Malicious Wishes Challenge

As part of our Labor Day Month celebration, we wanted to bring a new pregnany & baby challenges your way. Here's the first one.

Your challenge is to write about Mulder having a run in with a second Genie, set any time after the season 7 episode. Having heard about the mercy Mulder paid the Genie in Je Souhaite, this Genie offers Mulder another two wishes. Techically, it offers him 3 but Mulder needs to agree to use the third wish to free it.

This time Mulder decides to wish that he can give Scully a child.

The genie agrees and holds up his/her end of the deal, but things don't go quite like Mulder imagines they should. This Genie has a mean streak, so... tell us how the Genie screws Mulder over fulfilling the wish, and what happens after that.

Possible scenarios:

- Mulder wishes he can give Scully a child. William (or another baby or child with their DNA) appears out of thin air, and Mulder almost immediately finds himself being accused of kidnapping.

- Mulder wishes he can give Scully a child. The Genie regretfully informs him that Scully can't carry a child, but it came up with a solution - Mulder is pregnant with their baby.

- Mulder wishes he can give Scully a child. Scully finds herself unexpectedly in labor while ______.

-[your take here]

How does this get resolved? Does Mulder use his other wish, or is it too late or he needs it for something else so he has to come up with a non-wish solution? Do Mulder and Scully end up with a baby/child in the end? Tell us!

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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