Fics about character's childhoods.

360 Maple Grove by Riva
1000 Lies by Awesomo Fox
1984 by Kathmak
2790 Vine Street by Dryad

Abraham and Issac by Vickie Moseley
Afternoon In The Park by fbi-woman
And They Lived Happily Ever After by Alanna Guinevere

Base by Sarah Stella
Because Of You by Tisha Cox
The Before Series by Emily Miller
Being Young series by Jo Ann Medrano
Body Check by Calypso
Broken Home by XScout

Carnival Dark, Carnival Light by Windsinger
Chance Encounters I: The Summer of 1980 by Susan Hamm
The Child is Gone by Hecate
Childhood Memories by Chloe D.
A Childhood Memory by an X-Phile
A Childhood Memory, Part II by an X-Phile
Childhood Promises: Making Promises by Deirdre
The Children We Were by Tara Avery
The Children's Circle by RaEnright
Christmas Fun by Erin Blair
Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile
A Clock Stopped by wendelah1
Closer Than the Stars by Rebecca Rusnak
Coming Home by a.k.a. Kennedy
Consequences by Vickie Moseley
Contingency Plans by Bardsmaid

Daddy Made Me Do It, Mommy by Josie M.
Dear Fox by Chameleonn
Dear Samantha by Erin Blair
Diablita by Mariann
Diablita II by Mariann
Dream? by Emily Miller

Elisabeth de Ma Jeunesse by Drax
Even In His Youth by Brian Olson

Faces of the Future by Johannah K.
Faces of the Future II by Johannah K.
Fast Food by Rotem Shahar
Fate by Diang Iu
Father and Son by Kelly Broughton
File #01 Side Story: Something Fishy Is Going On by Jazzy2May
Footprints in the Garden by Deirdre
Fox and Dana: Together Forever by Alley Cat
Friend Of The Family by Requiem
Friends Even in Childhood by Penny Daza
From Anaheim to Milan to Home by Eyegypt
From Their Point of View: A Child's X-Files by Emily Miller
Future by Claudia Modell

Game by Vickie Moseley
Graduation Day by N. Y. Smith

Here's Where the Story Ends by Rebecca Rusnak
Hollow Day by Kel
Home for Christmas by stellar_dust
The House Across the Street by Rebecca Rusnak
How To Catch An Alien by RaEnright
How To Catch An Alien II: Reticulans and The Lady Brigade by RaEnright

I Put Your Picture Away by Devin
I Turn to You by Devin
In Love and Baseball by Cathey Scully
In the Time Innocence Still Belonged to Us by Agent Spooky
Injustice by Skulz
Interludes in Roller Blading by Cathey Scully
It Wasn't His Child by Neoxphile

The Kid by XScout

A Lifetime Task by X_fairy
Lightening Shadows by Elizabeth L. Iacono
Little Girl series: 02 Little Girl Found by Natasha Luepke

Memories in the Twilight by Pattie
Memories of Mom by E. Watson
The Men by ZeusStorag
Midnight Rain Melissa B
A Midsummer Night's Dream Come True by requiem
Mulder's Creek: Season one by Neoxphile
Mulder's Creek: Season two by Neoxphile
Muldermass by GVB
Mulderology by phantagrae
My Baby by Carol Gritton

Nagar by Spooky
No One Is To Blame by ElleThom
The Non-Believer by Nita D
Not Just A Little Boy by Glymax
Nothing Else Mattered by Eileen Whipple

Omniscient Ouija by Bidie McCucholl
The Only Truth That Remains by memories_child
Ornamental by Pita1013

The Park of Hidden Memories by Erin M. Blair
A Picture from the Past by Jzyvarek
Pinned Butterflies by Rachel Anton
Poor Little Fox by Pattie
Preconception by Laura B
Priorities by Vickie Moseley
The Progeny Cull by Erica Miszti
Protecting Sam by Emily Miller

Quick Brown Fox by Anita Fougere

The Rat's Passage by Cancergirl
Responsible by BCfan

Safe as Houses by Neoxphile
Sam and Dana Lose Their Marbles by Queen of Swords
Scarlet Ribbons by Carol Gritton
Seed by Cathey Scully
The Sins of the Fathers by Foxsong
The Skeptic of Bracken Lake by sneakers
Smoke by Dx
The Star's Child by Ty-rose
The Star's Child II: Brownie by Ty-rose
The Star's Child III: Samhain and the Landslide by Ty-rose
Storm Tossed by Vickie Moseley
Successful Spies Apparently Don't Have Baby Sisters by aka "Jake"
Swimming Lessons by Lady Disdain

There You Were by allialli
Things Without Remedy by Kel
Three times Mulder went trick or treating and one time he didn't by memories_child
Tortured, Tangled Hearts by Devin
Turning Nine by Erin M. Blair
Tyger Tyger by Aeslehc Nametab

Visions of Blood and Light by Amber M. Howard

Wait for Me by Betty and Al
What's Bred In The Bone by Lady Disdain
Whose Child is This? by Empress Vader
Whose Child Is This? by Reality
Will You Be My Valentine? by Jennifer Cuzzo

An X-Mas Carol by catwings

You Were Such A Beautiful Baby by Kobler

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