Halloween Kidfics

If there's a better pairing than kids and Halloween, I'm sure I don't know what it is.

= new addition in 2017 or 2018 if you wrote new ones we'd update...

All Spooked Up by Katie

Allegra by Jocelyn Tomkinson

And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween! by gillian dana

Arr Matey! by Missy

The Barest Bones by Neoxphile

Before Trick or Treat by 6friends6

Beyond the Grave by Y.H. Spooky San

Beyond The Truth series: 4.25 The Witching Hour by Neoxphile

The Blue Ridge Haunting Blues by Ned 'TG' Life

Candy Apples by MSDR89

Candy Man by RPCrazy and Muskrat

Cats and Cross-dressers by beduini

Come Ghoulies, Come Ghosties by ML

The Dare by Neoxphile

Dark Walks by Sara Laipis

A Day in The Life - 38 Trick Or Treat by Girlie_girl7

A Different Direction by Molly Sergel

Don't Go Down There by D Agnew

The Dragon's Tail by Sita

The Dreaming Sea by Revely

Entertaining Angels Unaware by Traci

Family III - Changes by Kelly Mullins

Firelight 02 - Tricks and Treats by Ewa

[External Link] Fluke Men and Foxes by alwaysforyouScully

Friends in High Places by LTP-girl

The Great Pumpkin by Lovesfox

Halloween 1981 by FatCat

Halloween Decisions by Donna

Halloween Memories by SLS

Halloween Memories by Waddles52

Halloween Surprise by NotHappening

Happy Halloween Agent Scully by Weirdspooky

Hooligans by Christine Leigh

I Ain't Afraid Of No Zombies by Pattie

I Sing A Song of the Saints of God by Rev. Anna

[External Link] Idol by Frangipanidownunde

Little Boo by Christine Leigh

Matty's Big Adventure by Vickie Moseley

Men in Black Meet Cookie Monster by Lovesfox

Mulder and Scully go Trick-or-Treating by dmulder

Mulder's Creek: 01 Bump In The Night by Neoxphile

Oh What a Night by Cheryl Cohen and Annie Reed

Omniscient Ouija by Bidie McCucholl

One Spooky All Hallows' Eve by MonikaFileFan

One Thought by probe

The Only Red-Headed Gray Girl by Evex

Payback by NotHappening

Phase 2 by Char Priolo

The Resurrection series: I. Small Hauntings by Neoxphile

Sarah 03. Sarah's Story

Simple Man by bellefleur

Sisters Two by Maureen S. O'Brien

A Spooky Halloween by Morley

Spooky House by Erin M. Blair

Safe as Houses by Neoxphile

Three times Mulder was afraid of the dark and one time he wasn't by memories_child
Three times Mulder was afraid of the dark and one time he wasn't.

Three times Mulder went trick or treating and one time he didn't by memories_child
This was written for the 2011 spookyhalloween.

Tricks and Treats by Lovesfox

Treat No Trick by Gill_U_Rock!!

Trick or... by Donna

Trick or Treat by KassandraX

The Woods, Dark and Deep by Neoxphile

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