Baby/Kidfic plot Generator

Baby/Kidfic plot Generator

This is a special challenge generator, and it will create a custom challenge just for you. Click the button and you'll be given a character and a plot to write about. If you don't like the plot you've been given, click again! You can (and should) copy and paste all the potential plots you like into a notepad, though - once you click again, the last plot is gone forever.

You'll probably get repeats, but there are over 100 potential plots

Some of your potential plotlines might seem silly or serious at first blush, especially considering what character a plot might end up paired with, but I'm sure you can spin any of them in either direction if you're so inclined.

So far my personal favorite rolls of the plot-y dice are "Teena Mulder murders the Van de Kamps", "Mulder runs an infant/toddler daycare", "Missy finds every child created from Scully's stolen ova", "CSM teaches a high school sex ed class" and "Doggett is pregnant by aliens post-series." Heh.

Other than the eternal requirement that your story include a pregnancy or child ages 0-19 there are no other requirements - simply write a story using the prompt you decide to keep.

Good luck with your story, and be sure to include the prompt you used as an author's note (as an end note, please, so the surprise isn't given away) so we know what you got! :)

How it works: there are two variables being rolled every time you click the button. The first is the character (only the first one if there are multiple), and the second a possible plot. They each don't know what the other says so you might get a character discovering something about themselves, which is I guess introspective of them :D

Fics for this challenge:

Daniel Skinner by Pattie

We Have a Niece by Pattie

She's Missy's Girl by Pattie

Why Was I Adopted Out, Mom? by Pattie

It's Not This Meeting Making Me Sick by Pattie

Barbara, Jack and Kyle by Pattie

Mulder and Daughter Keep Company by Pattie

Shopping Trip Coincidence by Pattie

Don't Remind Me, Mom! by Pattie

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