While Scully Was Gone Challenge

While Scully Was Gone Challenge

This is a new lab-created and/or hybrid child fic challenge. There are several of stories that imagine what it would be like for Mulder to return and discover he's the father of Scully's child(ren). What would it be like for Scully to find out that she's the mother of Mulder's child?

Your Challenge:

  • Write a story about Scully being absent for an extended amount of time at any point within the series timeline after the theft of her ova in "Duane Barry/One Breath," only to eventually return to discover that Mulder is raising her biological child (or children), a child she had no idea existed.

    He'd found* this child - which can be his too or only hers genetically as suits you - while unable to contact her and took it upon himself to raise him/her/them.

    Now what??


Every other detail is up to you.

* or perhaps you could take the far less altruistic tact that he worked with the consortium to commission the child's creation
::cue dramatic music::

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