The Christmas Child Challenge

This year's challenge is to write a fic about an X-Files character spending part of Christmas Day with a child who was born on December 25th. This child can be a newborn through age eighteen.

Your child character does not need to be the child of the XF character or even related to an X-Files character (they could also be a friend's child, a neighbor, a stranger, or involved in a case etc.), and the Christmas your story is set on can be any year past, present or future.

Special Note: you may write about Matthew Scully as we're not entirely sure his birthday but it's very close to Christmas if not exactly 12/25

Very Optional: * Combine this challenge with the elements of any other challenge on this site for entry in the Take Two Challenge

As usual, there are no word limits, but it would be great if you could either send your completed fic or begin posting it as a WIP by 12/31.

Challenge fics:
A Birthday at Christmas by Duane Barry
Them by Neoxphile

your fic here soon :)

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