience by Christy (Hannah) +W

The Sound Of Wind Chimes by Sarah Stegall

A Special Gift ML (Ruth) +W

The Spell series by Kelli Rocherolle (Ben and Emma)

Spring in Pride Creek by Elsie (Mina)

Sponsalia by The Jedi Shipper (Laura)

Stranded for Christmas by Macspooky (Samantha)

Suddenly A Parent by Kyouryoku Senshi (Holly Skinner)

The Super Bowl by Teliko. x3 (Alice Doggett) +W

Surprise by Chloe Durlem (Jess Scully)

There You Were by allialli

Terra Firma IV: Vita Nova by Malibu Sunset(Claire) +W

They're Here 2 by L. M. Shard (Katie)

They're Here 3 by L. M. Shard (Katie; Jonathan Scully-Doggett)

A Thimble For Peter by S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca (Catherine)

A Thimble For Peter II: Tiny Arrow by S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca(Catherine)

A Thin Veneer by Analise (Peter)

Think On These Things by Rev. Anna (Sharon Skinner)

The Thirteen Days Of Christmas by Elizabeth L. Iacono (Rhiannon)

This Fragile Universe by Neoxphile (Ezra and Mckenna - adopted. Sort of.)

The Third Miracle by Scullyrules5 (Believe; Joey - adopted) +E

Third Time by Philemom (Thomas)

Threat to Happiness by Chrissie (Clare)

Three Wishes by Miranda (Katie)

Through The Years by Tanja and Joey (Kat)

Time of Your Life by Emerald Starburst (Philip Mulder-Logan)

To Start Again series by Erin Blair (Katherine)

Together Complete: Vulpecula - Phoenicia universe by Jerri (Adam and Anna)

Total Confusion by Billie Reid (Valerie Skinner-Cook)

Trust series by Parrotfish (Ariel Mulder)

Twice Blessed by Katchat

Two of a Kind by Girlie_girl7

Unexpected by Twilight Walters +W

An Unexpected Delivery by Colleen (J.J. and Katie Doggett)

Velvet by Shipper M.D.

Verity by The Consortium (Verity and sister)

Vows by Ursula (Jacob Mulder-Krycek) m/m slash

Waiting Games by Alanna and Dasha (Hannah)

Wait Until Your Mom Gets Home!! (or "No!") by DiRisha (Samuel)

Walter and Mariel series by Mary Mastrangelo (Sally Skinner)

Water Water Everywhere by afg (Joseph) +W

The Way Things Are by Sukie Tawdry (Eileen)

We Believe by Anonymous and Lizzi (Benjamin and Felicity)

We'll Be Okay by MFLuder (Dana Samantha Mulder and Nafanail Alekseev Krycek) m/m slash

Welcome Back, Monica by Xfwriter (Madison Doggett)

Welcome to the Family by lil gillian (Kate)

What Matters by phyca (Jack, Ty, Mateo and Vida Doggett)

When The Bough Breaks by Jennifer L. Frye (Sam)

When Guster Is Dead by The X-Piig (David)

Where the Heart Lies by hellogoodbye57 (Samantha and Melissa)

Who Knew? by ElleThom (Eve and Elenor) +W +E

Wishful Thinking by Caz the Beeslayer (Ben)

Without You by Jennis524 (Emma and Adain) +W

Womb For Revenge by Neoxphile (Liam) +W

A Wonderful Life by Donna

A Wonderland Life by Kristen (Laura Scully-Skinner)

A Wonderland Life 2 by Kristen (Laura Scully-Skinner)

Workout by Angela W and Audrey_Jay (Michelle Skinner)+E +W +L

Wrapped in Wind by Rocketman (Emma and Amaris)

The X-Files Chronicles by Madam F (Julia, Katie, Kevin, Cameron and Andy) +W

Yellow Dress by Em Hashimoto (Rose)

You Don't Understand by Rebel

Children and Teens.

The non-canon kids in these fics are children or teenagers

Absolutely by aRcaDIaNFall$ (Jake)

Absolution by PhileyX (Melissa Skinner)

Adagio II: Less Than More by Johnie (Charlie, Josh and Sarah Scully - adopted)

After All These Years by Leyla Harrison (Samantha)

Alex II by laylya b.

Ahead of Twilight by TexxasRose (Emmie)

All These Changes by JEn (Samantha)

All Around My Table by Miranda (Melissa, Emily and Samantha)

All Which It Inherit 1: Insubstantial Pageant by Brandon D. Ray (Kyle)

All Which It Inherit 2: Melted Into Air by Brandon D. Ray (Kyle)

All Which It Inherit 3: Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On by Brandon D. Ray (Kyle)

All the Little Pieces She Left by Sarah Kiley (Rosalyn)

the Anabelle series by Elizabeth L. Iacono

And The Music Touched Her by shainagirl (Matthew)

Anthony by Clare Skinner (Anthony Skinner)

Another One by Jodie (Geena Scully)

Arizona Highways by Fialka (Caitlin Jenkins/Scully and Amy Wallace/Scully)

Ashputtle by Devin (Madison) +W

At Christmas by Gaia Less (Madelaine)

Baby Girl by Sara QueeQueg (Cassidy)

Babysitter Wanted by Alien Girl (Kyle, Kat, Ethan and Mel)

Bathrooms and Other Benefits by Sara B (Samantha Mulder and William Dorsett)

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 2: More Benefits by Sara B (Samantha Mulder and William Dorsett)

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 3: Beneficial Dividends by Sara B (Samantha Mulder and William Dorsett)

Be It True by T. Collins (McKenna)

The Beach II by Erin Blair (Amelia)

Bedtime Story by Philemom (Meg and Katy)

Believe by L. Phillips (Beth)

Beautiful by Gauri (Kate Doggett)

Beautiful Progeny by Kathmak (Katie and Alexandra Doggett)

Between Two Worlds by GothicSpook (Missy Doggett)

Biting the Bullet by Starbuck_Jayne (Bethie)

Blood of My Blood by Claire (Sean)

Blood of My Blood II: The Ties That Bind by Claire (Sean)

Blood of My Blood III: Touchstones by Claire (Sean)

Bloodlines by Elizabeth L. Iacono (Daisy)

Bringing Up Baby by Amber M Howard (Annabelle)

Broken Free by Angel-Wings Gaskins (Anita)

Butterfly Kiss by Diana Rubenstein (Eva)

Cassidy by Sara QueeQueg

Cats and Dogs by RPCrazy (Tom Doggett) +W

Changes by JadedDana (Lydia - adopted)

Child of My Heart by M. Edison (Melissa)

Children by Alicia Ann (Maddie; Mercer Mulder)

Children of the First: Hidden Truths by Beguile (Meredith Doggett) +W

The Children's Teeth universe by Erin McCole Cupp (Meg; four teenage Emilys)

Christmas For You by Kyouryoku Senshi (Alicia Doggett; Vera) +W

Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax (Joey) +W

Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile (Jake and Caleb) +W

The Chosen Ones by crookshanksthe1st (Harry Potter - adopted) +W

Coach by Gillian Leigh (Eve, Jake and Gwen Mulder)

Coloring Outside The Lines by Emily Sim (Meg)

Compromice by Neoxphile (Sophie Van DeKamp)

Compromised by Amazon X (Shannon Skinner-Krycek, adopted) m/m slash

Connections by Joeba (Abel)

Coventry Carol by Neoxphile (Henry and Ryan Doggett)

Crazy Things by Henle Girl (Chiara, child of Mulder's ex-wife)

Crossroads in Time by Avalon

Daddy's Little Girl by Qaz (Kali)

Daddy's Story by Abigail (Annamarie)

Dandelions For Luck and Dandelions on the Wind by Jamie Lynn (Hope)

Dark Emerald by Cassie and Shanda Weeks (Adrienne Jade) unfinished

Daughter of Mine by bellefleur (Ginny Mulder)

David part one part two by Gerry Hill

December 23rd by AnniePants (Abby) +W

Deconstruction by Entil'zha (Sammy, Fox, and Billy)

A Different Path by Pamela St (Sam)

Distance Covered by Naina (David)

Divido by Kinados (Alexis)

Dogged Determination by Rhondda Lake (Hope Jamison)

Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight II by Keleka (Jocelyn)

Doom Child: When She Was Bad by Neoxphile (Evie - adopted) +W

Downtime by Bonnie Drew (Sam and Lucy Skinner)

The Dragon's Tail by Sita (Reina Doggett)

Ear2hevn and Puppygrrl Sav teh World by Scifindergrl (Audrey and Jack Doggett) +W *unfinished*

18 years and 1 day by Starbuckmsr (Paris and Mandy) +W

Eines Tages by Revilo Witts (Jake and Brandon)

Elysian Fields by Amy Schatz

Elyssa by Mandi Krueger (Elyssa and Melanie; Jeremy Frohike)

Embers by Jamie Taylor (Andrew) +E

The End is Where We Start From by Isabelle A (Dana Doggett) +W

Entertaining Angels by JadedX (Willow, Dream, Legacy, Levin and Xavier)

The Eric series by Spookyteacher

Everliving by Trustyone (Aby)

Every Man Has His Price by Brandon D. Ray

Every Step 2: More Than I Could Ask For I by JayJay(Hannah Scully-Pendrell)

Every Step 2: More than I can ask for 2 by JayJay (Hannah Scully-Pendrell)

Fade To Midnight by TexxasRose (Emmie)

Faith Series by Daydreamer

Family I - The Beginning by Kelly Mullins (Will and Kat)

Family II - Trials by Kelly Mullins (Will and Kat)

Family III - Changes by Kelly Mullins (Will and Kat)

Family Ties and Family Ties II by Nikki (Felicia and Stephen - adopted)

Fighting The Future by Kathleen Brown (Andrew and others)

Finding my way back home by Tanja (Jessie, Sam and Melinda)

Finding The Past by Bleachy-nii (Alex Scully-Krycek)

Five Years by xfilesjunkie (Dylan, Ely, Hannah, Sophie and Sam) +W

Folded Like A Saint by kim1013 (Missy) +W

Footprints in The Sand by T Bishop (Adam; Evaneiia Covarrubias-Krycek)

Four Corners Cycle by Spooky247 (Dru, Quinn, Mato, Sam and Kaya Mulder)

For the Good of the Child by Aislinn Carter (Christina and Anthony) +W

Forbidden Love by Andrea and Franksister (Melissa and Samantha)

A Friend In Need by Green Eyed Soul (Alex, Ashley, and Casey Reyes -adopted)

Friends by Abra E (Samuel)

Fugue for the Forgotten by Crash and Frogdoggie (Elizabeth Scully)

Future Tense by BookAngel1 (Meg, Walter and Brian) +W

Getting a Life by Josan(Davey Skinner)

Ghostly Lullabies by Tara W (Elizabeth Prynne/Scully)

The Girl From His Dreams by Faithest

The Girl With My Sister's Face by Henle Girl (Kailey Mulder)

Great Men Universe: The Beginning by The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie (Scott and Sam)

The Gump Files by Noelle L (Fox Scully)

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy by Squishy (Samantha, Maragret, and Michael)

Happy Families by CM

The Hard Edges of Things by Neoxphile (Tommy and Grace Scully)

Hearts and Bones by Michelle Kieffer (Molly)

Heartsong: The Best of Friends by Julie L. Jekel (Caitlin; Danny, Jimmy and David Mulder-Reyes; Emmy and Missy Scully-Doggett)

Heirlooms by LaurelSolo (Samantha - adopted)

the Help Me series by Ophelia K

Her Father's Eyes by Michelle Kiefer (Charisse - adopted)

Holiday Party or "Isn't we supposed to be having a fiesta?!" by Sita (Reina Doggett)

How Scully Got Her Groove Back by FatCat (Gabbie) +W

How I Met Your Mother by Topaz Twilights (Roman) +W

How They Met by XFWRITER and Goldenwolf88 (Melissa) +W

I Remember by Em H (Shannon and Sam)

I Should Have Known by ElleThom (Eve and Elenor; Lucas Doggett) +W +E

I'm Your Angel by Mandi K (Christine)

If by Ewa (Danny, Katherine, Michel, Meghan, John and Enya Scully)

If I Could Fly by Myriss

If Only I by Ewa (Danny, Katherine, Michel, Meghan, John and Enya Scully)

If Daddy Had Only Seen by Kelly J. Thompson (Rachel) +W

Illusions by Torra (Sam)

In Death, there is Life by Josan (Zander Skinner)

In The Family by Paula M (Cass Skinner)

In One Day by LJP (Samantha; Missy and Will Scully-Doggett)

Irreplaceable by Rachel West (Manda)

It's A Wonderful Life by RocketMan (Angel)

It's A Wonderful Life 2 - A Christmas Carol by RocketMan (Angel)

Iunctio ut Redimio - Book 1 by Kay (Claire) +W

Jessica by Allison Potty

Jessica by Mystic

Katelyn I. Family by Toma

Katelyn II. The Return of Trouble by Toma and Kelley E. Kelly

Leaders of the Colonies by Mystic (Jessica)

Life Happens by Billie Reid (Maria Cook)

Little Fox by Empress Vader

A Little Frohike fics by Magsrose (Emma Frohike)

Living Again by M.H. Greathouse

Long Trail Home by Nantglyn (Caleb Scully, Samantha Mulder)

The Long and Winding Road by Abbey R (Rory Scully-Krycek)

Lost and Gone Forever by Colette Godkin (Katrina Skinner)

Lost Boys and Golden Girls by Martha (Eileen; Sophia Covarrubias-Mulder)

Lost Childhood by Shorts(Samantha)

Making of a Family - X-Files Style by Sara B. (Grey and Paige Scully - adopted)

Man on The Moon by Bralynne LeRae (Aden)

MAssive Massacre by ButterflyChic79 (Madison Reyes)

Megan by Gilly-Bean

Megan II: I Don't Know by Gilly-Bean

Memories by Pam and Bisk (Abie)

The Miracle Before Christmas by Teliko. x3 (Alison; Evan and Laura Doggett) +W +L

Miracle Of Mine by M. Edison (Melissa)

Mirror of Love by Tanja (Lisa and Lyndsey)

Mistaken by Jessica Taylor (Missy)

Momma by Rocketman (Julia)

Moms Only Chat by Megan (William and Emma Scully; Tommy and Erin Mulder)

A Mother's Secrets by Chrissie (Katerine Scully)

The Mouths of Babes by RaEnright (Sam)

Mulder and Scully go Trick-or-Treating by dmulder (Clarice)

Mulder House Rules by Sagan (Beth) +W

Mulder's Other Baby by Neoxphile (Blix Mulder)

Mulder's Pot of Gold by Doriane Scott (David - adopted)

My Family by Spookster (Liam, Ezra and Joel)

My Mother's Child by darkstar (Joy)

My Life as a Puzzle by Michelle Kiefer (Kate)

Never Alone by Xfwriter and GoldenWolf88 (Melissa) +W

A New Life by Trixie

Next by AllieSMG (Daniel)

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Alanna (Crystal)

Once Upon a Time: Welcome Home by Meaghan McScully (Rose Mulder)

One Thought Series by Andrina (Cecelia)

Our Parents by Angela W. (Sally) +W

Our Sweetest Songs by Jamie Taylor (Katie, Ender, Anna and Gracie)

Peace of Mind by Spooky2u2 (Missy) +W

A Perfect Family by FirePhile (Samantha, Melissa, Emily and Billy; Andrew Krycek)

Pieta by Kirsten Kerkhof * (Julia and Joshua)

Post-Modern Miracles by Mickey (Missy) +W

The Present Implies Presence by kim1013(Missy) +W

Promise with Your Heart by Kathy Williams (Katie)

Promises by Phenyx (Sam)

Proof of Love by Cassandra Lange (Caroline)

A Quarter Past Three by Bonnie Drew (Sam and Lucy Skinner)

Quis Si by Trixie (Kelly Scully - adopted)

Rachel by E.A.

Rainbow Continuum by Emily Miller (Daina and Lucas)

The Reba Saga by Jeri

Rebecca Is Not My Name by Madame F (Cassy) unfinished

Recovering Gemini by Neoxphile (Joey) +W

Reflections by Rhondda Lake (Jimmy)

Remember When? by Jennis524 (Megan? and Mark Doggett)

The Reoccurring Nightmare by Lady Disdain (Christopher)

The Reoccurring Nightmare II - Full Circle by Lady Disdain(Christopher and Hilde)

The Reoccurring Nightmare III - Cheating Fate by Lady Disdain (Christopher and Magdalene)

Resistance by Vickie Moseley (Peggy) +W

Resistance 2 by Vickie Moseley (Peggy; Alexi Covarrubias) +W

The Return by Grey Woman (Fox jr)

Rift by Rocketman (Gracie)

The Rift and the Abyss by founta (Two)

The Rusted Wheel of Things by Ellie (Hannah)

Sacrifices by Enigmaticblue (Danny and Chrissy)

Santa Left Me Under the Tree. Really! by Pattie (Meg, Samantha Ann, Mandy, Alison, James) +W

Sara Mulder stories by Laura Means

Sarah series by Carol Gritton and Co.

Sarah by Mystic Kat (Doggett/other child)

Scully's Children by DanaFuchs(Zack)

Second Chance by SupernaturalAngel (Samantha Mulder, Piper James)

The Second Sam by Tiziana S.

Secrets of the Gemini by Jei (Grace and William)

Secrets From the Past by Henle Girl(Devyn)

Shadows of the Past by Marsha Bare-Taylor (Shelley)

Silent Night by FelineFemme (Mina Doggett)

Silent Running by Ms. AM (Todd, Zoe and Hope)

Smothered Joy by Luperkal

S.N.A.F.U. by Emily Sim (Hannah)

Snow and Mistletoe by Neoxphile (Nora and Teddy Doggett) +W

Someday by Ten (Thea and Keren)

Spectrum by the idiosyncratic stanwyck (Choloe )

The Spy in the Campaign by Dana'sFairytales

Stolen Promises by Mulderslady (Kalen)

Storm Child by Elizabeth L. Iacono(Sian and David)

Stratego by Emily Miller (Sammy and Bill)

Summer Weekend Getaway by Scullystar (Maddie)

Summer's Chill by Kris(Sam)

Taming The Unicorn by Imajiru (Lacy, Emmy, Thea, William and Walter)

Tangency by Heather B (Jenn Mulder)

Team Building by JL (Emma) +W

Team Building: Rollover Minutes by JL (Emma) +W

Tear a Petal From the Rose by Martha (Eileen; Sophia Covarrubias-Mulder)

Tearin Up My Heart by rvierra (Grace)

Teenage Girls Series by Xandra (Jeanie and Josh Skinner)

Telling The Story by J

Terra Firma V: Semper Fidelis by Malibu Sunset (Claire) +W

Terra Firma VI: Persona non Grata by Malibu Sunset (Claire) +W

Terra Firma VII: Riptide (Claire) +W

The Ties that Bind by Flexis (Melanie Doggett) +W

The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts by Dana'sFairytales (Holly Scully)

Undercover Miracle by Billie Reid (Michael Skinner)

Up In Flames by Rotem Shahar (Andrew - adopted)

Vestigy by Lisby

A Walk Beneath Willows by little Starbuck* (Sam)

Wassail: an X-Files Christmas story by Julie L. Jekel (Samantha, Melissa, Neil,and Liam)

Way of the Cradle by Spooky's Girl (Summer)

The Way it All Would End by Zero

We Gotta Get Outta This Place by Pattie (Meg, Samantha Ann, Mandy, Alison, James) +W

The White Picket Fences Series by Batela (Pavel, Ivan - adopted; Adam Mulder) m/m slash

William was a Bullfrog by AgentMulderFox (Samantha) +W

A Winter Storm by Erin Blair (Liz)

A Winter's Tale by Anjou (Hannah)

Why is My Middle Name Ellen? by Pattie (Meg, Samantha Ann, Mandy, Alison) +W

WITSEC by XFBandit (Alison)

Wonder Years by Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi (Abigail and Jason Doggett; Samantha and Megan Mulder) +W

The Wrong Existence by Angel-Wings Gaskins (Anita)

onsieY2K by Thinkey (Jamie)

Zoe series by Smurf (Zoe and Reese)


These fics include both non-canon babies and children, with at least one original character being a child to begin with. Fics that begin with a child and have another later go here too.

All of The Children series by Shiv (Lauren and Patrick Scully)

Baby Mine by Debbie Gramlich (Kate, Melissa, Samantha, and Joshua)

Back to where it started by Tanja (Jessie, Sam, Melinda and Charlie)

Beyond the Blue by JHJ Armstrong (Jacob and Hannah)

Beyond Limbo by Ms. AM (Katerine & Justin)

Birthday Week by Neoxphile (Alison, Jeremy, Eric, Brian, Hope and Promise) +W

A Challenging Life by Billie Reid (Isabel Skinner; Walter Jr and David Skinner-Cook)

Christmas Time is Here Again by hellogoodbye57 (Melissa and Samantha; Aaron, Thomas and Rebecca - adopted niece/nephews)

Christopher Ryan Scully series by Jori (Christopher and Samara; Kestrel Mulder)

Coach II by Gillian Leigh (Meghan; Eve, Jake and Gwen Mulder; Elena, Scully's step-daughter from a former marriage)

Cotton Wool by Neoxphile WIP (Max, Daniel, and Corrine Van DeKamp)

Destination: Truth by Kyouryoku Senshi and Billie Reid (Samantha; Sarah and Kyle Doggett) +W

The Emilys by Rocketman (Libby and Benjamin)

Equinox by Mystic (Jessica, Devon and Josh)

Falling to the Future by DScully141 (Max and Sarah)

the Genesis Project by aRcaDIaNFall$ (Erin and Hannah; Josh and Astrid - adopted)

Gone by Carlysxfiles (Jack; Anna and John Doggett)

Goodwill Towards Men by Neoxphile (Adam, Tyler, Olivia, Jesse and Jeremiah - adopted; Seth, Lacey and Hailey Doggett - adopted; Grace Doggett) +W

Greatest Gift of All by Kris (Laura, Caitlin and Wally Scully-Skinner)

Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile (Kyrie Fowley; Nathaniel, Tate, Aspen) +W

I Shall Believe by Cathey Scully (Kiera, Emily, Amara, Adrian, Brayden)

In AEternum by Diana NO Fowley (Maggie) +W

If Alex Fell series by Frohike (Adam, Josh and Kayla Krycek; Miranda Krycek - adopted)

It Just Happened by Mystic (Nathan, Andy, Katy, Kevin and Julia)

Iunctio ut Redimio - Book 2 by Kay (Claire and Lily) +W

The Joys of Parenting by Mulders_Chic (Rich, Adam, Mandy, and Heather)

Kids Will Be Kids by Flexis (Melanie Doggett) +W

Long Day's Journey Into Night by ElleThom (Max and Justin Mulder)

The Long Trail Home by Nantglyn (Caleb Scully; Samantha Mulder; Gabriella and Thomas)

Miracle Season by Neoxphile(Alison, Eric, Brian, Jeremy, Promise and Hope; Kylie and Kevin Doggett; Kadien and Curran Fowley) +W

Misbegotten Sons by Neoxphile (Caleb; Andy Van DeKamp - adopted; Abdon, Bedan, Carmi, Dibri and Esli Scully) +W

Once Upon a Time: Against All Odds by Meaghan McScully (Rose Mulder; Michael)

Once Upon A Time: Reunited by Meaghan McScully (Rose Mulder; Michael)

Only Broken Universe by Neoxphile (Benji, Owen, Kyle, Avery and Delaney Mulder; Cole Scully) +W

Picking Up The Pieces by Gillyfan (Abbie and Lily) +W

Ready-Made Family by Kyouryoku Senshi (Abby and Walton Skinner-Cook)

the Retrieval series by Daydreamer (Steven, Jessie and Andrew Mulder)

Shooting Star by Jenna Tooms (Ben & Lilly)

A Sleepy Little Town series: Memory House by Neoxphile (Joey and Autumn) +W

A Sleepy Little Town series: Free Fall by Neoxphile (Joey and Autumn) +W

Smother-Love and Drop Seats: A Christmas Tale by Jacquie LaVa (Kimpa and Kevin)

Sneakers by Gillian Leigh (Melissa)+W

Sweet Dreams Series by Alice J. Foster (Sam, Sarah, and Josh) +W

Taking Chances Series by Mulderslady (Kalen; Jade Mulder-Fowley)

There's a Way by Andrea (Jordon and Megan - adopted)

Thin Slices by Myriss (Megs and Todd)

The Truth is Not Enough Part 2: Children by dana-maru1 (Helene and Aimee; Angelle and Jonathon Doggett)+W

The Truth Is Not Enough Part 3: William by dana-maru1(Helene and Aimee)+W

Visitor in the Desert by Gillian Leigh (Rhiannon, Jack and James) +W

What Could I Have Done? by Starrlyte (Scarlett)

When Fate Takes A Hand by Madam F (Jenny, Alex and Joey Mulder; Carrie and Nathan Scully; Jewel Greene; Maggie)

When Love Gets Lonely by Pinkholyone and Louise (Matthew and Charlotte Doggett) +W

Where There's a Will by Andrea (Jordon and Megan - adopted)

Who I Am by Carlysxfiles (Olivia)

The Winterlong series by Neoxphile (Adam, Tyler, Olivia, Jesse and Jeremiah - adopted; Seth, Lacey and Hailey Doggett - adopted) +W

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