These alternate reality fics are written as if season 9 didn't happen.

211 Confession by Samantha
911 by little Starbuck*
Ad Infinitum by Becka F.
After William I-IV by Susan
Al Dente by Spookey247
Annual Growth by Norma
Arms Wide Open by bellefleur
Ballgame by Cathey Scully
Babysitting by Tabby
Birthdays and Other Celebrations by Aeryn D
By Falling In And In by Aloysia Virgata (AU post-Deadalive)
Cats and Cross-dressers by beduini
Chip Off The Old Block series by mimic117
A Cold Night by Girlie_girl7
Debrouiller by Tess
Decisions and Consequences by xphilernj
onesieThe Deep Untangling by Rae Lynn
The Defender
A Different Kind Of Christmas by XSketch
The Divine Mr. Jerry Whetmore by Myriss
Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms (Doggett/Scully)
Effloresco by Wing
the Everything series by Eral C
Everything That Really Matters by Dyann Zimmerman
First Snow by aRcaDIaNFall$
First Steps series: I Le Lait II Techicolor III Peach Fuzz IV The Necklace V Fresh Air by Alanna
The G-Man's Guide To Post-Partum Sex by alanna
Go With the Flow by Kel
Good Mornings by Tabby
The Great Beyond by Buckingham
Hero by Becka F.
Hurricane Season by beduini and rah
I've Known Them For A Lifetime by little Starbuck*
A Leap of Faith by LarissaP
Let's Face the Music and Dance by VirtuesandVices
The Longer I Run by Teliko. x3
Lost Time by AngX
Man To Man Talk series by Girlie_girl7
Monster by Aislinn Carter
Mulder's First Father's Day by NST
My Favorite Day by Mish
Namesake by Kelly Moreland
Never Saw Blue Like That by Estrellita
Nothing Important series by Vickie Moseley
OB-GYN by Girlie_girl7
On the Road Again by FoxfireX and Girlie Girl7
One in a Million by Red Badger 83
Opposite Poles by Rory D. Cottrell
Our Happy Beginning by Mezzosoprano
Oxford Reunion by Starbuck_Jayne and Chessity
Pardonner et Oublier by Starbuck
Party of Three series by Christine Leigh
Perfect Happiness by Lilxgirl
Pride and Joy by Andi Dawkins and Devanie
Priorities by Angel LeeAnn
Pyrrhic Victory by Vickie Moseley
Raptionis by x-files182
Redefinition by L. N. McKnight
Resolution by abracadabra
Resuming by Norma
Return to Nowhere by Dyann Zimmerman
A Rule I Learned in School by David Hearne
Sneakers by Gillian Leigh
Starkweather series - season one by Scully3776 and SpookyKat
Scully, NORAD called... by dlynn
onesieThis Life Is Not Yet Rated by Rae Lynn
A Thousand Words by Menagerie
The Toddler Files by Unknown
Two of a Kind by Girlie_girl7
The Unfinished Universe by Revely
Will Wonders Never Cease by Gillian Leigh
Worry by Spookyteacher
You Should Be Proud by Faith N.

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