Title: Miracle
Author: Scullyrules5

Summary: Anybody else wondering what life would be like for Mulder and Scully if Emily had lived? Well I am. So maybe this could be it.

Two weeks after the episode "Emily"

"Mulder come on. We're going to be late for the hearing," Scully said, knocking on his door.

"Sorry," he answered coming out of his apartment. I had to change."

"That's nice. Now come on."

The two hurried down the stairs, and got into the car. They were going to Emily's custody hearing.

"What time are we supposed to be there?" Mulder asked.


"But...It's 2:15 now..."

"I know," Scully answered and speed up a little.


"What?" She was getting irritated now.

"Um...slow down.

You're going almost 60 in a 45 zone," Mulder said laughing. "Oops. Sorry. I'm concentrating on Emily, not driving."

"You call me the crazy driver," Mulder said after she ran a stop sign.



"Shut up."

"Hey we're alive," Mulder said as they pulled into the parking lot at the court house. He glanced at his watch and said," And two minutes early!"

Scully laughed and said," Mulder! Please be serious. This hearing is going to affect my future. So quit it."

"Sorry," Mulder said and made a puppy face.

"Mulder!" Scully was cracking up by now. She couldn't stop laughing as they walk into the court house together. But when she saw Skinner she stopped in an instant.

"I didn't know Skinner was coming."

"I did."

"And you didn't tell me because...?"


"Mulder!" "Would you quit yelling my name? All of Washington is going to know it soon."

"Sorry. I'm just tense. And nervous. I just want to be able to hold her and look at her whenever I want to. Actually I want to now. I miss her already."

"You saw her last night."

"She's my daughter Mulder. I miss her. She's not like...a dog. I could go a day or two without seeing a pet. I can't do that with Emily. I love her so much. I don't know how I will survive if I don't get custody."

"Scully, calm down. You'll get custody. I sure of it."

"How are you sure?"

"Think about it. Think about your life. You've got a great job, a medical degree...That is much better than a foster home."

"But...I'm not married. Oh no. What if they don't give me custody because I don't have a husband. What if they think Emmy should have a father?" Scully was close to tears now and Mulder knew it.

"Well...I don't know."

Scully really did start crying then, and Mulder wrapped his arms around her. "Tell you what. If they say you can't have Em because you're not married... I'll marry you. " This shocked Scully so much she stopped crying. "Really?" she asked in disbelief.

"Really. Scully...You're my best friend. You are more than my best friend. I can't explain it. But I'd do anything for you. "

Scully stared crying again, this time out of happiness. Suddenly she had to say the three little words she had been wanting to say for the longest time." Mulder, I-I love you." Her words we're a little mumbled by his shoulder, but Mulder heard. He kissed her forehead and said," I love you too. "

"We would like to talk to Fox Mulder," Scully's lawyer said.

Mulder stood and walk to the front of the room.

"Mr. Mulder," the lawyer said. "How long have you known Ms. Scully?"

"Um...About 5 years."

"And she was always been a trustworthy person?"

"Yes. The most trustworthy person I know. Actually, the only person I trust," he added more to Scully than to her lawyer.

"Do you think she would be a good mother?"

"I think-no I know-she would make a great mother."

"Is there anything else you would like to add?"

"Yes. I would like to add that Dana is the most caring, most loving person I know. She is the most patient, and the most forgiving...I should know. That is a very good quality in a mother. Dana Katharine Scully would be by far the best mother for Emily."

"Thank you for your comments."

Mulder got up from his chair.

"The next person we would like to talk to is...Dana Scully." Scully got up and walk to the front of the little room.

"Ms. Scully, do you think your work would affect how well you would care for Emily?"


"Why not?"

"If I get Emily...I might quit the FBI."

At this Mulder looked stricken. He hadn't known Scully's decision. This was one she had made totally on her own. Mulder was confused now.

:: I want Scully to get Em. . Because I want to marry her. But I don't want Scully to quit. I couldn't deal with a new partner...Especially considering the hell Alex put me through. :: Scully saw Mulder's look and looked away. She knew what the look was of. It would be hurt. She couldn't stand to see Mulder hurt or upset.

"Ms. Scully, you are not married. Do you think this would affect your ability to care for this little girl?"

Scully looked at Mulder. The hurt look was gone. Scully silently asked him what to do. He nodded his head just a little.

Scully cleared her throat and said," Actually, I am getting married."

Everyone in the room looked surprised. Especially Skinner.

"And who would this be to?"

Scully hesitated and looked at Mulder again. "Tell them," he said.

"Agent Mulder and I are. . engaged."

At this Skinner looked even more shocked.

"Can I say something?" Skinner asked.


"Agents Scully, Mulder... Since when?"

Mulder and Scully looked guilty. Mulder walked to the front of the room and grabbed Scully's hand. "Since about 2:25 this afternoon."

"You know you can no longer work together?"

"We know. We love each other Skinner. And that's better than a job."

Scully spoke up. "And we love Emily."

"Okay, okay. You two can go back to your seats. The next-and last-person we would like to talk to is Walter Skinner." Skinner walk slowly to the front of the room.

"Mr. Skinner. How long have the two worked for the FBI?"

Well, Agent Scully has been working for the FBI for about 7 years. The first two were at the Academy. The last 5 were paired with Agent Mulder working on a project called the 'X-Files'."

"The 'X-Files?'"

"The 'X-Files' are cases that are extraordinary, or have unexplained phenomenon." Skinner grinned and said," They are those two's specialty."

"And Mulder?"

"Mulder has been working on the X-Files for a long time."

"And what do you think of their relationship?"

"Do you mean their friendship or their...Relationship?"

"Well have you ever seen them kiss or hug or anything like that at work?"

"Um...No. Well once Mulder hugged Scully. And these two have always been there for each other. Mulder has risked his life for Scully many, many times. The same with Scully. They are great partners, best friends, and I think they have a great relationship. But I would still like to remind them that if they get romantically involved with one another. . They can no longer work together. I'm sorry. It's policy," Skinner added.

Scully and Mulder looked at each other and said," We understand."

"Okay well. Lets give these people a few minutes to conifer in private."

A half hour later they were sitting in the room again, waiting to here who would get custody of Emily. Scully was squeezing Mulders hand. Mulder had his other arm around her shoulders.

"We have decided the best person to get custody of Emily Christine Sim is...Dana Scully."

Mulder looked at Scully. He had never seen her this happy. It was wonderful. But...He couldn't get over the great sadness inside him. Scully would be quitting the FBI. Scully looked at him and he tried to smile but he could only manage a small one.

Scully knew what was wrong. She walked over to Mulder and said," I haven't decided whether I'm quitting or not. Come on Mulder...Please be happy. We're getting married, we have a daughter now. Come on. Even if I do quit, you'll still see me at home. And you'll see Emmy. Please look happy? Please?"

Mulder knew he was making her sad to. And he didn't want to do that. He smiled, then Scully did to. "Come on. Lets go sign the custody papers then get Emily."

Mulder let out a sigh and said," You know we have to move now."

"We do?"

"Scully. We're getting married. We have a daughter. I think we need a bigger house than one of our apartments."

"Me too. But right now let's go pick up Emily. "

2 hours later...Scully's apartment

"Oh my God Mulder! I've been engaged for what almost 6 hours and I haven't told my mother yet. Um... Or Bill."

Emily looked at her and said "Mommy, who's Bill?"

"Oh my God Mulder! I haven't told them I got Emily either!" She looked at her and said," Bill is my brother. So he is your uncle Bill."

"Oh," Emily said and continued coloring.

"Would you mind watching her for a minute while I call my mom and Bill?"

"Scully, she's my daughter to now. I don't mind."

Scully kissed him quickly then went into her bedroom to call her mother first.

::Why not call a person who will actually be happy for me first?::

Her mother picked up on the first ring.


"Mom? It's me."

"Oh hi Dana. You got Emily didn't you? Oh I knew you would. I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks. Yes I-we-did get Emmy. We are going to come visit you tomorrow okay?"

"Fine. But you said we. Who else?"

"Um...Well, I'm kinda getting married. To Mulder."

"You ARE? Oh Dana finally."

"Mom. What do you mean finally?"

"Oh Dana you know you've had feelings for Fox for a long time."

"Well...Okay I have loved him from the day I walked into his office. Every time I see him I get excited. He always knows just what to say to cheer me up. He always knows my moods, he knows my ways...Everything. And always. I love him so much. And now we're getting married. We have a daughter, we're moving into a bigger house. . and I'm quitting the FBI," Scully had trouble saying that last part.

"You're quitting? Why?" Mrs. Scully sounded concerned.

"Because of Emily.

Scully decided not to put it off any more. She picked up the phone again and dialed Bill's number. Her sister-in-law answered.


"Hi it's Dana. Can I speak to Bill?"

"Ok hi Dana. Sure he's right here," she covered the phone and yelled. "Hey Bill. Your sister is on the phone."


"Hi Bill."

"What did that SOB do this time? I swear I'm going to kill him."

"Bill, actually Mulder helped me get custody of Emily."

"That sorry jerk actually helped you? How?"

"Well...we're getting married."

"WHAT?" Bill sounded shocked so she hurried on.

"Emily needed a father."

"What so you just picked the first SOB you saw?"

"Bill I love Mulder. HE loves me. Sorry if that bothers you."

"Dana I-"

"Bill shut up. I don't have time for this right now. I'll see you tomorrow at mom's." She hung up the phone and walked back into the living room.

"What's wrong Mommy?" Emily asked.

"Nothing sweetie," Scully answered kissing her forehead. To Mulder she said," You're dead."

"Mulder looked at her and mouthed," Bill?"

Scully nodded.

The next day , Mrs. Scully's house...

"Emily!" Mrs. Scully cried the minute they pulled into the driveway. "Where is my new granddaughter?"

"Right here mom," Scully answered helping Emily out of the car.

"Hi..." Emily said shyly.

"She's a bit shy. So where's Bill?" She asked sarcastically.

"In the house."

Scully turned to Mulder and Emily said," Come on. Let's go see... Bill."

"Great," Mulder said darkly. "I can't wait."

Scully smiled and looked at Emily. "Come on let's go see your uncle," she said.

Emily grabbed Scully's hand and clung to her. ::Why's she so shy today?:: Scully wondered absently.

Scully picked Emily up and carried her into the house. When Emily saw Bill she buried her face in Scully's shoulder.

Dana, can you come here for a second?" Bill asked from the kitchen.

"Sure be right there," Scully replied. To Emily she said, "Honey can you go to Daddy now?"

Emily nodded and held out her arms to Mulder. "Daddy," she said.

Scully smiled at that picture and went into the kitchen.

"What Bill?"


Scully sighed. "Is that why you asked me in here? Well, yes Bill. Yes I am getting married to Mulder. Yes I love Mulder. Yes I am quitting the FBI. Yes Mulder is still going to work there. Yes Mulder is going to legally adopt Emily. Yes he loves Emily. Yes I love Emily. Yes he loves me, and last but not least, yes Emily loves us. Do you have a problem with any of that?

"Well yes I-"

"Too bad. It's my life. You have no say in it like you did when I was little. Deal with it," Scully said and walked out of the room, because she was suddenly over come with a need to see Emily and Mulder.

Mulder was surprised, to say the least, when Scully came storming out of the kitchen and grabbed Emily and started cradling her against her chest. She was upset. And sad. That was obvious from the look on her face. She looked like she never wanted to let Emily go. Ever. But why she was upset wasn't so obvious. But Mulder knew it was because of Bill.

::That jerk. :: Mulder thought, as he marched into their kitchen to get some answers.

As he was walking he heard Emily say," Mommy? What's wrong?"

Mulder stopped walking in order to hear the answer.

"Nothing baby. Nothing. I just missed you."

Mulder continued walking in to the kitchen.

"You jerk. What did you do to Dana?"

"Nothing. We just talked," Bill said, a sickening smile on his face.


"We just talked about... stuff."

"Listen you jerk. You leave Dana alone. That's a warning."

Mulder walked into the kitchen and said," You jerk." "What?" Bill sounded shocked. ::Fake shocked:: Mulder thought.

"You know. What did you say to Dana?"

"Nothing. I just asked her stuff." Bill had a sickening smile on his face.

"ABOUT WHAT?" Mulder was really pissed now.

"You know. Life. You. Emily," he said Emily with a certain tone in his voice.

"You had better stay away from Emily. If you touch our daughter I'll kill you. If you lay one finger on Dana I'll kill you. If you even look at them strangely I'll kill you right now," Mulder said pulling out his gun and waving it in his face. "Don't tempt me."

Bill laughed and said in a high pitched voice," You scare me. Oh please please don't hurt me. Plus she's my sister. So screw you."

Mulder pushed the gun against his forehead. "I'll blow your head off right now. I'm telling you. Don't tempt me." He let go just as Scully walked in still cradling Emily.

"Dana he's insane. He pulled a gun on me!"


"He threatened Emily."

To Bill she said," Is that true?"


"Liar. I heard the way you said Emily's name."

"Dana I didn't do anything!"

"Liar," she said and grabbed Mulder's gun, almost dropping Emily, but luckily handing her to Mulder before she fell.

"Scully? What are ya doing?" Mulder asked.

"Um...Making sure you don't shoot Bill?"

"You don't need to protect me Dana. That's my job to you remember? But you gave that job away to this jerk."

"BILL SHUT UP!" Scully screamed. "I love Mulder. You must get over that!"

Scully looked at Mulder. He still had Emily in his arms. Emily looked very, very scared. Mulder could tell and held her closer.

"Mommy?" Emily whispered softly.

Scully looked at her and said," Oh baby. I'm so sorry for scaring you. You to Mulder." She walked over to them and hugged Emily and Mulder both at the same time.

She looked over at Bill. "But not you. You don't come near Emily. EVER."

With that she turned and lead her family back into the living room.

As they walking back into the living room they heard a car door slam. Scully looked out at the street said," Mom did you know Charlie was coming today?"


So "Well he's here."

"Oh good. He can meet Emmy."

Scully walked out of the house and into Charlie's arm. "Hi!"

"Hi Dana! Long time no see. How have you been?"

"Great. I now have legal custody of Emily. And...Mulder and I are getting married."

"That's great."

"Thanks," Scully said shyly. "Do you want to meet your new niece?"

"I'd love to," Charlie said smiling.

They walked into the house. Emily ran up to Charlie and said brightly," Hi!"

This shocked Scully. ::Okay and she didn't do this with Bill because...?:: She was even more shocked when Emmy actually let Charlie pick her up; she hadn't even let Bill look at her.

"Em this is your other uncle, Charlie. The good uncle. You've already met the evil uncle," she said darkly and glanced at Bill.

Bill smiled sarcastically and said," Hiya Charlie."

"Oh hi Bill."

Suddenly, as they we're passing the mantel over the fireplace, Em said," Who's that?" and pointed.

Scully glanced over Emily's shoulder(Charlie was still holding her)and then looked at the floor. Her face had grown incredibly sad. The picture was of Missy.

Mulder walked back to Scully and hugged her tightly, to comfort her and to let her know he was there if he needed her.

"That is-was-your aunt Melissa. She-she died two years ago. I'm sorry she didn't get a chance to meet you." Scully was fighting tears.

::Not now. Not here. Not in front of Mulder and Em. :: She forced her tears away and said," Anybody else you don't know?"

"Yeah," and she pointed to a picture of William Scully.

"That was your Grandpa. My father."

::Don't cry; don't cry; don't cry:: she chanted to herself.

It worked.

"Oh. Can I color now?" Emily asked.

"Sure. I'll go get your book and crayons."

She walked out to the car and grabbed the bag of Emily's stuff she had brought with her. She carried it inside and said," Here Emmy. Here's your stuff. You can color at the table." Emily crawled out of Charlie's arms and said," I'll be back in a little bit," and ran into the kitchen.

Bill was in there. Emily took one look at him and ran to Scully and grabbed her hand.

"Mommy...Can I please color somewhere else?" she whispered.

"Honey...It's just your uncle. You'll be fine."

"Then please stay with me. Please?"

"Baby I can't. I have to help Grandma."

"Then...I don't want to color anymore. I want to go back to Daddy if you're busy. Or uncle Charlie."

"Well okay I guess. Come on lets go find Daddy."

The walked back into the living room where Scully was surprised to find Mulder. He was having a heated conversation with Charlie about (what else?) football.

"Sorry to interrupted, but honey can I talk to you in private?"

"Sure," Mulder said.

Scully decided to leave Emmy with Charlie. "You don't mind watching her?"

"Oh no. It's fine."

"Okay," Scully said and dragged Mulder upstairs and into her Mother's bedroom.

"Gee Scully I'm flattered but in your Mother's room? I'm blushing."

Scully smiled and said," Maybe later. Now we need to talk. About Emily. And Bill."

"I don't think she likes him very much. And I don't think he likes her."

"Did you see the way she greeted Charlie? Compare that to the way she greeted Bill."

"I know," Mulder said with a grin. "She's already picked the right one to hate." Scully gave him The Evil Eye and he quickly added," Just kidding."

"You had better be. He is still my brother."


"Anyway. She refused to stay in the kitchen alone with Bill to color. She was begging me to stay. When I said I couldn't she decided she didn't want to color. At least not alone with Bill. What is with her?"

"I don't know Scully. I don't know. "

"Emily you look tired. Are you ready for bed?" Scully asked.

"Well...I guess so," she said.

Scully picked her up and carried her into one of the extra bedrooms.

Emily was already dressed for bed, so Scully laid her down and covered her up. Mulder came in with a book from Emily's bag.

"Do want to read mom or should I?" he asked to Scully.

"Let's take turns," she said and Emily smiled.

"Good. I wanted you both to read."

So they read her "Jack and the Beanstalk" until she fell asleep.


Nothing moved.

Nothing stirred.

Not a sound.

Suddenly Scully sat up in bed. "Mulder. I must go check on Emily."

"Scully? What's a matter?"

"I-I don't know. I just have a feeling something is wrong with Emily. I have to go check on her."

"Well I'll come too. I want to make sure she's okay too. But I know she is fine."

The got up and walked down the hall to Emily's room. They opened the door. Scully screamed. Emily was gone.

The scream brought Mrs. Scully.

"Dana? What's wrong?" her Mom asked.

Scully couldn't respond. In fact she couldn't do anything except stare at where Emily should have been. Mrs. Scully gasp.

At that moment two things happened. The first was Charlie stumbled sleepily down the hall. Then Scully fainted. She didn't do like they did in the movies, she simply sat down on the floor and put her head in her hands. Then she lost consciousness. Mulder swung into action yelling directions.

"Mrs. Scully call 911 and tell them Emily is missing." He turned to Charlie and said," Can you go see where Bill is? I have a feeling he will not be in his room. Or anywhere else."

"Mulder are you saying BILL took Emily?"

"Well we'll see."

Just then Mrs. Scully came back into the room.

"They will send someone right away. They should be here in about 10 minutes." She glanced at Scully who was stirring.

"Scully?" Mulder asked tentatively.


"Are you um...Okay?"

"NO! Mulder my daughter is missing. Your daughter is missing. I would think you would be a little more caring," she said and started crying.

Mulder sat down on the floor beside her. "Scully. I am worried. My daughter is missing. I just have to do things like calling the police right now before I can show that I am worried so they can start looking right away."

She looked at him for a second, decided he was telling the truth, that he was worried, then lay her head on his shoulder.

"I'm just so scared Mulder. Some weirdo out there has my daughter. Some stranger," she added then started crying again.

Just then Charlie walked back into the room. "Bill is gone," he said flatly.

The news that Bill was gone too shocked Scully so bad she stopped crying instantly.

"You mean...Bill took her?"

Mulder put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. "Scully it's going to be okay. We'll find her. I promise."

"But why would Bill-my own brother-take my child? Why?" she asked again in amazement.

"I don't know Scully. Why do people do anything like this?"

"I've investigated kidnappings before. I thought I understood the pain the families where going through. But I didn't Mulder. I didn't."

Mulder just rocked her in his arms and ran his hand protectively through her hair. She responded by putting her arms around him and pulling him into an awkward sitting hug. Just then the police arrived.

They quickly got up and walk into the living room where the police where asking to speak to the parents.

"I'm the parent," Scully said quietly.

Mulder looked at her and said," Me too. " "Okay are you the first people to find her missing?"

Mulder answered for Scully. "Yes."

"Okay mind if I ask you a few questions? Lets go into the kitchen."

Mulder lead Scully there; she was looking like she was going to faint again.

When they got to the kitchen the officer sat down and gestured for them to sit across from her.

When they all were seated the officer said," You daughter's name is...?"

"Emily Christine Sim-I mean Scully."

"So it's Scully?"

"Yes. I just legally adopted her yesterday."

"You did?"

"Yes. She is my biological daughter, but I was abducted three years ago. They took my eggs and fertilized them...And the result is Emily. I just met her about a month ago actually. Her mother was killed and we were investigating her death. When I met Emily, who the woman had adopted, I was stricken at how much she looked like my sister. So I had a DNA test done to see if Emily was Missy's daughter. Missy had disappeared for a year or so awhile back and I thought she could have had Emily then. I also sent in my DNA just in case. They said Emily's and Missy's blood was a 60% match. But then they said that I was the biological mother of Emily. Then Emily got very sick and was put in the hospital. She came very close to dying, but recovered." Scully left out the part about Mulder having found the cure and that the sickness had been alien. "She just got out the day before yesterday."

"And how does Mr. Mulder fit in here Ms. Scully?"

"Well, actually he isn't the father yet. We are getting married and he is going to adopt Emily but we thought all that could wait until Emily was a little better."

The officer looked at Mulder and he nodded, to tell her it was true.

"Okay. So Emily is how old?"

"She's three," Mulder said because he was feeling left out.

"Alright. Do you have any resent photos of Emily?"

"Yeah." Scully looked surprised but Mulder said," We've got the one in your wallet. And the one in mine. Also the one we gave to your mother."

"Can one of you get them for me?"

"I'll do it Scully. You stay here."

As he was walking out of the room the officer said," You call each other by your last names?"

Mulder turned around. He hadn't even noticed he had done that. In his mind it wasn't Dana, it was Scully. He didn't even think about it except when Scully's family was around. Not that he minded if her family knew he called her Scully. He had done in front of them before. It just got confusing to call her Scully when everyone else in the room also had the last name Scully.

"Yeah. We are partners at the FBI. I didn't even notice I had done it. We have always called each other by our last names. I don't know why. We just do."

"Oh. Okay I was just wondering."

Mulder left the room and got the pictures. He smiled at the one in Scully's wallet. It was right next to her badge so when ever she showed it the person would also see the picture. The picture also wasn't just of Emily like the other two where. It had Emily, Mulder and Scully is it. It had been taken bye a nurse in the hospital.

He carried them back into the kitchen just as the phone rang.

Mulder answered the phone. "What?" he practically screamed.

"Sorry SOB? Is that you?"


"Yeah. So listen I got Emily here. She's fine."

Mulder could here Emily crying in the background. He mouthed "Bill" to the police officer who nodded and started trying to trace the call.

"Let me talk to her," Mulder demanded.

"You want to? Sure." He put Emily on the phone.


"Emily! Are you okay?"

"Daddy I'm scared. Bill took me out of my room and told me to shut up. I told him it was rude to tell people to shut up but he didn't listen."

"Honey where are you?"

"I don't know. Can I talk to Mommy now?"

Mulder handed the phone to Scully who had been begging him to do that since he picked up the phone.

"Sweetie! Honey is he hurting you?"

"No...I'm okay. But I want to come home. Please Mommy."

Scully started crying and said," We're looking baby, we're looking."

Just then Bill grabbed the phone back from Emily. "All right that's enough. Sit down," he said to her pushing her down to the ground. She lost her balance and fell, scraping her knee. She started crying again, screaming loudly. "Shut up Emily. I'll hurt you if you don't shut up!"

Scully started crying harder. "Bill what do you want? We'll give you anything. Just don't hurt Emily."

"It's too late for that. All I want is some respect. That's all I ask. Everyone gives all the attention to you. You with your stupid big shot FBI job, you getting married, you having a child. Well I have a good job. I got married. I have a child on the way. Why doesn't Mom pay attention to me? It's always you Charlie, or Missy. The only reason they paid attention to me at all when we were growing up was to give me chores. 'Bill watch your brother and sisters. ' THAT WAS ALL I EVER DID! Now you must be punished Dana. Emily must be punished."

Scully was crying so hard she could no longer talk. She handed the phone to Mulder.

"What can we give you Bill?"


The officer walked back into the room and made a wrap-it-up gesture with her hands. The trace was complete.

Just then Bill said," Well I'll call back. If Emily is still alive."

He hung up the phone.

"Where was the call coming from?" Scully demanded.

"A motel about 10 miles away."

"Lets go," Scully said and walked towards the car.

As they where driving to the gas station with the officer, Scully turned to Mulder.

"Mulder you know I've been thinking. I think I might want to join the FBI again. I miss it."

"You miss it? You've been away for a day and a half!""

"I know. But I still miss it. I will tell Skinner in the morning. Lets concentrate on Em right now."

"Okay," Mulder said and looked out the window. He saw Bill's car. "He left his car? He's not very bright is he Scully?"

"No," she said simply and got out of the car.

The police officer, who they had learned was named Whitney Carollo, got out of the car next, with Mulder right at her heels. She had called for backup and she could here them on their way.

They burst into the room that Bill's car was parked at and looked around... The room was empty.

Scully sat down on the bed and put her head in her hands. Tears started flowing silently down her cheeks.


She shook her head and said," I was so sure he would be here."

"Well...It's okay Scully. I will find Emily. I promise. If it is the last thing I do. I will help you find Emily." He gave her a quick squeeze, finally remembered the officer was watching, and quickly got up from the bed.


He didn't bother to correct her.

"I have a promise. I promise to help you find Samantha. To help you find the truth. That is why I can't quit the FBI. I want to work with you. I need you," she added quietly. "I need you to." Scully stood up and walked into his arms.

The officer cleared her throat. They looked over at her.

"The back-up is here. As it turns out a Bill Scully isn't registered here."

"How about a William?"

"William... Yeah there was a William. But not a William Scully. A William Kantor. Room thirteen.

Mulder looked at Scully. She was still pressed against him. She looked down, realized that, then pulled away.

"Lets go."

A few seconds later they burst through another door. This time the backup was behind them.

Sitting on the bed was Bill Scully.

Scully walked right up to him and stared him in the eye.

"Where is Emily?" she demanded. Her voice was quiet, but it was as cold and hard as steel.

He looked at her, his stare unmoving, as the officer handcuffed him.

"I don't have her...Anymore" He smiled, a smile that made Scully want to smack him.

"What do you mean 'anymore'?" Scully yelled.

"Oh. . A friend has her."

"Excuse me Dana," Officer Carollo said, leading Bill to a police car.

Scully absently moved out of the way, her gaze never leaving Bill's face. "Why?" Her voice had changed. Now it held something else. Betrayal.

"I'm sorry Dana. I-I never meant to hurt you."

"You did. Just tell me where my child is. Please." She was close to tears again.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. I promise she is not hurting."

He said that with a tone that made Scully wince.

"Did you...Did you kill her?"

Bill didn't answer. As he was put into the car, one of the other officers said," You two are FBI right? Do you want to go home or come to the station?"

Mulder started to say they would go home, but Scully interrupted. "No. I want to go with Bill. I want to know what he did to my child."

Mulder nodded and the officer lead them to another car.

Scully sat next to Mulder in the little questioning room. Her expression was blank, but Mulder knew she was torn up inside. He also knew she wouldn't show it. Although Bill hadn't answered if he had killed Emily of not, Scully knew he had. ::He killed my child. One of the few people I loved...And who loved me. :: She sighed, although it sounded like a sob, Mulder thought.

Whitney Carollo sat next to them, across from Bill.

"Did you kidnap Emily Christine Scully?" Whitney asked flatly.

Bill looked down at the ground, then up at Scully. He saw her blank expression, but he also saw a glimmer of the same betrayal in her eyes.

"Yes," he whispered.

A full look of hurt cross her face for a split second, then her blank expression took over once again.

"Did you kill her?"

"No," he said more strongly than before.

This time Scully asked the question. "Is she dead?"

Bill didn't answer.


He glanced at his watch. "No...not yet."

"Not yet?"

"No...Not for two more hours."

"Bill...Please don't let them hurt my child. I have lost my father and sister. Please Bill. I don't know if I can take losing someone else I love. Please. I love her with all my heart." She started crying.

This was all too much for Bill to take. He continued staring at the floor. "I can't tell you where she is. I want to...But I can't."

"Why not," she said softly, so softly he could hardly here her.

"I just can't. I-I wish I could."

"Just tell me this Bill. Will she suffer?"

"No. I can give you one clue though. She is being kept in this area. By water. I hope you find her."

Scully didn't here the last part. She was already halfway out the door, with Mulder right behind her. He knew where she was headed.

Whitney Carollo followed them, but didn't leave the room. She just stopped at the door and called for someone to go with them. Since only two people in the station knew why they where there, they went with them. The first was a woman named Sarah Taynor, the second was a man named Alex Jordan.

In the car Scully told them why they here leaving. She also told them where they where going.

Chesapeake Bay.

Mulder didn't ask how Scully knew where to go. He just shut his mouth, and prayed that she wouldn't kill them before they got there.

At that very moment Scully was gripping the steering wheel so hard her knuckles where white. She was also going about 20 miles over the speed limit.

"Um...Scully? Next time I get to drive. Actually I think I would feel more comfortable if I drive from now on."

"Mulder for God's-and Emily's-sake...SHUT UP!"


The two officers where in the back looking like they would rather be anywhere else. They drove for about an hour, then Scully looked at her watch.

"Mulder...We have twenty minutes to get there!"


She looked at him quickly. She had forgotten to tell him, and the officers, where exactly they where going.

"We are going to this little cabin in the woods, right by the bank of the bay. Our father used to take my brothers and I there when we where little. Missy never came though. She always preferred to stay home with mom. I know that is where they have taken Emily. We should be there in about 10 minutes in we hurry."

"Oh," Mulder said and looked at the officers. They looked calmer now that they knew where they where going. As a matter of fact they looked a little to calm. Mulder watched them nervously. He wondered what they were up to.

Suddenly, Sarah drew her gun. Alex did the same. She pushed the gun to Scully's head, Alex to Mulder's.

"Pull over right here," she said.

"What? If we stop we will not get there in time."

"That's the point," Alex said, an evil smile on his face.

Scully couldn't argue. She pulled over. Alex pushed open the door and got out, with Sarah right behind. They opened Mulder and Scully's doors and pulled them out roughly. Then they pushed them to the ground, guns still at Mulder and Scully's heads.

Scully started crying. She knew there was no way they could get to Emmy now. She glanced at her watch. In 13 minutes she would be dead. ::She might already be dead:: Scully thought. ::They could have done it early. :: She imagined Emily laying on the ground, her white nightgown pooled in blood. She shuddered and cried harder. Mulder rolled over next to her, the only comfort he could offer, while laying on the ground. Sarah and Alex tied their hands and put them back into the car. Then they congratulated each other on a job well done, and kissed.

::The Evil Lovers:: Mulder thought dryly. He glanced at Scully, who was next to him. She was still crying. As it got closer and closer to the time Emily was supposed to die, Scully cried harder. Mulder also realized, for the first time, he to had tears falling down his face. He couldn't believe how much his life a changed in just a day and a half. ::Scully and I are getting married, I gained a daughter, and now I lost a daughter, and probably Scully. ::

Then Sarah and Alex got back into the car and started driving. They drove for and hour, then two. Scully couldn't stop crying. She cried harder, and harder until she was sobbing uncontrollably. Mulder put his arm around her and let her cry on his shoulder. He was also crying; slow, silent tears rolled softly down his face and on to his shirt.

::My world is gone. Samantha, my father, Emily, and most likely Scully. Everybody. :: He cried a little harder. Then the car stopped. Mulder glanced out the window and saw they were at a small, shabby motel. The Evil Lovers, as Mulder had dubbed them, forced them out of the car once again, and drug them to room 6. They opened the door to reveal a dark, very little room. There was one bed and a small TV that was chained to the wall. The only other furniture was a small table with two chairs around it. Sarah pushed Mulder into the first char, and Scully into the second.

Then she pulled out a gun.

A tear rolled slowly down Scully's cheek. It landed on her sleeve. Mulder noticed and tried to hold her hand. It was kind of hard because they where still tied. She sniffed and put her head on his shoulder.

They where still in the motel room. Alex had left, and Sarah was no where to be seen. Scully and Mulder just sat there silently, both still crying.

Suddenly the door opened and Sarah walked in. She untied there hands.

"Hurry! If you go fast you might make it home before morning."

They looked at her in awe.

She smiled and said," I know what you're thinking. This is not a trick."

They both looked kind of doubtful.

"Look. I know you say 'trust no one' but you have to trust me. I am not like Alex. I only stay with him because he threatens me. He is evil. Not me. Please you have to trust me!" Scully looked at Mulder and asked him with her eyes what to do. He answered, also with his eyes. She nodded slowly.

"We will trust you," Scully whispered.

Sarah nodded too and finished untying them. They slowly got up, and walked to the door. Scully stopped and looked at Sarah.

"Why? Why did they take Emily? And who got you to do this?"

"Bill. He paired Alex and I. Alex would have done it for free. He is truly evil. He threatened to kill me. They took Emily to hurt you two. Mostly Mulder. He got to close to the truth. They saw how attached you," she said glancing at him.


"The guy who smokes all those cigarettes, and a couple other people. Bill included."

Scully gasped and looked like she was going to cry again. "Why would Bill-who is my own brother-take my child?"

"Please not so many questions! You have to go. Alex will be back in 10 minutes and you have to get away."

Scully didn't move. "Why?" she demanded.

"Because he is working for them! Now please go!"

Mulder grabbed Scully's arm and urged her out the door.

"Come on Scully. We have to go!"

Scully allowed Mulder to pull her across the motel lawn and into the woods. Scully sighed and said looked at Mulder.

"We have to get to that cabin. I have to know what they did to my Emily." Mulder nodded and they began to walk.

About Two and a Half Hours Later

Mulder glanced at Scully.

::She looks terrible, :: was his first thought. Then he felt guilty. Of course she looks terrible. She had been walking through the woods for almost three hours; her daughter is probably dead; and she had got up at 2:30 in the morning.

Scully sighed and looked around. Suddenly her face brightened a little.

"Mulder look!" She pointed at a little cabin. "There it is!"

They broke into a run and reached the cabin. Then they threw open the door.

Scully turned her head expecting the worst. Mulder didn't want to look but felt he had to. He gasped. Scully forced her self to look. She didn't react.

The room was empty. There was no blood, no body, no anything. Scully turned to Mulder.

"If they killed her...At least they didn't just leave her in here."

Mulder nodded and they turned back towards the woods.

After they had walked for a half hour, Mulder stopped so suddenly Scully bumped into him.


Scully listened. First she didn't here anything, but after a minute she could here it too. "Crying!" she said and started running.

Mulder followed. They followed the sound to a small clearing.

Scully gasped. Leaning against a tree, with her head in her hands was... "Emily!" Scully cried. "Baby!"

She looked up. "Mommy?" she asked in amazement. "Daddy?"

Scully started crying. This time out of joy.

"Yes baby. It's us," Scully picked Emily up and held her for what seemed like hours. Mulder seriously thought she might never let Emily go this time.

Finally, it hit Scully that they had to keep walking.



"Can I hold Emily now?" he asked a small smile on his face.

"Yeah...Sorry." She handed her over, and started walking. Mulder held Emily close as if to protect her, and followed.

"Ow!" Scully cried softly as she tripped on a rock. Luckily she wasn't holding Emily or she would have fell too.

"Scully you okay?"

"Yeah." She grimaced. "Well...Maybe not."

Mulder laughed. They were in the woods still and they had been walking for hours. They had been switching off carrying Emily; although they where both tried neither wanted to put her down. Plus she would slow them down if she walked.

Scully sat down on another rock and sighed. "We have to keep going. I'll be fine."

"Scully...We're close. We can take a break."

Scully sighed again and looked at Emily, who was sleeping in Mulder's arms.

"How did she escape?"

"I don't know...She's smart. Like her mother," he added with a grin.

Scully smiled and nodded to Emily. "She's awake now."

"Hi Daddy." She glanced at Scully. "Hi Mommy."

"Hi honey."

Emily shifted in Mulders arms so she could look at them better.

"How did you find me?"

"We looked. We were trying to find you...and we did." She paused then said," How did you get by that tree?"

"Well...Uncle Bill took me, then he gave me to this man, and he took me to a little cabin. Then he left me there. He said he'd be back and shut the door and locked it. Then he left. I tried to get out the door but I couldn't. Then I saw a window and escaped."

"Well good," Scully said taking her back from Mulder.

"Mommy why did they take me?" She looked uncertain. "What where they going to do to me?"

Scully looked into Mulder's eyes with a look that clearly said to Mulder 'what do I say?' He looked back and shrugged.


Emily could see fear in her Mother's eyes. She had to know.

What would they have done to her if she hadn't escaped?

Scully sighed and said," Let's not worry about that now."

Emily nodded and struggled out of Mulder's arms. She knew what her mom didn't want her to know: If she had not escaped she would have been dead right now.

Emily pushed those thoughts out of her mind and grabbed Mulder's hand, then Scully's. "Come on let's go home. I'm hungry."

Mulder nodded. Scully didn't answer; she had been pretty quiet, besides that one conversation with Mulder. She was tired, dirty, and all she wanted to do was curl up in bed with Emily and Mulder.

::My family, :: she thought happily.

She leaned over and put her head on Murder's shoulder. This was a bit hard since they where still walking, but she managed. He leaned down and kissed her softly.

Emily looked at them a small smile on her face. She was happy that her parents where happy. Together.

Mulder glanced at Em and saw her look. She looked about as happy as he felt. He kissed Scully again quickly, then put is arm around her. All the while he was thinking about how good it felt to finally be doing it. He had longed for 5 long years to hold Scully, to kiss her sweet lips, and to simply be around her all the time. Scully to was thinking about their relationship. She liked the new, uncharted waters their relationship was in...but then she thought of all that could be lost. If they broke up...they could lose their friendship, partnership, not to mention their jobs, that were all ready on the rocks because of their relationship. She didn't want to lose her best friend. But she loved Mulder. More than as a friend.

She shook her head as if to clear it. She couldn't believe the thoughts she was having. Just then Mulder spoke. "Look."

He waited than spoke again. "Scully?"

"Mommy?" Em said.

"What?" She had been so into her thoughts she hadn't heard them speak.

"Look." He pointed again to the sign saying Scully's mom's town was 1/2 a mile. She grinned and picked Emily up and swung her onto her back.

"Come on Miss Emily. Let's go see your Grandma."

Emily giggled, then laughed and nodded.

A tear rolled down Maggie Scully's cheek.

::Missy, my husband, Emily, Bill is in prison for a few years, and now Dana is missing. Why must my family be taken?::

She was watching the morning news. It said that two federal agents, and a three-year-old girl where missing. When she first saw that, Charlie had said," We don't know if it's them."

"Yeah," she had answered. "Just how many FBI agents and their 3-year-olds are missing in this town?"

To that he just sighed.

One Hour Later

Scully smiled, thinking about what had happened when they had walked into the police station an hour earlier.

The second they walked in they noticed Maggie Scully sitting in a chair by the front desk. She didn't notice them, however. She was facing away, talking to a police officer. The second she did see them she was up in a second and hugging all three of them, even Mulder.

Mulder saw the look on Scully's face and smiled. He knew she was thinking about the hour before, when they had walked into the police station. He smiled too, remembering. At that moment they were in the hospital, getting Emily and themselves checked out. Emily had a deep cut on her check that looked like it might need stitches. She had several other cuts and bruises, also a hurt wrist.

Mulder's and Scully's injuries were a lot less sever. Scully had needed stitches on a cut Alex had given her, along with her twisted ankle, and Mulder had only a bruise on his arm from where Alex had pushed them to the ground.

Just then Emily's doctor came walking in their direction. Scully had wanted to go in the room with Emily, but she had insisted she was a big girl who could go in alone. Scully had reluctantly agreed, and she and Mulder went to sit in the waiting room.

"Ms. Scully? Mr. Mulder?"


"Would you like to see your daughter now?"

"Yes!" Scully practically screamed. She could not believe he had to ask.

"Okay. But first let me tell you of her condition."

Scully simply nodded.

"She needs stitches on her cheek for one. Also it looks as if she has been pushed around a lot. I would like to give her a CAT scan to see if she has any brain damage."

Scully nodded again.

"Mentally she is doing great. I don't think she will have any lasting scares from this experience."

"Thank God," Scully whispered softly.

"She is asking for you now. Come on lets go see you daughter." They followed him to exam room 3. There was Emily sitting on the bed. Someone had given her a coloring book and crayons.

When she saw Scully and Mulder, however she abandoned her coloring.

"Hi Mommy!" she said running into her arms. "Guess what? I need stitches!" Then she noticed Mulder standing in the door. "Hi Daddy!"

"Hi Sweetie."

She looked back at Scully. "You will be here when I get them, right?" A quick glance at Mulder and she added," You too?"

"Yes," Scully answered. "We will both be here."

Emily smiled and went back to the bed to continue coloring. Scully walked to Mulder and put her arms around him. He did the same to her and added a quick kiss.

"I can't stand to see her like this."

"I know. I can't stand knowing it is partly my fault she is hurting."

"It's not your fault."

"Yes it is. If I hadn't threatened Bill he might not have done this."

"Yes he would have. Mulder it's not you fault. It's not my fault. It is Bill's."

"I know."

"It's just hard to see my child in pain. It was bad enough when she was sick. No she is bleeding and everything. I can't stand it."

Mulder didn't answer. He simply pulled her closer and held her until the doctor came in and annoyed it was time for Emily's CAT scan.

Two Hours Later

Emily's CAT scan came back normal. She would be fine.

When Scully heard this she pick Emily up and danced around the room with her. Mulder just breathed a sigh of relief and laughed his head off at Scully and Emily.

But that had all happened earlier. Right now they were in the car getting ready to go home. The doctor had said Emily need not stay in the hospital, just to make sure they brought her and Scully back in a week to have her stitches out.

They had nodded quickly, eager to get Emily home.

Scully buckled Emily is to her car seat and got into the car, next to her mother who was driveling them home.

"Hey how come I have to ride in the back?"

Scully smiled and said," Because I said."

Mulder faked a sigh, then laughed. "Fine. But next time I call shotgun."

"Fine," Scully answered smiling. "Unless I want it."

Mulder gave Emily a look that, to Scully, clearly said 'women. '

Emily laughed tried to copy the look, but just ended up giggling the rest of the way home.

Two Days Later
Scully's apartment...

"Emmy, do you want to come with us?" Scully asked. She nodded.

"Okay tell Daddy to get your jacket," Scully said and watched her run off. A few minutes later she came back with her jacket and shoes on. Mulder was right behind her.

"Now...Where are we going again?"

"Mulder! You know where we're going. To look for a bigger apartment...So you don't have to sleep on the couch."

"Yeah I still don't think it's fair I get the couch when you and Emily get the bed. I AM going to be your husband."

"So? She's my daughter. Plus she lives here. She gets the bed. You get the couch." Mulder looked hurt.

Scully realized her mistake and quickly added ," She lived here first I mean."

The hurt look diapered and he smiled. "Come on lets go."

Scully nodded and opened the door.

"Oh no, LADIES first."

"No, no I insist."

"No it's good manners."

"No go ahead."

Emily looked at them both like they were nuts and then said," Fine I'LL go first," and walked out the door.

Scully and Mulder caught each other's glance and tried not to laugh as they followed her.

"Too small."

"Mulder! You haven't even been inside yet."

He shrugged. "I don't have to."

She sighed in response. "Just look inside."


Emily could sense her parents were on the verge of an argument, so she quickly changed the subject.

"Mommy, can we go see Grandma again soon?"

Scully knew her change of subject was not by accident. "Sure," she answered absently, concentrating on parking the car.

When they got out of the car Emily ran ahead into the house. They had decided to get a house instead of an apartment, because they wanted a big yard for Emily.

Ten minutes later they came back out.

"You were right. Too small," Scully admitted. Emily nodded.

They went to three more houses until...Mulder stopped short in front of a house. Scully followed his gaze.

The house was perfect. It had a big back yard, and the house it's self was the perfect size. Going in, they found it had four bedrooms, two and 1/2 baths, a huge kitchen, big den, living room, and a big basement/family room.

"Mommy, it's perfect," Emily said.

She agreed.

"So," Mulder asked. "Do we all agree? This is the house? It's the right price to," he added, anticipating Scully's next question.

They both nodded.

He nodded to and walked back towards the car, his cell phone in his hand, talking to the owner/seller.

Two Weeks Later...



"I'm glad I don't have to sleep on the couch anymore." She laughed and rolled over to face him.

They had just moved into their new house the day before, and they were exhausted. The had just woken up, and for the first time in two weeks Mulder had gotten to sleep in a bed. ::And to add to the happiness...Scully's in here too. . ::

"When is the wedding? Have you even started planning yet?"

"Yeah. My mother is helping me. It is in about a month. On February 1st."

He sat up. "That soon?"

She nodded.

"Hum...Better tell Frohike and the other Lone Gunmen."

She groaned. Loudly. "Let me guess. Your Best Men?"

He smiled slyly and nodded. "Who's your Maid of Honor?"

"I don't know...Maybe my sister-in-law."

He nodded happily. He liked her. Just not her husband.

"So have you picked out your dress yet?"

"Yup. But you can't see it," she teased.

"Why not," he protested.

"Tradition. Bad luck if the husband see the dress-or the bride-before the wedding. He gave her a puppy look and she smiled.

"No," she said the burst out laughing.

Just then Emily knocked on their door.

"Come in Sweetie," Scully said, sitting up.

She ran in and jumped on the bed.

"Ugh," Mulder pretended to groan and then smiled.

"So how was your first night in you new room?" Scully asked.

"Good. How was yours?" she asked slyly.

"Good," Mulder answered mysteriously.

She giggled and then grabbed Scully's hand.

"Come on. I'm Hungary."

Scully came and grabbed Mulders hand and led him out the door.

"So, Miss Emily, what should we have for breakfast today?"


"Pancakes it is," Scully said with a smile.

As she was making breakfast Scully said," So what time do you have to go in to day?"

"About an hour."

She smiled teasingly. "I don't have to work today. I just have to call Skinner for re-assignment."


"Nooooo. Emily and I have to paint the den today."

He shrugged. His look said 'that's better than work. ' Then he laughed.

"Need any help there?"

"Not from you."

He looked hurt again.

"Mulder...You burn milk. Trust me I've seen you cook." She smiled. "But maybe I can give you a little lesson."

"Uh..." He made a face. Then he smile again. "But maybe a lesson from you..." She grinned then said," You better hurry. You'll be late."

He nodded and went up stairs. Scully turned to Emily. "You better get dressed too."

"Okay," she said happily and went up stairs. Ten minutes later she was back, dressed in jeans and a purple sweatshirt.

"Just in time," Scully said and put a plate in front of her.

Just then Mulder came down the stairs. "Hey where's mine?" He stuck out his lower lip.

"Coming," she said and smiled again.

Two Hours Later...

Scully sighed and hung up the phone. She had just talked to Skinner. Background checks. Again.

::But this time...No Mulder. :: She sighed again. ::Quit sighing. Skinner said you wouldn't have to travel that much. ::

She sighed again. Then she laughed at herself. ::Calm down. ::

"Mommy? What's wrong?" She looked concerned.

"Nothing honey," she said. "Nothing."

"Okay," she smiled, which made Scully smile.

"Em, I think we need more paint."


"Get changed and we'll go to the store.


Ten minutes later she came back down in a jean skirt and tee-shirt.

Half hour later...

"Here this is the color Emily."

She nodded.


She turned around quickly...Could it be?


"Yes! Hi!"

"Oh my gosh! Hi! How long have you been in town?"

"I'll be for a week."

"Mommy?" She looked at Emily. "Who's that?"

"Oh! Emily this is Mommy's friend Beth." She turned to Elizabeth. "This is my daughter, Emily."

"You have a daughter? My husband and I are trying."

"We aren't married yet...It's a long story."

"Want to tell it over lunch?"

"Sure. We have a lot to catch up on."

She nodded then turned again to Emily. "Want to call Daddy and tell him we'll be gone?"


"Okay let me dial," she said pulling out her cell phone and dialing.


"Hi Daddy!"

"Hi Emmy. What's up?"

"Mommy met this old friend and now we're going to lunch."

"You are? Well that's good. Can I talk to Mommy now?"

She handed the phone to Scully. "He wants to talk to you."


"Yes, hi Mulder."

"Hi. What friend did you meet?"

"My old friend Beth. We were best friends in high school."

"Oh. Good. Because I have to work late to make up for all the day's I have missed."

"Okay. Well we'll see you at home."


"Bye...Fox. "

"So what have you been doing with your life?" Beth asked when they were seated.

"Well...I was working for the FBI for seven years until two weeks ago...Then Emily came into my life." Scully didn't want to talk about HOW she had come...Not then, not in front of Emily. Elizabeth could sense this and didn't ask. "I was afraid the court would not give me custody of her because I was not married...So my FBI partner-and best friend- Mulder, asked me to marry him...I have always loved him. From the moment I first walked into his office 5 years ago. For awhile I thought I just loved him as my best friend. . Then I realized that I... LOVED him."

"Wow. What a story," Beth said in amazement. "How romantic. My husband and I met in a restaurant." She giggled.

For a moment Scully could have swore she was back in high school, at lunch, waiting for Lindsay and Anna.

Elizabeth could feel this too. "Why did we lose touch?" she asked.

"I don't know...When we went to college, yours was across the country from mine. After awhile...The calls just sort of stopped. I haven't talked to Lindsay or Ann since college either. Ann and I went to the same college...But then I transferred."

"Lindsay and Ann...I remember missing them-and especially you-on those lonely nights at college. Then I started getting to be friends with my roomie Paige. I always meant to call but..." She shrugged.

"Me too...I was always so busy."

Emily had been quiet through al of this, letting her mom remember. But...

"Mommy? I have to go to the bathroom."

"What?" Scully asked, startled. She had forgotten Em was even there. "Oh...Sure Honey..." She looked at Beth. "We'll be back I guess."

She nodded.

In the bathroom, as she was waiting for Emily, she couldn't stop thinking about Elizabeth, Anna, and Lindsay. She thought about all their good times. Suddenly she knew who she wanted to be her maid of honor...and her bridesmaids.

When they were back at the table Scully looked at her friend.

::It seems so weird to think that now and not be looking at Mulder. . ::



"I have been looking for a maid of honor...Would you like to fill the job?" Elizabeth gasp. "Of course I will!"

"Good." She smiled. "Do you still have Ann or Lindsay's number? I still need brides maids. ."

"Oh! Would that be great? A reunion at your wedding?"

"Yeah that's what I'm thinking...And I think I know where to find their numbers..." She picked Emily up and carried her to the car.

"Do you want to follow me, or should we take one car?"

"Um...I'll follow so I can leave right from your house."

"Okay. Where's your car?"

"In the parking lot."

"Mine too. Come on."

Half an Hour Later

"Look here it is!" Scully was looking through her old diary from high school. She had found it when they were moving.

"This is her mom's number."

"Okay. Do you have an extension?"

"Yes in the kitchen."

She hurried off.

Scully picked up the phone and dialed.


"Mrs. Stanton?"


"Hi. This is Dana Scully-your daughter's friend from high school?"

"Yes, hi Dana."

"Hi. I'm getting married and I want Ann to be on of my bridesmaids. Do you have her number?" "Yes, of course. Get a pencil."

"She grabbed one off the table.


"Okay. It is 555-3434."

"Okay. Thanks Mrs. Stanton."

"Bye Dana."


She hung up. Then she picked it back up and dialed.




"Yes! Hi!"

"Oh hi! I recognized your voice. Just then Beth picked up the other phone.




"Oh hi you guys! I missed you. ."

"Me too," Scully said. "Beth and I met in a hardware store with my daughter."

"You have a daughter? How old?"

"Emily's three."

"I have a daughter...Katie's four. What about you Beth?"

"My husband and I have just started trying."

"Oh, good luck."

"So listen the reason we were calling is I'm getting married..."

She repeated the same story she had told Beth to her. Then Beth told her story.

"You know what? I have three-way calling...We should call Lindsay," Ann said.

"Yeah...Do you have her number?"

"Yeah...She called me a few years ago, right before Kate was born. I hope it's still the right one."

"Okay what is it?"


Scully recognized the voice. It sounded different, but still the same. She took a breath then paused.

"Yes, hi, is this Lindsay Griffin?"


"Hi. I don't know if you remember me but I'm Dana Scully. From High school?"

"Yes, hi Dana. I remember you. And Beth and Ann ."

"We're here," Elizabeth said.

"Me too," Ann piped up.

"All of you called me?"

"Yes." Scully spoke softly.

"Oh...Wow. Hi you guys..."

"Hi. Look, the reason we called you is because. I'm getting married...and I thought it would be nice if we could have sort of a reunion. At my wedding. Also... I wanted you three to be bridesmaids."

"Oh. You're getting married? That's great!"


"So where do you live now?"

"I live in Virginia, right by Washington D. C. I work at the FBI there. Where do you live now?"

"California. How about you two?"

"Florida," Ann said.

"England," Beth answered.

"You live in England now?" Scully asked surprised.


"Oh. Okay well the wedding is in about a month."

"Okay. I'll definitely come. Actually I might come down a week or twp early. Is that okay?" Ann asked.

"Yes. We have to get you dresses."

"Well I'll be there. A week or two early," Lindsay added.

"Me too," Elizabeth said.

"Okay. Hey Lindsay. Do you have any kids?"

"Yeah, a girl Shannon. She is 3 1/2."

"Really? Emily is 3."

"Katie is 4."

"I don't have any kids. Yet. We just started trying," Beth explained.

"Okay. We can work out the details later. I'll call you all back. Emily just woke up. She was napping."



"Bye. "

Two Weeks Later

"Beth!" Scully said hugging her. She returned it fervidly and then looked around.

"Are Ann or Lindsay here?"

Scully shook head. "No you're the first."

They were at the airport, waiting for (now) Ann and Lindsay's flights. Scully had insisted she pick her friends up at the airport. Mulder gave no argument. He was trying think of how it would feel never to see the Lone Gunmen, who were the closest thing to his best friends, besides, of course Scully, for that long of time. He couldn't. So he just followed Scully out the door, with Em asleep in his arms. (It was only 4A. M. Washington time. )

"Did your husband come?"

"Yup. He's getting the luggage. He is going to meet us at gate 12, in an hour." "That's Liz's flight right?"

"Right. And Ann's fight is gate 7 and is in an hour and twenty minutes." Just then Emily woke up.

"Sorry, Emily," said Mulder, who had shifted and woke her.

"It's okay Daddy."

"Awww. Hi Emmy."

"Hi Beth," Emily answered, barely remembering her name.

One Hour Later
Gate 13

Scully looked around. Suddenly she saw a blond woman, with a little girl holding her hand. Lindsay and Shannon.

"Lindsay?" Scully said tentatively.

"Dana? Beth?"


"Oh hi you guys!"

"Hi!" they both said, and the hug fest began.

"This is Shannon," Lindsay managed to say.

"This is Emily," Scully said, introducing then to each other.

"Hi!" they both said and giggled. They were already friends. Good. ::Now hopefully they will make friends with Kate and everything will be fine. :: Scully thought.

Twenty minutes later Gate 7

"Dana? Beth? Lindsay?"

They all three nodded. "Ann!"

"Oh hi!" she said...and the hug fest started once again.

Ann bent down so she could be even with Emily and Shannon.

"This is Katie."

"Hi Katie. I'm Emily," Emily said.

"Hi Katie! My names Shannon, but you can call me Shana. My parents do. Oh you too Emily."

"Call me Em."

"Call me Kate."

"Call me Betty Boop," Mulder added and everybody burst out laughing.

Mulder looked next to him, at Scully. He thought of the wedding. It was on Sunday. Today was Friday.

::Saturday:: he corrected himself, after glancing at the clock. He thought of all the lonely nights he had spent at his old apartment. He had longed for Scully then. Now she was right next to him...and he had no idea what to do. He sighed.

The sigh woke Scully, and she rolled over to face him.

"What's wrong?" she asked quietly, concern in her eyes.

He shook his head. "Nothing. I just...can't sleep."

Scully saw through his feeble excuse. It was in his eyes. In his words. In his tone. The slight quiver in his voice. She knew why he couldn't sleep. It was the same reason she had been pretending to be asleep for the last two hours. The wedding. He was nerves.

::Me too. :: she thought.

She shifted, then shivered.

"Are you cold?" Mulder asked.

"A little," she admitted.

He shifted, and she snuggled down beside him. Then he put her arms around her.


She nodded. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Mulder couldn't fall asleep though. All he could think about was Scully's warms wt in his arms. When he finally fell asleep, an hour or so later, he finally drifted off to sleep, a small smile was on his lips.

Sunday 8:13am

The second Scully opened her eyes, she started to panic.

::Did Mom get my dress? Mulder called the caterer right? Emily's dress...Oh no! Oh wait it is in her closet. Okay, Dana, calm down. ::

She glanced at the clock, not really seeing it. Then she did a double take.

::8:13?!:: She thought. ::We have to be at the church in an hour! My Mom will be here in half an hour!::

She jumped out of bed, and ran into the bathroom. She showered quickly, then through on jeans and a sweatshirt. ::God it feels weird wearing jeans:: she thought absently as she quickly brushed her hair.

When she was ready, she went into Emily's room. She was awake, luckily, and Mulder had bathed her. He had forgotten to dress her though. . She was sitting at her little table in only a towel, drawling a picture of a woman and a man getting married. Scully noticed the woman had red hair, and the man brown.

::Mulder. Where is he?::

"Where's Daddy, Sweetie?" she asked Emily.

"In the kitchen."

"Okay. Well why don't you get dressed? Then come down and eat."


Scully left, as Emily got up and went over to her closet.

"Hi Honey," Mulder said as she walked into the kitchen, giving her a soft kiss.


"When are your Mom and Beth and everyone picking you and Emily up today?"

"About twenty minutes. "

"Oh Dana!" Lindsay squealed. They hugged quickly.

It was later that day, and they were at the church.

::In one hour...I will be Mrs. Fox Mulder. :: The thought made her shiver unconsciously. Five years. Five years she had wanted this. But now, when the day was finally here, she was having doubts. Did she really want to go through with this?

::Yes, Stupid. You've only loved him for five years. Your heart only skipped a couple beats ever time you looked at him. But still...:: Suddenly she began to panic.

"Guys...come here!"


"I can't do it."

"Oh Dana. You are only nerves. I felt the same way when I got married," Beth said. Everyone else nodded.

Inside she was thinking, ::Okay yes Dana. You can trust him. He has risked his life for you how many times now? But. . Oh God. ::

"Beth! What if-what if he is only marring me for Emily? What if he doesn't really love me?"

"Dana. Think."

She did. She thought of all the looks. All the touch. All the feelings. Everything, all the time she and Mulder had been together over the years. Suddenly she knew, just KNEW he wasn't just marring her for Emily. Suddenly she loved Emily more than ever, if that was possible. She had brought them together. Then she smiled and nodded.

"Okay. I'm ready."

"Okay. Come on get your dress on. I want to see how it looks!"

Lindsay, Ann, and Beth, all nodded in agreement with Mrs. Scully.

At That Moment The room next to Scully's "So guys what do ya think?" Mulder asked. He had put on is tux and was walking around the room, The Lone Gunmen at his side.

"I think that if you don't quit PRANCING around this room, I'll strangle you," Langley said.

"I am NOT prancing," Mulder protested. He did stop walking though.

"Mulder, you look fine," Frohike assured him.

"You guys look..." He burst out laughing. They were wearing matching suits, consisting of a bright green, silk, suit jacket and pants, with a metallic purple shirt. On their shoes, there were hula dancers complete with skirt. "Love the shoes," he added.

"Thanks. We got 'em when we went to Hawaii a few years ago," Byers added.

"Yeah I could tell." He grinned. "So which of you has the ring?"

He laughed at their reactions. They looked panicked. "Calm down, I've got it." He pulled it the box and opened it with a snap. "Love that look though Byers."

He grinned, embarrassed, then said "Come on Mulder. You're gonna miss your wedding."

Scully toyed nervously with her skirt, her hair, her veil. When there was nothing left to fuss with on her outfit, she started on Emily. She fixed her hair, which was put up in a rhinestone barrette, then finally declared everyone was ready.

She watch silently as Emily, the flower girl, walked down the aisle. She watch as the ring barer, her best friends son, carry the ring down the aisle. The she took a deep breath, as Charlie, who was giving her away, took her arm. She stepped into the aisle. Mulder's breath caught in his throat. Scully was beautiful.

::Then again, she always is, :: Mulder thought.

She was wearing a white dress, so long she seemed to be floating. Her hair was covered by her veil, and she wore a gold necklace her mother had given her that morning. It had been passed down in Scully's family to every married woman for generations. Maggie gave it to her carefully, telling her to make sure she gave it to Emily some day.

Mulder glanced at Emily standing beside Lindsay and Beth. She was wearing the golden cross around her neck. She looked beautiful as well.

::My girls, :: Mulder thought happily. ::My family. ::

She walked down the aisle, and stopped next to Mulder. The priest began the service.

"We're here today to join Dana Katharine Scully and Fox William Mulder forever in holy matrimony..."

They had decided to write their own vowels, and Scully was to start.

"Mulder..." she said.

"Mulder...Fox..," Scully said, glancing at him. "What can I say? I love you. I promise to always love you. Until the day I die. No words can describe that love."

He smiled at her. Then he cleared his throat. "Scully...Dana..." ::Must get into that habit:: he thought. "From the day you first walked into my office, five years ago, I have wanted to hold you in my arms, to love you. But until now, I had never accepted that love, never admitted it. But I am so glad I have. I love you Scully." He hugged her tightly, quickly, then dropped his arms.

The priest said a few words, the said "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Fox Mulder. You may kiss the bride," he added glancing at Mulder.

Mulder smiled softly. Then he leaned down and kissed Scully tenderly. "I love you Scully."

The End


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