His Sister, Emily Challenge

This challenge comes by way of a recent request, and relates to this new genre list.

Imagine what it would have been like if Mulder and Scully had been able to raise Emily and William too.


Your Challenge:

  • Write a story that is set any time after Requiem that contains both William and Emily being raised together as siblings

  • Given that in canon Emily is dead and William was adopted, your story will be AU. But how AU is up to you: Did Emily get better instead of dying in "Emily"? Did Mulder or Scully find her sometime after her supposed death and bring her home a long time ago, or not until recently?

  • Optional: include references to a season 8, season 9, or season 10 episode/s or IWTB, and how the existence of both children in the home would've changed the outcome and/or Mulder and Scully's feelings about that week's adventure.


Every other detail is up to you.


e-mail completed stories to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com


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