Title: The Third Miracle
Author: Scullyrules5

This story follows:

Summary: Feeling as though they've been blessed with Emily and Eve, Mulder and Scully decide to complete their family by
adopting a baby boy.

One week later, thing were starting to get back to normal. Eve was back at home, Mulder was back, and Scully was starting to understand why Mulder had taken Eve. And while their relationship was still rather chilly, She was starting to forgive him. He hadn't done it on his own free will. Alex had threatened to hurt Emily, if Mulder didn't hand over Eve. Alex had wanted to inject her with the same stuff he had Emily, to make her part alien too.

Through all the bad things that had happened, Scully had gained something. She had gained a friend, a very good friend. She finally had an understanding of the gunmen.

Emily had a new affection for her little sister, since she had to live with out her for so long. Emily also was fully recovered from the hospital.

Mulder was slowly getting back to normal too. He was back at work, and had another new partner, Christopher, so he once again had to 'train' him, just like Robert.

Things at the Mulder residence were finally getting back to normal.

Scully was woken Tuesday morning, by Eve's crying in her ear. She turned the baby monitor down, so as not to wake Mulder, and went to calm Eve. By the time that happened, it was time to get Emily up for school, and to get ready herself. She went down to the kitchen, Eve in her arms, and found Mulder sitting at the table, eating a cookie.

"Nice breakfast," she teased, setting Eve in his lap. "Don't let Emily see you eating that."

He grinned, and shoved the whole thing in his mouth, then turned his attention to Eve. "Has she eaten yet?" he yelled up the stairs to Scully.

"No," came the reply.

"Ok Eve. You sit here-" he put her in her high chair-" and I'll make your bottle."

Eve giggled, and kicked her feet, which Mulder took as agreement.

Upstairs, Scully was having an unusually hard time getting Emily up.

"Come on Emily. Get up."

She just sighed in her sleep, and rolled over.

"Fine," Scully said and picked her up, and carried her downstairs in her pjs. Se woke up somewhere between the stairs, and the kitchen, which was good, because Scully plopped her down in a chair next to Eve.

"Morning Emily," Scully said brightly, seeing her open eyes.


Mulder smiled, and put a bowel of Lucky Charms in front of her, which she started eating reluctantly, still half asleep.

Eve was happily gumming on a hand full of soggy Cheerios, and drinking a bottle of milk.

Mulder was eating a bowel of Lucky Charms too, though he put extra marshmallows in his.

Scully was hurriedly getting ready, as she tried to dress both Emily and Eve at the table, while trying to eat a bowel of Raisin Bran.

"Uh...Scully, need some help?"

"No I got it," she said, as Emily sleepily raised her arms, and allowed a dress to be slipped over her head.

"Scully, I'll dress Eve. You eat."

He grabbed Eve, and took her upstairs, before she could protest.

Back upstairs, Mulder started looking through Eve's closet.

"Five months old and already you've got a closet. You can tell you're Scully's."

Eve grinned, and tried to wiggled out oh his arms. He sighed and put her in her swing, while he tried to pick out something for her to wear. He was trying to decide between yellow and purple, when he heard Scully yelling that they were late, so he closed his eyes and randomly grabbed denim overalls and a long-sleeved purple shirt. He grabbed tiny pair of shoes to go with them, and carried her downstairs, putting her coat on as he went.

"Did you get her bear?" Scully asked, as she met him in the hallway, carrying a bundled up Emily. Mulder held up a brown bear.

"Diaper bag?"

He pointed, with some difficulty, at the diaper bag against the wall.


He nodded, and pointed again at the diaper bag. A blue blanket was visible poking out from the half open zipper.

"Good, I think we are ready."

She grabbed her coat, and followed Mulder outside.

"Hi Emily," Ashleigh greeted her brightly, as she walked in the door, with her little brother, Sean. "Hi," she said half heartedly, as she tickled Eve's feet.

"What's wrong?" Ashleigh asked, sensing something.

"Nothing, I'm just tired. Eveie was crying last night, and she was crying this morning."

"Libby doesn't cry that much," she said, as Sean grabbed her hand.

"Eve doesn't normally either, just lately."

"That reminds me. We have cheerleading tomorrow right?"


"Do you think your mom could drive me, and watch Sean and Libby? My parents both have to work."

"Yeah, I'm sure wouldn't mind. I'll ask her tonight."

Later that night, Scully lay awake, listening to Mulder's breathing. She was thinking of the past day, of watching Shawn and Libby. She had realized something: She wanted another child. She didn't mention this to Mulder, as she didn't want to scare him. But two just didn't seem like enough for her.

The next morning, Scully decided to talk to Mulder about her idea. "Mulder..." she started carefully. "Have you ever thought of having more children?"

"More? As in another person living here?"


"You want ANOTHER baby?" he asked, still trying to grasp the idea. "You just had Eve."

"So? I don't have to get pregnant. There's adoption." "You want to adopt another child?"


"Okay...Scully are you sure? Another child, is a big responsibility."

"Are you saying you don't want another one?"

"No...That's not what I'm saying. I would love another one. But...Are you totally sure?"

"Yes. I've always wanted a big family."

One month later, things were still going normally at the Mulder residence. Eve, almost 7 months old now, was getting big even for her age, and Emily was growing taller too. Ally the puppy was turning into a dog, and Mulder's new partner STILL didn't understand the way Mulder did things. and Scully, had pushed the adoption paper they had filed to the back of her mind.

One phone call brought it all back.

"Mrs. Mulder?" a voice said on the phone.


"Hi. This is Lucy Camdon, from adoption services."

Scully's breath caught in her throat. "Yes?"

"We think we've found a child that matches your needs."

"Oh my god. Okay..."

"He's almost a month old, named Joseph Brian Strong."

"It's a boy?"

"Yes...it's that a problem?"

"No, no, that's great."

"Would you like to see him?"

"Of course."

"What's his name?" was the first thing Mulder said was he walked through the kitchen door later that day.

"Joey," Scully answered. "Joseph Brian."

"When can we meet him? How old is he?"

"He's almost a month old, and we can 'meet' him tomorrow at three."

"Do we tell Emily?"

"Not till we're sure. We don't want to get her hope up."

"Aww," was the first thing that Scully said, as she and Mulder walked into the room. Sitting in the lap of a blonde woman was Joey. He was absolutely darling, with dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He grinned a toothless grin when he saw them walk in the door, and Scully heart just melted.

The woman looked up at the sound of Scully's voice. "Mr. and Mrs. Mulder?"


"Hi, I'm Lucy. And this," she said tickling the baby to make him laugh, "is Joey."

"Hi," was all Scully could manage. She had just realized, that in a week or two, they might have another child.

"Hello," Mulder said, shaking her hand.

"Please, sit," Lucy said, gesturing to the table and chairs in the room. "Do you want to hold him?"

Mulder looked at Scully, who nodded. "Sure, I'd love to."

Lucy passed Joey to Scully, then picked up a piece of paper of the table.

"I see that you already have two children. How old are they?"

"Emily," Scully started, "is already in elementary school."

"And Eve," Mulder added," is almost eight months."

"Are they adopted?"

"No," Scully said. "Emily is my daughter, and when we got married, he adopted her. And Eve, is our child."

"I see. Why do you want to adopt another child?"

"I," Scully started, "am barren. The doctors don't know how Eve was born. I've always wanted a big family, and adoption seems better than fertility treatments to me. I mean, why create another life, when you could give another one a home and family?"

"Wow, that's one of the best reasons I've heard for awhile," Lucy said smiling. "How do your kids feel about having another baby in the house?"

"Emily, was thrilled when Eve was born. So, I think she'd like having another sibling."

An hour later, Lucy was still questioning them, though now it was getting a little more casual.

"So, when did you guys meet?"

"Several years ago, Scully was assigned to debunk The X-Files," Mulder said. He had already explained the X-Files, and luckily, Lucy didn't think he was insane. "Well, it didn't work. They are still going strong, though Scully doesn't work on them with me anymore, since we got married."

"What do you do now?" Lucy asked Scully. "Still with the FBI?"

"Yeah, but now I have a desk job that I can normally do from home. Background checks. How exciting," she added sarcastically, making everyone laugh, including Joey, now in Mulder's lap.

"He has no clue what he's laughing at, does he?" Mulder asked, looking down at Joey.

"Nope," Lucy replied, "He's happy, because we're happy."

"I wish Skinner was like that," Scully said, making them laugh again.

"So," Lucy said, breaking them out of their giggles. "What do you think? Do you still want to try and adopt Joey?"

"With out a doubt," Scully said, as Mulder nodded.

"Emily..." Scully said later that night, as she was putting her to bed. "How would you like a little brother?"

"Oh mom, are you pregnant AGAIN? You JUST had Eve."

"No, Honey I'm not pregnant. I'm talking about adoption."

"Your adopting another kid?"

"We're thinking about it."

"Well, how old is he? What's his name? Is he cute?"

"He's a month old tomorrow, his birthday is May 11th, his name is Joey, and yes he is adorable."

Two days later, Lucy came to the Mulder residence. She wanted to see how they interacted with each other, and to see if the house was baby proof.

"Hello Lucy," Scully said as she opened the door.

"Hi Dana," she answered, coming in, as Scully shut the door behind her.

Emily stood shyly by the stairs, her hair in front of her face.

"Hi Emily," Lucy said gently; she was used to shy children. "How are you?" "Fine," Emily whispered, still looking at the ground, at her mother's side.

"Good," Lucy said smiling, as Emily looked up, and smiled back. "Where are Eve and Mulder?"

"In the kitchen, eating," Scully said smiling herself. "More ends up on Mulder than in Eve."

Lucy laughed, as Scully lead the way to the living room.

By now, even though Scully had only know her for about three weeks, Lucy had had become a friend. She came for dinner, and visits, and brought Joey. She still didn't know whether Joey was going to be placed with them, though she was putting in a very good recommendation. She had seen how much they both loved kids, and what a loving family they were. It would be a great place for a child to grow up in.


"Yeah, hi Lucy."

"Hi. Listen, I have some good news...You can adopt Joey."

"OMIGOSH!! That's soooo great!!!"


One week later, Joey was home, and adjusting well...Though Scully couldn't say the same for Emily. She wasn't adjusting well to Joey, to put it nicely. Joey was a fussy baby unlike Eve, he cried all night, making Scully and Mulder both irritable, and Emily so tired, she fell asleep at cheerleading on Thursday.

** "Mommy,Please,pleasep,please,please?" Emily begged after practice.

"Fine Emily. What time do they want me to drop you off."

"Ash?" she asked into the phone. "What time do you want me over there?"

"As soon as you can be," came the answer.

"Right now," Emily told Scully.

Two hours later, eight o'clock, the girls were fast asleep in Ashleigh's room. They had played outside for an hour, practicing their cheering, the ate dinner, and went up to Ash's room. They had fallen asleep in 10 minutes.

"What did you do last night?" Ashleigh's mom asked later the next day. They looked at each other for a second and said," Slept."


"Yeah, Emily never gets any sleep at her house with her new little brother, so basically, she came here to sleep."

"I see..."

Joey started settling down about a week after they brought him home, and Emily had no more sleepless nights. There were more cheerleading practices than ever, as they were going to be cheering for a kids soccer team the following week, so Scully had to watch Shawn and Libby more than ever. Not that she minded. She would dress them in there little jackets, and put Joey in his stroller, and let Libby and Eve crawl around on a blanket in front of her, while she watched the girls practice.

Scully's life finally seemed complete.

"Dana?" Mulder asked, coming into the house.

"In here!" she yelled from Eve's room.

He came in and saw her changing Eve's diaper, and Joey in the playpen.

"Need some help?" he asked, picking up Joey.

"Yeah, you can change him," she said, snapping Eve's pants, then picking her up. "Emily'll be home soon," she added, walking into the hall, and down to the kitchen, so prepare Emily a snack. Mulder came down a minute later, with Joey in his arms, and looked at Scully.

"Where's mine?" he asked with a little-boy look on his face.

"Make it yourself," she answered smiling at him.

"Fine," he said handing her Joey, so she had to balance both babies in her arms. "Do you want anything?"

She shook her head.

"Scully...You know...We haven't been out in a while..."

"Mulder, we've got two babies."

"I know but...There's a new French restaurant opening up...and we missed our anniversary last year..."

"Who would watch the kids? Mom can't, she's visiting Charlie this week."

He glanced at her. "Frohike would."

She started to roll her eyes than stopped. She remembered all that the gunmen had done for her, including baby-sitting Eve for over a week. "Well...I guess they could do it. They did say they'd watch them anytime..."

"Good. I'll call them tonight, and ask," Mulder said grinning.

"Eve's and Joey's bottles are in the refrigerator," Scully said handing Joey to Frohike. "Eve's are purple, Joey's are blue," he added, giving Eve to Langly.

"Emily's upstairs," Scully said, putting her coat on.

"Okay," Byers said, looking over the list of phone numbers Scully had handed them a few minutes earlier.

"Emily!" Scully called up the stairs. "Were leaving," she said kissing her forehead. "We'll be back around 11 or so."

"Bye Mom," she said, as they walked out the door. "Bye Dad."

"So..." Frohike said as the door closed. "Now what?"

"Now," Byers started. "We eat. Em you hungry?" She nodded.

"Okay, lets go."

"Mom left us a casserole for dinner," Emily said making at face, as the all six walked to the kitchen. (Well the babies were carried, but you know what I mean.)

"Ew," Langly said, looking at the tuna THING in the dish.

"I'm NOT eating that," Frohike said, a look of disgust on his face.

"You don't have to," Byers said, pulling two pizza from the freezer, and a box of brownie mix from a cupboard, both of which were hiding behind health food.

"How'd you know that was there?" Frohike asked, strapping Eve into her high chair.

"I know Mulder," he answered mysteriously. "Plus, he told me."

He put the pizza's in the oven, than looked at them. "So...which of you can bake?"

"I wonder how Joey is..." Scully said as they walked into the restaurant. "I'm sure he's fine," Mulder said opening the door. "He's in good hands."

"Langly's," she said smiling. "And I wouldn't call those exactly good."

"Aw, he's got Frohike and Byers to help him. Come on, let's just enjoy the evening."

"Well... All right."

"How many?" Langly asked, looking into the egg carton.

"Three," Emily said looking at the box.

"There's only two."

"Um," said Frohike. "Just put those in, that'll be enough maybe."

"Okay...There's not enough milk either."

"There's chocolate milk," Emily said looking in the fridge.

Langly looked at Frohike, who shrugged. "Why not? Pour it all in Emily."

"Frohike, there's like half a carton of milk there," Byers said from the table, were he was feeding Eve.

"Hey, who's baking, us or you?"

Byers just rolled his eyes, as Eve threw stained carrots at him. "Can one of you give Joey his bottle?"

"I'll do it," Langly said wiping his hands on his jeans.

"Fine, but don't EVEN sit on anything."

"Whatever" he said as he started heating up Joey's bottle.

"Don't forget to burp him," Byers said.

"Byers, why do you know so much about babies?"

"Well burping him, that's just common sense."

"Yeah but you like know everything about them."

"Um well...I never told you this but...Suzzana has a son."

"What? Since when?" Langly asked, looking at him.

"Um...well she had him about a month ago."

"What's his name?" Frohike asked.

"Erik Michael."

"Oh...um...why didn't you ever tell us before?"

He shrugged. "I don't know."

"Well..." Langly started, looking at Frohike. "You and I are the only one's left without kids."

"Aw, we can share Mulder's," he said ticking Joey, who was still in Langly's arms.

"Yeah," he said smiling as Joey giggled.

The next day, Langly woke up next to Byers and Frohike, on Mulder and Scully's couch.

"Um...Mulder?" he asked looking towards the kitchen.

Mulder appeared in the doorway. "Finally, you're up."

"Um...Yeah, see we didn't mean to fall asleep, we were watching 20/20 and well...Barbra Walters is really boring."

Mulder laughed. "No big deal. We figured that's what happened, though he figured you make it at least till the 11:00 news."

"Aw well..."

"By the way...Langly, who made those brownies in there?"

"Me and Frohike."

"I figured Emily did."

"She helped. What's wrong with them?"

"They're terrible."

"I know...we had to work with what we had. And that meant two eggs, a half a carton of chocolate milk, and no vegetable oil."

"Yum," Mulder said sarcastically.

"We ate them," he said getting up, so that Frohike's head, which had been lying on his shoulder, drop to the cushion. "He drooled on me."

"Yeah he does that."

"How would you know?" Langly asked looking at him and trying not to laugh.

"Long story, lotsa drinks."

"Oh...I see."

Mulder grinned. "So, anything interesting happen?"

"Yeah, but Byers better tell ya."

"Well wake him up," Mulder said impatiently.


"I dunno. You three seem the type to have slumber parties, how do you normally wake him up?"

Langly wiggled his eyebrows. "That's for use to know," he said as he tapped Byers' shoulder, till he woke up.

"What?" he asked.

"Time to get up," Mulder said sweetly.

"So I've noticed." He looked at Frohike. "Why does he get to sleep?" he asked, sounding like a little kid.

"He's getting up, calm down," Mulder said, tapping Frohike's forehead.

"You know Mulder, that can cause brain damage," Byers said.

"Not my brain," he answered.

"So, what are you're plans today Em?" Scully asked later that morning.

"Um...Ash and I were wondering if you'd take us to the movies."

"To see...?"

"We don't know."

"What about Antz?"

"Um okay...so you'll take us?"

"Yeah okay."

"So Miss Eveie," Mulder said, picking her up. "What do you wanna do today?"

"Ball!" she said, and Mulder got a very shocked look on his face.

"You talked!" he accused her, and she grinned a baby grin. Joey started to cry from up stars. Mulder turned to Eve. "Well Miss Talker, let's go get your brother."

She laughed again, as they made their way upstairs.

"She talked!" Mulder said, the second Scully walked in the door.

"Who?" Scully said looking rather out of it.

"Guess," Mulder said holding up Eve. "Believe Courtney Mulder, that who."

Scully perked up. "That's so great," she said taking Eve from Mulder.

"What did she say?" Emily asked.


"Really? Your first word Em," Scully said, "was 'lamp'. Mr. Sim told me."

Emily turned to Ashleigh. "C'mon," she said softly walking towards the stairs.

"Well, I think we should celebrate," Mulder said taking back Believe and bouncing her. "Lets go out to dinner tonight, all five of us."

Three hours later, Mulder, Scully, Emily, Eve, and Joey were sitting at a table in Damons steakhouse.

"What are you getting Emily?" Scully asked, tying a bib around Joey's neck, while Mulder struggled to get one around Eve's.

She shrugged. "Maybe the pizza."

"I'm getting the 16oz steak," Mulder said straightening up.

"Yeah, I kind of figured," Scully said fixing Eve's bib. "I think I'm going to get her the chicken fingers, since they're boneless and fries," she said fixing Eve's pigtail Mulder had messed up.

Joey, who had been sitting quietly in his high chair till now, started crying for no apparent reason, which made Eve cry.

Mulder grabbed Joey, as Scully grabbed Eve, and started bouncing them, and talking to them. Eve settled down as soon as she was in her Mom's arms, but Joey kept crying till Scully took him to the restroom to change his diaper.

Mulder held Eve in his lap while Scully was gone, as Emily told him about school . She was telling him something evil that Holly had done when Believe pointed at her and said "Em-leigh!"

"She said my name!" Emily exclaimed as Scully walked back to the table.

"The Talker strikes again," Mulder commented.

"And I missed it again," Scully said and sighed. She missed everything. "If she walks, and I miss it, and you see it," she turned to Mulder. "You're dead."

Mulder grinned. "I'll try to look away."

"Come on Eve talk to me," Scully said ticking her.

Eve giggled, and grabbed a fry. "EEE!" she yelled and the grinned.

"What was that about?" Mulder said laughing.

Later that night, Emily lay awake in bed. She was thinking of something her mother had said...about her father, Marshal Sim. ::I'll always think of him as my father, at least in part:: she thought rolling onto her other side. It upset her to hear her mother talk about him like that...as 'Mr. Sim'. She knew her mother hadn't maent to upset her...but it still hurt when she thought of her other mother and father, the ones she had grown up, in part, knowing as her own.

Emily wasn't the only one awake that night. Mulder was up as well, comforting a sick Joey. He was whimpering, and crying, and he had kept Scully up the past night. He was fine during the day, it was only nighttime you could really tell he was sick.

"Poor baby," Mulder murmured, as he rocked the infant on his shoulder, rubbing his back. "It's okay."

Joey just whimpered, and sneezed.

"Poor Joey," Scully muttered, nuzzling the still sick baby. "It'll be okay..."

Joey didn't seem to agree, for he burst into tears.

"Shhhh," She said bouncing him, and looking out the window. She felt a chill tingle down her back, as she saw a shadow dart past....And she swore she saw a face.

::Don't be stupid,:: she told herself. ::You're on the second floor. It was just a squirrel.:: Trying desperately to believe it, she carried Joey back to her room.

A Year Later

"Hey Em-!" Ashleigh yelled.

"Hi!" she called back shifting her sister's weight to one arm so she could wave. "Mom can I go talk to Ashleigh?"

"Yes, for a minute. But give me your sister," she added.

Emily handed Eve over, and ran across the mall.

"Hi! What are you doing?"

Ashleigh grinned. "Getting these," she said holding up several posters, and a book that Emily could just make out the title: 'Nsync the Official Book.

"Um...Who's 'NSync?" Emily asked.

"Emily! How could you not know who 'Nsync is?" She held up the book. On the cover was a picture of five incredibly hot blond with green eyes and a tan shirt and jeans.

"Oooh! Who's that?" she asked pointing at the guy.

"That's is James "Lansten" Lance Bass," Ashleigh said, flipping the book to page 28, and started reading off Lance info. "'favorite color: vivid reds and vivid blues. sign Taurus. Fav food, French toast and Mexican. Birth date, May 4th 1979." "OMG! Ashleigh look at this picture!" Emily had turned to page 34 were this is a picture in which Lance looks just like Foz the camp counselor.

"Emily, can you get your brother?" Scully called from down stairs. "We're going to be late..."

"Yeah!" she yelled back, and turned back to Eve. "Be right back." Eve looked at her and nodded. She was only going to be two in two weeks, but already she could carry on conversations, and understood even big words.

"Okay," she said, and went back to her drawling. Emily walked out the door and down the hall to Joey's room. "Hey Joey," she said coming into the room. She didn't here any sounds, and felt a vague tingle of panic inch it's way up her spine.

Emily walked nervously towards the baby's crib ,and looked down. Her breath caught in her throat, and she stared in amazement.

"Mom!" Emily shrieked, suddenly recovering herself. "Moooooommy!"

"What...?" Scully asked coming into the room, and looking into the crib. "Where's your brother?"

"I...I...Don't know," she answered in a dull sort of voice.

"Okay, let's not panic," Scully said, taking a deep breath. "Go call your father...ask him...ask him to come home...And I'll go call the police...and get Eve..."

Emily ran out of the room, and down the hall. She picked up the phone, and dialed with a shaking hand.

"D-Dad?" she asked.

"Emily? What's wrong"

"Joey..." Emily said.

"What about Joey? He's right here."

"What? You've got him?"

"Yes. I left your Mom a note. We went to get more formula."

"Oh...Hold on...MOM!!!!!" she yelled. "DAD'S GOT HIM!! THEY WENT TO THE STORE!"

Scully picked up the extension in the living room. "WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?"

"I left you a note," Mulder said. "On the kitchen table."

"Mulder! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry," he mumbled, holding Joey out to her, and giving this puppy dog look. "I DID leave you a note."

"I didn't get it. It wasn't there," Scully said looking at him.

At that moment, Eve walked over to Scully and held up her drawing. "Look, Mummy!"

"In a minute sweetie," Scully said distractedly. "Why didn't you like wake me up and tell me?"


"Moma!" Eve whined.

"Hold on honey. You should have called to make sure I got the note."

"Sorry," he mumbled again.

"MOMMY!! LOOK MY PICTURE!" Eve yelled at the top of her little lungs.

"Okay!" Scully said, nearly losing her temper. "Let me see it." Eve handed her a piece of paper, with a bunch of scribbles on it. "Very nice," Scully said. "And what did you draw on the back?"


"But what's this?" Scully asked, turning over the paper, then smiling. "Mulder...I think I found your note..."


"Eve, sweetie, were did you get this paper?"


"See!" Mulder said. "I DID leave a note!"

Two days later, Scully still wouldn't let Mulder take Joey out of her sight. "C'mon Scully, I'm taking him for a bath!"

"I don't care. I'll do it. That baby isn't leaving my sight again this week."

"You are soooooo being...Um...I can't think of the right word right now, but you know what you are!"

"Mulder, you make no sense."


"Mommy..." Emily said the next day. "I need some advice."

"About what, Sweetie?"

"This boy..."

"Oh..." Scully grinned. "THAT kind of advice." Emily chose to ignore this. "His name's Kevin, and he's so cute, and sweet."


"Yesterday, I told him I wasn't going to vote for him for student counsel, and he gave me this puppy dog little look, and he's so cute, Mommy!"

"So what do you want me for?"

"I want to ask him out." "Has he given any clues that he likes you?"

"Sort of," Emily said.


"Well he's my friend I guess...He talks to me and my friends a lot."

"Well that's a start," Scully said. "Have you given him any hints?"

"Yes," she answered.


"Talking to him a lot, and hinting ya know, and my friends have all told him I like him- wish they'd stop but the won't - and stuff like that..."

"Talk to him," Scully suggested.

"Are you CRAZY?" Emily asked. "I'm not going to TALK to him."

"Honey, what is the worst that could happen?"

"What are you doing today?" Scully asked Mulder, sprawling on the couch.

"Nothing. My day off," he said with a smile.

"Wanna go to a movie or something?"

"Okay, but we have to be home to pick Em up at three...And what about Eve and Joey?"

"Call Frohike."

"How about YOU call Frohike, and I'll check movie listings?" she asked, turning on his cell phone.

"Deal," Mulder agreed, pulling out his cell phone.

Ten minutes later, they were packing up the babies, and leaving to see a movie called Mystery Men, which sound just like a Mulder movie: a bunch of wannabe superheros take on a supervillian.

"So...Don't those three have lives?" Scully asked, as they stopped in front of Langly's apartment building.

"Truthfully?" Mulder asked. "Not really."

"They're constantly together, so I guess that would be hard, wouldn't it?"

"That actually was a good movie," Scully said, two hours later. "Ben Stiller's a good actor."

"And Janeane Garofalo," Mulder said, as he unlocked the car. "I love the part when she goes 'Maybe you should put some shorts on or something, if you wanna keep fighting evil today'."

Scully laughed and said, "The part where they killed Captin Amazing was pretty good too." she glanced at her watch and added, "Come on Mulder, it's already one thirty."

A Year Later

Mulder carried a now three-year-old Eve in the middle of the room and sat her down. "Birthday girl coming through, everyone make room!"

Scully smiled, and watched Mulder help her open her presents. She thought over the last year and patted her bulging belly.

::Four kids:: she thought. "What am I getting myself into?" she asked out loud.

Beth came up behind her, carrying four-month-old Tyler, the twins toddling behind her. "Worried about adding Erik William to the family?"

"Yeah...It's just, in two months, I will be the mother of four children. A few years ago, I was telling my mother I couldn't have children. I'm just wondering if I can manage them, and The X-Files."

"You love them both don't you? I mean I know you love your kids, and weren't you thrilled when Skinner re-assigned you to The X-Files 6 month ago?"


"Then I'm sure you'll do fine."

**The End**

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